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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33440

Chapter 33440 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Iida, T.; Guo, Q.; Ikebe, Y., 1995:
Some problems on the measurement of 222Rn concentrations by passive cup method

Amezcua,; Salazar, L.A., 1992:
Some problems on the pharmacological classification of dependence-forming and abused drugs

Bach, F.H., 1997:
Some problems related to discordant xenografting

Tannock, I.F., 1992:
Some problems related to the design and analysis of clinical trials

Basu A.P., 1992:
Some problems relating to safe dose estimation

Wang Liuqi; Jiang Zaixing; Liu Menghui; Zhao Chengling; Cao Yingchang; Han Wentao, 1993:
Some problems relating to sandstone diagenesis; a case study of Ana Depression, Erlian Basin

Rose, M.; McMahon, F.G., 1990:
Some problems with antihypertensive drug studies in the context of the new guidelines

Lawrence W.Jr, 1991:
Some problems with clinical trials

Kozaki, M., 1992:
Some problems with organ preservation

Bao, L., 1998:
Some problems with proper use of phosphorus fertilizers in the northern China Plain

Thomas H.; Ford P.D.; Read G.F.; Riad Fahmy D., 1989:
Some problems with testosterone assays and antisera

Ereshefsky, Marc, 1994:
Some problems with the Linnaean hierarchy

D.Leon, G., 1994:
Some problems with the anti-prohibitionist position on legalization of drugs

Byrnes C.; Stewart A.; Trouton T.G.; Allen J.D., 1991:
Some problems with the thermodilution method for measuring coronary sinus blood flow in vitro and in the anesthetized pig and dog

Hirayanagi, Kaname, 1993:
Some problems with the widely used statistical procedures for medical researches in Japan

Parham T.M.Jr, 1992:
Some problems with urea determination in certain organic nitrogen containing liquid fertilizers

Kocak,S.; Tekerli,M.; Ozbeyaz,C.; Demirhan,I., 2008:
Some production traits of Holstein, Brown-Swiss and Simmental cattle reared in Lalahan Livestock Research Institute

Toplu,H.D.O.; Altnel,A., 2008:
Some production traits of indigenous Hair goats bred under extensive conditions in Turkey 1st communication reproduction, milk yield and hair production traits of does

Toplu,H.D.O.; Altnel,A., 2008:
Some production traits of indigenous Hair goats bred under extensive conditions in Turkey 2nd communication viability and growth performances of kids

Anon, 1989:
Some products restricted or banned by epa usa

Fraser Reid B., 1990:
Some progeny of 2 3 unsaturated sugars they little resemble grandfather glucose fifteen years later

Davies N.W.; Standen N.B.; Stanfield P.R., 1989:
Some programs for the manipulation and analysis of data recorded from single ionic channels

Rossaro, B., 1990:
Some programs useful for managing data in ecology, taxonomy and zoogeography

Gong, Lan Sheng, 1993:
Some progress in studying hypertension

Xue, Gan Xin, 1993:
Some progress in the research of cardiovascular surgery

Jun Tian, Zhang, 1997:
Some progress in the study on natural products in China

Tumsavas,Z.; Aksoy,E., 2008:
Some properties and nutrient element contents of the soils in Bursa province Rendzina Great Soil Group

Nasser, M.E.A.; Onodera, R., 1997:
Some properties of 2,6-diaminopimelate decarboxylase from rumen protozoon, Entodinium caudatum

Surprenant A.; Derkach V.A.; Shen K Z.; North R.A., 1989:
Some properties of 5 ht 3 receptor channels single channel and whole cell recordings from submucosal neurons

Ivanchenko, M.G.; Mirkova, V.N.; Stoilov, L.M., 1992:
Some properties of DNases active in germinated and dry seeds of Zea mays

Lee, F.; Farkye, N.Y., 1995:
Some properties of Queso Blanco-type cheese during processing

Konno, S.; Chen, Y.; Maturana, J.; Perruccio, L.; Wu, J.M.; Wu, W., 1993:
Some properties of a HL-60 promyelocytic cell variant resistant to the phorbol ester TPA 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate

Othman, R.; Worrall, A.; Wilton, D.C., 1994:
Some properties of a human group II phospholipase A2 expressed from a synthetic gene in E. coli

Zhang X.; Pan J.; Liu Q., 1991:
Some properties of a new chlorophyll c component from dicrateria zhanjiangensis

Baranyi, J.; Roberts, T.A.; Mcclure, P., 1993:
Some properties of a nonautonomous deterministic growth model describing the adjustment of the bacterial population to a new environment

