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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 33888

Chapter 33888 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The paradox of neurochemical and clinical properties of serotonergic antidepressants
, Langer, S Z, Brunello, N, Racagni, G, Mendlewicz, J International Academy for Biomedical and Drug Research; Critical issues in the treatment of affective disorders 127-135 (1994)

The paradox of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor upregulation by nicotine
, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 11(6): 216-219 (1990)

The paradox of perfusion abnormalities in patients with angina and normal coronary angiography New insights from intravascular ultrasound studies
, European Heart Journal 19(ABST Suppl ): 544 (1998)

The paradox of pigmentation in nature
, Annali Italiani di Dermatologia Clinica e Sperimentale 44(3): 209-213 (1990)

The paradox of post infarction prescribing beta blocker usage pattern
, Circulation 84(4 Suppl 2): II368 (1991)

The paradox of prion disease
, Baker, Harry F, Ridley, Rosalind M Methods in Molecular Medicine; Prion disease 1-13 (1996)

The paradox of reactive oxygen species, apoptosis, and bcl-2
, Biochemical Society Transactions 24(4): 522S (1996)

The paradox of renal bicarbonate reabsorption
, News in Physiological Sciences 5(FEB): 13-17 (1990)

The paradox of seed size and adaptation
, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 4(1): 24-26 (1989)

The paradox of sodium's volume of distribution. Why an extracellular solute appears to distribute over total body water
, Archives of Internal Medicine 149(6): 1255-1257 (1989)

The paradox of spontaneous cancer regression Therapeutic duplication and foundations of a rigorous theory using thermodynamic laws and stability theory
, Anticancer Research 15(5A): 1792-1793 (1995)

The paradox of technological development
, Ausubel, J H And H E Sladovich (Ed ) Technology And Environment; Workshop, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Usa, August Symposium on Technological Opportunities And Environmental Change, Washington, D C , Usa, September 1988 X+221p National Academy Press: Washington, D C , Usa Illus Maps Paper 192-204 (1989)

The paradox of the low-renin state Hormonal and renal responses to an angiotensin II antagonist, Irbesartan, in diabetic nephropathy
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 7(9): 1363 (1996)

The paradox of the oldest old in the United States An international comparison
, Suzman, R M , Willis, D P , Manton, K G The oldest old : 58-85 (1992)

The paradox of the protozoa Disturbance, storage and diversity
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 75(2 Part 2): 148 (1994)

The paradoxes of adolescence Through suicide to murder, through death to immortality
, Psihijatrija Danas 28(1-2): 119-131 (1996)

The paradoxes of the transitional period in postgraduate training of psychotherapists in the Ukraine
, European Psychiatry 12(Suppl 2): 195S (1997)

The paradoxical effects of 8- -cAMP and forskolin on rates of extracellular acidification in rat isolated gastric glands
, British Journal of Pharmacology 119(Proceedings Suppl ): 248P (1996)

The paradoxical effects of dopamine on prolactin secretion in the turkey
, Poultry Science 74(Suppl 1): 157 (1995)

The paradoxical effects of low concentrations of nocodazole on microtubule dynamic instability Stabilization induction and catastrophe promotion
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 4(Suppl ): 165A (1993)

The paradoxical effects of somatostatin on human cytotoxic cytokines
, Journal of Interferon Research 10(Suppl 1): S139 (1990)

The paradoxical effects of topical local anaesthetics Quantitative studies of sensory and autonomic function in human volunteers
, Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 473: 121P (1993)

The paradoxical effects of two protein kinase inhibitors staurosporine and k252a on pc12 cell morphology
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 15(1): 870 (1989)

The paradoxical hypertensive systolic blood pressure response to dipyridamole infusion What are its etiology and implications?
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 1995(SPEC ISSUE): 173A (1995)

The paradoxical increase in odc expression caused by actinomycin d is due to increased odc messenger rna translation
, FASEB Journal 4(4): A885 (1990)

