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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33495

Chapter 33495 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Koshland, D.E.Jr.; Mesecar, A.D.; Biemann, H.P.ter; Kolodziej, A.J., 1997:
Steric effects in enzymatic reactions

Ackerman J.H.; Hlasta D.J.; Franke C.; Dunlap R., 1992:
Steric effects in the regiochemistry of an azide alkyne dipolar cycloaddition reaction the synthesis of inhibitors of human leukocyte elastase

Beausoleil, E.; Lubell, W.D., 1997:
Steric effects of 5-tert-butylproline on the conformation of polyproline

Hlasta, D.J.; Ackerman, J.H., 1994:
Steric effects on the regioselectivity of an azide-alkyne dipolar cycloaddition reaction The synthesis of human leukocyte elastase inhibitors

Garcia, C.; Pinero, L.E.; Mateo, C.; Maralet, D., 1997:
Steric effects on the synthesis of promazine derivatives

Meier, G.P.; Green, C.; Booker, P.J.; Gartner, C.A.; Lim, I.; Smith, T.M.; Rettie, A.E., 1993:
Steric factors in the substrate selectivity expressed by rabbit lung FMO

Kenworthy, A.K.; Mcintosh, T.J.; Needham, D.; Hristova, K., 1993:
Steric interactions between bilayers containing lipids with covalently attached polyethylene glycol

Kenworthy, A.K.; Mcintosh, T.J.; Hristova, K.; Needham, D., 1994:
Steric interactions between gel and liquid crystalline phosphatidylcholine bilayers containing lipids with covalently attached polyethylene glycol

Jude, A.R., 1997:
Steric interactions of valines in gramicidin A channels

Guziec, F.S.Jr.; Torres, F.F., 1993:
Steric limits in the reactions of amines with in situ generated alpha-lactams The synthesis of extremely sterically hindered tertiary amines

Kawaguchi, T.; Youssef, A.F.; Aboul Fadl, A.; Omar, F.A.; Farag, H.H.; Hasegawa, T., 1996:
Steric parameters in PLE catalyzed hydrolysis of N-4-substituted cytarabine ester prodrugs

Lee, S-Wen.; Mou, Y.; Lin, S-Yi.; Chou, F-Chieh.; Tseng, W-Hsiang.; Chen, C-hsien.; Lu, C-Yi.David.; Yu, S.S-F.; Chan, J.C.C., 2008:
Steric zipper of the amyloid fibrils formed by residues 109-122 of the Syrian hamster prion protein

Lehman, W.; Craig, R.; Vibert, P., 1995:
Steric-blocking by tropomyosin visualized in relaxed frog muscle thin filaments

Sippl, W.; Hoeltje, H.D., 1994:
Sterical and electronical properties of histamine H-2-agonists

Lauzon, S.; Tremblay, Fçois.; Gagnon, D.; Godbout, Cédrickx.; Chabot, C.; Mercier-Shanks, C.; Perreault, Séphane.; DeSève, Hélène.; Spino, C., 2008:
Sterically biased 3,3-sigmatropic rearrangement of chiral allylic azides: application to the total syntheses of alkaloids

Black T.H.; Mcdermott T.S.; Eisenbeis S.A., 1990:
Sterically guided rearrangement of 3 3 disubstituted beta lactones a rapid construction of cycloheptano trans fused butyrolactones

Samoszuk, M.; Nguyen, V., 1995:
Sterically hindered acidic liposomes containing glucose oxidase

Bacher, J P.; Rembold, M.; Reinehr, D., 1997:
Sterically hindered phenols

Edwards, K.; Johnsson, M.; Silvander, M., 1998:
Sterically stabilised liposomes Physico-chemical characterisation of structure and stability

Parr, M.; Masin, D.; Cullis, P.R.; Bally, M.B., 1996:
Sterically stabilized liposomal doxorubicin exhibits reduced passive tumor targeting efficiency in mice bearing Lewis Lung Carcinoma

Woodle, Martin C., 1995:
Sterically stabilized liposome therapeutics

Zheng, S.; Zheng, Y.; Beissinger, R.L.; Martin, F.J., 1995:
Sterically stabilized liposome-encapsulated hemoglobin

