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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33411

Chapter 33411 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Malik M.R.; Taluja J.S.; Rao K.C.; Shrivastava A.M., 1989:
Skull parameters as an index to endocranial volume in goat

Rhys Vans, P.H., 1997:
Skull pneumatization and the aquatic ape theory

Hall, F.M., 1992:
Skull radiography in the evaluation of acute head trauma

Lynnerup, N.; Hjalgrim, H., 1998:
Skull reconstruction by stereolithography and non-invasive archaeology of 7000 year-old human remains

Lamb A.H., 1989:
Skull shape phenotype shift in children born since 1984

Vizcaino, S.F.; D.I.liis, G.; Bargo, M.S., 1998:
Skull shape, masticatory apparatus, and diet of Vassallia and Holmesina When anatomy constrains destiny

Hagemann, D.; Hewig, J.; Walter, C.; Naumann, E., 2008:
Skull thickness and magnitude of EEG alpha activity

Ransford A.O., 1989:
Skull to spine fixation device us patent 4836193 june 6 1989

Bergman, A.; Olsson, M.; Reiland, S., 1992:
Skull-bone lesions in the Baltic gray seal

Gipps J., 1991:
Skulls and human evolution the use of casts of anthropoid skulls in teaching concepts of human evolution

Sterner,R.T.; Sun,B.; Bourassa,J.B.; Hale,R.L.; Shwiff,S.A.; Jay,M.T.; Slate,D., 2008:
Skunk rabies in California - implications for oral rabies vaccination

Kolesik, P., 1995:
Skusemyia allocasuarinae, a new genus and species of Cecidomyiidae damaging lateral branch buds of drooping sheoak, Allocasuarina verticillata in Australia

Kozdrowski, R.; Dzieciol, M.; Twardon, J.; Dejneka, G.-Jakub, 2008:
Skutecznosc inseminacji krow mlecznych w zaleznosci od miejsca zdeponowania nasienia

Rychlik, A.; Nieradka, R.; Depta, A.; Paluszewski, A.; Sarti, K., 2008:
Skutecznosc roznych metod leczenia przewleklej zapalnej choroby jelit u psow

Toyohara J.; Nishi H.; Visconti M.A.; Oshima N.; Fujii R., 1991:
Sky blue coloration of the skin and the iridophore in common surgeonfish paracanthurus hepatus

Academy O.Natural Sciences O.Philadelphia, 1997:
Sky lark Alauda arvensis

Wehner, Ruediger, 1994:
Sky patterns and the ocular compass Neurobiology of a navigation system

Walter, J., 1994:
Sky ride An observation on the aeronautics of spiders

Woodman,T.; Cazenave,N.; Scanff,C.le, 2008 :
Skydiving as emotion regulation the rise and fall of anxiety is moderated by alexithymia

Franklin, K.; Franklin, S.; Donald, T., 1993:
Skydiving with an immature male peregrine

Wehner, R., 1992:
Skylight vision in insects Dual use of UV receptors

Lanyon, P.; Jones, A.; Doherty, M., 1996:
Skyline are better than lateral radiographs for detecting progression of patellofemoral osteoarthritis

Chaisson, C.E.; Gale, D.R.; Felson, D.T., 1998:
Skyline vs lateral knee X-rays Which has higher sensitivity for knee osteoarthritis?

Langer S.Z.; Schoemaker H.; Angel I.; Arbilla S.; Pimoule C.; Grosset A.; Perrault G.; Sevrin M.; Wick A., 1990:
Sl 84 0418 a new potent and selective alpha 2 adrenoceptor antagonist with peripheral study

Angel I.; Schoemaker H.; Duval N.; Oblin A.; Sevrin M.; Langer S.Z., 1990:
Sl 840418 a new alpha 2 antagonist with anti hyperglycemic properties

Angel I.; Schoemaker H.; Duval N.; Oblin A.; Langer S.Z., 1990:
Sl 840418 a new alpha 2 antagonist with anti hyperglycemic properties studies in rat models of diabetes

Gautier J.F.; Scheen A.J.; Jaminet C.; Lefebvre P.J., 1991:
Sl 840418 a new potent alpha 2 antagonist increases insulin secretion after intravenous glucose in normal man