The paradoxical lack of interspecies correlation between plasma concentrations and chemical carcinogenicity
, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: Rtp 18(1): 115-135 (1993)

The paradoxical regulation of alpha-smooth muscle actin transcription in the smooth muscle cell
, Cell Structure and Function 21(6): 619 (1996)

The paradoxical relationship between serum uric acid and cardiovascular disease
, Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 392(1-2): 1-7 (2008)

The paradoxical role of calcium in cell injury induced by membrane pore formers
, Reid, E , G M W Cook And J P Luzio (Ed ) Methodological Surveys in Biochemistry And Analysis, Vol 19 Biochemical Approaches to Cellular Calcium; 11th International Subcellular Methodology Forum on The Study Of Cellular Roles Of Calcium, Guildford, England, Uk, September 6-9, 1988 Xvi+495p Royal Society Of Chemistry: Cambridge, England, Uk Illus 387-394 (1989)

The paradoxical stress response: a possible common basis for depression and other conditions
, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 51(Suppl): 6-8 (1990)

The parafascicular neurons in and around the medial longitudinal fascicle which project to the cerebellar flocculus and ventral paraflocculus receive afferents from the vestibular nuclei in the monkey
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 1916 (1995)

The parafascicular thalamic nucleus modulates messenger RNA encoding glutamic acid decarboxylase 67 in rat striatum
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 117 (1997)

The parafibromin tumor suppressor protein interacts with actin-binding proteins actinin-2 and actinin-3
, Molecular Cancer 7: 65 (2008)

The parafollicular hair bulge in human graft-versus-host disease is a stem cell rich primary target
, Laboratory Investigation 68(1): 125A (1993)

The paragenesis of the Walden pegmatite, Portland, Connecticut part II
, Rocks and Minerals 372(9)): 523-529 (1970)

The paragenesis of the Walden pegmatite, Portland, Connecticut part III
, Rocks and Minerals 373(10)): 595-600 (1970)

The paraglottic space Borders and topographic relations
, Kleinsasser, O , Glanz, H , Olofsson, J International Congress Series; Advances in laryngology in Europe : 358 (1997)

The parahippocampal place area A cortical region specialized for the perception of spatial layout
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 39(4): S905 (1998)

The parahippocampal place area Perception, recognition, or route-planning?
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 24(1-2): 1507 (1998)

The parakeet Brotogeris tirica feeds on and disperses the fruits of the palm Syagrus romanzoffiana in Southeastern Brazil
, Biota Neotropica: 1, 231-234 (2008)

The parallactoscopy of motion from the ergoophthalmologic point of view
, Folia Ophthalmologica 14(2): 105-109 (1989)

The parallel assessment of acetylcholine efflux in two cortical areas Effects of tactile stimulation and cholinesterase inhibitor concentration
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 2016 (1997)

The parallel beta helix of pectate lyase C: something to sneeze at
, Science 260(5113): 1444-1445 (1993)

The parallel between CD45 expression and extra-medullary evolution in aggressive myeloma with high serum lactate dehydrogenase
, Haematologica 83(3): 276-279 (1998)

The parallel process phenomenon revisited some additional thoughts about the supervisory process
, Lane, R C (Ed ) Current Issues in Psychoanalytic Practice, No 2 Psychoanalytic Approaches to Supervision Xv+223p Brunner/Mazel, Publishers: New York, New York, Usa Illus 95-110 (1990)

The paralleling technic in the intraoral radiography
, Odontostomatologike Proodos 45(2): 85-92 (1991)

The paralyse mouse mutant A new animal model of anterior horn motor neuron degeneration
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 4 (1994)

The parameter theta of weight-length relationship
, SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE ICTIOLOGIA Author Tenth Brazilian Ichthyology Meeting X Encontro Brasileiro de Ictiologia : 148 (1993)

The parameters determining chromatin fiber structure A speculative theoretical vision
, Biophysical Journal 74(2 Part 2): A231 (1998)

The parameters determining chromatin fiber structure What do we really know?
, Biophysical Journal 74(2 Part 2): A33 (1998)