Gabizon, A.; Huang, S.K.; Papahadjopoulos, D., 1992:
Sterically stabilized liposomes as drug carriers Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and therapeutic effects in tumour-bearing mice

Slepushkin, V.A.; Simoes, S.; Dazin, P.;, M.C.P.droso; Duzgunes, N., 1996:
Sterically stabilized pH-sensitive liposomes Mechanisms of intracellular delivery

Domagala, J.; Kisza, J., 1994:
Sterigmatocystin as a precursor of aflatoxins in fodder and milk

Versilovskis,A.; Mikelsone,V., 2008:
Sterigmatocystin presence in different Latvian bread samples

Banno, I.; Yamada, Y., 1998:
Sterigmatomyces Fell emends Y Yamada and Banno

Statzell Tallman, A., 1998:
Sterigmatosporidium Kraepelin and Schulze

Mahmoud,M.F.; Shoeib,M.A., 2008:
Sterilant and oviposition deterrent activity of neem formulation on peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata

Wachman, S.L.; Karlan, S., 1995:
Sterilant composition

Turngren, C.M., 1997:
Sterile adhesive bandage and associated methods

Bambauer, R.; Schmidt, R.; Falkenhagen, D.; Walther, J.; Jung, W.K., 1991:
Sterile and endotoxin free dialysis fluid for hemodialysis

Boehm, W.; Bieber, F.A.; Mueller Derlich, J.; Barclay, A.; Spaethe, R.; Bernhard, M.; Kraus, C., 1998:
Sterile and pyrogen-free columns containing coupled protein for binding and removal of substances from blood

Hausheer, F.H.; Haridas, K.; Murali, D.; Reddy, D.G.; Seetharamulu, P., 1998:
Sterile aqueous parenteral formulations of cis-diammine dichloro platinum

Shields, J.W.; Shields, W.M., 1998:
Sterile biased cot and examination glove dispensers

Coulter, P.J., 1995:
Sterile catheter shield

Shah, S.S.; Zorc, J.J.; Levine, D.A.; Platt, S.L.; Kuppermann, N., 2008:
Sterile cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis in young infants with urinary tract infections

Stefanchik, D.; Biehle, E.J.Iv, 1995:
Sterile clips and instrument for their placement

Grimard, J P., 1998:
Sterile closure assembly for sealing a medicament container

Berger R.A.; Burkholder R.A., 1989:
Sterile closure device us patent 4863453 september 5 1989

Gries, H.; Rosenberg, D.; Weinmann, H J.; Speck, U.; Mutzel, W.; Hoyer, G A.; Pfeiffer, H.; Renneke, F J., 1997:
Sterile composition comprising a chelate complex for magnetic resonance imaging

Persidsky M.D., 1989:
Sterile connector and method us patent 4828557 may 9 1989

Adair, E.L., 1996:
Sterile connector and video camera cover for sterile endoscope

Hamblen, L.E., 1995:
Sterile dental packs with method of utilizing same

Sun W.Y., 1989:
Sterile disposable linguiform laryngoscope blade sheath us patent 4834077 may 30 1989

Faries, D.I.Jr; Heymann, B.R.; Licata, M., 1995:
Sterile drape for use in making surgical slush

Praeger P.I.; Mcclung J.A.; Kay R.H.; Somberg E.D.; Pucillo A.; Reed G.E., 1989:
Sterile early postoperative perforation of an ionescu shiley bovine bioprosthesis

Adair, E.L., 1998:
Sterile encapsulated operated room video monitor and video monitor support device

Adair, E.L., 1998:
Sterile encapsulated operating room video monitor and video monitor support device

Wong, A.C.; Pulido, J.S.; Barney, N.P.; Mieler, W.F.; Howe, C.A.; Beecher, D.J., 1994:
Sterile endophthalmitis in rabbits caused by Bacillus cereus exotoxins

Croley, J.; Casey, P.; Lloyd, W.C.IIi; Bauman, W.C., 1998:
Sterile endophthalmitis induced by inactivated Aspergillus in the rabbit model

Lokken, O., 1998:
Sterile environment enclosure

Krahl D., 1992:
Sterile eosinophilic pustulosis ofujis disease a mediterranean and a native case

