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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33258

Chapter 33258 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1992:
Rogletimide Pyridoglutethimide PG Antineoplastic Aromatase inhibitor

Fox, K.; Glick, J.; Schulz, J.; Vogel, C.; Byrne, P.; Ahlgren, J.; Demers, L.; Conner, G.; Reynolds, R.; Mitchell, E.; Capizzi, R.; Jones, B.; Watts, P.; Schein, P.; Group, T.R.gletimide Breast Cancer Study, 1994:
Rogletimide may increase the clearance of estrone sulfate in postmenopausal females when administered as therapy for advanced metastatic breast cancer

Eccles, C.U.; Rogowski, R.S.; Alger, B.E.; Blaustein, M.P., 1993:
Rogotoxin from Brazilian scorpion venom blocks voltage-gated non-inactivating potassium channels in cultured central neurons

Neel, James, V., 1993:
Rogue lymphocytes passing curiosity or basic process?

Mewett,P.; Toffoletti,K., 2008:
Rogue men and predatory women female fans perceptions of Australian footballers sexual conduct

Rickert, V.I.; Wiemann, C.M.; Berenson, A.B., 1998:
Rohypnol More than a date rape drug

Shrout, M.; Hildebolt, C.; Vannier, M., 1992:
Roi size effects on radiometric gray scale distributions of alveolar bone

Cariati, A.; Cetta, F.; Romano, P.; Cucchiara, A.; Conti, F.; Zaccheo, D., 1996:
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses of the gallbladder can be the initial site of formation of some type of black pigment gallstones A study by scanning electron microscopy

Altamura, M.M.; Capitani, F.; Tomassi, M.; Capone, I.; Costantino, P., 1994:
Rol B gene from Agrobacterium rhizogenes Conn affects de novo flower formation from tobacco thin cell layers

Shcherbakov Dmitry Ivanovich, 1961:
Rol F Yu Levinson-Lessinga v razvitii ucheniya o rudnykh mestorozhdeniyakh

Trifonov, V.G.; Florenskiy, P.V.; Shlezinger, A.Y., 1965:
Rol gorizontalnykh dvizheniy v formirovanii verkhnetriasovoy struktury Mangyshlakskogo Karatau

Novoselov, A.M., 1939:
Rol proterobazovoy magmy v metamorfizme zolotorudnykh mestorozhdeniy Saraly

Gojniczek, K.; Jurzak, M.; Garncarczyk, A., 2008:
Rola czynnika wzrostu tkanki lacznej w procesach fibroproliferacjnych i rozwoju chorob prowadzacych do wlonienia tkanek

Truszczynski, M.; Samorek-Salamonowicz, E., 2008:
Rola dzikich ptakow wedrownych w rozprzestrzenianiu wirusow grypy ptakow

Kaczmarek, M., M.; Blitek, A.; Kowalczyk, A., E.; Kiewisz, J.; Waclawik, A.; Ziecik, A., J., 2008:
Rola integryn, czasteczek macierzy zewnatrzkomorkowej i czynnikow wzrostu w poczatkowym okresie implantacji u swini

Bogacka, I.; Ligocka, A., 2008:
Rola receptorow aktywowanych przez proliferatory peroksysomow gamma PPAR gamma w procesie adipogenezy oraz rozwoju otylosci i cukrzycy typu 2

Ngeow, J.; Richman, D.; Schwartzberg, P.; Williams Russo, P., 1993:
Roland disability questionnaire is a sensitive outcome instrument following epidural steroid injections

Pfister, Donald, H., 1993:
Roland thaxter and the myxobacteria

Harvey, A.S.mon; Jayakar, P.; Resnick, T.R.; Duchowny, M.S.; Bailey, C.A.; Shield, L.K., 1994:
Rolandic Drop Attacks Partial-onset atonic seizures of axial musculature

