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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 33631

Chapter 33631 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Grossman, C.P.; Suttie, J.W., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorinated and hydroxylated vitamin k analogs as substrates and inhibitors of the liver microsomal gamma glutamyl carboxylases

Moriarty, R.M.; Condeiu, C.; Liu, K.; Tuladhar, S.; Lenz, D.; Brimfield, A., 1995:
Synthesis of fluorinated haptens as transition state analogs for phosphonate hydrolysis

Sloop, J.C.; Bumgardner, C.L., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorinated heterocycles

Hwang, D.R.; Banks, W.R.; Borchet, R.; Mantil, J.C., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorinated kappa opioid receptor ligands

Pan, D.; Gambhir, S.S.; Phelps, M.E.; Barrio, J., 1997:
Synthesis of fluorinated nucleosides for antisense oligodeoxynucleotide imaging with PET

D.G.oot T.J.; Zijlstra, S.; Daemen, B.J.G.; Vaalburg, W., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 16 alpha ethyl 21 fluoro 19 norprogesterone a potential receptor binding ligand for pet

Argentini, M.; Mader, T.; Weinreich, R., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose using high fluorine 18 activities

Washburn, L.C.; Sun, T.T.H.; Byrd, B.L.; Crook, J.E., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 7 fluoroheptylamine and tissue distribution studies in rats

Denis, A.; Crouzel, C., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 analogues of mk 801

Hatano, K.; Ido, T.; Ishiwata, K.; Kawashima, K.; Hatazawa, J.; Itoh, M.; Iwata, R., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 fluoroalkylated analogues of a benzamide neuroleptic ym 09151 2

Tewson, T.J.; Kinsey, B.M.; Franceschini, M.P., 1991:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 fluoroalkylpindolol derivatives ligands for the beta adrenergic receptor

Kinsey, B.M.; Barber, R.; Tewson, T.J., 1992:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 fluorocarazolol a high affinity ligand for the beta adrenergic receptor

Kilbourn, M.R., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 fluorocinnarizine a calcium channel blocker

Kilbourn, M.R.; Subramanian, R., 1991:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled 1 1 difluoro 2 2 dichloroethylaryl ethers by isotopic exchange

Argentini, M.; Wyer, L.; Weinreich, R., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled fluoro l dopa for pet applications

Stone Elander, S.A.; Roland, P.E.; Hohlweg, R., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled gbr 12909 for evaluation as a tracer for dopamine uptake inhibition

Haka, M.S.; Kilbourn, M.R., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled gbr 12909 for human studies of dopamine reuptake sites

Kilbourn, M.R.; Pavia, M.S.; Gregor, V., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled inhibitors of gaba reuptake

Hwang D R.; Banks, W.R.; Mantil, J.C.; Jacobs, M.P.; Peterson, C.D.; Borchert, R., 1992:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled n 2 pyrrolidinyl 1 phenylethylacetamide analog a potential imaging agent for kappa opiate receptor

Mach, R.H.; Ehrenkaufer, R.L.; Luedtke, R.R.; Nicklaus, K.; Molinoff, P.B.; Reivich, M., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled n 4 fluorobenzylspiperone a novel d2 receptor ligand for pet

Halldin, C.; Hogberg, T.; Bengtsson, S.; Hall, H.; Farde, L., 1991:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled ncq 115 a new selective reversible d 2 dopamine receptor ligand for pet

Chatterjee, S.; Wilson, I.K.; Wolf, W., 1991:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labelled 3 fluoro 3 deoxythymidine for noninvasive monitoring of the biodistribution of drugs against aids

Banks, W.R.; Hwang D R.; Efange, S.M.N.; Parsons, S.M.; Jacobs, M.P.; Peterson, C.D.; Borchert, R.; Mantil, J.C., 1992:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labelled acyclic analogues of vesamicol potential cholinergic neuron markers

Shiue C Y.; Wolf, A.P.; Hainfeld, J.F., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labelled n p fluorine 18 fluorophenylmaleimide and its derivatives for labeling monoclonal antibody with fluorine 18

Van Dort, M.E.; Yang, D.J.; Kilbourn, M.R.; Gole, D.J.; Kalir, A.; Domino, E.F.; Young, A.B.; Wieland, D.M., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 phencyclidines for glutamate receptor mapping

