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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 33120

Chapter 33120 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fife, K.; Boone, G.; Acyclovir Study Group, 1992:
Recurrence patterns of genital herpes after cessation of greater than or equal to 5 years of chronic acyclovir suppression

Altmann, E.; Spranger, C.; Schweizer, J.; Hoffmann, A.; Schmidt, P.K.H., 1991:
Recurrence rate after pta of pelvic and leg arteries depending on selected risk factors and the antithrombotic follow up treatment

Tran, L.; Delaloye, J.F.; Pampallona, S.; Coucke, P.A.; D.G.andi, P., 1994:
Recurrence rate and distant metastases following radiotherapy and curietherapy of the cervix

Covin, R.; Kaye, L., 1994:
Recurrence rate following pterygium excision

Smith, D.E.; Allan, M.; Migley, J.; Gazzard, B.G., 1989:
Recurrence rate for buccal candidosis and its relationship to t4 count and p24 antigen

Loiseau, Pierre, 1997:
Recurrence rate in a cohort of patients with newly diagnosed unprovoked epileptic seizures

Chong, L.P.; Marx, J.L.; Thach, A.B.; Reingold, W.; Kapusta, M., 1997:
Recurrence rate of CMV retinitis in eyes with the ganciclovir implant and silicone oil

Marx, J.L.; Thach, A.B.; Reingold, W.; Terry, B.; Chong, L.P., 1995:
Recurrence rate of CMV retinitis in patients who have undergone pars plana vitrectomy and silicone oil injection

Haid, C.T.; Wigand, M.E.; Wolf, S.R.; Christ, C.P., 1994:
Recurrence rate of acoustic neurinomas operated via the enlarged middle cranial fossa approach

Raymond, R.C.; Lewis, D.F.; Perkins, M.B.; Brooks, G.G., 1994:
Recurrence rate of shoulder dystocia

Van Den Berg, J.W.K.; Drenth, B.; Van Noord, J.A., 1996:
Recurrence rate of spontaneous pneumothorax after tube drainage

White, G.M.; Chen, W.; Yao, J.; Wolde-Tsadik, G., 1998:
Recurrence rates after the first course of isotretinoin

Taylor, R.S., 1995:
Recurrence rates of extraperitoneal repair

Silverman, M.K.; Kopf, A.W.; Grin, C.M.; Bart, R.S.; Levenstein, M.J., 1991:
Recurrence rates of treated basal cell carcinomas. Part 1: Overview

Silverman, M.K.; Kopf, A.W.; Bart, R.S.; Grin, C.M.; Levenstein, M.S., 1992:
Recurrence rates of treated basal cell carcinomas. Part 3: Surgical excision

Tejani, A.; Stablein, D., 1991:
Recurrence rec of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis fsgs post transplantation ptr a report of the north american pediatric renal transplant cooperative study naprtcs

Shinnar, S.; Berg, A.T.; Ptachewich, Y.; Castro Alvarez, V.; Alemany, M., 1991:
Recurrence risk after a first unprovoked seizure in childhood effect of time of seizure on recurrence risk and time of next seizure

Frias, J.L.; Martinez Frias, M.L.; Leonardo, V.S.; Salvador Peral, J., 1989 :
Recurrence risk estimates in unidentified patterns of congenital malformation mca

Moldin, S.O.; Rice, J.P., 1989:
Recurrence risk estimation from genetic analysis joint consideration of a quantitative trait and parental affection status

Digilio, M.C.; Marino, B.; Giannotti, A.; Grazioli, S.; Dallapiccola, B., 1996:
Recurrence risk figures of isolated tetralogy of fallot after del122q11 screening

Greenwald, M.J.; Marymont, M.H.; Goldman, S.; Strauss, L.C., 1998:
Recurrence risk for individual tumors after initial whole eye treatment of retinoblastoma

Malloy, M.H., 1994:
Recurrence risk for very low birth weight/very preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies

Brueger, J.; Sperling, K.; Reis, A., 1996:
Recurrence risk in Angelman syndrome families with imprinting mutations

Lorenzen, T.; Pociot, F.; Johannesen, J.; Kristiansen, O.P.; Stilgren, L.; Eskildsen, P.C.; Andersen, O.O.; Nerup, J., 1995:
Recurrence risk of IDDM in offspring depends on parental sex and fathers age at onset

Carton, H.; Vlietinck, R.; Debruyne, J.; D.K.yzer, J.; D'hooghe, M.B.; Medaer, R.; Truyen, L.; Sadovnick, A.D., 1995:
Recurrence risk of MS in relatives of patients in Flanders, Belgium