Okada, S.; Urakami, Y.; Kato, T.; Tsuji, M.; Inoue, R., 1991:
Rolandic mu rhythm clinical significance in epilepsy and other disorders

Poveda Alvarez, L.J.; Kappelle, M., 1992:
Roldana scandens A new species of scandent shrub for Costa Rica

Huang, J.; Makker, S.P., 1993:
Role 39-45 kD receptor associated protein in active Heymann nephritis

Bell, P.A.; Mcquiddy, P.; Kasper, C.B., 1993:
Role AP-1 in basal transcription and glucocorticoid mediated repression of the rat microsomal epoxide hydrolase gene

Thorens, Bernard, 1997:
Role GLUT2 in glucose fluxes and beta cell glucose sensing revealed by gene knockout

Chervu, I.; Shayman, J.A.; Scott, S.A.; Wilson, P.V.; Levi, M., 1994:
Role II of glycosphingolipids in the renal hypertrophy of the potassium depleted rat

Forman, D.T.; Adachi, Y.; Bradford, B.; Thurman, R.G., 1994:
Role Kupffer cells in alcohol-induced liver injury in rats

Barth, T.M.; Marks, B.B., 1995:
Role Of The Homotopic Cortex In Recovery Of Forelimb Placing Following Unilateral Lesions Of The Anteromedial Cortex In The Adult Rat

Grate, D.; Wilson, C., 1997:
Role REVersal: understanding how RRE RNA binds its peptide ligand

Vrbova, G.; Lowrie, M., 1989:
Role activity in developing synapses search for molecular mechanisms

Mitra, J.; Dev, N.B.; Trivedi, R.; Cherniack, N.S., 1992:
Role adenosine in central hypoxia produced by vertebral artery injection of sodium cyanide and hypoxic saline in cats

Passendorfer Edward, 1974:
Role and activities of Wydawnictwa Geologiczne Geological Publishing House during the last 20 years

Khalife, K.; Billette, J.; Medkour, D.; Martel, K.; Tremblay, M.; Wang, J.; Lin, L.J.n, 1998:
Role and anatomic origin of slow and fast pathway conduction in the rabbit atrioventricular node

Buffle, J.; Filella, M.; Leppard, G.G., 1994:
Role and behaviour of submicron colloids in fresh waters Importance of organic-inorganic interactions

Uritskaya, E.G., 1994:
Role and characteristics of the mechanism of reflex circulation control from the skeletal muscle receptive field in exercise

Busse, W.W., 1993:
Role and contribution of viral respiratory infections to asthma

Camelo, S.; Lafon, M., 1998:
Role and control of 1L-6 in acute rabies encephalitis

Squires, K.E.; Murray, H.W., 1989:
Role and effect of interleukin 2 in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

Tumang, M.T.; Moldawer, L.; Keogh, C.; Palladino, M.; Murray, H.W., 1992:
Role and effect of tumor necrosis factor tnf alpha in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

Van Der Berg, C.W.; Rix, C.; Hanna, M.; Perez, D.L.L.stra, J.; Morgan, B.P.ul, 1998:
Role and expression of endogenous CD59 and MCP and pig aortic endothelial cells

Bosch, R.; Rodriguez Quinones, F.; Imperial, J., 1993:
Role and expression of the nifBfdxNnifGQ region of Azotobacter vinelandii

Grossman, Jerome, 1992:
Role and function of health educational approaches Toward an enhanced partnership with the sciences of human behavior

Riesmeier, J.W.; Leggewie, G.; Hirner, B.; Willmitzer, L.; Frommer, W.B., 1994:
Role and function of sucrose transporters from higher plants

Seo, B., 1996:
Role and functional significance of endothelin ET-B receptors in vascular smooth muscle

Paulin,R.R.; O'Malley,P., 2008:
Role and importance of compost use in vegetable and other horticultural crops to sustainability

Mutevelic Arslanagic, N.; Bokonjic, M., 1990:
Role and importance of langerhans cells by some infectious diseases

