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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33615

Chapter 33615 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lefever, D.G.; Weech, B.L.; Schutz, D.N.; Whittier, J.C., 1996:
Synchronizing estrus in beef cows using combinations of melengestrol , estradiol valerate, norgestomet and prostaglandin

Paillard J.; Bard C.; Fleury M., 1989:
Synchronizing hand and foot movement in a projective or reactive mode two contrasting schedules of motor command

Bussel, A.; Boulechfar, H.; Naim, R., 1993:
Synchronizing intravenous polyvalent gammaglobulins and plasma exchange A study of 11 patients

Kuznetsov, A.Ye, 1993:
Synchronizing of the biosynthetic activity of microbial producers by rhythms of cosmogeophysical origin

Kolver, E.S.; Muller, L.D.; Varga, G.A., 1995:
Synchronizing ruminal degradation of supplemental carbohydrate with pasture N in lactating dairy cows

Demin, A.A.; Sentyakova, T.N.; Smirnov, V.V.; Demina, L.M.; Mamin, I.V., 1996:
Synchronizing therapy with plasmapheresis and cyclophosphamide of progressive SLE with renal failure

Leinekugel, X.; Khazipov, R.; Medina, I.; Khalilov, I.; Represa, A.; Ben Ari, Y., 1996:
Synchronous Ca-2+ oscillations controlled by the synergistic actions of GABA-A and NMDA receptors in the neonatal rat hippocampus

Kuyama, J.; Take, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Nakajima, T.; Sugase, T.; Hata, A.; Hanada, M.; Nakagawa, K., 1995:
Synchronous fluctuation of interleukin-6 and platelet count in cyclic thrombocytopenia and thrombocytosis

Czerniak, B.; Oi, A.; Feliz, A.; Coughlan, B.; Herz, F.; Koss, L.G., 1993:
Synchronous HA-ras gene codon 12 and intron D mutations and progression of human bladder carcinomas

Czerniak, B.; Oi, A.; Etkind, P.; Feliz, A.; Couglan, B.; Herz, F.; Koss, L.G., 1993:
Synchronous Ha-ras codon 12 and intron D mutations are associated with human bladder cancer progression

Adnan, E.; Nicholas, S.; Madras, R.; Ashraf, A.M., 1996:
Synchronous Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Chiang, C.; Von Stein, A.; Konig, P., 1996:
Synchronous activity between primary visual and sensorimotor cortex in the awake behaving cat

Dave, A.; Fortune, E.S.; Margoliash, D., 1994:
Synchronous activity in HVc studied with electrode arrays

Villa, A.E.P.; Lorenzana,, 1994:
Synchronous activity in substantia nigra pars reticulata of the albino rat

Nagao, T.; Koehling, R.; Luecke, A.; Mattia, D.; Avoli, M., 1995:
Synchronous activity in the absence of excitatory amino acid-mediated transmission in the rat hippocampus in vitro

Avoli M.; Tancredi V.; Zona C.; Fueta Y., 1990:
Synchronous activity induced by 4 aminopyridine in the ca3 subfield of the rat immature hippocampus

Avoli, M.; Mattia, D.; Hwa, G.G.C.; Siniscalchi, A., 1992:
Synchronous activity induced by 4-aminopyridine in the human neocortex maintained in vitro

Husain, A.N.; Gattuso, P.; Abraham, K.; Castelli, M.J., 1989:
Synchronous adenocarcinoma and carcinoid of the uterine cervix: immunohistochemical study of a case and review of literature

Hardman, W.J.I.i; Gal, A.A.; Pascal, R.R., 1994:
Synchronous adenocarcinoma and low-grade B-cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue of the stomach associated with chronic gastritis

Akosa, A.B.; Clark, D.M.; Desa, L., 1990:
Synchronous adenocarcinoma and primary malignant lymphoma of the stomach

Gregoire, M.; Kantoff, P.; DeWolf, W.C., 1993:
Synchronous adenocarcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder associated with augmentation: case report and review of the literature

Reddy, V.B.; Husain, A.N.; Gattuso, P.; Abraham, K.; Castelli, M.J., 1990:
Synchronous adenocarcinomas of jejunum and cecum following transverse colon carcinoma. A case study

Kovacs, B.J.; Griffin, R.A.; Chen, Y.K., 1997:
Synchronous adenomas in a colonic interposition graft and the native colon