Arias, S.; Rolo, M.; Gerder, M., 1991:
Recurrence risk of a trisomic 21 offspring in couples with a trisomic child associated with soluble superoxide dismutase sod1 phenotypes

Lie, R.T.; Wilcox, A.J.; Skjaerven, R., 1992:
Recurrence risk of birth defects Risk in second births, given a defect in the first

Weese Mayer, D.E.; Silvestri, J.M.; Hoo, J.J., 1991:
Recurrence risk of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome among 37 families

Weese Mayer, D.E.; Silvestri, J.M.; Hoo, J.J., 1992:
Recurrence risk of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome among 45 families

Morris, C.D.; Menashe, V.D., 1990:
Recurrence risk of congenital heart defects in first degree relatives

Wijsman, E.M., 1989:
Recurrence risk of new dominant mutations theoretical considerations and predictions

White, S.; Collins, V.R.; Dahl, H.H.M.; Thorburn, D.R., 1998:
Recurrence risks for mitochondrial DNA mutations at Nt8993

Dedov, I.; Koureva, T.; Nosikov, V.; Sergeev, A.; Demurov, L., 1996:
Recurrence risks in IDDM sibships conditional on genetic marker haplotypes

Burn, J.; Coffey, R.; Little, J.; Pembrey, M.; Somerville, J.; Dennis, N.; Keeton, B.; Hunter, S.; Walsh, P.; E.A., 1990:
Recurrence risks in the offspring of adults born with major heart defects first results of a british uk collaborative study

Markman, M., 1998:
"Recurrence within 6 months of platinum therapy": an adequate definition of "platinum-refractory" ovarian cancer?

Kruis, W.; Pohl, C., 1998:
Recurrence-preventing treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease

Schlueter, M.; Guersoy, S.; Kuck K H., 1992:
Recurrences after radiofrequency current catheter ablation of accessory atrioventricular pathways

Luedecke, D.K.; Heinrichs, M.; Saeger, W., 1991:
Recurrences after transnasal adenomectomy in cushings disease

Linker, N.J.; Griffith, M.J.; Garratt, C.J.; Camm, A.J.; Ward, D.E.; Parker, D.J., 1990:
Recurrences following av accessory pathway surgery septal pathways and the rim effect

Buchfelder, M.; Fahlbusch, R., 1990:
Recurrences in cushings disease prediction and prevention

Ragan, D.C.; Foster, R.S.; Nichols, C.R.; Donohue, J.P., 1998:
Recurrences in nonseminomatous germ cell tumors after postchemotherapy retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

Steinmetz, J.C.; Silva, E.G.; E.N.ggar A.; Gershenson, D.W., 1990:
Recurrences in ovarian serous borderline tumors sbt

Amy, D., 1994:
Recurrences of breast carcinoma Early echographic diagnosis

Lee, J.K.oon; Chung, Y.H.a; Song, B.C.ul; Youn, K.H.e; Choi, W.B.m; Yang, S.H.un; Yoon, H.K.e; Sung, K.B.; Lee, Y.S.ng; Suh, D.J.n, 1998:
Recurrences of hepatocellular carcinoma following initial remission by transarterial chemo-embolization

Rodriguez, L.M.; Smeets, J.; Timmermans, C.; Wellens, H., 1996:
Recurrences of idiopathic ventricular tachycardia after radiofrequency catheter ablation Long-term follow-up in forty patients

Asanin, M.; Boskovic, D.; Perunicic, J.; Vukcevic, V.; Arandjelovic, A.; Orlic, D.; Mitrovic, P.; Sreckovic, B.; Milosevic, A.; Nesovic, M.M., 1998:
Recurrences of new-onset atrial fibrillation in Q-wave anterior myocardial infraction

Rudoi, N.M.; Chubakov, T.Ch, 1991:
Recurrences of pulmonary tuberculosis in alcoholics with mental diseases

Cantore, Giampaolo, 1994:
Recurrences of skull base meningiomas

FitzPatrick, D.R.; Boyd, E., 1989:
Recurrences of trisomy 18 and trisomy 13 after trisomy 21

Roztocil, K.; Prerovsky, I.; Linhart, J.; Bergmann, P., 1996:
Recurrences of varicose veins in relation to their preoperative extent

Robinson, P.N.; Buske, A.; Neumann, R.; Tinschert, S.; Nürnberg, P., 1996:
Recurrent 2-bp deletion in exon 10c of the NF1 gene in two cases of von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis

