Section 35
Chapter 34,219

Volatile leaf oils of some Queensland and Northern Australian species of the genus Eucalyptus Part I Subgenus Symphyomyrtus, Section Adnataria Series Oliganthae, Series Ochrophloiae, Series Moluccanae, Series Polyanthemae, Series Paniculatae, Series Melliodorae and Series Porantheroideae

Bignell, C.M.; Dunlop, P.J.; Brophy, J.J.; Jackson, J.F.

Flavour and Fragrance Journal 12(1): 19-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0882-5734
Accession: 034218564

The volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus leptophelba F. Muell., E. patellaris F. Muell., E. distans Brooker, Boland and Kleinig, E. coolabah subsp. coolabah Blakely and Jacobs, E. coolabah subsp. microtheca F. Muell., E. pruinosa Schauer, E. normantonensis Maiden and Cambage, E. lucasii Blakely, E. thozetiana F. Muell, ex. R. Baker, E. moluccana Roxb., E. fibrosa F. Muell, subsp. fibrosa, E. crebra F. Muell., E. drepanophylla F. Muell. ex. Benth., E. staigeriana F. Muell. ex. Bailey, E. conica Deane and Maiden, E. baueriana Schauer, E. caleyi Maiden, E. sideroxylon A. Cunn. ex. Woolls, E. melliodora A. Cunn. ex. Schauer, and E. petraea D. J. Carr and S. G. M. Carr, isolated by vacuum distillation, were analysed by GC and GC-MS. Many species contained alpha-pinene (0.1-28.3%), limonene (0-24.1%), 1,8-cineole (0.4-63.2%), p-cymene (0-16.5%), beta-caryophyllene (0-15.7%), aromadendrene (0-32.8%), bicyclogermacrene (0-53.8%), globulol (0.1-9.0%) and spathulenol (0.2-21.4%) as principal leaf oil components: all species contained the aromatic ketone torquatone.

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