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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33705

Chapter 33705 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Fan, C.; Bobik, T.A., 2008:
The PduX enzyme of Salmonella enterica is an L-threonine kinase used for coenzyme B12 synthesis

Pennington, M.G., 1996:
The Peacock butterfly Inachis io in Shetland

Demski, J.W.; Deom, C.M., 1994:
The Peanut CRSP Virus Project

Häne, B.G.; Jäger, K.; Drexler, H.G., 1993:
The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient is better suited for identification of DNA fingerprint profiles than band matching algorithms

Black, H.E., 1997:
The pebble in the pond

Mein Pierre; Seneut Brigitte, 2003:
The Pedetidae from the Miocene site of Arrisdrift Namibia

Marshall, G.S.; Rabalais, G.P., 1995:
The pediatric infectious diseases developmental screening test

Wioland, M.; Sergent Alaoui, A.; Durst, O., 1996:
The Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Unit of the Armand-Trousseau Childrens Hospital of Paris First steps, first impressions

Reich, J.D.; Auld, D.O.; Hulse, J.E.; Sullivan, K.M.; Campbell, R.M., 1997:
The Pediatric Radiofrequency Ablation Registry experience with Ebsteins anomaly

Cantais, E.; Paut, O.; Jimeno, M.T.; Camboulives, J., 1996:
The Pediatric Risk of Mortality Score as a predictive score of mortality in children with multiple injuries

Yagupsky, P.; Peled, N.; Abramson, O.; Abu Rashid, M.; Press, J., 1997:
The Peds Plus medium of the BACTEC 9240 Blood Culture system allows the detection of Brucella melitensis within the routine one-week incubation period

Sites, R.W.; Polhemus, J.T., 1995:
The Pelocoris fauna of Texas

Kezirian, F.; Barrier, P.; Bouillin, J.P.erre; Janin, M.C.ristine, 1994:
The Peloritan Oligo-Miocene A remnant of the Algero-Provencal Basin rifting

Dodson, M.D.; Pache, T.D., 1995:
The Pelvic Ultrasound Examination and Pelvic Anatomy

Dollfuss, H., 2004:
The Pemphredoninae wasps of Biologiezentrum Linz collection in Linz, Austria Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Crabronidae

Rhoads, A.F.; Block, T.A., 1997:
The Pennsylvania Flora Project History and ongoing work of the Botany Department at the Morris Arboretum

Schaefer, Carl, W., 1993:
The Pentatomomorpha An annotated outline of its systematic history

LiuYingJie, 2008:
The Peoples Republic of China

Hance, L.; Dejonghe, L.; Fairon Demarte, M.; Steemans, P., 1996 :
The Pepinster Formation in the Verviers Synclinorium, between Pepinster and Eupen Structural and stratigraphic context

Marques, J.M. da Motta, 1967:
The Pereira dEca hydrogeologic province

Hansen, M.V.; Zdanovski, Z., 1995:
The Performance of a Simple Home Flow Test in the Evaluation and Follow-up of Patients Treated for Symptomatic BPH

Boothroyd, A., 2008:
The performance/intensity function: an underused resource

Conn, E.E., 1994:
The Pergamon Phytochemistry Prize and Certificate for 1994

Garzanti, E.; Angiolini, L.; Sciunnach, D., 1996:
The Permian Kuling Group Sedimentary evolution during rift/drift transition and initial opening of Neo-Tethys

Broutin, J.; Roger, J.; Platel, J.P.erre; Angiolini, L.; Baud, A.; Bucher, H.; Marcoux, J.; A.H.smi, H., 1995:
The Permian Pangea Phytogeographic implications of new paleontological discoveries in Oman

Broutin, J.; Aassoumi, H.; E.W.rtiti, M.; Freytet, P.; Kerp, H.; Quesada, C.; Toutin Morin, N., 1998:
The Permian basins of Tiddas, Bou Achouch and Khenifra Biostratigraphic and palaeophytogeographic implications

Hauser, M.; Vachard Daniel; Martini, R.; Matter, A.; Peters, T.; Zaninetti, L., 2000:
The Permian sequence reconstructed from reworked carbonate clasts in the Batain Plain northeastern Oman