Wiener Kronish J.P.; Albertine K.H.; Osorio O.; Matthay M.A., 1990:
Sterile exudative pleural effusions following the instillation of live pseudomonas organism into alveoli

Mcdaniel G., 1991:
Sterile filtered foetal bovine serum an important growth supplement

Zheng, J.Y.; Bosch, H.W.lliam, 1997:
Sterile filtration of NanoCrystal colloidal drug dispersions

Vardanega, M.H.; Swan, R.; Joubran, J.; Medeiros, D.J.; Tichenor, E.; Lewis, H., 1998:
Sterile flow cytometer and sorter with mechanical isolation between flow chamber and sterile enclosure and methods for using same

Coss, R.G.; Mccoy, J.R., 1998:
Sterile fluid delivery system and method

Adolf, W.F.; Helgren, R.H.; Renick, J.T.; Szempruch, W.T., 1996:
Sterile formed, filled and sealed flexible container

Hardy, C.J.; Findlay, C.M., 1997:
Sterile gel compositions for wound treatment

Macia, M.; Del Castillo, N.; Navarro, J.F.; Galllego, E.; Velasco, J.L.; Chahin, J.; Rivero, A.; Mendez, M.L.; Garcia, J., 1997:
Sterile hemodialysis fluids An unreachable situation?

Gills, J.P., 1992:
Sterile hypopyon

Aquavella, J.V.; DePaolis, M.D., 1991:
Sterile infiltrates associated with contact lens wear

Shelly, T.E.; Whittier, T.S.; Kaneshiro, K.Y., 1994:
Sterile insect release and the natural mating system of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata

Neumann K., 1989:
Sterile instrument conditioning using welded petp polyethylene terephthalate foils for hot air sterilization dry heat

Rigaud, T.; Juchault, P., 1998:
Sterile intersexuality in an isopod induced by the interaction between a bacterium and the environment

Black, C.M.; Rockoff, S.D.; Alyono, D., 1992:
Sterile mediastinal gas mimicking abscess in aortic aneurysm repair

Menyhay, S.Z., 1996:
Sterile medical injection port and cover method and apparatus

Hughett, J.D.; Stefanchik, D.; Murray, M.A.; Braddock, C.K., 1997:
Sterile occlusion fasteners and instrument and method for their placement

Fogelberg, M.; Hughett, J.D.; Braddock, C.K.; Boehm, M.E.; Stefanchik, D.; Murray, M.A., 1997:
Sterile occlusion fasteners and instruments and method for their placement

Sowa, J.M., 1993:
Sterile oily abscess from depot gold therapy

Wilson, M.; Monro, P., 1997:
Sterile or specific pathogen free environment methods

Leuschen, J.D.; Hendricks, D.E., 1994:
Sterile packaging for dental implant system

Harrison, H.J., 1995:
Sterile packaging including a tray and a holder for a intravascular guide-wire and a vascular puncture closure system

Bistrup, C.; Biegel, E.; Pedersen, R.S., 1995:
Sterile peritonitis in a CAPD patient caused by a juxtaperitoneal abscess

Chen, Z.; Liu, X.; Yu, H., 1995:
Sterile preparation method of thymic hormone

Thornton R.M., 1991:
Sterile production cleanrooms

Perkins, J., 1996:
Sterile protective sheath and drape for video laparoscope and method of use

Grimard, J.P., 1997:
Sterile resealable vial connector assembly

Migaud,H.; Taylor,J.; Hansen,T., 2008:
Sterile salmon toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry

Baluch, J.; Vitkova, M.; Chalabala, M., 1992:
Sterile sodium chloride tablets for infusion solutions

Bechara, S.J.; Grossniklaus, H.E.; Waring, G.O., 1992:
Sterile stromal melt of epikeratoplasty lenticule

Adair, E.L., 1997:
Sterile surgical coupler and drape

Dastgeer, G.M., 1990:
Sterile surgical gloving of patients for emergent and ambulatory operations upon the finger

Gamborg, O.L.; Phillips, G.C., 1995:
Sterile techniques

McCourt, P.; Keith, K., 1998:
Sterile techniques in Arabidopsis

Crueger W., 1990:
Sterile techniques in biotechnology

Mueller, D.W.; Pessetto, J.D., 1996:
Sterile topical anesthetic gel

Giglio J.; Rowland R.; Laskin D.; Grenevicki L., 1992:
Sterile versus non sterile gloves during out patient exodontia