Nachman, P.H.; Hogan, S.L.; Satterly, K.K.; Jennette, J.C.arles; Falk, R.J., 1997:
Recurrent ANCA-small vessel vasculitis and glomerulonephritis after transplantation A pooled analysis

L.Bacq, F., 1994:
Recurrent Bacillus bacteremia in a patient with short bowel syndrome and Hickman catheter

Heiman, D.R.; Krueger, K.J., 1995:
Recurrent Brunners gland adenoma

Humar, A.; Uknis, M.; Carlone Jambor, C.; Gillingham, K.; Dunn, D.; Matas, A., 1997:
Recurrent CMV disease after ganciclovir treatment in kidney and kidney-pancreas transplant recipients

Anderson, D.W.; Thakker-Varia, S.; Stolle, C.A., 1997:
Recurrent COL3A1 mutation results in EDS IV or familial aneurysms

Barbosa, C.; Sague, C.; Woodfill, C.; Farshy, C.; Bullard, J.; Black, C.; Jones, B.; Morse, S., 1996:
Recurrent Chlamydia trachomatis cervical infection in adolescent women

Bauwens, J.E.; McFarland, L.V.; Melcher, S.A., 1997:
Recurrent Clostridium difficile disease following ciprofloxacin use

Hassett, J.; Meyers, S.; McFarland, L.; Mulligan, M.E., 1995:
Recurrent Clostridium difficile infection in a patient with selective IgG1 deficiency treated with intravenous immune globulin and Saccharomyces boulardii

Matsumura, K.; Uematsu, Y.; Komiyama, T.; Waldman, F.; Tsuchida, N., 1995:
Recurrent DNA copy number abnormalities in head and neck cancer by comparative genomic hybridization

Wu, T.T.h; Swerdlow, S.H.; Locker, J.; Dickman, P.S.; Jaffe, R.; Nalesnik, M.A., 1994:
Recurrent EBV-associated tumors after solid organ transplants

Dall'amico, R.; Ginevri, F.; Ghio, L.; Zamorani, E.; Bonato, L.; Edefonti, A.; Cardillo, M., 1998:
Recurrent FSGS after renal allograft in pediatric patients Efficacy of plasmapheresis and cyclophosphamide

Dall'amico, R.; Ginevri; Ghio, L.; Zamorani, E.; Bonato, L.; Edefonti, A.; Cardillo, M.; Zennaro, C.; Carraro, M., 1998:
Recurrent FSGS after renal allograft in pediatric patients Risk factors and therapy

Franke, D.; Boeswald, M.; Strehlau, J.; Ehrlich, J.H.H.; Filler, G., 1998:
Recurrent FSGS in children Treatment with plasmapheresis and immunoadsorption

Chida, K.; Nomura, H.; Konno, H.; Takase, S., 1997:
Recurrent Fishers syndrome and HLA-DR2

Arrebola, M.L.; Fraiman, H.D.; Alday, M.D.; Pliego, L.A.; Zinnerman, A.G.; Gonzalez, A.M.; Giannaula, R.J., 1997:
Recurrent Guillain-Barre syndrome and pregnancy A report on two cases

Belli, L.S.; Alberti, A.; Rondinara, G.F.; de Carlis, L.; Romani, F.; Ideo, G.; Belli, L., 1993:
Recurrent HCV hepatitis after liver transplantation

Bourgeois, N.; Lefebvre, V.; Van, D.S.adt, J.; Gelin, M.; Peny, M.O.; Deprez, C.; Debaisieux, L.; Liesnard, C.; Adler, M., 1996:
Recurrent HCV infection after liver transplantation

Reddy, K.R.; Weppler, D.; Zervos, X.A.; Nery, J.R.; Webb, M.G.; Khan, M.F.; Gavlik, A.; Dupont, L.; Demedina, M.; Goldberg, M.; Bernstein, D.; Jeffers, L.; Tzakis, A.G.; Schiff, E., 1996:
Recurrent HCV infection following OLTx The role of early post OLTx interferon treatment

Schirren, C.A.; Jung, M.C.; Worzfeld, T.; Mamin, M.; Gerlach, J.T.; Gruener, N.; Diepolder, H.M.; Zachoval, R.; Hoffman, R.M.; Houghton, M.; Pape, G.R., 1998:
Recurrent HCV-infection of the liver HCV-specific T cells compartmentalize to liver, recognize multiple HCV-proteins, and display a TH1/0 lymphokine profile

