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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 33412

Chapter 33412 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nicholson, A.N.; Pascoe, P.A., 1990:
Sleep in man modulation by inhibitors of 5 ht uptake

Bliwise, D.L., 1993:
Sleep in normal aging and dementia

Prowse, Keith, 1994:
Sleep in other systemic disorders

Edell Gustafsson, U.; Aren, C.; Hetta, J., 1996:
Sleep in patients undergoing surgery with coronary artery bypass graft

Shoenut, J.P.; Yamashiro, Y.; Millar, T.; Micflikier, A.B.; Kryger, M.H., 1995:
Sleep in patients with an aperistaltic esophagus and severe recumbent reflux

Liesiene, Vanda, 1994:
Sleep in patients with brain stem injury

Onen, S.H.; Bailly, D.; Servant, D.; Danel, T.; Parquet, P.J., 1992:
Sleep in patients with depression Diagnostic and predictive value of sleep studies

Trenkwalder, C.; Collado Seidel, V.; Pollmaecher, T.; Yassouridis, A.; Wetter, T.C., 1998:
Sleep in patients with untreated Parkinsons disease and multiple system atrophy compared to normal controls

Whitney, M.P.; Thoman, E.B., 1994:
Sleep in premature and fullterm infants from 24-hour home recordings

Popoviciu, L.; Bagathai, I.; Roman, V.; Delast Popoviciu, D.; Goria, M.; Asgian, B., 1994:
Sleep in psychomotor epilepsies

Obal, F.Jr; Kacsoh, B.; Guha Thakurta, N.; Bredow, S.; Krueger, J.M., 1996:
Sleep in rats bearing transplanted pituitaries under the kidney capsule

Leigh, T.J., 1990:
Sleep in rheumatic patients

Szymczak, J.T.; Kaiser, W.; Helb, H.W.; Beszczynska, B., 1994:
Sleep in the European blackbird

Susman, J.L., 1989:
Sleep in the elderly: a practical approach

Cerezo Corbalan, J.M.; Marco Orenes, F.J., 1991:
Sleep in the elderly i

Chang, H.Y.; Sei, H.; Enai, T.; Morita, Y., 1992:
Sleep in young adults with Downs syndrome

Sridhar, G.R.; Madhu, K., 1996:
Sleep in young untreated hypothyroid subjects

Waldstreicher, J.; Duffy, J.F.; Rogacz, S.; Czeisler, C.A., 1992:
Sleep independent circadian rhythm of prolactin secretion in follicular and luteal phase women

Shiihara, Y.; Nakajima, M.; Miyazaki, Y.; Nakamiya, T.; Miyamoto, M.; Takahashi, S.; Kodama, M., 1998:
Sleep indices in morning and evening type using ambulatory skin potential recording

Umezu, R.; Lee, S.I., 1991:
Sleep induced changes of generalized spike and waves in absence seizures

Touchon, J., 1992:
Sleep induction

Ferry, M., 1996:
Sleep induction in the elderly

Achermann, P.; Werth, E.; Dijk, D.J.; Borbely, A.A., 1994:
Sleep inertia after an early evening nap Alertness and performance measures

Takahashi, M.; Arito, H., 1998:
Sleep inertia and autonomic effects on post-nap P300 event-related potential

Macchi, M.; Heitmann, A.; Davis, B.; Aguirre, A.; Stampi, C., 1996:
Sleep inertia following multiple naps during prolonged sleep reduction

Bastuji, H.; Garcia Larrea, L., 1998:
Sleep inertia studied with event related potentials Results in controls and in patients complaining of hypersomnia

Cavallero, C.; Versace, F., 1998:
Sleep inertia, sleep stage prior to awakening and cognitive performance

Moldofsky, H., 1989:
Sleep influences on regional and diffuse pain syndromes associated with osteoarthritis