Schmall, B.; Finn, R.D.; Rapoport, S.I.; Noronha, J.G.; Degeorge, J.J.; Kiesewetter, D.O.; Simpson, N.R.; Larson, S.M., 1989:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 racemic erythro 9 10 difluoropalmitic acid dfpa and biodistribution studies in rats

Jung Y W.; Gildersleeve, D.L.; Wieland, D.M., 1989 :
Synthesis of fluorine 19 fluorine 18 m hydroxyphenylserine mops a potential central norepinephrine protracer

Koyama, M.; Tamura, M.; Ando, A.; Kumadaki, I., 1994:
Synthesis of fluorine analogs of vitamin E III Synthesis of 2- tridecyl-2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-6-chromanol and 2-

Kozikowski, A.P.; W.J.P., 1990:
Synthesis of fluorine containing isosteres of sphingosine as inactivators of protein kinase c

Ponchant, M.; Crouzel, C.; Kamenka, J.M.; Hantraye, P., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 3-fluoromethyl-N- cyclohexylpiperidine, a potent radioligand for the dopamine re-uptake complex

Murali, D.; Dejesus, O.T.; Oakes, T.R.; Kitchen, R.; Holden, J.E.; Nickles, R.J., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 fluoro-alpha-fluoromethyl-p-tyrosine, a potential PET tracer for tyrosine hydroxylase activity

Gong, J.L.; Dence, C.S.; Welch, M., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 fluorobepridil, a positron labeled calcium antagonist

Kinsey, B.M.; Barber, R.; Tewson, T.J., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 fluorocarazolol A ligand for the beta-adrenergic receptor

Ryou, F.; Yoshio, I.; Tatsuo, I.; Kazuo, W.; Yoshio, O.; Tsukasa, K.; Yoshihito, F.; Ren, I.; Satoshi, U.; Takahiro, K., 1997:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 labeled 3-deoxy-3-fluoro-myo-inositol

Goodman, M.M.; Kabalka, G.W.; Longford, C.P.D., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 labeled 4-fluoro-3-deoxy-D-glucose as a potential brain, heart and tumor imaging agent

Zheng, L.; Berridge, M.S., 1997:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 labeled fluoromethyl iodide, a synthetic precursor for fluoromethylation of radiopharmaceuticals

Johnstrom, P.; Stone Elander, S., 1994:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 labelled 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl triflate

Tewson, T.J., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 lomefloxacin, a fluorinated quinoline antibiotic

Berridge, M.S.; Sayre, L.M.; Arora, P.K.; Terris, A.H.; Riachi, N.J.; Harik, S.I., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18 o-fluoromethyl-MPTP

Hammadi, A.; Crouzel, C., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18-labeled fluoxetine A selective serotonin uptake inhibitor

Dejesus, O.T.; Murali, D.; Oakes, T.R.; Holden, J.E.; Nickles, R.J., 1993:
Synthesis of fluorine-18-labelled alpha-fluoromethyl-p-tyrosine, a tyrosine hydroxylase-activated decarboxylase suicide inhibitor with potential as imaging agent for dopamine nerve terminals

Wu, G.Z.ang; Goekjian, P.G., 1996:
Synthesis of fluorine-containing analogs of LY333531 as F-19 NMR probes for protein kinase C

Ying, W.; Desmarteau, D.D.; Jones, G.B., 1998:
Synthesis of fluorine-containing camptotecin analogs using N-fluoro-bis-trifluromethylsulfonyl imide

Prenant, C.; Gillies, J.; Bailey, J.; Chimon, G.; Smith, N.; Jayson, G.C.; Zweit, J., 2008:
Synthesis of fluoroacetaldehyde Application to fluoroethylation of benzylamine under reductive alkylation conditions

Palacios, F.; Ochoa de Retana, A.M.; Oyarzabal, J.; Pascual, S.; Fernández de Trocóniz, G., 2008:
Synthesis of fluoroalkylated beta-aminophosphonates and pyridines from primary beta-enaminophosphonates

Solin, O.; Enas, J.D.; Bergman, J.; Haaparanta, M.; Vanbrocklin, H.F.; Budinger, T.F., 1996:
Synthesis of fluoroatipamezole Biodistribution in rats

