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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33874

Chapter 33874 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pachner, A.R.; Schaefer, H.C.; Delaney, E.; Schaefer, S.A.; O'neill, T., 1998:
The mouse inoculation test A new diagnostic assay in lyme neuroborreliosis

Blaikie, L.; Crevel, R.W.R.; Basketter, D.A.; Robinson, M.K.; Horn, P.A., 1997:
The mouse intranasal test A novel predictive test of respiratory sensitisation potency

Borst D.E.; S.J.S.; Nickerson J.M., 1991:
The mouse irbp promoter functional assays for activity

Van Keuren M.L.; Layton W.M.; Iacob R.A.; Kurnit D.M., 1989:
The mouse iv mutation as a model for situs inversus in humans protein expression in mice affected by the mutation genocopy and the teratogenic agent retinoic acid phenocopy

Lan, Yu; Jiang, Rulang; Chapman, Harry; Norton, Christine; Serreze, David; Gridley, Thomas, 1998:
The mouse jagged2 gene is required for craniofacial, limb and thymic development

Miller, M.W.; Duhl, D.M.J.; Winkes, B.M.; Arredondo Vega, F.; Saxon, P.J.; Wolff, G.L.; Epstein, C.J.; Hershfield, M.S.; Barsh, G.S., 1994:
The mouse lethal nonagouti mutation deletes the S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase gene

Peshev D., 1989:
The mouse like hamster calomyscus bailwardi new record thomas 1905 a new mammal for the syrian fauna and the arab peninsula

Xanthopoulos K.G.; Mirkovitch J.; Darnell J.E.Jr, 1989:
The mouse liver specific enhancer binding protein c ebp is regulated at the transcriptional level

Storer, R.D.; Kraynak, A.R.; Mckelvey, T.W.; Elia, M.C.; Goodrow, T.L.; Deluca, J.G., 1996:
The mouse lymphoma L5178Y TK+/TK- cell line is heterozygous for a codon 170 mutation in the p53 tumor suppressor gene

Clements, J.; Fellows, M.; Wilkinson, J.; Reeve, L.; Hayes, M.; Middleton, D.; Plaxton, R., 1997:
The mouse lymphoma TK assay Experiences with continuous treatment incubation

Clements, J.; Fellows, M.; Oxley, P.; Wilkinson, J.; Armstrong, H., 1995:
The mouse lymphoma assay in microtitre plates Mutant colony size distributions for a selection of mutagens and a comparison of methods for determining cytotoxicity

Moore, M.M.; Cole, J., 1997:
The mouse lymphoma assay-universal catchall?

Browning, J.; Meier, W.; Mackay, F.; Hession, C.; Ambrose, C.; Gill, A.; Nickerson Nutter, C.; Rennert, P.; Biogen, P.H.chman, 1996:
The mouse lymphotoxin system Is the soluble form of LT-alpha really a cytokine?

Cook C.S., 1992:
The mouse metabolism

Pease L.R.; Horton R.M., 1989:
The mouse mhc mutant h 2k b m 3 implications for the mechanism of mhc gene conversion

Mester, J.C.; Rouse, B.T., 1991:
The mouse model and understanding immunity to herpes simplex virus

Brzozowski, T.; Konturek, P.C.; Stachura, J.; Ghiara, P.; Hahn, E.G.; Konturek, S.J., 1997:
The mouse model of infection with cytotoxin expressing H pylori in studying the pathogenesis of chronic gastric ulcer

Brzozowski, T.; Konturek, P.C.; Karczewska, E.; Ghiara, P.; Hahn, E.G.; Konturek, S.J., 1996:
The mouse model of infection with cytotoxin expressing strain of Helicobacter pylori in studying the pathogenesis of chronic gastric ulcer

Paules R.S.; Buccione R.; Propst F.; Eppig J.J.; Vande Woude G.F., 1989:
The mouse mos proto oncogene product functions during oogenesis

Gros, P.; Buschman, E., 1993:
The mouse multidrug resistance gene family: structural and functional analysis

Sautel M.; Theraulaz M.; Towart R.; Kucera P.; Weitsch A F., 1990:
The mouse muscle fatigability test a test for drugs active on peripheral occlusive arterial diseases poad

Schimmang, T.; Oda, S.I.; Ruether, U., 1994:
The mouse mutant Polydactyly Nagoya defines a novel allele of the zinc finger gene Gli3

Salamat M.; Goetz W.; Zieger J.; Balling R.; Herken R., 1991:
The mouse mutant undulated extensive as a model for the pathogenesis of vertebral malformations

Becker, C.M.; Muelhardt, C.; Saul, B.; Schmieden, V.; Fischer, M.; Kling, C.; Gass, P.; Simon Chazottes, D.; Guenet, J.L.; Betz, H.; Kuhse, J., 1995:
The mouse mutants spastic and spasmodic Mutations of glycine receptor subunit genes resulting in motor disorders

Feltri, M.L.; Arona, M.; Messing, A.; Wrabetz, L., 1996:
The mouse of P0 gene as a vector for high-level expression of cDNAs specifically in Schwann cells

Staubi, F.; Berchtold, M.W., 1995:
The mouse oncomodulin gene is not regulated by an LTR promoter

Lefebvre, O.; Wolf, C.; Kedinger, M.; Chenard, M.P.erre; Tomasetto, C.; Chambon, P.; Rio, M.C.ristine, 1993:
The mouse one P-domain and two P-domain genes exhibit distinct patterns of expression

Baehr W.; Pittler S.J.; Champagne M.; A.U.aidi M.R., 1990:
The mouse opsin gene molecular basis of multiple transcripts determined by the polymerase chain reaction pcr

Stadlbauer, F.; Brueckner, A.; Schneider, C.; Guarino, L.; Fanning, E.; Rehfuess, C.; Nasheuer, H.P., 1994:
The mouse p48 primase subunit of DNA polymerase alpha-primase controls species-specific replication of polyoma DNA in vitro

Brilliant, M.H.; Gardner, J.M.; Wildenberg, S.C.; Novak, E.K.; Rusiniak, M.E.; Swank, R.T.; Keiper, N.M.; Puri, N.; Hagiwara, N.; Finger, J.N.; Lehman, A.L.; King, R.A., 1997:
The mouse pale ear mutation is a model for Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome

Marchetti, L.; Menghi, G.; Bondi, A.M.; Materazzi, G., 1995:
The mouse parotid gland studied at ultrastructural level by lectin gold cytochemistry

Frith C.H.; Goodman D.G.; Boysen B.G., 1992:
The mouse pathology

Basaran, N.; Blowers, S.D.; Anderson, D., 1992:
The mouse peripheral blood micronucleus assay Effect of bleomycin treatment

Frimodt-Møller, N., 1993:
The mouse peritonitis model: present and future use

Brilliant, M.H.; Gardner, J.M.; Durham Pierre, D.; Nakatsu, Y.; King, R.A., 1993:
The mouse pink-eyed dilution gene Association with hypopigmentation in Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes, and with human OCA type II

