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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33237

Chapter 33237 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Rosenblom, A., 1994:
Review of studies of growth hormone receptor deficiency

Stanczykowska, Anna, 1997:
Review of studies on Dreissena polymorpha

Nishimura, M., 1992:
Review of studies on artificial food and repellent to control habu, Trimeresurus flavoviridis

Yamada, Shinnosuke, 2008:
Review of studies on structure and cuticle formation of ostracod carapace

Yamada, H.; Do, D.; Morise, A.; Atwood, J.E.; Froelicher, V., 1997:
Review of studies using multivariable analysis of clinical and exercise test data to predict angiographic coronary artery disease

McConnell, E.E.; Swenberg, J.A., 1994:
Review of styrene and styrene oxide long-term animal studies

LiuHongXia, 2008:
Review of sulfur-containing heterocyclic perfumes

Baxter,G.M., 2008:
Review of support limb laminitis in horses

McGuire, B.M.; Sielaff, T.D.; Nyberg, S.L.; Hu, M.Y.; Cerra, F.B.; Bloomer, J.R., 1995:
Review of support systems used in the management of fulminant hepatic failure

Zhao, T.; E.A., 1991:
Review of supracondylar osteotomy of the femur for 2150 cases after long term follow up

Hakim, H.; Iskandarani, S.; Basri, N.; Fallata, A.; Edrees, A.; Siddiki, O.; Nezamuddin, N., 1992:
Review of surgical complications of renal transplantation in the Jeddah Transplant Program

Liu, Y.; Cheng W Z.; Ling Y Z., 1991:
Review of synthetic processes of methotrexate

Louis, P.J.; Fernandes, R., 2001:
Review of systemic lupus erythematosus

D.C.ambrier, A.; Vaucher, C., 1997:
Review of tapeworms described by Woodland in Brachyplatystoma filamentosum with redefinition of the genera Endorchis Woodland, 1934 and Nomimoscolex Woodland, 1934

Rioux, J.E.; Soderstrom, R., 1995:
Review of techniques for tubal sterilization

Desjardins, R.L., 1992:
Review of techniques to measure carbon dioxide flux densities from surface and airborne sensors

X.J.awei; M.G.ufeng, 1992:
Review of ten years 1981-1991 of research on the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone

Egorov, L.V., 1998:
Review of tenebrionid beetles of the genus Somocoelia Kraatz, 1882

Bylund, D.J.; Ziegner, U.H.; Hooper, D.G., 1992:
Review of testing for human immunodeficiency virus

Farnham, Peggy, 1998:
Review of the 1998 Keystone Symposium on Transcriptional Mechanisms

Casterella, P.J.; Tcheng, J.E., 2008:
Review of the 2005 American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, and Society for Cardiovascular Interventions guidelines for adjunctive pharmacologic therapy during percutaneous coronary interventions: practical implications, new clinical data, and recommended guideline revisions

Maruyama, N.; Wada, K.; Kanzaki, N., 1995:
Review of the 38th Symposium of the Mammalogical Society of Japan Mammal ecology without wolves

Roenigk, H.H., 1992:
Review of the 5th International Psoriasis Symposium

Klimaszewski, Jan, 1992:
Review of the Afrotropical species of the genus Autalia Leach with descriptions of four new species

Smith, D.E., 1998:
Review of the American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs report on medical marijuana

Parin, N.V.; Borodulina, O.D., 1997:
Review of the Astronesthes cyaneus species group with description of two new species

Lawrence, J.F., 1994:
Review of the Australian Archeocrypticidae , with descriptions of a new genus and four new species

Li, C.S., 1993:
Review of the Australian Epilachninae

Smith, G.B., 1998:
Review of the Australian Nicoletiinae

Moulds, M.S., 1996:
Review of the Australian genus Gudanga Distant including new species from Western Australia and Queensland

Mcalpine, David, K., 1998:
Review of the Australian stilt flies with a phylogenetic analysis of the family

Adamski, David, 1995:
Review of the Blastobasidae of the Republic of the Seychelles

Adamski, D.; Landry, B., 1997:
Review of the Blastobasinae of the Galapagos Islands