Kilic, E.; Tuzun, C., 1992:
Synthesis of fluorobenzo c cinnolines

Lim, J.L.; Berridge, M.S., 1994:
Synthesis of fluoroetanidazole for hypoxia imaging evaluation

Guo, H.Y.an; Tian, Z.M.ng; Miao, H., 1993:
Synthesis of fluoroethyl p-tosylate

Woodard, D.L.; Mize, P.D.; Quante, J.M.; Hoke, R.A.; Millner, O.E.; Hamilton, P.T., 1992:
Synthesis of fluorogenic and chromogenic substrates for the sensitive detection of beta lactamase and mutants

Mangold, S.L.; Carpenter, R.T.; Kiessling, L.L., 2008:
Synthesis of fluorogenic polymers for visualizing cellular internalization

Choe, Y.S.; Song, D.H.; Lee, K.J.; Kim, S.E.; Kim, B.T.; Choi, Y.; Chi, D.Y., 1995:
Synthesis of fluoromethylbenzylsulfonate ester A rapid and efficient method for the N- fluoromethylbenzylation of amides and amines

Cherif, A.; Yang, D.J.; Tansey, W.; Kim, E.E.; Wallace, S., 1994:
Synthesis of fluoromisonidazole for imaging hypoxic tumors

Gregor, L.B.ros; D.C.rte, B.; Gimi, R.; Welch, J.T.; Handschumacher, R.E.; Wu, Y., 1994:
Synthesis of fluoroolefin peptide isosteres-potential tools for controlling peptide conformations

Abraham, A.; Nair, M.G.; Kisliuk, R.L.; Galivan, J., 1989:
Synthesis of folate and antifolate polyglutamates by fmoc chemistry and evaluation of methotrexate polyglutamate polylysine conjugates as inhibitors of h35 hepatoma cell growth

Dueker, S.R.; Jones, A.D.; Clifford, A.J., 1995:
Synthesis of folic acid-d-4 for human nutrition studies

Kruijer, P.S.; Van Leuffen, P.J.; Herscheid, J.D.M., 1997:
Synthesis of formamidine, a potential precursor for the production of 11C-labelled histamine derivatives

Sasaki, T.; Furukata, K.; Nozaki, T.; Ishii, S.; Senda, M.; IImori, T.; Ikegami, S.; Ide, S.; Hosogami, T., 1994:
Synthesis of forskolin and its non-specific analog, 1-acetyl-7-deacetylforskolin

Y.Y., J.H.ng Wei; H.X.ang Nan; Yan Shen He, 1995:
Synthesis of foscarnet sodium

Patel, R.N.; Banerjee, A.; Szarka, L.J., 1995:
Synthesis of four chiral pharmaceutical intermediates by biocatalysis

Mcpherson, D.W.; Knapp, F.F.Jr, 1996:
Synthesis of four stereoisomers of 1-azabiocyclo oct-2-yl-alpha-fluoroalkyl-alpha-hydroxy-alpha-phenylacetate Potential imaging ligands for the muscarinic-cholinergic receptor by PET

Abe, H.; Kinoh, H.; Oikawa, T.; Suzuki, N., 1991:
Synthesis of fucose sulfate glycoconjugate which induces the acrosome reaction during oogenesis

Röder, Ré.; Bruns, K.; Sharma, A.; Eissmann, Aé.; Hahn, F.; Studtrucker, N.; Fossen, T.; Wray, V.; Henklein, P.; Schubert, U., 2008:
Synthesis of full length PB1-F2 influenza A virus proteins from 'Spanish flu' and 'bird flu'

Scheele, G.; Fukuoka, S I., 1997:
Synthesis of full-length, double-stranded DNA from a single-stranded linear DNA template

Jordao, C., I.C.; Farinha, A., S.F.; Enes, R., F.; Tome, A., C.; Silva, A., M.S.; Cavaleiro, J., A.S.; Ramos, C., I.V.; Santana-Marques, M.G.; Paz, F., A.A.meida; Ramirez, J., M.D.-La-Torre; De-La-Torre, M., D.L.; Nogueras, M., 2008:
Synthesis of fullerene-glycopyranosylaminopyrimidin-4-one conjugates