Russell, A.H.; Mesic, J.B.; Kinney, W.K.; Smith, L.H.; Taylor, M.H.; Trelford, J.D.; Townsend, D.E.; Scudder, S.A.; Brooks, C.P.; Zukowski, C.L., 1994:
Synchronous adjuvant radiation and chemotherapy for high-risk cervical cancer following radical hysterectomy and therapeutics lymphadenectomy

Bekkers, J.M., 1995:
Synchronous and asynchronous EPSCs evoked in hippocampal slices A test of the quantal model of neurotransmission

Kaplan, M.P.; Wilcox, K.S.; Cummings, D.; Dichter, M.A., 1997:
Synchronous and asynchronous release of excitatory neurotransmitter in calcium and strontium Hippocampal neurons display heterogeneous synchrony of release

Chang, H.S.; Smith, J.E.; Staras, K.; Gilbey, M.P., 1998:
Synchronous and asynchronous rhythmical discharges of postganglionic sympathetic neurones innervating an identified blood vessel in the rat

Bayascas, J.R.; Castillo, E.; Munoz Marmol, A.M.; Baguna, J.; Salo, E., 1998:
Synchronous and early activation of planarian Hox genes and the re-specification of body axes during regeneration in Dugesia tigrina

Heald, R.J., 1990:
Synchronous and metachronous carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Vaupel, H.A.; Robertz Vaupel, G.M., 1993:
Synchronous and metachronous carcinomas of the gastrointestinal tract

Moreira, L.F.rnando; Hiromi, I.; Kimura, T.; Perdomo, J.A.tonio; Orita, K., 1993:
Synchronous and metachronous tumours of the large bowel and rectum

Borrero E.; Chang J.B., 1989:
Synchronous aortic graft enteric fistulae a case report and review of the literature

Laccourreye, O.; Chabardes, E.; Weinstein, G.; Carnot, F.; Brasnu, D.; Laccourreye, H., 1991:
Synchronous arytenoid and pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma

Palahniuk, C.; Gilchrist, J.S.C., 1997:
Synchronous assay of ATPase activity and calcium transport in isolated sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes using a novel fluorometric method

Nagorni, A.; Tasic, T.; Katic, V.; Petrovic Nagorni, S.; Stamenkovic, I.; Zivkovic, V.; Benedeto Stojanov, D.; Filipovic, S., 1998:
Synchronous benign and malignant colorectal tumors Colonoscopic findings

Takeda, Y.; Kuroda, M.; Suzuki, A., 1990:
Synchronous benign epithelial tumors arising in the palatal minor salivary gland. First report of an unusual minor salivary gland lesion

Peiro, G.; Payne, S.; Schnitt, S.; Recht, A.; Silver, B.; Schneider, L.; Harris, J.; Connolly, J., 1996:
Synchronous bilateral breast cancer Pathologic features and treatment outcome following conservative surgery and radiotherapy

D.L.R.chefordiere, A.; Asselain, B.; Campana, F.; Fourquet, A., 1993:
Synchronous bilateral breast carcinomas A retrospective review of 149 cases

Lucon, A.M.; Pompeo, A.C.; Rodrigues, P.R.; Mitre, A.I.; Saldanha, L.B.; Arap, S., 1993:
Synchronous bilateral carcinoma of the adrenal gland: 2 case reports

Ballantyne A.J., 1990:
Synchronous bilateral neck dissection for midline cancers of the head and neck

Ravi, R.; Tongaonkar, H.B.; Kulkarni, J.N.; Kamat, M.R., 1992:
Synchronous bilateral parotid metastases from renal cell carcinoma. A case report

Karamanakos, P.; Apostolopoulos, V.; Fafouliotis, S.; Mela, A.; Ziounas, Y.; Trafalis, D.T., 1996:
Synchronous bilateral primary male breast carcinoma with hyperprolactinemia

Natesha R.; Barnwell S.; Hoover E.L., 1989:
Synchronous bilateral signet ring breast cancer

Reinberg, Y.; Manivel, J.C.; Zhang, G.; Reddy, P.K., 1991:
Synchronous bilateral testicular germ cell tumors of different histologic type. Pathogenetic and practical implications of bilaterality in testicular germ cell tumors

Turkoglu, Muhammet, 2008:
Synchronous blooms of the cocolithophore Emiliania huxleyi and three dinoflagellates in the Dardanelles Turkish Straits System