Steveni, C.M.; Norrington Davies, J., 1993:
Some properties of a seaweed extract based on Ascophyllum nodosum when sprayed, in conjunction with an adjuvant or fungicide, on to a barley crop infected with Erysiphe graminis

Yarleque A.; Sanchez N.; Campos S.; Marsh N.; Butterworth P.; Price R.; Hyslop S.; Lane D., 1990:
Some properties of a thrombin like enzyme isolated from bushmaster lachesis muta snake venom

Fruta, E.; Yamaguchi, K.; Nakamura, H., 1995:
Some properties of an agglutinin in the body surface mucus of the land slug, Incilaria fruhstorferi

Stace Smith R.; Shier J.L., 1989:
Some properties of apple mosaic virus isolated from thimbleberry in british columbia canada

Vardanyan D.A., 1990:
Some properties of arginase from pea seeds

Kato, C.; Hata, S.; Suzuki, S.; Horikoshi, K., 1993:
Some properties of barophilic bacteria isolated from a deep-sea mud sample

Sasaya, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Koganezawa, H., 1997:
Some properties of broad bean necrosis virus and effects on the growth of broad bean

Someya T.; Obara K.; Usuki T.; Yabu H., 1989:
Some properties of calcium channel in smooth muscle cells of guinea pig taenia coli

Kohda, M.; Komori, S.; Unno, T.; Ohashi, H., 1997:
Some properties of carbachol-induced oscillations in membrane potential in single smooth muscle cells of guinea-pig ileum

Obara K.; Someya T.; Usuki T.; Yabu H., 1990:
Some properties of cytochalasin b treated single smooth muscle cells

Fernandez J.; Vila Jato J.L.; Blanco J.; Ford J.L., 1989:
Some properties of diazepam polyethylene glycol 6000 solid dispersions and their modification in the presence of stearic acid or polysorbate 80

Iuchi, I., 1992:
Some properties of erythrocyte transition during post-hatching development of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

Mengeloglu,F.; Karakus,K., 2008:
Some properties of eucalyptus wood flour filled recycled high density polyethylene polymer-composites

Zeman, S.; Trzciński, W.A.; Matyás, R., 2007:
Some properties of explosive mixtures containing peroxides Part I. Relative performance and detonation of mixtures with triacetone triperoxide

Zeman, S.; Bartei, Cécile., 2007:
Some properties of explosive mixtures containing peroxides Part II. Relationships between detonation parameters and thermal reactivity of the mixtures with triacetone triperoxide

Mikhailova, T.V., 1992:
Some properties of extemporaneous preparation of internal and topical liquid drugs

Olajuyigbe,F.M.; Ajele,J.O., 2008:
Some properties of extracellular protease from Bacillus licheniformis LBBL-11 isolated from iru, a traditionally fermented African locust bean condiment

Liang, Y.T.; Guan, F.; Seib, P.A., 1995:
Some properties of hard wheat flour and their starches in relation to noodle quality

Gilmore W.S.; Laverty C.J., 1989:
Some properties of human hematopoietic growth factors colony stimulating factors

Livanova G.I.; Dubrovo P.N.; Krylova V.V.; Izmailov S.F., 1990:
Some properties of hydrogen atpases of the peribacteroid membrane of lupine root nodules

Inoue, K.; Kusumoto, N.; Sakurai, H., 1992:
Some properties of iron-sulfur centers in the F-B-destroyed and F-B-reconstituted PSI particles

Hashitani, H.; Windle, A.; Suzuki, H., 1997:
Some properties of junctional potentials evoked in arterioles of the guinea-pig choroid

Wize, J.; Knäuper, V.; Tschesche, H., 1990:
Some properties of latent collagenase from human synovial fluid

Cheung, W.W.K., 1997:
Some properties of leafhopper brochosomes

Leem J.W.; Sheen K.; Chung B.S.; Chung J.M.; Willis W.D., 1990:
Some properties of mechanoreceptors in the rat hind foot

Gomes, Y.M.; Furtado, A.F.; Regis, L.N.; Nakazawa, M.; Vouldoukis, I.; Monjour, L., 1992:
Some properties of monoclonal antibodies raised against blood forms of Y strain Trypanosoma cruzi

Woledge R.C., 1991:
Some properties of muscle limiting its performance as a power source for swimming

Kobayashi, N.; Sawada, S.; Ohno Shosaku, T.; Yamamoto, C., 1994:
Some properties of nicotinic cholinergic receptors in medial habenular nucleus of the guinea pig

Ishige K.; Makimura M.; Ito Y.; Murakoshi Y., 1989:
Some properties of opioid receptors in guinea pig cerebellum