Waterhouse, J.B., 1965:
The Permian spiriferoid genus Ambikella Sahni and Srivastava 1956 and its relationship to Ingelarella Campbell 1959 and Martiniopsis Waagen 1883

Griew, A.R.; Daniels, D.; Goldberg, C.B.; James, S.D.; Patterson, R.; Price, D.A.; Savill, A.W.; Taylor, J.E.; Vincent, D., 1992:
The Personal Health Summary, capturing and using the Health Career A tool for clinicians, epidemiologists and managers

Sissons, J.B., 1968:
The Perth readvance

Copin Montegut, C.; Raimbault, P., 1994:
The Peruvian upwelling near 15 degrees S in August 1986 Results of continuous measurements of physical and chemical properties between 0 and 200 m depth

Peters, E.R.; Garety, P.A., 1996:
The Peters et al delusions inventory New norms for the 21-item version

Bargatze, R.F.; Jutila, M.A.; Andrew, D.P.; Butcher, E.C., 1995:
The Peyers patch HEV lymphocyte-endothelial cell adhesion cascade

Song, F.; Wardrop, R.M.; Gienapp, I.E.; Stuckman, S.S.; Meyer, A.L.; Shawler, T.; Whitacre, C.C., 2007:
The Peyer's patch is a critical immunoregulatory site for mucosal tolerance in experimental autoimmune encephalomylelitis (EAE)

Weber, Nancy, S., 1995:
The Pezizales Genus-Finder A computerized approach to synoptic keys

Schuurhuis, G.J.; Oberink, J.W.; Bontje, P.M.; Broxterman, H.J., 1997:
The Pgp specific combination Syto-R16/PSC833 detects early apoptosis in CD34 positive progenitor cells

Selfa, J.; Bordera, S., 1992:
The Phaeogenini of the University of Valencia

Bailey, J.C.; Bidigare, R.R.; Andersen, R.A., 1998 :
The Phaeothamniophyceae A new class of chromophyte algae

Anonymous, 1995:
The Pharmaceutical Department of the Kazan Medical University 20 years

Grimm, D., 1992:
The Pharmaceutical Technology Assistant Chemistry

Holm, G.; Herbst, V., 1992:
The Pharmaceutical Technology Assistant, Vol 3 Botany and pharmacognosy, 5th edition

Spegg, Horst, 1992:
The Pharmaceutical Technology Assistant, Vol 5 Nutritional science and dietetics, 6th edition

Schoeffling, Ursula, 1993:
The Pharmaceutical Technology Assistant, Vol 7 Drug formulation science, 2nd edition

Bever, C.T.Jr; Young, D.; Tierney, D.; Conway, K.; Katz, E.; Costello, K.; Fossler, M.; Johnson, K.P., 1995:
The Pharmacokinetics and Tolerability of a Slow-Release Formulation of 4-Aminopyridine in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Frei, Emil IIi, 1997:
The Phase III cancer clinical trial

Bagella, Simonetta, 1993:
The Phenological Garden of Oristano as a model for the Mediterranean area

Neumann, H.P.H.; Berger, D.P.; Zauner, I.; Kishida, T.; Zbar, B.; Pausch, F.; Glavac, D.; Brauch, H., 1994:
The Pheochromocytoma Type of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease in the Freiburg VHL Study is associated with a Point Mutation

Deuson, R.R.; Euler, G.L.; Goodnow, K.L.; Goldsman, D., 1998 :
The Philadelphia Asian/Pacific Islander Hepatitis B Immunization Project A cost-effectiveness analysis with risk simulation

Pappert, Eric, J., 1996:
The Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases Americas Original Institutional Model of Neurological Study

Gollub, E.L.; French, P.; Latka, M.; O'donnell, J.M., 1995:
The Philadelphia Womens Health initiative Novel approaches to reducing STD/HIV risk among women attending an STD clinic

Brisco, M.J.; Sykes, P.J.; Dolman, G.; Hughes, E.; Neoh, S.H.; Peng, L.M.; Morley, A.A., 1995:
The Philadelphia chromosomal translocation increases drug resistance in vivo in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Perez Losada, J.; Gonzalez Sarmiento, R.; Sanchez Garcia, I., 1998:
The Philadelphia chromosome From the gene to the therapeutic mechanisms