Wood W.M.; Ocran K.W.; Gordon D.F.; Sarapura V.D.; Ridgway E.H., 1991:
The mouse pituitary specific thyroid hormone receptor beta 2 isoform from thyrotropic tumor cells differs at the amino terminus when compared to that from rat pituitary tumor cells

Buttyan, R., 1997:
The mouse prostate reconstitution model of prostate diseases

Leconte, L.; Barnstable, C.J., 1997:
The mouse rod cGMP-gated channel in neural development An antisense study

Kobayashi, H.; Marks, H.G.; Matise, T.C.; Perlin, M.W.; Hoffman, E.P., 1994:
The mouse rumpshaker mutation of the proteolipid protein in human X-linked recessive spastic paraplegia

Mohtashamipur E.; Norpoth K.; Mohtashamipur A.; Germann P.G., 1990:
The mouse skin tumorigenicity of cigarette smoke condensates at low concentrations without tumor promoters

Ozmen L.; Gentz R.; Fountoulakis M.; Dembic Z.; Garotta G., 1991:
The mouse soluble ifn gamma receptor as possible immunomodulatory agents

Woeltje, M.; Kraus, J.; Schoenwetter, N.; Hoellt, V., 1997:
The mouse somatostatin receptor 2 gene is regulated by three distinct tissue specific promoters

Baker, M.A.; Hetherington, L.; Reeves, G.M.; Aitken, R.John., 2008:
The mouse sperm proteome characterized via IPG strip prefractionation and LC-MS/MS identification

Letts, V.A.; Felix, R.; Biddlecome, G.; Arikkath, J.; Mahaffey, C.; Bartlett, F.S.II.; Campbell, K.P.; Frankel, W.N., 1998:
The mouse stargazer gene encodes a candidate gamma subunit for neuronal calcium channels

Zwacka, R.M.; Karasawa, M.; Reuter, A.; Weiher, H., 1994:
The mouse strain Mpv 17, a disease model linking glomerulosclerosis to loss of a peroxisomal function

Viollet, L.; Bertrandy, S.; Brunialti, A.; Lefebvre, S.; Clermont, O.; Burlet, P.; Cruaud, C.; Guenet, J.L.; Munnich, A.; Melki, J., 1996:
The mouse survival motor neurone gene cDNA isolation, expression and chromosome mapping

Klink, A.; Lee, M.; Cooke, H.J., 1997:
The mouse synaptonemal complex protein gene Sycp3 maps to band C of chromosome 10

Scharf, J.M.; Frisella, A.; Damron, D.; Bruno, S.; Dietrich, W.F.; Kunkel, L.M., 1996:
The mouse syntenic locus for human spinal muscular atrophy maps to chromosome 13 and contains multiple copies of Naip

Macdonald G.P.; Cox D.R., 1989:
The mouse t28h translocation breakpoint occurs in a region of mouse chromosome 16 homologous to human chromosome 21 separating the sequences d21s13 and d21s52 from app sod 1 and ets 2

Reddy, S.V.; Hundley, J.E.; Windle, J.J.; Leach, R.J.; Alcantara, O.; Boldt, D.H.; Roodman, G.D., 1994:
The mouse tartrate resistant acid phosphatase gene contains two active promoters and is regulated by iron

Kola, I.; Iannello, R.; Dahl, H.H.M., 1993:
The mouse testis-specific PDHEI-alpha subunit Interaction of the proximal promoter with putative transcription factors

Bidlack, J.M.; Sairpalli, L.D.; Lawrence, D.M.P.; Joseph, D.B., 1993:
The mouse thymoma cell line R11 expresses a kappa opioid receptor

Andress J.M., 1992:
The mouse toxicology

Teerawatanasuk, N.; Reed, G.E.; Eichholtz, S.; Carr, L.G., 1997:
The mouse tryptophan hydroxylase promoter interacts with members of the steroid/thyroid hormone nuclear receptor superfamily

Rosati, R.; Eerola, K.I.E.imaro; Metsaranta, M.; Garofalo, S.; Perala, M.; D.C.ombrugghe, B.; Vuorio, E., 1993:
The mouse type X collagen gene Complete nucleotide sequence, exon structure, and expression pattern

Elima, Eerola; Markkula, M.; Kananen, K.; Rosati, R.; D.C.ombrugghe, B.; Vuorio, E., 1994:
The mouse type X collagen gene Nucleotide sequence, promoter analysis and generation of transgenic mice harboring a 68-amino acid deletion in the triple-helical domain of the gene

Beermann, F.; Schedl, A.; Ruppert, S.; Ganss, R.; Schmid, E.; Klueppel, M.; Hummler, E.; Schuetz, G., 1993:
The mouse tyrosinase gene Pigment cell-specific gene expression in transgenic mice

Phillips, S.C.; Turner, P.C., 1991:
The mouse U7 small nuclear RNA gene promoter functions efficiently in Xenopus oocytes

Jezernik K.; Sterle M., 1990:
The mouse urinary bladder epithelium differentiation

Naggert, J.K.; Mu, J.L., 1994:
The mouse very low density lipoprotein receptor gene maps to chromosome 19

Moulder K.; Wadsworth S.A.; Coligan J.E., 1990:
The mouse vla family of extra cellular matrix protein receptors

Anderson, R.H.; Webb, S.; Brown, N.A., 1998:
The mouse with trisomy 16 as a model of human hearts with common atrioventricular junction

Sakakibara, S.I.hi; Okano, H.; Mikoshiba, K., 1993:
The mouse-musashi gene encoding nervous-tissue specific RNA binding protein

Mayr, G.; Peters, D.S.efan, 1998:
The mousebirds from the Middle Eocene of Grube Messel

Seward, G.R., 1995:
The mouth The cheek The tongue

Dreizen, S., 1989:
The mouth as an indicator of internal nutritional problems

Trieger N.; Boguslaw B., 1990:
The mouth in diabetes

Cook, G.C., 1990:
The mouth in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

Greenspan, D.; Greenspan, J.S., 1994:
The mouth in human immunodeficiency virus infection

Arndt R., 1989:
The mouth maxillary sinus anastomosis

Riemann, Franz, 1993:
The mouthless deep-sea nematode Rhaptothyreus minor sp n

Liu, N.; Nagatomi, A., 1995:
The mouthpart structure of Scenopinidae

Silveira, Fernando A., 1993:
The mouthparts of Ancyla and the reduction of the labiomaxillary complex among long-tongued bees

Mandel, I.D., 1989:
The mouthrinse wars

Ahmed, T.; Silagy, C., 1995:
The move towards evidence-based medicine Doctors, educators, administrators and patients must commit to health care decisions based on valid scientific research

Larkin D.; Hoare D., 1992:
The movement approach a window to understanding the clumsy child

Oze, Takeshi, 1995:
The movement of abutment teeth and denture bases under loading on a partial denture saddle The efficiency of the indirect retainers

Candia O.A., 1991:
The movement of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate across frog corneal epithelium evidence for the presence of carbonic anhydrase

Miles C.M.; Dinan L.N., 1989:
The movement of ecdysteroids across biological membranes

Wilson, C.; Whitwell, T.; Riley, M., 1993:
The movement of isoxaben in container nursery runoff water