Scott B.T.; Kovacs R.J.; Jones L.R., 1989:
Some properties of phospholamban synthesized in vitro from synthetic rna

Dzhumaev B.B.; Mogomedov I.M.; Abdullaev A.; Gorenkova L.G., 1990:
Some properties of ribulose biphosphate carboxylase from cotton leaves

Yazdanian,M.; Abad,R.F.P.; Rashidi,M.R.; Valizadeh,M.; Zadeh,N.R.; Vatankhah,A.M.; Hamidi,A.A., 2008:
Some properties of salivary alpha -amylase of the stripped bug, Graphosoma lineatum

Fujinoki, M.; Ishimoda Takagi, T., 1994:
Some properties of sea anemone tropomyosin

Sui J.L.; Wang S.Y.; Kao C.Y., 1991:
Some properties of single potassium channels of freshly dispersed guinea pig ureteral myocytes and their relation to whole cell potassium currents

Head S.I.; Bakker A.J.; Williams D.A.; Stephenson D.G., 1991:
Some properties of skeletal muscle fibers from young and mature dystrophic mdx mice

Mimura K., 1990:
Some properties of substances contributing to the experience dependent development of fly visual function

Tomioka, H.; Saito, H.; Sato, K., 1989:
Some properties of suppressor macrophages induced with Mycobacterium leprae vaccine in mice

Pasqualini S.; Panara F.; Antonielli M., 1990:
Some properties of surface acidic phosphatase in the mycorrhizal roots of pinus pinea x tuber albidum

Asakawa, T.; Takano, M.; Ariyoshi, S., 1997:
Some properties of the activation of CF-guanylate cyclase by several lipids and a modulatory factor separated from the cyclase sample

Takano M.; Asakawa T., 1989:
Some properties of the activation of calcium and unsaturated fatty acid dependent guanylate cyclase in synaptic plasma membranes

Johnstone B.M.; Gleich B.; Mavadat N.; Mcalpine D.; Kapadia S., 1990:
Some properties of the cubic distortion tone emission in the guinea pig

Cross A.R.; Yea C.M.; Jones O.T.G.; Shute J., 1989:
Some properties of the eosinophil superoxide generating system

Otto, D., 1997:
Some properties of the female sex pheromone of the Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say

Budde R.J.A.; Randall D.D., 1989:
Some properties of the inactivation of mpdc by phosphorylation and inactivation by bicarbonate

Schall V.T.; Vasconcellos M.; Lopes F.E.F.; Coelho A.L.V., 1989:
Some properties of the latex of coroa de cristo euphorbia splendens var hislipii an effective molluscicide

Lialikova, N.N., 1955:
Some properties of the microflora of the silt deposits which contribute to the balneological therapeutic properties of the silt

Washio, H.; Kamata, R., 1998:
Some properties of the neuromuscular junction in fish muscle fibers

Swift D.M.; Wheeler A.P., 1989:
Some properties of the organic matrix like materials isolated from frustules of the diatom cyclotella meneghiniana

Afinogenova, A.; Guether, D.; Kelley, J.; Williams, H.N., 1995:
Some properties of the predatory bacterium Micavibrio

Yamamoto, Y.; Fukuta, H.; Suzuki, H., 1993:
Some properties of the sodium channel in gastric smooth muscle of the rat

Malkova, O.V.; Evstigneeva, R.P.; Katenev, A.V.; Otroschenko, V.A., 1992:
Some properties of the tRNA structure in term of the origin of the genetic code

Nadala, E.C.B.Jr.; Tapay, L.M.; Yang, J.; Lu, Y.; Brock, J.A.; Loh, P.C., 1996:
Some properties of the yellow-head virus Its structural proteins and genome

Kanzawa S.A.; Lavond D.G., 1989:
Some properties of transfer of training after unilateral cerebellar lesion

Calle, Y.; Castro, B.; Palomares, T.; Bilbao, P.; Poupon, M.F.; Alonso Varona, A., 1996:
Some properties of two cell lines with high and low metastatic capacity derived from a rhabdomyosarcoma parental line

Mehaffey, Leathem, IIi, 1998:
Some properties of visual cells in the medicinal leech

Ono, A.; Ogura, K., 1992:
Some proposals to fully utilize performance of UHRSEM

Gavelli M.S., 1989:
Some prospectives about the application of expert systems in medicine

Chazov, E.I., 1991:
Some prospects of the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Tronchet J.M.J.; Zosimo Landolfo G.; Galland Barrera G.; Dolatshahi N., 1990:
Some protected o amino sugars and their derivatives

Kodaira, H.; Kagoshima, M.; Shimada, H., 1994:
Some protective effects of aspirin against the ethanol-induced gastric mucosal lesion Relationship of capsaicin sensitive afferent nerve

