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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33730

Chapter 33730 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hoogland, John, L., 1995:
The black-tailed prairie dog Social life of a burrowing mammal

Straka, U., 1989:
The blackcap sylvia atricapilla as a blossom visitor

Usova, Z.V.; Bazarova, N.D., 1993:
The blackflies of Buryatia

Post,R.J., 2008:
The blackflies of the Cuckmere valley

Davies,J.B., 2008:
The blackfly vernacular names project an update

Simecek, K., 1990:
The blackstart phoenicurus ochruros nested three times in southern moravia czechoslovakia

Wall, R.J.; Kerr, D.E.; Liang, F.X.; Bondioli, K.R.; Zhao, H.; Sun, T.T., 1998:
The bladder as a bioreactor organ

Danneberger, J.E.; Galloway, N.T.M.; Webster, G.D., 1989:
The bladder chart a cost effective adjunct in the evaluation of voiding dysfunction

Hopt, U.T.; Buesing, M.; Schareck, W.D.; Becker, H.D., 1991:
The bladder drainage technique in pancreas transplantation the tuebingen germany experience

Ferrante, P.; Saresella, M.; Mendozzi, E.; Caputo, D.; Pugnetti, L.; Cocuzza, G., 1991:
The bladder dysfunction is the major risk factor for urinary tract infection in multiple sclerosis patients

Versi, Eboo, 1994:
The bladder in menopause lower urinary tract dysfunction during the climacteric

Resnick, N.; Yalla, S., 1989:
The bladder is a reliable witness a prospective blinded trial

Blaivas, J.G., 1996:
The bladder is an unreliable witness

Cheng, A.M.; Hammond, T.G.; Sun, T.T.; Zeidel, M.L., 1994:
The bladder permeability barrier Permeabilities of the mammalian bladder apical membrane

Murphy, W.M.; Rivera Ramirez, L.; Medina, C.; Furman, J.; Wajsman, Z., 1997:
The bladder tumor antigen test vs urine cytology for detecting recurrent bladder cancer

Kinders, R.; Brunelle, S.; Root, R.; Murchison, H.; Rowley, H.; Hass, G.M., 1998:
The bladder tumor associated antigen measured by the BTA stat test is expressed by bladder tumor cells

Hahn, J.A., 1990:
The blade implant

Kreul, W.; Kromka, F., 1990:
The blame for the misery of developing countries

Folpe, A.L.; Patterson, K.; Gown, A.M., 1997:
The blastemal component of Wilms tumors expresses desmin but not other myogenic proteins

Medvedev, N.N., 1955:
The blastomogenic activity of the cancer fac tor of the mammary glands of mice, after storing it for two years in a dried state

Dubracic, D.; Pulanic, R.; Katicic, M.; Car, D.; Georgijevic, A.; Cvitanovic, B., 1993:
The bleeding arrest and treatment of stress lesions of the upper gastrointestinal tract in wounded

Hamperl W D.; Wagner, T., 1990:
The bleeding duodenal lipoma a rare finding

A.A.zawi, F.; Bell, S.C.; Habiba, M.A., 1997:
The bleeding patterns in three hormone replacement therapy regimens The effect of a hypo-oestrogenic state?

Lind, S.E., 1991:
The bleeding time does not predict surgical bleeding

Hirsch, D.R.; Goldhaber, S.Z., 1990:
The bleeding time: its potential utility among patients receiving thrombolytic therapy

Fiore, L.; Brophy, M.; Janson, P.; Lopez, A.; Deykin, D., 1989:
The bleeding time response to aspirin detecting the hyperresponder

Zayed, E., 1991:
The bleeding time test the nova scotia experience

Hedrich, R.; Baumann, I.; Raschke, K., 1989:
The blender method for the preparation of guard cell protoplast in large numbers and from leaves with adhering epidermis

Perron, C.; Lukow, O.M.; Bushuk, W.; Townley Smith, F., 1996:
The blending potential diverse wheat cultivars in a frozen dough system

Stewart, B.A.; Karrer, F.M.; Hall, R.J.; Lilly, J.R., 1990:
The blind loop syndrome in children

Pelissier, J.; Perennou, D.; Dupeyron, G.; Codine, P.; Herisson, C.; Simon, L., 1990:
The blind stroke patient specific rehabilitation program

