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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33317

Chapter 33317 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Patino, C.M.; Cuello, M.N.; Trudeau, W.L.; Fernandez Caldas, E.; Puerta, L.; Lockey, R.F.; Baena Cagnani, C.E., 1994:
Seasonal variations of group I mite allergens in Argentina

Fernandez Caldas, E.; Trudeau, W.L.; Stewart, G.E.ward; Swanson, M.C.; Stanaland, B.E.; Ledford, D.K.; Lockey, R.F., 1993:
Seasonal variations of group I mite allergens in homes in Tampa, Florida

Lohani, M.B.; Singh, A.; Rupainwar, D.C.; Dhar, D.N., 2008:
Seasonal variations of heavy metal contamination in river Gomti of Lucknow city region

Goncalves, E.P.R.; Soares, H.M.V.M.; Boaventura, R.A.R.; Machado, A.A.S.C.; Silva, J.C.G.E.teves Da, 1994:
Seasonal variations of heavy metals in sediments and aquatic mosses from the Cavado river basin, Portugal

Tekin-Ozan,S.; Kir,I., 2008:
Seasonal variations of heavy metals in some organs of carp from Beycehir Lake

Otto, C.; Donner, M.G.; Schwandt, P.; Richter, W.O., 1996:
Seasonal variations of hemorheological and lipid parameters in middle-aged healthy subjects

Mathieu, A.; Lemaire, P.; Carriere, S.; Giudicelli, J.; Lafaurie, M., 1991:
Seasonal variations of hepatic and extrahepatic biotransformation activity in the red mullet

Campaniello, E.; Ucci, N.; Ferrari, P.; Haddad, S.; Filicori, M.; Flamigni, C., 1991:
Seasonal variations of human sperm count

Gutierrez, R.; Asai, M., 1990:
Seasonal variations of ir methionine and ir leucine enkephalin content in the periesophageal ganglia of helix aspersa

Correia, P.; Loucao, M.A.M.rtins, 1994:
Seasonal variations of leaf water potential in irrigated mature carob-trees

Gulevskii, A.K.; Shchenyavskii, I.I.; Grishchenko, V.I., 1995:
Seasonal variations of membrane proteins in erythrocytes of Citellus undulatus

Tseitlin, V.B.; Kitain, V.Y.; Rudyakov, Y.A., 1994:
Seasonal variations of mesoplankton biomass in the surface layer of the Bering Sea and the north-west Pacific

Hung, L.L.; Yang, C.S.; Lewis, F.A.; Zampiello, F.A., 1993:
Seasonal variations of microorganisms occurred in the air handling units of a office building

Michel, O.; Ginanni, R.; Voets, W.; Veriongen, F.; Duchateau, J., 1990:
Seasonal variations of mite antigen and endotoxin from domestic house dust

Rudneva,I.I.; Melnikova,E.B.; Omelchenko,S.O.; Zalevskaya,I.N.; Symchuk,G.V., 2008:
Seasonal variations of nitrosamine content in some Black Sea fish species

Ristau, T.E.; Horsley, S.B.; Mccormick, L.H., 1996:
Seasonal variations of non-arborescent vascular species diversity in Allegheny hardwoods

Casas, B.; Varela, M.; Canle, M.; Gonzalez, N.; Bode, A., 1997:
Seasonal variations of nutrients, seston and phytoplankton, and upwelling intensity off La Coruna

Bennani Kabchi, N.; Portet, R.; Delost, P., 1990:
Seasonal variations of nutritional and hormonal factors in rodent meriones shawi grandis living in arid environment

Man, R.; Lieffers, V.J., 1997:
Seasonal variations of photosynthetic capacities of white spruce and jack pine saplings

Gonulol, A.; Obali, O., 1998:
Seasonal variations of phytoplankton blooms in Suat Ugurlu

Cevik,F.; Polat,S.; Dural,M., 2008:
Seasonal variations of phytoplankton in the Akyatan and Tuzla lagoons

Van Der Bom, J.G.; Bots, M.L.; Grobbee, D.E., 1994:
Seasonal variations of plasma fibrinogen and leukocytes are dissociated in the Rotterdam Study

Bacskay,I.; Gora,R.; Szabo,Z.; Kiss,I.; Kasicka,V.; Peltre,G.; Kilar,F., 2008:
Seasonal variations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in air particulate extracts

