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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 33886

Chapter 33886 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Grundbacher, F.J.; Bosch, B.D., 1996:
The origin of the low molecular weight soluble Le-y antigen

Bryant, R.G.; Lester, C.C.; Mendelson, D.; Jackson, C.L., 1991:
The origin of the magnetic field dependence of proton spin lattice relaxation in heterogeneous samples like tissues

Morral, N.; Bertranpetit, J.; Estivill, X.; Nunes, V.; Casals, T.; Gimenez, J.; Reis, A.; Varon Mateeva, R.; Macek, M.Jr, 1994:
The origin of the major cystic fibrosis mutation in European populations

Hugo, C.; Shankland, S.J.; Bowen Pope, D.F.; Couser, W.G.; Johnson, R.J., 1996:
The origin of the mesangial cell in glomerular injury Identification of a new role for the extraglomerular mesangium

Verdon, W.A.; Haegerstrom Portnoy, G.; Schnneck, M.E., 1996:
The origin of the mildly reduced dark adapted ERG in congenital achromatopsia

Pelli, D.G., 1989:
The origin of the noise that limits visual detection

Stolyarov, M.V., 1996:
The origin of the orthopteran fauna of the Transcaucasus 4 Species of tropical origin

Seki, K.; Hatanaka, K.; Nakasato, N.; Otsuki, T.; Yoshimoto, T., 1990:
The origin of the p100 component in visual evoked response

Degnan, S.M.; Degnan, B.M., 2006:
The origin of the pelagobenthic metazoan life cycle: what's sex got to do with it?

Kooistra, W.H.C.F.; Medlin, L.K., 1996:
The origin of the pigmented heterokonts and the diatoms

Smirnoff, N.; Raymond, M., 1994:
The origin of the proline accumulated in primary roots of maize seedlings at low water potential

Wang, L.; Hayes, N.L.; Nowakowski, R.S., 1998:
The origin of the secondary proliferating population in the SVZ Analysis of nuclear movements across the VZ/SVZ border in developing mouse neocortex

Sugi, H.; Akimoto, T., 1998:
The origin of the series elastic component in horseshoe crab skeletal muscle

Shmerling, Z.G., 1954:
The origin of the serum albumin in white rat embryos

Aluoch, J.R., 1996:
The origin of the sickle cell gene

Lemieux, R.U., 1989:
The origin of the specificity in the recognition of oligosaccharides by proteins

Ulibarri, L.; Bustamante, C., 1989:
The origin of the superposition principle for circular intensity differential scattering by hierarchical chiral structures

Kwok, L.S.; Klyce, S.D., 1989:
The origin of the swelling pressure in the rabbit corneal stroma

IIda, N.; Iriuchijima, J., 1994:
The origin of the sympathetic tone in the celiac area of the rat

Speculand, B.; Golovine, S.S.; Gillies, H., 1992:
The origin of the temporalis muscle flap

Cherepanov, G.O., 1997:
The origin of the turtle shell as a unique evolutionary model in reptiles

Lee, Y.C.; Janes, N.; Zheng, Y.O.; Moehren, G.; Rubin, E.; Taraschi, T.F., 1995:
The origin of the unusual potency of phosphatidylethanol to promote nonbilayer structures in model membranes

Lawes, I.N., 1990:
The origin of the vomiting response: a neuroanatomical hypothesis

Sherry, S.; Sherry, S., 1989:
The origin of thrombolytic therapy

Tonndorf, J., 1991:
The origin of tinnitus a new hypothesis an analogy with pain

Eggerman, T.; Nothen, M.M.; Eiben, B.; Hofmann, D.; Hinkel, K.; Schinzel, A.; Binkert, F.; Caliebe, A.; Grote, W.; Schwanitz, G., 1995:
The origin of trisomy 18 Preponderance of cases originating from maternal meiosis II error

Robinson, W.P.; Langlois, S.; Barrett, I.; Clark, S.; Bernard, L.; Kalousek, D.K., 1995:
The origin of trisomy confined to the placenta

Hassold, T.; Sherman, S.; Hunt, P.A., 1995:
The origin of trisomy in humans

Williams, G.H.; Rooney, S.; Carss, A.; Williams, E.D., 1997:
The origin of tumour osteoclast like giant cells

