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Utilizacao de Nematoides Entomopatogenicos Nativos ou Exoticos O Perigo das Introducoes

Dolinski, C.; Moino, A.,. Jr.;

Nematologia Brasileira 30(2): 139-149


Accession: 034168551

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Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) are becoming an important tool in Integrated Pest Management. Year after year, EPNs are being used more often in Brazil and the risk of exotic introductions is increasing. In this article there is an overview of EPNs and a discussion on the danger of these introductions. The correct way to introduce an exotic organism and the pertinent legislation is also discussed. In addition, the legislation that rules the EPNs usage in the field and the necessity of the Temporary Special Register (TSR) for lab and field tests is commented.

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