Goldberg, M.F., 1994:
The blinding mechanisms of incontinentia pigmenti

Kwok, W.; Eng, W.; Fan, S.; Garcia, F.; Kowk, S.; Ng, J.; Sorenson, L.; Williams, M.; Wong, P., 1998:
The blindness and visual impairment in Asians, Hispanics and Caucasians in San Francisco

Casacchia, M.; Bolino, F.; Pacitti, F.; D.M.chele V.; Marrelli, A.; Cerone, G., 1990:
The blink reflex and schizophrenia

Mcbride, Robert, L., 1994:
The bliss point as a measure of pleasure

Imazu, M.; Kakishima, M., 1995:
The blister rusts on Pinus pumila in Japan

Soloy, E.; Srsen, V.; Pavlok, A.; Hyttel, P.; Thomsen, P.D.; Prochazka, R.; Kubelka, M.; Smith, S.D.; Hoier, R.; Motlik, J.; Greve, T., 1996:
The block against sperm penetration in parthenogenetically activated bovine oocytes

Fedorov, B.A., 1989:
The block approach in x ray diffraction scatter as method for investigating the packing of the elements of secondary structure in globular proteins

Langton, P.D.; Nelson, M.T.; Huang, Y.; Standen, N.B., 1990:
The block of calcium activated potassium channels by external tea and tetrapentylammonium ions in isolated arterial smooth muscle cells from rat and rabbit

ChenKunMing; WuGuoLi; WangYuHua; TianCuiTing; Samaj,J.; Baluska,F.; LinJinXing, 2008:
The block of intracellular calcium release affects the pollen tube development of Picea wilsonii by changing the deposition of cell wall components

Valentini, M.; Guidi, L.; Bartolucci, M.; Gregorini, A.; Pascucci, E.; Papa, S., 1994:
The block of transferrin receptor by the EA3 monoclonal antibody EA3 induce cell killing by apoptosis

Ryu, B.Y.; Zavorotinskaya, T.; Trentin, B.; Albritton, L.M., 2008:
The block to membrane fusion differs with the site of ligand insertion in modified retroviral envelope proteins

Goode, C.A.; Huyuh, T.Q.; Lambert, C.C., 1990:
The block to polyspermy in ascidian eggs involves a membrane bound glycosidase and a specific phospholipase

Spencer, C.A.; Kilvert, M.A., 1992:
The block to rna polymerase ii transcription elongation is related to overall initiation levels in xenopus oocyte transcription assays

Flores, G.; Hernandez, S.; Sierra, A.; Gongora Alfaro, J.L.; Rosales, M.; Aceves, J., 1993:
The blockade of M-1 muscarinic receptors in the subthalamic nucleus abolishes muscular rigidity in reserpinized rats

Charpak, S.; Knopfel, T.; Thompson, S.; Gahwiler, B.H., 1990:
The blockade of potassium conductances by excitatory amino acids is mediated by a subtype of quisqualate receptor

Ide, Y.; Maehara, Y.; Tsukahara, S.; Kitahata, L.M.; Collins, J.G., 1995:
The blockade of the development of sensitization to noxious visceral stimuli by NMDA antagonist in the rat

Claria, J.; Jiminez, W.; Arroyo, V.; Lopez, C.; L.V.lla G.; Asbert, M.; Gaya, J.; Rivera, F.; Rodes, J., 1989:
The blockade of the vascular effect of antidiuretic hormone adh decreases arterial pressure in experimental cirrhosis with ascites

Aarons, D.J.; Boettger Tong, H.; Biegler, B.E.; Lee, T.R.; Poirier, G.R., 1992:
The blockage of the zonae pellucidae induced acrosome reaction by a decapacitation factor

Sesti, F.; Torre, V., 1993:
The blocking effect of calcium and magnesium on the cGMP activated current in retinal rods

Colamartino, G.; Menini, A.; Torre, V., 1989:
The blocking effect of divalent cations on the cyclic gmp activated current in excised patches from retinal rods of the tiger salamander

Hoshino, J.; Nakamura, T.; Sakamaki, T.; Nagai, R., 1996:
The blocking of angiotensin II type 1 receptor protects the endothelial function in the very early stage of renal hypertension in rats

