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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 34190

Chapter 34190 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pellerin, D.; Maisonblanche, P.; Leclercq, J.F.; Hermida, J.S.; Cauchemez, B.; Leenhardt, A.; Coumel, P., 1993:
Variations of the QT interval induced by spontaneous short term heart rate changes

Witte, B.; Herrmann, M., 1995:
Variations of the abductor pollicis longus muscle with regard to hand surgery

Rasoamanantena, P.; Labat-Robert, J.; Goldstein, S., 1993:
Variations of the biosynthesis and quantification of mRNA of human fibronectin during aging in culture

Frey, J.; Holloway, M.A.; Tarasjuk, K.; Nicolet, J., 1995:
Variations of the chromosomal structure between serotypes 1-12 and biovars I and 2 of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Marino, F.; Ligero, A.; Diaz Cosin, D.J., 1994:
Variations of the concentration of heavy metals in some earthworm species in five mines in Galicia

Tonoyan, S.A.; Aidinyan, L.A., 1989:
Variations of the content of free amino acids in the drink arax during storage

Galli, C.; Atta, M.; Andersson, K.K.istoffer; Graslund, A.; Brudvig, G.W., 1995:
Variations of the diferric exchange coupling in the R2 subunit of ribonucleotide reductase from four species as determined by saturation-recovery EPR spectroscopy

Champsaur, D.; Chagnaud, C.; Dessi, P.; Moulin, G.; Moulin, G.; Brunet, C.; Bartoli, J.M.; Kasbarian, M., 1996:
Variations of the ethmoidal labyrinth and sphenoidal sinus Risk factors in endonasal surgery Study of 300 sinuses using computed tomography

Pelekanos, S.; Romanos, G.E.; Strub, J.R., 1993:
Variations of the extracellular matrix components after the use of the neodymium-YAG laser with different energy parameters

Tsugu, H.; Horowitz, R.; Frank, B., 1993:
Variations of the human 52kD Ro/SSA gene in systemic lupus erythematosus

Orilieri, E.; Cappellano, G.; Clementi, R.; Cometa, A.; Ferretti, M.; Cerutti, E.; Cadario, F.; Martinetti, M.; Larizza, D.; Calcaterra, V.; D'Annunzio, G.; Lorini, R.; Cerutti, F.; Bruno, G.; Chiocchetti, A.; Dianzani, U., 2008:
Variations of the perforin gene in patients with type 1 diabetes

Gauffre, O.; Bonnet, J.; Benchimol, D.; Benchimol, H.; Bernadet, P.; Vergnes, C.; Couffinhal, T.; Bricaud, H., 1989:
Variations of the physiological fibrinolytic profile in dyslipidemic patients with coronary artery disease

Garbe, C., 1997:
Variations of the prevalence of melanocytic nevi in melanoma patients and controls

Sulek, J., 1997:
Variations of the surface sculpture and cell wall ultrastructure of the zygospores in Chlamydomonas geitleri

Lin, R.G.n; Henri, E., 1994:
Variations of the suspended matter and the particulate organic carbon in the entry of the Gironde Estuary, France

Laaban, J.P.; Vuong, T.K.; Dupeyron, J.P.; Saci, B.; Rochemaure, J., 1990:
Variations of theophylline clearance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with acute respiratory failure

Stubbe, P.; Heidemann, P.; Weigel, W.; Krueger, N.; Gebel, W.; Tahl, H., 1989:
Variations of thyroid volumes and hormone concentrations in children with iodine deficient goiter during treatment with iodide

Steadman, C.J.; Phillips, S.F.; Camilleri, M.; Haddah, A.; Hanson, R.; Tucker, R., 1990:
Variations of tone in the human colon

A.S.yed, H.A.; Mahasneh, A.M.; A.S.ad, J., 1994:
Variations of trace metal concentrations in seawater and pearl oyster Pinctada radiata from Bahrain

Stamper, J.J.; Balschi, J.A.; Hai, J.; Pohost, G.M., 1993:
Variations of triglyceride content with workload and fatty acid supply 1H NMR transmural spectroscopic studies in the intact canine heart

Murayama, S.; Nakazawa, T.; Tanaka, M.; Aoki, S.; Kawaguchi, S., 1992:
Variations of tropospheric ozone concentration over Syowa Station, Antarctica