Zbarsky I.B.; Buldyaeva T.V.; Kuzmina S.N.; Bazarnova T.M.; Akopov S.B.; Filatova L.S., 1990:
Some proteins in normal and malignant nuclear matrices

Pitel J.A.; Cheliak W.M., 1989:
Some protocols for complementary dna library construction with conifer tissues

Onuegbu,N.C.; Ihediohanma,N.C., 2008:
Some proximate analysis of African pear

Korkina M.V.; Marilov V.V.; Marilova T.Yu, 1989:
Some psychiatric and psychological aspects of aids review

Force L.; Bazot M.; Raoul Y., 1989:
Some psychiatric thoughts about alcoholism and drinking habits

Tang, N.M., 1992:
Some psychoanalytic implications of Chinese philosophy and child-rearing practices

Crowe, P.B., 1990:
Some psychodynamics involved in the use of banal phrases

Bagaev V.I.; Kondratyuk V.P.; Ryabov V.M.; Sadkov S.A., 1991:
Some psychological and social aspects of hemophilia

Hunter, A.G.W., 1996:
Some psychological aspects of non-lethal chondrodysplasias Dyadic relationships and lifestyle assessment

Millan L.R.; Marco O.L.N.D.; Rossi E.; Millan M.P.B.; Arruda E.P.V., 1991:
Some psychological aspects related to medical training

Lichter I., 1991:
Some psychological causes of distress in the terminally ill

Tolstykh A.S., 1990:
Some psychological features of tuberculosis patients

Christensen, T.O., 1994:
Some psychological reflections on the relation between counselling and research

French D.J.; Christie M.J.; West A., 1992:
Some psychometric properties of a questionnaire measure of quality of life qol in childhood asthma

Croci, M.; Gilardini, L.; Marinelli, R.; Tufano, A.; Molinari, E.; Borgomainerio, E.; Caviezel, F., 1998:
Some psychometric tests may predict successful or unsuccessful results of dietary regimen in obese women

Mukundan C.R., 1989:
Some psychophysiological and neuropsychological aspects of alcohol dependence

Ikemi, A.; Hayashida, Y., 1989:
Some psychophysiological aspects of an Oriental method of stress reduction

Szymusik A.; Ostoja Zawadzka K.; Szymusik A.; Koscielna M., 1991:
Some psychosocial activities in the therapy of schizophrenic patients

Baxter, R.H., 1990:
Some public attitudes about health and the environment

Wills, C., 1996:
Some puzzles about carbon catabolite repression in yeast

Yalcn,S.; Ardc,M.; Nizamloglu,M., 2008:
Some quality characteristics of Urfa cheese

Unal,H.; Akbudak,B., 2008:
Some quality properties of three sweet cherry cultivars during shelf life

Krawczyk,J.; Sokoowicz,Z., 2008:
Some quality traits of eggs from Greenleg Partridge hens raised with limited outdoor access

Voznesenskaya E.V., 1991:
Some quantitative characteristics of the differentiation of organelles in the c 4 plant chlorenchyma cells

Polikarpov N.A.; Viktorov A.N.; Zubkov M.N., 1990:
Some quantitative characteristics of the level of nuclease positive microorganisms in individuals with normal microflora or with intestinal dysbacteriosis

Koteyeva, N., 1998:
Some quantitative characteristics of the meristem cell ultrastructure of Pinus sylvestris L in annual cycle

Mcintyre, A.D., 1964:
Some quantitative comparisons of offshore meiobenthos and macrobenthos south of Marthas Vineyard

Iles, J.F., 1997:
Some quantitative estimates of convergence on human spinal interneurones from a study of occlusion

Spaggiari, L.; Carbognani, P.; Rusca, M.; Alfieri, R.; Petronini, P.G.; Cattelani, L.; Salcuni, P.; Borghetti, A.F.; Bobbio, P., 1994:
Some questions about Eurocollins solution used for lung preservation

Blanco, A.; Duplancic, M.; Peñalva, L.; Ventura, A.; Lazzari, M., 1994:
Some questions about acquired inhibitors and bleeding time

Delhaye R., 1990:
Some questions about aromia moschata l coleoptera

Troumbis A.Y., 1989:
Some questions about flammability in fire ecology

Gorin, D.P., 1955:
Some questions about growing elite seeds

Wahlsten, Douglas, 1995:
Some questions about the quantitative trait locus method

Everat Bourbouloux A.; Roblin G., 1990:
Some questions about the release from inhibition of axillary buds in vicia faba

Manichon, Hubert, 1994:
Some questions and answers on regional studies

Kuhn R., 1990:
Some questions and consequences following the discovery of specific antidepressant drugs research and their practical use