Vennerstrom, P.; Soderhall, K.; Cerenius, L., 1998:
The origin of two crayfish plague epizootics in Finland on noble crayfish, Astacus astacus

Reams, G.; Villarreal, D.; W.Z.; Bauer, J.H., 1991:
The origin of urinary angiotensin ii

Northcutt, R.G., 1996:
The origin of vertebrates Homeobox genes, neural crest and neurogenic placodes

Korenbaum, V.I.; Kulakov, Y.V.; Tagil'tsev, A.A., 1997:
The origin of vesicular respiratory sounds

Dalal, K.; Rahman, F.; Jansson, B., 2009:
The origin of violent behaviour among child labourers in India

Abdullah, M.Z.; Vaughan, A.D.; Watanabe, H.; Okuno, K., 1997:
The origin of weedy rice Peninsular Malaysia

Almouzni, Genevieve, 1994:
The origin replication complex The stone that kill two birds

Cawse, P.A., 1989:
The origin transport and persistence of radionuclides

Yuasa, S.; Kawamura, K.; Shibata, R., 1997:
The origin, cell migration and nuclear formation in the development of the mouse amygdala

Borowitz, S.M.; Wyatt, J.C., 1998:
The origin, content, and workload of e-mail consultations

Krause, W.J.; Leeson, C.R., 1967:
The origin, development and differentiation of Brunner's glands in the rat

Barlow, Peter, W., 1994:
The origin, diversity and biology of shoot-borne roots

Chase, Samuel Wood, 1926:
The origin, structure, and duration of Nasmyths membrane

Castor, C.W.lliam; Andrews, P.C.; Swartz, R.D.; Hossler, P.A.; Clark, M.R.; Matteson, E.L.; Sachter, E.F., 1992:
The origin, variety, distribution and biologic fate of CTAP-III isoforms Alterations in rheumatic and renal diseases

Chiarucci, A.; Mariotti, M.G., 1994:
The original collections of Arturo Nannizzi in the Herbarium Universitatis Senensis

Makhmudova, L.I., 1991:
The original description of scheloribates semidesertus sarcoptiformes oribatei

Bello, Giambattista, 1996:
The original descriptions of the Mediterranean cephalopods I Sepioidea

Backeljau, T., 1989:
The original diagnoses of arion simrothi kunkel and arion magnus torres minguez mollusca pulmonata

YangLi; ZhouDingSheng; ZhengGuiYun; YangHua; SuNa, 2008:
The original ecological farming culture in Qiandongnan prefecture, Guizhou

Andresdottir, M.B.; Assmann, K.J.M.; Hoitsma, A.J.; Koene, R.A.P.; Wetzels, J.F.M., 1997:
The original renal disease determines graft survival in recipients of HLA-identical living related donor grafts

Toribio, M.L.; Sanchez, M.J.; Gutierrez Ramos, J.C.; D.L.P.mpa J.L.; Leonardo, E.; Barcena, A.; Martinez, A.C., 1990:
The original sin of t cells constitutive activation of the il 2 il 2r pathway early in intrathymic development

Allessie, M.A.; Kirchhorf, C.J.H., 1990:
The origination of activation waves from the sinus node during atrial fibrillation in the isolated rabbit heart

Parry, J.M.; Parry, E.M.; Asita, A.; Hague, A.; Issa, T.; Porter, R.; James, S., 1989:
The origins and consequences of numerical chromosome changes in Syrian hamster dermal cultures

Croxson, L.J., 1998:
The origins and development of the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs

Whatley Robin, C.; Moguilevsky Alicia, 1998:
The origins and early evolution of the Limnocytheridae Crustacea, Ostracoda

Cinader, B., 1992:
The origins and early years of IUIS

Doolittle, R.F., 1995:
The origins and evolution of eukaryotic proteins

Roe,D., 2008:
The origins and evolution of the conservation-poverty debate a review of key literature, events and policy processes

Mills, S.L.; Sperling, H.G., 1989:
The origins and growth of color opponent interactions in rhesus monkeys

