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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 34145

Chapter 34145 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Marotta, F.; Chui, D.H.; Fesce, E.; Zhong, G.G.; Ideo, G., 1991:
Urogastrone induced duodenal bicarbonate secretion in rats is partially mediated by prostaglandin synthesis

Chui, D.H.; Marotta, F.; Safran, P.; Fesce, E.; Ideo, G., 1991:
Urogastrone protects from stress induced impairment of gastric alkaline secretion in rats

Gonzales, E.T.Jr, 1991:
Urogenital abnormalities

Ulmsten, U., 1994:
Urogenital ageing

Goran, Samsioe, 1997:
Urogenital ageing A hidden problem

Bachmann, G., 1995:
Urogenital ageing: an old problem newly recognized

Barlow, David, H., 1995:
Urogenital ageing Introduction

Ulmsten, Ulf, 1993:
Urogenital ageing and estrogen deficiency Effects on actual tissues

Szendei Gyorgy, Gyorgy Papp, 1993:
Urogenital alterations during the climacterium

Schlegel, P.N.; Shin, D.; Goldstein, M., 1995:
Urogenital anomalies in men with congenital absence of the vas deferens

Bachmann, G.; Cardozo, L.; Mcclish, D.; Fonda, D., 1997:
Urogenital atrophy Need for standardized assessment of outcomes A rut committee report

Campos, J.A.; Cota, A.; Sanchez, C., 1997:
Urogenital diaphragm raising maneuver The Gil-Vernet technique

Ohtomo, Hiroshi, 1996:
Urogenital diseases by parasites

Mertl, P.; Diarra, B.; Belicar, M.; Stoppa, R.; Laude, M., 1996:
Urogenital fascia Anatomical basis and surgical applications

Furr, P.M.; Taylor Robinson, D., 1996:
Urogenital infections in rodents

Huong, D.L.; Papo, T.; Piette, J.C.; Wechsler, B.; Bletry, O.; Richard, F.; Valcke, J.C.; Godeau, P., 1995:
Urogenital manifestations of Wegener granulomatosis

Harris, H.T., 1996:
Urogenital muscle exercise sensor system

Harris, H.T., 1998:
Urogenital muscle exerciser

Copin, E.; Lebrun, L., 1991:
Urogenital mycoplasma infections

Tuttle, D.; Piper, J., 1995 :
Urogenital mycoplasma pneumonitis among premature infants, a unique clinical syndrome with suboptimal outcome

Mazzoli, S.; Spina, C.; Balocchini, E.; Blanc, P.L.; Cruciani, G.; Marino, N.; Mecocci, L.; Tatini, S.; Vichi, F.; E.A., 1992:
Urogenital mycoplasmata and hiv related strains mycoplasma fermentans incognitus strain in hiv seropositive patients

Cecio, A.; Vittoria, A., 1989:
Urogenital paraneurons in several mammals

Kaplan, S.A.; Blaivas, J.G.; Breuer, A., 1994:
Urogenital physiology

Bojrab, M.J., 1989:
Urogenital problems things important for a technician to know

Chiba, T.; Aruga, S.; Usami, T.; Ohta, N., 1994:
Urogenital sinus cyst A case report

Mayersak, J.S.; Viviano, C.J.; Babiarz, J.W., 1996:
Urogenital sinus-ejaculatory duct cyst: a case report with pre-operative magnetic resonance and computed axial tomography imaging

Price, J.; Yursis, D.; Bustos, S.; Finnerty, C.; Hahn, J., 1998:
Urogenital swab processing protocol for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae compatible with a fluorescent energy transfer detection system using strand displacement amplification

Van, D.W.iler, P.H.M.; Van Geelen, J.M.; Arnolds, H.T.H., 1997:
Urogenital symptoms and resulting discomfort in non-institutionalized Dutch women aged 50 to 75 years

Kreder, K.J.; Webster, G.D., 1993:
Urogenital trauma associated with pelvic fractures and their management

Kokuho, M.; Mashiko, K., 1995:
Urogenital trauma in Advanced Life Saving Emergency Service Center of Nippon Medical School

Verdon, M.; Siegel, N.; Jenny, C.; Springwater, R.; Critchlow, C.W.; Holmes, K.K., 1993:
Urogenital trichomoniasis in men

