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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33706

Chapter 33706 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grishin, N.V., 1998:
The R3H motif: a domain that binds single-stranded nucleic acids

Wang, R.; Chen, C.H.; Mochly Rosen, D., 1998:
The RACK1 protein binds preferentially to the protein kinase C betaII isozyme

Kozhin, S.A.; Kozhina, T.N.; Korolev, V.G., 1997:
The RAD29 gene: map position on the right arm of chromosome II

Khoo,K.H.P.; Jolly,H.R.; Able,J.A., 2008:
The RAD51 gene family in bread wheat is highly conserved across eukaryotes, with RAD51A upregulated during early meiosis

Kozhin, S.A.; Chepurnaya, O.V.; Korolev, V.G., 1995:
The RAD58 gene Map position on the right arm of chromosome XIII

Lawrence, C., 1994:
The RAD6 DNA repair pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: what does it do, and how does it do it?

Loh, C.; Rao, A., 1993:
The RAF kinase is associated with the T cell receptor/CD3 complex

Dainiak, N.; Sorba, S.; Sanders, M.; Delisa, C., 1994:
The RAF-1 protein mediates insulin-like growth factor -induced, erythropoietin-independent erythroid colony formation

Zhang, D.Y.; Brandwein, M.S.; Hsiuh, T.; Li, H.B.; Cunniff, J.J., 1998:
The RAM assay An isothermal gene amplification method

MacGregger L.M.; Constable S.C.; Sinha M.C., 1998:
The RAMESSES experiment; III, Controlled-source electromagnetic sounding of the Reykjanes Ridge at 57 degrees 45N

Nowaczyk,K.; Obrepalska-Steplowska,A.; Gawlak,M.; Olejarski,P.; Nawrot,J., 2008:
The RAPD analysis of genetic variability in the granary weevil populations

Fineschi, Silvia, 1994:
The RAPD markers Their limits and applications

Antinori, S.; Panci, C.; Caffa, B.; Selman, H.A.; Dani, G.; de Pavova, A.; Versaci, C., 1995:
The R.A.P.R.U.I. Center experience: from SUZI, through lasers to ICSI using spermatozoa with broken tails

Yeyati, P.L.; Shaknovich, R.; Waxman, S.; Zelent, A.; Licht, J.D., 1997:
The RARalpha-PLZF protein generated in t Associated acute promyelocytic leukemia displays oncogenic properties

Acurio, A.; Ahn, S.H.; Fitzgerald, J.N.; Kron, S.J., 1997:
The RAS/MAPK pathway antagonizes mitotic cyclin-dependent kinase complexes in budding yeast filamentous development

Whitehurst, A.W.; Ram, R.; Shivakumar, L.; Gao, B.; Minna, J.D.; White, M.A., 2008:
The RASSF1A tumor suppressor restrains anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome activity during the G1/S phase transition to promote cell cycle progression in human epithelial cells

Hashimoto, T.; Furuyama, J.; Morimura, T.; Shindo, H.; Tani, E.; Tamaoki, T.; Takahashi, R., 1994:
The RB gene expression prevents cell death in a bladder carcinoma cell line

Lioi, M.B.; Scarfi, M.R.; D.B.rardino, D., 1994:
The RBA-banded karyotype of the fallow deer (Dama dama L.)

Nakayama, T.A.; Travis, G.H.; Kung, M.; Ferreira, P.A., 1996:
The RBD4-CY domains of Ran-binding protein 2 function as a chaperone for red/green visual opsin

Belli, M.; Cera, F.; Cherubini, R.; Haque, A.M.I.; Ianzini, F.; Moschini, G.; Sapora, O.; Simone, G.; Tabocchini, M.A.; Tiveron, P., 1994:
The RBE of protons for cell inactivation The experience with V79 cells

Howell, R.W.; Azure, M.T.; Narra, V.R.; Rao, D.V., 1993:
The RBE-LET relationship for alpha-emitters in vivo Implications for radioimmunotherapy and radon dosimetry

E.H.fny, B.; Piciotti, M.; Regina, A.; Schermann, J.M.; Roux, F., 1996:
The RBE4 cell line, an in vitro model for pharmacokinetic studies of cytotoxic drugs through the blood-brain barrier