The parameters of grain filling and yield components in common wheat and durum wheat
, Central European Journal Of Biology: 1, 75-82 (2008)

The parameters of immune status in healthy infants of early age
, Azerbaidzhanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 3: 26-30 (1991)

The parameters of milk production and fertility of three breeds crossbreds cows - Red and White X Holstein - Friesian X Finnish Ayrshire
, van Arendonk, J A M Book of Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production; Book of Abstracts of the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production: 181 (1995)

The parameters of the humoral response in the pulmonary tuberculosis
, European Respiratory Journal Suppl 9(23): 243S (1996)

The parametrical principle of the classification of photomovement of organisms
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology 10(3): 269-271 (1991)

The paramutated SULFUREA locus of tomato is involved in auxin biosynthesis
, Journal of Experimental Botany 59(13): 3635-3647 (2008)

The paramyxoviridae: aspects of molecular structure, pathogenesis, and immunity
, Advances in Virus Research 37: 211-242 (1989)

The paranasal sinuses and other enigmas: an aquatic evolutionary theory
, Journal of Laryngology and Otology 106(3): 214-225 (1992)

The paraneoplastic antigen CDR2, a Purkinje neuron-specific leucine zipper protein, has a novel structure in tumor cells
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Suppl 1993(17 Part D): 251 (1993)

The paraneuron revisited
, Krisch, B, Mentlein, R Advances in Life Sciences; The peptidergic neuron 13-18 (1996)

The paraneuronal nature of neurons: nonspiking communication in the crayfish central nervous system
, Archives of Histology and Cytology 52(Suppl): 139-146 (1989)

The paraoxonase 192-glutamine-arginine gene polymorphism is a smoking-dependent risk factor for coronary artery disease
, European Heart Journal 19(ABST Suppl ): 41 (1998)

The parapatric distribution and contact zone of two forms showing different male-to-male aggressiveness in a social spider mite, Stigmaeopsis miscanthi (Acari: Tetranychidae)
, Experimental and Applied Acarology 44(4): 265-276 (2008)

The parapharyngeal space: the key to unlocking the suprahyoid neck
, Seminars in Ultrasound Ct and Mr 11(6): 444-459 (1990)

The paraplacental chorion and accessory fetal membranes of the rabbit. Histology and electron microscopy
, Anatomical Record 143: 27-45 (1962 )

The parasacral sciatic nerve block
, Regional Anesthesia 21(2 Suppl): 79 (1996)

The parasexual cycle in ustilago scabiosae ustilaginales
, International Journal of Plant Sciences 153(1): 98-101 (1992)

The parasitaries illnesses in the work of Sadi de Buen Lozano
, Actas Xvii Bienal De La Real Sociedad Espanola De Historia Naturalntro Entre Los Naturalistas A Las Orillas Del Atlantico: Interrelaciones E Influencias (mexico-Espana), Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 1 Al 6 De Julio De 2007 (2008)

The parasite complex of Pontania galls
, Senckenbergiana Biologica 73(1-2): 83-133 (1994)

The parasite derived glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase of plasmodium falciparum what is its role
, Eaton, J W , S R Meshnick And G J Brewer (Ed ) Progress in Clinical And Biological Research, Vol 313 Malaria And The Red Cell; 2nd Workshop, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Usa, October 24, 1988 Xi+169p Alan R Liss, Inc : New York, New York, Usa Illus 83-94 (1989)

The parasite fauna of Arctogadus glacialis from western and eastern Greenland
, Polar Biology: 9, 1017-1021 (2008)

The parasite fauna of brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis , in relation to lake morphometrics and the introduction of creek chub, Semotilus atromaculatus
, Ecoscience 4(4): 427-436 (1997)

The parasite fauna of cod in Balsfjord, North Norway
, Polar Biology 12(8): 739-742 (1992)

The parasite load during the acute Trypanosoma cruzi infection directly influence the chronic phase pathology of experimental Chagas disease
, 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF IMMUNOLOGY The 9th International Congress of Immunology : 131 (1995)