Gao, X-lian.; Yang, H-xia.; Zhao, Y., 2008:
Variations of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, leptin and adiponectin in mid-trimester of gestational diabetes mellitus

Sassine, M.P.; Truchon, G.; Savard, R.; Belanger, S.; Mergler, D., 1995:
Variations of urinary catecholamines and exposure to styrene

Mosnier, J.F.; D.T.aversay, C.; Leroy, V.; Scoazec, J.Y.; Zarski, J.P., 1998:
Variations of vascular adhesion molecule expression during chronic hepatitis C treated with interferon

Parra, L.; Fuentes, J.A.; Alsasua, A., 1989:
Variations of vascular reactivity and plasma catecholamines in social deprivation stress

Portal, I.; Bourliere, M.; Halfon, P.; Gerolami, V.; Wartelle, C.; Khiri, H.; Garnier, P.P.; Castellani, P.; Antoni, M.; Botta Fridlund, D.; Gauthier, A.P.; Cartouzou, G., 1995:
Variations of viral load and genotypes after IFN therapy in chronic hepatitis C

Peters, N.E.; Reese, R.S., 1995:
Variations of weekly atmospheric deposition for multiple collectors at a site on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Michieletto, L.; Brunetto, M.R.; Giarin, M.; Bibiani, S.; Tempesta, D.; Bonino, F.; D'aquino, M., 1993:
Variations of wild type and HBeAg HBVs serum levels in asymptomatic and fulminant hepatitis B exacerbations

Joris, P.X.; Michelet, P.; Franken, T.P.; McLaughlin, M., 2008:
Variations on a Dexterous theme: peripheral time-intensity trading

Iosub, S.; Henriquez, R.; Bamji, M.; Stone, R.K.; Gromisch, D.S.; Wasserman, E., 1990:
Variations on a controversial theme aids embryopathy eye measurements

Hamilton, C.W., 1990:
Variations on a distylous theme in mesoamerican psychotria subgenus psychotria rubiaceae

Wilkins, P.C.; Dalton, H., 1994:
Variations on a theme of Fe-O-Fe proteins

Nyffeler,R.; Eggli,U.; Ogburn,M.; Edwards,E., 2008:
Variations on a theme repeated evolution of succulent life forms in the Portulacineae

Forgione, F.N.; Caico, S.; Tagliagambe, L.; Figini, G.; Acquati, F.; Binaghi, G., 1992:
Variations on high frequency components of qrs complex induced by myocardial ischemia

Thomas, J., V.; Sreedevi, C.; Kurup, B.M.dhusoodana, 2000:
Variations on the infaunal polychaetes due to bottom trawling along the inshore waters of Kerala south-west coast of India

Woolf, T.M.; Taylor, M., 1998:
Variations on the theme of genomics

Aravagiri, M.; Marder, S.R.; Yuwiler, A., 1993:
Variations with dose in the deposition of fluphenazine and its sulfoxide, 7-hydroxy and N-4-oxide metabolites in various regions of rat brain

Shenkin, M.; Bergeron, M.; Chabot, C.; Mandy, F., 1996:
Variations with simultaneous four-color immunophenotyping T-cell subsets with clinical flow cytometers

Clay, B.; Kugrens, P.; Lee, R.E., 1995:
Variations within the genus Campylomonas

Frenguelli Gioacchino, 1933:
Variazioni della Caloneis formosa fossile nei sedimenti dellArgentina

Ezzat, F.A.; Abu Elmagd, K.M.; E.G.awlby N.A.; Fathy, O.M.; Aly, M.A.; E.F.ky A.M.; E.B.rbary M.H., 1989:
Variceal bleeders with active chronic liver disease cald selective decompressive or decongestive surgery

Oelsner, D.H.; Caldwell, S.H., 1996:
Variceal bleeding Treatment regimens in the community

Mann, N.S.; Hillis, A., 1996:
Variceal bleeding in cirrhotics is more frequent in evenings and correlates with severity of liver disease

Kokenes, D.D.; Henderson, J.M.; Galloway, J.; Kutner, M.; Hertzler, G.; Boyer, T.D., 1992:
Variceal bleeding in primary biliary cirrhosis pbc an indication for orthotopic liver transplantation olt?