Bambauer R.; Meyer S.; Jung H.; Goehl H.; Nystrand R., 1990:
Sterile versus nonsterile dialysis fluid df in chronic hemodialysis hd treatment

Sams, B.; Matthews, C.J.; Thibault, J.C.; Jansen, H., 1998:
Sterile vial connector assembly for efficient transfer of liquid

Adair, E.L., 1996:
Sterile video microscope holder for operating room

Moharari, R.Shariat.; Khajavi, M.Reza.; Khademhosseini, P.; Hosseini, S.Reza.; Najafi, A., 2008:
Sterile water as an irrigating fluid for transurethral resection of the prostate: anesthetical view of the records of 1600 cases

Gaylord M.; Lorch S.; Lorch V.; Wright P., 1992:
Sterile water gastric drips swgd improves fluid and electrolyte e balance in extremely low birthweight elbw infants i

Sumner D.R., 1992:
Sterile white basidiomycete

Sperry, C.R., 1995:
Sterile wound cleansing dispenser with spray shield and method of making a dispenser

Wagner, R.; Bauer, B.; Wenchel, H.M., 1995:
Sterilisation and disinfection of components for PET radiopharmaceutical synthesis - some aspects of microbiologically safe production

Murphy, M., 1995:
Sterilisation as a method of contraception: recent trends in Great Britain and their implications

Veber, C.; Michel, C.; Guerin, B., 1994:
Sterilisation by radiation of allergen raw materials

Morovati, M.; Mahmoudi, M.; Ghazi-Khansari, M.; Aria, A.-Khalil; Jabbari, L., 2008:
Sterility and abortive effects of the commercial neem Azadirachta indica A Juss extract NeemAzal-T/S R on female rat Rattus norvegicus

Morovati,M.; Mahmoudi,M.; Ghazi-Khansari,M.; Aria,A.K.; Jabbari,L., 2008:
Sterility and abortive effects of the commercial neem extract NeemAzal-T/SReg on female rat

Jirapaet, K., 1996:
Sterility and storage period of placental blood from neonates delivered by cesarean section

Leridon H., 1991:
Sterility and sub fecundity from silence to impatience

Peterlin, B.; Kunej, T.; Zorn, B.; Drobnic, S.; Gregoric, J.; Debevec, M., 1997:
Sterility associated with Y chromosome abnormalities

Heilman, M.S.; Uber, A.E.ii, 1996:
Sterility assurance for contrast delivery system

Fortunato N.; Celona A.; Marvaso A.; Romeo A.; Romeo G., 1990:
Sterility caused by uterine pathologies

Leridon H., 1992:
Sterility concepts and measurement the demographers view

Obel E.B.; Poulsen H.; Carstensen B., 1991:
Sterility following legally induced abortion

Ohta, Y., 1995:
Sterility in neonatally androgenized female rats and the decidual cell reaction

Capen C.C.; Beamer W.G.; Stitzel K.A., 1991:
Sterility induced ovarian tumors influence of estradiol 17 beta on the development of tubular adenomas in young 30 day and adult 180 day mice

Harrison, S.W., 1996:
Sterility maintenance cover and instrument support

Biswas, D.; Bible, J.E.; Whang, P.G.; Simpson, A.K.; Grauer, J.N., 2008:
Sterility of C-arm fluoroscopy during spinal surgery

Pietersz R.N.I.; Dekker W.J.A.; Reesink H.W., 1991:
Sterility of blood products derived from whole blood stored at ambient temperature for 16 24 hours before separation

Khaliki N.; Wolk R.; Maksym C.J.; Meyers K.; Beguin P.; Smith C.; Kovacevich D.; Faubion W.; Pierson C.L.; E.A., 1990:
Sterility of iv administration sets at 72 hours in three intensive care unit icu settings

Damon-Burke, M.; Warkentin, P.I.; Jackson, J.D.; Weide, L.G., 1994:
Sterility profile for human pancreatic islet harvests using a new semiclosed method involving the COBE 2991

