Siting of small check dams for water harvesting in the Kandi region of Punjab using remote sensing

Bajwa, S.S.; Narda, N.K.

International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 11(2): 168-171


Accession: 033405137

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The panchromatic black and white aerial photographs at a scale of 1:20,000 were subjected to the stereoscopic studies to locate the possible good sites for the construction of small check dams on the Arniala and Chohal streams in the Kandi region of Hoshiarpur district in Punjab, India. The three dimensional view of the terrain under the stereoscope provided information on the various attributes, namely, the width of the valley, the height of the hill, slope, distance from the command area on the locations along the streams. Out of the five possible sites studied for each stream, the site with 14.63 m height of the hill, 73.5 m top width and 1011 m as the distance to the command area for the Arniala stream; and the site with 14.12 m height of the hill, 84.0 m top width and 272 m as the distance to the command area for the Chohal stream were found to be most suitable for the location of check dams. The suitability of the selected sites was established by the subsequent vertification through the field visits.