Anderson, M.M.; Appelman, H.D.; Eckhauser, F.E.; Greenson, J.K., 1996:
The origins and growth patterns of adenocarcinomas in the head of the pancreas

Skoff, R.P.; Knapp, P.E., 1995:
The origins and lineages of macroglial cells

Juuti, S.; Hoekstra, E.J., 1998:
The origins and occurrence of trichloroacetic acid

Clark, J.D., 1989:
The origins and spread of modern humans a broad perspective on the african evidence

Russell, I.S.eele; Russell, G.A., 1997:
The origins of Associationist learning in a Twelfth-Century Arabic text and its impact on John Locke

Burke,J.L.; Bain,J.F., 2008:
The origins of Erigeron trifidus , an agamospermous rare species in Alberta

Parham, P.; Adams, E.J.; Arnett, K.L., 1995:
The origins of HLA-A,B,C polymorphism

Smith, Bruce, D., 1995:
The origins of agriculture in the Americas

Armelagos, G.J.; Goodman, A.H.; Jacobs, K.H., 1991:
The origins of agriculture population growth during a period of declining health

Forni, Gaetano, 1993:
The origins of bovine breeding, ploughing and the cart in northeastern Africa Research by interpretation of Saharian rock paintings

Mylrea, P.J., 1991:
The origins of bovine brucellosis in new south wales australia and its eradication

Swynghedauw, B.; Moalic, J.M.; Delcayre, C., 1990:
The origins of cardiac hypertrophy

Silk, J.B., 1992:
The origins of caregiving behavior

Keogh, J.M.; Badawi, N., 2006:
The origins of cerebral palsy

Bond, T.J.; Jenkins, R.; Taylor, P.C., 1994:
The origins of chemoselectivity in the hydrogenation of indolizidine precursors

Mcfadden, G.I.; Gilson, P.R., 1993:
The origins of chloroplasts in cryptomonads and chlorarachniophytes

Holst M C.; H.R.; Martin, G.F., 1989:
The origins of descending pathways to the spinal cord in the brazilian opossum monodelphis domestica

Martin, G.F.; Pindzola, R.R.; Xu, X.M., 1993:
The origins of descending projections to the lumbar spinal cord at different stages of development in the North American opossum

Flenley, J., 1993:
The origins of diversity in tropical rain forests

Zahn Waxler, C.; Radke Yarrow, M., 1990:
The origins of empathic concern

Rand, K.D.; Andersen, M.D.; Olsen, O.H.; Jørgensen, T.J.D.; Ostergaard, H.; Jensen, O.N.; Stennicke, H.R.; Persson, E., 2008:
The origins of enhanced activity in factor VIIa analogs and the interplay between key allosteric sites revealed by hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry

Burgess, A.W., 1989:
The origins of growth factors tethelin lost

Kundel, H.L., 1996:
The origins of health services research in radiology: a review

Essex, M., 1989:
The origins of human retroviruses

Isabella, Russell, A., 1994:
The origins of infant-mother attachment Maternal behavior and infant development

Louca, C.; Vidgeon, S.; Linden, R.W.A.; Cadden, S.W., 1996:
The origins of inhibitory jaw reflexes evoked by intra-oral mechanical stimuli in man

Chin, J.G.; Vermariën, H.; Van Vollenhoven, E.; Wang, J.N.; Koops, J., 1990:
The origins of innocent murmurs detected by esophageal phonocardiography (ePCG)

Clero, B.; Cazalaa, J.B.; Saince Viard, D.; Baker, D.; Nguyen, H.N., 1998:
The origins of intravenous injection and infusion from 1628 to 1670

Doolittle, W.F., 1991:
The origins of introns

Paterson, A.; Conner, J.M.; Piggott, J.R., 1993:
The origins of mature character in distilled beverages

Webster, E.W.; Duane, W., 1993 :
The origins of medical physics in the USA: William Duane, Ph.D., 1913-1920

Deacon, H.J.; Shuurman, R., 1992:
The origins of modern people the evidence from klasies river

Rader, K.A., 1997:
The origins of mouse genetics: beyond the Bussey Institution. I. Cold Spring Harbor: the station for experimental evolution and the 'Mouse Club of America'