Thompson, L.F.; Ledent, C.; Hershfield, M.S.; Daniels, S.; Parmentier, M., 1998:
The blocks in T cell differentiation caused by adenosine deaminase deficiency is not mediated by the A2a receptor

Bergsagel, P.L.; Belch, A.R.; Pilarski, L.M., 1994:
The blood B cells and bone marrow plasma cells in a patient with multiple myeloma include cells with the same N-ras mutation

Limakhina, M.A., 1954:
The blood and bone marrow hemopoiesis in opis-torchosis

Bazantova, I., 1990:
The blood and lymphatic vascular bed of haversian bone

Schauwvlieghe, P.; D.L.ey J.J., 1989:
The blood aqueous barrier in pseudophakia the effect of local steroids in the irving gass syndrome

Kalish, Y.; Zmora, E.; Shoham Vardi, I.; Vardi, H., 1997:
The blood balance of very low birth weight infants

Fosi Mbantenkhu, J.; Ntoulouze, F.; Kaptue Noche, L., 1993:
The blood banking account service system A new method to ensure blood supply and transfusion therapy in developing countries where growing HIV infection and anaemias prevail A case for Cameroon-Duoala and Yaounde blood transfusion centres

Ferguson, T.; Kahn, M.; Lima, J.; Herndon, J., 1993:
The blood borne, ACAID-inducing signal bears T-cell receptor alpha-chain determinants

Block, S.; Desmettre, T., 1993:
The blood brain barrier Impact on treatment of brain tumors

Goldstein, G.W., 1990:
The blood brain barrier a san francisco california usa perspective

Harik, S.I.; Kalaria, R.N., 1989:
The blood brain barrier a selective overview

Brightman, M.W.; Ishihara, S.; Chang, L., 1992:
The blood brain barrier and its penetration

Stewart, P.A.; Hayakawa, K.; Akers M A.; Vinters, H.V., 1990:
The blood brain barrier in alzheimer disease an ultrastructural morphometric study

Kondo, A.; Suzuki, K., 1993:
The blood brain barrier in human leukodystrophies and allied diseases. Ultrastructural and morphometric studies on the capillaries in brain biopsies

Mooradian, A.D., 1990:
The blood brain barrier transport of glucose and butyrate is reduced in aged rats

Bradbury, M.W.B.; Lightman, S.L., 1990:
The blood brain interface

Baloyannis, S.J.; Costa, V.; Koutsouraki, E.; Psaroulis, D., 1997:
The blood capillaries of the cerebellum in Alzheimers disease A Golgi and electron microscopy study

Scott, E., 1997:
The blood center as an alternative test site for HIV antibody testing

Sohn, C.; Grischke, E.M.; Kaufmann, M.; Bastert, G., 1994:
The blood circulation of malignant and benign tumours of the genital interior as a diagnostic tool

Arinchin, V.N.; Protsenko, E.Y., 1996:
The blood circulation state in children with pyoinflammatory diseases

Smock, S.L.; Thiede, M.A., 1993:
The blood clot A model for studying the dynamics of RNA turnover during blood coagulation

RongLing; ZhouXin; LiFeng; HeMuDan, 2008:
The blood clotting dysfunction and therapeutic effect of low molecular heparin in a mouse model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Monsonego, A.; Mizrahi, T.; Friedmann, I.; Eitan, S.; Shani, Y.; Yoles, E.; Adeny, R.; Schwartz, M., 1997:
The blood coagulation factor XIIIa and regeneration of the nervous system

Wisniewski, E.; Dabrowska, J., 1991:
The blood coagulation system in light of current research

Erdem, Y.; Haznedaroğlu, I.C., 1997:
The blood coagulation-fibrinolysis system in arteriovenous fistulas of hemodialysis patients

Ratner, B.D., 1993:
The blood compatibility catastrophe

Ichikawa, Yukio; Soma, Tamitaro; Yamazaki, Ichiya; Iwai, Yoshiro; Noishiki, Yasuharu; Kondo, Jiro; Matsumoto, Akihiko, 1994:
The blood compatibility of heparin-coated cardiopulmonary bypass circuits

Kozloviene, D.; Kazanavicius, G.; Kruminis, V., 2008:
The blood concentrations of testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and free androgen index in women with hirsutism