Avogaro, P.; Cazzolato, G.; Bittolo-Bon, G., 1991:
Some questions concerning a small, more electronegative LDL circulating in human plasma

Drozdov, V.N., 1956:
Some questions of a system of agriculture under Barabinsk lowland conditions

Strelkov, I.G., 1956:
Some questions of agriculture on sandy soils

Svadovsky, A.I., 1998:
Some questions of brain swelling pathogenesis

Ustinova, E.I. , 1955:
Some questions of fertilization in corn

Bozler, E., 1990:
Some questions of general importance for the mechanics of muscle contraction

Karishnev, R.V., 1954:
Some questions of selection of hard wheats for the non-chernozem belt

Monastyrskaya, B.I., 1953:
Some questions of the morphology and course of atherosclerosis in humans of different ages

Pavan C., 1989:
Some questions on the development of science in brazil and examples from the field of genetics

Felten, Richard, 1993:
Some questions on the state-of-the-art in German sports medicine Ideas based on a section discussion

Eftink, M.R.; Ionescu, R.M., 1997:
Some questions pertinent to testing the validity of the two-state model for protein unfolding

Pour Faizi M.A.H.; Moore J.L.; Court J.B., 1989:
Some radiobiological characteristics of a human ovarian tumor xenograft

Heptinstall, S.; White, A.; Edwards, N.; Sanderson, H.M.; Fox, S.C.; Henderson, R., 1997:
Some radiographic contrast media activate platelets and induce platelet aggregation

Abdrakhmanov Z.N.; Akhmetbekova K.A.; Tadzhibaeva S.D., 1990:
Some radiomodifiers in the treatment of esophageal cancer

Devenish, A.; Seghatchian, M.J., 1995:
Some ramblings on automation for a hospital blood transfusion laboratory

Krustev, L.; Krusteva, M.; Kovacheva, K.; Chichov, V., 1992:
Some rapid and reliable tests for detection of ochratoxin A cytotoxicity

Elenevskii, A.G.; Sokolova, T.G.; Michurin, V.G.; Bulanyi, Y.I.; Kupatadze, G.A.; Reshetnikova, T.B.; Fatin, S.N., 1992:
Some rare and critical plants of the Saratov Oblast

Dimitriev A.V.; Teplova L.P.; Nerogova R.T.; Papchenkov V.G., 1989:
Some rare and new plants in the chuvash assr russian sfsr ussr and adjacent areas

Kurka, Antonin, 1995:
Some rare and remarkable spider species from peatbogs of the Czech Republic

Dangwal, L.R.; Gaur, R.D.; Nautiyal, D.C., 1997:
Some rare and uncommon legumes from Garhwal Himalaya

Tomaszewicz, G., H.; Hindak, F., 2008:
Some rare desmids Zygnematophyceae from Central Europe

Mistry M.K.; Almedia S.M., 1989:
Some rare endangered and threatened plant species from ratnagiri district maharashtra india

Van Steenis, Jeroen, 1998:
Some rare hoverflies in Sweden

Cavet, Jean, 1995:
Some rare or disregarded species among the exhibited mushrooms

Windham, M.D.; Beilstein, M., 1998:
Some rare, endemic Drabas of Utah prove to be rarer and more narrowly endemic than originally thought

Hamad, M.M.; Said, S.A.; E.F.rargy, A.F.; E.G.ndy, G.M., 1993:
Some reactions of 2- - -3,1-benzoxazin-4-one

Saakov, V.S., 1998:
Some reactions of adaptation mechanisms at animal and plant cells under stress action

Perezgasga Ciscomani L.; Negron Mendoza A., 1989:
Some reactions of ammonium thiocyanate related to chemical evolution studies

Kennedy, G.Y., 1993:
Some reactions of porphyrins

Knapp S.; Naughton A.B.J.; Jaramillo C.; Pipik B., 1992:
Some reactions of pyranoside diol monotriflates

Haikal A.Z.; E.F.rargy A.F.; E.M.buayed M.; Hamad M.M., 1990:
Some reactions with 6 8 di tert butyl 4 phenyl 3 4 dihydrocoumarin

Poverennyi, A.M., 1997:
Some reasons for errors about frequency of thyroid cancer in children, injuries in Chernobyl failure

Albert, Robert S., 1996:
Some reasons why childhood creativity often fails to make it past puberty into the real world

Coutinho, A.; Coutinho, G.; Grandien, A.; Marcos, M.A.; Bandeira, A., 1992:
Some reasons why deletion and anergy do not satisfactorily account for natural tolerance