Rokas, A., 2008:
The origins of multicellularity and the early history of the genetic toolkit for animal development

Liedtke, A.J., 1997:
The origins of myocardial substrate utilization from an evolutionary perspective: the enduring role of glucose in energy metabolism

Kohlstedt, S.G., 1991:
The origins of natural science in america the essays of george brown goode

Price, J., 1994:
The origins of neurons in the central nervous system

Morse, S.S., 1991:
The origins of new viral disease

Wang, S.D.; Horng, H.T.; Liu, J.C.; Kuo, J.S.; Chai, C.Y., 1992:
The origins of non-catecholaminergic vasopressor areas in the gigantocellular tegmental field of the rostral pons in cats

Bruce, D.; Samson, G.; Carpenter, C., 1997:
The origins of nonphotochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence in photosynthesis Direct quenching by P680+ in photosystem II enriched membranes at low pH

Lien, E.J.; Ren, S., 1998:
The origins of nucleic acid and peptide stability Quantitative analyses of physicochemical properties and molecular orbital calculation

Kauffman, Stuart, A., 1993:
The origins of order Self-organization and selection in evolution

Rohde, K., 1998:
The origins of parasitism in the Platyhelminthes A summary interpreted on the basis of recent literature

Stukenbrock, E.H.; McDonald, B.A., 2008:
The origins of plant pathogens in agro-ecosystems

Allen,G.A., 2008:
The origins of polyploids in western North American fawn-lilies

Kramer, A., 1992:
The origins of polytypism in the hominid fossil record

Ter-Pogossian, M.M., 1992:
The origins of positron emission tomography

Redman, C.W.G., 1989:
The origins of pre eclampsia

Hilton, S.; Winstanley, D., 2008:
The origins of replication of granuloviruses

Mann, David, G., 1994:
The origins of shape and form in diatoms The interplay between morphogenetic studies and systematics

Lieberman, P., 1989:
The origins of some aspects of human language and cognition

Gittes, G.K.; Rutter, W.J., 1991:
The origins of specific gene expression in the developing mouse pancreas

Kuhl, P.K., 1989:
The origins of speech in humans auditory constraints on the evolution of the phonetic inventory

Yen, D., 1992:
The origins of subsistence crops in oceania and the potentials for future tropical crops

Wang, X.M.; X.X.M.; Martin, G.F., 1991:
The origins of supraspinal projections to lumbar and cervical levels of the spinal cord at different stages of development in the gray short tailed brazilian opossum monodelphis domestica

Peppriell, James, E., 1993:
The origins of teaching programs for basic and advanced life support

Dybkaer, Rene, 1997:
The origins of the European Confederation of Laboratory Medicine

Zlojutro, M.; Tarskaia, L., A.; Sorensen, M.; Snodgrass,; Leonard, W., R.; Crawford, M., H., 2008:
The origins of the Yakut people Evidence from mitochondrial DNA diversity

Oni, O.O.A., 1994:
The origins of the bone forming cells during fracture repair Results of studies using immunocytochemistry

Tyrrell, D., 1990:
The origins of the Common Cold Unit

Lynskey, M.T.; Fergusson, D.M.; Horwood, L.J., 1998:
The origins of the correlations between tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use during adolescence

Cranley, Mecca, S., 1993:
The origins of the mother-child relationship A review

Rocca, G.; Martini, G., 1989:
The origins of the psychiatric institution in ancona italy bibliographic and methodological introduction

Levine, A.J., 1994:
The origins of the small DNA tumor viruses

Reille, M., 1992:
The origins of the station of mountain pines in the Pinet peat bog and of certain isolated stations of mountain pines in the Vosges and the Jura

Levine, Arnold, J., 1996:
The origins of virology

Turner, S.J.; Evans, K., 1998:
The origins, global distribution and biology of potato cyst nematodes and Globodera pallida Stone

MacLeod,M., 2008:
The origins, operation and future of farmers markets in Scotland

Vasquez, E., 1989:
The orinoco river venezuela and colombia a review of hydrobiological research

