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The human cytomegalovirus 86K immediate early 2 protein requires the basic region of the TATA-box binding protein for binding, and interacts with TBP and transcription factor TFIIB via regions of IE2 required for transcriptional regulation

Caswell, R.; Hagemeier, C.; Chiou, C.J.; Hayward, G.; Kouzarides, T.; Sinclair, J.

Journal of General Virology 74(12): 2691-2698


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1317
Accession: 033830264

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The 86K immediate early (IE) 2 protein of human cytomegalovirus trans-activates a number of homologous and heterologous promoters, including the cellular promoter for the 70K heat-shock protein (hsp70), and the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat. We have previously shown that IE2 trans-activates these two promoters in a TATA-dependent manner, and that IE2 is able to form a direct contact with TATA-box binding protein (TBP) in vitro. We now show that IE2 binds to the basic repeat region of TBP. In addition IE2 can contact a second general transcription factor, TFIIB. We have mapped the TBP- and TFIIB-binding regions within IE2 and show that these regions overlap, and also lie within parts of the protein previously identified as being required for the transactivation and autoregulation functions of IE2.

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