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Radiotelemetrie und Verfrachtung von Warzenbeissern, Decticus verrucivorus L Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Steck, C., E.; Coch, T.

Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 79(3-4): 225-234


ISSN/ISBN: 0036-7575
Accession: 033078226

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Radio tracking and migration of Decticus veerrucivorus (Orthoptera; Tettigoniidae). - The migration-ability is a central factor for estimating the survival-probability of species. So far, the mobility of species was investigated mainly by mark-release-recatch experiments, which have important constraints concerning the estimation of the species` migration-ability. In contrast to catch-releaserecatch experiments, with radio tracking individuals can be observed continually and they can be localized in great distances. Radio tracking of animals is state of the art in studying mammals; the aim of this study was to evaluate the suitability of this methodology for European grasshoppers. Therefore we investigated the mobility of one of the largest European grasshoppers, Decticus verrucivorus. We compared the mobility of individuals with radio-tags and of individuals that were marked only by labelling.We conclude that radio tracking did not influence the mobility of Decticus verrucivorus negatively, because radio tracked individuals exhibited slightly higher mobility than individuals without a tag. One individual exposed dispersal-behaviour; it moved straight line over long distances and crossed linear structures and forest. Therefore we presume that forests and linear structures, like paths or roads, do not influence the movement-direction of dispersing individuals of Decticus verrucivorus.In general, we conclude that radio tracking is a considerable method for investigating European grasshoppers. This method is especially suitable for observing dispersing individuals and the permeability of landscape elements. However, only relatively big grasshopper species can be studied by radio tracking due to the weight and the size of the currently available tags.

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