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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33134

Chapter 33134 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sloan D.R.; Rossi A.F.; Harms R.H.; Christmas R.B., 1990:
Refining the equation for predicting eggshell weight on intact eggs

Simon E.A.; D'eustachio P.; Davisson M.T.; Guay Woodford L.M., 1992:
Refining the genetic map position of the mouse congenital polycystic kidney cpk locus

Cohn, W.F.; Atkins Brady, T.L.; Jones, S.M.; Miesfeldt, S., 1996:
Refining the informed consent process in a cancer genetics clinic

Brandwene, E.; Clark, R.; Tunget, C.; Manoguerra, A.; Turchen, S., 1994:
Refining the level for recommended NAC therapy in acetaminophen poisoning

Bull, L.N.; Deyoung, J.A.; Stricker, N.; Carlton, V.E.H.; Baharloo, S.; Sinke, R.; Sela Herman, S.; Whitington, P.F.; Lomri, N.; Scharschmidt, B.; Houwen, R.H.J.; Knisely, A.S.; Freimer, N.B., 1996:
Refining the location of the BRIC/PFIC gene through identification of shared haplotypes

Gama D.A.reu, M.; Kirschfink, M.; Quintel, M.; Bender, H.J.; Van Ackern, K.; Albrecht, M., 1995:
Refining the prediction of ARDS, MOF and death in the ICU

Cain, A.S.; Bardone-Cone, A.M.; Abramson, L.Y.; Vohs, K.D.; Joiner, T.E., 2008:
Refining the relationships of perfectionism, self-efficacy, and stress to dieting and binge eating: Examining the appearance, interpersonal, and academic domains

Landgraf, R.; Chen, B.; Sigman, D.S., 1994 :
Refining the specificity of a micrococcal nuclease Oligonucleotide directed nucleic acid scission by a glutathione-S-transferase micrococcal nuclease fusion protein

Thomas, G., 1993:
Refining the therapy of testicular seminoma

Goldschmidt Clermont, P.J.; Schulman, S.P.; Bray, P.F.; Chandra, N.C.; Khan, F.; Grigoryev, D.; Kitt, M.M.; Gottdiener, P.M.; Gerstenblith, G., 1994:
Refining the treatment for women with unstable angina

Ritschl, P.; Piza-Katzer, H.; Pechmann, U.; Kotz, R., 1989:
Refixation of muscular insertions after endoprosthetic replacement of the proximal humerus

Halbhuber, K.J.; Scheven, C.; Feuerstein, H.; Aschoff, A., 1996:
Reflectance and transmission laser scanning microscopy in enzyme and immunohistochemistry Detection of cerium-based and DAB-based primary reaction products in cryotome and semithin sections

Penuelas, J.; Filella, I.; Lloret, P.; Munoz, F.; Vilajeliu, M., 1995:
Reflectance assessment of mite effects on apple trees

Richardson, A.J.; Everitt, J.H.; Escobar, D.E., 1993:
Reflectance calibration of aerial video imagery with automatic grain compensation on and off

Fernandez S.; Bergareche C.; Cabrejas I.; Simon E.; Vidal D.; Sole Sugranes L., 1990:
Reflectance characteristics of winter wheat 1 relation to water stress chemical composition and growth

Vidal D.; Bergareche C.; Fernandez S.; Sole Sugranes L.; Simon E., 1990:
Reflectance characteristics of winter wheat 2 relation to nitrogen nutrition chemical composition and growth

Nose, T.; Akter, U.; Uematsu, T., 1995:
Reflectance colorimetric determination of quinolone-induced phototoxic reaction in guinea-pig skin

Kristensen, M.P.; Rector, D.M.; Poe, G.R.; Harper, R.M., 1994:
Reflectance imaging of the cat hypothalamic paraventricular region shows cellular activity changes during phasic respiratory events

Maidl,F.X.; Schachtl,J.; Limbrunner,B.; Strenner,M., 2008:
Reflectance measurements as a tool to guide a nitrogen topdressing in sugar beet