ZhaiHeng; GuoLing; YaoYuXin; ShuHuaiRui, 2008:
Review of the Chinese apple industry

Turkay, M.; Dai, A.Y.n, 1997:
Review of the Chinese freshwater crabs previously placed in the genus Malayopotamon Bott, 1968

Gutierrez Hernandez, Luis Enrique, 1992:
Review of the Colombian species of the genus Panopsis

Solis,; Adamski, D., 1998:
Review of the Costa Rican Glaphyriinae

Fedorenko, D.N., 1997:
Review of the Dyschiriodes of the species group orientalis with a revision of Indo-Malayan species

Romantsov,P.V., 2008:
Review of the Dzhungaro-Tien-Shanian species of the subgenus Taeniosticha Motsch, genus Chrysolina Motsch , with description of two new species

Quirk, J.; Kendall, B.; Kingsley, D.; Boyd, S.; Pitt, M., 1992:
Review of the EEG features and neuroradiology in children with neuronal migration defects

Dahm, E.; Hartmann, J.; Jurvelius, J.; Loeffler, H.; Voelzke, V., 1992:
Review of the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission experiments on stock assessment in lakes

Pintureau, B.; Iglesias Calvin, M.D.l Pilar, 1996:
Review of the European species of Mymar Curtis

Kumazawa, Tadami, 1994:
Review of the Eustachian tube function test in the world

Smith, David, R., 1996:
Review of the Gasteruptiidae of eastern North America

Wharton, R.A., 1993:
Review of the Hormiini with a description of new taxa

Revay, A., 1998:
Review of the Hyphomycetes of Hungary

Huemer, Peter, 1993:
Review of the Incurvaria vetulella species-group in the Alps

Niitsuma, Hiromi, 2008:
Review of the Japanese species of Conchapelopia Insecta Diptera Chironomidae, with keys to the known males and pupae

Peralta, P.; De-Romero, M., E.M.lgura; Denham, S., S.; Botta, S., M., 2008:
Review of the Junellia genus Verbenaceae

Stary, J.; Oosterbroek, P., 1996:
Review of the Limoniidae and Pediciidae of Italy

Horny, Radvan, J., 1994:
Review of the Lower Devonian gastropoda and tergomya in the Barrandian and their assemblage

Moron, Miguel Angel, 1995:
Review of the Mexican species of Golofa Hope

Krivokhatskiy, V.A., 1994:
Review of the Myrmecaelurus zigan group , with description of a new species from Armenia

Peck, S.B.; Gnaspini, P., 1997:
Review of the Myrmecophilous, Ptomaphagus, subgenus Echinocoleus , of North America

Golovatch, Sergei, I., 1992:
Review of the Neotropical fauna of the millipede family Fuhrmannodesmidae, with the description of four new species from near Manaus, Central Amazonia, Brazil

Golovatch, Sergei, I., 1992:
Review of the Neotropical millipede genus Onciurosoma Silvestri, 1932, with the description of three new species from near Manaus, Central Amazonia, Brazil

Golovatch, S.I.; Vohland, K.; Hoffman, R.L.; Adis, J.; Marmol, A.; Bachmann, L.; Tomiuk, J., 1998:
Review of the Neotropical millipede genus Pycnotropis CARL, 1914

Froeschner, Richard, C., 1995:
Review of the New World lace bug genera Acanthocheila Stal and Carvalhotingis new genus

Hershler, Robert, 1996:
Review of the North American aquatic snail genus Probythinella

Bagasra, O.; Hansen, J., 1997:
Review of the PCR technique

Assing, Volker, 1997:
Review of the Palaearctic species of Autalia Leach in Samouelle, 1819

Howden, Anne, T., 1998:
Review of the Pandeleteius biseriatus species-group , with description of a new species

Nadein,K.S., 2008:
Review of the Psylliodes gibbosus species group, with descriptions of two new species

Takeyama Toshio, 1935:
Review of the Ringiculidae of Japan fossil and recent

Brailovsky, H.; Barrera, E., 1997:
Review of the Sciophyrus complex

Yasunaga, Tomohide, 1994:
Review of the Sino-Japanese plant bug genus Parapantilius Reuter , with description of a new species from Taiwan