Borbély, A.A.; Achermann, P.; Trachsel, L.; Tobler, I., 1989:
Sleep initiation and initial sleep intensity: interactions of homeostatic and circadian mechanisms

Conrad, E.A.; Braun, S.R., 1990:
Sleep interruption in chronic obstructive airway disease coad

Guan, Z.; Vgontzas, A.N.; Bixler, E.O.; Fang, J., 2008:
Sleep is increased by weight gain and decreased by weight loss in mice

Fang, J.; Krueger, J.M., 1998:
Sleep is reduced in mice without TNF 55KD receptor and IL-1type I receptor

Monti, J.M., 1990:
Sleep laboratory study of the effects of zolpidem in insomniac patients

Lichtor, J.L.; Alessi, R.; Lane, B., 1995:
Sleep latency after drugs used for ambulatory surgery How long must patients avoid their normal activities

Chervin, R.D.; Mignot, E.; Guilleminault, C., 1994:
Sleep latency is overestimated on MSLT naps

Weissbluth, M., 1991:
Sleep learning: the first four months

Brown, B.; Wildsoet, C.F.; Swann, P.G., 1989:
Sleep light dark and intraocular pressure

Wehr, T.A., 1989:
Sleep loss: a preventable cause of mania and other excited states

Harrison, Y.; Horne, J.A., 1998:
Sleep loss affects risk-taking

Gaillard, A.W.K.; Steyvers, F.J.J.M., 1989 :
Sleep loss and sustained performance

Sampaio, C.; Atalaia, A.; Santos, R.; Paiva, T.; Castro Caldas, A., 1992:
Sleep macro and microstructure in Parkinson disease

Naitoh, P., 1990:
Sleep management of aircrews

Wetter, T.C.; Collado Seidel, V.; Pollmaecher, T.; Yassouridis, A.; Trenkwalder, C., 1998:
Sleep measures in drug-free patients with Parkinsons disease and multiple system atrophy compared to normal controls

Reynolds, C.F.; Brunner, D., 1995:
Sleep microarchitecture in depression: commentary

Bach, V.; Telliez, F.; Leke, A.; Risbourg, B.; Libert, J.P.erre, 1998:
Sleep modifications during prolonged cool exposure in human neonates

Inoue, S.; Kimura Takeuchi, M.; Honda, K.; Kovalzon, V., 1991:
Sleep modulatory activities of dsip and its analogues in unrestrained rats

Lutchmansingh, P.; Poland, R.E., 1994:
Sleep neuroendocrinology

Musumeci, S.A.; Ferri, R.; Elia, M.; Dal Gracco, S.; Scuderi, C.; Stefanini, M.C.; Castano, A.; Azan, G., 1996:
Sleep neurophysiology in fragile X patients

Gaultier, C.; Messer, J.; Bobin, S., 1991:
Sleep obstruction apnea syndrome in infants and children

Robertson, K.A.; Spencer, M.B.; Johnson, M.K., 1998:
Sleep of aircrew after a 9 hour eastward time zone transition

Akerstedt, T.; Folkard, S., 1994:
Sleep onset and offset prediction using the three-process model of alertness regulation

White, M.A.; Williams, P.D.; Alexander, D.J.; Powell-Cope, G.M.; Conlon, M., 1990:
Sleep onset latency and distress in hospitalized children

Taylor, S.F.; Tandon, R.; Shipley, J.E.; Eiser, A.S.; Goodson, J., 1991:
Sleep onset REM periods in schizophrenic patients

Stefanini, M.C.; Torrioli, M.G.; Mariotti, P.; Calzolari, S.; Dell'anna E., 1990:
Sleep organization in babies with mild metabolic abnormalities

Torrioli, M.G.; Stefanini, M.C.; Rosenholtz, E.I.; Papacci, P.; Tortorolo, G., 1994:
Sleep organization in preterm infants