Marchesini R.; Brambilla M.; Sichirollo A.E.; Venturoli D.R.; Cascinelli N., 1990:
Reflectance measurements of skin pigmented lesions a possible aid for diagnosis of malignant melanoma

Brambilla M.; Clemente C.; Cascinelli N.; Pignoli E.; Venturoli D.R.; Marchesini R., 1991:
Reflectance measurements of skin pigmented lesions discriminant analysis between melanoma and benign nevus

Inderfurth, J.H.C.; Ferguson, R.D.; Puliafito, C.A.; Frish, M.B.; Birngruber, R., 1994:
Reflectance monitoring during retinal photocoagulation in humans Steps toward the development of an automated feedback-controlled photocoagulator

Sievers, M.; Frentzen, M.; Koort, H.J., 1993:
Reflectance of a carbon dioxide-laser beam on metallic dental materials

Nijland, R.; Jongsma, H.W.; Nijhuis, J.G., 1995:
Reflectance pulse oximetry Two sensors compared in piglets

Drake, N.A., 1995:
Reflectance spectra of evaporite minerals Applications for remote sensing

Silvennoinen, R.; Jaaskelainen, T.; Nygren, K.; Hiltunen, J.; Parkkinen, J., 1994:
Reflectance spectra of pine grown in polluted environment

Caspary L.; Thum J.; Pietzsch R.; Creutzig A.; Alexander K., 1991:
Reflectance spectrophotometric determination of cutaneous hemoglobin saturation in patients with arterial occlusive disease

L.S.K.; Leung F.W.; Yanni G.S.; Jing J., 1990:
Reflectance spectrophotometric rs assessment of gi mucosal circulation a critical look at its endoscopic application

Kollias N.; Muccini J.A.; Phillips S.B.; Anderson R.R.; Drake L.A., 1992:
Reflectance spectroscopy a rapid sensitive and reproducible means of clinically assessing erythema and pigmentation

Posudin, Y.I.; Kostenko, V.I., 1992:
Reflectance spectroscopy of milk in near IR spectrum

Jacques, S.L., 1996:
Reflectance spectroscopy with optical fiber devices and transcutaneous bilirubinometers

Keskin,M.; Han,Y.J.; Dodd,R.B.; Khalilian,A., 2008:
Reflectance-based sensor to predict visual quality ratings of turfgrass plots

Nierop, A.F.M.; Tas, A.C.; Van Der Greef, J., 1994:
Reflected discriminant analysis

Ketabdari,M.J.; Varjavand,I., 2008:
Reflected energy spectrum from slotted breakwaters due to irregular waves

Ikawa M.; Ikawa K.; Horiuchi H., 1992:
Reflected light photoplethysmographs from healthy or inflamed human gingiva

Lerner, A.; Meltser, N.; Sapir, N.; Erlick, C.; Shashar, N.; Broza, M., 2008:
Reflected polarization guides chironomid females to oviposition sites

Turner, J.; Parisi, A.V.; Turnbull, D.J., 2008:
Reflected solar radiation from horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces: ultraviolet and visible spectral and broadband behaviour due to solar zenith angle, orientation and surface type

Younker, S.B., 1998:
Reflected-image videoendoscopic surgical trainer and method of training

Kellett, B.M.; Beilin, R.I.; Bristow, K.L.; Moore, G.; Chiew, F.H.S., 2000:
Reflecting on stakeholders perceptions in an Ecological Risk Assessment workshop Lessons for practitioners

Apostol,C., 2008:
Reflecting on the environmental policy through specific indicators

Loucks, Orie L., 1994:
Reflecting on the mixed mesophytic study sites of Braun Then and now

Manyara,G.; Jones,E., 2008:
Reflecting on tourism development in Kenya through the mirror of dependency theory

Verentchikov, A.N.; Ens, W.; Standing, K.G., 1994:
Reflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometer with an electrospray ion source and orthogonal extraction