Bordass, Phyllis, 1998:
The oriole returns

Tinckler, L., 1992:
The ORMA retractor holder

Garewal, H.; Sloan, D.; Sampliner, R.; Fennerty, M., 1990 :
The ornithine decarboxylase assay in human colorectal tissues marked variability in measured activity due to minor methodologic differences

Teal, A.E.; Keithly, J.S., 1992:
The ornithine decarboxylase gene in leishmania amazonensis crithidia fasciculata and leptomonas seymouri

Teal, A.E.; Keithly, J.S., 1994:
The ornithine decarboxylase gene of Leishmania amazonensis

Santoso, A.; Sparks, R.B.Jr, 1998:
The ornithine decarboxylase gene of Musca domestica Isolation, sequence, and regulation

Tuchman, M.; Plante, R.J.; Giguère, Y.; Lemieux, B., 1994:
The ornithine transcarbamylase gene: new "private" mutations in four patients and study of a polymorphism

Schroeder, C.; Kellner, R.; Mueller Esterl, W., 1998:
The ornithokinin receptor is a G-protein-coupled receptor with two agonistic binding sites for peptide hormones

Imperiale, A.; Fratello, B., 1993:
The ornithological collection Andrea Fiori

Asakawa, M.; Yoshino, T.; Uemura, J., 2000:
The ornithological collection of specimens held at the Wild Animal Medical Center, Rakuno Gakuen University Part 2

Symens, P.; Alsuhaibany, A.H., 1996:
The ornithological importance of the Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary

Pereda Suberbiola Xabier; Sanz Jose Luis, 1999:
The ornithopod dinosaur Rhabdodon from the Upper Cretaceous of Lano Iberian Peninsula

Buffetaut, Eric, 1996:
The ornithurine from the Lower Cretaceous of Changji, Xinjiang Bird or pterosaur?

Verloes, A.; L.M.rrer, M.; Davin, J.C.; Wittamer, P.; Abrassart, C.; Bricteux, G.; Briard, M.L., 1992:
The orocraniodigital syndrome of Juberg and Hayward

Milosevic, A.; Slade, P.D., 1989:
The orodental status of anorexics and bulimics

Pender, D.J., 1989:
The oronasal speculum

Prekates, A.; Paniara, O.; Papagalos, E.; Platsouka, E.; Floros, J.; Margariti, G.; Vagiakis, E.; Argyropoulou, A.; Nanas, S.; Roussos, C., 1998:
The oropharyngeal flora is a source for colonization of the lower respiratory tract and ventilator-associated pneumonia

Heizmann, W.R.; Exner, M.; Werner, H., 1990:
The oropharynx as a possible source of respiratory pathogens

Donelson, K.J.; Pollack, J.D.nnis, 1995:
The orotic acid pathway in mollicutes De novo synthesis of pyrimidines

Jeevanandam, M.; Hsu, Y.; Ramias, L.; Schiller, W.R., 1990:
The orotic aciduria of severe trauma

Ulcickas, M.E.; Kaitin, K.I.; Lasagna, L., 1989:
The orphan drug act review of the legislation and its implementation

Asbury, C.H., 1991:
The Orphan Drug Act. The first 7 years

Parker, K.L.; Lala, D.S.; Ikeda, Y.; Luo, X., 1995:
The orphan nuclear receptor steroidogenic factor 1 is essential for adrenal and gonadal development

Pearen, M.A.; Myers, S.A.; Raichur, S.; Ryall, J.G.; Lynch, G.S.; Muscat, G.E.O., 2008:
The orphan nuclear receptor, NOR-1, a target of beta-adrenergic signaling, regulates gene expression that controls oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscle

Lau,P.; Fitzsimmons,R.L.; Raichur,S.; Wang,S.C.M.; Lechtken,A.; Muscat,G.E.O., 2008:
The orphan nuclear receptor, ROR alpha , regulates gene expression that controls lipid metabolism staggerer mice are resistant to diet-induced obesity

Henderson, G.; McKnight, A.T., 1997:
The orphan opioid receptor and its endogenous ligand--nociceptin/orphanin FQ

Hou, W.; Ryan, R.R.; Coy, D.H.; Jensen, R.T., 1998:
The orphan receptor, BRS-3, causes tyrosine phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase

Wolff, P.H.; Fesseha, G., 1998:
The orphans of Eritrea: are orphanages part of the problem or part of the solution?