Mammen, M.P.; Aronson, N.E.; Edenfield, W.J.; Endy, T.P., 1995:
Recurrent Helicobacter cinaedi bacteremia in a patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus: case report

Knoop, M.; Bechstein, W.O.; Blumhardt, G.; Langrehr, J.M.; Berg, T.; König, V.; Wedell, A.; Hopf, U.; Neuhaus, P., 1995:
Recurrent hepatitis C infection after orthotopic liver transplantation

Streather, C.P.; Scoble, J.E., 1994:
Recurrent IgA nephropathy in a renal allograft presenting as crescentic glomerulonephritis

Floege, J.; Ohmacht, C.; Burg, M.; Nashan, B.; Schlitt, H.J.; Brunkhorst, R.; Koch, K.M.; Kliem, V., 1997 :
Recurrent IgA-nephropathy after renal transplantation predicts long term graft failure

Nigro, G.; Pisano, P.; Krzysztofiak, A., 1993:
Recurrent Kawasaki disease associated with co-infection with parvovirus B19 and HIV-1

Martínez-Escribano, J.A.; Redondo, C.; Galera, C.; Sánchez-Pedreño, P.; Abel, J.L.; Frías, J.F., 1998:
Recurrent Kawasaki syndrome in an adult with HIV-1 infection

DeWit, D.; Guy, D.; Foster, K., 1996:
Recurrent Legionella longbeachae pneumonia associated with re-exposure to potting soil?

Florakis, G.J.; Chiou, A.G.Y.; Copeland, R.L.; Mccormick, S.A.; Chiesa, R., 1997:
Recurrent Meesmanns epithelial dystrophy following lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties

Tamada, Y.; Nozaki, N.; Miyamoto, T.; Ohta, I.; Tomoike, H., 1995:
Recurrent Pedunculated Thrombi in the Left Ventricle With Myocardial Infarction and Thrombocythemia- A Case Report

Selo-Ojeme, D.O.; Lim, K.B., 2004:
Recurrent Potter's syndrome in a consanguineous marriage

Koivisto, P.; Palmberg, C.; Hyytinen, E.; Visakorpi, T.; Isola, J.; Tammela, T.; Kallioniemi, O.P., 1995:
Recurrent Prostate Tumors Receiving Hormonal Therapy Often Contain a Large Number of Genetic Changes

Arrizabalaga, J.; Mentxaka, B.; Horcajada, J.P.; Iribarren, J.A.; Arrondo Rodriguez, F.J.; Von Wichmann, M.A., 1995:
Recurrent Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in patients with AIDS

Zschocke, J.; Hoffmann, G.F., 1998:
Recurrent Reye-like liver failure with low serum triglyceride levels

Kong, L.; Fowler, V.G.Jr.; Corey, G.R.; Gottlieb, G.; Mcclelland, R.S.; Sexton, D.J.; Harrell, L.J., 1997:
Recurrent Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia Pulsed field gel electrophoresis findings in 28 consecutive patients

Micha, J.P.; Goldstein, B.H.; Rettenmaier, M.A.; Tinnerman-Minailo, E.J.; Brown, J.V.; McClellan, S.N.; Bock, B.V., 2008:
Recurrent vulvar lymphangitis cured with vulvectomy in a cervical carcinoma patient: a case report

Vanderhoof, J.A., 1991:
Recurrent abdominal pain

Issenman, R.M.; Randall, B.C.; Radoja, C.; Jenkins, R.; Macpherson, D.W., 1993:
Recurrent abdominal pain , lactose intolerance and intestinal permeability in Blastocystis hominis infection

Priolo, C.; Gargano, P.; Milano, M.; Vigone, S., 1991:
Recurrent abdominal pain a marker of an early onset of migraine in childhood?

Radke, M., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain and Helicobacter pylori: a comment

Cavataio, F.; Carroccio, A.; Montalto, G.; Tumminello, M.; Soresi, M.; Campagna, P.; Magliarisis, C.; Iacoono, G., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain and Helicobacter pylori infection Evaluation of three different therapies

Kostovski, A., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain and gastroesophageal reflux in children

Hyams, J.S.; Hyman, P.E., 1998:
Recurrent abdominal pain and the biopsychosocial model of medical practice

Hirsch, A.; Zahavi, I.; Rosenbach, Y.; Shapiro, R.; Dinari, G., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain as the only manifestation of coeliac disease

Zampieri, N.; Zuin, V.; Ottolenghi, A.; Camoglio, F.Saverio., 2008:
Recurrent abdominal pain due to buckshots in the appendix

