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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 34366

Chapter 34366 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Blair, J.E.; Woo-Ming, M.A.; McGuire, P.K., 1999:
Aeromonas hydrophila bacteremia acquired from an infected swimming pool

Avison, M.B.; Simm, A.M.; Niumsup, P.; Walsh, T.R.; Macgowan, A.P.; Bennett, P.M., 2001:
Aeromonas hydrophila beta-lactamases are part of a larger regulon, whose expression is controlled by the BlrAB two-component system

Wilcox, R.A.; Chin, G.K.; Segasothy, M., 2000:
Aeromonas hydrophila infection secondary to an electrical burn

Huys, G.; Kaempfer, P.; Albert, M.J.hn; Kuhn, I.; Denys, R.; Swings, J., 2002:
Aeromonas hydrophila subsp dhakensis subsp nov, isolated from children with diarrhoea in Bangladesh, and extended description of Aeromonas hydrophila subsp hydrophila Stanier 1943

Sarma, P.S., 2002:
Aeromonas jandaei cellulitis and bacteremia in a man with diabetes

Dacanay, A.; Boyd, J.M.; Fast, M.D.; Knickle, L.C.; Reith, M.E., 2010:
Aeromonas salmonicida Type I pilus system contributes to host colonization but not invasion

Kumar, A.; Bachhil, V.N.; Bhilegaonkar, K.N.; Agarwal, R.K., 2001:
Aeromonas sobria mastitis in a dairy cow

Araujo, V.S.; Rosenblatt, M.; Rosa, A.C.P.; Luna, M.G.; Freitas Almeida, A.C., 2001:
Aeromonas sp isolated from foods Virulence and drug susceptibility

Chan, S.Siu-Wa.; Ng, K.Cheung., 2004:
Aeromonas spp. and infectious diarrhea, Hong Kong

Namdari, H.; Siefring, C.M.; Pidcock, K.A.; Philbin, J.F., 2003:
Aeromonas veronii biovar sobria and Plesiomonas shigelloides Concurrent wound infection following a swimming accident in Susquehanna River in northeastern Pennsylvania

Avison, M.B.; Westphal, K.; Niumsup, P.; Walsh, T.R.; Macgowan, A.P.; Wiedemann, B.; Bennett, P.M., 2001:
Aeromonas veronii bv Sobria beta-lactamase induction is linked to disruption of cell-wall metabolism

Fornaciari, M.; Galan, C.; Mediavilla, A.; Dominquez, E.; Romano, B., 2000:
Aeropalynological and phenological study in two different Mediterranean olive areas Cordoba and Perugia

Rodinkova, V.V., 2001:
Aeropalynological studying of the airborne pollen grains structure and widespreading carrying out in Vinnitsa

Loening-Baucke, V., 2000:
Aerophagia as cause of gaseous abdominal distention in a toddler

Benoit, L.; Favoulet, P.; Fraisse, J.; Feutray, S.; Collin, Fçoise.; Chauffert, B.; Cuisenier, J., 2003:
Aeroportia and necrotizing enteritis after chemotherapy with paclitaxel for lung carcinoma

Ashe, M.; Scroop, G.; Frisken, P.; Wilkins, M.; Amery, C.; Khan, K., 2003:
Aeroposition affects performance in untrained cyclists

Gillani, A.A.; Grunberg, S.M., 2004:
Aerorespiratory tract cancer in older patients

Jackson, S.N.; Mishra, S.; Murray, K.K., 2003 :
Aerosol MALDI for real-time detection of bioaerosols

Jia, S.F.ng; Worth, L.L.; Densmore, C.L.; Xu, B.; Duan, X.; Zhou, Z.; Kleinerman, E.S., 2002:
Aerosol PEIIL-12 gene therapy eradicated osteosarcoma lung metastasis in nude mice

Pavkov, R.M.; Armer, T.A.; Mohsen, N.M., 2003:
Aerosol air flow control system and method

Zhou, B.; Ochomogo, M.G.; Shaheen, E.A., 2000:
Aerosol antimicrobial compositions

Buckner, C.A.ick, IIi; Thomas, J.S.ott, 2002:
Aerosol can content analyzer workstation