Mergler, M., 1994:
Synthesis of fully protected peptide fragments

Renil, M.; Pillai, V.N.R.jasekharan, 1994:
Synthesis of fully protected peptides on a tetraethyleneglycol diacrylate -crosslinked polystyrene support with a photolytically detachable 2-nitrobenzyl anchoring group

Groeger, H.; Hatam, M.; Martens, J., 1995:
Synthesis of fully protected, non-proteinogenic alpha amino acids and oligopeptides from 2H-1, 3-oxazines and 2H-1,3-benzoxazines through the Ugi four-component-condensation reaction

Lagu, B.; Menaldino, D.; Merrill, A.H.Jr; Liotta, D., 1992:
Synthesis of fumonisin analogs

Townes, T.M.; Ryan, T.M.; Palmiter, R.D.; Brinster, R.L.; Behringer, R.R., 1997:
Synthesis of functional human hemoglobin and other proteins in erythroid tissues of transgenic animals

Steinkasserer, A.; Barlow, P.; Norman, D.G.; Kertesz, Z.; Campell, I.D.; Day, A.J.; Sim, R.B., 1991:
Synthesis of functional recombinant protein modules

Lawrence, A.J.; Pavey, J.B.J.; O'neil, I.A.; Cosstick, R., 1995:
Synthesis of functionalised 2-C-branched nucleosides via their gamma-butyrolactones

Mehrotra, A.P.; Gani, D., 1996:
Synthesis of functionalised cyclic pentapeptide analogues of the serine-threonine protein phosphatase inhibitor nodularin

Bohlmann, R.; Strehlke, P., 1996:
Synthesis of functionalized 1-vinylazoles by a novel Wittig reaction of 1-acylazoles

Yawer, M., A.; Hussain, I.; Iqbal, I.; Spannenberg, A.; Langer, P., 2008:
Synthesis of functionalized 65H-phenanthridinones based on a -cyclocondensation/lactamization strategy

Vankar, Y.D.; Chaudhuri, N.C., 1991:
Synthesis of functionalized bicyclic alpha methylene gamma butyrolactones from 2 3 cyclohexene acetal via radical cyclization approach

Schoenecker, B.; Hauschild, U.; Marquardt, V.; Adam, G.; Walther, D., 1989:
Synthesis of functionalized c 22 steroids from the ergosterylacetate iron tricarbonyl complex

Fry, D.F.; Brown, M.; Mcdonald, J.C.oper; Dieter, R.K.rl, 1996:
Synthesis of functionalized cyclic imines by addition of Grignard reagents to omega-bromonitriles and gamma,delta-unsaturated nitriles

Ando, M.; Wada, T.; Isogai, K., 1991:
Synthesis of functionalized endocyclic alpha beta unsaturated and alpha methylene eudesmanolides

Houpis, I.N.; Choi, W.B.; Reider, P.J.; Molina, A.; Churchill, H.; Lynch, J.; Volante, R.P., 1994:
Synthesis of functionalized furo pyridines via the Pd-catalyzed coupling of acetylenes to iodopyridones Preparation of a key intermediate to a new HIV protease inhibitor L-754,394

Tochtermann, W.; Bruhn, S.; Meints, M.; Wolff, C., 1994:
Synthesis of functionalized hydroazulene A new approach to the lactarane skeleton

Tjepkema, M.W.; Wilson, P.D.; Wong, T.; Romero, M.A.; Audrain, H.; Fallis, A.G., 1995:
Synthesis of functionalized ring A building blocks for taxoids

D.K.mpe, N.; Boelens, M.; Baele, J., 1994:
Synthesis of functionalized tetrahydrofurans by electrophile-induced cyclization of 4-alkenals

Kohli, D.; Morgan, A.R., 1997:
Synthesis of functionalized tetrahydroporphyrins

Becker, B.; Thimm, J.; Thiem, J., 1996:
Synthesis of functionalized thiodisaccharides by conjugate addition

Perron, F.; Albizati, K.F., 1989:
Synthesis of functionalized trioxadispiroketals via oxidation rearrangement of 2 furyl ketones

Neumann, W.L.; Woulfe, S.R.; Rogic, M.M.; Dunn, T.J., 1990:
Synthesis of functionalized tripodal hexadentate ligand systems for technetium 99m radiopharmaceutical applications