Takizawa, Y.; Tateishi, A.; Sugiyama, J.; Yoshida, H.; Yoshihara, N., 1991:
The ortho acetoxylation of phenols by copper ii acetate

Batinic Haberle, I.; Benov, L.; Spasojevic, I.; Fridovich, I., 1998:
The ortho effect makes manganese meso-tetrakis- porphyrin a powerful and potentially useful superoxide dismutase mimic

Dougherty, H.L., 1991:
The orthodontic standard of care

Dudley, C.A.; Lee, Y.; Moss, R.L., 1989:
The orthodromic response of cortico medial amygdala amyg neurons to septal area stimulation is modulated by estrogen priming

Patterson, J.W.; Huang, G.T., 1991:
The orthoester claisen rearrangement in the synthesis of mycophenolic acid

Poole, S.K.; Poole, C.F., 2008:
The orthogonal character of stationary phases for gas chromatography

Morgan, M.J.; Medford, A.; Newsome, P., 1994:
The orthogonal orientation shift Measurement of orientation thresholds and biases in an H figure

Heath, P.V., 1991:
The orthography of mammillaria esperanzensis boedeker cactaceae

Wilbur, Robert, L., 1995:
The orthography of the name of a southeastern endemic shrub Hypericum buckleii

Grahnert, A.; Richter, S.; Siegert, F.; Berndt, A.; Hauschildt, S., 2008:
The orthologue of the "acatalytic" mammalian ART4 in chicken is an arginine-specific mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase

Raikov, Igor, B., 1993:
The orthonematocyst, a new type of extrusome found in Remanella rugosa and Remanella brunnea

Banta, J.V., 1996:
The orthopaedic history of spinal dysraphism. I: The early history

Banta, J.V., 1996:
The orthopaedic history of spinal dysraphism. II. The modern surgical treatment

Poss, R., 1992 :
The orthopaedic knowledge update on cd rom a research and education project

Kouyoumdjain, M.; Abraham, E.; Lubicky, J.C., 1996:
The orthopaedic manifestations of Russell-Silver syndrome

Henze, E.; Graf, G.; Clausen, M.; Weller, R.; Rall, B.; Kreidler, J.; Heidenreich, P.; Adam, W.E., 1989:
The orthopan tomoscintigram an adequate projection of dental spect bone scans

Dyment, P.G., 1992:
The orthopedic component of the preparticipation examination

Safra, D., 1993:
The orthoptic treatment of dyslexia

Ryzhov, A.Y.; Polyakova, N.N., 1993:
The orthostatic factor in textile workers

Mack, C.F.; Knox, J.D.vid; Powell, W.C.; Nagle, R.B.; Bowden, G.T.m, 1994:
The orthotopic and ectopic implantation of matrilysin transfected Du-145 cells show similar behavior in a SCID mouse model

Sagalowsky, Arthur, I., 1996:
The orthotopic ileal neobladder Improvements in technique

Gallo, A.; Sepe, A., 1990:
The orthotopic ileal neobladder in the elderly

Stolt, Bengt Olov, 1996:
The ortolan bunting Hunted in France

Wagner, O.; Bereiter Hahn, J.; Dancker, P.; Kojro, Z.; Von Der Burg, E.; Zinke, J.; Hillmann, C.; Grill, W., 1996:
The oscillating rod viscosimeter A new method for simultaneously measurement of dynamic viscosity and velocity of sound in cytogels using nanometer strains

Lee S H.; Earm, Y.E., 1992:
The oscillation of calcium activated potassium current induced by caffeine in rabbit pulmonary arterial cells

Lei, J.; Baker, C.L.Jr, 1998:
The oscillatory characteristics of intrinsic optical signals of neural activity

Plenz, D.; Herrera Marschitz, M.; Kitai, S.T., 1997:
The oscillatory feedback circuitry between subthalamic nucleus and globus pallidus as a putative generator for resting tremor