Bour Guichenez, G.; Guichenez, P.; Dambron, P.; Thibaud, J.C.; Hernandez, M., 1996:
Synchronous bronchogenic cancer revealed by Pierre-Marie-Bamberger syndrome and Schwartz-Bartter syndrome

Meister M.; Wong R.O.L.; Baylor D.A.; Shatz C.J., 1990:
Synchronous bursting activity in ganglion cells of the developing mammalian retina

Rowat, P.F.; Selverston, A.I., 1996:
Synchronous bursting can arise from non-oscillatory cells connected with mutual excitation

Charpier, S.; Behrends, J.C.; Chang, Y.T.; Sur, C.; Korn, H., 1994:
Synchronous bursting in a subset of interneurons inhibitory to the goldfish Mauthner cell: synaptic mediation and plasticity

Fukaura, A.; Tazawa, H.; Fujii, H.; Nakatani, K.; Katsura, T.; Mochizuki, T.; Mizuno, M.; Takahashi, T.; Tsuroka, N., 1992:
Synchronous cancer of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung and lymphocytic leukemia A case report

Steinfeld, A.D.; Speyer, J., 1993:
Synchronous carcinoma and soft-tissue sarcoma. The importance of searching for incidental radiation exposure

Adloff, M.; Arnaud, J.P.; Bergamaschi, R.; Schloegel, M., 1989:
Synchronous carcinoma of the colon and rectum: prognostic and therapeutic implications

Caracino, A.M.; Antonucci, S.; Tarone, F., 1994:
Synchronous carcinoma of the colon-rectum

Piura, B.; Glezerman, M., 1989:
Synchronous carcinomas of endometrium and ovary

Moore, J.H.; Cintron, J.R.; Duarte, B.; Espinosa, G.; Abcarian, H., 1992:
Synchronous cecal and sigmoid volvulus. Report of a case

Zelenka, P.S.; Brewitt, B.; Talian, J.C., 1992:
Synchronous cell division cycles in the developing lens

Taylor, C.G.; Howell, S.L.; Pedley, K.C., 1994:
Synchronous changes in -i in cell clusters from pancreatic islets measured by confocal microscopy

Luther, C.M.; Brookins, T.A.; Shafer, T.H.; Roer, R.D., 1993:
Synchronous changes in glycoprotein composition and mineral nucleation in the early postecdysial carapace of Callinectes sapidus

Langdon R.B.; Kuhn D.M.; Sur M., 1989:
Synchronous coherent burst firing by neurons in lamina iii of rat visual cortex in vitro

O'Boyle, K.P.; Kemeny, N., 1989:
Synchronous colon and renal cancers: six cases of a clinical entity

Ulrich,R., 2008:
Synchronous counting, a new method of a comparative survey of abundance within habitats - on the example of the FFH-species Marsh Fritillary in the Bliesgau/Saarland

Nakanishi, K.; Kobyashi, T.; Kogawa, N.; Komatsu, Y., 1996:
Synchronous decline of serum soluble HLA class I antigen and beta-cell function in IDDM

MaHaiLe; ZhuZiPing; LiuJiAng; LuoLin; HeRongHai; WangZhenBin, 2008:
Synchronous detection of seven persistent pyrethroid pesticides in tea by MECC using reversed electrode polarity stacking concentration technique

Kraus T.W.; Noronha I.L.; Otto G.; Mathias D.; Hoffmann W.; Herfarth C., 1990:
Synchronous determination of soluble il 2 receptors t8 cd8 antigen tnf alpha inf gamma il 1 and il 2 in the postoperative course after orthotopic liver transplantation

Yoshida S.; Yano M.; Shimizu H., 1991:
Synchronous differentiation of cerebellar culture

Iwase, S.; Okada, H.; Takeuchi, S.; Mano, T., 1995:
Synchronous discharge of muscle and skin sympathetic nerve activities during stage W

Kato Y.; Tsunoda Y., 1992:
Synchronous division of mouse 2 cell embryos with nocodazole in vitro

San Sebastian M.A E.; Duran Cantolla J.; Guerra Merino I.; Luzarraga Anguisola S., 1991:
Synchronous double primary bronchogenic carcinoma

Seo, J.W.; Im, J.G.; Kim, Y.W.; Kim, J.H.; Sheppard, M.N., 1991:
Synchronous double primary lung cancers of squamous and neuroendocrine type associated with cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