Polushin, Nikolai, N., 1996:
Synthesis of functionally modified oligonucleotides from methoxyoxalamido precursors

Shabanov, A.L., 1991:
Synthesis of functionally substituted crown ethers and prospects for their use

Azimov, V.A.; Solov'eva, N.P.; Granik, V.G., 1994:
Synthesis of functionally substituted derivatives of thiazole quinoline, pyrazine quinoline, and 5-hydroxyquinoline by using 3-cyano-6-bromine-1,2,5,6,7,8-hexahydroquinolinedione-2,5

Lyubchanskaya, V.M.; Mukhanova, T.I.; Panisheva, E.K.; Alekseeva, L.M.; Granik, V.G., 1995:
Synthesis of functionally substituted diene diamines and the study of their chemical transformations

Knueppel, P.C.; Lantzsch, R.; Wollweber, D., 1991:
Synthesis of fungicidal active phenylpyrroles

Liebner, F.; Bankwitz, U.; Ruehlmann, K., 1994:
Synthesis of fungicidal silanes and -siloxanes

Paquette, L.A.; Astles, P.C.; Rayner, C.M.; Doherty, A.M., 1992:
Synthesis of furanocembranolides

Classon, B.O.; Samuelsson, B.B.; Kvarnstrom, I.S.; Svansson, L.G.; Svensson, S.C.T., 1995:
Synthesis of furanosyl compounds useful as intermediates in preparation of nucleoside analogues

Aly, A.S.; Fathy, N.M.; Swelam, S.A.; Abdel Megeid, F.M.E., 1995:
Synthesis of furo triazolo -pyrimidines and furo pyrimido -triazin-3-one A new ring system

Benameur, L.; Bouaziz, Z.; Nebois, P.; Bartoli, M.H.len; Boitard, M.; Fillion, H., 1996:
Synthesis of furonaphth oxazine and furo oxazinoquinoline derivatives as precursors for an o-quinonemethide structure and potential antitumor agent

Nikolyukin, Yuri, 1998:
Synthesis of fused cyanopyrlium salts as beta-carboline and isoquinoline precursors

Alcaide, B.; Polanco, C.; Sierra, M.A., 1996:
Synthesis of fused tricyclic beta-lactams by the Pauson-Khand cyclization of enyne-2-azetidinones

Gingrich, D.E.; Hussaini, I.; Shen, T.Y., 1990:
Synthesis of futoenone derivatives as potential paf antagonists and 5 lipoxygenase inhibitors

Shu, P.; Dai, H.C.eng; Liang, X.Y.ng, 1994:
Synthesis of gabexate mesilate

Magnusson, G.; Kihlberg, J.; Hultgren, S.J.; Normark, S., 1989:
Synthesis of galabiose analogues and mapping of the receptor site of the galabiose binding protein of escherichia coli

Completo, G.C.; Lowary, T.L., 2008:
Synthesis of galactofuranose-containing acceptor substrates for mycobacterial galactofuranosyltransferases

Ma, T.W.; Min, J.M.; Zhang, L.H., 1994:
Synthesis of galactosyl phosphate diester derivatives of nucleosides

Dawson, G.; Farrer, R., 1990:
Synthesis of galactosylceramide from exogenously added galactosylsphingosine

Manor, C.; Wei, J.; Macfarlane, G.D., 1998:
Synthesis of galactosylhydroxylsine

Fujibayashi, Y.; Takemura, Y.; Taniuchi, H.; Konishi, J.; Yokoyama, A., 1993:
Synthesis of gallium-67 deferoxamine-digoxin biofunctional conjugate

Qin Y N., 1991:
Synthesis of gamma l glutamyl alpha naphthylamine

Coulton, S.; Francois, I.; Southgate, R., 1990:
Synthesis of gamma lactam analogues of 1 acetoxycarbapenem derivatives

Kulkarni, G.H.; Toke, S.M., 1989:
Synthesis of gamma lactone of 1r cis 2 2 dimethyl 3 2 2 2 tribromo 1 hydroxyethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid a key intermediate for deltamethrin from dextro 3 carene

Marquez, V.E.; Teng, K.; Barchi, J.J.Jr; Sharkey, N.A.; Blumberg, P.M.; Abushanab, E., 1989:
Synthesis of gamma lactones as rigid analogues of diacylglycerol dag and their interaction with protein kinase c pk c