Schalitz, W.J.; Welch, J.J.; Cook, R.T.omas, 2002:
Aerosol cleaning composition containing an organic acid and a spore forming microbial composition

Dickinson, P.A.fred; Warren, S.J.hn, 2004:
Aerosol composition

Murata, S.; Shiomojo, F.; Tokunaga, Y.; Hata, T., 2002:
Aerosol compositions

Brugger, F.CedillaOis; Stampf, A., 2003:
Aerosol container and a method for storage and administration of a predetermined amount of a pharmaceutically active aerosol

Bale, Isidore, 2004:
Aerosol coolant spray for killing and removing ticks

L.Bourhis, FranCedillaOis, 2000:
Aerosol cosmetic compositions, aerosols containing them and uses

Corcoran, T.E.; Smaldone, G.C.; Dauber, J.H.; Smith, D.A.; Mccurry, K.R.; Burckart, G.J.; Griffith, B.P.; Grgurich, W.F.; Iacono, A.T., 2003:
Aerosol cyclosporine provides dose dependent improvement in lung function after lung transplantation

Schmidt, J.N.; Engelbreth, D.; Blacker, R., 2003:
Aerosol delivery apparatus with positive expiratory pressure capacity

Densmore, C.L.; Gautam, A.; Kleinerman, E.; Waldrep, J.C.; Jia, S.F.; Xu, B.; Knight, V., 2000:
Aerosol delivery of PEI-p53 complexes for treatment of metastatic lung cancer

Ruijgrok, E.J.; Vulto, A.G.; Van Etten, E.W.M., 2000:
Aerosol delivery of amphotericin B desoxycholate and liposomal amphotericin B Aerosol characteristics and in-vivo amphotericin B deposition in rats

Morris, C.R.; Langton Webster, B.; Rasmussen, C.; Yung, R.C.; Ettinger, D.S.; Heath, E.; Pili, R., 2002:
Aerosol delivery of the immunomodulator IM862 inhibits spontaneous lung metastases in prostatic and renal tumor models

Samain, H.; Dupuis, C., 2003:
Aerosol device based on alcoholic compositions of fixing materials comprising vinyllactam units

Blacker, R.; Engelbreth, D.K.; Schmidt, J.N., 2000:
Aerosol dispensing device

Forchione, D.; Johnson, R., 2002:
Aerosol enhancement device

Ruskewicz, S.F., 1999:
Aerosol extrusion mechanism

Chang, R.K.; Pan, Y.L.; Pinnick, R.G.; Hill, S.C., 2003:
Aerosol fluorescence spectrum analyzer for rapid measurement of single airborne particles

Seinfeld, J.H.; Cocker, D.; Griffin, R.; Yu, J.; Hemming, B.; Flagan, R.C., 1999:
Aerosol formation from atmospheric oxidation of hydrocarbons

Librando, V.; Hjorth, J.; Jensen, N.; Tringali, G.; Sorensen, S.; Mangoni, M., 2000:
Aerosol formation simulation and reaction pathways of atmospheric oxidation of dimethylsulfide

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 2001:
Aerosol formulation containing P134a and particulate medicament

Duan, D.C.; Stefely, J.S.; Schultz, D.W.; Leach, C.L., 2000:
Aerosol formulation containing a diol-diacid derived dispersing aid

Taylor, A.J.mes; Burnell, P.K.ong Phieu, 2001:
Aerosol formulation containing a particulate medicament

Taylor, A.J.mes; Neale, P.J.hn, 2000:
Aerosol formulation containing beclomethasone dipropionate and 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoro-n-propane as propellant

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 2001:
Aerosol formulation containing particulate formoterol, propellant and polar cosolvent

Hiscocks, P.G.rard; Gee, D.L.urence, 2002:
Aerosol formulations and method

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 1999:
Aerosol formulations containing P134A and/or P227 and particulate medicament

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 2001:
Aerosol formulations containing P134a and particulate medicament

Cutie, Anthony, J., 2000:
Aerosol formulations containing a sugar as a dispersant

Aberg, G.; Morley, J., 2001:
Aerosol formulations containing micronized optically pure formoterol for bronchodilating therapy

