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Reproductive cycle of the goldeye rockfish Sebastes thompsoni

Lee, J.S.; An, C.M.; Huh, S.H.

Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society 31(1): 8-16


Accession: 033196890

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Sexual maturation and reproductive cycle of the goldeye rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni were investigated under photomicroscopy. Samples were collected monthly in the coastal water of Samcheonpo (34degree55'N), Korea from November 1995 to October 1996. The ovary consists of several ovarian lamellae originated from ovarian outer membrane. Oogonia which are originated from the inner surface of the ovarian lamella protrude to the ovarian cavity in oocyte stage, and they are suspended by the egg stalk. The testis is seminiferous tubule type in internal structure. Seminiferous tubule consists of many testicular cysts which contain numerous germ cells in same developmental stage. Biological minimum size of female and male were 19.5 cm and 21.5 cm in total length, respectively. Gonadosomatic index (GSI) of female was the highest (9.56) in March and the lowest (0.15) in August. GSI of male was the highest (0.25) in February and the lowest (0.04) in July. Reproductive cycle was classified into the following successive stages: in female, growing (October and November), maturation (December-February), gestation (March), parturition and recovery (April-June) and resting (July-September), and in male, growing (September-November), maturation (December and January), ripe and copulation (February and March) and degeneration and resting (April-August).

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