Patra, K.C.; Bhunia, A.B.; Panigrahy, R.C.; Mitra, A., 1990:
Seasonal variations of primary production of phytoplankton in a tidal creek in the midnapore district of west bengal india

Kumar, R.; Jindal, R.; Rattan, P.J.S., 1991:
Seasonal variations of some of the plasma enzymes in buffalo heifers

TianLiDe; MaLingLong; YuWuSheng; LiuZhongFang; YinChangLiang; ZhaoZhongPing; TangWei; WangYu, 2008:
Seasonal variations of stable isotope in precipitation and moisture transport at Yushu, eastern Tibetan Plateau

Bentounsi,B.; Maatallah,F., 2008 :
Seasonal variations of strongyle egg excretion in horses in a subhumid area of Algeria

Lacoste, V., 1989:
Seasonal variations of subjective sleep and mood parameters are modified by the individual diurnal type

Zernova, V.V., 1990:
Seasonal variations of the antarctic pelagic diatoms

Adamkiewicz Chojnacka, B.; Rozanska, Z., 1989:
Seasonal variations of the biomass of copepoda and rotatoria permanent components of the zooplankton in the vistula lagoon poland

Endo, T.; Takahashi, T.; Itoh, H.; Suenaga, K.; Sasaki, M., 1992:
Seasonal variations of the circadian rhythms in seasonal affective disorder (2)

Honma K I.; Honma, S.; Kohsaka, M.; Fukuda, N., 1990:
Seasonal variations of the circadian rhythms in sleep wakefulness rectal temperature and plasma melatonin level in 10 healthy male subjects

Mo, Tor Atle, 1993:
Seasonal variations of the opisthaptoral hard parts of Gyrodactylus derjavini Mikailov, 1975 on brown trout Salmo trutta L parr and Atlantic salmon S salar L parr in the River Sandvikselva, Norway

Pokorski, M.; Strosznajder, R., 1995:
Seasonal variations of the phospholipase C activity in the cat carotid body in vitro

Hammouche, S.; Bahiani, M.; Gernigon Spychalowicz, T., 1994:
Seasonal variations of the reproductive apparatus of the Saharan lizard, Uromastix acanthinurus Histological aspects

Zhang Shuzhen, L.Q.ngfen; Huang Chenxi, 1996:
Seasonal variations of thermogenesis in Daurian ground squirrel

Liu Jinsong, L.Qingfen, 1996:
Seasonal variations of thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and liver in plateau pika

Kelner, J.J.; Lachaud, S., 1991:
Seasonal variations of tritiated aba transport distribution and metabolism in upper stems and apical buds of beech fagus silvatica l

Guillemant, J.; Cabrol, S.; Allemandou, A.; Peres, G.; Guillemant, S., 1996:
Seasonal variations of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in growing male adolescents

Kerekes, J.; Freedman, B., 1989:
Seasonal variations of water chemistry in oligotrophic streams and rivers in kejimkujik national park nova scotia canada

Wehr, T.A., 1992:
Seasonal vulnerability to depression. Implications for etiology and treatment

Nagy, K.A.; Gruchacz, M.J., 1994:
Seasonal water and energy metabolism of the desert-dwelling kangaroo rat

Barnes, F.J., 1990:
Seasonal water balance of a pinyon juniper woodland

Zhang, S-li., 2008:
Seasonal water quality changes in the Huoditang forest region of the Qinling Mountain range

Aranda, I.; Gil, L.; Pardos, J., 1996:
Seasonal water relations of three broadleaved species Liebl and Quercus pyrenaica Willd in a mixed stand in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula

Bleby, T.M.; Aucote, M.; Kennett Smith, A.K.; Walker, G.R.; Schachtman, D.P., 1997:
Seasonal water use characteristics of tall wheatgrass Beauv in a saline environment

Green, S.R.; Mills, T.M.; Clothier, B.E., 1997:
Seasonal water use of a kiwifruit vine Measurements and a model

Paterson, K.R.; Bremmer, S.A.; Davidson, J.; Mckenzie, E.; Gettinby, G.C., 1997:
Seasonal weight variation in people with diabetes Fact or fiction?