Hernandez, E.R.; Villanueva, J.H.F., 1994:
The Philippine National AIDS Prevention and Control Program 1988-1993

Pabuayon,I.M., 2008:
The Philippine bamboo and rattan industries changing structure and the implications for market competitiveness and policy

Roth, Louis, M., 1998:
The Philippine cockroach genera Pachnepteryx Stal and Pachneblatta Bey-Bienko

Natural, Marina, P., 1995:
The Philippine experience in crop protection Case studies on controlling diseases in farmers fields

Rosario,W.R., 2008:
The Philippines

Queblatin, E.E., 1996:
The Philippines The role of networks in sustaining advances in community forestry initiatives

ChooPohSze, 2008:
The Philippines a hotspot of sea cucumber fisheries in Asia

Muraji,M.; Nakahara,S.; Ishida,T.; Minoura,K.; Miyazaki,I.; Kohama,T., 2008:
The Philippines is a possible source of the Bactrocera dorsalis complex species occasionally collected in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan; analyses of mitochondrial DNA

Villanueva, J.H.nnah F.; Hernande, E.R.; Resurreccion, P.A.; Calica, C.L., 1993:
The Philippines multi-sectorial response to the global AIDS epidemic

Anonymous, 1982:
The Philippiness largest copper producers, Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp

Ricci, C.; Melone, G., 1998:
The Philodinavidae A special family

Alves Pires, C.; Capela, R.A.; Pena, I., 1997:
The Phlebotominae sandflies of Portugal IX The occurrence of Sergentomyia minuta at the Salvage Grande island

Kolshus, K., 1995:
The Phleum database

Hulett, F.M.rion; Sun, G.; Liu, W., 1994:
The Pho regulon of Bacillus subtilis is regulated by sequential action of two genetic switches

Miller, S.I.; Loomis, W.P.; Alpuche-Aranda, C.; Behlau, I.; Hohmann, E., 1993:
The PhoP virulence regulon and live oral Salmonella vaccines

Blanc Potard, A.; Groisman, E.A., 1997:
The PhoP-activated mgtCB operon is required for intramacrophage survival of Salmonella typhimurium and resides within a novel pathogenicity Island

Krupp, D.A.; Hunter, C.L.; Jokiel, P.L.; Neves, E.; Gilette, P.A., 1997:
The Phoenix effect Regeneration of cryptic residual tissue in Hawaiin corals subjected to osmotic stress

Parke, D.V., 1996:
The Phoenix of modern toxicology

Huntley, M.D.; Duty, P.; Goglia, R.; Hantman, V.; Roff, J.; Semeraro, L.; Ward, J., 1997:
The Phoenix phenomenon examined in a preserved cosmetic product

Harper Charles, W.J.; Johnson, J.G.; Boucot Arthur James, 1967:
The Pholidostrophiinae Brachiopoda; Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian

Morin, X.; Cremer, H.; Hirsch, M.R.; Goridis, C.; Prochiantz, A.; Brunet, J.F., 1996:
The Phox2 homeodomain transcription factor is essential for development of the locus coeruleus and of parasympathetic ganglia

Sanderson, M.J.; Boss, D.; Chen, D.; Cranston, K.A.; Wehe, A., 2008:
The PhyLoTA Browser: processing GenBank for molecular phylogenetics research

Horak, Marianne, 1997:
The Phycitine genera Faveria Walker, Morosaphycita, gen nov, Epicrocis Zeller, Ptyobathra Turner and Vinicia Ragonot in Australia

Faller, H.J., 1994:
The Physicians stringent obligation in regard to abortion

Physiological Society, 1996:
The Physiological Society Scientific Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 2-6, 1996

Poff, K.L.; Janoudi, A.K.der; Rosen, E.S.; Orbovic, V.; Konjevic, R.; Fortin, M.C.aude; Scott, T.K., 1994:
The Physiology of Tropisms

Steffen, H.; Rice, R., G., 2008:
The PhytO3 tech crop protection technology - Trial results in a 2,700 ha 6,500 acre soy farm in Brazil

Steffen, H.; Rice, R., G., 2008:
The PhytO3 tech crop protection technology for microorganism and insect control using ozone, UV, and dipole-electrical air jet spray technologies - Technical basis and possible chemistries involved

