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Chapter 33,858

The larval development of Symbolophorus rufinus

Zelck, C.; John, H.C.; Olivar, M.P.

Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut 90: 313-320


Accession: 033857350

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A developmental series of 4.9 - 15.7 mm long larvae of Symbolophorus rufinus from the tropical NE-Atlantic is described. Preflexion and flexion larvae of S. rufinus are discernible from those of any known congener by a larger relative preanal length combined with conspicuously long eye stalks. Differences to all other Atlantic species are striking, but are somewhat smaller compared to two lndoPacific species. Postflexion specimens, which have preanal lengths more similar to those of the congeners, show the higher counts of pectoral rays of adults. Some permanent or size-related interspecific differences in pigmentation are discussed.

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