Choi, Y.S.on; Freeman, D.A., 1998:
The movement of plasma membrane cholesterol through the cell

Jin J.; Jones G.J.; Cornwall M.C., 1991:
The movement of retinal along cone and rod photoreceptors

Madara, J.L.; Parkos, C.; Colgan, S.; Nusrat, A.; Atisook, K.; Kaoutzani, P., 1992:
The movement of solutes and cells across tight junctions

Robbins, J.; Lakshmanan, M., 1992:
The movement of thyroid hormones in the central nervous system

Nono Womdim, R.; Gebre Selassie, K.; Marchoux, G., 1994:
The movement of viruses within the plant A review

Zamudio A.; Candia O.A., 1991:
The movement of water across the corneal epithelium involvement of ionic channels

Leeds Harrison, P.B., 1995:
The movement of water and solutes to surface and ground waters

Franklin P.A.; Pullen R.G.L., 1990:
The movement of zinc 65 between blood and brain in the anesthetized rat

Shima K.; Aya K.; Inase M.; Mushiake H.; Aizawa H.; Tanji J., 1990:
The movement related area in the cingulate cortex and its connection to the primary motor cortex of the monkey

Beitman, B.D.; Goldfried, M.R.; Norcross, J.C., 1989:
The movement toward integrating the psychotherapies: an overview

Huste, A.; Clobert, J.; Miaud, C., 2000:
The movements and breeding site fidelity of the natterjack toad Bufo calamita in an urban park near Paris France with management recommendations

Lind, Hans, 1956:
The movements of geese at Tipperne, W Jutland

Johnstone, A.D.F.; Smith, G.W.; Bjordal, A., 1993:
The movements of saithe, Pollachius virens in association with fish farm cages in a Norwegian fjord

Zaldivar, S.; Balis, A., 1994:
The movie as a vehicle for AIDS awareness campaign

Moussa, M.A.; Leat, S.J.; Faubert, J., 1998:
The moving dynamic random-dot stereotest Validity and repeatability

Chaudhuri, K.R.; Leigh, P.N.; Gibb, W.R.; Pye, I.F., 1996:
The moving ear syndrome: a focal dyskinesia

Radding W., 1992:
The moving loop model of protein action

Peschanski M., 1991:
The moving world of the cerebral cortex

Scott R.M.; Wolpert S.M.; Strand R.D., 1989:
The moyamoya syndrome in children variations in presentation and clinical course

Johnson D.V., 1991:
The mpapindi palm chrysalidocarpus pembanus of pemba island tanzania

Bloem, B.R.; Irwin, I.; Buruma, O.J.; Haan, J.; Roos, R.A.; Tetrud, J.W.; Langston, J.W., 1990:
The MPTP model: versatile contributions to the treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease

Maret, G.; Testa, B.; Jenner, P.; el Tayar, N.; Carrupt, P.A., 1990:
The MPTP story: MAO activates tetrahydropyridine derivatives to toxins causing parkinsonism

Picking W.; Kramer G.; Kudlicki W.; Szyszka R.; Hardesty B., 1990:
The mr 100000 phosphoprotein is not the catalytic subunit of the heme regulated eif 2 alpha kinase

Dietrich R.B.; Lis L.; Walot I.; Greensite F., 1991:
The mr appearance of the normal pituitary gland during infancy

Roberts D.; Zavatsky A.; Cohen G.; Mayer D.; Scapino R., 1989:
The mr signal as a potential indicator of tmj function

Chadwick, C., 1992:
The MRC Multicentre Study of Cognitive Function and Ageing: a EURODEM incidence study in progress

Maclennan I.C.M., 1990:
The mrc myelomatosis trials

Tofts, P.S.; Wicks, D.A.; Barker, G.J., 1991:
The MRI measurement of NMR and physiological parameters in tissue to study disease process

Malkowicz S.B.; Barnathan E.; L.W.J.; Kariko K., 1992:
The mrna expression of serine proteinase activators and inhibitors in transitional cell carcinoma lines of differing invasive potential

Zhang F.; Palmer R.G.; Skorupska H., 1989:
The ms1 locus in soybean origin of male and female gametes

McDaniel, T.; Carbone, D.; Takahashi, T.; Chumakov, P.; Chang, E.H.; Pirollo, K.F.; Yin, J.; Huang, Y.; Meltzer, S.J., 1991:
The MspI polymorphism in intron 6 of p53 (TP53) detected by digestion of PCR products

Dassa, E.Philippe.; Paupe, V.; Gonçalves, S.; Rustin, P., 2008:
The mtDNA NARP mutation activates the actin-Nrf2 signaling of antioxidant defenses

Ciafaloni E.; Ricci E.; Shanske S.; Silvestri G.; Schon E.A.; Dimauro S., 1991:
The mtdna trna l e u u u r mutation in melas analysis of patients and their maternally related relatives

Hefti A.; Hauck K., 1990:
The mtt assay for in vitro cytotoxicity testing of biomaterials

Hanson J.; Bean E.A.; Moore J.L., 1989:
The mtt assay used to assess in vitro xenograft cell response to radiation

Kotz, C.M.; Grace, M.K.; Billington, C.J.; Levine, A.S., 1992:
The mu and kappa opioid antagonists, beta-funaltrexamine and norbinaltorphimine , reduce neuropeptide Y-induced feeding

Leissring, M.A.; Huang, J.C.; Anderson, A.M.; Rosenzweig, M.R.; Bennett, E.L.; Williston, J.S., 1994:
The mu antagonist CTOP enhances memory formation in the 2-day-old chick

Zhou J.; Trimmer J.; Agnew W.S.; Sigworth F.J., 1990:
The mu i sodium channel has two gating behaviors

Zhou J.; Agnew W.S.; Sigworth F.J., 1991:
The mu i sodium channels expressed in oocytes have at least three gating modes

Everly, E.; Jones, M.K.S.bol; Brasko, J.; Ross, D.T., 1995:
The mu opiate agonist buprenorphine exacerbates dentate hilar neuronal loss but protects thalamic reticular neurons after cardiac arrest in rats

Surratt, C.K.; Johnson, P.S.; Spivak, C.E.; Seidleck, B.K.; Hirshbein, L.D.; Blaschak, C.J.; Moriwaki, A.; Uhl, G.R., 1995:
The mu opiate receptor TM 6 histidine residue is critical for high affinity agonist binding

Martin, G.; Nie, Z.; Siggins, G.R., 1994:
The mu opioid agonist DAMGO differentially modulates the NMDA component of EPSPs in nucleus accumbens neurons via pre- and postsynaptic mechanisms

Mestek, A.; Chen, Y.; Hurley, J.H.; Bye, L.S.; Campbell, A.D.; Liu, J.; Tian, M.; Yu, L., 1994:
The mu opioid receptor Cellular function and tolerance development

Brandt, W.; Mrestani Klaus, C.; Schinke, H.; Neubert, K.; Barth, A.; Schmidt, R.; Schiller, P.W.; Hoeltje, H.D.eter, 1995:
The mu opioid receptor binding pharmacophore conformation of ornithine containing cyclic beta-casomorphin analogues and related peptides