Seidman, J.D.; Andersen, D.K.; Ulrich, S.; Hoy, G.R.; Chun, B., 1991:
Recurrent abdominal pain due to chronic appendiceal disease

Borowitz, D.; Scheig, R., 1995:
Recurrent abdominal pain in a patient with cystic fibrosis and type IV hyperlipidemia

Martinez, M.J.; Garcia Novo, M.D.; D.V.cente, M.; Sanz, J.C.; Alarcon, T.; Lopez Brea, M., 1998:
Recurrent abdominal pain in a pediatric population infected with Helicobacter pylori

Koumanova, R.; Jelev, C.; Bojanova, L.; Lazarova, E.; Mondal, B.; Panteleeva, E.; Janeva, P.; Kantchev, K., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain in childhood and its relationship to Helicobacter pylori

Wewer, V.; Andersen, L.P.; Paerregaard, A.; Gernow, A.; Hansen, J.P.H.; Matzen, P.; Krasilnikoff, P.A., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain in childhood is not caused by H pylori Preliminary results of a double-blinded study

Scharff, L., 1997:
Recurrent abdominal pain in children: a review of psychological factors and treatment

Ducker, T.E.; Clench, M.H.; Reid, B.S.; Mathias, J.R., 1994:
Recurrent abdominal pain of childhood controlled by leuprolide acetate

Gressin, R.; Callanan, M.; L.B.ccon, P.; Peoc'h, M.; Jacob, M.C.; Sotto, M.F.; Sotto, J.J.; Leroux, D., 1998:
Recurrent abnormalities associated with t in Mantle-cell lymphoma or chronic lymphocytic leukemia A cytogenetic and comparative genomic hybridization study

Schagen van Leeuwen, J.H.; Christiaens, G.C.; Hoogenraad, T.U., 1991:
Recurrent abortion and the diagnosis of Wilson disease

Takeuchi, Y., 1991:
Recurrent abortion and ultrasonic diagnosis

Kayama, K., 1991:
Recurrent abortion infertility or early pregnancy factor

Bjercke, S., 1994:
Recurrent abortions and lymphocyte transfusions

Christianse, O.B.; Mathiesen, O.; Jersild, C.; Grunnet, N., 1990:
Recurrent abortions seem associated with maternal hla haplotyes

Mueller, J.; Aydin, H.; Brunner, F.X., 1989:
Recurrent abscess of the lateral neck with dysphagia clinical symptoms of pyriform fossa fistula a rare branchial cleft anomaly

Koehler, M.; Blades, E.; Cooper, G.; Setrakian, S., 1994:
Recurrent acalculous cholecystitis Impact of cholecystectomy on long-term outcome

Razuvaeva, V.V.; Babkin, P.S., 1992:
Recurrent acute disorders in cerebral circulation

Barton, J.R.; Sibai, B.M.; Mabie, W.C.; Shanklin, D.R., 1990:
Recurrent acute fatty liver of pregnancy

Melchior, T.M.; Ringsdal, V.; Hildebrandt, P.; Torp-Pedersen, C., 1992:
Recurrent acute idiopathic pericarditis treated with intravenous methylprednisolone given as pulse therapy

Ciampricotti, R.; Taverne, R., 1992:
Recurrent acute myocardial infarction during sport

Willemer, S.; Dombrowski, H.; Adler, G.; Bussmann, J.F.; Arnold, R., 1992:
Recurrent acute pancreatitis and intraluminal duodenal diverticulum

Kemp, J.A.; Arora, S.; Fawaz, K., 1990:
Recurrent acute pancreatitis as a manifestation of Wegener's granulomatosis

Frick, T.W.; Julke, P.D.; Redha, F.; Largiader, F.; Heitz, P.U., 1992:
Recurrent acute pancreatitis due to cholesterol embolization

Barthel, J.S.; Mangum, D., 1991:
Recurrent acute pancreatitis in pancreas divisum secondary to minor papilla obstruction from a gastrostomy feeding tube

Harris, J.P.; Alexson, C.G.; Manning, J.A., 1990:
Recurrent acute pericarditis in pediatric patients

Gray, R.E.; Jenkins, E.A.; Hall, M.A.; Kanski, J.J.; Ansell, B.M., 1989:
Recurrent acute proptosis in atypical systemic lupus erythematosus

Mansy, H.; al-Harbi, A.; el-Sherif, M.; al-Shareef, Z.; Shlash, S., 1996:
Recurrent acute pulmonary edema as a presentation of renal artery stenosis in a renal transplant patient