Boulois,; Joner,E.J.; Leyval,C.; Jakobsen,I.; Chen,B.D.; Roos,P.; Thiry,Y.; Rufyikiri,G.; Delvaux,B.; Declerck,S., 2008:
Role and influence of mycorrhizal fungi on radiocesium accumulation by plants and MYRRH

Afanasiev, S.S.; Denisov, L.A.; Mikhailov, V.V.; Schcherbakov, G.Y.; Denisov, A.L.; Afanasiev, D.S., 1995:
Role and interaction of immunity and allergy in post-vaccinal immunity to typhoid fever

Raymond, H.L., 1991:
Role and limitations of the natural enemies of tabanids The case of sand wasps in French Guyana

Leysen, J.E.; Schotte, A., 1992:
Role and localization of serotonin-5HT2 receptors

Okada, Nobuhiko, 1996:
Role and manifestation control of the M protein, virulence factor, of Streptococcus pyogenes

Cullen, Bryan, R., 1994:
Role and mechanism of action of the early gene products of HIV-1

Dong, X.W.; Feldman, J.L., 1996:
Role and mechanism of endogenously activated mGluR1 in modulating synaptic transmission to phrenic motoneurons

Magnani, M.; Rossi, L.; Bianchi, M.; Serafini, G.; Stocchi, V., 1991:
Role and mechanism of hexokinase decay during reticulocyte maturation and cell aging

Tajima, Y.; Moore, M.; Ono, M.; Vosseller, K.; Huang, E.; Soares, V.; Besmer, P., 1998:
Role and mechanism of juxtacrine signalling mediated by the KL/kit ligand/receptor pair in hematopoiesis

Sato, E.F.; Toyama, M.; Yamamasu, S.; Morishita, S.; Utsumi, K.; Inoue, M., 1994:
Role and mechanism of priming in human oral neutrophils

Noveral, J.P.; Anbar, R.A.; Grunstein, M.M., 1991:
Role and mechanisms of action of endothelin 1 et 1 in regulating rabbit airway smooth muscle proliferation

Bailie, M.B.; Standiford, T.J.; Laichalk, L.L.; Coffey, M.J.; Strieter, R.; Marshall, T.; Peters Golden, M., 1997:
Role and mechanisms of action of leukotrienes in host defense against Klebsiella pneumonia

Noveral, J.P.; Grunstein, M.M., 1992:
Role and mechanisms of action of thromboxane in regulating airway smooth muscle cell proliferation

Delaunay, M.M.; Maire, J.P., 1991:
Role and modalities of radiotherapy in the treatment of malignant melanoma

Takai, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Orita, S.; Sakaguchi, G.; Takahashi, T.; Manabe, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Mochida, S., 1998:
Role and mode of action of Doc2 in neurotransmitter release and induction of postsynaptic long-term potentiation

Daser, A.; Meissner, N.; Herz, U.; Renz, H., 1995:
Role and modulation of T-cell cytokines in allergy

Nishida, N.; Fukuda, Y.; Nakao, K.; Ishizaki, K., 1994:
Role and mutational heterogeneity of the P53 gene in hepatocellular carcinoma

Scanlan, R.A., 1989:
Role and needs of chemists in food and environmental toxicology

Doyle, W.A.; Chovnick, A.; Whittle, J.R.bert S.; Bray, R.C., 1996:
Role and oxidation state of the pterin molybdenum cofactor of molybdenum enzymes Studies of a Drosophila melanogaster xanthine dehydrogenase variant, G1011E

Barkagan, L.Z.; Koroleva, I.V.; Chuprova, A.V.; Braim, D.G.; Solov'ev O.N., 1991:
Role and physiological significance of thrombinemia in healthy newborns

Petrova, A.S.; Agamova, K.A.; Ermolaeva, A.G., 1996:
Role and place of cytologic diagnosis in clinical practice