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 2001:
Aerosol formulations containing salmeterol xinafoate, an anticholinergic agent and tetrafluoroethane

Modi, Pankaj, 2001:
Aerosol formulations for buccal and pulmonary application

Fassberg, J.; Sequeira, J.A.; Chaudry, I.A.; Kopcha, M., 2002:
Aerosol formulations of albuterol and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane

Backstrom, K.; Dahlback, M.; Johansson, A.C.arlotte Birgit; Kallstrand, G.; Lindqvist, E., 2003:
Aerosol formulations of peptides and proteins

Cox, K.A.; Beane, T.P.ul; Sweeney, W.R.; Nichols, W.A.; Sprinkel, F.M.rphy Jr, 2003:
Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator

Sprinkel, F.M.rphy Jr; Nichols, W.A., 2004:
Aerosol generator having a multiple path heater arrangement and method of use thereof

Paul, C.W.; Henley, M.J.; Altieri, P.A.; Vitale, M.J.; Tolchinsky, M.; Solarek, D.B.; Cottrell, I.W., 2002:
Aerosol hair cosmetic compositions containing non-ionically derivatized starches

Andrade, J.R., 1999:
Aerosol holding chamber for a metered-dose inhaler

Loucks, E.D.; Loucks, O.L.; Klink, J.C., 2001:
Aerosol induced fluctuations in net basin supply in the Great Lakes watershed

Bono, Michael, 2001:
Aerosol inhalation device providing improved aerosol delivery

Nohl, K.; Sprenger, H., 2000:
Aerosol inhaler

Temesgen, Z.; Ten, R.M.; Weiss, W.; Anderson, P.M., 2001:
Aerosol interleukin-2 liposomes Good manufacture practice synthesis

Zein, N.N.; Ten, R.M.; Gross, J.B.Jr; Dickson, R.C.; Poterucha, J.J.; Czaplewski, L.A.; Zein, C.O.; Anderson, P.M., 2001:
Aerosol liposomal interleukin-2 combined with interferon alpha-2b/ribavirin as a novel approach in chronic hepatitis C patients who failed previous IFN/R treatment A preliminary report

Kolb, C.E.; Jayne, J.T.; Worsnop, D.R.; Shi, Q.; Jimenez, J.L.; Davidovits, P.; Morris, J.; Yourshaw, I.; Zhang, X., 2000:
Aerosol mass spectrometer for real-time measurement of size-resolved atmospheric particle composition and laboratory heterogeneous chemistry processes

Jayne, J.T.; Leard, D.C.; Zhang, X.; Davidovits, P.; Smith, K.A.; Kolb, C.E.; Worsnop, D.R., 1999:
Aerosol mass spectrometer for size and composition analysis of submicron particles

Heikkinen, M.S.A.; Hsu, S.I.; Lall, R.; Peters, P.A.; Cohen, B.S.; Chen, L.C.i; Thurston, G., 2003:
Aerosol measurements at the WTC site one year after

Schmidt, J.N.; Grychowski, J.; Engelbreth, D.K.; Morton, R.; Foley, M.P., 2001:
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system

Osipow, L.I.; Marra, D.C.; Spitzer, J.G.orge, 2001:
Aerosol ointment compositions for topical use

Lin, T.C.un; Dalby, R.; Visich, J.; Challoner, P., 2000:
Aerosol output and particle size characteristics of tobramycin solution for inhalation administered to a ventilator circuit via three different jet nebulizers

Ruebusch, N.A.thur; Smith, S.E.ward; Swaile, D.F.ederick, 2000:
Aerosol package compositions containing fluorinated hydrocarbon propellants

Modi, Pankaj, 2001:
Aerosol pharmaceutical formulation for pulmonary and nasal delivery

Uchiyama, T.; Suzuki, M.; Imaoji, A., 2002:
Aerosol powder with improved skin adhesion

Kimura, Fuminori, 2001:
Aerosol preparation for skin cooling

Collett, J.L.Jr; Moore, K.F.; Reilly, J.E.; Bator, A.; Hoag, K.J.; Sherman, D.E.i; Herckes, P.; Lee, T.; Hannigan, M.P.; Chang, H.; Trenary, L., 2001:
Aerosol processing by clouds and fogs