Ford, W.M.; Johnson, A.S.dney; Hale, P.E.; Wentworth, J.M.; Osborne,, 1997:
Seasonal weights, kidney fat indices, and rumen protein of white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, in the Southern Appalachians

Barboza, P.S.; Farley, S.D.; Robbins, C.T., 1995:
Seasonal whole-body protein turnover and urea kinetics in growing bears

Moreau, J.P., 1990:
Seasonal wing activity rhythms in rhopalosiphum padi l homoptera aphididae in the northern half of france as a function of place and year estimation through agraphid network captures from 1984 to 1989

Neuendorff, E.W.; Patten, K.D., 1990:
Seasonal wood development effects on frost tolerance and fruit maturity of rabbiteye blueberries

Jordan, D.T.; Breen, P.J., 1989:
Seasonal xylem and cluster tissue ammonium levels of cabernet sauvignon grapevines

Hamede,R.K.; McCallum,H.; Jones,M., 2008:
Seasonal, demographic and density-related patterns of contact between Tasmanian devils implications for transmission of devil facial tumour disease

Miller, F.W., 1993:
Seasonal, geographical, clinical and immunogenetic associations of the myositis-specific autoantibodies

Lundberg, B.; Lipkin, Y., 1993:
Seasonal, grazing site and fish size effects on patterns of algal consumption by the herbivorous fish, Siganus rivulatus, at Mikhmoret

Oechel, W.C.; Vourlitis, G.; Nosov, V.; Brooks, S.; Crawford, T.; Hinzman, L.; Kane, D.; Stow, D.; Hope, A., 1997:
Seasonal, large-scale estimation of trace gas fluxes in Arctic Alaska

Salamon, M., 1995:
Seasonal, sexual and dietary induced variations in the sternal scent secretion in the bushtail possum

Weddle, Gordon, K., 1992:
Seasonal, sexual, and size class variation in the diet of the Kentucky darter, Etheostoma rafinesquei , in Middle Pitman Creek, Kentucky

Fattorini,D.; Notti,A.; Mento,R.di; Cicero,A.M.; Gabellini,M.; Russo,A.; Regoli,F., 2008:
Seasonal, spatial and inter-annual variations of trace metals in mussels from the Adriatic sea a regional gradient for arsenic and implications for monitoring the impact of off-shore activities

Millard, E.S.; Neilson, M.A.; E.S.aarawi, A.H., 1998:
Seasonal, spatial and long-term trends in nutrients, chlorophyll and light extinction in Lake Ontario

Perissin, J.; Zorzet, S.; Rapozzi, V.; Giraldi, T., 1994:
Seasonal-dependent effects of stress on tumor metastasis in mice

Datar, F.A., 1994:
Seasonality: Its impact on the growth of Filipino preschool children in a fishing community

Coombs, Marc, 1994:
Seasonality and Host Relationships of Insects Associated with Oothecae of Archimantis latistyla

Cooper,T.M., 2008:
Seasonality and abundance of Metamasius callizona , an invasive insect herbivore, on two species of Tillandsia in Florida

Wehr, T.A.; Rosenthal, N.E., 1989:
Seasonality and affective illness

Patel, A.; Lipton, R.; Onyemere, K., 1998:
Seasonality and age at onset differences in ten-year incidence of insulin-treated diabetes in urban African-American and Latino children

Lin, H-Ching.; Chen, C-Shyan.; Xirasagar, S.; Lee, H-Chien., 2008:
Seasonality and climatic associations with violent and nonviolent suicide: a population-based study

Kim, K.Y.; Choi, T.S.; Huh, S.H.; Garbary, D.J., 1998:
Seasonality and community structure of subtidal benthic algae from Daedo Island, southern Korea

Some, E.S.; Omurwa, T., 1994:
Seasonality and community's satisfaction with sources of domestic water in the Lake Victoria basin

Xu, T.; Song, Z-guang.; Liu, J-feng.; Wang, C-ping., 2008:
Seasonality and contribution to acid rain of the carbon abundance in rainwater

Dimiza, M., D.; Triantaphyllou, M., V.; Dermitzakis, M., D., 2008:
Seasonality and ecology of living coccolithophores in Eastern Mediterranean coastal environments Andros Island, Middle Aegean Sea

Rosetta, Lyliane, 1993:
Seasonality and fertility

Mwatawala, M.W.; De-Meyer, M.; Makundi, R.H.; Maerere, A.P., 2000:
Seasonality and host utilization of the invasive fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens Dipt, Tephritidae in central Tanzania

Johnston, Francis, E., 1993:
Seasonality and human biology

Yela, J.L.; Herrera, C.M., 1993:
Seasonality and life cycles of woody plant-feeding noctuid moths in Mediterranean habitats

