Studies on tiger beetles LXXVI On some new or poorly known African species

Cassola, F.

Fragmenta Entomologica 26(2): 259-291


ISSN/ISBN: 0429-288X
Accession: 033549483

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Taxonomic, nomenclatural and synonymic data are presented for some new or poorly known African tiger beetle species: (1) new combinations are proposed for Euryarthron reticostatum (Wellman and Horn, 1908), E. cosmemosignatum (W. Horn, 1914) (new status), E. quadristriatum (W. Horn, 1897), Prothymidia putzeysi (W. Horn, 1900), Trichodela haefligeri (Horn, 1905); (2) Cicindela? rotundilabris Mandl, 1973 is synonymized with Prothymidia gemmiprivata (W. Horn, 1914), new combination and new status; (3) Trichodela diversilabris n. sp. is described from eastern Shaba, northern Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda; (4) Ophryodera ukereweana Mandl, 1973 is synonymized with Ropaloteres gigantulus (Schilder, 1953); (5) Ropaloteres leucopictus (Quedenfeldt, 1888), is recorded for the first time from Uganda; (6) Elliptica compressicornis (Boheman) ssp. persignata nov, is described from northern Zambia and Tanzania; (7) Elliptica kenyana n. sp. is described from coastal forests of Kenya (type series) and moreover is recorded also from inland savannah environments of Kenya and Tanzania (non-type, slightly different specimens); (8) Ropaloteres fatidicus (Guerin) ssp. shabensis nov. is described from the Shaba, Zaire; (9) Lophyra neglecta (Dejean) ssp. sublitoralis nov. is described from the coastal region of Kenya; (10) the male of Cylindera (Ifasina) marshallisculpta (W. Horn, 1914) is described, and moreover the species is recorded as new for Zambia and Malawi; (11) Cylindera (Ifasina) graniticollis n. sp. is described from southern Shaba and neighbouring Zambia.