Ohno, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Eguchi, S., 1993:
Synthesis of gamma-acylmethylenetetronates from squaric acid

Laurent, A.J.; Lesniak, S., 1992:
Synthesis of gamma-gamma-gamma-trifluorocarbonyl compounds

Kim, E-Kyoung.; Cha, C-Jun.; Cho, Y-Joon.; Cho, Y-Bok.; Roe, J-Hye., 2008:
Synthesis of gamma-glutamylcysteine as a major low-molecular-weight thiol in lactic acid bacteria Leuconostoc spp

Baciocchi, E.; Muraglia, E., 1994:
Synthesis of gamma-haloesters and gamma-ketoesters by homolytic addition of carbon radicals generated by alpha-haloesters and triethylborane to alkenes and silyl enol ethers

Brooks, P.B.; Marson, C.M., 1998:
Synthesis of gamma-hydroxy alpha,beta-unsaturated amides by base-induced isomerization of epoxy amides

Avenoza, A.; Cativiela, C.; Peregrina, J.M., 1994:
Synthesis of gamma-hydroxy-alpha-amino acids by directed hydroxylation via a dihydro-1,3-oxazine intermediate

Van Oeveren, A.; Feringa, B.L., 1994:
Synthesis of gamma-methoxy carboxylic acids via nucleophilic additions to oxycarbenium ions derived from 5-methoxy-2 -dihydrofuranones

Nomura, K.; IIda, T.; Hori, K.; Yoshii, E., 1994:
Synthesis of gamma-unsubstituted alpha-acyl-beta-tetronic acids from aldehydes

Yamamoto, T.; Teshima, T.; Saitoh, U.; Hoshi, M.; Shiba, T., 1994:
Synthesis of ganglioside M5 from sea urchin egg

Keseru, G.M.; Nogradi, M.; Kajtar Peredy, M., 1994 :
Synthesis of garugamblin-2, a macrocyclic diarylheptanoid constituent of Garuga gamblei

Sturtz, G.; Couthon, H.; Fabulet, O.; Mian, M.; Rosini, S., 1993:
Synthesis of gem-bisphosphonic methotrexate conjugates and their biological response towards Walkers osteosarcoma

Risbood, P.A.; Kane, C.T.; Hossain, M.Tafazzal.; Vadapalli, S.; Chadda, S.K., 2008:
Synthesis of gemcitabine triphosphate (dFdCTP) as a tris(triethylammonium) salt

Boime, I.; Sugahara, T.; Pixley, M.R.; Perlas, E.; Hsueh, A.J.W., 1996:
Synthesis of genetically fused single chain analog of human chorionic gonadotropin Implications for drug design and structure-function relationships

Kaufman, P.B.; Bernal, J.; Stutland, B.; Williams, R.; Gratiot, M.; Malone, W., 1996:
Synthesis of genistein and daidzein in light-grown and dark-grown soybeans and Indian breadroot

Li, M-Ling.; Kwan, T-Yu.; Simmonds, H.Anne.; Stollar, V., 2008:
Synthesis of genomic and subgenomic RNA in mosquito cells infected with two Sindbis virus nsP4 mutants: influence of intracellular nucleoside triphosphate concentrations

Banga, S.S.; Banga, S.K.; Gupta, M.L.; Sandha, G.S., 1998:
Synthesis of genotypes having specialized fatty acid composition in Indian mustard Coss

Chiang H C.; Chen D H.; Weng W W., 1991:
Synthesis of germanium tetrachloro p carboxyphenyl and benzylporphyrin derivatives

Milic, V.; Mrkovacki, N., 1998:
Synthesis of gibberellic acid in soil bacteria and their effect on the plant

Schliemann, W., 1991:
Synthesis of gibberellin a 3 heptaacetylcellobiosyl ester

Dinsmore, A.; Doyle, P.M.; Young, D.W., 1995:
Synthesis of glutamate agonists and antagonists by a ring switching strategy

Rosenberg, P.A., 1990:
Synthesis of glutamate from glutamine contributes to extracellular glutamate accumulation accompanying glutamate neurotoxicity in cortical cultures