Verlinden, Lucien, 1996:
Some recent Alpine records of various species of the genus Pipizella including the second record of Pipizella cantabrica Claussen, 1994

Shaw, M.R., 1994:
Some recent British specimens of Baryproctus barypus

Sibakov, M.; Hugenholtz, J., 1995:
Some recent achievements in biotechnology and dairy fermentation techniques of lactic acid bacteria

Brumley, W.C.; Matchett, W.H.; Winnik, W.; Auex, D.S.; Rakestraw, D.J.; Yun, C.; Zare, R.N., 1996:
Some recent advances in applications of capillary electrophoresis to environmental problems

Zhu, W.N.; Wang, J.Y., 1992:
Some recent advances in gastroenterology

Gennis, R.B., 1991:
Some recent advances relating to prokaryotic cytochrome c reductases and cytochrome c oxidases

Mangina, C.A., 1997:
Some recent applications of clinical psychophysiology

Jewett D.M.; Mangner T.J.; Mulholland G.K.; Toorongian S.A.; Sutorik A.C.; Watkins G.L.; Kilbourn M.R., 1989:
Some recent approaches to smaller faster devices for remote pet radiolabeling

Fischer R., 1991:
Some recent aspects in the pathology of esophageal carcinoma

Larsen, C.J.; Seite, P.; Hillion, J.; D'Agay, M.F.; Berger, R., 1993:
Some recent aspects of the molecular biology of human lymphoma

Walters, Allan N., 1998:
Some recent cases of the US postal inspection service forensic laboratory

Slawson P., 1990:
Some recent changes to mental health law in the usa

Dieppe, P., 1990:
Some recent clinical approaches to osteoarthritis research

Larski, Zdzislaw, 1994:
Some recent data concerning microbiology and infections diseases

Larski, Zdzislaw, 1995:
Some recent data concerning microbiology and infectious diseases A review

H.B.K.iem, D.Q.ang Ha; V.T.i Que Huong; Huynh Thi Kim Loan, 1993:
Some recent data on dengue epidemic in the South of Vietnam

Larski, Zdzislaw, 1997:
Some recent data on microbiology and infectious diseases A review

Srebro, Z., 1994:
Some recent developments in Alzheimer's disease. Pathogenesis research

Buckley E.; Smyth M.R.; Heineman W.R.; Halsall H.B., 1989:
Some recent developments in electrochemical immunoassays

Kelly M.T.; Dadgar D.; Smyth M.R., 1989:
Some recent developments in high performance liquid chromatography in biopharmaceutical analysis

Dolphin R.J., 1990:
Some recent developments in hplc and kindred techniques

Sarkar C., 1989 :
Some recent developments in neuro oncology

Garner, A., 1990:
Some recent developments in ophthalmic pathology

Albregtsen, F., 1997:
Some recent developments in texture analysis

Christie W.W., 1990:
Some recent developments in the analysis of lipids

Nigg, D.W.; Wheeler, F.J.; Wessol, D.E.; Wemple, C.A.; Babcock, R.; Capala, J., 1997:
Some recent developments in treatment planning software and methodology for BNCT

Cuisin, J.; Vigne, J.D.nis; Thibault, J.C.aude, 1996:
Some recent groupings of birds in Corsica Stability or turn-over?

Rycroft D.S., 1990:
Some recent nmr studies of diterpenoids from the hepaticae

Halasz B.; Banky Z.; Molnar J.; Nagy G., 1989:
Some recent observations on the control of pituitary trophic hormone secretion

Walker, A.Graeme, 1993:
Some recent records of birds-nest orchid in the Clyde Valley

Morris M.G., 1989:
Some recent records of cassida nebulosa l coleoptera chrysomelidae

Whitehead P.F., 1990:
Some recent records of localized synanthropic coleoptera

Zeng Y L.; Wang Y F.; L.J.; X.J.M.; Wang M.; Qiu H F., 1990:
Some recent results of pharmacokinetic studies on changrolin

Bogue, Robert, 1994:
Some recent sightings of Argynnis adippe from West Devon

Arnold, P.W.; Cook, P.L., 1997:
Some recent species of the genus Anaskopora Wass, 1975 from Queensland

W.Y.P.; Zhong G.H.; Yang R.F.; Wei X.Y.; Wong G.R., 1989:
Some recent studies on biliary rheology

Abbe, G.R.; Stagg, C., 1996:
Some recent trends in Maryland blue crab populations

Braun T.; Zsindely S., 1991:
Some recent trends in instrumental analysis of environmental materials

Mortimer, Robert K., 1993:
Some recollections on forty years of research in yeast genetics