Ahdout, D.J.; Damani, P.M.; Ultan, L.B., 1989:
Recurrent acute pulmonary emboli in association with acute myocardial infarction

Liam, C.K.; Liao, C.M.; Kannan, P., 1994:
Recurrent acute pulmonary oedema associated with obstructive sleep apnoea

Sati, H.I.; Watson, H.G., 1998:
Recurrent adenocarcinoma of prostate presenting as acquired haemophilia A

Mills, C.M.; Blackford, S.; Roberts, D.L., 1996:
Recurrent adenocarcinoma of the ovary presenting as skin nodules

Sheikh, H.H., 1991:
Recurrent adnexal torsion and cystadenoma of aberrant ovarian tissue

Hogan, S.F.; Salassa, J.R., 1992:
Recurrent adult myofibromatosis. A case report

Ferrari, P.F.; Van Erp, A.M.M.; Tornatzky, W.; Miczek, K.A., 1998:
Recurrent aggressive episodes entrain autonomic activity and dopamine release in n accumbens

Sullivan, T.J.; Magera, B.E., 1995:
Recurrent allergic reactions to latex in a hospitalized pediatric patient

Scheerlinck J P.Y.; Lasters, I.; Wodak, S., 1991:
Recurrent alpha beta loop structure in tim barrel motifs show a distinct pattern of conserved structural features

Vasan, N.T., 1995:
Recurrent ameloblastoma in an autogenous bone graft after 28 years: a case report

Asai, M.; Martinez, A.; Fernandez Mas, R.; Fernandez Guardiola, A., 1993:
Recurrent amygdala penicillin focus in the rat Power spectra increase of kindling-like cortical and amygdaline electrical activity parallels brain Leu- and Met-enkephalin content and release enhancement

Grant, D.J.; Sanders, D.S.; McMurdo, M.E.; Lyall, M.H., 1993:
Recurrent anaemia due to ischaemic colonic ulceration caused by cholesterol embolism

Usami, Yoshiyuki, 1994:
Recurrent and competitive network model of short-term memory

Balagtas, R.; Ramos, E.; Peterson, J.; Pfaff, W.; Howard, R.; Brunson, M.; Thompson, R.; Patton, P.; Croker, B., 1991:
Recurrent and de novo diseases in the renal allograft the university of florida experience

Pappo, O.; Yunis, E.; Jordan, J.A.; Jaffe, R.; Mateo, R.; Fung, J.; Demetris, A.J., 1994:
Recurrent and de novo giant cell hepatitis after orthotopic liver transplantation

Bertolatus, J.A.drew; Hunsicker, L.G., 1997:
Recurrent and de novo glomerular disease in renal transplants

Guttmann, R.D., 1996:
Recurrent and de novo glomerulonephritis postrenal transplantation

Hariharan, S.; Peddi, V.R.; First, M.R.; Savin, V.J.; Roza, A.M.; Johnson, C.; Adams, M., 1996:
Recurrent and de novo renal diseases after renal transplantation in the cyclosporine Era Report from the Renal Allograft Recurrent Disease Registry

Hariharan, S.; George, V.; Adams, M.B.; Davis, C.L.; Johnson, C.P.; First, M.R.; Peddi, V.R.; Roza, A.M.; Vincenti, F., 1997:
Recurrent and de-novo glomerular disease after renal transplantation A report from the renal allograft recurrent disease registry

Read, A.W.; Stanley, F.J., 1991:
Recurrent and isolated small for gestational age term births

Barrera, P.; van Riel, P.L.; de Jong, A.J.; Boerbooms, A.M.; Van de Putte, L.B., 1992:
Recurrent and migratory reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome

Telle Bernal, E.; Guillot, T.; Recondo, G.; Schwaab, G.; Izzo, J.; Cvitkovic, E.; Bertheault, F.; Armand, J.P., 1990:
Recurrent and or metastatic mts head and neck squamous cell carcinoma h and n scc univariate multivariate and clinical analysis of response rr and survival sv with cisplatin cddp based chemotherapy ct

Blankenberg, S.; Lotz, J.; Kronenbusch, H., 1998:
Recurrent and previous infection of Chlamydia pneumoniae or Helicobacter pylori and the extent of coronary artery disease

Shoji, H.; Kaji, M.; Mori, T.; Hisazumi, T.; R.Hondo, 1996:
Recurrent and prolonged herpes simplex encephalitis

Zeitels, J.; Larossa, D.; Hamilton, R., 1992:
Recurrent and resection margins for stage i primary cutaneous malignant melanomas