Barbuceanu,D., 2008:
The Phytodietus species - biology and contributions to the reducing of the grape leaf-roller, Sparganothis Pilleriana populations in Southern vineyards of Romania

van Poppel, P.M.J.A.; Guo, J.; van de Vondervoort, P.J.I.; Jung, M.W.M.; Birch, P.R.J.; Whisson, S.C.; Govers, F., 2008:
The Phytophthora infestans avirulence gene Avr4 encodes an RXLR-dEER effector

Archibald, A.L., 1994:
The PiGMaP consortium linkage map of the domestic pig

Liben, Lynn, S., 1991:
The Piagetian water-level task Looking beneath the surface

Jiang, L.; Ingvardsen, C.Rønn.; Lübberstedt, T.; Xu, M., 2008:
The Pic19 NBS-LRR gene family members are closely linked to Scmv1, but not involved in maize resistance to sugarcane mosaic virus

Gould, S.J.; Crane, D.I., 1993:
The Pichia astoris PAS4 gene required for peroxisome assembly encodes a ubiquitin conjugating enzyme

Kalish, J.E.; Morrell, J.; Gould, S.J., 1994:
The Pichia pastoris Pas10 gene encodes a zinc finger and is required for peroxisome assembly

Pardo, E.S.bastian; Clabo, J.M.rtin; Zezza, U., 1996:
The Piedra Dorada calcarenite in the cultural built heritage of Baeza

Michaud, Y.; Lefebvre, R.; Martel, R.; Parent, M.; Bolduc, A.; Boisvert, E.; Bourque, E.; Fagnan, N.; Paradis, D., 1997:
The Piemont-Saint-Laurent Project Application of regional hydrogeological mapping to the management of subterranean water resources

Whitehad, M., 1994:
The Pieter van Keep Memorial Lecture

Li, L.-Ye; Wang, L.; Jing, J.-Xue; Li, Z.-Qi; Lin, F.; Huang, L.-Fei; Pan, Q.-Hua, 2000:
The Pikm gene, conferring stable resistance to isolates of Magnaporthe oryzae, was finely mapped in a crossover-cold region on rice chromosome 11

Heinrich, D.W.; Glasgow, A.C., 1997:
The PilR response regulator of type IV pilin expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa complements for regulatory factors of the Moraxella lacunata type IV pilin genes

Dean, Harlan, K., 1998:
The Pilargidae of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Davis, Russell, 1995:
The Pinalenos as an island in a montane archipelago

Iwasa, Mitsuhiro, 1998:
The Piophilidae of Japan

Merz, Bernhard, 1996:
The Piophilidae of Switzerland with description of a new species

Suzuki, T.; Kurita, H.; Hori, T.; Sasaki, M.; Baba, A.; Shiraishi, H.; Piletz, J.E., 1997:
The Pisa syndrome during antidepressant therapy

Simon, C.J.; Hannan, R.M., 1994:
The Pisum PI and Marx genetic stock collections

Vickery, J., 1994:
The Pitcairn Islands: paradise past, paradise present?

Pollock, B.E.; Flickinger, J.C.; Lunsford, L.D.de; Maitz, A.; Kondziolka, D., 1998:
The Pittsburgh Arteriovenous Malformation Radiosurgery grading scale

Bray, P.F.; Cannon, C.P.; Goldschmidt Clermont, P.; Moye, L.A.; Richardson, C.; Pfeffer, M.A.; Sacks, F.M.; Braunwald, E., 1998:
The PlA2 form of platelet GPIIIa is a risk factor for recurrent coronary events and influences response to pravastatin

Ettinger, D.S., 1995:
The place of ifosfamide in chemotherapy of small cell lung cancer: the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group experience and a selected literature update

Silverman, M.M.; Felner, R.D., 1995:
The place of suicide prevention in the spectrum of intervention: definitions of critical terms and constructs

Chun, P.W., 1996:
The Planck-Benzinger thermal work function New thermodynamic studies on the hydrogen bond energy of liquid water

Kvacek, J.; Strakova, M., 1993:
The Plant Fossil Record Project of the International Organization of Paleobotany