Brecha, N.; Johnson, J.; Kui, R.; Anton, B.; KeithD.Jr.; Evans, C.; Sternini, C., 1995:
The mu opioid receptor is expressed in the retina and retinal-recipient nuclei

Mcphie, A.A.; Gordon, J.; Barr, G.A., 1998:
The mu opioid receptors is involved in the precipitated opiate withdrawal behavior of the preweanling rat

Martin, G.; Pawelzik, H.; Deisz, R.A.; Zieglgansberger, W., 1993:
The mu-opioid receptor agonist D-ala-2-NMe-Phe-4-Gly-5ol modulates inhibitory and excitatory synaptic transmission in rat neocortical neurons in vitro

Van Bockstaele, E.J.; Page, M.E.; Colago, E.E.O., 1996:
The mu-opioid receptor is distributed in regions of the rat rostral ventral medulla containing locus coeruleus-projecting neurons

Colago, E.E.O.; Van Bockstaele, E.J.; Moriwaki, A.; Uhl, G., 1996:
The mu-opioid receptor is located on the plasma membrane of dendrites which receive asymmetric synapses from axon terminals containing leucine-enkephalin in the rat locus coeruleus

Price, M.R.; Briggs, S.; Scanlon, M.J.; Tendler, S.J.; Sibley, P.E.; Hand, C.W., 1991:
The mucin antigens: what are we measuring?

Devine, P.L.; Mcguckin, M.A., 1996:
The mucin marker, CASA, in ovarian cancer

Yeung, K.S.; Chociej, J.; Kandel, G.P.; Krepinsky, J.J., 1995:
The mucin test; a new screening tool for colorectal cancer?

Iacono, C.; Bassi, C.; Zamboni, G.; Corra, S.; L.G.ardia, G.; Marzoli, G.P.; Cavallini, G.; Procacci, C.; Pederzoli, P.; Serio, G., 1992:
The mucinous pancreatic ductal ectasia

Lehr C M.; Bouwstra J.A.; Bodde H.E.; Spies F.; Van Munsteren J.C.; Vermeij Keers C.; Junginger H.E., 1990:
The mucoadhesive interface surface energy effects or interpenetration

Macadam, A.B.; James, S.L.; Martin, G.P.; Marriott, C., 1992:
The mucoadhesive properties of antibody-coated bovine serum albumin microspheres

Kuo, W.R.; Juan, K.H.; Tai, P.Y.; Lin, I.F.; Lee, K.W.; Ching, F.Y.; Tsai, R.K.; Chiang, C.H., 1993:
The mucoceles or pyoceles of the paranasal sinuses

Gervais, R.; Coequyt, S.; Remy, J.; Rigot, J.M.; Dumur, V.; Roussel, P.; Lafitte, J.J., 1994:
The mucociliary clearance in a group of patients with congenital bilateral absence of vas deferens and having a DELTA-F508 mutation

Johnson, R.A.len; Rubin, R.H., 1994:
The mucocutaneous problems associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Thines Sempoux D.; Parent Petre B.; Dauvrin T., 1990:
The mucocysts of istricha prostoma a rumen holotrich ciliate contain a peroxidase

Uhlich W.; Deichsel E., 1989:
The mucodynamic impression technique

Gilbert-Barness, E.F.; Barness, L.A., 1993 :
The mucolipidoses

Paget, T.A.; James, S.L., 1994:
The mucolytic activity of polyamines and mucosal invasion

Wraith, J.E., 1995:
The mucopolysaccharidoses: a clinical review and guide to management

D.N.tale, P.; D.L.renzo, F., 1992:
The mucopolysaccharidoses Diagnostic and molecular aspects

Hopwood, J.J.; Morris, C.P., 1990:
The mucopolysaccharidoses. Diagnosis, molecular genetics and treatment

Shapiro L.J., 1991:
The mucopolysaccharidoses glycoproteinoses and mucolipidoses

Knop, E.; Knop, N., 1997:
The mucosa associated lymphoid tissue of the human conjunctiva consists of three components Solitary follicles, crypt associated MALT and a lymphoid layer

Simon B.; Mueller P., 1991:
The mucosa damaging effects after low and high doses of acetylsalicylic acid ass protection by ranitidine

Targan, S.R.; Landers, C.J.; Macdermott, R.P.; Vidrich, A., 1995:
The mucosa is the site of B-cell priming and production of perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in ulcerative colitis patients

Diaz, A.O.; García, A.M.; Figueroa, D.E.; Goldemberg, A.L., 2008:
The mucosa of the digestive tract in Micropogonias furnieri: a light and electron microscope approach

Offerhaus G.J.A.; Stadt J.V.; Tersmette A.C.; Huibregtse K.; Tytgat G.N.J., 1989:
The mucosa of the gastric remnant harboring dysplasia and malignancy significance of non dysplastic and non malignant histological alterations

Barberini, F.; Correr, S.; D.S.ntis, F.; Motta, P.M., 1989:
The mucosa of the rabbit vagina: a morphodynamic study by transmission and scanning electron microscopy

Schreiber, S.; Raedler, A., 1993:
The mucosa-associated immune system Host defense in the intestine

Snider, D.P., 1995:
The mucosal adjuvant activities of ADP-ribosylating bacterial enterotoxins

Sidorenko, G.I.; Belyaeva, N.N.; Kutepov, E.N.; Shamarin, A.A.; Charyeva, Z.G.; Leshcheva, E.P., 1997:
The mucosal cytological status as a criterion for an environmental risk

Carmignani, G.; Simonato, A., 1993:
The mucosal graft in re-do hypospadias repair

Eigenmann, P.A.; Belli, D.C.; Hauser, C., 1998:
The mucosal homing receptor alpha4beta7 integrin is upregulated on antigen-specific T-cells in children with IgE-mediated milk allergy

Rees, L.E.N.; Pazmany, L.; Gutowska-Owsiak, D.; Inman, C.F.; Phillips, A.; Stokes, C.R.; Johnston, N.; Koufman, J.A.; Postma, G.; Bailey, M.; Birchall, M.A., 2008:
The mucosal immune response to laryngopharyngeal reflux

Kiyono, H.; Bienenstock, J.; McGhee, J.R.; Ernst, P.B., 1992:
The mucosal immune system: features of inductive and effector sites to consider in mucosal immunization and vaccine development

McGhee, J.R.; Mestecky, J.; Dertzbaugh, M.T.; Eldridge, J.H.; Hirasawa, M.; Kiyono, H., 1992:
The mucosal immune system: from fundamental concepts to vaccine development

Mcghee J.R.; Mestecky J., 1992:
The mucosal immune system in hiv infection and prospects for mucosal immunity to aids

Yeaman, G.R.; White, H.D.; Howell, A.; Prabhala, R.; Wira, C.R., 1998:
The mucosal immune system in the human female reproductive tract: potential insights into the heterosexual transmission of HIV

Jecker, P.; Mcwilliam, A.; Pabst, R.; Westermann, J., 1997:
The mucosal immune system of the larynx in the newborn rat shows a lack of leukocytes but the presence of adhesion molecules Is this a predisposing factor for subglottic stenosis in young age groups?