Rha, S.Y.; Hee, C.C.; Joon, P.O.; Jae, C.Y.; Tae, K.S.; Hyun, C.C.; Sung, N.H.; Joo, K.H.; Jae, R.K.; Jin, M.S.; Byung, K.S., 1996:
Synchronous elevation of circulating serum ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 levels correlated with gastric cancer progression and hepatic metastasis

Yoo, N.C.oon; Chung, H.C.eol; Chung, H.C.eol; Park, J.O.; Rha, S.Y.ung; Kim,; Roh, J.K.ung; Min, J.S.k; Kim, B.S.o; Noh, S.H.on, 1998:
Synchronous elevation of soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 correlates with gastric cancer progression

Snider, R.K.; Kabara, J.F.; Roig, B.R.; Bonds, A.B., 1996 :
Synchronous entrainment of cat striate cortical neurons by display refresh rate

Shiraki K.; Shimizu A.; Hamada M.; Kuniyoshi M.; Takase K.; Nakano T.; Tameda Y.; Kosaka Y., 1991:
Synchronous esophageal carcinoma and rectal carcinoma report of a case and review of the literature

Sasaki Y.; Inamura N.; Oyama K.; Takasaka C.; Wada M., 1991:
Synchronous evoked otoacoustic emissions in humans

GuoDongQuan; YangXiangDong; BaoShaoJun; GuoSanDui; KangLingSheng; YinAiPing; QianXueYan; ZhaoGuiLan, 2008:
Synchronous expression of CryIA and CpTI genes in soybean and analysis of their resistance to insect pests

Welch M.P.; Clark R.A.F., 1989:
Synchronous expression of tgf beta inducible proteins in the epidermis of reepithelializing porcine wounds

Furukawa M.; E.A., 1991:
Synchronous extra parotid warthins tumor

Yono, O.; Shimozawa, T., 2008:
Synchronous firing by specific pairs of cercal giant interneurons in crickets encodes wind direction

Steinmetz, P.N.; Roy, A.; Fitzgerald, P.; Hsiao, S.S.; Niebur, E.; Johnson, K.O., 1998:
Synchronous firing in the second somatosensory cortex covaries with the attentional state of alert monkey

Lumer, E.D.; Tononi, G., 1995:
Synchronous firing leads to effective neuronal interactions in a model of the thalamocortical system

Ichikawa, Toshio, 1998:
Synchronous firing patterns of a set of insect neurosecretory cells

Copeland, J.; Moiseff, A., 1993:
Synchronous flashing in fireflies Effects of flash shape and flash duration

Griffin G.D.; Boyarsky S.; Mouton M.; Johnston R.; Uziel M.; V.D.nh T., 1991:
Synchronous fluorescence detection of dna polycyclic hydrocarbon adducts

Montagu M.; Petit Paly G.; Levillain P.; Baumert A.; Groeger D.; Chenieux J.C.; Rideau M., 1989:
Synchronous fluorescence spectrometry and identification of dihydrofuro 2 3 b quinolinium alkaloids biosynthesized by ruta graveolens cultures in vitro

Ariese, F.; Hofstraat, J.W.; Gooijer, C.; Velthorst, N.H., 1995:
Synchronous fluorescence spectrometry of PAH metabolites in bile of fish from the southern North Sea

Poulli, K.I.; Mousdis, G.A.; Georgiou, C.A., 2006:
Synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for quantitative determination of virgin olive oil adulteration with sunflower oil

Stanford, I.M.; Traub, R.D.; Colling, S.B.; Jefferys, J.G.R., 1997:
Synchronous gamma oscillations in the subiculum

Yabunaka, A.; Yoshida, S.; Yano, M., 1998:
Synchronous granule cell - induced Purkinje cell development regulated by activation and phosphorylation of AMPA receptor in vitro

Czerniak B.; Cohen G.; Deitch D.; Simmons H.; Etkind P.; Herz F.; Koss L.G., 1991:
Synchronous ha ras gene exon and intron mutations in human bladder carcinomas

Vukelja, S.J.; Krishnan, J.; Ward, F.T.; Redmond, J., 1990:
Synchronous Hodgkin's disease and myelofibrosis terminating with granulocytic sarcoma and acute megakaryocytic leukemia

Doheny, H.C.; Whittington, M.A., 1998:
Synchronous interhippocampal gamma oscillations are disrupted by the hallucinogen mescaline