Godin, C.; Boivin, G., 1993:
Seasonality and natural parasitism rate of the main lepidopterous pests of crucifers

Pozo,A.; Luis-Martinez,A.; Lorente-Bousquets,J.L.; Salas-Suarez,N.; Maya-Martinez,A.; Vargas-Fernandez,I.; Warren,A.D., 2008:
Seasonality and phenology of the butterflies of Mexicos Calakmul Region

Gitonga,L.M., 2008:
Seasonality and potential of Ceranisus menes for control of thrips on French beans

Avelar,; Linardi,P.M., 2008:
Seasonality and prevalence rates of Steinina sp in Ctenocephalides felis felis from dogs captured in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Coombs, M., 1993:
Seasonality and reproductive behaviour of Cicadetta tristrigata at Armidale, NSW

Heideman, P.D.; Bronson, F.H., 1991:
Seasonality and synchrony of reproduction in tropical bats assessing seasonality and the physiological maintenance of rhythms

Gaiser, E.E.; Bachmann, R.W., 1993:
Seasonality and taxonomy of epizoic diatoms on planktonic cladocerans in three Iowa lakes

Pollitt, E.; Arthur, J., 1989:
Seasonality and weight gain during the first year of life

Linzmeier, A.-Maria; Ribeiro-Costa, C.-Stramare, 2008:
Seasonality arid temporal structuration of Alticini community Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae in the Araucaria Forest of Parana, Brazil

Hayes, F.E., 1990:
Seasonality habitat use flocking behavior and ecological morphology of shorebirds at the bahia de asuncion paraguay

Smith, C.M.; Glenn, E.P.; Doty, M.S., 1991:
Seasonality in a tropical reef flats flora a new look at waikiki hawaii usa

Pande, A.C.; Haskett, R.F.; Greden, J.F., 1992:
Seasonality in atypical depression

Nakamura, I.; Uno, M.; Io, Y.; Ikeshita, I.; Nonaka, K.; Miura, T., 1990:
Seasonality in early loss of one fetus among twin pregnancies

Millward, G.E.; Ebdon, L.; Walton, A.P., 1993:
Seasonality in estuarine sources of methylated arsenic

Cossa, D.; Tremblay, G.H.; Gobeil, C., 1990:
Seasonality in iron and manganese concentrations of the st lawrence river

Syvaranta,J.; Tiirola,M.; Jones,R.I., 2008:
Seasonality in lake pelagic delta 15N values patterns, possible explanations, and implications for food web baselines

Sahade, R.; Tatian, M.; Mattio, F.; Esnal, G., 1998:
Seasonality in reproduction in Antarctic Ascidians

Serchuk, F.M.; Smolowitz, R.J., 1989:
Seasonality in sea scallop somatic growth and reproductive cycles

Gelander, L.; Karlberg, J.; Albertsson Wikland, K., 1993:
Seasonality in short-term human growth

Lester, D., 1993:
Seasonality in suicide and economic growth

Lorand Metze, I.; Aranalde, M.P.; Barbosa, K.B.; Metze, K., 1998:
Seasonality in the diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia in the southeast region of Brazil

Tun, K.Lwin.; Shimizu, Y.; Yamanoi, H.; Yoshinaga, T.; Ogawa, K., 2008:
Seasonality in the infection and invasion of Marteilioides chungmuensis in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas

Escudero-Colomar,L.A.; Vilajeliu,M.; Batllori,L., 2008:
Seasonality in the occurrence of the Mediterranean fruit fly in the north-east of Spain

Inizan, J.; Bouvier Colle M H., 1990:
Seasonality in the sudden death syndrome among infants

You,P.; Wang,Y.; Sun,X.; Qiang,X.; Cone,D., 2008:
Seasonality of Gyrodactylus brachymystacis Ergens on farmed rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss , in central China, with a report of an infection on wild Manchurian trout, Brachymystax lenok

Mantegna, M.; Iuculano, M.F., 1995:
Seasonality of keratoacanthoma

Molina,J.A.; Ortiz,M.I.; Guhl,F., 2008:
Seasonality of Lutzomyia fairtigi , a species endemic to Eastern Colombia

Rietveld, W.J.; Boon, M.E.; Rietveld, P.E.M.; Hrushesky, W.J.M., 1992:
Seasonality of Papanicolaou smear detection rates for premalignant changes and infections

Baste, V.; Oyen, N.; Irgens, L.M.; Skjaerven, R., 1995:
Seasonality of SIDS in Norway

Dagan, R.; Barkai, G.; Givon-Lavi, N.; Sharf, A.Z.; Vardy, D.; Cohen, T.; Lipsitch, M.; Greenberg, D., 2008:
Seasonality of antibiotic-resistant streptococcus pneumoniae that causes acute otitis media: a clue for an antibiotic-restriction policy?

