Section 34
Chapter 33,633

Synthesis of some sulphonyl amino acid derivatives with evaluation of their antimicrobial activity

Shalaby, A.M.

Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 34(4-6): 699-710


Accession: 033632872

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Ethyl ester of glycine, L-phenyl-alanine, L-valine and/or DL-methionine were allowed to react with 3-benzyl-sulphonopropanoic acid to yield the corresponding 3-benzyl-sulphono-N-propanamide derivatives (III-VI), respectively. Methyl ester of L-valine, L-leucine, L-phenyl-alanine and/or N- carbobenzoxy-L,2,4-diaminobutyric acid were also reacted with 4-phenylsulphono-butanoic acid to yield the corresponding 4-phenyl-sulphono-N-butanamide derivatives (XV-XVIII), respectively. The N-substituted amino acid esters (III-VI and/or XV-XVIII) were allowed to react with hydrazine hydrate to give the hydrazides of the type (VII-X and XIX-XXII), respectively which in turn were condensed with isonicotinaldehyde to give the corresponding hydrazones (XI-XIV and XXII-XXVI). The antimicrobial activity of the prepared compounds was also investigated.

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