Akao, Yukihiro; Seto, Masao; Yamamoto, Kazuhito; IIda, Shinsuke; Nakazawa, Shinpei; Inazawa, Johji; Abe, Tatsuo; Takahashi, Toshitada; Ueda, Ryuzo, 1992:
The RCK gene associated with t translocation is distinct from the MLL/ALL-1 gene with t and t translocations

McNeill,E., 2008:
The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme perspectives from practice

Downes, S.M.; Payne, A.M.; Bessant, D.A.R.; Fitzke, F.W.; Holder, G.E.; Bhattacharya, S.S.; Bird, A.C., 1997:
The RDS 172 mutation shows a common phenotype in twelve different families

JiangFuQing; MengQingYong; XuZhaoKai; LiAnChun; LiTieGang; ChangFengMing, 2008:
The REE imprint on sediment provenance of the northern Okinawa trough since the last 15 ka BP

Ferman, T.J.; Boeve, B.F.; Silber, M.H.; Smith, G.E.; Kokmen, E.; Petersen, R.C.; Ivnik, R.J., 1998:
The REM sleep behavior disorder /dementia syndrome Neuropsychological differences when compared to Alzheimers disease

D.B.lder, A.J.; Thomas, M.R.; Nageh, T.; Williams, I.L.; Wainwright, R.J., 1998:
The RENEWAL study A randomised trial of endoluminal reconstruction using the NIR stent or wallstent in angioplasty of long segment native coronary disease

Yu, C.; Walloi, A.I.; PetersonH.Jr.; Williams, W.A., 1995:
The RESRAD family of computer codes for risk assessment

Pandit, S.D.; Pike, L.J.; Donis Keller, H., 1995:
The RET protooncogene MEN 2B point mutation enhances the transforming capacity of the EGF receptor

Beldjord, C.; Desclaux Arramond, F.; Raffin Sanson, M.; Corvol, J.C.; D.K.yser, Y.; Luton, J.P.; Plouin, P.F.; Bertagna, X.; Kaplan, J.C., 1994:
The RET protooncogene in sporadic pheochromocytomas Frequent multiple endocrine neoplasias 2 - like mutations and new molecular defects

Chen, X.; Chen, C.; Zuo, Y., 1993:
The RFLP analysing within D13SN region in Wilson disease families and random normal persons in China

Gobin, S.J.; Peijnenburg, A.; van Eggermond, M.; van Zutphen, M.; van den Berg, R.; van den Elsen, P.J., 1998:
The RFX complex is crucial for the constitutive and CIITA-mediated transactivation of MHC class I and beta2-microglobulin genes

Huhtala, P.; Humpries, M.; Mccarthy, J.; Werb, Z.; Damsky, C., 1994:
The RGD and CS-1 containing cell binding regions of fibronectin signal opposing effects on metalloproteinase expression via alpha-5-beta-1 and alpha-4-beta-1 integrins

Chen, B.M.; Grinnell, A.D., 1993:
The RGD peptide reduces stretch-induced enhancement of transmitter release from frog motor nerve terminals

Fischer, T.; D.V.ies, L.; Rouot, B., 1997:
The RGS family GAPs for heterotrimeric G-proteins

McGurk, L.; Pathirana, S.; Rothwell, K.; Trimbuch, T.; Colombini, P.; Yu, F.; Chia, W.; Bownes, M., 2008:
The RGS gene loco is essential for male reproductive system differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster

Reid, M.E.; Beal, C.; Mallory, D.; Combs, M.R.; Issitt, P.D., 1995:
The RH antigens hr-B and vs may be antithetical

Haynes, P.A.; Oka, J.A.; Weigel, P.H., 1992:
The RHL1 subunit of the rat asialoglycoprotein receptor contains phosphotyrosine

Lascaro, D.; Castellana, S.; Gasparre, G.; Romeo, G.; Saccone, C.; Attimonelli, M., 2008:
The RHNumtS compilation: features and bioinformatics approaches to locate and quantify Human NumtS

Vogt, N.; Seiler, S., 2008:
The RHO1-specific GTPase-activating protein LRG1 regulates polar tip growth in parallel to Ndr kinase signaling in Neurospora

Tortora, G.; Damiano, V.; Bianco, C.; Baldassarre, G.; Bianco, A.R.; Pelicci, P.G.; Ciardiello, F., 1995:
The RI-alpha subunit of protein kinase A interacts with Grb2 adaptor protein coupling PKA to EGF-receptor activation

