Studies on the genera Frullania Raddi and Jubula Dum from Meghalaya India Eastern Himalayas

Singh, A.-Pratap; Kumar, D.; Nath, V.

Taiwania 53(1): 51-84


ISSN/ISBN: 0372-333X
Accession: 033545170

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Genera Frullania Raddi and Jubula Dum. liverworts belonging to family Frullaniaceae have been studied from Khasi and Jaintia Hills: Meghalaya in Eastern Himalayas. Critical investigations and taxonomic studies on the plants collected by authors recently, and details based on earlier records have revealed occurrence of 31 species of Frullania and I species of Jubula in this bryogeographically rich dominion of Eastern Himalayas. Amongst above 31 species, Frullania udarii Nath et Singh has been recently discovered, however Frullania rotundistipula is an addition to Indian bryoflora. The comprehensive and consolidated account which includes taxonomic observation, diversity, distribution, ecology, habitat and discussions on more plastic and allied species of the two genera has beer! provided for the first time. Additionally the distributional Map and keys to the genera as well as species have also been provided.