Bergougnan L.; Rosenzweig P.; Duchier J.; Cournot A.; Berlin I.; Morselli P.L., 1990:
Sl 840418 clinical and cardiovascular tolerance in healthy young volunteers of a new alpha 2 antagonist with anti hyperglycemic properties

Rosenzweig P.; Fuseau E.; Delauche M.C.; Morselli P.L.; Berlin I., 1990:
Sl 840418 hypoglycemic effects and good cardiovascular tolerance in healthy volunteers of a new alpha 2 antagonist

Rosenzweig P.; Thebault J.J.; Caplain H.; Morselli P.L., 1990:
Sl 850324 a new nonsedative h1 antagonist drug

Arbilla S.; Schoemaker H.; Scatton B.; Benavides J.; Claustre Y.; Prouteau M.; Delahaye M.; Pimoule C.; Graham D.; E.A., 1990:
Sl 850324 a novel benzimidazole derivative with selective histamine h 1 receptor antagonist properties

Lin, Z.; Arciga-Reyes, L.; Zhong, S.; Alexander, L.; Hackett, R.; Wilson, I.; Grierson, D., 2008:
SlTPR1, a tomato tetratricopeptide repeat protein, interacts with the ethylene receptors NR and LeETR1, modulating ethylene and auxin responses and development

Tulip J.; Paulson M., 1990:
Slab carbon dioxide laser technology

Wang S.J.; Nishimura D.G.; Macovski A.; H.B., 1989:
Slab scan angiography

Burch, R.H.; Cancienne, W.E.Jr; Rodboon, S.S.; Morales, E.W., 1998:
Slabbing apparatus and method

Daniel, L.R.; HaglerWinston M.Jr.; Croom, W.J.Jr, 1994:
Slaframine and swainsonine production by Rhizoctonia leguminicola isolated from six outbreaks of slobbers in cattle and horses

Bird A.R.; Bailey J.V.; O'sullivan B.M.; Croom W.J.Jr; Hagler W.M.Jr, 1991:
Slaframine sf administration and cottonseed meal supplementation in sheep consuming mitchell grass hay

Chaves,L.H.G.; Farias,C.H.deA., 2008:
Slag and limestone for soil acidity correction and for availability of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

Shimek R.L.; Thompson T.; Weitkamp D., 1991:
Slag benthos and bioassays poor correlation of bioassay predictions and the benthos

Wanntorp, H.-Erik; Fagerstrom, C., 2000:
Slaktet Galeruca i Sverige Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Aversa, G.; Chang, C.C.un J.; Carballido, J.; Cocks, B.G.; D.V.ies, J.E., 1996:
Slam ligation results in T cell expansion and IFN-gamma production

Zimmerman G.L.; Cavanagh P., 1990:
Slant perception at equiluminance

Backus, B.T.; Banks, M.S., 1997:
Slant-cue conflicts explain why the induced effect does not scale with distance

Snyder S.J., 1989:
Slap lesions of the shoulder lesions of the superior labrum both anterior and posterior

Gallagher, H.G., 1995:
"Slapping up spastics": the persistence of social attitudes toward people with disabilities

Saint-Andre,L.; Laclau,J.P.; Deleporte,P.; Gava,J.L.; Goncalves,J.L.M.; Mendham,D.; Nzila,J.D.; Smith,C.; Toit,B.du; Xu,D.P.; Sankaran,K.V.; Marien,J.N.; Nouvellon,Y.; Bouillet,J.P.; Ranger,J., 2008:
Slash and litter management effects on Eucalyptus productivity a synthesis using a growth and yield modelling approach

Hawman, E.G.; Hamill, J.J., 1993:
Slat collimation for high sensitivity 2D and 3D emission imaging

Hashimoto K.; Joselow S.A.; Tye M.J., 1989:
Slate gray hyperpigmentation caused by long term administration of imipramine

Wheeler, A.G.Jr, 1995:
Slaterobius insignis Association with granite ledges and outcrops in Minnesota

Pulkrabek, J.; Pavlik, J.; Smital, J.; Nesetrilova, H.; Houska, L.; Fiedler, J., 1995:
Slaughter analysis of pigs classified according to the production of lean meat in carcasses

Genchev,A.; Mihaylov,R., 2008:
Slaughter analysis protocol in experiments using Japanese quails

Thompson, L.D.; Fitzgerald, D.R.; Hoover, L.C.; Miller, M.F.; Tisdale, C.J.; Butler, M.; Behrends, E., 1997:
Slaughter and carcass characteristics of yearling emus