Freemont, P.S., 1993:
The RING finger. A novel protein sequence motif related to the zinc finger

Borden, K.L.; Freemont, P.S., 1996:
The RING finger domain: a recent example of a sequence-structure family

Leal, S.M.; Ott, J., 1992:
The RISK computer program to calculate risk support intervals

Hendriksen, Coenraad F.M., 1994:
The RIVM center for alternatives to animal testing and the concept of the three Rs in the quality control of vaccines

Rath, O.; Park, S.; Tang, H-hui.; Banfield, M.J.; Brady, R.Leo.; Lee, Y.Chia.; Dignam, J.D.; Sedivy, J.M.; Kolch, W.; Yeung, K.C., 2008:
The RKIP (Raf-1 Kinase Inhibitor Protein) conserved pocket binds to the phosphorylated N-region of Raf-1 and inhibits the Raf-1-mediated activated phosphorylation of MEK

Zsigmond, E.K.; Eilderton, T.E.; Flynn, K.; Kothary, S.P., 1993:
The RN number identifies plasma cholinesterase genotypes more selectively than the DN

Schul, W.; Van Driel, R.;, L., 1995:
The RNA 3 cleavage factors CstF-64kD and CPSF-100kD are concentrated in nuclear domains closely associated with coiled bodies and newly synthesized RNA

Leung, W.C.; Leung, M.F.K.L., 1998:
The RNA architecture of bc-2 and candidate responsive genes

Re, D.; Wolf, J.; Jox, A., 1998:
The RNA component of human telomerase is unmutated in the H-RS cell line L1236

Villeponteau, Bryant, 1996:
The RNA components of human and mouse telomerases

Kammler, S.; Lykke-Andersen, Søren.; Jensen, T.Heick., 2008:
The RNA exosome component hRrp6 is a target for 5-fluorouracil in human cells

Emili, A.; Ingles, C.J., 1995 :
The RNA polymerase II carboxy-terminal domain: links to a bigger and better 'holoenzyme'?

Reines, D.; Conaway, J.W.; Conaway, R.C., 1996:
The RNA polymerase II general elongation factors

Koleske, A.J.; Young, R.A., 1995:
The RNA polymerase II holoenzyme and its implications for gene regulation

Kaplan, C.D.; Larsson, K-Magnus.; Kornberg, R.D., 2008:
The RNA polymerase II trigger loop functions in substrate selection and is directly targeted by alpha-amanitin

Jacobson, M.R.; Cao, L.G.ang; Wang, Y.L.; Pederson, T., 1994:
The RNA subunit of ribonuclease P rapidly localizes in the nucleolus after microinjection into the nucleus of living cells

Stambuk, Boris Ugarte, 1992:
The RNA world A topical review on the molecular origins of life

Lazcano, Antonio, 1994:
The RNA world, its predecessors, and its descendants

Rajan, P.; Gaughan, L.; Dalgliesh, C.; El-Sherif, A.; Robson, C.N.; Leung, H.Y.; Elliott, D.J., 2008:
The RNA-binding and adaptor protein Sam68 modulates signal-dependent splicing and transcriptional activity of the androgen receptor

Bui, N.; Strub, K., 1994:
The RNA-binding domains in the 9KD and 14KD subunits of the signal recognition particle have a putative alpha-helical structure

Champliaud, M.F.; Champliaud, D.; Albalat, R.; Baden, H.P., 1997:
The RNA-binding nuclear protein TLS appears to regulate mRNA synthesis during cornification of keratinocytes

Becht, P.; König, J.; Feldbrügge, M., 2006:
The RNA-binding protein Rrm4 is essential for polarity in Ustilago maydis and shuttles along microtubules

Estévez, A.M., 2008:
The RNA-binding protein TbDRBD3 regulates the stability of a specific subset of mRNAs in trypanosomes

Chardon, P.; Peelman, L.; Nunes, M.; Renard, C.; Vaiman, M., 1994:
The RNA-helicase-related porcins BAT1 sequence

D'Costa, L.; Fieldhouse, D.; Ianuzzo, C.D., 1994:
The RNA-polymerase chain reaction technique for alpha and beta myosin heavy chain