Skibbens, R.V.; Rieder, C.L.; Salmon, E.D., 1992:
The oscillatory motion of kinetochores partially severed from the bulk of the chromosome arms

Decker, M.D., 1992:
The OSHA bloodborne hazard standard

Todhunter, J.A., 1991:
The osha epa interface an overview

Mason, C.A., 1989:
The OSHA inspection process: one hospital's experience

Hjermann, I., 1990:
The oslo study some trial results

Mirzadeh, S.; Rice, D.E.; Callahan, A.P.; Knapp, F.F.Jr, 1993:
The osmium-194, iridium-194 generator Production and purification of osmium-194

Jefford, C.W.; Misra, D.; Dishington, A.P.; Timari, G.; Rossier, J.C.aude; Bernardinelli, G., 1994:
The osmium-catalyzed asymmetric dihydroxylation of cis-fused cyclopenteno-1,2,4-trioxanes

Petrie, D.; Gerace, R.; Shadd, D.; Dreyer, J., 1996:
The osmolal gap in ethanol intoxication

Heyman, S.N.; Eilam, O.; Dinur, D., 1993:
The osmolar gap and the diagnosis of severe alcohol intoxication

Henriksson, P.; Mandic, M.; Richards, J.G., 2008:
The osmorespiratory compromise in sculpins: impaired gas exchange is associated with freshwater tolerance

Lange, R.; Fugelli, K., 1965:
The osmotic adjustment in the euryhaline teleosts, the flounder, Pleuronectes flesus L. and the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus L

Hamilton, M.T.; Watson, P.D.; Ward, D.S., 1991:
The osmotic behavior of resting skeletal muscle

Kormanik, G.A., 1989:
The osmotic environment for developing embryos of the little skate raja erinacea the role of the egg case

Oyewale, J.O., 1993:
The osmotic fragility of peafowl erythrocytes Effects of sex, temperature and pH

Sjöstrand, F.; Berndtson, D.; Olsson, J.; Strandberg, P.; Hahn, R.G., 2007:
The osmotic link between hypoglycaemia and hypovolaemia

Ruepp, B.; Bohren, K.M.; Gabbay, K.H.; Powell, D., 1996:
The osmotic response element of the human aldose reductase gene promoter

Gao, D.; Chang, Q.; Mark, L.A.; Jansen, J.; English, D.; Critser, J.K., 1993 :
The osmotic response of human bone marrow stem cells to anisosmotic conditions

Du, J.; Tao, J.; Kleinhans, F.W.; Mazur, P.; Critser, J.K., 1993:
The osmotic response of mouse spermatozoa measured by EPR

Meikle, A.J.; Reed, R.H.; Gadd, G.M., 1991:
The osmotic responses of saccharomyces cerevisiae in potassium ion depleted medium

Lawrence, R.; Tomos, D., 1996:
The osmotic role of the apoplast in response to environmental water stress

Muldrew, K.; Mcgann, L.E., 1993:
The osmotic rupture hypothesis of intracellular freezing

Sidorova, N.Y.; Rau, D.C., 1993:
The osmotic sensitivity of netropsin analog binding to DNA

Zieger, M.A.J.; Woods, E.J.; Lakey, J.R.T.; Liu, J.; Critser, J.K., 1996:
The osmotic tolerance limits of canine pancreatic islets

Widdas, W.F.; Baker, G.F., 1993:
The osmotic volumes of human red cells are linearly regulated by the outside pH

Saurola, Pertti, L., 1997:
The osprey and modern forestry A review of population trends and their causes in Europe

Ripley, C.; Ubelaker, D.H., 1992:
The ossuary of san francisco church quito ecuador

Johnson, K.; Burton, D.; Deftos, L.J.; Terkeltaub, R., 1997:
The osteo-inductive effects of bone morphogenetic proteins may be modulated by linked effects on parathyroid hormone related protein and PC-1 expression and inorganic pyrophosphate production in chondrocytes

Puzas, J.Edward, 1993:
The osteoblast

Aubin, J.E.; Liu, F., 1996:
The osteoblast lineage

Aubin, J.E.; Kahn, A., 1996:
The osteoblast lineage-embryologic origins and the differentiation sequence

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