Uthicke, S., 1997:
Seasonality of asexual reproduction in Holothuria atra, H edulis and Stichopus chloronotus on the Great Barrier Reef

Walop, W.; Arrighi, H.M., 1994:
Seasonality of asthma morbidity in Canada 1984-1988

Rothwell, P.M.; Staines, A.; Samil, P.; Bodansky, J.; Kinney, P.A., 1995:
Seasonality of birth and disease onset in childhood diabetes

Mckinney, P.A.; Rothwell, P.; Schober, E.; Ionescu Tirgoviste, C.; Neu, A.; Pozzilli, P.; Gutnikov, S., 1998:
Seasonality of birth in patients with childhood IDDM The Eurodiab study

Datar, F.A., 1995:
Seasonality of births in a Philippine fishing community

Mitchell, R.J.; Kosten, M.; Ward, P., 1990:
Seasonality of births in tasmania australia ecological considerations

Nichols, D.; Mladenov, P.V., 1998:
Seasonality of cell-inclusions during gametogenesis in the comatulid Oxycomanthus plectrophorum from New Zealand

Fargion, G.S.; Mcgowan, J.A.; Stewart, R.H., 1993:
Seasonality of chlorophyll concentrations in the California Current A comparison of two methods

Coombs, Marc, 1996:
Seasonality of cicadas on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales

Opler, P.A.; Baker, H.G.; Frankie, G.W., 1991:
Seasonality of climbers a review and example from costa rican dry forest

Wassmer, Thomas, 1994:
Seasonality of coprophagous beetles in the Kaiserstuhl area near Freiburg including the winter months

Toft, R.J.; Beggs, J.R., 1995:
Seasonality of crane flies in South Island beech forest in relation to the abundance of Vespula wasps

Mehta, V.M.; Deshpande, S.B.; Patel, A.V.; Pathak, M.M.; Janakiraman, K., 1990:
Seasonality of estrus in surti and marswari goats of gujarat india

Rousham, E.K.; Mascie Taylor, C.G.N., 1993:
Seasonality of growth and morbidity among pre-school children in Bangladesh

Gill, M.S.; Thalange, N.K.S.; Diggle, P.J.; Price, D.A.; Clayton, P.E., 1996:
Seasonality of infradian rhythms in urinary growth hormone excretion A correlate to short-term statural growth?

Valenti, M.W.; Cianciaruso, M.V.; Batalha, M.A., 2008:
Seasonality of litterfall and leaf decomposition in a cerrado site

Sherwood, A.R.; Sheath, R.G., 1999:
Seasonality of macroalgae and epilithic diatoms in spring-fed streams in Texas, USA

Jones, I.; Hornsby, H.; Hay, D., 1995:
Seasonality of mania: a Tasmanian study

Mulder, R.T.; Cosgriff, J.P.; Smith, A.M.; Joyce, P.R., 1990:
Seasonality of mania in New Zealand

Rodgers, J.L.; Buster, M., 1994:
Seasonality of menarche among U.S. females: correlates and linkages

Douglas, A.S., 1994:
Seasonality of mortality Variation by disease category, age, latitude and national economic status

Kumar, K.M.S.dharsana; Sreemannarayana, O.; Rao, A.V.N.rasimha, 1993:
Seasonality of oestrus and conception in Murrah buffaloes

Panter Brick, C.; Lotstein, D.; Ellison, P.T., 1993:
Seasonality of ovarian function in Nepal

Schneider, B.; Thomas, H., 1996:
Seasonality of pCO-2 and CO-2 fluxes in the high latitude Northeast Atlantic

Demite, P.R.; Feres, R.J.F., 2008:
Seasonality of pathogenic fungi in mites of rubber tree plantations adjacent to fragments of Cerrado

Braman, S.K.istine; Beshear, R.J., 1994:
Seasonality of predaceous plant bugs and phytophagous thrips as influenced by host plant phenology of native azaleas