Haag, K.; Roessle, M.; Ochs, A.; Lu, S.; Deibert, P.; Siegerstetter, V.; Blum, H.E., 1995:
Variceal bleeding or refractory ascites No differences in portal hemodynamics

Padin Martin, I.; Gomez Huelgas, R.; Serrano, F.; Gomez Pardal, A.; Retamero Orta, D.; Irigoyen Oyarzabal, J., 1989:
Variceal gastric pseudotumor

Echenagusia, A.J.; Camúñez, F.; Simó, G.; Peiró, J.; Garay, M.G.; Rodriguez Laiz, J.M.; Bañares, R., 1994:
Variceal hemorrhage: efficacy of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts created with Strecker stents

Rikkers, L.F.; Jin, G., 1993:
Variceal hemorrhage: surgical therapy

Demetrick, D.J.; Kelly, J.K., 1989:
Variceal hemorrhage as a consequence of spontaneous rupture of a pancreatic pseudocyst into the splenic vein

Harville, L.E.; Rivera, F.J.; Palmaz, J.C.; Levine, B.A., 1992:
Variceal hemorrhage associated with portal vein thrombosis: treatment with a unique portal venous stent

Lopez, R.R.; Raiford, D.S.; Pinson, C.W.ight, 1995:
Variceal hemorrhage following liver transplantation

Hachiya, A.; Yoneya, T.; Nakano, S.; Katagiri, M.; Kanda, E.; Kurita, T.; Kondo, E.; Yamada, S.; Matsuzaki, H.; Otsuka, S., 1998:
Variceal inflow vessels and the development of portal hypertensive gastropathy after endoscopic ligation therapy for esophageal varices

Ruiz Del Arbol, L.; Monescillo, A.; Arocena, C.; Martin, D.A.gila, C.; Garcia, A., 1993:
Variceal pressure changes in relation with glypressin injection vs somatostatin infusion during the treatment of variceal bleeding in patients with cirrhosis

Nevens, F.; Sprengers, D.; Van Roey, G.; Fevery, J., 1992:
Variceal pressure measured by the Varipress system Effect of propranolol and prognostic value

Staritz, M.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde, K.H., 1994:
Variceal pressure measurement using direct and indirect methods

Nevens, F.; Fevery, J., 1996:
Variceal pressure predicts a first variceal hemorrhage A prospective cohort study

Ruiz Del Arbol, L.; Monescillo, A.; Lafuente, C.; Arocena, C.; Erdozain, J.C., 1993:
Variceal pressure response during propranolol therapy is useful in predicting the risk of variceal rebleeding

Levine, B.A.; Sirinek, K.R., 1991:
Variceal rebleeding after portosystemic shunting. Strategies and solutions to a vexing problem

D.L.P.na, J.; Rivero, M.; Sanchez Hernandez, E.; Almohalla, C.; D.L.s Heras, B.; Crespo, J.; Pons Romero, F., 1998:
Variceal recurrence after ligation and endoscopic sclerotherapy

Zummo, M., 1991:
Variceal sclerosis according to g cloutier

Stemmer, R., 1991:
Variceal sclerosis and compression

Cordeiro, Fernando, 1993:
Variceal sclerosis in schistosomotic patients

Paquet K J., 1990:
Variceal sclerotherapy prophylactic improves life expectancy

Peterson, C.L.; Maupin, T.; Goldman, G.; Mascola, L., 1997:
Varicella active surveillance Use of capture-recapture methods to assess completeness of surveillance data

Touche, S.; Fessard, C.; Ingrand, D.; Aufrere, A., 1996:
Varicella amongst health care workers

Derryck, A.J.; Larussa, P.; Capusso, M.; Pitt, J.; Gershon, A.A., 1998:
Varicella and Zoster in children with HIV infection

Derryck, A.; LaRussa, P.; Steinberg, S.; Capasso, M.; Pitt, J.; Gershon, A.A., 1998:
Varicella and zoster in children with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Asokan, N., 1992:
Varicella and acyclovir

Weller, T.H., 1992:
Varicella and herpes zoster: a perspective and overview

Perronne, C.; Lazanas, M.; Leport, C.; Salmon, D.; Bricaire, F.; Vilde, J.L., 1989:
Varicella and hiv infection