Khoo, U.Y.; Macpherson, A.J.S.; Philpott Howard, J.; Forgacs, I.; Bjarnason, I., 1993:
The mucosal immunoglobulin response to bacterial antigens in inflammatory bowel disease

Tsujikawa, T.; Fukuda, M.; Kimura, T.; Myojo, S.; Sakamoto, K.; Sasaki, M.; Fujiyama, Y.; Bamba, T., 1996:
The mucosal permeability regulates EGF receptor phosphorylation of adult rat small intestine

Nakache M.; Berg E.L.; Streeter P.R.; Butcher E.C., 1989:
The mucosal vascular addressin is a tissue specific endothelial cell adhesion molecule for circulation lymphocytes

Hanby, A.M.; Playford, R.J.; Poulsom, R.; Wright, N.A., 1998:
The mucous neck cell in the gastric corpus A distinctive, functional cell lineage

Dyson, J.; Grahame, J.; Evennett, P.J., 1993:
The mucron of the gregarine Digyalum oweni , parasitic in Littorina species

Chiessi Vittorio; D.O.efice Maurizio; Giovagnoli Maria Cristina; Graziano Roberto; Vita Letizia, 2003:
The mudflow at S Felice a Cancello Caserta, southern Italy, a case study

Tretbar L.L., 1990:
The mueller technique of stab avulsion segmental varicose vein resection

Anwand K.; Valentin M., 1990:
The mueritz fishing industry i

Manterola,H.; Cerda,D., 2008:
The mulberry as a source of forage for ruminants effects of stand density and cutting frequency on dry matter yield and nutritive value

Pearson D., 1991:
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The murine NKC encodes a murine homologue of human NKG2D

Oberto, A.; Brusa, R.; Tolosano, E.; Altruda, F.; Aste, N.; Eva, C., 1996:
The murine NPY-Y1 gene promoter directs expression of E colli lacz to blood vessels in the nervous system of transgenic mice

Chen, H.M.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, D.E.; Hetherington, C.J.; Dziennis, S.E.; Tenen, D.G., 1993:
The murine PU1 promoter directs tissue specific expression in B cells and myeloid cells

Dubin, R.A.; Ostrer, H., 1994:
The murine Sry gene encodes a nuclear transcriptional activator

Klein, T.C.; Doeffinger, R.; Casanova, J.L.; Ruether, U.; Pepys, M.B.; Kyewski, B.A., 1994:
The murine T cell response to human C-reactive protein , an inducible self-antigen Differential tolerance for two distinct T cell epitopes in hCRP-transgenic mice

Jolicoeur P.; Hanna Z.; Aziz D.; Simard C.; Huang M., 1991:
The murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome maids induced by the duplan strain retrovirus

Huang M.; Hanna Z.; Aziz D.; Simard C.; Jolicoeur P., 1989:
The murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome maids is caused by a defective retrovirus

Huang M.; Hanna Z.; Aziz D.; Simard C.; Jolicoeur P., 1989:
The murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome maids is caused by defective retrovirus

Downs, K.M., 1998:
The murine allantois

Daëron, M.; Bonnerot, C.; Latour, S.; Benhamou, M.; Fridman, W.H., 1990:
The murine alpha Fc gamma R gene product: identification, expression and regulation

Graham A.; Papalopulu N.; Hunt P.; Sham M.H.; Simmoneau L.; Cook M.; Bradley A.; Krumlauf R., 1989:
The murine and drosophila homeo box clusters are derived from a common ancestor based on similarities in structure and expression

Rosas, A.L.; Nosanchuk, J.; Casadevall, A., 1998:
The murine antibody response to fungal melanin

Kikutani, H.; Makino, S., 1992:
The murine autoimmune diabetes model: NOD and related strains

Schmauss C.; Griffith A.; Craft J., 1991:
The murine b gene of sm snrnps has a nonfunctional splice junction

Matsushita S.; Katz D.H., 1991:
The murine cd23 modulating protein is a novel serine protease

Kalicharran, K.; Dales, S., 1996:
The murine coronavirus as a model of trafficking and assembly of viral proteins in neural tissue

Darmoul, D.; Huttner, K.M.; Frederick, D.M.; Ouellette, A.J., 1995:
The murine cryptdin-4 gene Structure and differential activity in crypts isolated along the longitudinal axis of the small intestine

Rawlinson, W.D.; Zeng, F.; Farrell, H.E.; Cunningham, A.L.; Scalzo, A.A.; Booth, T.W.M.; Scott, G.M., 1997:
The murine cytomegalovirus homolog of the HCMV phosphotransferase gene

Mercer J.A.; Strobel M.C.; Seperack P.K.; Copeland N.G.; Jenkins N.A., 1990:
The murine dilute coat color locus encodes a novel member of the myosin heavy chain family

Chantrel, K.; Ratinaud, M.H.; Cogne, M., 1996 :
The murine gene for subunit VIIA of cytochrome oxidase Sequence and organization of the promoter and coding region

Avner, Philip, 1996:
The murine genetics A busy century

Fleischhauer K.; Park J.H.; Ozato K.; Yang S.Y., 1991:
The murine h 2riibp a zinc finger protein with binding activity to the murine h 2 class i region ii is almost perfectly conserved in the human system

Heinzelmann T.; Paus R.; Schultz K D.; Czarnetzki B.M., 1992:
The murine hair cycle as a model for studying the role of tachykinins in the regulation of epithelial tissue growth

Heinzelmann T.; Paus R.; Schultz K D.; Czarnetzki B.M., 1992:
The murine hair cycles as a model for studying the role of tachykinins in the regulation of epithelial tissue growth

Chappel, S.; Hough, M.; Kay, R.; Humphries, K., 1995:
The murine heat stable antigen-specific antibody M1/69 alters the in vitro differentiation of B lymphocytes

Kay R.; Takei F.; Rosten P.; Humphries R.K., 1990:
The murine hemopoietic differentiation antigen m1 69 j11d is a very small gpi linked peptide with multiple glycoforms

Amesse L.S.; Mahon K.A., 1992:
The murine homeobox gene mnk 2 is expressed in newly formed somites

Wu, G.Q.; Mochizuki, T.; Le, T.C.; Somlo, S., 1996:
The murine homolog of PKD2 is highly expressed in murine kidney

Smith, M.R.; Hamanaka, R.; Longo, D.L.; Ferris, D.K., 1994:
The murine homolog of the Drosophila polo serine/threonine kinase is required for DNA synthesis and mitotic spindle formation in NIH 3T3 cells

Chidambaram, A.; Hahn, H.; Allikmets, R.; Bale, A.E.; Dean, M., 1996:
The murine homolog of the Drosophila segment polarity gene patched and the human NBCCS locus maps to mouse chromosome 13

Kankort, D.L.; Muller, W.J., 1993:
The murine homolog to PTP1C is expressed in mammary epithelial cells and associates specifically with a tyrosine phosphorylated protein in vitro