Demirhan, S.-Ayhan; Seyhan, K., 2000:
Seasonality of reproduction and embryonic growth of spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias L, 1758 in the eastern Black Sea

Chemineau, P.; Guillaume, D.; Migaud, M.; Thiéry, J.C.; Pellicer-Rubio, M.T.; Malpaux, B., 2008:
Seasonality of reproduction in mammals: intimate regulatory mechanisms and practical implications

Ulijaszek, Stanley, J., 1993:
Seasonality of reproductive performance in rural Gambia

Rhodus, W.T., 1989:
Seasonality of sales for retail florists

Novotny, V.; Basset, Y., 1998:
Seasonality of sap-sucking insects feeding on Ficus in a lowland rain forest in New Guinea

Selten, J.P.; Van Der Graaf, Y., 1996:
Seasonality of schizophrenic births and stillbirths in the Netherlands

Zeng, Q.F.; Kong, F.X.; Zhang, E.L.; Tan, X.; Wu, X.D., 2008:
Seasonality of stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes within the pelagic food web of Taihu Lake

Trono, G.C.Jr; Lluisma, A.O., 1990:
Seasonality of standing crop of a sargassum fucales phaeophyta bed in bolinao pangasinan philippines

Doering, B.; Koehler, W.K.; Fey, P.; Schmdit, K.P.; Fleissner, G.; Pflug, B., 1993:
Seasonality of temperature rhythm in healthy people

Nizzetto,L.; Jarvis,A.; Brivio,P.A.; Jones,K.C.; Guardo,A.di, 2008:
Seasonality of the air-forest canopy exchange of persistent organic pollutants

Tomas, Walfrido Moraes, 1995:
Seasonality of the antler cycle of Pampas deer from the Pantanal Wetland, Brazil

Suh, Hae Lip, 1994:
Seasonality of the infection of Acanthochondria brevicorpa on a gobiid fish Acanthogobius hasta off the South Coast of Korea

Volpe, F.Madalena.; Tavares, A.; Del Porto, Jé.Alberto., 2007:
Seasonality of three dimensions of mania: psychosis, aggression and suicidality

Verchot, L.V.; Davidson, E.A.; Cattanio, J.H., 1995:
Seasonality of trace gas emissions from soils in the eastern Amazon

Eriksson, A.W.; Fellman, J., 1996:
Seasonality of twinning rates Temporal and geographical variations

Diniz, I.R.zende; Kitayama, K., 1998:
Seasonality of vespid species in a central Brazilian cerrado

Lauenroth, W.K.; Coffin, D.P.; Sala, O.E., 1995:
Seasonality of water availability and the effects of climate change on the distribution C-3 and C-4 grasses in the Great Plains

Hernan, M.A.; Peterson, K.E.; Torres, A.M., 1998:
Seasonality of weight faltering and breast feeding

Panter-Brick, C.; Ellison, P.T., 1994:
Seasonality of workloads and ovarian function in Nepali women

Delpachitra, D.; Emberson, R.M., 1996:
Seasonality on Longitarsus jacobaeae Some implications for biological control of ragwort

Grenfell, B.; Bolker, B.; Kleczkowski, A., 1995:
Seasonality, demography and the dynamics of measles in developed countries

Ruth, K.; Liu, K.; Van Horn, L.; Hilner, J., 1992:
Seasonality, education level, and racial differences in fruit and vegetable intake The Cardiovascular Disease in Young Adults Study

Coupland, J.B.; Espiau, A.; Baker, G., 1994:
Seasonality, longevity, host choice, and infection efficiency of Salticella fasciata , a candidate for the biological control of pest helicid snails

Garcia, J.J.; Fukuda, T.; Becnel, J.J., 1994:
Seasonality, prevalence and pathogenicity of the gregarine Ascogregarina taiwanensis in mosquitoes from Florida

Ward, J.B.; Henderson, I.M.; Patrick, B.H.; Norrie, P.H., 1996:
Seasonality, sex ratios and arrival pattern of some New Zealand Caddis to light-traps

Matthiessen, J.N.; Learmonth, S.E., 1998:
Seasonally contrasting activity of African black beetle, Heteronychus arator Implications for populations, pest status and management

Onyango, D.W.; Gachoka, J.M.; Otiang'a Owiti, G.E.; Hendrickx, A.G., 1995:
Seasonally dependent testicular apoptosis in the tropical long-fingered bat