Kirkland, T.A.; Adler, M.; Bauman, J.G.; Chen, M.; Haeggström, J.Z.; King, B.; Kochanny, M.J.; Liang, A.M.; Mendoza, L.; Phillips, G.B.; Thunnissen, M.; Trinh, L.; Whitlow, M.; Ye, B.; Ye, H.; Parkinson, J.; Guilford, W.J., 2008:
Synthesis of glutamic acid analogs as potent inhibitors of leukotriene A4 hydrolase

Nuss, S.; Oudet, P.; Lebeau, L.; Mioskowski, C., 1996:
Synthesis of glycerol deuterated ether phospholipids

Cesarotti, E.; Mauri, A.; Pallavicini, M.; Villa, L., 1991:
Synthesis of glyceryl ethers in high optical purity via ruthenium catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation

Avalos, M.; Babiano, R.; Cintas, P.; Duran, C.J.; Jimenez, J.L.; Palacios, J.C., 1995:
Synthesis of glycoamidines using a mercury-promoted reaction

Hiebl, J.; Polsterer, J.; Zbiral, E., 1989:
Synthesis of glycofuranosyl formamides isocyanides and isocyanates useful synthons for new approaches to nucleoside analogues

Hevor, T.K.; Verge, V.; Cloix, J.F., 1997:
Synthesis of glycogen from fructose-1,6-bisphosphate in cultured cloned astrocytes

Gigg, J.; Gigg, R., 1990:
Synthesis of glycoglycerolipids

Wilhelm, F.; Chatterjee, S.K.mar; Rattay, B.; Nuhn, P.; Benecke, R.; Ortwein, J., 1995:
Synthesis of glycolipids as membrane-bound stabilizing carbohydrates

Kunz, H.; Von Dem Bruch, K.; Kretzschmar, G.; Sprengard, U., 1998:
Synthesis of glycopeptides with Lewis antigen or sialy-Lewisx antigen side chains

Lee, Y C.; Fan, J Q., 1998:
Synthesis of glycopolymers

Cao, S.; Roy, R., 1996:
Synthesis of glycopolymers containing GM-3-saccharide

Shi, Y.; Niculescu, R.; Ormont, M.L.; Wang, D.; Patel, S.; Zalewski, A., 1998:
Synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and lipid retention during coronary repair

Trinkaus Randall, V.; Brown, C.; Wu, X.Y.; Leibowitz, H.M., 1993:
Synthesis of glycosaminoglycans in response to a wound created by the insertion of a porous polymer into the cornea

Buchanan, J.G.ant; Clelland, A.P.W.; Wightman, R.H.; Johnson, T.; Rennie, R.A.C., 1992:
Synthesis of glycosidic and 2-deoxyglycosidic ortholactones from 1-bromoglycosylcyanides

Magnusson, Goran, 1994:
Synthesis of glycosphingolipids and corresponding neoglycolipids

Pozsgay, V.; Jennings, H.J., 1990:
Synthesis of glycosyl esters and glycosyl hemiacetals from methylthioglycosides

Pale, P.; Whitesides, G.W., 1991:
Synthesis of glycosyl phosphates using the fraser reid activation

Konradsson, P.; Lezdins, D.; Ruda, K., 1997:
Synthesis of glycosyl phosphatidylinositol anchors and phosphatidyl-inositol- -triphosphate

Luning, B.; Norberg, T.; Tejbrant, J., 1992:
Synthesis of glycosylated amino acids for use in solid phase glycopeptide synthesis Part 2 N- -3-O- -beta-D-glucopyranosyl-L-serine

Arsequell, G.; Sarries, N.; Valencia, G., 1995:
Synthesis of glycosylated hydroxyproline building blocks

Braun, P.; Gewehr, M.; Kunz, H.; Schultz, M., 1996:
Synthesis of glycosylated partial sequences of mucins using enzymatic methods

Chopabaeva,N.N.; Ergozhin,E.E., 2008:
Synthesis of graft copolymers of wood and N-vinylpyrrolidone

Herrmann, F.; Klein, H.; Wieser, M.; Lindemann, A.; Oster, W.; Mertelsmann, R.; Schleiermacher, E.; Becher, R.; Souza, L., 1989:
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Synthesis of heme

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Synthesis of high mannose glycopolymers