Paret, G.; Yahav, J.; Cohen, O.; Nass, D.S.; Barzilay, Z., 1990:
Varicella and perforation of the stomach

Paquet, P.; Piérard, G.E., 1992:
Varicella and pregnancy

Metman, E.H.; Lagasse, J.P.; Pic, P.; Picon, L.; Danquechin Dorval, E.; Goudeau, A., 1996:
Varicella and primary achalasia of the lower esophageal sphincter

Johnson, C.E.; Kumar, M.L.; Rome, L.P.; Fattlar, D.C.; Stancin, T., 1992:
Varicella antibody persistence and reinfections six years post vaccination

Baird, R.E.; Daly, P.; Sawyer, M.H., 1991:
Varicella arthritis diagnosed by polymerase chain reaction

Ewing, C.K.; Brusilow, S.; Geraghty, M.T., 1994:
Varicella associated hyperammonemia resembling Carbamylphosphate synthetase 1 deficiency

Fikrig, E.; Barg, N.L., 1989:
Varicella associated intracerebral hemorrhage in the absence of thrombocytopenia

Yoshida, M.; Kusuda, S.; Tezuka, T., 1990:
Varicella bullosa in an adult

Peterson, C.; Chao, S.M.; Lobo, K.; Mascola, L., 1994:
Varicella complications in children

Oshiro, A.C.; Begue, R.E.; Steele, R.W., 1996:
Varicella disease and transmission in pediatric house officers

Strabelli, T.M.V.; Lopes, M.H.; Shiroma, M., 1990:
Varicella during pregnancy report of 13 cases and review of recent literature

Mouly, F.; Meritet, J.F.; Mirlesse, V.; Rozenberg, F.; Dafrfos, F.; Lebon, P., 1995:
Varicella during the first 6 months of pregnancy Clinical consequences and value of prenatal diagnosis Study of 107 cases

Colwell, K.A.; Friedman, J.M.; Junker, A.K.; Thomas, E.E.; Lewis, S., 1993:
Varicella embryopathy following maternal zoster

Conway, M.D.; Dueland, A.N.; Srock, K.; Soike, K.F.; Ungerleider, L.G.; Gilen, D.H.; Peyman, G.A., 1993:
Varicella encephalitis after prolonged steroid treatment of varicella uveitis in a nonhuman primate

Munk, G.; Dran, S.; Dietzius, H.; Bisbee, M.; Nelsen, N.; Gross, P., 1994:
Varicella exposure outcomes, the status of immune status testing in hospital personnel

Feldman, S.; Crout, J.D.; Andrew, M.E., 1994:
Varicella hepatitis in normal children Natural history and response to acyclovir

Patti, M.E.; Selvaggi, K.J.; Kroboth, F.J., 1990:
Varicella hepatitis in the immunocompromised adult: a case report and review of the literature

Katial, R.K.; Ratto-Kim, S.; Sitz, K.V.; Moriarity, R.; Engler, R.J., 1999:
Varicella immunity: persistent serologic non-response to immunization

Horiuchi, Y.; Hidaka, Y., 1996:
Varicella in an 81-year-old woman

Drwal-Klein, L.A.; O'Donovan, C.A., 1993:
Varicella in pediatric patients

Brunell, P.A., 1992:
Varicella in pregnancy, the fetus, and the newborn: problems in management

Brunell, P.A., 1990:
Varicella in the womb and beyond

Naruse, H.; Miwata, H.; Ozaki, T.; Asano, Y.; Namazue, J.; Yamanishi, K., 1993:
Varicella infection complicated with meningitis after immunization

Kubeyinje, Emmanuel Pandy, 1995:
Varicella infection in Saudi children with atopic eczema

Dueland, A.N.; Devlin, M.; Wellish, M.; Mahalingham, R.; Cohrs, R.; Martin, J.R.; Soike, K.F.; Gilden, D.N., 1991:
Varicella infection of primates

Waagner, D.C.; Murphy, T.V., 1990:
Varicella myocarditis

Senellart, F.; Bozio, A.; Sassolas, F.; Normand, J.; André, M.; Joulié, V.; Tabib, A., 1991:
Varicella myocarditis and junctional ectopic tachycardia