Pesce, E-Rachele.; Acharya, P.; Tatu, U.; Nicoll, W.S.; Shonhai, A.; Hoppe, H.C.; Blatch, G.L., 2008:
The Plasmodium falciparum heat shock protein 40, Pfj4, associates with heat shock protein 70 and shows similar heat induction and localisation patterns

Muenzing, K.; Schmidt Witte, H., 1994:
The Pleistocene Neckar river loop Kuhlager near Rottweil

D.G.ronimo, I.; D'atri, A.; L.P.rna, R.; Rosso, A.; Sanfilippo, R.; Violanti, D., 1997:
The Pleistocene bathyal section of Archi

Koufos, George, D., 1992:
The Pleistocene carnivores of the Mygdonia basin

Ambrosetti Pierluigi, 1968:
The Pleistocene dwarf elephants of Spinagallo Siracusa, south-eastern Sicily

Amorosi Alessandro; Caporale Leonardo; Cibin Ubaldo; Colalongo Maria Luisa; Pasini Giancarlo; Ricci Lucchi Franco; Severi Paolo; Vaiani Stefano Claudio, 1998:
The Pleistocene littoral deposits Imola Sands of the northern Apennines foothills

Amorosi, A.; Caporale, L.; Cibin, U.; Colalongo, M.L.isa; Pasini, G.; Lucchi, F.R.cci; Severi, P.; Vaiani, S.C.audio, 1998:
The Pleistocene littoral deposits of the northern Apennines foothills

Boekschoten, G.J.; Sondaar, P.Y., 1966:
The Pleistocene of the Katharo Basin Crete and its hippopotamus

Hubold, Gerd, 1995:
The Pleuragramma story

Rook, Lorenzo, 1994:
The Plio-Pleistocene Old World Canis ex gr falconeri

Kostopoulos, D.S.; Koufos, G.D., 1994:
The Plio-Pleistocene artiodactyls of Macedonia and their biostratigraphic significance Preliminary report

Kostopoulos, D.S.; Koufos, G.D., 1994:
The Plio-Pleistocene artiodactyls of Macedonia northern Greece and their biostratigraphic significance; preliminary report

Dondi Michele; Marsigli Marco; Morandi Noris; Piombi Barnabe Claudia, 1998:
The Plio-Pleistocene lacustrine clays of Garfagnana LU, Lunigiana MS and Vara Valley SP; chemical, mineralogical and technical properties of the fines for their ceramic uses

Carboni, M.G.briella; D.B.lla, L., 1997:
The Plio-Pleistocene of the Anzio coast

Benvenuti Marco; Degli Innocenti Daniele, 2001:
The Pliocene deposits in the central-eastern Valdelsa Basin Florence, Italy revised through facies analysis and unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units

Carboni, S.; Lecca, L., 1995:
The Pliocene of Capo Mannu Marine littoral-continental dune transition

Lucas, S.G.; Morgan, G.S., 1996:
The Pliocene proboscidean Rhynchotherium from south-central New Mexico

Marquet, Robert, 1998:
The Pliocene turrid Gastropods of Belgium Part 2 Conidae

Marquet Robert, 1998:
The Pliocene turrid gastropods of Belgium; Part 2; Conidae genera Asthenotoma, Comarmondia, Cytharella, Mangelia, Lusitanops, Raphitoma and Philbertia

Van Gaal, L.; Steijaert, M.; Rillaerts, E.; D.L.euw, I., 1993 :
The Plurimetabolic Syndrome and the haemocoagulation system

Zahiri,R.; Fibiger,M., 2008:
The Plusiinae of Iran

Benfield, T.L.; Lundgren, J.D., 1998:
The Pneumocystis carinii major surface glycoprotein Its potential involvement in the pathophysiology of pneumocystosis

Simoni, M.; Biavati, P.; Sapigni, T.; Carrozzi, L.; Angino, A.; Dipede, F.; Viegi, G., 1996:
The Po River Delta indoor epidemiological study Effects of pollutants on peak expiratory flow in adults

Simoni, M.; Biavati, P.; Sapigni, T.; Carrozzi, L.; Viegi, G., 1995:
The Po River delta indoor epidemiological study Acute respiratory symptoms and allergic irritation in adults

Seidewitz, L., 1995:
The Poa spp database

Gorodkov Boris Nikolaevich (1890 ), 1926:
The Polar Ural in the upper courses of Sob and Voykar Rivers