Liu, D.Y.T.; Kuhlmey, B.T.; Smith, P.M.C.; Day, D.A.; Faulkner, C.R.; Overall, R.L., 2008:
Reflection across plant cell boundaries in confocal laser scanning microscopy

Alekseev, S.I.; Gordiienko, O.V.; Ziskin, M.C., 2008:
Reflection and penetration depth of millimeter waves in murine skin

Hanna, M.S.; Frame, L.H., 1996 :
Reflection as a mechanism of termination of reentry by premature stimulation in an atrial anatomic barrier model

Townsley, M.I.; Zhao, Z.; Ishibashi, M., 1993:
Reflection coefficient an permeability-surface area product in canine lung and paw after saline loading

Ehrhart, I.C.; Ocasio, H.J.; Hofman, W.F., 1993:
Reflection coefficient at very elevated vascular pressure in injured lung

Ehrhart, I.C.; Mccloud, L.L.; Ocasio, H.J.; Orfanos, S.E.; Catravas, J.D.; Hofman, W.F., 1993:
Reflection coefficient at very high pulmonary blood flow rate

Ehrhart I.C.; Ocasio H.J.; Hofman W.F., 1989:
Reflection coefficient obtained by filtered volumes method during elevated lung vascular pressure

Ehrhart I.C.; Hofman W.F., 1990:
Reflection coefficient obtained from lymph of isolated dog lung

Adamson, R.H.; Liu, B.; Curry, F.E., 1998:
Reflection coefficient to alpha-lactalbumin during stimulation of intracellular cAMP in single vessels of frog mesentery

Welling L.W.; Welling D.J.; Ochs T., 1990:
Reflection coefficients for sodium ions chloride ions and potassium ions across basolateral cell membrane of s 2 proximal renal tubule

Schaeffer R.C.Jr; Bitrick M.S.Jr, 1992:
Reflection coefficients sigmas sigma for size selected fluorescein isothiocyanate hydroxyethyl starch fitc hes solutes across polycarbonate pc filters with known pore radius r p

Whallon, J.H.; Preller, A.; Wilson, J.E., 1994:
Reflection confocal imaging of type I and type III isozymes of hexokinase in PC12 cells

Kreimer G.; Melkonian M., 1990:
Reflection confocal microscopy of eyespots in flagellated green algae

Cabo C.; Barr R.C., 1991:
Reflection in a single fiber a model study

Ichikawa T.; Miyazaki A.; Masuda Y.; Inagaki Y., 1990:
Reflection in the arterial system

Bereiter Hahn, J.; Vesely, P., 1998:
Reflection interference microscopy

Brune, T.; Rabe, H.; Hentschel, R.; Frank, K.H.; Jorch, G., 1995:
Reflection light photospectroscopy A new kind of blood gas monitoring

Munkonge,M.A.; Harvey,P.A., 2008:
Reflection of Dublin Principles in rural water supply approaches in Zambia

Bustorff, M.; Praca, A.; Candeias, J.; Ramos, J.P.; Guerra, L.; Fernandes, J., 1994:
Reflection of HLA-B and DR mismatches in the peripheral lymphocyte subsets after renal transplantation

Kozhedub, R.G.; Knipst, I.N.; Zaichenko, M.I., 1996:
Reflection of animal motivational-emotional status in synchrony of processes of cellular and system levels

Csepe, V.; Naatanen, R., 1992:
Reflection of automatic change detection in the human brain Event-related potentials and magnetic responses

Sofic, E.; Götz, M.; Frölich, L.; Burger, R.; Heckers, S.; Riederer, P.; Jellinger, K.; Beckmann, H., 1990:
Reflection of changes in membrane constituents in various regions of Alzheimer brains to differential scanning thermograms

Kataoka, H.; Yano, S.; Tamura, A.; Mikuriya, Y., 1997:
Reflection of epicardial U-wave changes in surface inferior electrocardiograms during inferoposterior or anterior wall myocardial ischemia