Mazzoni, G.; Massetani, R.; Gori, S.; Orlandi, G.; Formicola, G.; Murri, L.; Salzarulo, P., 1994:
Sleep organization influences words recall in the elderly

Steriade, M., 1993:
Sleep oscillations in corticothalamic neuronal networks and their development into self-sustained paroxysmal activity

Tal, A.; Leiberman, A.; Zalzstein, E.; Zucker, N., 1995:
Sleep oxygen desaturation and pulmonary hypertension in children with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome

Okada, T.; Ohta, T.; Terashima, M.; Kayukawa, Y.; Iwata, T.; Ozaki, N.; Nakahara, O., 1990:
Sleep oxygen desaturation as an index in the study of sleep apnea syndrome sas

Myslinski, N.R., 1993:
Sleep paralysis in non-narcoleptics

Brunner, D.P.; Krauchi, K.; Leonhardt, G.; Graw, P.; Haug, H.J.achim; Wirz Justice, A., 1994:
Sleep parameters of middle-aged women in winter and summer

Porcu, S.; Bellatreccia, A.; Belli, A.; Angelino, G.; Vanzi, E., 1994:
Sleep pattern and time of day effect during an unusual rest-activity schedule

Kaplan, Judith, A., 1992:
Sleep pattern disturbances in the rehabilitation patient

Gulekon, A.; Atik, L.; Isik, E.; Gurer, M.A.i; Arikan, Z., 1993:
Sleep pattern in Behcets disease

Diomedi, M.; Silvestri, G.; Scalise, A.; Placidi, F.; Gigli, G.L., 1996:
Sleep pattern in autism Comparison with normal and Downs syndrome subjects

Giubilei, F.; Fiorelli, M.; Morino, S.; Tisei, P.; Fiorini, M.; Antonini, G., 1996:
Sleep pattern in myotonic dystrophy

Heitmann, A.; Aguirre, A.; Trutschel, U.; Guttkuhn, R.; Imrie, A.; Moore Ede, M., 1998:
Sleep pattern in workers with irregular and unpredictable work hours

Gurakar, A.; Harnish, M.J.; Hassanein, T.; Van Thiel, D.H.; Orr, W.C., 1995:
Sleep pattern occurring in individuals with hepatitis C

Olthuis, H.; Monden, M.; Verbeek, I.; Declerck, A.C.; Slaets, J.P.J., 1996:
Sleep pattern of elderly people at home and after admission to a hospital

Palma, B.D.arte; Suchecki, D.; Tufik, S., 1998:
Sleep pattern of rats submitted to a single session of forced swimming stress

Valente, M.; Placidi, F.; Bigagli, A.; Morghen, I.; Silvestri, G.; Proietti, R.; Gigli, G.L., 1996:
Sleep pattern recovery as a prognostic criterion in head injury coma

Spallone, V.; Della Marca, G.; Bernardi, L.; Mennuni, G.; Maiello, M.R.; Calciati, A.; Canale, G.; Fratino, P.; Tonali, P.A.; Menzinger, G., 1994:
Sleep pattern, blood pressure, and sympatho-vagal activity in diabetic autonomic neuropathy

Garzon, M.; D.A.dres, I.; Reinoso Suarez, F., 1996:
Sleep patterning after cholinergic and glutamatergic stimulation in the ventrol oral pontine tegmentum

Ball, J.D.; Koloian, B., 1995:
Sleep patterns among ADHD children

Asna, N.; Tzischinsky, O.; Epstein, R.; Nave, R.; Shen Orr, Z.; Lavie, P., 1998:
Sleep patterns and circadian rhythms in submariners during prolonged undersea voyages

Byrne, B.; Nino-Murcia, G.; Gaddy, J.R.; Doghramji, K.; Keenan, S., 1990:
Sleep patterns and dexamethasone suppression in nondepressed bulimics

Cohen, S.; Poisson, M.A.; Printemps, C.; Mccann, C.C.owe; Quera Salva, M.A., 1994:
Sleep patterns and prevalence of sleep difficulties in university students