The parasite-host relationship between Encarsia formosa Gahan and Trialeurodes vaporariorum
, Journal of Applied Entomology 116(2): 199-211 (1993)

The parasite-host relationship between Encarsia formosa and Trialeurodes vaporariorum XXVI Leaf hairs reduce the capacity of Encarsia to control greenhouse whitefly on cucumber
, Journal of Applied Entomology 119(8): 553-559 (1995)

The parasite-host relationship between Encarsia formosa and Trialeurodes vaporariorum 3XV Life-history parameters of the greenhouse whitefly parasitoid Encarsia formosa as a function of host stage and temperature
, See Book Title. Van Roermund, H. J. W. And J. C. Van Lenteren. Agricultural University Wageningen Papers, Vol. 92, 3. Life-History Parameters Of The Greenhouse Whitefly, Trialeurodes Vaporariorum, And The Parasitoid Encarsia Formosa. Vi 147wageningen Agricultural University: Wageningen, Netherlands. Illus. Paper. ISBN 90-6754-235-0: 103-147,. (1992)

The parasites of Pacific halibut in the eastern North Pacific Host-level influences
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 76(3): 536-547 (1998)

The parasites of the carassius carassius l osteichthyes cyprinidae population in lake alviano tiber river
, Rivista di Idrobiologia 29(1): 11-17 (1990)

The parasites of the lucerne flower gall midge Contarinia medicaginis Kieff in the region of Poznan
, Pruszynski, S , Lipa, Journal XXXIII Scientific Session of the Plant Protection Institute, Parts I and II Part I Reports; Part II Posters XXXIII Sesji Naukowej Instytutu Ochrony Roslin, Czesc I, II Czesc I - Referaty; Czesc II - Postery 140-145 (1994)

The parasites recorded from Trichosurus species
, Wildlife Research 22(3): 311-332 (1995)

The parasitic dinoflagellates of marine crustaceans
, Journal of Shellfish Research 15(2): 489-490 (1996)

The parasitic parasecodes simulans mercet 1924 hymenoptera eulophidae from turkmenistan ussr
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk 6: 60-61 (1990)

The parasitic plants insights into the mechanisms for the activation of cellular differentiation
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Suppl (13 Part D): 239 (1989)

The parasitic status of land used by free range hens
, British Poultry Science 33(5): 1119-1120 (1992)

The parasitic turbellarian Urastoma cyprinae from blue mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis in Spain Occurrence and pathology
, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 18(3): 203-210 (1994)

The parasitofauna of animals in the surroundings of gdansk poland
, Scripta Facultatis Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Purkynianae Brunensis 19(5-6): 295-297 (1989)

The parasitoid Cotesia glomerata discriminates between first and fifth larval instars of its host Pieris brassicae, on the basis of contact cues from frass, silk, and herbivore-damaged leaf tissue
, Journal of Insect Behavior 8(4): 485-498 (1995)

The parasitoid Praon volucre as a potential biological control agent of the aphid Uroleucon ambrosiae on lettuce in Brazil
, European Journal of Entomology 5(3): 485-487 (2008)

The parasitoid complex attacking Finnish populations of the Glanville fritillary Melitaea cinxia , an endangered butterfly
, Journal of Natural History 31(4): 635-648 (1997)

The parasitoid complex of first generation Ostrinia nubilalis larvae in northwest Ohio
, Great Lakes Entomologist 31(3-4): 169-172 (1998)

The parasitoid guilds of aphids from the Uroleucon genus
, Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 62(1-4): 3-8 (1993)

The parasitoids of the African white rice borer, Maliarpha separatella Ragonot
, Bulletin of Entomological Research 84(1): 65-89 (1994)

The parasitology of manhattan updated
, Clinical Research 39(2): 439A (1991)

The parasitophorous vacuole of toxoplasma gondii association of two different proteins with the vascular membrane
, Journal of Cell Biology 115(3 Part 2): 86A (1991)