Emoto, M.; Udo, T.; Obama, H.; Eguchi, F.; Hachisuga, T.; Kawarabayashi, T., 1998:
The blood flow characteristics in borderline ovarian tumors based on both color Doppler ultrasound and histopathological analyses

Kubo, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Iwasaki, Y.; Mukai, T.; Tamaki, N.; Yonekura, Y.; Konishi, J., 1990:
The blood flow imaging of pancreatic cancer by pet

Miyachi, M.; Nimura, Y.; Kamiya, J.; Nagino, M.; Kanai, M.; Uesaka, K.; Hayakawa, N.; Oota, S.; Niwa, M.; Morioka, J., 1997:
The blood flow of the small intestine during intrathoracic esophagectomy

Moll, W.; Aedtner, O.; Grillhosl, A., 1993:
The blood flow velocity wave in the umbilical arteries of the anaesthetised guinea pig related to the distribution of resistance and compliance in the fetal arterial system and to myocardial ejection velocity

Bevan, J.A.; Wellman, G.C., 1993:
The blood flow-related balance or set point of cerebral arterial tone

Sukhanov, Alexander, 1998:
The blood formula changes including immuneformula depending on the stage of recovery at lung illness

Low, J.A.; Froese, A.B.; Smith, J.T.; Galbraith, R.S.; Sauerbrei, E.E.; Spettigue, W.J.; Karchmar, E.J., 1990:
The blood gas and cardiovascular characteristics of the preterm newborn with germinal matrix hemorrhage

Low, J.A.; Froese, A.B.; Smith, J.T.; Galbraith, R.S.; Sauerbrei, E.E.; Karchmar, E.J., 1990:
The blood gas and cardiovascular characteristics of the preterm newborn with periventricular leukomalacia

Topuria, Z.M., 1991:
The blood gas barrier in aging and in pathological change

Unno, N.; Shinozuka, N.; Kozuma, S.; Okai, T.; Kuwabara, Y.; Mizuno, M.; Kuwana, K., 1991:
The blood gas exchange of goat fetuses during extrauterine incubation umbilical a v ecmo

Janssen, M.M.J.; Snoek, F.J.; Heine, R.J., 1997:
The blood glucose estimation accuracy trial provides a relevant measure of hypoglycaemia unawareness

Hanssen, K.F.; Dahl Jorgensen, K.; Brinchmann Hansen, O., 1993:
The blood glucose level means everything

Hoepfner, M.; Durani, B.; Spengler, M.; Foelsch, U.R., 1997:
The blood glucose lowering effect of acarbose is not influenced by a simultaneous therapy with Maalox 70

Furukawa, K.; Nakajima, T.; Takenaka, O., 1991:
The blood group a and b glycosyltransferases from nonhuman primate plasma

Glinsky, Gennadi, V., 1992 :
The blood group antigens -related glycoepitopes A key structural determinant in immunogenesis and cancer pathogenesis

Ansell, Jack, E., 1996:
The blood in hypothyroidism

Ansell, Jack, E., 1996:
The blood in thyrotoxicosis

Womack, C.J.; Davis, S.E.; Wood, C.M.; Alvarez, J.; Sauer, K.; Weltman, A.; Gaesser, G.A., 1992:
The blood lactate response during rowing ergometry as a predictor of rowing performance

Li, J., 1991:
The blood lipid, lipoprotein and apolipoprotein levels in hypertensive patients

Kobayashi, S.; Yoshizawa, E.; Hachiya, H.; Ukai, H.; Nakagawa, M.; Morita, T.; Nakai, S., 1992:
The blood nerve barrier in the lumbo sacral spinal nerve roots

Pimenov, Y.S., 1993:
The blood of healthy subjects in aging

Jansson, L.; Sandler, S., 1990:
The blood perfusion of autotransplanted pancreatic islets in the rat

Elsbach, L., 1949:
The blood picture by non-specific surgical inflammations

Islamova, I.B., 1989:
The blood plasma alpha beta lipoprotein coefficients in the diagnosis of progressive myodystrophies

de Gaetano, G.; Cerletti, C.; Nanni-Costa, M.P.; Poggi, A., 1989:
The blood platelet as an inflammatory cell

Momose, N.; Ino, T., 1995:
The blood pooling inside the oxygenator during assist circulation Quantitative evaluation of pooling of heparin coated oxygenators