Buscail, L.; Pages, P.; Fourtanier, G.; Frexinos, J.; Escourrou, J., 1998:
Role and place of endoscopic ultrasonography in the management of pancreatic and ampullary carcinoma

Lapchyns'ka, I.I., 1998:
Role and place of the platelet activation factor in the pathogenesis of immune glomerulopathy

Cooper, W.A.; Kohonen-Corish, M.R.J.; Zhuang, L.; McCaughan, B.; Kennedy, C.; Screaton, G.; Sutherland, R.L.; Lee, C-Soon., 2008:
Role and prognostic significance of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand death receptor DR5 in nonsmall-cell lung cancer and precursor lesions

Matsui, K.; Nakanishi, K.; Tsutsui, H.; Hirose, S.; Shinka, S.; Higashino, K., 1995:
Role and regulation of FAS ligand in endotoxin-induced liver cell injury

Tedder, T.F.; Kansas, G.S.; Schleiffenbaum, B., 1993:
Role and regulation of L-selectin in leukocyte attachment to endothelium

Vernon, R.G.; Doris, R.; Kilgour, E.; Thompson, G.E.; Houslay, M.D., 1994:
Role and regulation of adenosine action in control of lipolysis

Uematsu, K.; Fukui, Y., 2008:
Role and regulation of cAMP in seed germination of Phacelia tanacetifolia

Buljubasic, N.; Marijic, J.; Supan, D.; Kampine, J.P.; Bosnjak, Z.J., 1992:
Role and regulation of calcium sensitive potassium current in canine coronary smooth muscle

MacKenzie, E.L.; Ray, P.D.; Tsuji, Y., 2008:
Role and regulation of ferritin H in rotenone-mediated mitochondrial oxidative stress

Strowitzki, T.; Rettig, I.; Runkel, C.; Von Eye Corleta, H.; Haering, H.U., 1994:
Role and regulation of growth factors in secretory endometrium In vitro studies and review

Pilcher, B.; Parks, B.; Welgus, H., 1998:
Role and regulation of keratinocyte collagenase-1 during epidermal wound repair

Morishita, R.; Higaki, J.; Nakamura, Y.; Kida, I.; Hayashi, S.I.hiro; Aoki, M.; Moriguchi, A.; Matsumoto, K.; Nakamura, T.; Ogihara, T., 1996:
Role and regulation of local vascular hepatocyte growth factor system; augmentation of vascular HGF by TGF-beta and angiotensin II

Murphy, G.; Hembry, R.M.; Hughes, C.E.; Fosang, A.J.; Hardingham, T.E., 1990:
Role and regulation of metalloproteinases in connective tissue turnover

Wakelam, Michael, J.O., 1996:
Role and regulation of phospholipase D

Wakelam, M.J.; Martin, A.; Hodgkin, M.N.; Brown, F.; Pettitt, T.R.; Cross, M.J.; D.T.kats, P.G.; Reynolds, J.L., 1997:
Role and regulation of phospholipase D activity in normal and cancer cells

Cafaro, A.; Robert Guroff, M.; Wigzell, H., 1994:
Role and relevance of CD4, FCRII and HIV-specific antibodies in the infection of monocytic cell clones

Garbuz, D.S.; Penner, M.J., 1998:
Role and results of segmental allografts for acetabular segmental bone deficiency

Tanzer, M., 1998:
Role and results of the high hip center

Shiota, G.; Okubo, M.; Kawasaki, H., 1998:
Role and significance of thrombopoietin in chronic liver diseases with thrombocytopenia

Dierschke, D.J.; Chaffin, C.L.; Hutz, R.J., 1994:
Role and site of estrogen action in follicular atresia

Uhl, W.; Buechler, M.; Malfertheiner, P.; Samtner, M.; Nevalainen, T.J.; Beger, H.G., 1989:
Role and source of circulating phospholipase a2 in patients with acute pancreatitis peritonitis and multiple injuries

