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The genus Eupodes Koch, 1835 from southern African soil and vegetation Part 1 Characterisation of the genus, designation of the type species and descriptions of three new species

Olivier, P.A.S.; Theron, P.D.

Koedoe 40(2): 57-73


ISSN/ISBN: 0075-6458
Accession: 033821987

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Based on a study of the Eupodoidea of southern Africa, the genus Eupodes is redefined, with the incorporation of additional features, to distinguish it from other genera. E. striola Koch, 1835 is conceived as type species for the genus. Three new species, E. lutatus, E. indentatus and E. hamatus are described and figured. Special attention is contributed to the shape and position of dorsal idiosomal setae, chaetotaxy of the palp, leg chaetotaxy and solenidiotaxy. Both species are compared with their nearest congeners.

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