Liu, X.; Zhao, Z.; Jia, C.; Buysse, D.J., 2008:
Sleep patterns and problems among chinese adolescents

Knapp-Spooner, C.; Yarcheski, A., 1992 :
Sleep patterns and stress in patients having coronary bypass

Susic, V.; Nesovic, M.; Zarkovic, M.; Ciric, J., 1991:
Sleep patterns before and during pulsatile lhrh treatment in patients with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism

Fagioli, I.; Bes, F.; Ricour, C.; Salzarulo, P., 1990:
Sleep patterns in children under continuous and cyclic parenteral nutrition

Watanabe, H., 1995:
Sleep patterns in children with nocturnal enuresis

Onen, F.; Onen, S.H.; Bastuji, H.; Revol, O.; Mauguiere, F.; D.V.llard, R., 1996:
Sleep patterns in depressed adolescents 48 hour continuous recording

Schorr, S.J.; Chawla, A.; Chauhan, S.P.; Sullivan, C.A.; Naef, R.W.IIi; Morrison, J.C., 1994:
Sleep patterns in pregnancy A longitudinal study of polysomnology recording in pregnancy

Kormi, L.A.ini Sereshki; Allard, J.; Amirlak, B., 1998:
Sleep patterns of a Caribbean medical school students

Tepas, D.I.; Carvalhais, A.B., 1990:
Sleep patterns of shiftworkers

Ayala Guerrero, F.; Vargas Reyna, L.; Ramos, J.I.; Mexicano, G., 1998:
Sleep patterns of the volcano mouse

Sakuda, M.; Noro, T.; Tanne, K., 1993:
Sleep patterns with activators in use

Parkes, K.R., 1994:
Sleep patterns, shiftwork, and individual differences: a comparison of onshore and offshore control-room operators

Harman, K.; Pivik, R.T., 1998:
Sleep patterns, sleep quality and brief motor events during sleep in chronic low back pain subjects

Schlaefke, M.E.; Schaefer, T., 1991:
Sleep phase related carbon dioxide partial pressure values in infants with normal and reduced respiratory response to carbon dioxide

Sachlaefke, M.E.; Schaefer, T., 1991:
Sleep phase related to carbon dioxide partial pressure in infants under closed and open loop conditions of the central ph carbon dioxide partial pressure control system

Miano, S.; Bruni, O.; Elia, M.; Scifo, L.; Smerieri, A.; Trovato, A.; Verrillo, E.; Terzano, M.G.; Ferri, R., 2008:
Sleep phenotypes of intellectual disability: a polysomnographic evaluation in subjects with Down syndrome and Fragile-X syndrome

Anonymous, 1998:
Sleep pioneer Eugene Aserisky dies at 77 in California

Mouret, J.; Lemoine, P.; Minuit, M.P.; Sanchez, P.; Taillard, J., 1989:
Sleep polygraphic effects of trimipramine in depressed patients. Preliminary report

Tiberge, M.; Portero, F.; Duforez, F.; Chauve, J.Y.; Arbus, L., 1994:
Sleep polygraphic studies of solitary navigators

Thaker, G.K.; Wagman, A.M.; Tamminga, C.A., 1990:
Sleep polygraphy in schizophrenia: methodological issues

Latini, G.; Mondini, S.; Gerardi, R.; Buzzi, G.; Manconi, M.; Cirignotta, F., 1998:
Sleep position and OSAS The risk of false negative results in unattended ambulatory recordings

Scheers, N.J.; Dayton, C.M.tchell; Kemp, J.S., 1996:
Sleep practices associated with risk for lethal rebreathing among 206 infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly

Wiggs, L.; Stores, G., 1996:
Sleep problems and daytime challenging behaviour in children with severe learning disabilities