Ellitsgaard Rasmussen, K., 1973:
Review of the Surveys activities in 1972

Laws, C.R., 1938:
Review of the Tertiary and Recent neozelanic pyramidellid molluscs; no 3; further turbonillid genera

Sinclair, B.J.; Stuckenberg, B.R., 1995:
Review of the Thaumaleidae of South Africa

Schaefer, C.W.; Nguyen, T., 1995 :
Review of the Tropical Asian Genus Pyrrhopeplus

Rudo, K., 1995:
Review of the Wisconsin DHSS report on health concerns attributed to reformulated gasoline use in southeastern Wisconsin

Vences, M.; Mueller Jung, J.; Glaw, F.; Boehme, W., 1996:
Review of the Zonosaurus aeneus species group, with resurrection of Zonosaurus subunicolor

Gerardo, J.; Muchinik, G.; Zapiola, I.; Bouzas, M.B.; Admejian, G.; Multare, G.; Wainstein, C., 1996:
Review of the algorithm used for HIV-1/2 testing in developing countries when using new generation EIA

Veall, G.R.; Peacock, J.E.; Bax, N.D.; Reilly, C.S., 1994:
Review of the anaesthetic management of 21 patients undergoing laparotomy for carcinoid syndrome

Jones, R.N.; Erwin, M.E., 1995:
Review of the antilegionella activity of roxithromycin and the use of the E test to determine potency

Tinanoff, N., 1990:
Review of the antimicrobial action of stannous fluoride

Vollmoeller, W., 1989:
Review of the basic concepts of family therapy

Apter, A.; Keren, M.; Tyano, S., 1995:
Review of the biological aspects of aggression and suicidal behaviors

Nafus, D.M.; Schreiner, I.H., 1991:
Review of the biology and control of the asian corn borer ostrinia furnacalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Hawkeswood, Trevor, J., 1992:
Review of the biology and host plants of the Australian longicorn beetle Scolecobrotus westwoodi Hope

Hawkeswood, Trevor, J., 1992:
Review of the biology and host plants of the Dendrobium beetle, Stethopachys formosa Baly from Australia

Hawkeswood, T.J.; Turner, J.R., 1992:
Review of the biology and host-plants of Ethon fissiceps and other Ethon species

Zug, G.R.; Ineich, I., 1993:
Review of the biology and morphology of the Fijian bola Ogmodon vitianus

Hawkeswood, T.J.; Turner, J.R., 1997:
Review of the biology of the Australian longicorn beetle, Tessaromma undatum Newman

Hawkeswood, T.J.; Dauber, D., 1992:
Review of the biology, distribution and taxonomic history of Gnoma boisduvali Plavilstshikov, a longicorn beetle from the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya

Hawkeswood, Trevor, J., 1992:
Review of the biology, host plants and immature stages of the Australian Cerambycidae Part 1 Parandrinae and Prioninae

E.N.khal, H.A.; E.N.ggar, Z.R., 1994:
Review of the biostratigraphy of the Aruma Group in the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding regions

Sakurai, Yutaka, 2008:
Review of the bioterrorism and simulation

Avetisyan, V.E., 1990:
Review of the brassicaceae system of the flora of the caucasus ussr

Volkovitsh, M.G., 2008:
Review of the buprestid genus Cochinchinula Volk with description of new taxa from Thailand, and notes on the composition and classification of the tribe Acmaeoderini Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Polycestinae

Raabe, G.K., 1993:
Review of the carcinogenic potential of gasoline

Glassman, A.H.; Preud'homme, X.A., 1993:
Review of the cardiovascular effects of heterocyclic antidepressants

Strigle, S.M.; Gal, A.A., 1991:
Review of the central nervous system cytopathology in human immunodeficiency virus infection

Shaw, P.A.; Osborne, R.J.; Nishri, D.; Cherry, N.; Clarke, E.A., 1998:
Review of the cervical screening history of Ontario women with cancer of the cervix

Gaona, X.; Montoya, V.; Colàs, E.; Grivé, M.; Duro, L., 2008:
Review of the complexation of tetravalent actinides by ISA and gluconate under alkaline to hyperalkaline conditions