Standart, N., 1993:
The RNA-protein partners in mRNP

Clemmesen, C., 1995:
The RNA/DNA ratio A measurement of nutritional condition and growth in fish larvae A comparison of laboratory and field results

Nagai, K.; Oubridge, C.; Ito, N.; Avis, J.; Evans, P., 1995:
The RNP domain: a sequence-specific RNA-binding domain involved in processing and transport of RNA

Eltbogen, R.; Pless, D.; Gaudenz, R.; Pavic, N., 1994:
The ROMA birthing wheel

Kisseberth, W.C.; Sandgren, E.P., 1997:
The ROSA26 promoter targets ubiquitous expression of the human placental alkaline phosphatase gene

Gurfinkel, E.; Bozovich, G.; Beck, E.; Daroca, A.; Mautner, B., 1997:
The ROXIS pilot study Roxithromycin in non-Q wave coronary patients

Miceli, M.; Liles, M.; Oliver, P.; Newsome, D., 1992:
The RPE respiratory burst is intracellular

Holinski Feder, E.; Lorenz, B.; Meyer, C.; Doerner, C.; Herrmann, K.; Ueffing, M.; Meitinger, T., 1998:
The RPGR gene in retinitis pigmentosa type 3

Flatt, J.P., 1994:
The RQ/FQ concept and weight maintenance

Gaitanidou, S.; Rokas, S.; Pamboucas, C.; Actipis, D.; Chatzidou, S.; Darsinos, J.; Stamatelopoulos, S.; Moulopoulos, S., 1998:
The RR interval distribution pattern as a predictive factor of the outcome of atrioventricular conduction modification in patients with atrial fibrillation

Queiro Silva, M.R.ben; Ibanez Ruan, J.; Fernandez Sanchez, J.A.tonio; Riestra Noriega,; Weruaga Rey, A.; Rodriguez Perez, A., 1995:
The RS3PE syndrome A clinical and histocompatibility study of six cases

Carriere, A.; Ray, H.; Blenis, J.; Roux, P.P., 2008:
The RSK factors of activating the Ras/MAPK signaling cascade

Lorenzi,; Lear,T.L.; Molteni,L.; Parma,P., 2008:
The RSPO genes chromosomal assignment in horse by FISH

Chambers, A.E.; Logan, M.; Kotecha, S.; Towers, N.; Sparrow, D.; Mohun, T.J., 1994:
The RSRF/MEF2 protein SL1 regulates cardiac muscle-specific transcription of a myosin light-chain gene in Xenopus embryos

Coote, J.G., 1994:
The RTX toxins of gram-negative bacteria

Attal, J.; Theron, M.C.aire; Taboit, F.; Cajero Juarez, M.; Kann, G.; Bolifraud, P.; Houdebine, L.M.rie, 1996:
The RU5 region from human leukaemia viruses contains an internal ribosome entry site -like sequence

Hoover, F.; Seleiro, E.A.P.; Brickell, P.; Glover, J.C., 1995:
The RXR-alpha is expressed in a mediolateral gradient in the ventricular zone of a discrete stretch of the chicken embryo neural tube

Gilgenkrantz, H.; Dreyfus, J.C.aude, 1993:
The RYR1 ryanodine receptor corpus delicti in two muscular pathologies Malignant hyperthermia and central core disease

Aballay, A.; Barbieri, M.A.; Colombo, M.I.; Arenas, G.N.; Stahl, P.D.; Mayorga, L.S., 1997:
The Rab 5 effect in endocytosis requires a phorbol ester-binding protein

Symons, M., 1995:
The Rac and Rho pathways as a source of drug targets for Ras-mediated malignancies

Deschavanne, P.J.; Harosh, I., 1993:
The Rad3 protein from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a DNA and DNA:RNA helicase with putative RNA helicase activity

Viby-Mogensen, J., 1996:
The Radiometer Prize 1995

Lindahl, S.G., 1997:
The Radiometer Prize for priceless achievements

Dong, F.G.i; Wilson, K.G.; Makaroff, C., 1994:
The Radish cox2 gene contains the second or 3 intron and lacks the 5intron

Nishida, Y.; Inoue, Y.H.; Tsuda, L.; Adachi-Yamada, T.; Lim, Y.M.; Hata, M.; Ha, H.Y.; Sugiyama, S., 1996:
The Raf/MAP kinase cascade in cell cycle regulation and differentiation in Drosophila