Ohnishi,Y.; Suzuki,N.; Katayama,N.; Teranishi,S., 2008:
Seasonally different modes of seed dispersal in the prostrate annual, Chamaesyce maculata Small , with multiple overlapping generations

Hilder, T.B.; Lambert, G.A., 1996:
Seasonally flooded country of the Isaac Comet River System

Naclerio, R.; Proud, D.; Friedhoff, L.; Meyers, D.; Creticos, P.; Kagey Sobotka, A.; Lichtenstein, L.; Norman, P., 1989:
Seasonally induced nasal hyperreactivity to histamine

Rahner, S.; Magaritz, M.; Amiel, A.J., 1992:
Seasonally induced separation of manganese and iron in interstitial waters of exposed anoxic sediments from the dead sea

Smit,H.J.; Nepal,S.; Vilsteren,D.van; Witkowska,I.M.; Elgersma,A., 2008:
Seasonally of productivity, botanical composition and N concentrations of four forage legume-grass mixtures under cutting

Cotterill, F.P.D.; Fergusson, R.A., 1993:
Seasonally polyestrous reproduction in a free-tailed bat Tadarida fulminans in Zimbabwe

McLelland, J.; Young, S.; Marks, J.M.; Lawrence, C.M., 1991:
Seasonally recurrent granuloma annulare of the elbows

Sanford, Lee, M., 1994:
Seasonally-related sexual dimorphism in the neuroendocrine regulation of FSH secretion in adult sheep

Shima, K.; Harada, T.; Suzuki, E.; Honda, Y., 1997:
Seasoning material

Green Rush, A., 1992:
Seasons hiv prevention materials for native communities

Devereux,S.; Vaitla,B.; Swan,S.H., 2008:
Seasons of hunger fighting cycles of quiet starvation among the worlds rural poor

Heil, D.P.; Derrick, T.R.; Whittlesey, S., 1994:
Seat and torso position optimization in trained cyclists during steady-rate ergometer cycling

Almazan, A.; Ramos, M.; Estella, R.; Marin, A.; Gonzalez Orus, J.M.; Gomez Alonso, A., 1990:
Seat belt dissection and thrombosis of the abdominal aorta a case report

Griffiths, M.; Hillman, G.; Usherwood, M., 1991:
Seat belt injury in pregnancy resulting in fetal death. A need for education? Case reports

Banerjee, A., 1989:
Seat belts and injury patterns: evolution and present perspectives

Jeffery, R.S.; Cook, P.L., 1991:
Seat belts and reclining seats

Moncrieff, D.; Cockburn, J., 1992:
Seat belts in pregnancy

Wolf, M.E.; Alexander, B.H.; Rivara, F.P.; Hickok, D.E.; Maier, R.V.; Starzyk, P., 1991:
Seat belts in relation to pregnancy outcome after a motor vehicle collision

Brienza, D.M., 1991:
Seat cushion design using force feedback

Ferguson-Pell, M.W., 1990:
Seat cushion selection

Shannon, H.S.; Szatmari, P., 1994:
Seat-belt legislation and risk homeostasis: further analysis of the British data

Miller, J.A.; Smith, T.H., 1991:
Seatbelt induced chance fracture in an infant. Case report and literature review

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Seatbelt injury to the common iliac artery: case report

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Second International Meeting of Agriculture and Weather Modification

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Second International Symposium of Soil, Ecology and Environment, Chile, 8-9 November 2007

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Second International Symposium on Carabidology and the Eighth European Carabidological Conference

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Second International Symposium on Endothelium-Derived Vasoactive Factors, Basel, Switzerland, April 22-25, 1992

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Second International Symposium on Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy and Other Transthyretin Related Disorders, Skelleftea, Sweden, June 1-3, 1992

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Second International Symposium on Febrile Neutropenia, Brussels, December 14-16 1995

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Second International Symposium on Functional Neuroreceptor Mapping of Living Brain, Neuroreceptor Mapping 98

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Second International Symposium on Monogenea, Montpellier, France July 5-8, 1993

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Second International Symposium on Studies on the Dynamics of Physiological Functions, Okazaki, Japan, January 28-30, 1992

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Second International Symposium on the Molecular and Cell Biology of Egg- and Embryo-Coats

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Second International Symposium on the Role of Soy in Preventing and Treating Chronic Disease

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Second International Workshop on Pore-Forming Toxins, Mainz, Germany, September 29-October 2, 1993