Anthony, Michael, M., 2004:
Aerosol propelled scent generating self-cooling beverage container with phase locked propellant mixtures and process of manufacturing the same

Rizzo,L.V.; Artaxo,P.; Karl,T.; Guenther,A.B.; Greenberg,J., 2010:
Aerosol properties, in-canopy gradients, turbulent fluxes and VOC concentrations at a pristine forest site in Amazonia

Rao, R.D.; Markovic, S.N.; Anderson, P.M., 2003:
Aerosol therapy for malignancy involving the lungs

Hafez, A.T.; Bagli, D.; Bahoric, A.; Aitken, K.; Smith, C.; Mclorie, G.; Khoury, A., 2002:
Aerosol transfer of bladder urothelial and smooth muscle cells onto de-mucosalized colonic segments Experimental study

Henry, T.; Smith, J., 2003:
Aerosol valve

Gonda, I.; Schuster, J.A.; Patel, R.S., 2000:
Aerosol-forming porous membrane with certain pore structure

Rosenfeld, D., 2002:
Aerosol-induced changes in precipitation and global circulation

Radke, M.; Herrmann, R., 2001:
Aerosol-particle bound emission of hydrophobic organic compounds from a waste water treatment plant

Golder, N.; Roberts, G.; Lack, G., 2000:
Aerosolised food can provoke asthma in childhood

Balatbat, J.T.; Stocking, J.E., 2000:
Aerosolization of lidocaine In reply

Wong Beringer, A.; Lambros, M.; Johnson, D., 2003:
Aerosolization potential of caspofungin

Paut, O.; Faurisson, F.; Gilles, P.; Jean, C.; Bernard, B., 2002:
Aerosolized Fentanyl in Children Bench Assessment of the Inhalable Mass of Fentanyl

Hofstetter, C.; Flondor, M.; Hoegl, S.; Zwissler, B., 2003:
Aerosolized Interleukin-10 Attenuates Bronchoalveolar Lavage Levels of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Endotoxemic Rats

Ruffini, E.; Baldi, S.; Libertucci, D.; Solidoro, P.; D.M.rzio, P.; Cavallo, A.; Mancuso, M., 2002:
Aerosolized Liposomal Amphotericin B A novel and effective treatment for Aspergillus infections in lung transplant recipients

Stenton, G.R.; Dery, R.E.; Merani, S.; Kim, M.K.ung; Gilchrist, M.; Puttagunta, L.; Schreiber, A.D.; Befus, A.D.an, 2001:
Aerosolized Syk antisense suppresses antigen-dependent tracheal contraction, pulmonary inflammation and airway hyper-responsiveness

Clark, A.; Foulds, G.H., 2003:
Aerosolized active agent delivery

Salam, Abdul, 2000:
Aerosolized bone dust and body fluids extraction system for a bone cutting saw

Roy, C.J.; Baker, R.; Washburn, K.; Bray, M., 2003:
Aerosolized cidofovir is retained in the lung and protects mice against lethal intranasal cowpox virus infection

Gilbert, S.; Iacono, A.T.; Grgurich, W.F.; Dauber, J.H.; Johnson, B.A.; Corcoran, T.E.; Smith, D.A.; Youssef, J.G.; Bermudez, C.A.; Mccurry, K.R., 2003:
Aerosolized cyclosporine as an alternative immunosuppressant in post lung transplant lymphoproliferative disease

Launay, D.; Hachulla, E.; Michon Pasturel, U.; Saulnier, F.; Goullard, L.; Hatron, P.Y.; Devulder, B., 1999:
Aerosolized ilomedine in severe pulmonary hypertension in systemic sclerosis

Holt, C.D.; Ingle, G.; Kunder, G.; Ghobrial, R.M.; Busuttil, R.W., 2000:
Aerosolized pentamidine compared to trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis following orthotopic liver transplantation

Von Der Hardt, K.; Kandler, M.A.; Schoof, E.; Doetsch, J.; Rascher, W., 2001:
Aerosolized perfluorocarbon decreases pulmonary inflammatory response and improves gas exchange in piglets with ARDS