Matousek, V.; Kernerova, N.; Vaclavovsky, J.; Vejcik, A.; Pitter, P., 1995:
Slaughter characteristics obtained by classic analyses, two-points method and PIGLoG 105 apparatus

Delmar,D., 2008:
Slaughter of American horses

Mickwitz G.V.; Heer A.; Demmler T.; Rehder H.; Seidler M., 1989:
Slaughter of cattle swine and sheep according to the regulations on animal welfare and disease control using an electric stunning device

Werner, C.; Riegel, J.; Wicke, M., 2008:
Slaughter performance of four different turkey strains, with special focus on the muscle fiber structure and the meat quality of the breast muscle

Litwinczuk, A.; Litwinczuk, Z.; Borkowska, D., 1995:
Slaughter value and quality of meat in Polish Black-and-White cattle kept in mass management

Jankowiak,H.; Kapelanski,W.; Biegniewska,M., 2008:
Slaughter value of pigs carcasses as related to colipase genotype considering RYR1 gene effect

Piorkowska,M., 2008:
Slaughter value of rabbits of different genotypes

Vecerek,V.; Sermen,V.; Vitula,F.; Strakova,E.; Suchy,P.; Mas,N.; Lukac,Z., 2008:
Slaughter value of selected breeds of wildfowl

Pogorzelska, J.; Kijak, Z.; Meller, Z.; Nogalski, Z., 1992:
Slaughter value of young crossbred bulls being fattened either traditionally or intensively

Shenton H.T.; Wiedmeier R.D.; Cornforth D.P.; Walters J.L., 1992:
Slaughter weight weanling calves for the production of highly palatable lean beef

Mansutti, D.; Merle, S.; Gonzalez, J.; Rodas Gonzalez, A.; Huerta Leidenz, N., 1998:
Slaughter, cutability, cooking and palatability traits of savannah-fed entire males of Water buffalo vs Zebu type cattle in Venezuela

Chaudhry,A.S., 2008:
Slaughtered cattle as a source of rumen fluid to evaluate supplements for in vitro degradation of grass nuts and barley straw

Cortesi, M.L., 1994:
Slaughterhouses and humane treatment

Higham,J.E.S.; Lusseau,D., 2008:
Slaughtering the goose that lays the golden egg are whaling and whale-watching mutually exclusive?

Johnson,C.A., 2008:
Slave-maker ant competition for a shared host and the effect on coevolutionary dynamics

Batten, B.G.; Companion, J.A., 1995:
Slaved biopsy device, analysis apparatus, and process

Bobbio, M., 1989:
Slaves of a test

Grechinsk,P.T.; Cardozo,P.F., 2008:
Slavic gastronomy in Irati as a potential tourist attraction

Balentic,Z., 2008:
Slavonian Apple Cluster

Girijashanker, K.; He, L.; Soleimani, M.; Reed, J.M.; Li, H.; Liu, Z.; Wang, B.; Dalton, T.P.; Nebert, D.W., 2008:
Slc39a14 gene encodes ZIP14, a metal/bicarbonate symporter: similarities to the ZIP8 transporter

Kamiya M.; Wada H.; Kidoguchi K.; Fujita T.; Niita Y., 1992:

Hara R.; E.A., 1989:
Sle associated avascular necrosis of the femoral head a case report

Klashman D.J.; Martin R.A.; Stevens R.H., 1989:
Sle lymphoblastoid b cells do not require exogenous il 6 for in vitro antibody production

Whittingham, S., 1990:
SLE or MCTD and the snurp in the splicing

Morel, L.; Mohan, C.; Croker, B.P.; Sobel, E.; Wakeland, E.K., 1998:
Sle1 on murine chromosome 1 is a key SLE-susceptibility locus

Reynolds, A.; Hoppeler, H.; Reinhart, G.A.; Roberts, T.; Simmerman, D.; Weyand, P.; Taylor, C.R., 1995:
Sled dog endurance A result of high fat diet or selective breeding?

