Section 34
Chapter 33,858

The large nature reserve as a basis of integrated nature conservation of scattered populations of steppe plants in the vicinity of Pinczow

Denisiuk,Z.; Chmura,D.; Adamski,P.

Parki Narodowe I Rezerwaty Przyrody: 3, 93-106


Accession: 033857085

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Gory Pinczowskie (Pinczow Hills) is a calcareous elevation of the Maopolska Upland, stretching from the North-West through Pinczow towards the South-East and up to Stopnica. This area is covered by thermophilous grasslands (Adonido-Brachypodietum, Inuletum ensifoliae, Sisymbrio-Stipetum capillatae, Origano-Brachypodietum and Thalictro-Salvietum pratensis). There are many plant species typical of steppe vegetation (some of them are very rare in the Polish flora), i.e.

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