Kandler, M.A.; Von Der Hardt, K.; Chada, M.; Dotsch, J.; Rascher, W., 2002:
Aerosolized perfluorocarbons Effects on gas exchange and pulmonary arterial pressure are independent of vapor pressure and molecular structure

Nakazawa, K.; Matsuzawa, Y.; Yokoyama, K.; Uchida, T.; Makita, K., 1999:
Aerosolized prostacyclin during partial liquid ventilation in an experimental model of ARDS

Weytjens, K.; Cartier, A.; Malo, J.L.; Chrétien, P.; Essiembre, F.; Lehrer, S.; Swanson, M., 1999:
Aerosolized snow-crab allergens in a processing facility

Enkhbaatar, P.; Murakami, K.; Cox, R.; Morita, N.; Westphal, M.; Burke, A.; Hawkins, H.; Traber, L.; Herndon, D.; Traber, D., 2004:
Aerosolized tissue plasminogen activator reduces the degree of acute lung injury in sheep with thermal injury

Colbeck, I.; Lazaridis, M., 2010:
Aerosols and environmental pollution

Faurisson, F., 1999:
Aerosols are childs play

Riebe, M.T.omas; Dwivedi, S.K.mar; L.B.vet, L., 2003:
Aerosols containing annealed particulate salbutamol and tetrafluoroethane

Akehurst, R.A.n; Taylor, A.J.mes; Wyatt, D.A.drew, 2001:
Aerosols containing salmeterol xinafoate and an anticholinergic medicament

Bugarski, A.D.; Cauda, E.G.; Janisko, S.J.; Hummer, J.A.; Patts, L.D., 2010:
Aerosols emitted in underground mine air by diesel engine fueled with biodiesel

Cahill, T.A.; Cliff, S.S.; Shackelford, J.F.; Kelly, P.B.; Bench, G.; Perry, K.D., 2002:
Aerosols from the World Trade Center collapse site

Smaldone, G.C., 1999:
Aerosols in pediatrics: present and future

Dobson, C.M.; Ellison, G.B.rney; Tuck, A.F.; Vaida, V., 2001:
Aerosols in prebiotic chemistry

Annegarn, H.J.; Swap, R.J.; Privette, J., 2002:
Aerosols over Africa

E.S.arouny, H.M.; Soltan, E.S.yed M.; Moustafa, R.M., 2001:
Aerospora of Abydos temple at Upper Egypt

Sharpless, R.B.yan; Brunnett, W.C.arles, 2001:
Aerostatic CT suspension

Sharpless, R.B.yan; Brunnett, W.C.arles, 2002:
Aerostatic rotor bearing

Das, A.; Silaghi Dumitrescu, R.; Kurtz, D.M.; Ljungdahl, L.G., 2003:
Aerotolerance and the reduction of O2 via membrane electron transport in Moorella thermoacetica

Coppi, M.V.; Leang, C.; Lovley, D.R., 2002:
Aerotolerance of Geobacter sulfurreducens

Zhang, Junfeng, 1999:
Aeschnidiid nymphs from the Jehol biota , China, with a discussion of the family Aeschnidiidae

Zagorodniuk, I.V., 2003:
Aesculapian snake on the northern macroslope of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Nash, J.N.; Stephens, L., 2002:
Aesculus flava seed extraction and analysis

Muth, Martin, 2003:
Aeshna caerulea in the Oberallgaeu District, Bavaria, Germany Current populations, breeding sites and potential threats

Dubois, R.B.; Johnson, R.; Putz, S., 1999:
Aeshna subarctica in northwestern Wisconsin

Lang, O.; Sautter Bihl, M.L.; Bihl, H., 1999:
Aesthesioneuroblastoma Diagnostic value of somatostatin receptor scintigraphy and F-18-FDG-PET

Roy, A.; Timothy, J.; Anthony, R.; Chakrabarty, A., 2000:
Aesthesioneuroblastoma arising in pituitary gland

Wu, D.; Holmes, B.N.; Kolb, B.U.; Mitra, S.B.; Thompson, W.L., 2003:
Aesthetic dental materials

Cardoso, M.J.; Leitao, I.; Moura, A.J.; Santos, A.C.; Cardoso, J.; Barros, H.; Oliveira, M.C., 2004:
Aesthetic evaluation of conservative breast cancer treatment Can measuring help?