Baldwin,; Shen, H.M.n; Mickanin, C.S.; Budarf, M.; Driscoll, D.; Emanuel, B.S.; Buck, C.A., 1993:
The murine homologue of a unique gene in the DiGeorge critical region of chromosome 22q11 is expressed during pharyngeal arch development in the mouse embryo

Nasir, J.; Lin, B.; Bucan, M.; Koizumi, T.; Nadeau, J.H.; Hayden, M.R., 1994:
The murine homologues of the Huntington disease gene and the alpha-adducin gene map to mouse chromosome 5 within a region of conserved synteny with human chromosome 4p163

Darville, T.; Shymasani, W.; Andrews, C., 1997:
The murine host response determines the outcome of chlamydial infection

Awgulewitsch A.; Bieberich C.; Bogarad L.; Takeshita K.; Jacobs D.; Ruddle F.H., 1989:
The murine hox 31 homeobox gene structural analysis and molecular dissection of transcriptional cis regulatory elements

Fahey D.; Knight E.Jr, 1990:
The murine ifn induced 15 kda protein its complementary dna and its deduced amino acid sequence

Kolk D.P.; Floyd Smith G., 1990:
The murine ii promoter contains multiple ifn gamma and viral response elements high bind nuclear proteins

Hitoshi Y.; Yamaguchi N.; Mita S.; Takaki S.; Tominaga A.; Takatsu K., 1990:
The murine il 5 receptor defined by monoclonal antibodies

Steinmuller, D.; Snider, M.E.; Noble, R.L.; Tyler, J.D.; Galli, S.J., 1991:
The murine immune lymphocyte transfer reaction revisited

Barreiros, A.P.; Schirmacher, P.; Laufenberg Feldmann, R.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde, K.H.; Schlaak, J.F., 1998:
The murine immune response in experimental peritonitis caused by S typhimurium

Neurath, M.F.; Strober, W.; Wakatsuki, Y., 1994:
The murine immunoglobulin heavy chain 3alpha enhancer is a target site with repressor function for the B cell lineage-specific transcription factor BSAP

Mason, L.H.; Anderson, S.K.; Gosselin, P.; Ortaldo, J.R.; Mcvicar, D.W., 1997:
The murine inhibitory receptors Ly-49A and G are tyrosine phosphorylated following receptor stimulation Ly-49D, an activation receptor is not

Hemmi S.; Kunz G.; Hendriks W.; Aguet M., 1990:
The murine interferon gamma receptor gene

Kirchhoff, S.; Hoffmann, K.; Schaper, F.; Hoexter, M.; Hauser, H., 1992:
The murine interferon regulatory factor 1 is a negative regulator of cell proliferation

Lyman S.D.; Harmon L.A.; Vandenbos T.; Idzerda R.L.; Cosman D.; Beckmann M.P., 1990:
The murine interleukin 4 receptor mutational analysis of amino acids conserved in the hematopoietin receptor superfamily

Mosley R.L.; Klein J.R., 1992:
The murine intestine as a thymus analogue

Hilton, J.; Kimber, I., 1995:
The murine local lymph node assay

Reid, S.N.M.; Piriev, N.I.; Akhmedov, N.B.; Danciger, M.; Kozak, C.A.; Farber, D.B., 1998:
The murine mRNA transcripts of the X-linked juvenile retinoschisis gene are photoreceptor-specific

White, R.A.; Dowler, L.L.; Adkison, L.R.; Ezekowitz, R.A.B.; Sastry, K.N., 1994:
The murine mannose-binding protein genes localize to chromosomes 14 and 19

Gruol, D.J.; Vo, Q.D.; Bourgeois, S., 1997:
The murine mdr1 P-glycoprotein, but not the mdr3 P-glycoprotein, can transport dexamethasone

Jean, J.C.ang; Harding, C.O.; Oakes, S.M.; Yu, Q.; Joyce Brady, M., 1997:
The murine mutation GGTenu1 is caused by replacement of a leucine with a stop codon in the first coding exon of the gamma-glutamyl transferase mRNA

Zahorsky, J.L.; Wilkinson, J.E., 1998:
The murine mutation scurfy produces a severe lymphoproliferative disease which is autoimmune in nature

Wendling, F.; Gisselbrecht, S., 1997:
The murine myeloproliferative leukemia virus MPLV, v-mpl oncogene, and c-mpl

Malek T.R.; Saragovi H., 1989:
The murine p75 il 2 receptor subunit is an il 2 binding protein that is non covalently associated with p55 in the absence of il 2

Deutsch U.; Dressler G.R.; Goulding M.; Walther C.; Balling R.; Gruss P., 1990:
The murine paired box gene family

Baldwin,; Bogan, S.; Albelda, S.A.; Buck, C.A., 1993:
The murine platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule is developmentally regulated during cardiac morphogenesis

Rankin, C.A.; Sarras, M.; Calvet, J.P.; Delisle, R., 1995:
The murine polycystic kidney disease gene, cpk, affects pancreatic development

Henkemeyer M.; Mcglade J.; Greer P.; Pawson T., 1992:
The murine receptor tyrosine kinase nuk is concentrated in a subset of cell cell junctions during embryogenesis

Starborg, M.; Höög, C., 1995:
The murine replication protein P1 is differentially expressed during spermatogenesis

Pueschel, A.W.; Adams, R.H.; Betz, H., 1995:
The murine semaphorins A diverse gene family encoding growth cone guidance cues

Chang, A.C-M.; Hook, J.; Lemckert, F.A.; McDonald, M.M.; Nguyen, M-Anh.T.; Hardeman, E.C.; Little, D.G.; Gunning, P.W.; Reddel, R.R., 2008:
The murine stanniocalcin 2 gene is a negative regulator of postnatal growth

Watanabe Y.; Itoh Y.; Kamei N.; Matsuo S.; Sakamoto N.; Kanwar Y.S., 1990:
The murine strain named non with spontaneous lipid deposition in the glomerular capillary lumen

Aparicio, J.; Bilbao, D.; Aracil, M.; Peled, A.; Zipori, D.; Jochems, G., 1996:
The murine stromal cell line 14F11 secretes a putative novel growth factor for progenitor cells

Oettinger H.F.; Streeter H.; Goldberger O.; Lose E.; Copeland N.; Jenkins N.; Bernfield M., 1990:
The murine syndecan gene is on chromosome 12 and has unique organization

Kutyrev, V.V.; Koozmichneko, I.A.; Vidyaeva, N.A.; Bobrov, A.G.; Filippov, A.A.; Protsenko, O.A., 1998:
The murine toxin gene of Yersinia pestis encodes for a secreted phospholipase D

Marcus D.M.; Snyder J.; Padlan E.; Y.L.e L Y., 1990:
The murine v h441 immunoglobulin gene encodes antibodies against five carbohydrate determinants

Bernstein A.; Nocka K.; Dubreuil P.; Majumder S.; Reith A.; Ray P.; Chabot B.; Besmer P., 1989:
The murine w locus a germ like mutation in a mammalian proto oncogene

Borsani G.; Tonlorenzi R.; Grompe M.; Simmler M.C.; Dandolo L.; Avner P.; Ballabio A., 1991:
The murine xist gene cdna cloning mapping and expression analysis