The parasphenoid and associated dermal structures of the parabasisphenoid of Alligator mississippiensis
, Palaeontographica, A Paläozoologie, Stratigraphie 228(4-6): 143-164 (1993)

The paraspinal approach to the extreme lateral disc herniation
, Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences Suppl (54): 18-20 (1998)

The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems mediate the systemic effects of short chain fatty acids on jejunal structure and function
, Surgical Forum 44: 20-22 (1993)

The parasympathetic component of the autonomic response to upright exercise in normal subjects
, Clinical Research 38(2): 335A (1990)

The parasympathetic system and its muscarinic receptors in hypertensive disease
, Journal of Hypertension 13(10): 1079-1090 (1995)

The parasympatholytic agent trospiumchloride a new drug to treat hypercontractile esophageal motility disorders?
, Gastroenterology 100(5 Part 2): A67 (1991)

The parathyroid and adrenal glands
, Mann, C V, Russell, R C G, Williams, N S Bailey and Love's short practice of surgery, 22nd edition 530-542 (1995)

The parathyroid gland under normal and experimental conditions
, Kaibogaku Zasshi. Journal of Anatomy 68(1): 5-29 (1993)

The parathyroid hormone receptor the contribution of disulfide bridges to function
, Journal of Endocrinology 129(Suppl): ABSTRACT 135 (1991)

The parathyroid hormone-related protein knockout mouse shows delayed lung development
, Pediatric Research 41(4 Part 2): 266A (1997)

The parathyroid polyhormones: new concepts in the spectrum of peptide hormone action
, Endocrine Reviews 12(2): 110-117 (1991)

The parathyroids Basic and clinical concepts
, Bilezikian, J. P. The Parathyroids: Basic And Clinical Concepts. Xxix 859p (1994)

The parathyroids in renal disease Pathophysiology
, Bilezikian, J P The parathyroids: Basic and clinical concepts 711-719 (1994)

The paratympanic organ morphology innervation and function
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 15(1): 375 (1989)

The paraventricular nuclei pvn influence daily torpor in siberian hamsters
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 15(2): 1325 (1989)

The paraventricular nucleus as a site of action for the vasopressin releasing effect of tachykinins
, Pharmacological Research 21(Suppl): 141-142 (1989)

The paraventricular thalamic nucleus regulates hypothalamic pituitary adrenal activity in chronically stressed animals Potential mechanisms
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 2048 (1997)

The parenchyma accompanying major extraglandular ducts within the rat lacrimal cord
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 350: 53-56 (1994)

The Parental Bonding Instrument. A decade of research
, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 25(6): 281-282 (1990)

The Parental Bonding Instrument: psychometric properties reviewed
, Psychiatric Developments 7(4): 317-335 (1989)

The parental genomic imprint and its implications in growth
, Archives de Pediatrie 4(Suppl 2): 125S-130S (1997)

The parental origin of the distal pronucleus in dispermic human zygotes
, Zygote 2(1): 79-85 (1994)

The parental origin of abnormalities of chromosome 18
, American Journal of Human Genetics 49(4 Suppl): 283 (1991)

The parental origin of de novo autosomal unbalanced structural rearrangements
, American Journal of Human Genetics 55(3 Suppl): A98 (1994)

The parenteral education program as method for improving psychosocial wellbeing in the family with epileptic child Preliminary report
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 99(4): 324 (1996)

The parenteral sensitization of rabbit to cows milk protein effects on the electrophysiological parameters of the intestine
, Revue Francaise D'Allergologie Et D'Immunologie Clinique: 1, 9-13 (2008)

The parents guide to better nutrition for tots to teens and others
, Unknown (1979)

The Parents of the Pregnant Adolescent
, Adolescent Medicine 2(2): 361-368 (1991)

The parietal bowmans capsule of the rat renal glomerulus target of endothelin and paf
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 3(3): 500 (1992)

The parietal cell in HIV disease Ultrastructural and immunofluorescent analysis
, Gastroenterology 104(4 Suppl): A696 (1993)