Vallee, L.; Cuvellier, J.C.; Nuyts, J.P., 1996:
Role and strategy of the pediatrician confronted with school difficulties

Redwood, S.M.; Weiss, R.E.; Liu, B.C S., 1990:
Role and subcellular localization of proteinase cathepsin b in invasive and non invasive human bladder tumors a potential model for tumor invasion

Chaikovskii, G.N.; Emel'yanov, D.E., 1995:
Role and tasks of the regional cancer centre in the improvement of oncological service

Fedyainova, I.E., 1992:
Role and therapeutic use of interferons in leishmaniasis Review of the literature

Oda, H.; Utsumi, C.; Nishida, Y.; Yorioka, N.; Yamakido, M., 1994:
Role apolipoprotein E polymorphism in patients with kidney diseases

Achard, J.M.; Ghazali, A.; Bataille, P.; Westeel, P.F.; Ben Hamida, F.; Fuentes, V.; Guillozo, H.; Garabedian, M.; Fournier, A., 1993:
Role assessment of 24,25 -2 vitamin D in the pathophysiology of idiopathic hypercalciuria

Philippeau, J. , M.; Hameol, O.; Pecot, J.; Robert, R., 2008:
Role biomecanique des ligaments sacroepineux et sacrotuberal sur la stabitite de larticulation sacro-iliaque Anatomie et etude experimentate originale

Davidson, K.W., 1990:
Role blurring and the hospital social worker's search for a clear domain

Gutierrez, D.Pineda, V., 1989:
Role changes in the midlife woman 45 60 years of age in colombia

Recchini, D.Lattes, Z., 1989:
Role changes in women at midlife in argentina

Muroyama, Y., 1991:
Role choice in the sequence of grooming interaction of japanese monkeys

Monier Jean Claude, 1953:
Role de la durete des supports dans lepitaxie

Deicha Georges, A., 1957:
Role de lanalyse mecanique dans les recherches des tectoniciens russes

Rochefort Michel; Tricart, J., 1959:
Role de lecoulement subsuperficiel dans lalimentation de certains cours deau

Renault Philippe, 1960:
Role de lerosion et de la corrosion dans le creusement dun reseau karstique

Ndoutoume-Ndong, A.; Rojas-Rousse, D., 2008:
Role de lintensite lumineuse sur les capacites parasitaires dEupelmus orientalis Crawford et dEupelmus vuilleti Crawford, parasitoides des Bruchidae ravageurs de graines de niebe Vigna unguiculata Walp

Roger Jean, 1957:
Role des Francais dans letude paleontologique de lInde

Burollet, P.F.; Byramjee, R.S.; Passega, R., 1964:
Role des etudes sedimentologiques dans la conduite de lexploration

Ayadi, A.; El-Hili, A.; Galle, P.; Tekaya, L., 2008:
Role des lysosomes des cellules duodenales et hepatiques dans le phenomene daccumulation du gadolinium

Destombes Jacques; Jeannette, A.; Raynal, R., 1957:
Role des processus periglaciaires dans la formation des dayas de la region de Boulhaut meseta cotiere marocaine

Zamastil, D.; Brown, D.; Kleiner, D.; Shane, J.; Kirkendall, D., 1994:
Role dietary carbohydrate intake on the ergogenic effects of glucose polymer ingestion

Drago, F.; Pulvirenti, L.; Spadaro, F., 1990:
Role dopamine neurotransmission in the effect of neuropeptides in experimental models of depression

Cayeux Lucien, 1941:
Role du carbonate de chaux et des phenomenes depigenie dans la genese des mineraux non detritiques des roches sedimentaires

Struillou Roger, 1965:
Role du fer dans lalteration rapide des feldspaths, en climat tempere

Horie, Y.; Kato, S.; Ishii, H.; Hamamatsu, H.; Moriya, S.; Suzuki, H.; Suematsu, M.; Tsuchiya, M., 1993:
Role endothelin in endotoxin-induced hepatic microcirculatory disturbance in rats fed ethanol chronically