Benchekroun, T.S.; Belkacem, R.; Jorio, M.; E.H.rim, L.; Outarahout, O.; E.M.lki Tazi, A., 1996:
Urogenital tuberculosis in children

Swanson, D.P.; Weingarden, M., 1990:
Urographic contrast media excretory and retrograde

Katzberg, R.W., 1997:
Urography into the 21st century: new contrast media, renal handling, imaging characteristics, and nephrotoxicity

Freeman, R.H.; Forte, L.R.; Hamra, F.K.; Currie, M.G.; Krause, W.J., 1994:
Uroguanylin A potential natriuretic peptide hormone produced by the intestine

Forte, L.R.; Hamra, F.K.; Fan, X.H.; Krause, W.J.; Currie, M.G.; Freeman, R.H., 1994:
Uroguanylin An intestinal peptide hormone with natriuretic activity

Kinoshita, H.; Fujimoto, S.; Yokota, N.; Date, Y.; Nakazato, M.; Eto, T., 1997:
Uroguanylin acts as a natriuretic factor via guanylate cyclase C

Nakazato, M., 1998:
Uroguanylin acts as a natriuretic factor via guanylyl cyclase C

Prinz, C.; Neumayer, N.; Classen, M.; Adermann, K.; Forssmann, W.G.; Schepp, W., 1997:
Uroguanylin receptors on rat gastric enterochromaffin-like cells

Joo, N.S.; Kim, H.D.; Forte, L.R.; Clarke, L.L., 1997:
Uroguanylin regulation of anion secretion in mouse intestine

Moss, N.G.; Fellner, R.C.; Qian, X.; Yu, S.J.; Li, Z.; Nakazato, M.; Goy, M.F., 2008:
Uroguanylin, an intestinal natriuretic peptide, is delivered to the kidney as an unprocessed propeptide

Summitt, R.L., 1993:
Urogynecologic causes of chronic pelvic pain

Mcintosh, L.J.; Richardson, D.A., 1993:
Urogynecologic infections

Builov, V.M.; Danilov, O.A., 1991:
Urointestinal fistula after sigmoid colon perforation

Kanse, S.M.; Chavakist, T.; Lupu, F.; Preissner, K.T., 1998:
Urokinase -mediated proteolytic and mitogenic functions in the vasculature New facets of uPA-receptor-dependent and -independent activities

Murakami, T.; Kawakami, H., 1990:
Urokinase, a scavenger of affected tubules in acute worsening during macroscopic hematuria of IgA nephropathy?

Christow, S.; Bychkov, R.; Schroder, C.; Gulba, D.; Haller, H.; Dumler, I., 1998:
Urokinase activates calcium-dependent potassium channels in U937 cells via a release of calcium from internal stores

Kanalas, John, J., 1992:
Urokinase activation of plasminogen bound to the Heymann nephritis autoantigen

Varma, V.K.; Parks, J.M.; Li, X.N.ng; Koons, J.C.; Grammer, J.R.; Booyse, F.M., 1993:
Urokinase activation of surface-localized endothelial cell fibrinolysis is regulated by thrombin

Yan, L.; Mcguire, M.H.; Yee, J.A., 1994:
Urokinase activity and invasion of matrigel by invasive and noninvasive variants of the OSPR human osteosarcoma cell line

Mcguire, P.G., 1990:
Urokinase activity in the developing avian heart

Jaenicke, F.; Thomssen, C.; Pache, L.; Schmitt, M.; Graeff, H., 1994:
Urokinase and PAI-1 as selection criteria for adjuvant chemotherapy in axillary node-negative breast cancer patients

Kuhn, W.; Pache, L.; Schmalfeldt, B.; Dettmar, P.; Schmitt, M.; Jaenicke, F.; Graeff, H., 1994:
Urokinase and PAI-1 predict survival in advanced ovarian cancer patients after radical surgery and platinum-based chemotherapy

Webber, M.M.; Waghray, A.; Rhim, J.S.; Deocampo, N.D., 1995:
Urokinase and gelatinases in the proteolytic cascade in human prostate cancer invasion Implication in cancer prevention

Jaenicke, F.; Thomssen, C.; Prechtl, A.; Schmitt, M.; Graeff, H., 1994:
Urokinase and its inhibitor PAI-1 as selection criteria for adjuvant chemotherapy in node negative breast cancer

Pache, L.; Jaenicke, F.; Schmitt, M.; Graeff, H., 1994:
Urokinase and its inhibitor PAI-1 in breast cancer What mode of extraction should be used?