Margetts, B.M.; Cruddas, A.M.; Rowland, M.G.M.; Foord, F.A.; Cole, T.J.; Barker, D.J.P.B., 1992:
The blood pressure of gambian children effects of maternal weight during pregnancy

Morgan, B.J.; Kim, C.; Victor, R.G., 1990:
The blood pressure raising effect of cyclosporine is caused by sympathetic stimulation of non alpha adrenergic receptors

Langley Evans, S.C.; Jackson, A.A., 1995:
The blood pressure response of normotensive rats and rats with maternal-diet-induced hypertension to diets of differing fatty acid composition

Cavan, D.A.; O'donnell M.J.; Lawson, N.; Lewis, H.; Parkes, A.; Barnett, A.H., 1990:
The blood pressure response to exercise in uncomplicated type i insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Ito, M.; Nakamura, T.; Yoshimura, T.; Koyama, H.; Okamura, H., 1992:
The blood pressure response to infusions of angiotensin II during normal pregnancy: relation to plasma angiotensin II concentration, serum progesterone level, and mean platelet volume

Mcintosh, N.; Barclay, C.; Sedowofia, K.; Smith, A.; Stephen, R.; Thomson, M., 1996:
The blood pressure response to thermal injury in childhood

Lind, L.; Wide, L.; Ljunghall, S., 1989:
The blood pressure response to vitamin d is dependent on plasma renin activity and calcium status

Sundaram, S.; Courtney, J.M.; Yu, J.; Lamba, N.M.K.; Simpson, K.; Baird, J.; Paterson, M.; Lowe, G.D.O., 1992:
The blood response to haemodialysis

Tsuneki, K.; Koshida, Y., 1991:
The blood sinus system in larval and adult lampreys

Sasaki, H.; Goto, M., 1996:
The blood sources of Tabanus nipponicus in Hokkaido, Japan

Quartey, John, K.M., 1994:
The blood supply of penile/preputial skin and its application to urethroplasty and vaginoplasty

Simank, H.G.; Graf, J.; Schneider, U.; Fromm, B.; Niethard, F.U., 1995:
The blood supply of the human cruciate ligament demonstrated by the method of plastination

Grachev, I.I.; Ivanov, N.E., 1955:
The blood supply of the mammary gland in cows

Nocker, R.E.T.; Van Der Zee, J.S.; D.R.emer, M.J.; Traanberg, K.F.; Weller, F.R.; Jansen, H.M.; Out, T.A., 1998:
The blood to airspace permeability for plasma proteins in patients with asthma Analysis of plasma protein levels in BAL fluid

MacLeod, A.M., 1991:
The blood transfusion effect: clinical aspects

Bradley, J.A., 1991:
The blood transfusion effect: experimental aspects

Chalasani, N.; Wilcox, C.M.; Clark, W.S., 1996:
The blood urea nitrogen to serum creatinine concentration does not discriminate upper from lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage?

Mcmillan, D.E., 1989:
The blood viscosity problem in diabetes

Maekubo, K.; Miyake, T.; Miyake, K., 1993:
The blood-aqueous barrier and its natural course in branch retinal vein occlusion

Tietz, A.; Dinslage, S.; Diestelhorst, M., 1996:
The blood-aqueous barrier in human eyes with pseudo-exfoliation glaucoma

Sage, M.R.; Wilson, A.J., 1994:
The blood-brain barrier: an important concept in neuroimaging

Pardridge, William, M., 1993:
The blood-brain barrier Cellular and molecular biology

Janzer, R.C., 1993:
The blood-brain barrier: cellular basis

De Boer, A.G.; Breimer, D.D., 1994:
The blood-brain barrier: clinical implications for drug delivery to the brain

Schlosshauer, B., 1993:
The blood-brain barrier: morphology, molecules, and neurothelin

Moor, A.C.; de Vries, H.E.; de Boer, A.G.; Breimer, D.D., 1994:
The blood-brain barrier and multiple sclerosis

Johansson, Barbro, B., 1995:
The blood-brain barrier and perivascular cells

Kirk, J.; Mcquaid, S.; Campbell, S.; Mirakhur, M., 1998:
The blood-brain barrier and the BBB-brain interface in normal and MS brain A pilot, confocal microscopic autopsy study