Liu, H.C.; Tsai, T.C.; Chang, P.Y.; Shih, B.F., 1994:
Varicella orchitis: report of two cases and review of the literature

Eppinger, B.; Mayer Quesada, D.; Baumstein, D.; Tannenberg, A.M., 1996:
Varicella outbreak in an inner-city chronic dialysis unit

Gogos, C.A.; Bassaris, H.P.; Vagenakis, A.G., 1992:
Varicella pneumonia in adults. A review of pulmonary manifestations, risk factors and treatment

Ostransky, D.; Garmon, R., 1990:
Varicella pneumonia in adults prognostic and risk factors

Whitty, J.E.; Renfroe, Y.R.; Bottoms, S.F.; Isada, N.B.; Iverson, R.; Cotton, D.B., 1993:
Varicella pneumonia in pregnancy Clinical experience

Lin, J.L., 1992:
Varicella pneumonitis in children with hemodialysis

Varis, T.; Vesikari, T., 1994:
Varicella reinfections in children vaccinated with Oka-strain live varicella vaccine at 12 to 18 months of age

Van Loon, F.; Markowitz, L.; Mcquillan, G.; Cossen, C.; Forghani, B.; Holmes, S.; Hadler, S., 1993:
Varicella seroprevalence in US population

Peterson, C.; Mascola, L.; Maupin, T.; Goldman, G.; Dykewicz, C.; Reef, S., 1996:
Varicella surveillance A population-based active surveillance model

Smith, C.A.; Douglas, S.D.; Greene, J.M.; Brown, T.F.; Sullivan, K.E., 1997:
Varicella vaccination in patients with DiGeorge Syndrome

Larocque, R.C.; Singleton, J.A.; Kilgore, P.E.; Seward, J.F.; Black, S.B.; Shinefield, H.R.; Lieu, T.A.; Ray, P.; Jackson, L.; Kimsey, C.D.; Glasser, J.W.; Chen, R.T., 1998:
Varicella vaccination of susceptible children increase risk of herpes zoster in previously infected adults?

Ling, M.L.; Wee, M., 1998:
Varicella vaccination program for healthcare workers at a Singapore hospital

Gershon, A.A., 1995:
Varicella vaccine: its past, present and future

Johnson, C.E.; Kumar, M.L.; Rome, L.P.; Fattlar, D.C.; Stancin, T., 1994:
Varicella vaccine Reinfections and antibody persistence 5 and 9-years post-vaccine

Bogaerts, H., 1991:
Varicella vaccine for the immunocompromised

Giacchino, R.; Marcellini, M.; Timitilli, A.; Degli Innocenti, L.; Losurdo, G.; Palumbo, M.; Sartorelli, M.; Comparcola, D.; Mauro, L.M.; Gusmano, R., 1995:
Varicella vaccine in children requiring renal or hepatic transplantation

Gershon, A.A., 1992 :
Varicella vaccine: still at the crossroads

Burgess, M.; Cossart, Y.; Hogg, G.; Veitch, M.; Chitour, K., 1997:
Varicella vaccine study in healthy non-immune healthcare workers in Australia

Gershon, A.A.; LaRussa, P.; Hardy, I.; Steinberg, S.; Silverstein, S., 1992:
Varicella vaccine: the American experience

Jacobsen, E.; Gurevich, T.; Cunha, B.A., 1998:
Varicella vaccine-induced chickenpox

Picard, F.; Gericke, C.A.; Frey, M.; Collard, M., 1997:
Varicella with acute motor axonal neuropathy

Gurevich, I., 1992:
Varicella zoster and herpes simplex virus infections

Zayas, E.; González Caraballo, Z.; Morales Otero, L.; Santiago Delpín, E.A., 1996:
Varicella zoster in a transplant program: experience with 15 cases and 70 contacts

Bouffet, E.; Carrie, C.; Biron, P.; Philip, T., 1990:
Varicella zoster infections vzi following autologous bone marrow transplantation

D'alessandro, L.P.; Rossetti, S.B., 1997:
Varicella zoster keratitis in HIV-infected patients

Tsintsof, A.; Delprado, W.J.; Keogh, A.M., 1993:
Varicella zoster myocarditis progressing to cardiomyopathy and cardiac transplantation