Pache, L.; Jaenicke, F.; Schmitt, M.; Graeff, H., 1993:
Urokinase and its inhibitor PAI-I in breast cancer What mode of extraction should be used?

Zhang, G.; Eddy, A.A., 2008:
Urokinase and its receptors in chronic kidney disease

Adida, C.; Xu, Y.; Peraldi, M.N.elle; Hagege, J.; Rondeau, E., 1993:
Urokinase and its type 1 inhibitor in normal human kidney and in renal carcinoma

Keller, M.P.; Hoch, J.R.; Silver, D., 1991:
Urokinase and mannitol modification of skeletal muscle ischemia reperfusion injury

Das, A.; Mclamore, A.; Mcguire, P.G., 1998:
Urokinase and metalloproteinase activity is increased in retinas in a mouse model of retinal neovascularization

Gleeson, N.; Gonsalves, R.; Bonnar, J., 1992:
Urokinase and plasminogen activator inhibitor type 2 in endometrial cancer

Goltzman, D.; Bolivar, I.; Moroz, L.A.; Rabbani, S.A., 1992:
Urokinase and the mechanism of osteoblastic metastases by prostate cancer

Waltz, D.A.; Sailor, L.Z.; Chapman, H.A.Jr, 1992:
Urokinase and urokinase inhibitors regulate the differentiation response of myeloid cells to cytokines

Blasi, F., 1993:
Urokinase and urokinase receptor: a paracrine/autocrine system regulating cell migration and invasiveness

Del Vecchio, S.; Stoppelli, P.; Fonti, R.; Carriero, M.V.; Yong; L.P.e; Salvatore, M., 1993:
Urokinase and urokinase receptor overexpression in breast carcinoma as compared to benign lesions

Chapman, H.A.Jr; Nusrat, A.R., 1991:
Urokinase and urokinase receptors and inhibitors in the ontogeny of mononuclear phagocytes

Pena, E.; A Villaverde, C.; Insa, R.; Salvat, N.; Legarre, T., 1997 :
Urokinase and wound healing

Rabbani, Shafaat Ahmed, 1996:
Urokinase as a mediator of osteoblastic skeletal metastasis

Takahama, T.; Kanai, F.; Ohnishi, K.; Hiraishi, M.; Yamazaki, Z.; Naruse, Y.; Furuse, A.; Yoshitake, T., 1992:
Urokinase as an anticoagulant for left ventricular assist device lvad

Takahashi, K.; Masumura, S., 1989:
Urokinase at the focal adhesion contacts of a metastatic tumor cell may modulate local proteolytic action via the receptor

Handley, M.A.; Steigbigel, R.T.; Morrison, S.A., 1994:
Urokinase cleaves gp120 of HIV-1 and promotes viral infectivity

Hong, S.Y.; Yang, D.H.; Kim, P.N., 1991:
Urokinase concentration in the renal artery and renal vein

Maksimenko, Alexander, V., 1996:
Urokinase conjugation with fibrinogen for effective treatment of thrombosis

Masri, M.T.; Wahl, D.; Oegema, T.; Luikart, S., 1997:
Urokinase degrades alpha-actinin to produce a 31 kD fragment with monocyte/macrophage differentiating activity

Lotti, T.; Teofoli, P.; Senesi, C.; Fedi, A.M.; Bonan, P.; Panconesi, E., 1989:
Urokinase dependent peribulbar proteolysis is increased in alopecia areata aa

Zhao, Y.; Lyons, C.E.; Xiao, A.; Templeton, D.J.; Sang, Q.Amy.; Brew, K.; Hussaini, I.M., 2008:
Urokinase directly activates matrix metalloproteinases-9: a potential role in glioblastoma invasion

Wolfe, J.H.; Murali, R.; Murali, M.R.; Chice, S.M.; Durkin, H.G.; Auci, D.L., 1995:
Urokinase dysregulation and progression of HIV infection into full blown AIDS in children