Holck S.N., 1992:
Sledge dogs of greenland

Huzl, F.; Chudacek, Z.J.; Machartova, V.; Smolikova, L.; Jarkovska, D.; Kunova, R.; Mala, A.; Mzikova, M.; Slejimarova, J., 2008:
Sledovani nejtezsich stadii onemocneni cev z vibraci ve strojirenskem a hutnickem zavode

Voyloshnikov V.D., 1967:
Sledy novochetvertichnogo oledeneniya vostochnogo Sayana na yuge Sredne-Sibirskogo ploskogorya

Krueger, J.M.; Fang, J.; Taishi, P.; Chen, Z.; Kushikata, T.; Gardi, J., 1998:
Sleep A physiological role for IL-1beta and TNF-alpha

Yang, E.H.; Maier, M.; Havighurst, T.; Mchormey, C.; Linzer, M.; Badr, S.; Weber, S.; Hla, K.M., 1996:
Sleep APNEA and quality of life A preliminary assessment using the SF-36

Wang, Yuping; Nitta, Tatsuo; Nakashima, Kenji; Takahashi, Kazuro, 1995:
Sleep Apnea in Parkinsons Disease

Maltez, J.; Rosa, A.; Paiva, T.; Santos, R.; Guerreiro, M.; Campos, J., 1994:
Sleep EEG abnormalities in schizophrenia

Trachsel, L.; Holsboer, F.; Pollmaecher, T., 1994:
Sleep EEG alpha and beta, but not delta power, are increased during endotoxin-induced primary host response in man

Steiger, A., 1995:
Sleep EEG and nocturnal hormone secretion

Steiger, A.; Frieboes, R.M.; Murck, H.; Mueller, U.; Antonijevic, I.A., 1998:
Sleep EEG and the nocturnal hormone secretion in patients several months after traumatic brain injury

Paiva, T.; Santos, R.; Rosa, A.C., 1994:
Sleep EEG changes preceding and following awakenings

Maltez, J.; Arriaga, F.; Paiva, T., 1992:
Sleep EEG characteristics in generalised anxiety

Arriaga, F.; Cavaglia, F.; Matos Pires, A.; Lara, E.; Paiva, T., 1996:
Sleep EEG findings in panic disorder and major depression

Bureau, M.; Genton, P.; Guerrini, R.; Roger, J., 1996:
Sleep EEG in cortical dysplasias

Paiva, T.; Branco, J., 1996:
Sleep EEG in fibromyalgia syndrome A quantitative study

Huber, R.; Deboer, T.; Schwierin, B.; Tobler, I., 1998:
Sleep EEG in mice A function of prior waking duration

Krieg, J.C.; Holsboer, F.; Lauer, C.J., 1993:
Sleep EEG in panic disorder and major depression

Paiva, T.; Branco, J.; Telles, J., 1996:
Sleep EEG in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Fred, A.L.N.; Paiva, T.; Leitao, J.M.N.; Rosa, A.C., 1998:
Sleep EEG patterns and the prediction REM

Olsen, O.E.lend; Ursin, R., 1994:
Sleep EEG power spectra in rats following administration of serotonin reuptake inhibitor

Largo, R.S.; Rosa, A.C.; Paiva, T.; Leitao, J.M., 1994:
Sleep EEG segmentation-algorithm evaluation

Gemignani, A.; Pietrini, P.; Ciapparelli, A.; Figura, A.; Marchetti, S.; Palagini, L.; Bertolino, A.; Dani, A.; Pisani, P.; D.S.cco, S.; Guzzardi, R.; Salvadori, P.; Guazzelli, M., 1994:
Sleep EEG, clinical and cerebral metabolic rates for glucose examinations in a patient with early cognitive impairment A longitudinal study

Poca, M.A.; Calzada, M.D.; Sahuquillo, J.; Busto, M.; Rovira, A.; Rubio, E., 1998:
Sleep abnormalities and intracranial pressure findings in nocturnal recording in patients with hydrocephalus

Bassetti, C.L.; Aldrich, M.S.; Quint, D.J., 1997:
Sleep abnormalities following supratentorial stroke

Hertz, G.; Cataletto, M.; Feinsilver, S.; Angulo, M., 1993:
Sleep abnormalities in Prader Willi syndrome A genetic link

Bruce, I.N.; Fraser, K.; Gladman, D.D.; Urowitz, M.B.; Moldofsky, H., 1998:
Sleep abnormalities in patients with SLE and fatigue

Becker G.L.; Whitlock W.L.; Maccario M., 1990:
Sleep abnormalities in patients with unilateral diaphragm paralysis

