Resistance of potato late blight de Bary in Solanum nigrum, Solanum villosum and their sexual hybrids with Solanum tuberosum and Solanum demissum

Colon, L.T.; Eijlander, R.; Budding, D.J.; Van Ijzendoorn, M.T.; Pieters, M.M.J.; Hoogendoorn, J.

Euphytica 66(1-2): 55-64, 1992


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2336
Accession: 033204974

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Solanum nigrum and S. villosum, and their sexual hybrids with S. tuberosum and S. demissum respectively, were inoculated with a complex race of Phytophthora infestans. No visible reaction was seen on S. villosum and one genotype of S. nigrum. Another genotype of S. nigrum and the hybrids showed a hypersensitive response on most inoculated leaves. In one experiment, some sporulation was observed on detached leaves of a hybrid derived from S. nigrum. Microscopical examination of infections in S. nigrum and in a hybrid from S. nigrum, showed that penetration of epidermal cells and subsequent intercellular growth of the pathogen into the spongy mesophyll occurred, but without the formation of haustoria, and that invaded and neighbouring cells became necrotic. Callose appositions were found in epidermis and mesophyll cells of all inoculated genotypes, and also in epidermal cells of the unrelated nonhost species Brassica campestris.