Mckhann, G.M.I.; D'ambrosio, R.; Newell, D.W.; Janigro, D., 1997:
Synchronous interictal-like burst discharges induced by cesium are neurotoxic in organotypic hippocampal cultures

Thompson, J.S.; Sudan, D.L.; Vanderhoof, J.A.; Ferguson, D.C.; Quigley, E.M.; Langnas, A.N., 1998:
Synchronous intestinal transplantation inhibits post resection adaptation

Santos R.M.; Rosario L.M.; Contreras D.; Nadal A.; Garcia Sancho J.; Soria B.; Valdeolmillos M., 1990:
Synchronous intracellular calcium oscillations due to bursting electrical activity in single islets of langerhans

Murphy T.H.; Blatter L.A.; Wier W.G.; Baraban J.M., 1992:
Synchronous intracellular calcium transients produced by synaptic activity in cultured cortical neurons

Grampa, M.; Ercoli, A.; Rossinotti, M., 1995:
Synchronous intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy. A report on two cases

Gemer, O.; Zohav, E.; Calman, D.; Sassoon, E.; Segal, S., 1993:
Synchronous intrauterine and tubal pregnancies with subchorionic hematoma

Adsay, N.V.; Rosai, J., 1995:
Synchronous involvement of bone and skin in epithelioid hemangioendothelioma Report of five cases

Edman, K.A.P.; Curtin, N.A., 1993:
Synchronous length oscillations during loaded shortening of isolated muscle fibres from frog

Buracas, G.; Zador, A.; Deweese, M.; Albright, T., 1997:
Synchronous locking of area MT neurons to rapidly changing stimuli

Mark, S.D.; Perez, L.M.; Webster, G.D., 1993:
Synchronous management of bladder neck contracture and stress urinary incontinence following radical prostatectomy

Caldas, C.; Sitzmann, J.; Trimble, C.L.; McGuire, W.P., 1992:
Synchronous mature teratomas of the ovary and liver: a case presenting 11 years following chemotherapy for immature teratoma

Hahn, M.; Klyscz, T.; Steins, A.; Juenger, M., 1996:
Synchronous measurement of capillary blood pressure and red blood cell velocity

Kamen, G.; Du, D.C.C.; Sison, S.V.; Roy, A., 1993:
Synchronous motor unit activity in young and old adults during maximal effort contractions

Busetto, G.; Buffelli, M.; Tognana, E.; Bellico, F.; Cangiano, A., 1998:
Synchronous nerve evoked activity in newly established rat neuromuscular synapses inhibits elimination of multiple inputs

Bouskila, Y.; Dudek, F.E., 1992:
Synchronous neuronal activity in the suprachiasmatic nucleus independent of chemical synaptic transmission

Dahill, S.W.; Seywright, M., 1998:
Synchronous occurrence of cutaneous lymphadenoma and syringoid eccrine carcinoma in a single patient

Litman, D.A.; Bhuta, S.; Barsky, S.H., 1993:
Synchronous occurrence of malignant rhabdoid tumor two decades after Wilms' tumor irradiation

Shapiro, D.M.; Recant, W.; Hemmati, M.; Mazzone, T.; Evans, R.H., 1989:
Synchronous occurrence of parathyroid carcinoma and adenoma in an elderly woman

Papadaki, T.; Stamatopoulos, K.; Kosmas, C.; Economopoulos, T.; Kapsimali, V.; Papandreou, S.; Anagnostou, D., 1995:
Synchronous occurrence of splenic marginal zone-cell lymphoma with clonal T-cell large granular lymphocytic proliferation An immunologic and genotypic study

Satter, E.K.; Derienzo, D.P., 2008:
Synchronous onset of multiple cutaneous neuroendocrine (Merkel cell) carcinomas localized to the scalp

Kanter I., 1991:
Synchronous or asynchronous parallel dynamics which is more efficient?

Planells Roig M.V.; Garcia Espinosa R.; Morcillo Rodenas R.; Rodero Rodero D., 1990:
Synchronous or metachronous extragastric cancer associated with gastric carcinoma common pathogenesis of intestinal type gastric carcinoma and colonic cancer

de Souza Azevedo, R.; Abrahão, A.Corrêa.; de Albuquerque, E.Brilhante., 2008:
Synchronous orofacial granulomatosis and mucoepidermoid carcinoma: paraneoplastic syndrome or coincidence?