Celary, Waldemar, 1991:
Review of the cuckoo bees of the genus Sphecodes Latreille in Poland

Shadiev, K.K., 1998:
Review of the current condition in pharmaceutical industry and drug provision in Uzbekistan

RajuVyas, 2008:
Review of the current diversity and richness of amphibians of Gujarat, India

Reed, D.J., 1990:
Review of the current status of calcium and thiols in cellular injury

Nowak,M.; Kosco,J.; Popek,W., 2008:
Review of the current status of systematics of gudgeons in Europe

Spencer,W.A.; Camargo,F.C.; Karpiesiuk,W.; Hughes,C.; Stirling,K.H.; Casey,P.J.; Tobin,T., 2008:
Review of the current status of thresholds/withdrawal time guidelines for therapeutic medications in performance horses

Lea, M.A., 1989:
Review of the debate on whether new jersey causes cancer

Anonymous, 2008:
Review of the declaration of Lantana species in New South Wales

Ward, H., 1990:
Review of the development and current status of techniques for monitoring embryonic and fetal development in the first trimester of pregnancy

Cairns, T.; Siegmund, E.G., 1989:
Review of the development of lc ms methods

Cairns, T.; Siegmund, E.G., 1990:
Review of the development of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Meacham,S.; Grayscott,D.; Chen,J.J.; Bergman,C., 2008:
Review of the dietary reference intake for calcium where do we go from here?

Courtinat Bernard, 2000:
Review of the dinoflagellate cyst Subtilisphaera? inaffecta Drugg, 1978 Bujak Davies, 1983 and S? paeminosa Drugg, 1978 Bujak Davies, 1983

Mischis, C., C.; Herrera, J., A.D., 2000:
Review of the distribution of exotic earthworms Annelida, Oligochaeta in Argentina and confirmed examples of their introduction

Smith, D.R.; Fritz, R.S., 1996:
Review of the eastern United States species of the leaf-folding sawflies of the genus Phyllocolpa Benson

Lamarche,B., 2008:
Review of the effect of dairy products on non-lipid risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Geddes, A.M.; Sarkozy, F.; Orvain, J.; Safran, C., 1993:
Review of the efficacy of cefpirome is septicaemic patients

Snydman, D.R., 1993:
Review of the efficacy of cytomegalovirus immune globulin in the prophylaxis of CMV disease in renal transplant recipients

Calcagnotto, M.E.isa; Costa, D.C.sta, J.; Palmini, A.; Portuguez, M., 1994:
Review of the electrographic features, neuroimaging, neurohistology and surgical outcome in children with neuronal migration disorders

Guerrieri, Emilio, 2000:
Review of the encyrtid Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae parasitoids of Dryinidae Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea, Dryinidae second contribution and description of a new species of Cheiloneurus

Nicholson, R.I.; Walker, K.J.; Walker, R.F.; Read, G.F.; Turkes, A.; Robertson, J.F.R.; Blamey, R.W., 1989:
Review of the endocrine actions of lhrh analogues in premenopausal women with breast cancer

Mo, H.; Zhang, L.; Xu, X., 1992:
Review of the environmental behaviour of insecticide 1- -3- urea

Hoek, Hans Wijbrand, 1993:
Review of the epidemiological studies of eating disorders

Williams, L.P.Jr, 1989:
Review of the epidemiology of chlamydiosis in the usa

Stice, Eric, 1994:
Review of the evidence for a sociocultural model of bulimia nervosa and an exploration of the mechanisms of action

Corson, M.A.; Jones, P.H.; Davidson, M.H., 2008:
Review of the evidence for the clinical utility of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 as a cardiovascular risk marker

Joseph, K.S.; Kramer, M.S., 1996:
Review of the evidence on fetal and early childhood antecedents of adult chronic disease

Acton, R.T.; Go, R.C.P.; Roseman, J.M., 1992:
Review of the evidence that immunogenetic factors are involved in the etiology of atherosclerosis

Pelletier, L.L., 1992:
Review of the experience with cefprozil for the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections

Giliomee,J.H.; Kozar,F., 2008:
Review of the family Asterolecaniidae in South Africa, with the description of a new species

Opanasenko, F.I.; Legalov, A.A., 1996:
Review of the family Attelabidae of West Siberia

Liu, Z.; Nordlander, G., 1994:
Review of the family Ibaliidae with keys to genera and species of the world

Wilson, G.D.F.; Waegele, J.W.lfgang, 1994:
Review of the family Janiridae

Valdes, A.; Ortea, J., 1996 :
Review of the family Phyllidiidae in the Atlantic Ocean

Kivganov, D.A.; Sharafat, G.S.lim, 1995:
Review of the family Syringophilidae with the description of new genera and species

Noreyka, R.V., 1993:
Review of the fauna of leafblotch miners of Turkmenia

Kankina, V.K., 1989:
Review of the fauna of parasitic nematodes on the grape family in the tadzhik ssr ussr

Cairns, S.D.; Grant Mackie, J.A., 1993:
Review of the fossil Stylasteridae from the New Zealand region

Bedlan, Gerhard, 1993:
Review of the fungicides approved for vegetable cultivation in 1993

Lee,; Jach, M.A., 1996:
Review of the genera Eubria Latreille and Microeubria Lee and Yang

Sturhan,D., 2008:
Review of the genera Hoplotylus and Radopholoides

Belokobylskij, S., A.; Maeto, K., 2000:
Review of the genera from the subfamily Doryctinae Hymenoptera; Braconidae new for Japan

Kramers, P.G.N.; Gentile, J.M.; Gryseels, B.J.A.M.; Jordan, P.; Katz, N.; Mott, K.E.; Mulvihill, J.J.; Seed, J.L.; Frohberg, H., 1991:
Review of the genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of antischistosomal drugs is there a case for a study of mutation epidemiology

YuanGaiXia; ZhangLi; WangShuXia, 2008:
Review of the genus Acria Meyrick from China

Heiss, Ernst, 1998:
Review of the genus Aneurus from New Zealand with description of three new species

Beardsley, John, W., 1992:
Review of the genus Aspidogyrus Yoshimoto, with descriptions of three new species

Snimschikova, L.N.; Timm, T., 1992:
Review of the genus Baikalodrilus Holmquist, 1978

Imamura, H.; Knapp, L.W., 1998:
Review of the genus Bembras Cuvier, 1829 with description of three new species collected from Australia and Indonesia

Klimov, P.B., 1998:
Review of the genus Boletoglyphus

Konstantinov, Fedor, V., 2008:
Review of the genus Camptotylus Fieber, 1860 Heteroptera Miridae with description of two new species

Quentin, R.M.chel; Simonetta, J., 1994:
Review of the genus Cantharocnemis Serville 2 The subgenus Cantharoctenus Westwood

Wieczorek,K., 2008:
Review of the genus Chaetosiphella Hille Ris Lambers, 1939

Macdonald, John, F., 1993:
Review of the genus Chelipoda Macquart of America north of Mexico

Ismailova, M.S., 1994:
Review of the genus Chlorophanus germ from the caucasus, with remarks on the systematics of the tribe Tanymecini

Munoz Schick, Melica, 1996:
Review of the genus Cristaria in Chile

Valdes, A.; Ortea, J.; Avila, C.; Ballesteros, M., 1996:
Review of the genus Dendrodoris Ehrenberg, 1831 in the Atlantic Ocean

Mondaca, Jose, 2006:
Review of the genus Dihymenonyx Gutierrez Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae Sericini with a description of two new species in Chile

Parra, S.; Rodriguez, C.V.; Lopez Jamar, E.; O'connor, B.D.S.; Vietez, J.M., 1997:
Review of the genus Glycera Savigny, 1818 on the Iberian Peninsula Taxonomic key and new data on Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887

Gosliner, T.M.; Johnson, S., 1994:
Review of the genus Hallaxa with descriptions of nine new species

Macdonald, John, F., 1998:
Review of the genus Hemerodromia Meigen of America North of Mexico

Alberdi, M.T.; Prado, J.L., 1993:
Review of the genus Hippidion Owen, 1869 from the Pleistocene of South America