Allen, S.; Del Rosario, M.L.U.; Mehta, P.; Rodrigue, J.; Wingard, J.R., 1997:
Sleep problems in bone marrow transplant recipients Potential relevance to melatonin dysregulation

Flavia, G.; Flavia, C.; Antonella, M., 1996:
Sleep problems in childhood epilepsy A questionnaire-based study

Krakowiak, P.; Goodlin-Jones, B.; Hertz-Picciotto, I.; Croen, L.A.; Hansen, R.L., 2008:
Sleep problems in children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and typical development: a population-based study

Sadeh, A.; Lavie, P.; Gruen, W., 1991:
Sleep problems in early childhood a new look with an advanced method for longitudinal home monitoring

Montmayeur, A.; Buguet, A., 1994:
Sleep problems in melanoid and caucasian subjects living in the tropics

Shapiro, C.M.; Devins, G.M.; Hussain, M.R.G., 1993:
Sleep problems in patients with medical illness

Honda, K.; Komoda, Y.; Inoue, S., 1991:
Sleep promoting activity of oxidized and reduced glutathione in freely behaving rats

Tynjala, J.; Kannas, L.; Levalahti, E.; Valimaa, R., 1996:
Sleep promoting factors among 15-year-old Finnish adolescents

Sherin, J.E.; Elmquist, J.K.; Saper, C.B., 1996:
Sleep promotion by the rostral hypothalamus A potential mechanism

Skouteris, H.; Germano, C.; Wertheim, E.H.; Paxton, S.J.; Milgrom, J., 2008:
Sleep quality and depression during pregnancy: a prospective study

Newman, A.B.; Houck, P.; Ives, D.; Traven, N.; Kuller, L.H., 1992:
Sleep quality and illness in rural elderly

Hofman, W.F.; Kumar, A., 1996:
Sleep quality and sleep disturbance

Tartara, A.; Manni, R.; Ratti, M.T.resa; Sartori, R.V.M.relliana; Galimberti, C.A.drea, 1996:
Sleep quality and sleep hygiene in epileptic patients A survey based on a self-administered sleep questionnaire

Sergi, M.; Rizzi, M.; D.S.efano, A.; Resta, O., 1998:
Sleep quality in COPD with and without nocturnal O2 therapy

Kosmas, E.N.; Roussou, T.; Haniotou, A.; Toukmatzi, S.; Michaelides, S.; Damianos, A., 1998:
Sleep quality, nocturnal oxygenation and heart rate in patients with COPD and severe snoring without sleep apnea syndrome

Sandek, K.; Andersson, T.; Bratel, T.; Hellstrom, G., 1994:
Sleep quality, respiratory drive and desaturation patterns in nocturnal hypoxaemia due to chronic obstructive lung disease

Rida, Z.; Rida, C.; Quillet, C.; Leroy, B.; Levi Valensi, P., 1995:
Sleep questionnaire Performance of symptoms in patients referred for polysomnography

Ferri, R.; Elia, M.; Musumeci, S.A.; Candian, C.; Orviati, S.; Miano, G.M.; Bergonzi, P., 1994:
Sleep rapid eye movement activity in autism A Markov-Process approach

Malow, B.A.; Carney, P.R.; Bowes, R.J., 1998:
Sleep recordings differentiate hippocampal polyspike discharges from physiological sleep spindles

Svanborg, E.; Borg, J.; Klefback, B.; Weinberg, J., 1990:
Sleep recordings of patients with slowly progressive respiratory muscle paresis

D.L.cca, L.; Criado, J.R.; Calbet, M.; Danielson, P.E.; Henriksen, S.J.; Sutcliffe, J.G.; Prospero Garcia, O., 1998:
Sleep regulates accumulation of the cortical neuropeptide cortistatin

Gritti, L.; Mariotti, M.; Mancia, M., 1998:
Sleep regulation Cholinergic and gabaergic systems in the basal forebrain and preoptic-anterior hypothalamic areas