Cardoso, M.J.; Preto, J.; Queiros, H.; Garrido, V.; Moura, A.J.; Pinto, D.S.usa, J.; Ayres, D.C.mpos, D.; Cardoso, J., 2002:
Aesthetic evaluation of conservative breast cancer treatment Trying to optimize results

Cardoso, M.J.; Leitao, I.; Moura, A.J.; Santos, A.C.; Cardoso, J.; Barros, H.; Oliveira, M.C., 2004:
Aesthetic evaluation of conservative breast cancer treatment new scales of agreement or disagreement?

Voland, Eckart, 2003:
Aesthetic preferences in the world of artifacts Adaptations for the evaluation of honest signals?

Greuse, M., 2002:
Aesthetic result and complications following circumferential torsoplasty

Tilley, R.J.D., 2003:
Aestivation and diapause in the Speckled Wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria

Tanaka, N.; Romanenko, L.A.; Frolova, G.M.; Mikhailov, V.V., 2010:
Aestuariibacter litoralis sp. nov., isolated from a sandy sediment of the Sea of Japan

Dmitrieva, N.V.; Petukhova, I.N.; Smolyanskaya, A.Z., 1999:
Aetiologic pattern of postoperative pneumonia in cancer patients

Ogunbiyi, O.; Nwaorgu, G., 2003:
Aetiological correlates in Nigerian laryngeal cancers

Jill Tomas, J.; Navarro Lucia, M.; Benito Ruesca, R.; Ramirez, D.O.ariz, I.; Rubio Calvo, M.C., 2001:
Aetiological pattern of tinea unguium over an 11 year period

de Haro, L.; Roelandt, J.; Pommier, P.; Prost, N.; Arditti, J.; Hayek-Lanthois, M.; Valli, M., 2003:
Aetiologies of lithium overdose: 10-year experience of Marseille poison centre

Todd, John, 1999:
Aetiology and genetics of type 1 diabetes The 1999 Carter Lecture

Shield, J.; Gardner, R.; Mackay, D.; Robinson, D.; Temple, I.K., 2000:
Aetiology and implications of transient neonatal diabetes

Barnett, P.L.J.; Chan, D., 2003:
Aetiology and investigation of toddlers with limp

Collado Seidel, V.; Winkelmann, J.; Trenkwalder, C., 1999:
Aetiology and treatment of restless legs syndrome

Polo-Kantola, P.; Saaresranta, T.; Polo, O., 2001:
Aetiology and treatment of sleep disturbances during perimenopause and postmenopause

Sagnelli, E.; Stroffolini, T.; Almasio, P.; Szklo, A.; Mele, A., 2002:
Aetiology of chronic hepatitis in Italy Preliminary data of a multicentric study on 9,200 cases

Fearn, S.J.; Wesnes, K.; Pole, R.; Hill Wilson, G.; Hooper, T.L.; Mccollum, C.N., 1999:
Aetiology of cognitive deficits following CABG

Fox, K.F.; Cowie, M.R.; Wood, D.A.; Coats, A.J.S.; Gibbs, J.S.R.; Underwood, S.R.; Turner, R.M.; Poole Wilson, P.A.; Davies, S.W.; Sutton, G.C., 1999:
Aetiology of heart failure in women aged 75 years in the population

Chong, C.Y.; Lim, W.H.; Chay, O.M.; Tang, P.L.; Goh, A.; Ho, L.; Ng, W.Y.M., 2000:
Aetiology of lower respiratory tract infection in hospitalized pediatric children

Farouk, R.; Dozois, R.R.; Pemberton, J.H., 1999:
Aetiology of pouch failure after restorative proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis An analysis based on patient age

Lit, L.C.W.; Lam, C.W.K.; Fung, H.K.; Vrijmoed, L.L.P.; Woo, J.H.K.; Wong, M.C.; Hjelm, N.M., 1999:
Aetiology rhinitis in Hong Kong

Jones; Forman; Harnden, 2000:
Aetiology, pathology and staging of testicular tumours