Vierling, S.G.; Borhani, H.; Soike, K.; Peyman, G.; Gray, W.; Dueland, A.; Conway, M., 1994 :
Varicella zoster retinitis in primates A model of acute retinal necrosis

Kokenberg, E.A.; Vander Zwet, W.C.; Zaaijer, H.L.; Ree, E.F.; Vandenbroucke Grauls, C.M., 1997:
Varicella zoster virus antibody levels in premature neonates

Rummelt, V.; Wenkel, H.; Jahn, G.; Fleckenstein, B.; Naumann, G.O.H., 1990:
Varicella zoster virus detection in bilateral acute retinal necrosis barn by in situ hybridization

Zhu, Q.; Pavan Langston, D.; Piatak, M.; Geary, P.A.; Dunkel, E.C., 1994:
Varicella zoster virus dissemination and detection by PCR after ocular infection in rabbits

Turse, S.E.; Forghani, B.; Kinchington, P.R., 1995:
Varicella zoster virus gene 4, 61, 62 and 63 proteins; cellular localization and immediate early regulation

Malavige, G.N.; Jones, L.; Black, A.P.; Ogg, G.S., 2008:
Varicella zoster virus glycoprotein E-specific CD4+ T cells show evidence of recent activation and effector differentiation, consistent with frequent exposure to replicative cycle antigens in healthy immune donors

Wenkel, H.; Rummelt, C.; Jahn, G.; Fleckenstein, B.; Naumann, G.O.H., 1990:
Varicella zoster virus identified in human cornea by in situ hybridization method and case report

Chazan, B.; Colodner, R.; Teitler, N.; Chen, Y.; Raz, R., 2008:
Varicella zoster virus in health care workers in northern Israel: seroprevalence and predictive value of history of varicella infection

Tzeng, C.H.; Liu, J.H.; Fan, S.; Wang, S.Y.; Wang, S.R.; Chen, K.Y.; Hsieh, R.K.; Yung, C.H.; Chen, P.M., 1995:
Varicella zoster virus infection after allogeneic or autologous hemopoietic stem cell transplantation

Soushi, S.; Sata, T.; Kurata, T.; Kigasawa, K.; Tanaka, Y., 1989:
Varicella zoster virus infection of cultured human retinal pigment epithelial cells

Grose, Charles, 1994:
Varicella zoster virus infections Chickenpox, shingles, and varicella vaccine

Koc, Y.; Miller, K.; Schenkein, D.; Sprague, K.; Berkman, E.; Desjardin, J.; Syndman, D., 1997:
Varicella zoster virus infections following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation Frequency, risk factors, clinical outcome and antiviral prophylaxis

D.F.eitas D.; Rong, B.L.; Siegel, M.L.; Kogawa, K.; Pavan Langston, D.; Dunkel, E.C., 1990:
Varicella zoster virus rna expression in rabbit corneas and trigeminal ganglia after intranasal and intrastromal inoculation

Heller, H.M.; Carnevale, N.T.; Steigbigel, R.T., 1990:
Varicella zoster virus transverse myelitis without cutaneous rash

Mayo, D.R., 1991:
Varicella zoster virus vaccine

Gray, F.; Rozenberg, F.; Lescs, M.C.; Gherardi, R.; Mohr, M.; Scaravilli, F., 1992:
Varicella zoster virus vzv encephalitis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome aids report of 4 cases

Srugo, I.; Courville, T.; Israele, V.; Wittek, A.; Brunell, P., 1991:
Varicella zoster virus vzv infection in hiv 1 infected children

Hahn, B.L.; Kirmani, N., 1989:
Varicella zoster virus vzv specific cytotoxicity antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity adcc natural killer nk cell activity and lymphocyte proliferation lp responses in the elderly

Arvin, A.M., 1996:
Varicella-zoster virus: overview and clinical manifestations

Fischer, S.A.; Schmitt, B.A.; Nelson, J.A.; Harris, A.A.; Trenholme, G.M., 1997:
Varicella-Zoster Virus exposure in a large transplant population

Lo, C.Y.; Cheng, I.K., 1996:
Varicella-zoster infection in cyclosporine A-treated renal transplant patients

Arvin, Ann, 1995:
Varicella-Zoster infection in pregnancy and the newborn

Lussier, N.; Weiss, K.; Laverdière, M., 1999:
Varicella-zoster screening and management programs in healthcare facilities in Canada