Cohen J., 1990:
Sterility surgery vs ivfet

Liu D L., 1992:
Sterility test of penicillin salts by membrane separation technique

Welchek, C.M.; Sevarino, F.B.; Sinatra, R., 1994:
Sterility testing of pharmacy-prepared epidural and patient-controlled analgesia solutions

Gandhi, S.A.; Romick, T.L.; Kandel, J.S.; Beveridge, B.E., 1998:
Sterility testing of shelf stable pudding by PCR

Oxborrow G.S.; Berube R., 1991:
Sterility testing validation of sterilization processes and sporicide testing

Christianson, G., 1993:
Sterility testing veterinary biologics with the Steritest system

Olson, Wayne P., 1998:
Sterility testing with membrane filters

Strowitzki T.; Korell M.; Hepp H., 1991:
Sterility therapy in pco patients

Paschke, R.H.; Septimus, M.I.; Warrin, G.E.; Parr, M.P., 1995:
Sterilizable dental medical handpiece containing electric coil

Elmore, J.C., 1995:
Sterilizable endoscope and method for constructing the same

Adair, E.L., 1997:
Sterilizable endoscope with separable auxiliary assembly

Adair, E.L., 1996:
Sterilizable endoscope with separable disposable tube assembly

Stevens, R.B., 1997:
Sterilizable ultrasound probe

Drummond, D.C.; Skidmore, A.G., 1991 :
Sterilization and disinfection in the physician's office

Gurevich, I.; Cunha, B.A., 1995:
Sterilization and disinfection of dental instruments

Best, M.; Kennedy, M.E., 1995:
Sterilization and disinfection of instruments and materials in the surgery unit and laboratory areas

Favero, Martin S., 1997:
Sterilization and disinfection strategies for medical instruments and equipment

Miller, C.H., 1992:
Sterilization and disinfection: what every dentist needs to know

Silverman G.J., 1991:
Sterilization and preservation by ionizing irradiation

Wood, T.E., 1997:
Sterilization and storage container

Esteves S.C.; Camargo M.C.V.Z.D.A., 1991:
Sterilization as a contraceptive method in brazil social ethical and moral determining factors

Dyckman, J., 1995:
Sterilization biological test pack

Latulippe, M.; Brooks, J.A., 1995:
Sterilization block with sliding lid and cooperating graphics

Li, S T., 1998:
Sterilization by gamma irradiation

Halls, Nigel A., 1994:
Sterilization by gamma radiation

Anderson M.; Keeny S.; Olson G.; Johnsonbaugh D.; Bridges M.; Crespo J.R.; Antonucci J.; Goodman C.; Tesk J.A., 1990:
Sterilization by microwave generated gas plasmas

Boscariol, M.R.; Moreira, A.J.; Mansano, R.D.; Kikuchi, I.S.; Pinto, T.J.A., 2008:
Sterilization by pure oxygen plasma and by oxygen-hydrogen peroxide plasma: an efficacy study

Halls, Nigel A., 1994:
Sterilization by saturated steam

Barta, Ota, 1993:
Sterilization by ultrafiltration and sterility control

Schechmeister I.L., 1991:
Sterilization by uv irradiation

Bowlin, E.F.Jr, 1995:
Sterilization cassette for dental instruments

Gabele, L.; Kulow, U.; Schwanke, W.; Taschner, W., 1996:
Sterilization container for surgical instruments or the like

Williams, R.M., 1995:
Sterilization devices, sporicidal compositions, sterilization methods, and devices for reducing surface tension

Miller, C.H., 1991:
Sterilization. Disciplined microbial control

Martin M.A.; Wenzel R.P., 1990 :
Sterilization disinfection and disposal of infectious waste

Kanner, R.; Li, Y., 1997:
Sterilization effect of gamma irradiation, E-beam and ETO on the molecular weight and permeability of polyvinyl alcohol films

Aorigele; WangChunJie; YuJunE.S.mujide; WuMeiYun; ChengJia; ChenKun, 2008:
Sterilization effects of bacterial inhibitor on Escherichia coli in cattle manure compost

Schneider R.; Olson R.A.; Krizan K.E., 1989:
Sterilization effects on the surface of coated implants

Levin, M.A.; Shahamat, M.; Colwell, R.R., 1994:
Sterilization efficacy of ultraviolet light