Inoué, S., 1994:
Sleep regulation and sleep substances

Schwierin, B.; Borbely, A.A.; Tobler, I., 1996:
Sleep regulation in the rat Prolonged effect of 24-H sleep deprivation

Porkka Heiskanen, T.; Strecker, R.E.; Mccarley, R.W., 1998:
Sleep regulation in two basal forebrain locations studied by in vivo microdialysis

Krueger, J.M.; Obal, F., J., 1997:
Sleep regulatory substances

Praud, J.P.; Benlabed, M.; Egreteau, L.; Curzi, L.; Gaultier, C., 1989:
Sleep related abdominal muscle behavior in infants during rebreathing carbon dioxide

Bauer, D.; Fichter, J.; Fries, R.; Heisel, A.; Schieffer, H.; Sybrecht, G.W., 1996:
Sleep related breathing disorders in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

Fischer, R.; Brenner, M.; Scheuer, R.; Huber, R.M.; Landgraf, R., 1994:
Sleep related breathing disorders in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and autonomous neuropathy

Iwase, S.; Mano, T.; Okada, H.; Sugiyama, Y.; Takeuchi, S.; Miwa, C.; Okamoto, T.; Watanabe, T., 1991:
Sleep related changes of muscle and skin sympathetic nerve activities in humans

Resta, O.; Laera, V.; Foschino, M.P.; Bonfito, P.; D.P.rgola, G.; Giorgino, R.; Magli, R.; Talamo, S., 1998:
Sleep related disorders breathing in obese referred to endocrinological centre Clinical antropometrical, bioelectrical impedanciometrical, respiratory functional and polysomnographical evaluation

Branthwaite, M.A., 1991:
Sleep related disorders of breathing

Cohen, M.; Oksenberg, A., 1991:
Sleep related epileptic seizures a common sleep disorder in traumatic brain injured tbi patients

Martins, A.; Paiva, T.; Farinha, A.; Batista, A., 1996:
Sleep related headaches Clinical and polysomnographic features

Koyama, Y.; Hayaishi, O., 1991:
Sleep related neurons in the preoptic area poa project to the posterior hypothalamus ph in rat

Cilli, A.; Tathcioglu, T.; Kokturk, O., 1997:
Sleep related oxygen desaturation in men with coronary artery disease

Orcel, B.; Fleury, B.; Derenne, J.P., 1990:
Sleep related respiratory disorders and sleep apnea syndrome

Samuel, M.P.; Southall, D.P.; Stebbens, V.A., 1990:
Sleep related upper airway obstruction in pediatric patients

Burbiel, I.; Koeppen, U.; Thome, A.; Stein, G., 1991:
Sleep research with patients suffering from anorexia nervosa compared to other human structural diagnosis groups

Ammon, G.; Koeppen, U.; Thome, A., 1990:
Sleep researches of borderline patients compared with groups of patients with depression schizophrenia and psychosomatic disease

Ammon, G.; Koeppen, U.; Stein, G.; Thome, A.; Tiedge, W., 1989:
Sleep researches with borderlines patients compared with groups of patients with depression schizophrenia and psychosomatic illness

Sapene, M.; Ngombet, R.; Moinard, J.; Nejjari, C.; Tessier, J.F., 1994:
Sleep respiratory disorders consequences on daily life

Villa, M.P.; Dotta, A.; Paggi, B.; Piro, S.; Paglietti, M.G.; Pagani, J.; Zicari, A.M.; Palamides, S.; Bonci, E.; Ronchetti, R., 1996:
Sleep respiratory disorders in children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the first 2 years of life

D.V.to F.; Braghiroli, A.; Sacco, C.; Magnaghi, S.; Erbetta, M.; Donner, C.F.; Giordano, A., 1991:
Sleep respiratory disorders in patients with stable chronic heart failure a polysomnographic study