Masumoto, Y.; Morinushi, T.; Kawasaki, H.; Takigawa, M.; Hashimoto, J.; Giga, T.; Hayashi, S., 1998:
Reflection of gum-chewing in topographic EEG using statistical procedure

Soboleva, I.V.; Klepach, G.S., 1994:
Reflection of lateral and typological characteristics of human test subjects in the parameters of total bioelectrical and induced activity of the symmetrical cerebral cortex zones

Salaj Jozef, 2002:
Reflection of paleoclimate in Paleogene sediments of Sulov, Biele Karpaty and Javorniky areas Slovakia

Rebreikina, A.B.; Novototsky-Vlasov, V.Y.; Strelets, V.B., 2008:
Reflection of processing of visually presented verbal stimuli in ERP

Pliss M.B.; Svatkov V.I.; Karpilovskaya E.D.; Gorbans G.P., 1991:
Reflection of receptor substrate relationships in the organization of a toxicological experiment in exposure to combined chemical factors based on a combination of nitrosoamines

Gorkin A.G., 1989:
Reflection of the behavioral experience acquisition in the activity of rabbits cortex neurons

Kal'met'ev, A.Kh, 1994:
Reflection of the components of the integral factor of individuality in the features of omega-potential dynamics

Kratin, Y.G., 1955:
Reflection of the dynamics of development of the orientating reaction in the waves of electrical potentials of the human brain

Warnants, N.; Van Oeckel, M.V.; Boucque, C.V., 1994:
Reflection of the feed pufa content in porcine backfat and intramuscular fat

Gogolitsin Y.L.; Kiryanova R.E.; Nechaev V.B.; Shkurina N.G., 1989:
Reflection of verbal processing in evoked reactions of neuronal populations in striopallidar and thalamic nuclei

Jensen, K.E.; Stenver, D.; Nielsen, B., 1990:
Reflection on EPO

Quisi, Q.; Ronchini, A.A., 1997:
Reflection on relationship psychiatry territory

Pons F.; Jancovici R., 1992:
Reflection on the place of a thoracic surgeon during wartime

Lorgnier,N.; Mikulovic,J.; Penel,G.; Bui-Xuan,G., 2008:
Reflection on the public management of tourism and leisure sports in nature the example of a territory of mixed syndicates on the Opal Coast

Thum J.; Caspary L.; Creutzig A.; Alexander K., 1989:
Reflection oximetric measurements of cutaneous hemoglobin saturation and concentration in patients with chronic venous insufficiency

Konig V.; Ullrich G.J.; Huch A.; Huch R., 1991:
Reflection pulse oximetry experience in zurich

Akimoto, M.; Namiki, H.; Tanaka, S.; Tabata, H.; Yoshida, A., 1992:
Reflection spectra and color evaluation of butterfly wings

Kessler, M.; Frank, K.; Höper, J.; Tauschek, D.; Zündorf, J., 1992:
Reflection spectrometry

Kakizoe E.; Kobayashi Y.; Shimoura K.; Hattori K.; Jidoi J., 1990:
Reflection spectrophotometric measurement of rat skin microcirculation

Takatani S.; Awau K.; Kanda M., 1989:
Reflection type oximeter for applying light pulses to a body tissue to measure oxygen saturation us patent 4867557 september 19 1989

Stroud, S.; Salvato, P.; Thompson, C.; Weil, J.; Sauer, L.; Hasheeve, D., 1993:
Reflections If I could live my life over

Dupont, G.; Douchet, J.C.; Menny, J.C., 1994:
Reflections about a new deviationist behaviour in the French navy jumping overboard

Samama, M.M., 1994:
Reflections about pharmacology of heparins and oral anticoagulants

Villey, Franck, 1992:
Reflections about possible joint actins of the agricultural profession and of water agencies

D.G.nio, R.; D'alfonso, C.; Salzano, G.;, M.A.tonietta; Petraglia, G.; Pascale, M.E.minia, 1992:
Reflections about suicide Suicide attempts at Salerno

Alpers, Michael, 1992:
Reflections and highlights A life with kuru

Heinicke W., 1989:
Reflections and inspirations on the history of veterinary medicine and veterinary services

Rouvillois A.; Baudet J., 1989:
Reflections and propositions on postoperative reeducational techniques following repair of lesions of the long flexor tendons of the fingers

Dodick, D.W., 2008:
Reflections and speculations on refractory migraine: why do some patients fail to improve with currently available therapies?