Perry, V.H.; Anthony, D.C.; Bolton, S.J.; Brown, H.C., 1997:
The blood-brain barrier and the inflammatory response

de Vries, H.E.; Kuiper, J.; de Boer, A.G.; Van Berkel, T.J.; Breimer, D.D., 1997:
The blood-brain barrier in neuroinflammatory diseases

Liu, T-Hsiun.; Liang, L-Ching.; Wang, C-Chih.; Liu, H-Chung.; Chen, W-June., 2008:
The blood-brain barrier in the cerebrum is the initial site for the Japanese encephalitis virus entering the central nervous system

Welsh, C.J.; Sapatino, B.V.; Petrescu, A.; Piedrahita, J., 1995:
The blood-brain barrier in virus-induced demyelination

Heller, N.; Reinhardt, C.A., 1995:
The blood-brain barrier in vitro Characterization and potential use for neurotoxicology screening

Dunnington, K.M.; Melethil, S., 1997:
The blood-brain barrier monocarboxylic acid transporter Structure-transport relationships

Coculescu, M.; Cucu, C.; Catrina, S.B.; Ioachimescu, A.; Caragheorgheopol, A.; Fleseriu, M.; Vatasescu, R.; Carnu, R.; Badiu, C., 1998:
The blood-brain barrier permeability by human growth hormone as reflected by HGH concentration in cerebrospinal fluid

Mooradian, A.D.; Bastani, B., 1994:
The blood-brain barrier proton-translocating ATPases in diabetic and aged rats

Zlokovic, B.V.; Mackie, J.B.; Martell, C.L.; Wisniewski, T.; Frangione, B.; Ghiso, J., 1994:
The blood-brain barrier regulates transport of Alzheimers amyloid beta and apolipoproteins E and J

Sanderson, L.; Dogruel, M.; Rodgers, J.; Bradley, B.; Thomas, S.Ann., 2008:
The blood-brain barrier significantly limits eflornithine entry into Trypanosoma brucei brucei infected mouse brain

Diksic, M.; Takada, A.; Giedde, A., 1992:
The blood-brain barrier transport of L-TRP measured at steady-state in rat

Cserr, H.F.; Knopf, P.M., 1993:
The blood-brain barrier, cervical lymphatics and the immunoreactivity of the brain A new view

Munro, P.G.; Brenner, R.E.; Hawkins, C.P., 1993:
The blood-brain brain barrier in chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis Changes in the venular basal laminae visualized using tannic acid fixation

Mebrahtu, Y.B.; Beach, R.F.; Lawyer, P.G.; Perkins, P.V., 1996:
The blood-feeding behavior of Phlebotomus martini Is it a question of photoperiodism or circadian rhythm?

Cavicchia, J.C.; Sacerdote, F.L., 1994:
The blood-testis barrier in prenatally and/or prepuberally irradiated rats

Tetley, T.D.; Phillips, G.J.; Guz, A.; Fox, B., 1991:
The blotchy mouse, lung desmosine, and emphysema

Taylor, T.H., 1930:
The blowflys mouth

Paul, R.J.; Decker, H.; Schartau, W., 1992:
The blue blood of tarantulas

Mccraw, J.D., 1989:
The blue books of h b dobbie and eric craig

Fujii, R., 1996:
The blue colors of fish

Quevedo, W.C.Jr; Holstein, T.J., 1996:
The blue colors of mammals

TangChao; WanXiaoJun; WanFangHao; RenShunXiang; PengZhengQiang, 2008:
The blue gum chalcid, Leptocybe invasa, invaded Hainan province

Frenchilla, S.; Talbott, L.; Zeiger, E., 1997:
The blue light response of guard cells acclimates to growth environment

Ruter, W.; Isenmann, P., 1997:
The blue rock-thrush Monticola solitarius, predator of the grass snake Natrix natrix

Shafi, T.; Hussain, T.; Quraishy, M.S., 1993:
The blue rubber bleb syndrome

Loppnow, G.R.; Barry, B.A.; Mathies, R.A., 1989:
The blue visual pigment in bufo marinus contains an unperturbed retinal protonated schiff base chromophore a raman microprobe study

Belikov, S., 1997:
The blue whiting spawning, larval distribution and drift west and north-west of the British Isles

Mohanty, K.C.; Manna, G.K., 1994:
The blue-green bacterium, Anacystis nidulans IU 625 mutagen to intraperitoneally injected albino mice