Janusauskaite,D.; Nekrosiene,R.; Skuodiene,R., 2008:
The Polish cultivars of x Triticosecale Wittm in Lithuania - effects on biological properties and resistance to diseases

D.Haan, Cees, 1995:
The Polish livestock sub-sector Impressions of an outsider

Kolakowski, A.; Wolancyzk, T.; Liwsa, M., 1997:
The Polish version of Conners Rating Scales Preliminary report

Merrill, J.M.; Lorimor, R.; Thornby, J.; Vallbona, C., 1996 :
The Pollyanna Principle and primary care

Howard, F.B.; Miles, H.T.dd; Ross, P.D., 1995:
The Poly 2Poly triple helix

Walton, L.B., 1927:
The Polychaete ancestry of the insects I The external structure

Khan, M.M., 1994:
The polymerase chain reaction--expectations and realities

Niitsuma, Hiromi, 1992:
The Polypedilum convictum species group from Japan, with descriptions of two new species

Pierre, Jacque, 1993:
The Polyptychus of the nigriplaga complex

Davis, G.M.; Cui Echen; Wu, C.; Kuang, T.F.; Xing, X.G.o; Li, L.; Liu, W.J.an; Yan, Y.L.n, 1992:
The Pomatiopsidae of Hunan, China

Therrien, J.P.; Stotler, R.E.; Crandall Stotler, B., 1996:
The Porella platyphylla and P platyphylloidea species complex An analysis of genetic and morphological variation

Burton, Maurice, 1930:
The Porifera of the Siboga Expedition III Calcarea

Mitchell, S.R.; Belknap, J.K.; Crabbe, J.C., 1997:
The Portland Alcohol Research Center BXD RI-QTL database

Binder, L.M., 1993:
The Portland Digit Recognition Test short form

Evans, L.; Townsend, M.; Stuerzbecher, K.; Miller, P.; Abbott Brown, G.; Hutchinson, C.; Issac, B.; Crane, G.; Craigie, S.; Fairfield, P.; O'rourke, C.; Lewis, B.; Kelly, B.; Trites, D.; Gracak, S.; Laviolette, T.; Smith, L.; Alexander, P., 1996:
The Portland Hotel A unique housing perspective

Knill Jones, S.A., 1997:
The Portland Ribbon wave Idaea degeneraria Hb on the Isle of Wight

Bernardes, J.; Moura, A.C.F.; Marques, D.S., J.P.; Pereira Leite, L.; Van Geijn, H.P., 1994:
The Porto system

Vaz,T.deN., 2008:
The Portuguese Agriculture and Fisheries at the start of the Millennium is there a way out?

Madeira,N.R.; Reifschneider,F.J.B.; Giordano,L.deB., 2008:
The Portuguese contribution to the production and consumption of vegetables in Brazil a historical review

O'foighil, D.; Gaffney, P.M.; Hilbish, T.J., 1997:
The Portuguese oyster Crassostrea angulata is of Asian origin

Oliveira,M.deF.M.L.de, 2008:
The Portuguese tomato processing sector market structure, concentration and firm behaviour

Westh,J.; Noordien,F., 2008:
The Positive Muslims approach to stigma, HIV, AIDS and PLWH a theology of compassion translated into non-judgmental support for HIV-positive Muslims in South Africa

Schmaling, K.B.; DiClementi, J.D.; Hammerly, J., 1994:
The positive teddy bear sign: transitional objects in the medical setting

Rubesin, S.E.; Beatty, S.M., 1994 :
The postoperative esophagus

Larrieu,L.; Gonin,P., 2008:
The Potential Biodiversity Index - a quick and simple method for assessing potential biodiversity in forest stands

D.Kretser, David, M., 1995:
The Potential of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection to Transmit Genetic Defects Causing Male Infertility

Johnston, P.W.; Anderson, J.; Adgey, A.A.J.nnifer, 1995:
The Potential use of Impedance Cardiography as a Hemodynamic Sensor for Automated External Defibrillators

Statland,C.B., 2008:
The Pothole Creek study area dry uneven-aged Douglas-fir stand development

Donaldson, M.D.C.; Chu, C.E.; Cooke, A.; Wilson, A.; Green, S.A.; Stephenson, J.B.P., 1994:
The Prader-Willi syndrome