Pringuey, D.; Capdeville, C.; Belugou, J.L.c; Talichet, L.; Darcourt, G., 1994:
Sleep response to a single-dose of antidepressant in depressive pseudo-dementia

Carskadon, M.A.; Roth, T., 1991:
Sleep restriction

Watenpaugh, D.E.; Wasmund, W.L.; Wasmund, S.L.; Muenter, N.K.; Smith, M.L., 1998:
Sleep restriction doubles the vasoconstrictor response to static handgrip exercise

Morin, C.M.; Kowatch, R.A.; O'Shanick, G., 1990:
Sleep restriction for the inpatient treatment of insomnia

Momoi, M.; Fukuda, K.; Okano, T.; Hoshino, Y., 1992:
Sleep rhythm disturbances in school refusers

Philip, P.; Taillard, J.; Diefenbach, K.; Bioulac, B.; Akerstedt, T., 1998:
Sleep schedules of 227 truck drivers, relation between sleep hygiene and performance

Samson Dollfus, D., 1992:
Sleep scoring in children

Samson Dollfus, D.; Delagree, E.; Jan, M.; Hemet, C., 1996:
Sleep spindles and slow waves sleep in excessive day-time sleepiness

Van Luijtelaar, E.L.J.M.; Coenen, A.M.L., 1994:
Sleep spindles and spike-wave discharges in rats One thalamic oscillator?

Silvestri, R.; Bramanti, P.; Saltuari, L.; Gerstenbrandt, F.; D.P.rri, R., 1992:
Sleep spindles in the apallic syndrome

Malkoff, M.D.; Razumovsky, A.Y.; Williams, M.A.; Diringer, M.N.; Borel, C.O.; Hanley, D.F., 1998:
Sleep ssociated arterial oxygen desaturation in patients with hydrocephalus

Yamamoto, Y.; Togo, F.; Sawai, K.; Miyashita, M., 1996:
Sleep stage affected fractal nature of heart rate variability in humans

Visconti, A.; Cuttitta, G.; Cibella, F.; Vignola, M.; Bonsignore, G., 1990:
Sleep stage dependence of ventilatory response to resistive loading in nocturnal asthma

Parent, J.M.; Wade, P.B.; Ebersole, J.S., 1989:
Sleep stage specific spectral analysis of eeg assists localization of epileptic foci in complex partial epilepsy

Butte, N.F.; Jensen, C.L.; Moon, J.K.; Glaze, D.G.; Frost, J.D.Jr, 1990:
Sleep stage variation in energy expenditure of infants

Vaughn, B.V.; Setty, A.B.; Quint, S.R.; Greenwood, R.; D'cruz, O'neill F.; Bernard, E.; Robertson, K.R.; Messenheimer, J.A., 1998:
Sleep stage-dependent heart period variability during vagal nerve stimulation

Kaartinen, J.; Erkinjuntti, M.; Rauhala, E., 1994:
Sleep stages and static charge sensitive bed activity analysis

Chaudhary, B.; Ahmad, M.; Savani, I.; Akhtar, B.; Speir, W., 1991:
Sleep stages in severe obstructive sleep apnea

Shlitner, A.; Nave, R.; Lavie, P., 1996:
Sleep stages segmentation method

Sondheimer, J.M.; Hoddes, E., 1990:
Sleep staging in infants with gastroesophageal reflux

Kirjavainen, T.; Cooper, D.; Polo, O.; Sullivan, C.E., 1996:
Sleep staging without electrodes in infants and young children SCSB versus PSG

Lamoureux, D.; Spencer, S., 1993:
Sleep state in lobar epilepsies

Garpestad, E.; Ringler, J.; Warmington, E.; Parker, J.A.; Weiss, J.W., 1992:
Sleep state influences the blood pressure elevation at apnea termination in patients with osa