Epidermidis, S.; Gagnon, R.F.; Richards, G.K.; Morcos, R., 1995:
Urokinase enhancement of rifampin activity against experimental biofilms in spent PD fluid

Krisinski Majka, S.; Mcguire, P., 1996:
Urokinase expression in endocardial cushion tissue mesenchymal cells is regulated in part by the ETS-2 protein

Townsend, L.E.; Trevor, K.T.; Seymour, M.S.; Ward, S.G.; Reitz Vick, D.; Ellmers, B.; Glover, J.G., 1995:
Urokinase expression in transduced vascular endothelial cells

Selçuklu, A.; Pasaoglu, A.; Akdemir, H.; Kurtsoy, A.; Patiroglu, T.E., 1993:
Urokinase for control of scar formation after laminectomy

Hedican, S.P.; Nelson, J.B.; Bartkowski, L.M.; Simons, J.W., 1996:
Urokinase gene expression as a biomarker of invasive human prostate cancer and target for therapy

Gross, T.J.; Powers, L.S.; Davidson, B.L.; Hunninghake, G.W., 1996:
Urokinase gene transfer increases pleural fibrinolytic activity

Nusrat, R.; Taylor, L.; Hartwig, J., 1993:
Urokinase growth factor domain promotes platelet actin assembly

Daley, W.L.; Sharma, G.V.R.K., 1997:
Urokinase improves endothelium-dependent relaxation in experimental pulmonary embolism

Salvat, N.; A Villaverde, C.; Pena, E.; Juan, O.; Tibau, N.; Torello, L., 1997 :
Urokinase in the metabolism of the vascular wall

Jones, G.R.; Konsler, G.K.; Dunaway, R.P., 1994:
Urokinase in the treatment of catheter related sepsis

Schiza, S.; Bouros, D.; Panagou, P.; Drositis, J.; Tzanakis, N.; Siafakas, N.M., 1995:
Urokinase in the treatment of complicated parapneumonic effusions and empyema

Marian, B.; Harvey, S.; Infante, D.; Markus, G.; Winawer, S.; Friedman, E., 1990:
Urokinase induction by endogenous tumor promoters in human colon carcinomas

Waltz, D.; Sailor, L.; Chapman, H., 1992:
Urokinase inhibitors regulate cytokine induced myeloid cell differentiation

Liu, J.N.; Lecontel, C.; Zhang, D.Z.; Chen, Y.H.; Gurewich, V.; Chermann, J.C., 1996:
Urokinase inhibits infectivity by common North American Strains of HIV-1

Oh, D.; Kwaan, H.C.; Goolsby, C.; Verrusio, E.; Yoshida, E., 1993:
Urokinase is mitogenic on tumor cells in culture

Kwaan, H.C.; Oh, D.Y.; Goolsby, C.; Verrusio, E.; Yoshida, E., 1994:
Urokinase is mitogenic to tumor cells in culture

Gyetko, M.R.; Chen, G.H.; Mcdonald, R.; Goodman, R.; Huffnagle, G.; Wilkinson, C.C.; Fuller, J.A.; Toews, G.B., 1995:
Urokinase is required for the pulmonary inflammatory response to C neoformans

Ghosh, S.; Yan, L.; Mcguire, M.H.; Patterson, E.B.; Yee, J.A., 1996:
Urokinase levels and matrix degradation in invasive and non-invasive variants of an osteosarcoma cell line

Berman, M.; Hayashi, K.; Young, E.; Pease, S.; Smith, D.; E.G.atit A.; Askew, M.; Cragoe, E.J.Jr, 1989:
Urokinase like plasminogen activator corneal epithelial migration and defect formation

Juul, S.E.; Nick, H.S.; Visner, G.A., 1997:
Urokinase mRNA is induced by hyperoxia in mouse macrophages

Quax, P.H.A.; Van Muijen, G.N.P.; Weening Verhoeff, E.J.D.; Verheijen, J.H., 1990:
Urokinase mediated degradation of extracellular matrix in vitro correlates with formation of lung metastasis in nude mice

Ronday, H.K.; Smits, H.H.; Quax, P.H.A.; Van Der Pluijm, G.; Lowik, C.W.G.M.; Breedveld, F.C.; Verheijen, J.H., 1995:
Urokinase mediated, plasmin dependent degradation of bone-like matrix