Freiwald, J.; Starischka, S.; Engelhardt, M., 1993:
Reflections concerning strength training - a new approach in the clinical field

Beaufoy, G., 2007:
Reflections from an external evaluator on the future of olive production systems on sloping land

Vesell, E.S., 1996:
Reflections from distant cuvettes

Gross L., 1990:
Reflections from the field of retroviruses in the last 40 years introductory remarks on the viral etiology of cancer leukemias lymphomas and aids

Berg,A.; Levinson,F.J.; Moorthy,D., 2008:
Reflections from the front lines swimming upstream with optimism a survey of the international nutrition community

Grewal, J.S., 1994:
Reflections of Dr JS Grewal, director CPRI and immediate past president, IPA

Balaban, Evan, 1996:
Reflections of Wye Woods Crime, biology, and self-interest

Branellec, Jacques, 1992:
Reflections of a pearl culturer on the pearls of the South Seas

Mumma, Ralph O., 1997:
Reflections of a pioneer

Broderick, James J., 1992:
Reflections of a retired flavorist before he forgets Vanilla-A requiem?

Baker D.H., 1989:
Reflections of men and machines from red goggles and spin wobbles

Falkenstein, M.; Hohnsbein, J.; Hoormann, J., 1996:
Reflections of performance quality in pre- and poststimulus ERP components

Schneider,; Kloser, P.C., 1995:
Reflections of problems and solutions related to the cost and access of health care for the expanding number of woment with HIV disease

Saragih, Bungaran, 1997:
Reflections of the environmental dimensions of Indonesian agriculture towards the 21st century

Fosst, P., 1994:
Reflections of the ores, minerals and non-ferrous metal industries concerning ecotoxicological research

Ballanger, P.; Chemasle, C.; Diab, F.; Goldblatt, L.; Rousseau, E.; Geoffrion, H., 1994:
Reflections on 10 years of percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Halford G.S., 1989:
Reflections on 25 years of piagetian cognitive developmental psychology 1963 1988

Smellie, J.M., 1991:
Reflections on 30 years of treating children with urinary tract infections

Sathyamala,C., 2008:
Reflections on Alma-Ata

Kasanuki, Hiroshi, 1993:
Reflections on CAST and ESVEM report

Tsien, R.W.; Lipscombe, D.; Madison, D.; Bley, K.; Fox, A., 1995:
Reflections on Ca(2+)-channel diversity, 1988-1994

Kaufman, M.H., 1993:
Reflections on Dr Henderson of Perths case of impracticable labour An early case in which the caesarean operation was performed

Almendral, J.; Villacastin, J.P.; Arenal, A.; Merino, J.L.; Tercedor, L.; Delcan, J.L., 1997:
Reflections on ICD indications

Kuhn Schnyder, Emil, 1994:
Reflections on Pachypleurosaurs from the Middle-Triassic of the Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland

Parsons Fein, Jane, 1994:
Reflections on Stephen Lanktons work with Joan

Brutten, G.J.; Vanryckeghem, M., 1997:
Reflections on a comparative study of attitude

Nakatani, Y.; Fujimori, H., 1992:
Reflections on a hospital treatment of homicidal schizophrenics

Vansteenwegen C., 1989:
Reflections on a program to monitor the numbers of common birds in france

Machado,H.; Campos,M., 2008:
Reflections on agricultural ecosystems and the need to preserve them

Caine, M., 1995:
Reflections on alpha blockade therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Valverde, C.; Smeja, C., 1993:
Reflections on an aboriginal AIDS awareness programme in the UN year of the indigenous person