Battles, D.R., 1998:
Sterilization indicators and methods

Dudek, D.H., 1996:
Sterilization method and apparatus for spices and herbs

Hatanaka K.; Shibauchi Y., 1989:
Sterilization method and apparatus therefor us patent 4797255 january 10 1989

Chan Myers H.; Guida S.; Roberts C.; Thyagarajan K.; T.R., 1991:
Sterilization of a small caliber vascular graft with a polyepoxy compound denacol

Morrison S.C., 1989:
Sterilization of acupuncture needles

Serova, L.D.; Golubeva, V.L.; Pavlov, E.P.; Samoilenko, I.I.; Tushov, E.G.; Poroshenko, G.G., 1995:
Sterilization of antilympholin by the method of radiation combined with filtration

Dettman I.C., 1989:
Sterilization of ascorbates us patent 4816223 march 28 1989

Sieber F.; O'brien J.M.; Gaffney D.K., 1990:
Sterilization of blood products by dye sensitized photoirradiation

Gaudy, E.; Chiron, P.; Puget, J.; Tricoire, J.L.; Utheza, G.; Lorrain, M.; Durroux, R.; Moatti, N.; Didier, J.; Isopet, J.; Puel, J., 1994:
Sterilization of bone allografts using hot-humid temperature Biomechanical consequences

Su, D.; Rueger, D.C.; Maliakil, J.; Kusmik, B.; Coughlin, J.E.; Banas, T.A.; Tucker, M.M., 1995:
Sterilization of collagen matrix containing protein growth factors using gamma and electron beam irradiation

Tajima M.; Hossain T., 1989:
Sterilization of commercial spices by gamma ray irradiation and its effect to essential oil

Sovak M.; Foster S.J., 1989:
Sterilization of compositions of limited stability us patent 4863714 september 5 1989

Rabin, G.J.; Mannis, M.J.; Lagunas Solar, M.; Smith, W.L.; Trzepla Nabaglo, K.; Cullor, J.S., 1998:
Sterilization of corneal storage media with pulsed ultraviolet light

Silverstone, S.E.; Hill, D.E., 1994:
Sterilization of dental handpieces by heating in synthetic compressor lubricant

Saito A., 1989:
Sterilization of dialyzers

Karbstein H.; Schubert H.; Scigalla W.; Ludwig H., 1992:
Sterilization of emulsions by means of high pressure

Stevenson, K.E.; Unvererth, J.A., 1997:
Sterilization of equipment and packaging materials in aseptic filling and packaging systems

Todorovic M.; Molnar V.; Josimovic L., 1991:
Sterilization of fat free and full fat soya flour with ionizing radiation

Freedman, D.; Chen, Y.; Zheng, Z., 1995:
Sterilization of fermentation equipment with shroud assembly

Muth, R.R.; Hermes, M.E.; Kaplan, D.S., 1995:
Sterilization of growth factors

Uknis, M.E.; Block, G.; Abu-Elmagd, K.; Suwan, S.; Van Thiel, D.; Duquesnoy, R.; Zeevi, A., 1991:
Sterilization of human small intestine allograft biopsies for later immunologic studies

Pashley, E.; Tao, L.; Pashley, D., 1993:
Sterilization of human teeth Effects on permeability and bond strength

Till, V., 1996:
Sterilization of kegs

Ahmed, Z.; Choudhury, N.; Akhter, F., 1997:
Sterilization of lactose by gamma irradiation

Zwingenberger, A.; Saupe, M., 1995:
Sterilization of medical instruments, implants and the like

Lenard, H.G.; Müller, K., 1991:
Sterilization of mentally retarded girls

Takahashi K., 1992:
Sterilization of microorganisms by hydrostatic pressure at low temperature

Bulyginskaya, M.A.; Azizyan, A.A.; Akopyan, A.S., 1993:
Sterilization of natural population of the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella L in the Mountain Zone of Armenia

Ressler, B.; Morgan, G.L.; Herbermann, R.J.; Wright, D.A.; Stangroom, J.E., 1997:
Sterilization of opaque liquids with ultraviolet radiation

