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The early life history of the rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni , in the Sea of Japan

Nagasawa, T.; Kobayashi, T.

Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 41(4): 385-396


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5090
Accession: 033762398

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Larval and juvenile stages of the rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni, are described and illustrated with particular reference to the development of head spines. Notochord flexion occurred between 4.6 and 7.8 mm SL. Transformation occurred between 16 and 22 mm SL. Preflexion and flexion larvae of S. thompsoni were distinguished from related species by pigmentation of the dorsal and ventral midlines of the tail. Larvae and juveniles occurred in the coastal water around Honshu Island in the Sea of Japan where they were under the influence of the Tsushima warm current. The timing of their habitat shift from a pelagic life style to an association with drifting seaweed and food items of larvae and juveniles are also described and discussed.

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