Henry, M.; Baran, R., 1996:
Reflections on an idiopathic longitudinal melanonychia

Romero-Zepeda,H.; PreciadoCortes,R.; Elton-Punte,J.E.; Salazar-Pinon,M.delC.; Garcia-Gasca,T.; Hall,R.T., 2008:
Reflections on bioethics of nutrition in Mexico

Jiang, J., 2008:
Reflections on clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine through treatment of individual cases of urinary tract infection

Carrera, M.A., 1989:
Reflections on community health education. A program that is working

Slater, R.G., 1989:
Reflections on curative health care in Nicaragua

Bahna, S.L., 2008:
Reflections on current food allergy controversies: specific IgE test application, patch testing, eosinophilic esophagitis, and probiotics

Bensmail B.; Merdki Y.; Touari M., 1989:
Reflections on detection and intervention on depression in algeria

Reifler, D.R., 1994:
Reflections on early patient encounters A literature and writing seminar for second-year medical students

Sumpter,J.P.; Johnson,A.C., 2008:
Reflections on endocrine disruption in the aquatic environment from known knowns to unknown unknowns

Dreyfus J F.; Cremniter D.; Guelfi J.D., 1989:
Reflections on fda and who recommendations concerning clinical trials

Kuklik, Miloslav, 1994:
Reflections on findings from the Early Paleolithic triple grave in Dolni Vestonice from a genetic point of view

Manning, F.A., 1989:
Reflections on future directions of perinatal medicine

Handrick W.; Spencker F B.; Braun W.; Menzel G., 1989:
Reflections on genesis and detection as well as on diagnostic therapeutic and prognostic importance of bacteremia in childhood

Panisset, Ulysses B., 1992:
Reflections on health as an international issue

Namer M., 1991:
Reflections on hormonotherapy for breast cancer

Marcum, J.A., 2008:
Reflections on humanizing biomedicine

Boiral P., 1989:
Reflections on implementing evaluation procedures in psychiatry

Weise K., 1989:
Reflections on interpersonal relation and transference

Kay,C., 2008 :
Reflections on latin American rural studies in the neoliberal globalization period a new rurality?

Erlanger Wyler M., 1989:
Reflections on limits and limitations in psychotherapy and their consequences for the therapist

Kullenberg, Gunnar, 1996:
Reflections on marine science contributions to sustainable development

LokenathRay, 2008:
Reflections on mobilisation of rural peasant women learning to unlearn and relearn in West Medinipur

Arnaud Y.; Fouret Y.; Larrieu C.; Tranvan H.; Franclet A.; Maiginiac E., 1989:
Reflections on modalities of appreciating rejuvenation in sequoia sempervirens in vitro

Masztis, S., 1998:
Reflections on my small animal praxis in Canada

Alley, William M., 1994:
Reflections on network design for regional ground-water quality trend analysis

Watson J.D., 1991:
Reflections on oncogenes and antioncogenes

Baxter, W.; Marks, D.; Marsh, D.; Conway, S.P., 1993:
Reflections on one year as a young persons support worker in an adult cystic fibrosis unit

Knapp, R.C., 1994:
Reflections on ovarian cancer: a 33-year experience

Leroy M., 1989:
Reflections on photochemotherapy in pulmonary oncology with reference to 100 treated cases

Brun A., 1991:
Reflections on pluvial and arid periods of the upper pleistocene and the holocene in tunisia

Gil Vernet, J.M.ria; Gil Vernet Sedo, J.M.ria, 1994:
Reflections on prostate cancer

Hunter, A.J., 1989:
Reflections on psychotherapy with ageing people, individually and in groups

Hamburger J.; Bach J F., 1990:
Reflections on recent changes in biological and medical research

Naudin C., 1992:
Reflections on recent immunoanalysis systems

Poland, A., 1997:
Reflections on risk assessment of receptor-acting xenobiotics

Azevedo,, 2008:
Reflections on risks and the role of science in building a healthy eating concept

Ndifon,H.M.; Nformi,M.I., 2008:
Reflections on rural peoples knowledge and skill and relevance in agricultural development Case of pastoral Fulbe of Savannah Belt of Nigeria-West Africa

Reguant, Salvador, 1995:
Reflections on scientific evaluation Some comments on the 8th Conference of the International Federation of Science Editors

Dahoun-Hadorn, S.; Delozier-Blanchet, C., 1990:
Reflections on small supernumerary (marker) chromosomes: could imprinting and isodisomy play a role in the phenotypic expression of hyperdiploidy?

