A preliminary investigation on growth response and ethylene sensitivity in two ecotypes of Stellaria longipes

Miranda, J.; Chinnappa, C.C.; Reid, D.M.

Beitraege zur Biologie der Pflanzen 72(3): 399-412, Januar 2000-2001


Accession: 034316457

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The genotypes from the prairie and alpine habitats of Stellaria longipes were grown in ethylene free environment and were compared to those grown in various concentrations of ethylene. The two ecotypes showed different levels of sensitivity to ethylene concentrations. The prairie ecotype was more sensitive to different concentrations of ethylene. However, when exposed to high concentrations of ethylene, both alpine and the prairie genotypes achieved similar stem lengths. There were also differences in leaf size, number of internodes, and number of roots between the two genotypes when the plants were grown in various concentrations of ethylene when compared to the control.