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Synthesis of higher homologs of 7 12 dihydropyrido 3 4 b 5 4 b diindole probing the dimensions of the benzodiazepine receptor inverse agonist site

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Synthesis of higher monosaccharides using nitrile oxide isoxazoline chemistry

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Synthesis of hydroxyethylene isosteres of the transition state of the HIV protease-catalyzed Phe-Pro hydrolysis Reaction of 2- amino-1-

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Synthesis of hydroxytamoxifen

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Synthesis of iC3b/C3d and expression of a CD21-like protein by malignant epithelium

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Synthesis of ikarugamycin studies on the carbotricyclic sub unit

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Synthesis of imidazo quinoxaline ribonucleosides as linear tricyclic analogs of certain antiviral polyhalogenated benzimidazole ribonucleosides

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Synthesis of imidazolate bridged dinuclear and trinuclear ferromagnetic complexes of chromium iii porphyrins

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Synthesis of imidazole based arginine surrogates

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Synthesis of imidazoline 2 yl and of 3 4 5 6 tetrahydropyrimidine 2 yl 3 aminothieno 2 3 b pyridines

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Synthesis of iminodiacetic acid modified ribose phosphoramidites

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Synthesis of iminosugars possessing galactofuranosyl stereochemistry as potential inhibitors of mycobacterial cell wall biosynthesis

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Synthesis of iminothiasugar as a potential transition-state analog inhibitor of glycosyltransfer reactions

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Synthesis of immobilized artificial membrane surfaces

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Synthesis of immunoglobulins by cultured lymphocytes from children with nephrotic syndrome

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Synthesis of immunotoxins using a temperature controlled cross linking agent

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Synthesis of improved chloride sensitive fluorescent indicators for cell studies

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Synthesis of in vitro in situ and in vivo metabolism data to understand op disposition in the liver

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Synthesis of in vitro phototoxicity of 5- -1,3,3-trimethyl-2-oxabicyclo octan-6-ones, a class of potential sunscreens

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Synthesis of indium 111 labeled spaced poly l lysine dtpa antibody major reduction of liver uptake in vivo

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Synthesis of indole and appropriate derivatives

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Synthesis of indole oxazolines potent 5 ht 3 antagonists

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Synthesis of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitory analogues of the sponge alkaloid exiguamine A

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Synthesis of indoles via palladium catalyzed heteroannulation of internal alkynes

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Synthesis of indolizidines -195B, -223AB and -239AB -1- carbonyl-2-methoxycarbonyl-5-

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Synthesis of indolo quinolizidin-2-one

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Synthesis of indolylquinolines under Friedel-Crafts reaction conditions

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Synthesis of indomethacin methyl ester for in vivo brain studies of cyclooxygenase 2

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Synthesis of indoprofen - An anti-inflammatory agent by carbonylation

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Synthesis of indoramin analogs Pharmacological evaluation of cloned human alpha-adrenergic receptors

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Synthesis of inositol 1-O- dodecylphosphonates as potential transition state inhibitors of phospholipase C

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Synthesis of inositol phospholipids with thiophosphoester bonds

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Synthesis of inositol polyphosphates and their derivatives

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Synthesis of insulin like growth factor 1 and its binding protein by a human medullary thyroid cancer cell line

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Synthesis of insulin like growth factor i through recombinant dna techniques and selective chemical cleavage at tryptophan

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Synthesis of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins and of acid-labile subunit in cultured rat hepatocytes, Kupffer cells and cocultures Regulation by insulin, IGF-I and growth hormone

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Synthesis of integrin by corneal epithelial cells

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Synthesis of intensive technological systems of mass transfer

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Synthesis of interleukin 1 interleukin 6 and prostaglandin e 2 by human lens epithelial cells a cause of fibrin reaction

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Synthesis of interleukin 5 by eosinophils in eosinophilic heart diseases

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Synthesis of isotopically labelled retinal. Structural and functional studies at the atomic level of the chromophore in visual pigments

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Synthesis of isoxazolines based on nitrile N-oxides generated from nitroalkenes

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Synthesis of labdanoids and products of their transformation

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Synthesis of large peptides in solution

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Synthesis of medullipin i involves an oxidative step

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Synthesis of meteoritic organic matter in an asteroid

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