Louderback, A., 1992:
Sterilization of red blood cells

Vaughan, L.M.; Bishop, T.D., 1994:
Sterilization of talc USP for intrapleural use

ZhouLiJuan; WangDan; HuangHaiTao; YuanTao; ZhangXiaoXue, 2008:
Sterilization of the explant and callus induction of Feijoa sallowiana Berg in vitro culture

Pinsonneault O.; Goldstein D.P., 1989:
Sterilization of the unusual adolescent female

Phillips, R.E.; Moore, M.A.; Russell, R.L.; Cheung, D., 1995:
Sterilization of tissue implants using iodine

Fost N.C.; Clayton E.W.; Grodin M.A.; Kohrman A.F.; Nolan K.; Wagner V.M.; Abrams F.R.; Watts J.; Shaw A.; E.A., 1990:
Sterilization of women who are mentally handicapped

Gross, R.L.; Goldberg, A.F.; Loevy, H.T., 1993:
Sterilization practices in dental practices in the midwest

Izumi,H., 2008:
Sterilization procedures of foods - principle, characteristics, present situation and subject Chemical procedures sterilization of foods with aqueous hypochlorite principle and characteristics

Nakayama,S., 2008:
Sterilization procedures of foods - principle, characteristics, present situation and subject chemical procedures - sterilization of foods with sodium hypochlorite

Achiwa,N., 2008:
Sterilization procedures of foods - principle, characteristics, present situation and subject chemical procedures sterilization of foods with aqueous hypochlorite from the view point of manufacturer

Kozakai,H., 2008:
Sterilization procedures of foods - principle, characteristics, present situation and subjects chemical procedures - sterilization of foods with alcohol

Roth, D.S.; Cowart, W.H.Jr; Jenkins, C.B.Jr; Boyle, D.M., 1994:
Sterilization process in the manufacturing of snuff

Arroyo, P.A.; Del, B., J., 1998:
Sterilization rack for medical instruments

Singh K.; Fong Y.F.; Ratnam S.S., 1990:
Sterilization reversal an overview

Hauze D.R., 1989:
Sterilization storage and presentation container for surgical instruments us patent 4798292 january 17 1989

Latulippe, M.L.; Lepage, A.A.Jr, 1997:
Sterilization support and storage container system

Basile, M.; Basile, S., 1997:
Sterilization tray assembly composed of a mineral filled polypropylene

Riley, E.D., 1996:
Sterilization tray system for surgical instruments

Bowen, J.G., 1996:
Sterilization unit for dental handpieces and other instruments

Parisi A.N.; Young W.E., 1991:
Sterilization with ethylene oxide and other gases

Marsik,; Denys, G.A., 1995:
Sterilization, decontamination, and disinfection procedures for the microbiology laboratory

Vaillancourt, V.L., 1997:
Sterilized vial closure and a sterilized parenteral vial

Colvin, R.R., 1995:
Sterilizer test method and apparatus

Seki, R.; Kamimura, R.; Mitsubayashi, S., 1996:
Sterilizing agent for preventing coccidiosis in animals

Kulshreshtha, A.K.; Smith, G.G.; Anderson, S.D.; Krukonis, V.J., 1995:
Sterilizing and sizing of water-insoluble pharmaceutical compounds using gas anti-solvent supercritical fluid processing

Tettel P.G., 1989:
Sterilizing apparatus for ophthalmological devices us patent 4868397 september 19 1989

Ritter, R., 1994:
Sterilizing container for medical and surgical instruments and apparatus

Taschner W., 1989:
Sterilizing container for surgical instruments us patent 4818502 april 4 1989

Anusavice K.; Lewis D.L.; Kuehne J.; Tenpas W.S.; Pearce J.H.Jr; Ferrillo P.J.Jr; Murphy R.A.; Miller C.H.; Arrowsmith Lowe J.T.; Cox K.; E.A., 1992:
Sterilizing dental handpieces chicago illinois usa august 27 1992

Cipelletti A., 1989:
Sterilizing device for an ice cream or similar delivering machine us patent 4867052 september 19 1989

Inagaki J., 1989:
Sterilizing method for treatment of fresh fruits us patent 4865857 september 12 1989

Kawano Y., 1989:
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Steroid hormone control of brain function

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Steroid hormone induced regulation of adrenergic receptors