O.M.C.; Bass, L.S.; Chuck, R.S.; Johnson, J.P.; Parengi, S.; Treat, M.R.; Nowygrod, R., 1990:
Urokinase modulation of weld strength in laser anastomoses

Stepanova, I.; Stepanova, V.; Zamalevskaya, S.; Goncharova, E.; Bebelashvili, R.; Domogatsky, S.; Tkachuk, V., 1997:
Urokinase mutant form could regulate vascular remodelling following cardiovascular surgery

Carroll, S.M.; Knoepfler, P.S.; Bloor, C.M., 1993:
Urokinase plasminogen activator activity is increased during collateral development in a porcine model of gradual coronary artery occlusion

Brown, P.A.J.; Wilson, H.M.; Morrison, L.; Booth, N.A.; Haites, N.E.; Power, D.A.; Simpson, J.G., 1993:
Urokinase plasminogen activator and its inhibitor in cultured whole glomeruli and glomerular cell cultures

Fredstorp, M.; Langstrom, E.; Brunner, N.; Koul, A.; Hogberg, T.; Ferno, M., 1997:
Urokinase plasminogen activator and its inhibitor, PAI-1, as prognostic factors in uterine malignancies A pilot study

Zekanowska, E.; Kotschy, M.; Cieslinski, K.; Michalski, A.; Pawlak, W.; Lambrecht, W., 1998:
Urokinase plasminogen activator and its inhibitors in tissue extracts of planoepithelial lung cancer

Gutova, M.; Najbauer, J.; Frank, R.T.; Kendall, S.Edward.; Gevorgyan, A.; Metz, M.Z.; Guevorkian, M.; Edmiston, M.; Zhao, D.; Glackin, C.A.; Kim, S.U.; Aboody, K.S., 2008:
Urokinase plasminogen activator and urokinase plasminogen activator receptor mediate human stem cell tropism to malignant solid tumors

Pels, K.; Labinaz, M.; Garvin, M.R.; Hoffert, C.; O'brien, E.R., 1997:
Urokinase plasminogen activator expression after balloon injury is associated with adventitial cell migration and angiogenesis of the vasa vasorum

Padro, T.; Steins, M.; Li, C.X.; Kienast, J., 1996:
Urokinase plasminogen activator in human atherosclerotic coronary arteries

Casslen, B.; Liu, C.L.; Martinsson, G.; Hansson, S.; Lecander, I.; Astedt, B., 1996:
Urokinase plasminogen activator in serous ovarian tumors Translocation of mRNA expression from the epithelium in benign and well differentiated to the stroma in poorly differentiated tumors

Nykjaer, A.; Jensen, P.H.; Petersen, C.M.; Moller, B.; Moestrup, S.K.; Holtet, T.L.; Etzerodt, M.; Thogersen, H.C.; Munch, M.; E.A., 1992:
Urokinase plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 complex binds to the purified alpha a macroglobulin receptor

Hofmann, R.; Kruesmann, J.; Lehmer, A.; Hartung, R., 1997:
Urokinase plasminogen activator is an independent prognostic factor for muscle invasive bladder cancer

Ritmeester, A.R.; Coffman, K.T.; Wang, J.; Henkin, J.; Waters, D.J., 1998:
Urokinase plasminogen activator is differentially expressed by canine prostate cancer cells

Jensen, P.J.; Carmeliet, P.; Collen, D.; Lavker, R.M., 1998:
Urokinase plasminogen activator promotes keratinocyte proliferation in vivo

Fuhrman, B.; Khateeb, J.; Shiner, M.; Nitzan, O.; Karry, R.; Volkova, N.; Aviram, M., 2008:
Urokinase plasminogen activator upregulates paraoxonase 2 expression in macrophages via an NADPH oxidase-dependent mechanism

Hartmann, J.R., 1996:
Urokinase recanalization of chronically occluded aortocoronary vein grafts

Verspaget, H.W.; Sier, C.F.M.; Ganesh, S.; Vloedgraven, H.J.M.; Heerding, M.M.; Griffioen, G.; Van Hogezand, R.A.; Lamers, C.B.H.W., 1996:
Urokinase receptor and plasminogen activator inhibitors in tissue of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Bohuslav, J.; Horejsi, V.; Majdic, O.; Weidle, U.; Knapp, W.; Stockinger, H., 1994:
Urokinase receptor and protein kinases containing domains on monocytes