Ferraz, J.G.P.; Stella, H.J.; Faro, F.; Faro, R.; Antunes, E.; Opgenorth, T.J.; Withrington, P.G.; D.N.cci, G., 1997 :
Role endothelin receptor activation in portal vasoconstriction induced by ET-1 and IRL 1620

Johnson, Freddie, A., 1996:
Role extension in IPM The Tri-State Project

Safronova, V.G.; Gabdulhakova, A.G.; Alovskaya, A.A.; Dedkova, E.N.; Zinchenko, V.P.; Chemeris, N.K., 1998:
Role extracellular calcium in priming of neutrophil respiratory burst by calcium ionophore

Burgess, G.S.; Williamson, E.A.; Litz Jackson, S.; King, A.; Stanley, K.; Marshall, M.S.; Vik, T.A.; Boswell, H.S., 1998:
Role for AKT in hematopoietic transformation and cell cycle progression by P210 BCR-ABL

Forsyth, C.B.; Mathews, H.L., 1994:
Role for CD11b/CD18 in the adherence of large granular lymphocytes to the hyphal form of Candida albicans

Pape, G.R.; Jung, M.C., 1997:
Role for CD4 positive T cell response in the pathogenesis of hepatitis B

Siebelt, F.; Hornung, M.; Lindemann, D.; Huenig, T.; Berberich, I., 1997:
Role for CD40-mediated activation of c-Rel in mitigating anti-IgM-induced growth arrest

Yakura, H.; Ogimoto, M.; Katagiri, T.; Mashima, K.; Hasegawa, K.; Mizuno, K., 1994:
Role for CD45 in B cell activation and inactivation

Kogut, M.H.; Mcgruder, E.D.; Hargis, B.M.; Corrier, D.E.; Deloach, J.R., 1995:
Role for IL-8 in accumulation of peritoneal heterophils in chicks following the intraperitoneal administration of Salmonella enteritidis-immune lymphokines and Salmonella enteritidis

Szabo, M.C.; Butcher, E.C.; Mcevoy, L.M., 1996:
Role for MAdCAM-1 in germinal centers of mucosal lymphoid tissues

Kaufman, D.S.; Schoon, R.A.; Leibson, P.J., 1992:
Role for MHC class 1 in regulating NK cell-mediated killing of virus-infected cells

Gargano, L.M.; Moser, J.M.; Speck, S.H., 2008:
Role for MyD88 signaling in murine gammaherpesvirus 68 latency

Biron, C.A.; Ishikawa, R., 1993:
Role for NK cells in splenic leukocyte trafficking to marginal zones following IFN induction in vivo

Eischen, C.M.; Leibson, P.J., 1997:
Role for NK-cell-associated Fas ligand in cell-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis

Mathews, H.L., 1993:
Role for NK11 positive lymphocytes in protection against fungal disease

Gilchrist, H.D.; Simone, D.A., 1994:
Role for NMDA receptors in the development of mechanical hyperalgesia produced by capsaicin in rats

Colombo, M.I., 1996:
Role for NSF on vesicular transport: insights from in vitro endosome fusion

Williamson, E.A.; Burgess, G.S.; Rizzo, M.T.; Litz Jackson, S.; Kraft, A.S.; Boswell, H.S., 1996:
Role for PI-3 kinase in c-myc expression by P210 BCR-ABL

Karger, A.B.; Park, S.; Reyes, S.; Bienengraeber, M.; Dyer, R.B.; Terzic, A.; Alekseev, A.E., 2008:
Role for SUR2A ED domain in allosteric coupling within the K(ATP) channel complex

Fava, R.A.; Hunt, J.; Stevenson, S.; Nagy, J.; Shuto, T.; Esposito, P.; Bolander, M., 1996:
Role for VEGF and flk-1 in endochondral bone-formation