Bulard, P.F.; Salomon, J.; Thierry, J., 1973:
The Pre-Wealden substratum in the Sierra de los Cameros Spain; paleogeology

Walker, L.A.; Shore, R.F.; Turk, A.; Pereira, M.Glória.; Best, J., 2008:
The Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme: identifying chemical risks to top predators in Britain

Ekkekakis,P.; Thome,J.; Petruzzello,S.J.; Hall,E.E., 2008:
The Preference for and Tolerance of the Intensity of Exercise Questionnaire a psychometric evaluation among college women

Kivett, M.F.; Metcalf, G.S., 1997:
The Prehistoric People of the Medicine Creek Reservoir, Frontier County, Nebraska An experiment in mechanized archaeology

Zhang, Y.; Ma, H.; Li, C.; Ke, Y., 1994:
The Preliminary Investigation on Main Magazine for Chinese Microbiology Acta Microbiologica Sinica is an Efficient Core Journal

Rumstadt, B.; Schilling, D., 2008:
The preoperative placement of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt for treatment of a patient with portal hypertension and gastric cancer

Warley, A., 1994:
The preparation of cultured cells for X-ray microanalysis

Kulys, J.; Munk, J.A.; Buch Rasmussen, T.; Hansen, H.E., 1994:
The Preparation in situ of a Silver-Silver Chloride Reference Electrode

Hussein, M.Z.bir; Zainal, Z.; Ibrahim, R.; Kheong, K.K.; Muhammad, B., 1995:
The Preparation of Activated Carbons from Chips of Oil Palm Trunk Catalysed by ZnCl-2/CO-2 Surface Area and Porosity Studies

Muller, F.M.; Li, Z.M.; Schmitt, H.J.; Brennan, M.J., 1993:
The Preparation of Dacron Nasopharyngeal Swab Samples for the Detection of B pertussis by Polymerase Chain Reaction

Talbot, M.R., 1972:
The Preservation of Scleractinian Corals by Calcite in the Corallian Beds Oxfordian of Southern England

Dallinger, W.H., 1887:
The Presidents Address

Crivelli, A.J.; Malakou, M.; Catsadorakis, G.; Rosecchi, E., 1996:
The Prespa barbel, Barbus prespensis, a fish species endemic to the Prespa Lakes

Suffling, R.; Knight, D.; Immerseel, J., 1992:
The Presquile Research Station cooperative agreement A model for promoting cost-effective research the Great Lakes

Goldenberg, R.L.; Newman, M.J.; Guerrant, R.L., 1998:
The Preterm Prediction Study Cervical lactoferrin , infection and spontaneous preterm birth

Andrews, W.W.; Tsao, J., 1998:
The Preterm Prediction Study Sialidase is associatated with bacterial vaginosis , but not spontaneous preterm birth

Moawad, A.H., 1998:
The Preterm Prediction Study The value of serum alpha-fetoprotein and alkaline phosphatase in prediction of spontaneous preterm birth

Silverman, M.M.; Maris, R.W., 1995:
The prevention of suicidal behaviors: an overview

Verkholat, V.P., 1995:
The Primorye Branch of the Russian Botanical Society in 1994

Vasil'eva, L.N., 1992:
The Primorye branch of the Botanical Society in 1991

Gospodarowicz, M.K.; Warde, P.R.; Panzarella, T.; Catton, C.N.; Sturgeon, J.F.G.; Moore, M.; Jewett, M.A.S., 1994:
The Princess Margaret Hospital experience in the management of stage I and II seminoma 1981 to 1991

Weissmann, C., 1994:
The prion connection: now in yeast?

Platia, G.; Schimmel, R., 1997:
The Priopus Castelnau from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China

Rickards, R.B.; Wright, A.J., 2003:
The Pristiograptus dubius Suess, 1851 species group and iterative evolution in the Mid- and Late Silurian

Wysocka,A.; Kostoski,G.; Kilikowska,A.; Wrobel,B.; Sell,J., 2008:
The Proasellus species group, endemic to the Balkan Lake Ohrid a case of ecological diversification?

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The probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus stimulates chloride/hydroxyl exchange activity in human intestinal epithelial cells

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