Daub, M.; Jöckel, J.; Quack, T.; Weber, C.K.; Schmitz, F.; Rapp, U.R.; Wittinghofer, A.; Block, C., 1998:
The RafC1 cysteine-rich domain contains multiple distinct regulatory epitopes which control Ras-dependent Raf activation

Sancak, Y.; Peterson, T.R.; Shaul, Y.D.; Lindquist, R.A.; Thoreen, C.C.; Bar-Peled, L.; Sabatini, D.M., 2008:
The Rag GTPases bind raptor and mediate amino acid signaling to mTORC1

Black, P.M.; Desjardins, P.J., 1996:
The Rainier functional pain index A brief quality of life measure for analgesic studies

Boyd, R.S.; Martens, S.N., 1992:
The Raison dEtre for metal hyperaccumulation by plants

Arnold, E.N., 1992:
The Rajasthan toad-headed lizard, Phrynocephalus laungwalaensis , represents a new genus

Lopez, J.A.; Kwan, E.P.; Xie, L.; He, Y.; James, D.E.; Gaisano, H.Y., 2008:
The RalA GTPase is a central regulator of insulin exocytosis from pancreatic islet beta cells

Flament, J.B.; Poloma, L.; Plet, H.; Palot, J.P.; Delattre, J.F.; Avisse, C., 1994:
The Rampal procedure

Moertel, C.L.; Henry, P.; Peick, M.; Kendrick, J., 1996:
The Ramsey County Childhood Anemia Research Project Preliminary findings

Moore, M.S.; Hoffmaster, D.E.; Lane, C.M., 1997:
The Ran-binding protein p10 in nuclear protein import

Kalab, P.; Heald, R., 2008:
The RanGTP gradient - a GPS for the mitotic spindle

Haberman, Thomas W., 1993:
The Randall phase component at the Dirt Lodge Village site, Spink County, South Dakota Late Woodland/Early Plains Village transition on the Northeastern Plains

Hvas, J.; Bernard, C.C.A., 1996:
The Rantes chemokine in multiple sclerosis lesions

Hurst, D.L., 1993:
The rapid change to monotherapy with valproic acid in children

Lykova, N.A., 2008:
The Rapid ecological crop trial principle

Kolasa, J.; Hewitt, C.L.; Drake, J.A., 1996:
The Rapoports rule An explanation or a byproduct of the latitudinal gradient in species richness?

Duncan, N.D.; Aitken, R.; Venugopal, S.; West, W.; Carpenter, R., 1994:
The Rapunzel syndrome. Report of a case and review of the literature

Zippel, R.; Mancinelli, E.; Denis Donini, S.; Martegani, E.; Ferrari, C.; Gnesutta, N.; Orecchia, S.; Sturani, E., 1996:
The Ras activator CDC25-Mm/Ras-GRF Expression in the central nervous system and mechanism of signal transduction

Varticovski, L.; Harrison Findik, D., 1995:
The Ras adaptor proteins, GRB2 and Shc, interact with PI 3-kinase in BCR/abl transformed chronic leukemia cells

Reif, S.; Weisz, B.; Gana Weisz, M.; Aeed, H.; Zaidel, L.; Avni, Y.; Kloog, Y.; Bruck, R., 1997:
The Ras antagonist Farnesyl-thio-salicylic acid inhibits development of liver cirrhosis in rats

Hendry, B.M.; Noor, M.I.; Scott, R.; James, A.F.; Dockrell, M.E.C., 1997:
The Ras family of G-proteins A target for therapy in renal fibrosis?

Broder, Y.C.; Katz, S.; Aronheim, A., 1998:
The ras recruitment system, a novel approach to the study of protein-protein interactions

Khosravi-Far, R.; Der, C.J., 1994:
The Ras signal transduction pathway

Hamilton, Richard T., 1994:
The Ras signal transduction pathway in development

Wassarman, D.A.; Therrien, M.; Rubin, G.M., 1995:
The Ras signaling pathway in Drosophila

Nakatani, Y.; Koide, H.; Kaziro, Y.; Nishida, H., 1996:
The Ras signaling pathway is essential for notochord induction in ascidian embryos

Masuelli, L.; Cutler, M.L., 1994:
The Ras suppressor RSP-1/RSU-1 is phosphorylated in response to stimuli activating the Ras pathway