Fruehwald, M.C.; O'dorisio, M.S.; Fleitz, J.; Pietsch, T.; Reubi, J.C., 1998:
Role for VIP in the growth regulation of central primitive neuroectodermal tumors

Raeder, R.; Christner, R.; Podbielski, A.; Boyle, M.D.P., 1995:
Role for a fibrinogen-binding M protein supergene family product in the acquisition by group A streptococci of a surface streptokinase-dependent enzymatic activity

Wilke, M.S.; Drake, S.L.; Furcht, L.T.; Mccarthy, J.B., 1991:
Role for a keratinocyte chondroitin dermatan sulfate proteoglycan in mediating cell adhesion to a glycosaminoglycan binding synthetic peptide derived from fibronectin

Harnett, M.M.; Klaus, G.G.B., 1991:
Role for a novel g protein in the regulation of b lymphocyte proliferation

Cochrane,G., 2008:
Role for a sense of self-worth in weight-loss treatments helping patients develop self-efficacy

King, C.A.; Preston, T.M.; Baines, I.C., 1990:
Role for actin in cell motility of sporozoan protozoans

Jang, Y.C.ul; Gibran, N.S.; Isik, F., 1998:
Role for alphav integrins and angiogenesis in wound repair

Edwardson, J.A.; Oakley, A.E.; Taylor, G.A.; McArthur, F.K.; Ward, M.K.; Bishop, H.P.; Candy, J.M., 1990:
Role for aluminum and silicon in the pathogenesis of senile plaques: studies in chronic renal dialysis

Ehrlich, Y.H.; Chen, W.; Hogan, W.V.; Pawlowska, Z.; Wieraszko, A., 1995:
Role for an NMDA-stimulated ecto-protein kinase in the maintenance of hippocampal long-term potentiation

Anderson, B., 1994:
Role for animal research in the investigation of human mental retardation

Huber, S.; Cunningham, M.; Schwimmbeck, P., 1992:
Role for antigenic mimicry in pathogenicity of coxsackievirus group b type 3 cvb3 induced myocarditis

Simonsen, U.; Garcia Sacristan, A.; Prieto, D., 1996:
Role for apamine-sensitive K+-channels in endothelial modulation of contractions to acetylcholine in coronary resistance arteries

Williams, Robert, 1994:
Role for biomass energy in sustainable development

Miyazono, K.; Heldin C H., 1989:
Role for carbohydrate structures in tgf beta 1 latency

Sloane, B.F.; Rozhin, J.; Robinson, D.; Honn, K.V., 1990:
Role for cathepsin B and cystatins in tumor growth and progression

Takahashi, T.; Ando, I.; Beverley, P.C.L.; Horwitz, D.A., 1990:
Role for cd2 in the induction of t cell dependent antibody production involvement of both cd4 positive and cd8 positive cd45ra positive lymphocytes

Teti, A.; Tiberio, A.; Villanova, I.; Tacconelli, A.; Sciortino, G.; Farina, A.R.; Chambers, A.F.; Gulino, A.; Mackay, A.R., 1997:
Role for cell shape change in matrix-stimulated metalloproteinase-2 activation in human osteoclastoma cells

Garssen, J.; Norval, M.; Van Loveren, H., 1996:
Role for cis-urocanic acid in UVB-induced suppression of resistance to Trichinella spiralis in a rat model

Mayuri; Geders,T.W.; Smith,J.L.; Kuhn,R.J., 2008 :
Role for conserved residues of Sindbis virus nonstructural protein 2 methyltransferase-like domain in regulation of minus-strand synthesis and development of cytopathic infection

Babinska, A.; Sobocki, L.; Hsu, Y.; Ehrlich, Y.H.; Kornecki, E., 1996:
Role for ecto-protein kinase in platelet homeostasis

Craven, P.A.; D.R.bertis F.R., 1989:
Role for elevated cytosolic calcium in increased basal and avp stimulated pge 2 by renal medullary interstitial cells from dahl salt resistant vs sensitive rats