Zilli L.; Grion G.; Bonea M., 1990:
Reflections on splenectomy after splenic injury

Grassmann, P., 1991:
Reflections on technology in medicine

Smith, Kendric C., 1997:
Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of the American Society for Photobiology

Persoon,GA.; Osseweijer,M, 2008:
Reflections on the Heart of Borneo

Schiotz, Arne, 2000:
Reflections on the Hyperolius nasutus group Anura, Hyperoliidae

Burgi,M., 2008:
Reflections on the Word Agricultural Report from a historical ecology viewpoint

Laurent, Raymond F., 1992:
Reflections on the advantages and flaws of cladistics

Kennedy, H.; Moran, G., 1991:
Reflections on the aim of child analysis

Dreiser, R.L., 1996:
Reflections on the appropriate topical use of non-steroidal antiinflammatories

Klass, D.W.; Bickford, R.G., 1992:
Reflections on the birth and early development of EEG at the Mayo Clinic

Lavagne P., 1989:
Reflections on the capture of a natural hybrid in cantal france chrysocarabus auronitens costellatus quittardi lapouge x chrysotribax hispanus hispanus fabricius

Roux, David G., 1992:
Reflections on the chemistry and affinities of the major commercial condensed tannins in the context of their industrial use

Bonin G.; Tatoni T., 1990:
Reflections on the contribution of factorial correspondence analysis to the study of plant communities and their environments

Stosiek P., 1990:
Reflections on the current development of public health in the gdr

Nomura, M., 1997:
Reflections on the days of ribosome reconstitution research

Bhat,S.R., 2008:
Reflections on the discovery of toxic species of marine micro-algae known to form harmful blooms

Roesch, Manfred, 1994:
Reflections on the effects of historic wood usage on forests and pollen diagrams With case reports from the Lake Constance region and the Swabian-Franconian forest

Fine, P.E., 1992:
Reflections on the elimination of leprosy

Rey J.L.; Soro B.; Merlin M.; Gateff C., 1990:
Reflections on the epidemiological surveillance of aids in africa

Brace, C.L.; Brace, M.L.; Leonard, W.R., 1989:
Reflections on the face of Japan: a multivariate craniofacial and odontometric perspective

Gaillard M.; Peres G.; Allemandou A., 1989 :
Reflections on the food habits of athletic adolescent school pupils

Hechter O., 1991:
Reflections on the future of biomedical science

Muller, R.A., 1995:
Reflections on the future of coffee culture

Marasa G.; D.P.squale F., 1991:
Reflections on the glycemic index

Wiedemar, U., 1994:
Reflections on the greenhouse effect

Feard S.; Baumann M.; Gueguen R., 1989:
Reflections on the health priorities of young adults

Franke, H., 1995:
Reflections on the history of medicine on the hundredth anniversary of the discovery of X-rays

Griffith, Mark D., 1996:
Reflections on the implementation of the programme of action on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States

Boisset B., 1991:
Reflections on the initial treatment of the alcoholic patient

Fleury H.J.A.; Delord B.; Masquelier B., 1989:
Reflections on the isolation of hiv in a hospital virology unit

Wallington,T.; Lawrence,G.; Loechel,B., 2008:
Reflections on the legitimacy of regional environmental governance lessons from Australias experiment in natural resource management

Braniek, Gunter, 1995:
Reflections on the life of August von Klipstein and his complete bibliography on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death in 1894