Kobayashi, K.; Yamazaki, S.; Nozawa, A.; Kawahara, M.; Muramoto, K.; Sekino, Y.; Maeda, E.; Kawana, A.; Kuroda, Y., 1994:
Synchronous oscillation of CA-2+ increase in cultured cortical networks is compartmentalized even in each neuronal cell bodies and changed spatio-temporally by tetanic stimulation

Ishimatsu, M.; Williams, J.T., 1995:
Synchronous oscillations in membrane potential suggest electrotonic coupling in adult rat locus coeruleus

Ortsater, H.; Liss, P.; Lund, P.E.; Akerman, K.; Bergsten, P., 1998:
Synchronous oscillations in oxygen tension and insulin release of individual mouse islets

Neuenschwander, S.; Herculano, S.; Singer, W., 1996:
Synchronous oscillations in the LGN reflect stimulus-dependent long-range interactions in the retina

Ritz, R.; Sejnowski, T.J., 1997:
Synchronous oscillatory activity in sensory systems: new vistas on mechanisms

Manolitsas, T.P.; Lanham, S.A.; Hitchcock, A.; Watson, R.H., 1998:
Synchronous ovarian and cervical squamous intraepithelial neoplasia: an analysis of HPV status

Kondi-Pafiti, A.; Grapsa, D.; Liapis, A.; Papadias, K.; Kairi-Vassilatou, E.; Hasiakos, D., 2008:
Synchronous ovarian and endometrial carcinoma: a strong link to endometriosis?

Bruce, D.S.; Newell, K.A.; Woodle, E.S.; Cronin, D.C.; Grewal, H.P.; Millis, J.M.; Ruebe, M.; Josephson, M.A.; Thistlethwaite, J.R., 1998:
Synchronous pancreas-kidney transplantation with portal venous and enteric exocrine drainage: outcome in 70 consecutive cases

Bruce, D.S.; Newell, K.A.; Woodle, E.S.; Grewal, H.P.; Millis, J.M.; Ruebe, M.; Josephson, M.A.; Thistlethwaite, J.R.Jr, 1997:
Synchronous pancreas-kidney transplantation with portal venous and enteric exocrine drainage Outcome in fifty consecutive cases

Jackson-York, G.L.; Ramzy, I., 1992:
Synchronous papillary mucinous adenocarcinoma of the endocervix and fallopian tubes

Shibusawa M.; E.A., 1990:
Synchronous parotid tumors of different histological types

Lee, K.A.; Conlan, A.A., 1998:
Synchronous patent foramen ovale and bronchopleural fistula after right pneumonectomy: nonoperative management with survival

Bird, R.Curtis, 1998:
Synchronous populations of cells in specific phases of the cell cycle prepared by centrifugal elutriation

Bulstrode, N.W.; Coady, A.; Ramsay, J.W., 1995:
Synchronous presentation of different testicular tumours

Chong, Y.; Shin, J.Junghun.; Cho, M-Yon.; Cui, Y.; Kim, H.Young.; Park, K.Hwa., 2008:
Synchronous primary gastric mantle cell lymphoma and early gastric carcinoma: a case report

Ferguson, M.K., 1993:
Synchronous primary lung cancers

Davis, J.P.; Maclennan, K.A.; Schofield, J.B.; Watkinson, J.C.; Gluckman, P., 1991:
Synchronous primary mucosal melanoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the maxillary antrum

Gamburg Y.L.; Romanova T.P., 1991:
Synchronous primary multifocal cancer of the pharynx and fundus of the oral cavity

Vorob'ev A.V.; Bystrova V.V.; Kolomoitsev S.V.; Rozova S.L., 1989:
Synchronous primary multiple cancer of the kidney bladder and prostate

Reddy, G.P.V.; Ramshaw, H.S.; Tiarks, C.Y.; Pang, L.; Quesenberry, P.J., 1995:
Synchronous progression of hematopoietic stem cells G-1 to S phase in response to cytokines

Okuyama H.; Kamata S.; Hasegawa T.; Ishikawa S.; Usui N.; Okada A., 1991:
Synchronous pulsatile ecmo system for neonatal cardiopulmonary failure a experimental study

Russell, A.H.; Mesic, J.B.; Scudder, S.A.; Rosenberg, P.J.; Smith, L.H.; Kinney, W.K.; Townsend, D.E.; Trelford, J.D.; Taylor, M.H.; Zukowski, C.L., 1992:
Synchronous radiation and cytotoxic chemotherapy for locally advanced or recurrent squamous cancer of the vulva