Hicks,K.; Hart,G., 2008:
Role for food-specific IgG-based elimination diets

Sakamoto, C.; Matozaki, T.; Konda, Y.; Nishisaki, H.; Nakano, O.; Nagao, M.; Baba, S., 1989:
Role for g proteins in regulating calcium mobilization of isolated guinea pig gastric chief cells

Ziegler, D.R.; Herman, J.P., 1997:
Role for glutamatergic neurocircuitry in the generation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis responses to stress

Kenagy, R.D.; Hart, C.; Clowes, A.W., 1993:
Role for growth factors and proteinases in the migration of smooth muscle cells through native extracellular matrix in vitro

Stephan, C.C.; Chang, K.C.; LeJeune, W.; Erichsen, D.; Bjercke, R.J.; Rege, A.; Biediger, R.J.; Kogan, T.P.; Brock, T.A.; Williamson, J.R.; Tilton, R.G., 1998:
Role for heparin-binding growth factors in glucose-induced vascular dysfunction

Multhoff, G.; Issels, R.D., 1992:
Role for hsp70 in tumor specific recognition of human ewings sarcoma es cells by cytotoxic effector cells

Del Arco, A.; Mora, F., 1997:
Role for hypoxia in amphetamines inducing changes in multiple neurotransmitters systems in the rat brain

Krause, W.L.; Kazemi, H.; Burton, M.D., 1997:
Role for imidazole in the spontaneous respiratory activity of the in vitro neonatal rat brainstem

Otto, D.A.; Tsai, C.E.; Baltzell, J.K.; Wooten, J.T., 1990:
Role for improved insulin sensitivity in the regulation of plasma triacylglycerol in fish oil fed rats

Johnson, A.L.; Haugen, M.J.; Woods, D.C., 2008:
Role for inhibitor of differentiation/deoxyribonucleic acid-binding (Id) proteins in granulosa cell differentiation

Lantz, C.S.; Boesiger, J.; Song, C.H.; Kimura, K.; Mach, N.; Kobayhashi, T.; Mulligan, R.C.; Nawa, Y.; Dranoff, G.; Galli, S.J., 1998:
Role for interleukin-3 in mast cell and basophil development and parasite immunity revealed by IL-3-deficient mice

Fournier, S.; Delespesse, G.; Rubio, M.; Sarfati, M., 1993:
Role for membrane CD23 type B in normal B cell growth

Heil, S.G.; Vermeulen, S.H.; Van der Rijt-Pisa, B.J.M.; den Heijer, M.; Blom, H.J., 2008:
Role for mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) in hyperhomocysteinemia and venous thrombosis risk?

Hiraishi, H.; Terano, A.; Ota, S.; Mutoh, H.; Shimada, T.; Ivey, K.J.; Sugimoto, T., 1989:
Role for mucus glycoprotein in protecting cultured gastric mucosal cells against toxic oxygen radicals

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Role in landscape and wildlife conservation

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Role in nutrient cycling in streams

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Role od CD95/Fas and its ligand in the regulation of the growth of human CD34++CD38- fetal liver cells

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Role of 1 omega dicarboxylic fatty acids in regulation of lipid metabolism effect of hexadecanedioic acid ha an oxidation and esterification of fatty acids

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Role of 1 omega dicarboxylic fatty acids in regulation of lipid metabolism effect of hexadecanedioic acid ha on oxidation and esterification of fatty acids

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Role of ABA in root growth maintenance at low water potentials Electrophysiological studies

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Role of ABA in root growth maintenance at low water potentials involves regulation of ethylene synthesis or responsiveness

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Role of ABA in the electrophysiology of roots growing at low water potentials

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Role of ABC transporter proteins in the release of leukotriene C4 by normal murine mast cell line

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Role of ABO-incompatible pregnancy in the course and prognosis of schizophrenia

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Role of ADH and AII in age-related changes in renal function

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