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Steroid hormone patterns and sex change in the protandrous anemonefish, Amphiprion melanopus

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Steroid hormone receptor as a transcription factor -intracellular and tissue localization and its functional significance

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Steroid hormone receptors as targets for diagnostic imaging

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Steroid hormone receptors regulate the timing of ovarian differentiation in the dipteran Drosophila melanogaster Developmental and evolutionary implications

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Steroid hormone regulated expression of certain hsp70 and hsp85 genes in achlya

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Steroid hormone regulation of nitric oxide synthase and its activity in the rat uterus

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Steroid hormone regulation of nuclear proto-oncogenes

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Steroid hormones: effect on brain development and function

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Steroid hormones alter neuroanatomy and aggression independently in the tree lizard

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Steroid hormones and growth factor receptors

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Steroid hormones and growth factors in breast cancer

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Steroid hormones and hormones receptors in neoplastic diseases

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Steroid hormones and neuronal regeneration

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Steroid hormones and reactivity of smooth muscle of guinea pig airways to histamine in vitro

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Steroid hormones and steroid hormone binding globulins in serum and cerebrospinal fluid disturbance of the blood csf barrier function concordantly affects hydrophilic but not lipophilic serum substances

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Steroid hormones and the cardiovascular system direct actions of estradiol progesterone testosterone glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids and soltriol vitamin d on central nervous regulatory and peripheral tissues

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Steroid hormones and vascular reactivity

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Steroid hormones as mediators of neural plasticity

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Steroid hormones block amyloid fibril-induced 3- -2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide formazan exocytosis Relationship to neurotoxicity

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Steroid hormones determine level of specific G-protein interaction with D-2 receptor

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Steroid hormones downregulate integrins in human stroma derived osteoblasts

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Steroid hormones labeled with fluorine-18 and technetium-99m for imaging receptor-positive breast tumors

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Steroid hormones may modulate the chemiluminescence emission produced by polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Steroid hormones modulate galectin-1 in the trophoblast HTR-8/SVneo cell line

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Steroid hormones modulate the function of human endometrial endothelial cells

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Steroid hormones modulate the size and gene expression of neurokinin B neurons in the rat arcuate nucleus

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Steroid hormones regulate estrogen receptor immunoreactivity in a site specific manner in the forebrain of the female guinea pig

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Steroid hormones regulate expression of L-type Ca-2+ channel subunit mRNA in hippocampus of young and aged Fischer 344 rats

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Steroid induced avascular necrosis of the femoral head in child following aplastic anemia

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Steroid induced osteoporosis successfully treated with fluoride

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Steroid modified oligonucleotides

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Steroid modulation of choline acetyltransferase activity in the zebra finch brain

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Steroid modulation of gaba receptors novel mechanism for regulation of sexual behavior

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Steroid molecular structure receptor binding and hormone action

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Steroid myopathy in cancer patients treated with dexamethasone

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Steroid nitrite and nitrate ester derivatives useful as anti-inflammatory drugs

Tjoeng, F.S.; Currie, M.G.; Zupec, M.E., 1998:
Steroid nitrite ester derivatives useful as anti-inflammatory drugs

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Steroid nitrite/nitrate ester derivatives useful as anti-inflammatory drugs

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Steroid osteoporosis

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Steroid osteoporosis A pragmatic approach is needed while prospective trials are awaited

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Steroid peptide interactions in the endocrine brain reproduction

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Steroid pretreatment of patients at risk for lung injury reduces levels of neutrophil elastase and forwards its inactivation

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Steroid production by ovine follicles destined to form sub normal corpora lutea

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Steroid production in ovarian follicles from 5 week to 8 week old pullets versus undifferentiated follicles of mature hens

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Steroid production in the thymus Implications for thymocyte development

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Steroid profiles during arrest of oocyte development after capture of wild greenbone, Odax pullus

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Steroid profiles in the testes and hemolymph of lobsters from clean and contaminated harbours in Atlantic Canada in spring, summer and winter

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Steroid profiling

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Steroid psychosis: a cause of confusion on the acute spinal cord injury unit

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Steroid receptor family: structure and functions

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Steroid receptor folding by heat-shock proteins and composition of the receptor heterocomplex

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