Brown, B.V.; Buck, M., 1998:
Review of the genus Hypocera Lioy

Triplehorn, C.A.; Merkl, O., 1997:
Review of the genus Loxostethus Triplehorn, with descriptions of three new species

Neto, L.; Pintureau, B., 1997:
Review of the genus Mirufens Girault

Wouters, K., 1995:
Review of the genus Mungava Harding

Arzanov, Y.G.; Davidian, G.E., 1996:
Review of the genus Nastus Schoenherr of the fauna of Crimea, European Russia and the Caucasus

Macdonald, J.F.; Turner, W.J., 1993:
Review of the genus Neoplasta Coquillett of America north of Mexico

Beardsley, John, W., 1992:
Review of the genus Nesodiranchis Perkins, with descriptions of three new species

Gorbunov, O.G.; Arita, Y., 1997:
Review of the genus Paradoxecia Hampson, 1919

Mantilleri, Antoine, 2008:
Review of the genus Parapisthius Kleine, 1935 Coleoptera, Brentidae

Wang, S.X.; Li, H.H., 2000:
Review of the genus Periacma Meyrick Lepidoptera, Oecophoridae from China, with descriptions of four new species

Clark, Roger, N., 1994:
Review of the genus Placiphorella Dall, 1879, ex Carpenter MS with descriptions of two new species

Platia, G.; Schimmel, R., 1996:
Review of the genus Priopus Castelnau from the Philippine Islands

Makarchenko,E.A.; Makarchenko,M.A., 2008:
Review of the genus Pseudosmittia Edwards from the Russian Far East

Byun, B.K.u; Park, K.T.k, 1994:
Review of the genus Rhyacionia Hubner in Korea

Schwartz, Michael, D., 1994:
Review of the genus Salignus Kelton and a character discussion of related genera

Opresko, Dennis, M., 1997:
Review of the genus Schizopathes with a description of a new species from the Indian Ocean

Licher, F.; Westheide, W., 1997:
Review of the genus Sigambra , redescription of S bassi , and descriptions of two new species from Thailand and China

Chemsak, J.A.; Noguera, F.A., 1998:
Review of the genus Sphaenothecus Dupont

Huber, J.T.; Fidalgo, P., 1997:
Review of the genus Stephanodes

Malaisse, F.; Bamps, P., 1994:
Review of the genus Stylochaeton in Shaba

Foster, G., A.; Mathis, W., N., 2008:
Review of the genus Tethina Haliday Diptera Canacidae Tethininae from western North America

Chemsak, J.A.; Mccarty, J.D., 1997:
Review of the genus Thryallis Thomson

Dijkstra, K.-Douwe, B.; Suhling, F.; Mueller, O., 2000:
Review of the genus Zygonoides, with description of the larvae and notes on zygonychine Libellulidae Odonata

Dauvin, J.C.; Bellan Santini, D., 1991:
Review of the genus haploops amphipoda ampeliscidae

Page, R.C., 1989:
Review of the guidelines for acceptance of chemotherapeutic products for the control of supragingival dental plaque and gingivitis

Klusman, R.W., 1991:
Review of the history of applications of soil gas analysis

Pereira Tercero, R., 1994:
Review of the history of family therapy

Hermans, G.P.H., 1990:
Review of the history of sports medicine and sports health care in the netherlands

Marks, Clive, A., 1998:
Review of the humaneness of destruction techniques used on the Common Wombat Vombatus ursinus in Victoria

Pakaluk, James, 1993:
Review of the immature stages of Baridinae I Nertinini

Thornsberry, C., 1992:
Review of the in vitro antibacterial activity of cefprozil, a new oral cephalosporin

Muir,W.M.; Wong,G.K.; Zhang,Y.; Wang,J.; Groenen,M.A.M.; Crooijmans,R.P.M.A.; Megens,H.J.; Zhang,H.M.; McKay,J.C.; McLeod,S.; Okimoto,R.; Fulton,J.E.; Settar,P.; O'Sullivan,N.P.; Vereijken,A.; Jungerius-Rattink,A.; Albers,G.A.A.; Lawley,C.T.; Delany,M.E.; Cheng,H.H., 2008:
Review of the initial validation and characterization of a 3K chicken SNP array