Kedar, I.; Amiel, A.; Fejgin, M.; Drugan, A., 1996:
Recurrent anencephaly as a primary manifestation of the acrocallosal syndrome

Kimmelstiel, C.D.; Udelson, J.; Salem, D.; Rastegar, H.; Bojar, R.; Konstam, M.A., 1993:
Recurrent angina due to a left internal mammary artery-to-pulmonary artery fistula

Melandri, G.; Candiotti, N.; Semprini, F.; Descovich, B.; Reggiani, L.B.cchi; Branzi, A.; Magnani, B., 1997:
Recurrent angina pectoris after thrombolysis Angiographic correlates and evolution in the WAAT trial

Kalimugogo, G.; Kaloko, M.S., 1992:
Recurrent angioneurotic oedema in an aids patient after course of interferon

Thomas, G.; Geraci, A.; Lavigne, J.; Levy, M., 1990:
Recurrent anogenital warts and hiv status

Vastamäki, M., 1996:
Recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation. A review

Costantino, M.J., 1991:
Recurrent aortic graft infection following descending thoracic aorta to femoral artery bypass. A case report and review

Pizarro, A.; Herranz, P.; Navarro, A.; Casado, M., 1996:
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis: treatment with pentoxifylline

Scully, C.; Porter, S., 1989:
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis: current concepts of etiology, pathogenesis and management

Disdier, P.; Harle, J.R.; Dor, J.F.; Quinsat, D.; Baran, R.; Weiller, P.J., 1992:
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis monoclonal gammapathy and chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Macphail, L.A.; Greenspan, D.; Katz, M.H.; Dood, C.L.; Wong, E.; Greenspan, J.S., 1991:
Recurrent aphthous ulcer in hiv infection t lymphocyte subsets

Radeff, B.; Kuffer, R.; Samson, J., 1990:
Recurrent aphthous ulcer in patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus: successful treatment with thalidomide

Cummins, D.; Van, D., O., F.J.; Traudt, M.D., 1996:
Recurrent aphthous ulcer treatment method

Pedersen, A., 1993:
Recurrent aphthous ulceration: virological and immunological aspects

Pedersen, A.; Hougen, H.P.; Klausen, B.; Ryder, L., 1990:
Recurrent aphthous ulceration prevention and lymphocyte changes by longovital

Pedersen, A.; Hougen, H.P.; Klausen, B., 1989:
Recurrent aphthous ulcerations t lymphocyte subsets in oral mucosa and blood

Woo, S.B.; Sonis, S.T., 1996:
Recurrent aphthous ulcers: a review of diagnosis and treatment

Convissar, R.A.; Massoumi-Sourey, M., 1992:
Recurrent aphthous ulcers: etiology and laser ablation

Samuels, M.P.; Southall, D.P., 1992:
Recurrent apnea

Nakagami, H.; Kario, K.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Fujikawa, H.; Ikeda, U.; Shimada, K., 1998:
Recurrent arterial thrombotic disease on young onset and protein S deficiency

Mark, G.; Widder, W.; Trepp, A., 1991:
Recurrent arterio venous malformation on the dorsum of the hand

Ellis-Pegler, R.B.; Croxson, M.C., 1995:
Recurrent aseptic meningitis

Vera-Ramirez, M.; Charlet, M.; Parry, G.J., 1992:
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Recurrent attacks with skew deviation, torsional nystagmus, and contraction of the left frontalis muscle

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Recurrent autoimmune hemolytic anemia precipitated by transfusion of phenotypically matched blood in an immunized patient with sickle cell disease

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Recurrent cancer of stomach

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Recurrent carbamazepine-intoxication by a family member

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Recurrent chorea pregnancy

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Recurrent chromosome abnormalities in solid tumors

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Recurrent circuits contribute to the formation of stimulus selectivity in the inferotemporal cortex

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Recurrent colics in a 9-year-old Arabian stallion due to several congenital anomalies

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Recurrent collateral connections of striatal medium spiny neurons are disrupted in models of Parkinson's disease

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Recurrent collaterals of flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus motoneurons of the cat

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Recurrent collaterals of layer V/VI cells of the rat entorhinal cortex Postsynaptic targets in layer III

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Recurrent collaterals of motoneurons projecting to distal muscles in the cat hindlimb

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Recurrent comas

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Recurrent complete heart block in a healthy patient during laparoscopic electrocauterization of the fallopian tube

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Recurrent confusion and hypopituitarism