Williams R.H., 1994:
Some recollections regarding a great physician biography tinsley harrison education hypertension heart failure administrator

Andreeva E.A.; Shakhbazyan I.E.; Ulybina O.V.; Krasnyi Ya; Gavelka S.; Geza I.; Vavrzhintsova I., 1991:
Some recommendations for preventing invalidity in children with rheumatoid uveitis and their dispensarization

Alexander, Keith, 1997:
Some records for scarcer Curculionidae

Alexander, Keith, 1997:
Some records for scarcer Scolytidae

Birkett, Neville L., 1997:
Some records of Coccinellidae attracted to mercury vapour light

D'andrea, M.; Carfi, S., 1997:
Some records of Odonate from Cameroon, with notes on Agriocnemis maclachlani Selys, 1877 and A aligulae Pinhey, 1974 and description of Agriocnemis dissimilis sp nov and Trithemis osvaldae sp nov

Bass J., 1990:
Some records of black flies diptera simuliidae from county kerry ireland

Lobo, Jorge M., 1991:
Some records of interesting coprophagous Scarabaeoidea of the Sierra de Gredos

Christman S.E., 1989:
Some records of moths from the manchester england uk area

Southey, J.F., 1959:
Some records of root lesion eelworms, Pratylenchus spp, in England

Pine, F., 1992:
Some refinements of the separation-individuation concept in light of research on infants

Simon, Michel, 1993:
Some reflections about collections of live plants and their evolution

Passalacqua, N., 1993:
Some reflections about the problems caused by the insertion of new materials into a large herbarium

Bitanti, E.; Bombana, L.; Maggioni, E.; Marzani, C.; Rho, M.; Russo, C.R., 1994:
Some reflections about the use of a 4 axis nosographic code in the SIMEES of Milan

Marini, A.; Mosca, F.; Pugliese, S., 1994:
Some reflections about the use of surfactant in newborns with IRDS

Ulmsten, U., 1997:
Some reflections and hypotheses on the pathophysiology of female urinary incontinence

Summerhill, D., 1990:
Some reflections on dynamics and dilemmas in a DDU

Van Geijn, Herman P., 1994:
Some reflections on fetal surveillance

Seliger, H.H.; McElroy, W.D., 1989:
Some reflections on McElroy and bioluminescence

Lindsley, D.L., 1989:
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Some resources for computer-assisted teaching in protein chemistry, molecular genetics and enzyme kinetics

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Some russula with lamprocystidia

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Some salient points in dietary and life-style survey

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Some selected problems of the functional activity of macrophages

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Some selected traditional foods beer wine beverages low in alcohol ethanol

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Some selected traditional foods fermented meat products

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Some selected traditional foods fermented milk products

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Some simple theoretical considerations on the bending stiffness of human hair

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Some size and age related changes in the metabolism of the anchovy kilka clupeonella engrauliformis

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Some skeletal peculiarities of Rhea americana with respect of Ratitae evolution

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Some sources of variability in cultures of entozoic amoebae; III. Variation in vitality

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Some species of Difflugidae Wallich, 1864 from the alluvial valley of the Parana River

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Some species of Dolichopodidae recorded from Serbia

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Some species of Lepidoptera introduced to Denmark by man, with remarks on this subject

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Some species of Platygastridae new to the British List

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Some species of Xylaria inhabitants of leaf-litter in Mexican forests

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Some species of discomycetes common to the Russian Far East and North America

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Some species of orchids protocorms multiplication

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Some species of the family Rhagionidae from the collections of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France

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Some species of the genus Botanophila from Taiwan, with descriptions of three new species

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Some species of the genus Polygala L in central Russia

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Some species of the subfamily Lithocolletinae collected in the Philippines

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Some species of weevils recorded erroneously from Ireland, and others whose status requires confirmation

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Some specific aspects of fear of death

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Some specific changes of skull teeth and brain morphology in Cetacean history

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Some specific features in the functional status of students in computer and information science classes

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Some specific features of sapropel humic acids

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Some specific features of the denitrification process in salt-affected soils

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Some speculations on the nature of the pelagic mucilage community of the northern Adriatic sea

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Some speculations on the role of texture processing in visual perception

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Some spinothalamic neurons are immunoreactive for substance p

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Some spores and pollen from the Paleocene Oak Hill Member of the Naheola Formation, Alabama USA

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Some stages of the prenatal differentiation of the rat pleura

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Some statistical issues in quality of life measurements

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Some statistical issues in studies of the epidemiology of AIDS

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Some statistical methods for analyzing variation in morphometrics and total mercury of fish species when parametric assumptions are violated

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Some statistical methods for estimating and defending a temporal sampling frequency in ecological monitoring