The parietal system and some higher brain functions
, Cerebral Cortex 5(5): 377-390 (1995)

The paris prospective study causes of mortality in diabetic subjects after 15 years
, Diabetologia 32(7): 464A (1989)

The park Dr Augusto Silva, Lavras - MG, according to viewpoint of its users
, Ciencia E Agrotecnologia: 6, 1701-1707 (2008)

The park grass experiment Insights from the most long-term ecological study
, Leigh, R A , Johnston, A E Long-term experiments in agricultural and ecological sciences 287-303 (1994)

The parkinsonian personality
, Advances in Neurology 65: 43-48 (1995)

The parma international randomized prospective study in relapsed non hodgkin lymphoma first interim analysis of 128 patients
, Experimental Hematology 18(6): 647 (1990)

The parma international randomized study in relapsed non hodgkin lymphoma analysis on the first 153 pre included patients
, Experimental Hematology 19(6): 546 (1991)

The parole board
, Bluglass, R And P Bowden (Ed ) Principles And Practice Of Forensic Psychiatry Xxi+1405p Longman Group Uk Ltd : Essex, England, Uk; Churchill Livingstone, Inc : New York, New York, Usa Illus 1243-1253 (1990)

The parotid glands are not vulnerable to factors responsible for chronic pancreatitis
, Gut 40(Suppl 1): A12 (1997)

The paroxonase polymorphism Met-Leu54 in patients with risk for coronary heart disease
, Circulation 98(17 Suppl): I532 (1998)

The parque de donana spain and its contribution to environmental activities for environmental protection
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 23: 617-620 (1991)

The parry problem
, Journal of Archaeological Science 35(6): 1658-1666 (2008)

The pars inhibitor 3-aminobenzamide reduces infarct size in a pig model of myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion
, British Journal of Pharmacology 125(Proceedings Suppl ): 130P (1998)

The pars intermedia of the amphibian Xenopus laevis as a model for synapse plasticity
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 22(1-3): 54 (1996)

The pars membranacea of the interventricular septum and its relationship with the aortic valve in human hearts
, Anatomical Record 226(4): 102A (1990)

The pars triangularis and speech-language dominance
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 19(1-3): 844 (1993)

The pars tuberalis A pituitary target for melatonin
, Maestroni, G J M , Conti, A , Reiter, R J Frontiers of Hormone Research; Therapeutic potential of melatonin : 3-13 (1997)

The pars tuberalis of the hypophysis in the human
, Cell Biology International Reports 14(ABSTR Suppl): 243 (1990)

The part of a hospital dermatologist. Prevention of Trichophyton tonsurans infection
, Nihon Ishinkin Gakkai Zasshi 49(3): 191-195 (2008)

The part of the brain which is necessary for the normal swimming behavior of the hagfish
, Zoological Science 7(6): 1022 (1990)

The part played by adenosinetriphosphoric acid in the mechanism of chemorecep-tor stimulation by antigens
, Biull Eksptl Biol I Med 37(6): 37-40 (1954)

The part played by humic acids and other organic substances in the nutrition of higher plants and the value of such methods of plant nutrition to agriculture
, Izvest Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 4: 58-83 (1955)

The part played by pigments in plant photosyn-thesis
, Izvest Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 2: 122-132 (1945)

The part played by the liver in the mechanism regulating the composition of the blood Communication III Changes in the blood composition as a result of stimulation of the liver chemoreceptors
, Eksptl Biol I Med: 1 (1954)

The part played by the reflex mechanisms in the action of nicotine on blood pressure
, Biull Eksptl Biol I Med 37(6): 7-11 (1954)

The part played by yeast in the preparation of silage
, Mikrobiologiia 24(3): 353-358 (1955)

The parthenocarpic pods from a tree related to species Gymnocladus dioica K Koch ,
, Bulletin Mensuel de la Societe Linneenne de Lyon 67(7): 191-200 (1998)