Merchant, J.L.; Tarle, S.A.; Du, M.; Chupreta, S.; Todisco, A., 1998:
The Ras-Erk kinase signal transduction pathway stimulates the gastrin promoter through the GC-rich gERE element

Macara, I.G.; Sorisky, A.; Brann, M.; Mattingly, R., 1994:
The Ras-GAP SH3 domain suppresses transformation by muscarinic receptor M5

Maassen, J.A.; Bos, J.L.; Osterop, A.P.M., 1992:
The Ras-protein is part of the mitogenic signalling pathway of the insulin receptor

Ohnishi, H.; Mine, T.; Tsuchida, T.; Fujita, T., 1998:
The Ras-related small GTP-binding protein Rab4 is involved in regulated exocytosis of rat pancreatic acini

Teren'ko, G.N., 1995:
The Rating of Orchard Soils in the Northern Caucasus

Deraniyagala P.E.P., 1955:
The Ratnapura Shivalik fossils of Ceylon

Defalque, R.J.; Wright, A.J.; Panning, B., 1995:
The Rauschnarkose from JH Packard to J F Artusio

Hunt, J.D.; Yalowich, J.C.; Mccallister, D.F.; Siegfried, J.M., 1993:
The Rauwolfia alkaloid reserpine induces phenotypic transformation and causes DNA damage in an immortalized human bronchial epithelial cell line

Meilan, P.F.; Torchia, G.; Duchowicz, R.; Garavaglia, M.; Carr, N.G., 1996:
The Rayleigh criteria of resolution in fluorescence microscopy and the observation of sources of different spectral composition

Schull, William J., 1993:
The Raymond Pearl Memorial Lecture, 1992 Ethnicity and disease More than familiality

Medsger, T.A.Jr; Hill, R.; Kaufmann, P.; Freedman, R.; Bielory, L.; Smith, E.; Maricq, H.; Jacob, R.; Wigley, F.; Geller, N.; Thompson, B.; Frederick, M.; Group, R.'s Treatment Study, 1997:
The Raynauds phenomenon treatment study A comparison of pharmacologic and behavioral interventions

Makela, T.; Hatakeyama, M.; Herrera, R.; Weinberg, R.A., 1995:
The Rb protein and cell cycle control

Bocco, J.L.; Reimund, B.; Chatton, B.; Kedinger, C., 1993:
The Rb protein behaves as a transcriptional coactivator in the presence of the adenovirus E4 17 kD protein, in undifferentiated cells

Liu, Y.; El-Naggar, S.; Clem, B.; Chesney, J.; Dean, D.C., 2008:
The Rb/E2F pathway and Ras activation regulate RecQ helicase gene expression

Nevins, J.R., 1997:
The Rb/E2F pathway in cell growth control

An, L.C.; Klatt, C.; Perry, C.L.; Lein, E.B.; Hennrikus, D.J.; Pallonen, U.E.; Bliss, R.L.; Lando, H.A.; Farley, D.M.; Ahluwalia, J.S.; Ehlinger, E.P., 2008:
The RealU online cessation intervention for college smokers: a randomized controlled trial

Clarke-Pearson, D.L., 1994:
The reassessment of ovarian cancer in complete clinical remission: what are our goals?

Emmerson, P.T.; Boehmer, P.E.; Hickleton, D.; Phillips, R., 1993:
The RecB protein of Escherichia coli couples ATP hydrolysis to 3 to 5 movement along single-stranded DNA

Sidorova, J.M.; Li, N.; Folch, A.; Monnat, R.J., 2008:
The RecQ helicase WRN is required for normal replication fork progression after DNA damage or replication fork arrest

Dijkstra, H., H.; Marshall, B., A., 2008:
The Recent Pectinoidea of the New Zealand region Mollusca Bivalvia Propeamussiidae, Pectinidae and Spondylidae

Harmening, Denise M., 1997:
The Red Blood cell Structure and function

Laney, C.; Kaasa, S.O.; Morris, E.K.; Berkowitz, S.R.; Bernstein, D.M.; Loftus, E.F., 2007:
The Red Herring technique: a methodological response to the problem of demand characteristics