Riley, Laura, E., 1994:
Varicella-Zoster virus

Gelb, Lawrence, D., 1993:
Varicella-Zoster virus Clinical aspects

Gelb, Lawrence, D., 1993:
Varicella-Zoster virus Molecular biology

Cox, E.; Reddy, S.; Iofin, I.; Cohen, J.I., 1998:
Varicella-zoster virus ORF57, unlike its pseudorabies virus UL3.5 homolog, is dispensable for viral replication in cell culture

Kusne, S.; Pappo, O.; Manez, R.; Pazin, G.; Carpenter, B.; Fung, J.J.; Starzl, T.E., 1995:
Varicella-zoster virus hepatitis and a suggested management plan for prevention of VZV infection in adult liver transplant recipients

Lekstrom Himes, J.A.; Straus, S.E., 1995:
Varicella-Zoster virus infections in the normal and immunocompromised host

Feldman, S., 1994:
Varicella-zoster virus pneumonitis

Lewis, J.M.; Puklin, J.E., 1998:
Varicella-zoster virus retinitis presenting as an acute vitreous hemorrhage

Michie, C.A.; Acolet, D.; Charlton, R.; Stevens, J.P.; Happerfield, L.C.; Bobrow, L.G.; Kangro, H.; Gau, G.; Modi, N., 1992:
Varicella-zoster contracted in the second trimester of pregnancy

Rouse, D.J.; Gardner, M.; Allen, S., 1996:
Varicella-zoster immune globulin for the at-risk gravida A decision analysis

Arvin, A.M.; Moffat, J.F.; Redman, R., 1996:
Varicella-zoster virus: aspects of pathogenesis and host response to natural infection and varicella vaccine

Bhayani, N.; Ranade, P.; Clark, N.M.; McGuinn, M., 2008:
Varicella-zoster virus and cerebral aneurysm: case report and review of the literature

Wallace, M.R.; Chamberlin, C.J.; Mckellar, B.; Davis, C.E.; Sawyer, M.H., 1994:
Varicella-zoster virus culture sensitivity using bedside inoculation of human neonatal kidney Roller tubes

Broman, B.W.; Overall, J.C.Jr, 1994:
Varicella-zoster virus diseases

Masaoka, T.; Hiraoka, A.; Teshima, H.; Tominaga, N., 1993:
Varicella-zoster virus infection in immunocompromised patients

Desloges, N.; Schubert, C.; Wolff, M.H.; Rahaus, M., 2007:
Varicella-zoster virus infection induces the secretion of interleukin-8

Whitley, Richard, J., 1993:
Varicella-zoster virus infections

Schutze; Jacobs, 1995:
Varicella-Zoster Virus Infections in Adolescents

Friedman, S.M.; Margo, C.E.; Connelly, B.L., 1994:
Varicella-zoster virus retinitis as the initial manifestation of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Sam,I.C.; Tariman,H.; Chan,Y.F.; Bador,M.K.; Yusof,M.Y.M.; Hassan,H., 2008:
Varicella-zoster virus seroprevalence in healthcare workers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

White, C.Jo, 1997:
Varicella-zoster virus vaccine

Von Seidlein, L.; Gillette, S.G.; Frederick, T.; Mascola, L.; Church, J.; Brunell, P.; Kovacs, A.; Deveikis, A.; Bryson, Y.; Keller, M., 1994:
Varicella-zoster-virus infections in HIV-1 infected children

Miller, L.S.; Schiano, T.; Liu, J.B.; Baranowski, R.; Bellary, S.; Black, M., 1995:
Varices at the gastroesophageal junction are smaller than varices in the distal esophagus in patients with portal hypertension

Cadet, P., 1994:

Gearhart, John, P., 1996:
Varicocele A pediatric urologists perspective

Okuno, H.; Shichiri, Y.; Yoshida, O., 1996:
Varicocele Diagnosis and management

Glezerman, Marek, 1994:
Varicocele Questions and answers on etiology, pathophysiology and management

Mcclure, R.D.le; Hashimoto, B.E., 1994:
Varicocele Sonographic changes following surgical intervention

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Varicocele Testis, Testicular Temperature and Male Infertility

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