Vela Bueno, A.; Espinar, J.; Campos, J.; Perez Fernandez, S.; Vazquez, A., 1996:
Sleep abnormalities in prader Willi-syndrome Lack of relationship with breathing disorders and narcolepsy

Aldrich, M.S.; Foster, N.L.; White, R.F.; Bluemlein, L.; Prokopowicz, G., 1989:
Sleep abnormalities in progressive supranuclear palsy

Keshavan, M.S.; Reynolds, C.F.; Montrose, D.; Haas, G.L.; Sweeney, J.; Miewald, J., 1994:
Sleep abnormalities in psychoses Gender and age effects

Drewes, A.W.; Bjerregaard, K.; Svendsen, L.; Taagholt, S.J.; Nielsen, K.D.; Gade, J., 1994:
Sleep abnormalities in rheumatoid arthritis Preliminary results from treatment with zopiclone

Bassetti, C.; Mathis, J.; Achermann, P.; Roth, C.; Tobler, I.; Hess, C.W., 1998:
Sleep abnormalities in two patients with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Lampit, M.; Pillar, G.; Tzischinski, O.; Epstein, R.; Hochberg, Z., 1998:
Sleep activity in idiopathic short children Longer better sleep with growth hormone

Aguirre, A.; Daurat, A.; Keromes, A.; Bouard, G.; Benoit, O., 1994:
Sleep after 36-h sleep deprivation and 24-h bed rest in young poor sleepers

Frankel, H., 1996:
Sleep aid device

Giubilei F.; Iannilli M.; Vitale A.; Argentino C.; Anzini A.; Fieschi C., 1990:
Sleep alterations and prognosis of acute ischemic stroke

Beranek, L.; Hajdu, I.; Taishi, P.; Gardi, J.; Obal, F.Jr; Krueger, J.M., 1998:
Sleep alterations elicited by intracerebral somatostatinergic stimulation

Romero Vives, M.; Barrenechea, C.; Insausti, R.; Felipo, V.; Gaztelu, J.M., 1998:
Sleep alterations in hepatic encephalopathy could be due to chronic hyperammonemia

Eguchi, N.; Kuwahata, Y.; Kanaoka, Y.; Nagata, A.; Yoshida, N.; Urade, Y.; Hayaishi, O., 1998:
Sleep analysis in mice lacking lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase

Schlegel, T.; Kurella, B., 1994:
Sleep analysis using nondiscrete time curves of different sleep relevant parameters

Orth, M.; Rasche, K.; Kollhosser, P.; Duchna, H.W.; Podbregar, D.; Schultze Werninghaus, G., 1995:
Sleep anamnesis in obstructive sleep apnea and hypopnea

Prenzlauer, S.L.; Bodgonoff, L.; Tiamson, M.L.A.; Bialer, P.A.; Wilets, I., 1993:
Sleep and HIV illness

Cohrs, S.; Hajak, G.; Rodenbeck, A.; Staedt, J.; Ruether, E., 1995:
Sleep and acetylcholine-precursor-substances

March T.I.; Thomson L.J.; Lewis P.D.; Perry G.C., 1990:
Sleep and activity behavior of layers subjected to an interrupted lighting schedule

Novak, M.; Styra, R.; Shapiro, C.M., 1998:
Sleep and alertness in patients with prostate cancer

Kelmanson, I.A., 1996:
Sleep and apnea in children

Wagner D.R., 1991:
Sleep and arousal disorders

Hunsballe, J.M.; Rittig, S.; Djurhuus, J.C., 1995:
Sleep and arousal in adolescents and adults with nocturnal enuresis

Mckenna J.J.; Mosko S.; Dungy C., 1989:
Sleep and arousal synchrony of co sleeping human mother infant pairs implications for the study of the sudden infant death syndrome sids

Stein, M.; Mendelsohn, J.; Nadelman, D.; Schwab, J.; Berget, B.; Hagerman, L.; Williams, M.; O'brien, T.; Phillips, W.; Benca, R., 1994:
Sleep and behavior problems in elementary school children

Davenne, D.; Lagarde, D.; Meney, I.; Holly, X.; Vanbeers, P., 1994:
Sleep and biological rhythms during consecutive 24 hours of cycling on home-trainer

Wehr T.A., 1989:
Sleep and biological rhythms in affective illness

Shapiro, C.M.; Driver, H.; Cheshire, K.; Carver, A.; Hannan, J., 1990:
Sleep and body composition