Meyer, Melissa L., 1992:
The Red Lake Ojibwa

Challinor John, 1965:
The Red Rock fault

Otier, Michael, 1996:
The Red Sea hyphaene of Saudi Arabia

Dineley David L., 1963:
The Red Stratum of the Silurian Arisaig Series, Nova Scotia, Canada

Povz, M., 1996:
The Red data list of the freshwater lampreys and fish of Slovenia

Luebcke, Wolfgang, 1998:
The Red-footed Falcon in the Eder valley, Hesse, Germany

Hodel, D.R.; Castillo Mont,; Zuniga, R., 1995:
The Rediscovery of Chamaedorea donnell-smithii

Moore,H.B., 2008:
The Reforest Trust addressing the issues of carbon forestry in New Zealand

Perrein, Christian, 1997:
The Regional Entomological Atlas

Miller, Beverly A., 1992:
The Regional Programme on Assessment and Control of Marine Pollution of the Caribbean Environment Programme

Hall, George A., 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Appalachian Region

Pyle, Robert L., 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Hawaiian Islands Region

Roberson, D.; Bailey, S.F.; Singer, D.S., 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Middle Pacific Coast Region

Ridout, Ron, 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Ontario Region

Bannon, P.; David, N., 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Quebec Region

Davis, Ricky, 1997:
The Regional Report Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Southern Atlantic Coast Region

Tobish, T.G.Jr, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Alaska Region

Mactavish, Bruce, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Atlantic Provinces Region

Bowling, Jack, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 British Columbia/Yukon Region

Jackson, Greg D., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Central Southern Region

Wamer, Noel, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Florida Region

Paxton, R.O.; BoyleWilliam J.Jr.; Cutler, D.A., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Hudson-Delaware Region

Svingen, Dan, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Idaho-Western Montana Region

Iliff, Marshall, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Mid-Atlantic Region

Brock, Kenneth J., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Middle-western Prairie Region

Truan, V.A.; Percival, B.K., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Mountain West Region

Ellison, W.G.; Martin, N.L., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 New England Region

Williams, Sartor O.IIi, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 New Mexico

Martin, Ron, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Northern Great Plains

Tweit, B.; Gilligan, J., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Oregon/Washington Region

Koes, R.S.; Taylor, P., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Prairie Provinces Region

Grzybowski, Joseph A., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Southern Great Plains Region

Mccaskie, Guy, 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Southern Pacific Coast Region

Benesh, C.D.; Rosenberg, G.H., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Southwest Region

Lasley, G.W.; Sexton, C.; Lockwood, M.; Sekula, W.; Shackelford, C., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Texas Region

Norton, Robert L., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 West Indies Region

Tessen, Daryl D., 1997:
The Regional Reports Fall Season August 1, 1996-November 30, 1996 Western Great Lakes Region

Tobish, T.G.Jr, 1995:
The Regional Reports Summer Season June 1, 1995-July 31, 1995 Alaska Region

Hall, George A., 1995:
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The Royal Pharmaceutical Societys Medicines Testing Laboratory

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The Royal Society of Western Australia Medallist Lecture, 1995 The study of nature-A seamless tapestry

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The Rubus flora of the island Amrum

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The Rule of repeated Shaping and its limits discussed by the example of Lenticulina tricarinella

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The Rumpel-Leede sign associated with drug-induced erythema multiforme

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The Rural Cancer Outreach Program: clinical and financial analysis of palliative and curative care for an underserved population

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The Russian Academy of Medical Science Research Center of Medical Genetics History, status quo, and future

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The Russian forest as an element in stabilizing global climatic change

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The Russian new-generation immunomodulator Licopid in the multimodality treatment of infectious complications in surgical care

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The Russian protontherapy program

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The Russulae of Europe and North Africa Essay on the taxonomic and specific value of morphological and microchemical characteristics of spores and coverings

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The Rx gene confers resistance to a range of potexviruses in transgenic Nicotiana plants

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The Ryegrass mottle virus genome codes for a sobemovirus 3C-like serine protease and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase translated via-1 ribosomal frameshifting

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The Ryukyu species of the genus Cerceris

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The S-allele incompatibility system in apple and its relationship to fruit production

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The S-genomic RNA of Hantaan virus contains only two trinucleotide repeats at its 5 end and the 3 end of S-specific mRNA is truncated and lacks poly-A tail

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