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Recurrent congenital ichthyosis associated with hydramnios

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Recurrent consecutive partial molar pregnancy

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Recurrent corneal bleb in a case of epidermolysis bullosa

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Recurrent corneal erosion associated with Alport syndrome

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Recurrent corneal erosion associated with juvenile Alport syndrome

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Recurrent corneal erosions The healing effect of epithelial removal followed by excimer laser compared to epithelial removal alone

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Recurrent corneal erosions diagnosis and management

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Recurrent corneal ulcer in canines

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Recurrent cranial nerve palsies, midbrain infarction and hydrocephalus due to megadolichobasilar artery

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Recurrent craniopharyngioma in the posterior fossa

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Recurrent Cushing's disease with low adrenal androgen production

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Recurrent cutaneous melanoma: a surgical perspective

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Recurrent diabetes in pancreas transplants in the BB rat: evidence for a defect extrinsic to the beta cell

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Recurrent diffusion model of isometric muscle action simulations

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Recurrent disease in allografted kidneys

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Recurrent disease in renal allografts

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Recurrent dislocation of a hemiarthroplasty stabilized with an ABC ligament

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Recurrent dislocation of a hip with a labral lesion: treatment with a modified Bankart-type repair. Case report

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Recurrent dislocation of extensor carpi ulnaris tendon in a softball player

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Recurrent dislocation of the elbow in a child: case report and review of the literature

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Recurrent dislocation of the mandible in a patient with myotonic dystrophy

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Recurrent dislocation of the patella Arthroscopic surgery

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Recurrent disturbances of the infant

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Recurrent dorsal defect of the patella Case report

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Recurrent duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastases

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Recurrent early pregnancy loss

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Recurrent ectopic pregnancy following in-vitro fertilization

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Recurrent embolization during intravenous administration of tissue plasminogen activator in acute cardioembolic stroke. A case report

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Recurrent embolization in acute cardioembolic stroke

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Recurrent encephalitis due to trimethoprim intake

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Recurrent endometrial cancer

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Recurrent endometriosis in an infertile population after different laparoscopic treatments Incidence and predictors

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Recurrent endophthalmitis

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Recurrent endothelitis of the small vessels is a marker for graft coronary artery disease after heart transplantation

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Recurrent epicardial fibrosarcoma which arose 12 years after the first resection

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Recurrent epidemics The formal model of the self-regulation of parasitic systems

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Recurrent epididymo-orchitis in a child secondary to a stone in the seminal vesicle

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Recurrent epididymo-orchitis secondary to Behcets disease

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Recurrent epileptic seizures of apnea bradycardia and eventually asystole successfully treated by vigabatrin

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Recurrent episcleritis associated with adult T cell leukaemia

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Recurrent episodes of alternating hemiplegia and livedo reticularis

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Recurrent episodes of central retinal artery occlusion

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Recurrent episodes of fever and severe hypotension An unusual clinical course of PNH

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Recurrent episodes of spontaneous clostridial myonecrosis related to colorectal carcinoma

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Recurrent episodes of thrombocytopenia during treatment with sodium stibogluconate

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Recurrent episodes of weakness dyspnea and dry cough in a young woman

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Recurrent episodic paralysis of the lower limbs in a 55 year-old woman

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Recurrent epistaxis in a college cheerleader

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Recurrent error pathways in HFACS data: analysis of 95 mishaps with remotely piloted aircraft

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Recurrent erysipelas after radiotherapy

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Recurrent erysipelas of the orbit complicated with endotoxin shock Report of a case

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Recurrent erythema migrans despite extended antibiotic treatment with minocycline in a patient with persisting Borrelia burgdorferi infection

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Recurrent events after thrombolysis in acute infarction predictive value of holter st analysis and stress testing

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Recurrent events after thrombolytic therapy predictive value of symptoms stress testing and arteriography

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Recurrent events of positive selection in independent Drosophila lineages at the spermatogenesis gene roughex

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Recurrent evolution of life history ecotypes in sockeye salmon implications for conservation and future evolution

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Recurrent head and abdominal pain in children

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Recurrent headaches football player

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Recurrent intrinsic brain stem epidermoid cyst

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Recurrent Kikuchi's disease

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Recurrent knee swelling Rugby

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Recurrent laryngeal nerve activity is increased by trh in the nucleus ambiguus of cats

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Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery

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Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy secondary to massive venous thrombosis

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Recurrent late onset post-traumatic meningitis

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Recurrent leg ulcerations as the initial clinical manifestation of Klinefelter's syndrome

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