Salvaggio, A.; Insalaco, G.; Romano, S.; Marrone, O.; Braghiroli, A.; Lanfranchi, P.; Patruno, V., 1995:
Sleep and breathing before and after acclimatization at high altitude

Zucconi, M.; Iannaccone, S.; Sferraza, B.; Golzi, V.; Bianchi, A.; Fumagalli, A.; Oldani, A.; Smirne, S.; Ferini Strambi, L., 1998:
Sleep and breathing in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis A 12-month follow up study

Ambrogetti, A.; Olson, L.G.; Hensley, M.J., 1994:
Sleep and breathing in asthma, cystic fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease

Ancoli Israel, S.; Bliwise, D.; Mant, A., 1994:
Sleep and breathing in the elderly

Phillips B.A.; Berry D.T.R.; Magan L.; Cook Y.R.; Burkhart D.C., 1991 :
Sleep and breathing in the healthy elderly normative data

Lopez Esteban, P.; D.L.cas, P.; Cases, M.J.; Peraita Adrados, R., 1998:
Sleep and breathing patterns in myotonic dystrophy

Calverley, P.M.A., 1995:
Sleep and breathing problems in general medicine

Wang Y.T.; Poh S.C., 1989:
Sleep and breathing the pathophysiology of sleep apnea

Sato T.; Takatsuji H.; Saito H.; Seto K., 1990:
Sleep and cardiac vagal tone in freely moving rats

Kono, S.; Shinchi, K.; Yanai, F.; Ikeda, N.; Imanishi, K., 1992:
Sleep and cardiovascular risk factor A study of male self-defense officials in Japan

Mitler, Merrill M., 1994:
Sleep and catastrophes

Tobler, I.M.; Fischer, M.; Manson, J.C., 1998:
Sleep and circadian rest-activity rhythms in prion protein knockout mice

Monk, T.H., 1991:
Sleep and circadian rhythms

Laposky, A.D.; Bass, J.; Kohsaka, A.; Turek, F.W., 2007:
Sleep and circadian rhythms: key components in the regulation of energy metabolism

Harvey, A.G., 2008:
Sleep and circadian rhythms in bipolar disorder: seeking synchrony, harmony, and regulation

Petit, D.; Montplaisir, J.; Lorrain, D.; Gauthier, S., 1992:
Sleep and computerized EEG in Alzheimers disease Effect of THA

Maschio, M.C.E.; Placidi, F.; Baldinetti, F.; Diomedi, M.; Marciani, M.G.; Gigli, G.L., 1994:
Sleep and depression Comparison between dothiepin and fluvoxamine

Kaminer, H.; Lavie, P., 1993:
Sleep and dreams in well-adjusted and less adjusted Holocaust survivors

Pringuey, D., 1992:
Sleep and dysthymia

Kecklund, G.; Akerstedt, T.; Lowden, A.; Von Hedenberg, C., 1994:
Sleep and early morning work

Berger, R.J.; Phillips, N.H., 1993:
Sleep and energy conservation

Novotny, E.J.Jr; Dinner, D.S.; Malow, B.A.; Mccormick, D.A., 1997:
Sleep and epilepsy Will the cradle be vexed to nightmares?

Moldofsky, H., 1989:
Sleep and fibrositis syndrome

Beranek J.; Singerova M., 1989:
Sleep and focal epilepsy polygraphic sleep eeg recordings

Orr, William C., 1993:
Sleep and gastrointestinal disorders An overview

Meslier N.; Racineux J L., 1990 :
Sleep and hypoxemia due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Autret A.; Lucas B.; Degiovanni E.; D.T.ffol B.; Markabi S.; Laffont F., 1990:
Sleep and interictal paroxysmal epileptic activities pa

Shiozawa, Z., 1996:
Sleep and internal medicine

Garay Lillo J., 1989:
Sleep and its disorders in geriatrics

Kilduff, T.S.; Krilowicz, B.; Milsom, W.K.; Trachsel, L.; Wang, L.C., 1993:
Sleep and mammalian hibernation: homologous adaptations and homologous processes?