Namassivayan, L., 1995:
The bluethroat Erithacus svecicus in Kerala

Dominguez, J.; Fernandez Cordeiro, A., 1991:
The bluethroat in Galicia

Akins, E.W.; Hawkins, I.F.; Mladinich, C.; Tupler, R.; Siragusa, R.J.; Pry, R., 1989:
The blunt needle: a new percutaneous access device

Zimmerman, R.S.; Wingard, M.A., 1995:
The blunted hypertensive and hypoglycemic effects of endothelin-1 in diabetic rats are reversed by chronic insulin treatment

Parent, A.; Schiffrin, E.L.; S.L.uis J., 1989:
The blunted responses to alpha adrenergic agents during pregnancy is not mediated by the endothelium of the vessels

Gilhen, J.; Coad, B.W., 1989:
The bluntnose sixgill shark hexanchus griseus new record bonnaterre 1788 new to the fish fauna of atlantic canada

Vallance-Owen, A.J., 1989:
The BMA after the NHS review

Black, D., 1989:
The BMA and science

Martens, A.C.; Van Bekkum, D.W.; Hagenbeek, A., 1990:
The BN acute myelocytic leukemia (BNML) (a rat model for studying human acute myelocytic leukemia (AML))

Mummery, P.W.; Alderson, B.A., 1989:
The bnfl compensation agreement for radiation linked diseases

Mayston, M.J., 1992:
The bobath concept evolution and application

Benoist, J.; Cathebras, P., 1993:
The body: from an immateriality to another

Zuazo, J.I., 1997:
The body and distance in psychopathology

Richard, Jacques, 1997:
The body and its functions, between neurology and psychiatry

Garcia Badaracco, Jorge, E., 1997:
The body and psychotherapy

Engelhardt, H.Tristram Jr, 1992:
The body as a field of meaning Implications for the ethics of diagnosis

Hirsch, M., 1994:
The body as a transitional object

Koemeda Lutz, M., 1989:
The body as a witness to early childhood coping strategies the basic principles of bioenergetics

Childress, J.F., 1992:
The body as property: some philosophical reflections

Kirkengen, A.L., 1990:
The body as stage for life

Lang, F., 1996:
The body compartments and dynamics of water and electrolytes

Asano, T.; Kamijuku, H.; Shirai, M., 1998:
The body composition analysis study following the treatment in the knee arthralgia of mild obese patients

Helman, C.G., 1995:
The body image in health and disease: exploring patients' maps of body and self

Cardilli, E.; D'ippolito, A.; Godi, R., 1993:
The body image in obese pathology

Molinari, E.; Riva, G.; Taverna, E., 1992:
The body image perception in obese patients

Andreoli, Antonio, 1997:
The body in psychoanalysis

Buentig, W., 1991:
The body in psychotherapy

Van Der Kolk, Bessel, A., 1996:
The body keeps the score Approaches to the psychobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder

Wilson, P.W.F.; Dallal, G.E.; Roubenoff, R., 1993:
The body mass index is not linearly related to fatness and this relation is further altered with advancing age

Gerasimov, V.K.; Rumyantsev, S.N.; Shtanko, O.S., 1995:
The body mosaicism Universal base of immune self-aggression

Mcgrath, P., 1992:
The body of the sphenoid in the abnormal human skull with particular reference to the presphenoid

Ihara, K.; Yamanari, H.; Shiraki, T.; Kusachi, S.; Tsuji, T.; Matsubara, K.; Saito, D.; Haraoka, S., 1990:
The body surface maps of old anterior myocardial infarction with and without involvement of the first septal branch of the left anterior descending coronary artery

Nowak, W.; Niznikowski, R.; Rant, W., 1995:
The body weight growth, the level of reproductive indices and wool and milk performance of Polish Wrzosowska sheep managed under extensive system in Central part of Poland

Halachmi, I.; Maltz, E.; Edan, Y.; Metz, J.H.M.; Devir, S., 1997:
The body weight of the dairy cow II Modeling individual voluntary food intake based on body weight and milk production

Chiken, S.; Kuwasawa, K., 1995:
The body withdrawal reflex induced by glutamic acid in the gastropod mollusc Pleurobranchaea japonica

Janin, M.C., 1995:
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