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Some statistical methods for follow-up studies of disease with intermittent monitoring

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Some statistical methods for immunodiagnostic cancer tests

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Some statistical properties of ground level air pollution at norwegian arctic stations and their relation to large scale atmospheric flow systems

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Some steps in cell migration

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Some still unsolved problems of departments of forensic medical expert evaluation of corpses in the Russian Federation

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Some stochastic models of AIDS spread

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Some strategic aspects in identifying parts of a dismembered human corpse and of meat

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Some strategies for teaching plant taxonomy under somewhat unusual conditions

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Some strategies for the preparation and presentation of bacteria for the student microbiology laboratory

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Some stratigraphically significant dinoflagellate cysts from the Early Cretaceous Aptian and Albian of Australia

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Some structural and development correlates of human speech

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Some structural aspects of elongation

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Some structural aspects of the aged form a form of bovine mercaptalbumin bma

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Some structural aspects of the leaf of Limnobium laevigatum Heine

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Some structural characteristics of human incudostapedial articulation

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Some structural conditions of bipyridines with calcium sensitizing activities on skinned heart muscle fibers

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Some structural features of sticholysin II A cytolysin from the Caribbean sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus

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Some structural manifestations of adaptative compensatory reactions in the overall hydrocarbon action of oil on the intraorgan and main blood vessels of rabbits

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Some subjective and objective indicators of intellectual and emotional stress in air traffic controllers during different work shifts

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Some substance P-like immunoreactive persist in the heart of bilaterally vagotomized monkeys

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Some suggested future directions for A.I.D. family planning operations research

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Some survival adaptations of gall-inducing midges

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Some synonymies in African saturnids

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Some taxonomical remarks on Bryophyta

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Some taxonomically and phylogenetically significant characteristics of stamen structure

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Some technical and biological obstacles linked with use of plant tissue culture for sodium chloride studies

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Some technical properties of wool of sheep from Australianized lines of the northeastern Bulgarian fine fleece breed - Shoumen type

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Some technical properties of wool sheep from Australian lines of the NEBFF Breed Shoumen type

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Some technologies of maintenance of soil fertility under conditions of permanent farming in the West African semi-arid Tropics and constrains to their adoption a critical review

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Some thalamocortical connections of areas 5 7a and 7b of posterior parietal cortex in rhesus monkeys

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Some themes from the philosophy of psychiatry: a short review

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Some theoretical aspects of optic flow

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Some theoretical problems in the development of pure breeds of milk producing cattle

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Some therapeutic aspects of gardening in psychiatry

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Some thermodynamic principles of nonspecific and site specific protein dna interactions

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Some things to consider when preparing 6-fluorine-18 FDOPA by radiofluorodemercuration

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Some thoughts about Matthew Ellenhorn, MD 1923-1996

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Some thoughts about aquaculture in france hundred years after the foundation of the central society of aquaculture and fisheries

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Some thoughts about localization and expression of tissue factor

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Some thoughts about obsessional phenomena

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Some thoughts about the regulation of soil waters

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Some thoughts about the use and communication of toxicology information

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Some thoughts about treatment of alcoholics

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Some thoughts and suggestions for betterment of forests

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Some thoughts for future pertussis research in Europe

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Some thoughts from 40 years work in tissue banking

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Some thoughts on Orchid Conservation 97

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Some thoughts on autoimmunity

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Some thoughts on child abuse

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Some thoughts on development of chemically based male contraceptives

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Some thoughts on enzyme inhibition and the quiescent affinity label concept

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Some thoughts on factors which influence the toxigenicity of deleterious micro-algae

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Some thoughts on fibrillation

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Some thoughts on individual differences and theory construction

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Some thoughts on life and rabies

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Some thoughts on normal and leukemic human b cell precursors

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Some thoughts on planting densities for valuable hardwoods

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Some thoughts on pratacultural engineering construction in Xinjiang

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Some thoughts on radiocarcinogenesis

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Some thoughts on the algal origin of land plants with special reference to their sporangia spores and alternation of generations

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Some thoughts on the children's vaccine initiative

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Some thoughts on the cytolytic mechanism of natural killer lymphocytes

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Some thoughts on the determination of physical fitness in the armed forces

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Some thoughts on the ecological rehabilitation and development of grassland animal husbandry in Karst areas of Yunnan

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Some thoughts on the future of idiotypic vaccines

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Some thoughts on the future of our occupation

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Some thoughts on the implementation of water quality management strategies for Central and Eastern Europe

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Some thoughts on the inadequacies of bryophyte taxonomy

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Some thoughts on the mechanism of action of insulin

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Some thoughts on the mic classification

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