Jadi, M.; Lopez Pedrera, C.; Malagon, M.M.; Ingles Esteve, J.; Dorado, G.; Torres, A.; Velasco, F.; Felez, J., 1996:
Urokinase receptor and tissue factor in bleeding complications of leukemic patients

Liang, M.; Wang, Y.; Doe, W.F., 1994:
Urokinase receptor are essential to plasminogen dependent tissue invasion by colon cancer cells

Bohuslav, J.; Horejsi, V.; Hansmann, C.; Stoeckl, J.; Wiedle, U.H.; Majdic, O.; Bartke, I.; Knapp, W.; Stokinger, H., 1995:
Urokinase receptor complexed to beta-2-integrins and SRC-kinases in human monocytes

Rabbani, S.A., 1997:
Urokinase receptor directed immunodiagnostic and immunotherapeutic strategies for prostate and breast cancer

Jardi, M.; Ingles Esteve, J.; Fabregas, P.; Azqueta, C.; Felez, J., 1993:
Urokinase receptor expression among peripheral blood cells and leukemic cell lines

Jardi, M.; Ingles Esteve, J.; Fabregas, P.; Azqueta, C.; Velasco, F.; Felez, J., 1994:
Urokinase receptor expression during hematopoietic maturation

Krasnikova, T.; Prfyonova, Y.; Arefieva, T.; Alekseeva, I.; Mukhina, S.; Dobrovolsky, A.; Titaeva, Y.; Lyakishev, A., 1997:
Urokinase receptor expression on monocytes and plasma urokinase content are decreased in coronary artery disease

Dumler, I.; Weis, A.; Maasch, C.; Gulba, D.; Haller, H., 1997:
Urokinase receptor induces the JAK/STAT pathway in endothelial cells

Rosenberg, S.; Spear, K.L.; Martin, E.J., 1998:
Urokinase receptor ligands

Rao, N.K.; Xu, H.; Wei, Y.; Chapman, H.A.; Simon, D.I., 1995:
Urokinase receptor occupancy modulates Mac-1 -mediated fibrinogen degradation by human monocytes

Arefieva, T.; Volynskaya, E.; Baidun, L., 1998:
Urokinase receptor/urokinase system in U937 cells and mature monocytes

Daley, L.; Deitcher, S.R.; Bojar, R.M.; Pandian, N.G., 1994:
Urokinase resolution of impending paradoxic embolus in transit: evaluation by multiplane transesophageal echocardiography

Suarez, C.R.; Ow, E.P.; Lambert, G.H.; Anderson, C.L.; Purewal, N.S., 1989:
Urokinase therapy for a central venous catheter thrombus

Emery, E.; Redondo, A.; Berthelot, J.L.; Ouhes, I.B.uali O.; Rey, A., 1998:
Urokinase therapy in massive intraventricular hemorrhage Report of a case in pregnant woman, with a review of the literature

Roller, M.; Perry, C.; Sutton, J.M.; Grambow, D.; Kandalwal, M.; Palacios, I.; Rosenschein, U., 1993:
Urokinase therapy in the catheterization laboratory is associated with high rate of bleeding

Smith, P.K.; Miller, D.A.; Lail, S.; Mehta, A.V., 1991:
Urokinase treatment of neonatal aortoiliac thrombosis caused by umbilical artery catheterization: a case report

Pereyra Alfonso, S.; Bal, D.K.er Joffe, E., 1990:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator activity during tumor growth

Reilly, D.; Andreasen, P.; Duffy, M.J., 1989:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator and its inhibitor pai 1 in human breast cancer

Bialkowska, A.; Kotschy, M.; Michalski, A.; Betlejewski, S.; Burduk, D.; Zekanowska, E., 1998:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator and its inhibitors in extracts of planoepithelial larynx cancer

Berdel, W.E.; Steinhauser, G.; Schmitt, M.; Graeff, H., 1991:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator can modulate clonal growth of hl 60 leukemic cells in vitro

Gross, T.J.; Simon, R.H.; Sitrin, R.G., 1990:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator expression by rat pulmonary alveolar epithelial cells