Yoffey, Joseph M., 1994:
Reflections on the lymphomyeloid complex

Bazelly, B.; Lotz, J.P.; Milleron, B., 1994:
Reflections on the maintenance of completely implantable perfusion sites

Holgate, S.T., 1989:
Reflections on the mechanism(s) of action of sodium cromoglycate (Intal) and the role of mast cells in asthma

Ratel L., 1991:
Reflections on the melanistic variations of chrysocarabus auronitens auronitens fabricius in northern france after the capture of the fi marginatus sirguey

Fonde, E.C., 1990:
Reflections on the nature of lung cancer

Moghissi, K.S., 1990:
Reflections on the new guidelines for the use of semen donor insemination

Barba, S.; Binelli, M.; Botarelli, P.; Falchi Delitala, N., 1992:
Reflections on the organizational and educational problems of a liaison psychiatric service applied to AIDS and correlated syndromes

Chiacchiararelli F.; Ravanetti Z.; Cairella M., 1990:
Reflections on the outpatient management of obese patients

Opitz, J.M.; Gilbert-Barness, E.F., 1990:
Reflections on the pathogenesis of Down syndrome

Meyer, Pierre, 1993:
Reflections on the phylogenesis of Chrysotribax

Ocete, R.; Del Tio, R.; Lopez, M.A., 1996:
Reflections on the presence of Byctiscus betulae and Exosoma lusitanica L in vineyards of La Rioja Alta

Viggiani,G., 2008:
Reflections on the present status of biological control of arthropod pests

McGirr, E.M., 1994:
Reflections on the principle of life, medical theory and ethics, and the limitations of science

Rasmussen, K., 1990:
Reflections on the professional and organizational development of internal medicine

Sabin, A.B., 1993:
Reflections on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of neurovirulence of different polioviruses

Dantzler, W.H., 1990:
Reflections on the recent past and a look to the future

Simelane, T.S.; Kerley, G.I.H.; Knight, M.H., 2000:
Reflections on the relationships between communities and conservation areas of South Africa the case of five South African national parks

Weissbach H., 1989:
Reflections on the roche institute of molecular biology after 20 years

Springmann, R.R., 1989:
Reflections on the role of the supervisor

Damasio A.R.; Van Hoesen G.W.; Hyman B.T., 1990:
Reflections on the selectivity of neuropathological changes in alzheimers disease

Cohen, M.E., 1997:
Reflections on the state of child neurology

Steele, E.J., 2008:
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Reform practice of the course of storage processing of fruits and vegetables by bilingual and multimedia teaching

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Reformation in science teacher education

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Reformation of medical education, at Osaka University Medical School-especially, an undergraduate research program

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Reformation of pool-riffle sequences and induced bed armouring in a sand-bed stream following river rehabilitation

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Reformation of the anterior chamber after glaucoma filtering surgery an analysis of risk factors and outcomes

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Reformation of the endothelial junction in Xenopus cardiac endothelial cells in influenced by protein kinase C activity

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Reformation of the fibrinogen binding site on platelets isolated from a patient with Strasbourg 1 variant of Glanzmanns thrombasthenia

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Reformation of the hemidesmosome hd in an in vitro model of wound healing

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Reformatsky reaction carboxymethylenation of cyclic anhydrides and reactions of products thereof

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Reforming Indian agriculture towards employment generation and poverty reduction essays in honour of GK Chadha

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Reforming and integrating pharmacy organization and economic teaching in the system of continuous pharmaceutical education

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Reforming forestry

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Reforming insurance law to provide equitable coverage for persons with neurobiological disorders

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Reforming the health-care and choosing the kind of society you want to live in Will a new American model be adopted?

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Reforming the hospital service structure to improve efficiency urban hospital specialization

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Reforming the market for value in health care: the Cleveland experience

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Reforming the pyramid. A plan for treating rheumatoid arthritis in the 1990s

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Reforming the regulatory process for biotechnology drugs

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Reforming the third year medicine clerkship Is there consensus?

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