Ultrastructure and lycopsid affinity of Densoisporites psilatus de Jersey comb nov from the Triassic of New Zealand and Queensland

Raine, J.I.; de Jersey, N.J.; Ryan, K.G.

Memoir of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 5: 79-88


Accession: 034119820

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Transmission electron and optical microscopic studies of Densoisporites psilatus (de Jersey) comb. nov. from Late Triassic strata of New Zealand show that it exhibits a cavate exine in which a spongeous to homogeneous layer encloses a complact, thin inner layer. Originally described from Queensland, it was placed in Discisporites Leschik on the basis of an apparent distal rimula now shown to be absent. In exinal structure and general morphology the species is comparable to lycopsid spores assigned to Densoisporites Weyland & Krieger emend. Dettmann, and not to the Circumpolles as previously suggested. The Early Triassic to Early Jurassic distribution and palaeoecology of the species are discussed briefly.