Von Der Ahe, D.; Pearson, D.; Mueller Berghaus, G.; Nagamine, Y., 1990:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator gene expression regulation by protein kinase a and c pathways

Nagamine, Y.; Altus, M.S.; Nakagawa J I.; Pearson, D.; Von Der Ahe, D., 1991:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator gene regulation as a model system for studying transcriptional activation by the camp dependent protein kinase pathway

Von Der Ahe, D.; Nagamine, Y.; Mueller Berghaus, G., 1990:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator gene transcriptional control of plasminogen activator synthesis and regulation of expressed activity

Skelly, M.M.; Mulcahy, H.E.; Connell, T.; Troy, A.; Duggan, C.; Duffy, M.J.; Sheahan, K.; O'donoghue, D.P., 1995:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator is independently related to outcome in colorectal cancer

Sappino A P.; Huarte, J.; Belin, D.; Vassalli J D., 1989:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator messenger rna in implanting murine embryos

Botteri, F.; Van Der Putten, H.; Nagamine, Y., 1989:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator tissue specific and developmental gene regulation in transgenic mice

Philippe, J.; Offner, F.; Declerck, P.; Vogelaers, D.; Leroux Roels, G.; Baele, G., 1990:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator u pa antigen plasma levels in septic shock

Odekon, L.E.; Gilboa, N.; Del Vecchio, P.J.; Gudewicz, P.W., 1989:
Urokinase type plasminogen activator u pa released from phorbol ester treated human endothelial cells is chemotactic for human neutrophils

Quax, P.H.A.; Khouw, I.M.S.L.; Bakker, T.R.; Van Leeuwen, R.T.J.; Verheijen, J.H., 1994:
Urokinase-Type plasminogen activator is involved in smooth muscle cell migration in wounded cultures

Kerins, D.M.; Hao, Q.; Naftilan, A.J.; Vaughan, D.E., 1995:
Urokinase-induced gene expression in cultured human endothelial cells

Webber, M.M.; Waghray, A., 1994:
Urokinase-mediated extracellular matrix degradation in human prostate carcinoma and its inhibition by retinoic acid

Dear, A.E.; Medcalf, R.L., 1996:
Urokinase-mediated, AP-1 associated, induction of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-2 A novel auto-regulatory loop

Wilson, H.M.; Brown, P.A.J.; Reid, F.J.; Booth, N.A.; Simpson, J.G.; Power, D.A.; Haites, N.E., 1993:
Urokinase-plasminogen activator is synthesised in vitro by human glomerular epithelial but not mesangial cells

Zheng, Q.; Tang, Z.; Wu, Z., 1998:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator , uPA receptor and inhibitors expression in hepatocellular carcinoma in relation to cancer invasion/metastasis and prognosis

Fazioli, F.; Blasi, F., 1994:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its receptor: new targets for anti-metastatic therapy?

Salame, M.Y.; Martin, W.; More, R.S.; Mahadeva, H.; Samani, N.J.; Debono, D.P., 1996:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its receptor are increased in the vessel wall following experimental angioplasty

Quax, P.H.A.; D.B.rt, A.C.W.; Janson, A.F.; Van Muijen, G.N.P.; Weidle, U.; Verheijen, J.H., 1994:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its receptor in extracellular matrix degradation by melanoma cell lines in vitro

Nielsen, L.L.; Gurnani, M.; Meador, V.P.; Blood, C.H., 1995:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its receptor in wap-ras/F, MMTV-PyV middle T, and double transgenic mice

Hagiya, Y.; Nonaka, T.; Tomioka, Y.; Fukao, H.; Okada, K.; Matsuo, O., 1992:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its specific receptor in human lung adenocarcinoma

Duffy, M.J., 1993:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and malignancy

Miseljic, S.; Galandiuk, S.; Myers, S.D.; Wittliff, J.L., 1995:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor expression in colon diseases

Landau, B.; Kwaan, H.; Verrusio, E.; Engelhard, H.; Brem, S., 1993:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitors in human brain tumors

Dooijewaard, G.; D.M.at, M.P.M.; Meijer, P.; Kluft, C.; Binder, B.R.; Jespersen, J.; Keber, D.; Risberg, B., 1998:
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and the risk of coronary events in patients with angina pectoris

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