Rotenberg, V.S., 1992:
Sleep and memory. I: The influence of different sleep stages on memory

Rotenberg, V.S., 1992:
Sleep and memory. II: Investigations on humans

Sejnowski, Terrence J., 1995:
Sleep and memory Recent experimental and theoretical advances suggest that memories may be reorganized in the cortex during sleep

Stone W.S.; Rudd R.J.; Smith M.; Gold P.E., 1989:
Sleep and memory deficits in amygdala kindled rats effects of glucose

Mut, M.; Solis, F.; Gongora, J.L.; Arankowsky, G., 1997:
Sleep and memory deficits produced by experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection in the rat

Grubar J.C., 1989:
Sleep and mental retardation towards a synthesis

Pollak, C.P.; Perlick, D.; Linsner, J.P., 1994:
Sleep and motor activity of community elderly who frequently use bedtime medications

Linkowski, Paul, 1995:
Sleep and neuroendocrine rhythms in man A twin study

Billiard, M.; Partinen, M.; Roth, T.; Shapiro, C., 1994:
Sleep and psychiatric disorders

Rabenschlag, U.; Heger, R., 1994:
Sleep and psychopathological problems in children

Viot Blanc, V.; Bourdel, M.C., 1998:
Sleep and psychopathology in insomniacs What determines what?

Leger, D.; Janus, C.; Pellois, A.; Dreyfus, J.P.erre, 1994:
Sleep and quality of life of subjects treated with zopiclone and of good sleepers

Wiegand, L., 1990:
Sleep and resistive loading influences on human upper airway collapsibility

Tafti M.; Villemin E.; Carlander B.; Besset A.; Billiard M., 1991:
Sleep and respiration at high altitude during 30 nights of ambulatory recording

Remmers J.E.; Issa F.G.; Suratt P.M., 1990:
Sleep and respiration banff alberta canada april 1989

Arnulf, I.; Garma, L.; Mehiri, S.; Attali, V.; Similowski, T.; Salachas, F.; Meininger, V.; Derenne, J.P., 1996:
Sleep and respiration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Marchi, E.; Peta, M.; Negretto, G.C.; Scarpazza, P., 1994:
Sleep and respiration in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Gaultier C.; Escourrou P., 1990:
Sleep and respiratory diseases in adults modalities of and indications for investigations

Burgess K.A.; Demesquita S., 1989:
Sleep and respiratory patterns in lean and obese zucker rats

Rosen, R.C., 1991:
Sleep and sexual function in the elderly male

Aleman,M.; Williams,D.C.; Holliday,T., 2008:
Sleep and sleep disorders in horses

Dunitz Scheer, M.; Scheer, P.; Wilken, M.; Kaschnitz, W.; Kurz, R., 1998:
Sleep and sleep disorders in small children

Tobler, I.; Huber, R.; Deboer, T., 1998:
Sleep and sleep regulation in prion protein knockout mice

Nicholson A.N.; Stone B.M.; Spencer M.B., 1990:
Sleep and sleepiness of the airline pilot

Bruni, O.; Antignani, M.; Innocenzi, M.; Ottaviano, P.; Ottaviano, S.; Giannotti, F.; Cortesi, F., 1996:
Sleep and temperament as predictors of academic achievement in school children

Baldini, L.; Bruni, O.; Cortesi, F.; Giannotti, F.; Innocenzi, M.; Ottaviano, C.; Ottaviano, P.; Pelliccia, A.; Ottaviano, S., 1994:
Sleep and temperature characteristics in toddlers with febrile convulsions

Monteiro, P.; Barros, J.; Correia, A.P.ula; Pinheiro, J., 1993:
Sleep and tension-type headaches

Lugaresi, Elio, 1993:
Sleep and the autonomic nervous system in normal and pathological conditions

Orr, W.C.; Harnish, M.; Lin, B.; Crowell, M.D.; Chen, J.D.Z., 1995:
Sleep and the irritable bowel syndrome Derailing the brain-gut axis

Davies, R.J., 1993:
Sleep and the lung: current issues in nocturnal respiratory research

Mauri, M., 1990:
Sleep and the reproductive cycle: a review

Murphy, J.R.; Johnson, L.F., 1993:
Sleep and the respiratory complications of gastroesophageal reflux

Rulyak, S.; Utermohlen, V., 1994:
Sleep and total cholesterol levels in college age males and females

Lecendreux, M.; Konofal, E.; Bouvard, M.P.; Mouren Simeoni, M.C., 1996:
Sleep and vigilance in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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