The parthenogenesis induction by gamma irradiated pollen in angiosperms
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Suppl (13 Part C): 264 (1989)

The parthenogenetic development of porcine oocytes matured in vitro after electrical, ionophore A and ethanol stimulation
, Theriogenology 39(1): 303 (1993)

The parthenogenetic mite Labidostomma luteum in Finland
, Entomologica Fennica 6(4): 211-227 (1995)

The parti-coloured bat in eastern Bohemia
, Lynx 29: 27-30 (1998)

The partial agonist/antagonist activity of alternatively-spliced FGF-5 gene product, FGF-5S, is exerted at receptor level
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 9(Suppl ): 234A (1998)

The partial amino acid sequence of a plasma serine protease inhibitor from the hemolymph plasma of Halocynthia roretzi
, Zoological Science 11(Suppl ): 41 (1994)

The partial amino acid sequencing and isolation of complementary dna clones of huly m5 a putative human endogenous retroviral glycoprotein
, Tissue Antigens 33(2): 295 (1989)

The partial denture over a fixed guide bar appliance: a technique for restoring partially edentulous quadrants. Case report
, Australian Dental Journal 35(5): 409-412 (1990)

The partial monosomy 10q syndrome: report on two patients and review of the developmental data
, Journal of Mental Deficiency Research 35: 259-267 (1991)

The partial nucleotide sequence of a cDNA encoding the limbic system-associated membrane protein
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 3(Suppl ): 323A (1992 )

The partial occipital epilepsies in childhood
, Andermann, F, Beuamanoir, A, Mira, L, Roger, J, Tassinari, C A Mariani Foundation Paediatric Neurology Series; Occipital seizures and epilepsies in children 173-181 (1993)

The partial purification and characterization of iaa alanine hydrolase from daucus carota
, Plant Physiology 99(1 Suppl): 18 (1992)

The partial purification and characterization of two novel cysteine proteinases from Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain F62
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 97: 62 (1997)

The partial reactions of the sodium activated and sodium plus potassium activated atpase
, Kaplan, J H And P De Weer (Ed ) Society Of General Physiologists Series, Vol 46 The Sodium Pump: Structure, Mechanism, And Regulation; 44th Annual Symposium, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Usa, September 5-9, 1990 Xi+376p The Rockefeller University Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus Maps Paper 227-248 (1991)

The partial sequence of the Plasmodium falciparum histone H4 gene
, Research in Microbiology 148(3): 201-203 (1997)

The partial syntheses of 7 beta hydroxyatisenolide and atisagibberellin a 12 dimethyl ester
, Journal of Chemical Research (Synopses) (4): 99 (1990)

The partial synthesis of the antiamoebic alkaloid macrocarpamine via the asymmetric Pictet-Spengler reaction
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 211(1-2): ORGN 116 (1996)

The partial tandem duplication of ALL1 in acute myeloid leukemia with trisomy 11 or normal cytogenetics involves only one allele of chromosome 11
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 37: 570 (1996)

The partial tandem duplication of ALL1 is a recurrent novel molecular defect in acute myeloid leukemia with trisomy 11
, Blood 86(10 Suppl 1): 429A ( 1995)

The partial thromboplastin time during episodes of recurrent ischemic pain in unstable angina patients treated with heparin
, Circulation 86(4 Suppl 1): I857 (1992)

The partial volume effect correction for pulmonary mass lesions using a 68Ga/68Ge transmission scan in PET study
, Kaku Igaku. Japanese Journal of Nuclear Medicine 31(12): 1511-1517 (1994)

The partial volume effect correction for pulmonary mass lesions using a Ga-68/Ge-68 transmission scan in F-18 FDG PET studies
, Journal of Nuclear Medicine 36(5 Suppl): 189P (1995)

The participation of African traditional healers in AIDS/STD prevention programmes
, Tropical Doctor 27(Suppl): 56-59 (1997)

The participation of Fas/Fas ligand system in apoptosis of cardiomyocytes in human acute myocardial infarction
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 Suppl A): 272A (1997)

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