Curzi Dascalova, L.; Filtchev, S.I.; Spassov, L.; Gaultier, C.; Kauffmann, F., 1994:
Sleep states and effect of mild hypoxia in infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Peirano, P.; Cauchemez, B.; Chastang, C.; Azancot, A.; Blot, P., 1994:
Sleep states and wakefulness modulate the heart rate response to a reflex vagal stimulation in normal full-term newborns

Dittrichova, J.; Paul, K.; Sobotkova, D.; Tautermannova, M.; Vondracek, J.; Zezulakova, J., 1994:
Sleep states in infants What can tell us about later development

Kotani, K.; Saiga, K.; Sakane, N.; Mu, H.; Kurozawa, Y., 2007:
Sleep status and blood pressure in a healthy normotensive female population

Ambrosini, M.V.; Gambelunghe, C.; Mariucci, G.; Bruschelli, G.; Adami, M.; Giuditta, A., 1994:
Sleep structure and EEG power spectra in gerbils trained for a passive avoidance task

Pecknold, J.C.; Luthe, L., 1990:
Sleep studies and neurochemical correlates in panic disorder and agoraphobia

Bromfield, E.; Silvestri, R.; White, D.; Winkelmann, J.; Richardson, G.; Robertson Thompson, A.; Nugent, W.; Dworetzky, B., 1997:
Sleep studies in adult patients with epilepsy monitoring

Bromfield, E.; Richardson, G.; Nugent, W.; Robertson Thompson, A.; Dworetzky, B., 1996:
Sleep studies in adults undergoing epilepsy monitoring

Shiromani, P.J.; Thakker, J.; Thakker, M.; Greco, M.A.; Basheer, R.; Mccarley, R.W., 1997:
Sleep studies in c-fos knockout mice

Gaillard, J.M., 1992:
Sleep studies in psychiatry

Ricci, Stefano, 1994:
Sleep studies of children with alternating hemiplegia of childhood

Pitzalis, M.V.; Mastropasqua, F.; Massari, F.; Forleo, C.; Passantino, A.; Totaro, P.; D.B.ase, M.; Rizzon, P., 1995:
Sleep suppression of arrhythmias A predictor of beta-blocker efficacy

Onoe, H.; Ono, K.; Watanabe, Y.; Koyama, Y.; Hayaishi, O., 1991:
Sleep suppressive and awaking effects of prostaglandin e 2 pge 2 in the rhesus monkey

Robertson, F.; Hume, K.I.; O'boyle D.J., 1990:
Sleep tendency after alcohol at different times of the day

Vodzinsky, B.K., 1953:
Sleep therapy in acute inflammations of the lungs

Varon, S.C., 1995:
Sleep therapy package

Colley, N.E.; Marley, R.J.; Collins, A.C., 1990:
Sleep time and hypothermia mechanisms differ in ls and ss mouse lines

Griefahn, B.; Deppe, C.; Mehnert, P.; Moog, R.; Schuemer Kohrs, A., 1998:
Sleep times as determined by general questionnaires, daily sleep logs, and actimeters

Idzikowski, C., 1990:
Sleep titration and memory

Marks, G.A.; Roffwarg, H.P., 1990:
Sleep wake activity of ventrobasal complex neurons in the rat

Silver, J.E.; Auerbach, S.; Durso, R.; Howard, G.IIi; Feldman, R.G., 1991:
Sleep wake cycle circadian rhythm and parkinsons disease

Aharon Peretz, J.; Peretz, L.; Masiah, A.; Pillar, T., 1990:
Sleep wake cycles in mid and sdat

Schulz, H.; Kiss, E.; Hasse, D.; Gudewill, S.; Loehr, K.; Pollmacher, T.; Brandenberger, G., 1990:
Sleep wake distribution and plasma hormone levels in narcoleptic patients under continuous bedrest

Cherepanova, V.A.; Putilov, A.A., 1991:
Sleep wake pattern type and objective physiological characteristics during sleep deprivation

Yamauchi, T., 1990:
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