Borsani G.; Pizzuti A.; Tonlorenzi R.; Capra V.; Lawrence C.; Ballabio A., 1991:
The murine xist gene sequence analysis reveals a putative protein product

Lobe D.C.; Spector T.; Ellis M.N., 1990:
The murine zosteriform model of herpes simplex virus infection for the evaluation of topical antiviral therapies

D.J.nge, B.L.M.; Tomasz, A., 1993:
The muropeptide composition of the peptidoglycan of Staphylococcus aureus determined with reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography

Thompson, S.H.; Alousi, A.A., 1998:
The muscarinic Ca response Positive feedback involving cGMP, and CNG channels

Mathes, C.; Alousi, A.A.; Thompson, S.H., 1998:
The muscarinic Ca2+ response, positive feedback involving NO, cGMP and CNG channels

Kalkbrenner, F.; Dippel, E.; Wittig, B.; Schultz, G., 1996:
The muscarinic M1 receptor couples to a G-protein heterotrimer complex to increase the cytosolic calcium concentration

Baxter, G.T.; Miller, D.L.; Owicki, J.C., 1993:
The muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes M1 and M3 mediate the activation of the Na+/H+ antiporter via PKC when expressed in CHO-K1 cells

Konopka L.M.; Parsons R.L., 1990:
The muscarinic agonist bethanechol initiates hyperpolarization and depolarization of mudpuppy intracardiac neurons

Chabardes, D.; Aarab, L.; Marchetti, J.; Imbert Teboul, M.; Firsov, D.; Elalouf, J.M., 1994:
The muscarinic agonist carbachol induces a calcium-dependent inhibition of cAMP production in the glucagon-sensitive cell of the rat OMCD

Heldman E.; Shirvan H.M.; Pollard H.B., 1990:
The muscarinic agonist oxotremorine m activates catecholamine secretion and calcium 45 uptake in bovine chromaffin cells evidence for a novel type of cholinergic receptor

Andrade R.; Araneda R.C., 1989:
The muscarinic depolarization present in rat cortex is potentiated by cell stimulation

Antonelli, T.; Bianchi, C.; Govoni, B.M.; Tomasini, C.; Beani, L., 1994:
The muscarinic modulation of D- aspartate release and -i transients in rat cerebellar granule cells

Beani, L.; Antonelli, T.; Tomasini, C.; Bianchi, C., 1997:
The muscarinic modulation of [3H]D-aspartate efflux and [Ca2+]i levels in rat cerebellar granule cells

Weiler, M.H.; Lee,, 1992:
The muscarinic modulation of acetylcholine release from the rat Neostriatum changes with senescence

Mccallum, J.B.; Hogan, Q.; Bosnjak, Z.J., 1996:
The muscarinic postsynaptic effect of dexmedetomidine on sympathetic ganglionic transmission

Candura S.M.; Balduini W.; Manzo L.; Costa L.G., 1990:
The muscarinic receptor stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism as a target for the developmental neurotoxicity of ethanol

Balduini, W.; Cattabeni, F.; Reno, F.; Costa, L.G., 1993:
The muscarinic receptor-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism as a potential target for the neurotoxicity of ethanol during brain development

Opfer Gehrking T.; Kihara M.; Low P., 1990:
The muscarinic sweat response in human subjects

Tucker, S.J.; Pessia, M.; Adelman, J.P., 1996:
The muscarinic-gated K+ channel Subunit stoichiometry and structure domains essential for G protein stimulation

Shlygin V.V., 1989:
The muscle as a chain of three element hill models allowing for the non synchrony of excitation in the evaluation of the active state on isotonic contraction

Zifarelli, G.; Pusch, M., 2008:
The muscle chloride channel ClC-1 is not directly regulated by intracellular ATP

Faussone-Pellegrini, M.S.; Bani, G., 1989:
The muscle coat of the mouse oviduct during estrous cycle. An ultrastructural study

Harridge, Stephen D.R., 1996:
The muscle contractile system and its adaptation to training

Barchi, Robert L., 1994:
The muscle fiber and disorders of muscle excitability

Behan W.M.H.; Bakheit A.M.O.; Behan P.O.; More I.A.R., 1991:
The muscle findings in the neuroleptic malignant syndrome associated with lsd

Froman, B.E.; Herrick, K.R.; Gorin, F.A., 1993:
The muscle isozyme of glycogen phosphorylase contains a novel enhancer region

Manders, R.J.; Koopman, Ré.; Beelen, M.; Gijsen, A.P.; Wodzig, W.K.; Saris, W.H.; van Loon, L.J., 2008:
The muscle protein synthetic response to carbohydrate and protein ingestion is not impaired in men with longstanding type 2 diabetes

Wallis, E.J.; Macmillan, D.L.; Field, L.H., 1993:
The muscle receptor organ of the primitive crustacean Anaspides tasmaniae-a comparative study of neural evolution

Bulyakova, N.V.; Zubkova, S.M.; Vashkevich, D.L.; Popova, M.F.; Azarova, V.S.; Mikhailik, L.V.; Zolotukhina, E.Y., 1994:
The muscle regeneration and the state of thymus following ultrasonic of local radiated animals

Wienrich M.; Szelenyi I., 1991:
The muscle relaxant effect of flupirtine indications from electrophysiological studies

Lai F.A.; Meissner G., 1989:
The muscle ryanodine receptor and its intrinsic calcium channel activity

O'connor J.; Biden E.; Bradley J.; Fitzpatrick D.; Young S.; Kershaw C.; Daniel D.M.; Goodfellow J., 1990:
The muscle stabilized knee

Solorzano S.; Serrato J.; Arguello C.; Rivera A., 1991:
The muscle syncytium of ascaris and contractile wave propagation

Schneditz, D.; Pflederer, B.R.; Von Albertini, B.; Lau, A.H.; Daugirdas, J.T., 1993:
The muscle/bone/skin blood flow fraction from post-dialysis urea rebound using a regional blood flow kinetic model

Wall, L.Lewis, 1993:
The muscles of pelvic floor

Lieberman S.L.; Brown R.; Loring S.H., 1992:
The muscles of respiration

Gracheva, M.S., 1954:
The muscles of the larynx

Spataru,C.; Spataru,M.; Vlad,G., 2008:
The muscles of the pelvic basin and the thigh at the brown bear

Ebina M.; Takahashi T., 1989:
The muscular architecture in the airway wall and its changes in bronchial asthma a computer assisted 3 d reconstruction study

Martin, L.; Martin, A.; Cometti, G.; Pousson, P., 1993:
The muscular capacity of the elbows and wrist flexors of the climbers

Fuse, M.; Orchard, I., 1998:
The muscular contractions of the midgut of the cockroach, Diploptera puntata Effects of the insect neuropeptides proctolin and leucomyosuppressin

Thuillier, L.; Sevin, C.; Demaugre, F.; Saudubray, J.M.; Rabier, D.; Brivet, M.; Drouin, V.; Cadoudal, M.; Bonnefont, J.P., 1997:
The muscular form of carnitine palmitoyltransferase II exposes to severe cardiac dysfunction, depending on the type of CPT II mutations