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Second Irish sites for Abdera flexuosa and Enicmus testaceus Joy and Tomlin in Fermanagh

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Second Jenner International Glycoimmunology Meeting

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Second June sighting of Cerulean warbler in the Atlanta area

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Second MHC-linked diabetes gene located in the proximal side to LMP-2 in the MHC class I-K region in NOD mice

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Second MI patients derive particular benefit from aggressive establishment of infarct artery patency Insights from GUSTO I

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Second Meeting of the Sociedad Levantina de Geriatria y Gerontologia

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Second Meeting of the Society for Natural Immunity The Natural Killer Cell and Its Interaction with Immune and Non-Immune Cells, Taormina, Italy, May 25-28, 1994

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Second natural history study of congenital heart defects

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Second Ross Goose record for Georgia

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Second Russian Week of Gastroenterology

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Second Scientific Meeting in Commemoration of IK Pachosky

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Second Symposium of the International Society of Exercise and Immunology, Brussels, Belgium, November 17-18, 1995

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Second Symposium on Spasmodic Dysphonia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, July 23, 1991

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Second Symposium on Vitamin A Research in the Netherlands, Netherlands, April 9-10, 1992

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Second Tricontinental Meeting of the JSID , SID , and ESDR , Kyoto, Japan, October 28-31, 1993

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Second UK rodent survey shows need for effective control in rural areas

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Second Wilhelm-Stahl Symposium Animal Husbandry 2000, Rostock, Germany, March 18-19, 1997

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Second Workshop on Nephropharmacology, Freiburg, Germany

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Second Workshop on the Psychoneuroendocrinology of Aging, Parma, Italy, 1991

Chichester Institute For Higher Education And Liverpool John Moores University, 1998:
Second World Congress of Science and Racket Sports and the Fifth International Table Tennis Federation Sports Science Congress

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Second addendum on the bird fauna from high central Erz Mountains

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Second addendum to the article Botany in popular Portuguese poetry

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Second agonist site on the nicotinic receptor Effects of proteolytic enzymes and noncompetitive antagonists

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Second albino great gray owl sighted in manitoba canada

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Second allogeneic bone marrow transport for relapsed disease or secondary malignancies

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Second allogeneic transplant using blood instead of bone marrow

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Second allogeneic transplants after failure of autologous first transplant

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Second allogeneic transplants from the same donor in thalassemia

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Second and third line hormonotherapy in advanced post menopausal breast cancer a multicenter randomized trial comparing with ag in patients who have become resistant to tam

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Second and third messengers involved in the transduction mechanisms of dopamine receptors the receptor interactions

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Second and third visual areas in the flying fox

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Second annual hunger research briefing and exchange brown university providence rhode island usa 5 8 april 1989

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Second annual meeting of the canadian organization of medical physicists and the canadian college of physicists in medicine winnipeg manitoba canada june 21 22 1991

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Second annual meeting of the international society for environmental epidemiology part i berkeley california usa august 13 15 1990

Int Soc Environ Epidemiol, 1991:
Second annual meeting of the international society for environmental epidemiology part ii berkeley california usa august 13 15 1990

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Second anonymous HIV surveillance in Saughton Prison, Edinburgh: prisoners give a lead to other heterosexuals on being HIV tested

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Second assessment of NeuroAIDS in Africa

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Second autografts for relapsed multiple myeloma

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Second belgian congress of zoology diepenbeek belgium november 15 16 1991

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Second biannual conference of the membrane biophysics subgroup of the biophysical society beaufort north carolina usa september 17 20 1989

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Second biologically engineered polymers conference cambridge england uk july 31 august 2 1989

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Second bond marrow transplant as therapy for malignant relapse

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Second bone marrow transplant and donor leukocyte infusions to treat relapse or graft failure after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

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Second bone marrow transplantation bmt for patients pts with hematologic malignancy who relapse following first bmt

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Second bone marrow transplantation for hematological malignancies

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Second bone marrow transplantation for leukemic relapse without graft-vs.-host disease prophylaxis

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Second bone marrow transplantation in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia

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Second bone marrow transplants bmt for leukaemia

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Second bone marrow transplants for patients with leukemia and aplastic anemia

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Second branchial cleft anomalies presenting as pharyngeal masses

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Second brood records of lacanobia thalassina hufn lepidoptera noctuidae the pale shouldered brocade from rothamsted insect survey light traps