Batt M.; Declemy S.; Persch M.; Hassen Khodja R.; Daune B.; Avril G.; Gagliardi J.M.; L.B.s P., 1991:
Synchronous reconstruction for combined aortoiliac and femoropopliteal occlusive lesions

Wein, R.O.; Lewis, A.F., 2008:
Synchronous reconstruction of the floor of mouth and chin with a single skin island fibular free flap

Sephton Mark A.; Looy Cindy V.; Veefkind Ruben J.; Brinkhuis Henk; de Leeuw Jan W.; Visscher Henk, 2002:
Synchronous record of delta super 13 C shifts in the oceans and atmosphere at the end of the Permian

Rao C.M., 1991:
Synchronous scan fluorescence a novel approach to study crystallins and lens

Kolonin, M.G.; Sun, J.; Do, K-Anh.; Vidal, C.I.; Ji, Y.; Baggerly, K.A.; Pasqualini, R.; Arap, W., 2006:
Synchronous selection of homing peptides for multiple tissues by in vivo phage display

Zhang, L.; Perez Velazquez, J.L.; Tian, G.F.; Zhang, Y.; Carlen, P.L., 1997:
Synchronous slow GABAA-mediated oscillations in hippocampal and neocortical neurons induced by blocking the inward rectifying K+ current in interneurons

Steinhoff, M.M.; King, T.C., 1995:
Synchronous small cell and endometrioid carcinomas of common clonal origin

Stewart, K.M.; Cap, R.K.; Bialek, J.S., 1997:
Synchronous spawning of Dreissena sp in eastern Lake Erie

Engbretson, G.A.; Dodge, F.A., 1995:
Synchronous spontaneous ganglion cell activity in the parietal eye nerve of lizards

Vautrin J.; Schaffner A.; Barker J.L., 1991:
Synchronous spontaneous synaptic release of gaba in cultured rat hippocampal neurons

Yeong, M.L.; Wood, K.P.; Scott, B.; Yun, K., 1992:
Synchronous squamous and glandular neoplasia of the anal canal

Schechner, J.S.; Braverman, I.M., 1992:
Synchronous vasomotion in the human cutaneous microvasculature provides evidence for central modulation

Bernardi, L.; Hayoz, D.; Wenzel, R.; Passino, C.; Porret, C.A.; Weber, R.; Noll, G., 1995:
Synchronous vasomotion in the skin microvessels Evidence for central autonomic control mechanism

Lin, P.K.; Yen, M.F.; Liu, J.H., 1998:
Synchronous vitreous lavage A new technique for recurrent vitreous hemorrhage

Michelman, P.; Burkhoff, D.; Allen, P.K.; Levin, H.R., 1996:
Synchronous vs asynchronous left ventricular assist device control Computer simulation of optimum strategies

Mangili, F.; Sassi, I.; Leone, B.E.; D.S.ntis, L.; D.R.cco, M.G.; Verusio, C., 1994:
Synchronously occurring breast and ovarian malignant tumours Prompt of diagnostic approach

Kobashi, Y.; Fukuda, M.; Yoshida, K.; Miyashita, N.; Niki, Y.; Oka, M., 2006:
Synchronus presentation of early-stage small cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma in the same lung lobe

Tate, A.E.; Taylor, M.H., 1997:
Synchrony between maturational status and patterns of myogenic ovarian contractions during the semilunar reproductive cycle of mummichog fundulus heteroclitus

Ghisovan, N.; Nemri, A.; Shumikhina, S.; Molotchnikoff, S., 2008:
Synchrony between orientation-selective neurons is modulated during adaptation-induced plasticity in cat visual cortex

A.G.amdi, K.M.; Stewart, R.K.; Boivin, G., 1995:
Synchrony between populations of the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris , and its egg parasitoids in southwestern Quebec

Bergsten, P., 1994:
Synchrony between rapid pulsatile release of insulin and changes in cytoplasmic Ca-2+

Goldfarb S.; Pugh T.D., 1990:
Synchrony between sex mediated growth of microscopic liver neoplasms and whole body growth in the mouse

Eggermont, J.J.; Smith, G.M., 1995:
Synchrony between single-unit activity and local field potentials in relation to periodicity coding in primary auditory cortex

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Synchrony in interictal EEG spiking and unit activity in patients with complex partial seizures

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