Marshall, C.D.; Clark, L.A.; Reep, R.L., 1998:
The muscular hydrostat of the Florida manatee A functional morphological model of perioral bristle use

Marshall, C.D.; Clark, L.A.; Reep, R.L., 1996:
The muscular hydrostat of the Florida manatee and its role in the use of perioral bristles

Drushel, R.F.; Crago, P.E.; Chiel, H.J., 1993:
The muscular hydrostatic structure of the buccal mass of Aplysia californica

Greiner T.M., 1991:
The muscular mechanics of the primate hindlimb

Leasi, F.; Todaro, M.A.tonio, 2008:
The muscular system of Musellifer delamarei Renaud-Mornant, 1968 and other chaetonotidans with implications for the phylogeny and systematization of the Paucitubulatina Gastrotricha

Czubaj, A.; Niewiadomska, K., 1997:
The muscular system of the cercaria of Diplostomum pseudospathaceum Niew, 1984 A phalloidin-rhodamine fluorescence and TEM study

Grigor K.M., 1990:
The muscularis mucosae of the bladder its importance in staging bladder cancers

Crist J.R., 1991:
The musculature of the ues is the site of tonic contractions at rest

Stelzner F., 1991:
The musculo fascial skeleton hernias and anorectal incontinence

Massie, R.J.; Towns, S.J.; Bernard, E.; Chaitow, J.; Howman-Giles, R.; Van Asperen, P.P., 1998:
The musculoskeletal complications of cystic fibrosis

Buschbacher, Ralph, 1994:
The musculoskeletal examination

DeLuca, P.A., 1996:
The musculoskeletal management of children with cerebral palsy

Mateo I.; Izquierdo M.; Alvarez Del B.M.; Aragon A.; Gomez Reino J., 1989:
The musculoskeletal manifestations of toxic oil syndrome five years later a evolutive study

Escalante A.; Beardmore T.D.; Kaufman R.L., 1989:
The musculoskeletal manifestations of werners syndrome adult progeria

Warno, Karolina, 1996:
The musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases Trends in hospitalisation rates in Poland

Laengle F.; Niederle B.; Piza Katzer H., 1989:
The musculus brachioradialis flap for coverage of the exposed cubital vessels after removal of an infected av shunt

Wedell J.; Pott U., 1989:
The musculus rectus protecting subcostal incision

Serafim, Rodica, 1994:
The museum and the school

Frey H.; Fittkau E.J., 1989:
The museum g frey national treasure of west germany

Joensen, Anders Holm, 1994:
The museums for natural history

Weibrecht J.M.; Mizunami M.; Strausfeld N.J., 1991:
The mushroom body of cockroach brain participates in spatial memory processing

Mizunami, M.; Weibrecht, J.M.; Strausfeld, N.J., 1992:
The mushroom body of insect brain participates in spatial memory processing

Mizunami, M.; Okada, R., 1996:
The mushroom body of the cockroach consists of a number of structural units

Behr,H.C., 2008:
The mushroom market in Germany Part 1 Fresh white mushrooms and Part 2 other mushrooms and preserves

Oh, Duck Chul, 1992:
The mushrooms in Cheju-do I The recorded mushrooms in Cheju-do

Alessio, Carlo Luciano, 1992:
The mushrooms in the Aldrovandis Natura Theatre

Montgomery G.D., 1990:
The musical ape a hypothesis for the evolution of mans musical talents

Ilvonen, T.; Tervaniemi, M.; Karma, K.; Alho, K.; Naatanen, R., 1997:
The musical brain Correspondence between ERPs and musicality-test performance

Ohgushi K.; Hatoh T., 1992:
The musical pitch of high frequency tones

Nash R., 1989:
The musk beetle aromia moschata l coleoptera cerambycidae in county down northern ireland uk

Kang-Fagong; Liu-Zhixiao; Chen-Jiangguo; Wang-Chenghua; Liang-Liang; Xu-Zhong; Deng-Kaidong, 2008:
The musk production of captive alpine musk deer Moschus chrysogaster from Xinglongshan Musk Deer Farm of Gansu Province, China

Kasatkina, I.D., 1955:
The mutability of Penicillium

Klein C.B.; Snow E.T.; Rossman T.G., 1989:
The mutability of p sv2qpt in v79 cell lines is integration site dependent

Palant, B.L.; Kholod, A.E.; Blagodeteleva, V.A., 1955:
The mutability of pseudodiphtherial bacilli in the organism of animals under experimental conditions

Mastiukova, I.N., 1955:
The mutability of the virus of small pox vaccine

Pitt M.L.; Morrill J.C., 1991:
The mutagen attenuated rift valley fever vaccine mp12 potential for a mucosal vaccine

McFarland, R.J.; Garza, S.; Butler, W.T.; Höök, M., 1995:
The mutagenesis of the RGD sequence of recombinant osteopontin causes it to lose its cell adhesion ability

Neurath, G.; Franke, S.; Francke, W.; Marquardt, H., 1996:
The mutagenic activity of tetrachloro-bis ethers in the Salmonella/ microsome assay

Bardwell, L., 1989:
The mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of gene transfer

San, R.H.C.; Gudi, R.; Wagner, V.O.IIi; Young, R.; Mcgee, J.H.; Sofia, R.D.; Jacobson Kram, D., 1998:
The mutagenic and clastogenic properties of 3-IODO-1,2-propanediol seen in vitro are not apparent in vivo

Braun, J.E.F.; Wanamarta, A.H.; Lafleur, M.V.M.; Retel, J., 1992:
The mutagenic effect of cobalt-60 gamma-irradiation on double-stranded M13 DNA under anoxia conditions

Omoh, E.O.; Etim, L., 1992:
The mutagenic effect of colchicine on the germination, morphology and yield of two varieties of Vigna unguiculata Walpers in Nigeria

Ivanova, N.V.; Ilyinskikh, N.N.; Ivanchuk, I.I., 1997:
The mutagenic effect of radiation on the male mice with hyper- and hypothyroidism disorders

An-Xiao; Yu-Long, 2008:
The mutagenic effect of the validamycin producing strain implanted by titianmium Iion

Ariza, M.A.; Williams, M.V., 1995:
The mutagenic effects of non-lethal concentrations of lead and mercury

Pfau, W.; Martin, F.L.; Cole, K.J.; Venitt, S.; Phillips, D.H.; Grover, P.L.; Marquardt, H., 1998:
The mutagenic heterocyclic amine PhIP is a potent cell transforming and DNA strand breaking agent

Pfeiffer, P., 1998:
The mutagenic potential of DNA double-strand break repair

Mueller, L.; Kasper, P., 1996:
The mutagenic potential of arbutine, a naturally occurring hydroquinone glycoside

Donnelly K.C.; Markiewicz K.V.; H.L.; Brown K.W., 1992:
The mutagenic potential of extracts of bioremediated soils

Ma, X.; Ke, T.; Mao, P.; Jin, X.; Ma, L.; He, G., 2007:
The mutagenic properties of BrdUTP in a random mutagenesis process

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