Gendron, L.; Fradette, P., 1995:
Review of the interactions between the rock crab and the American lobster in the context of crab fishing development in Quebec

Harbach, Ralph, E., 1994:
Review of the internal classification of the genus Anopheles The foundation for comparative systematics and phylogenetic research

Golemansky, V., 1995:
Review of the interstitial thecamoebians of the Greek Aegean Coast

Lesage, V.; Kingsley, M.C.S., 1995:
Review of the knowledge on the beluga population in the Saint Lawrence River

Agusti, J.; Moya Sola, S.; Martin Suarez, L., 1989:
Review of the late miocene early pliocene mammalian faunas for eastern spain

Tryapitsyn, V.A.; Kurashev, V.N., 1989:
Review of the latest investigations of parasitic hymenoptera of the tetracampidae family and the description of platynocheilus gracilis boucek from the turkmenia ussr

Webb, M.D.; Godoy, C., 1993:
Review of the leafhopper tribe Scaphytopiini with a key to genera

Giubilei, L.; Cavalieri, R., 1989:
Review of the literature and role of sexually transmitted diseases as cofactors in the transmission of aids

Van Hoef, M.E.H.M., 1994:
Review of the literature on PBPC mobilization Recommendations for efficient PBPC collection

Hage, J.J.; Bloem, J.J.; Suliman, H.M., 1993:
Review of the literature on techniques for phalloplasty with emphasis on the applicability in female-to-male transsexuals

Mansfield, K.; Peel, E.T.; Afolabi, O.A., 1998 :
Review of the long term oxygen therapy service within North Tyneside

Hadjo, A.; Baudet, E.; Roques, X.; Laborde, N.; Srour, S.; Jimenez, M.; Choussat, A., 1994:
Review of the long-term course of 52 patients with pulmonary atresia and ventricular septal defect Anatomic and surgical considerations

Gazenko, O.G.; Grigor'ev A.I.; Bugrov, S.A.; Egorov, A.D.; Bogomolov, V.V.; Kozlovskaya, I.B.; Tarasov, I.K., 1990:
Review of the main results of medical studies conducted on the orbiting space station mir during its second major expedition

Staessen, J.; Fagard, R.; Lijnen, P.; Van Hoof, R.; Amery, A., 1991:
Review of the major hypertension trials in the elderly

Stanifer, E.; Wertheimer, S., 1992:
Review of the management of open fractures

Lim, Y.Jia.; Lam, K.Sien.; Lee, E.Hin., 2008:
Review of the management outcome of slipped capital femoral epiphysis and the role of prophylactic contra-lateral pinning re-examined

Flynn, D.F.; Hussey, D.H., 1992:
Review of the manpower issue in radiation oncology

Chen,; Chen, I Shiung; Shao,, 1998:
Review of the marine gobiid genus, Amblyeleotris with seven new records from Taiwan

Sumner, S.J.; Fennell, T.R., 1994:
Review of the metabolic fate of styrene

Cybul,M.; Nowak,R., 2008:
Review of the methods applied to measuring of antioxidant activity of plant extracts

Southgate, D.R., 1992:
Review of the meziadin river fishway and upper nass biological programs 1991

Southgate, D.R., 1989:
Review of the meziadin river oregon usa fishway and upper nass biological programs 1989

Dombroski, E.C.; Gaudet, I.D.; Qureshi, A.A., 1991:
Review of the microtox methodology for toxicity assessment of solid matrices

Golovatch, S., I.; Geoffroy, J.-Jacques; Mauries, J.-Paul, 2000:
Review of the millipede genus Hyleoglomeris Verhoeff, 1910 Diplopoda, Glomerida, Glomeridae, with descriptions of new species from caves in Southeast Asia

Hall, D.W., 1989:
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Review on the major ecosystem impacts caused by damming and watershed development in an Iberian basin SW-Europe focus on the Guadiana estuary

Morais,P., 2008:
Review on the major ecosystem impacts caused by damming and watershed development in an Iberian basin focus on the Guadiana estuary

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