Saltoglu, N.; Tasova, Y.; Yilmaz, G.; Midikli, D.; Aksu, H.S.; Koksal, F.; Aksungur, P.; Dundar, I.H., 1999:
Aetiology, prognostic factors and therapy in community-acquired pneumonia A prospective study in Turkey

Murad, S.D.rwish; Valla, D.; D.G.oen, P.C.; Haagsma, E.B.; Hopmans, J.A.M.; Janssen, H.L.A., 2003:
Aetiology, treatment and prognosis of patients with combined Budd-Chiari syndrome and portal vein thrombosis

Howell, S.J.; Shalet, S.M., 1999:
Aetiology-specific effect of premature ovarian failure on bone mass - is residual ovarian function important?

Dejanovic, S.D.kic; Janjic, V.; Milovanovic, D., 2003:
Aetiopathogenesis of insomnia

Grugnetti, C.; Negri, L.; Mancini, M.; Sagone, P.; Colpi, G.M., 1999:
Aetiopathogenetic classification of azoospermic men entering a testicular sperm extraction programme

Okubara, P.; Tibbot, B.; Mcalpin, C.; Hua, S.S.eng T., 2002:
AfRTL-1, a retrotransposon-like element in the aflatoxin-producing fungus Aspergillus flavus

Rogers, C.A.; Maron, C.; Schulteis, C.; Allen, W.R.; Heinemann, S.F., 2001:
Afadin, a link between AMPA receptors and the actin cytoskeleton

Jerkovic, L.; Dieplinger, H.; Eller, P.; Voegele, A.; Urh, M.; Moncayo, H.; Soelder, E.; Wolf, H.; Illmensee, K., 1999:
Afamin and vitamin E in follicular fluid of patients undergoing IVF

Schupp, H.T.; Weike, A.I.; Hamm, A.O., 2000:
Affect and evaluative context High-density ERP recordings during picture processing

Finkelstein, M.J.; Biscoglio, R.; Werman, S.; Lipper, E.; Ward, M.J.; Polan, H.J., 2001:
Affect expression in children with failure-to-thrive

Bowers, D.; Gilmore, R.L.; Bauer, R.M.; Gokcay, D.; Roper, S., 2000:
Affect modulation of startle by verbal-contextual stimuli Laterality effects following temporal lobectomy

Cushman, S.J.; Nanao, M.H.; Jahng, A.; Choe, S.; Pfaffinger, P.J., 1999:
Affect of T1 domain mutations on K channel gating and T1 domain structure

Kaul, L.; Ahulwalia, B., 2000:
Affect of alcohol and cocaine use during pregnancy on fetal immune system in humans

Yavin, S.; Aroyo, A.; Arav, A., 2003:
Affect of low intensity light on mice embryo development using the time laps EmbryoGuard system

Kurzanov, A.N.; Onopriev, V.I., 2001:
Affect of opioid receptors activation on gastric secretion in dogs

Head, W.S.; Blumquist, G.; Kelly, S.; Yang, R.; Mccollum, G.; Robinson, R.D.; O'day, D.M.; Hube, B.; Wang, M.X., 2000:
Affect of secreted aspartyl proteinase genes on virulence of Candida albicans in experimental fungal keratitis

Vieten, C.; Pilato, R.W.; Wilhelmsen, K.C.; Jay, C.A., 1999:
Affect regulation and recovery from alcoholism

Lorenz, J.; Morrow, T.J.; Paulson, P.E.; Cross, D.J.; Minoshima, S.; Casey, K.L., 2000:
Affect-related RCBF responses to differential C fiber stimulation in humans

Hammerschmidt, K.; Fichtel, C., 2003:
Affect-related components in squirrel monkey alarm calls

Tonnesen, M.; Mcdonald Mcginn, D.M.; Valverde, K.; Zackai, E.H., 2001:
Affected parents with a 22q112 deletion The need for basic and ongoing educational, health, and supportive counseling

Liu, W.; Weir, B.S., 2004:
Affected sib pair tests in inbred populations

Terwindt, G.M.; Ophoff, R.A.; Van Eijk, R.; Vergouwe, M.N.; Haan, J.; Frants, R.R.; Sandkuijl, L.A.; Ferrari, M.D., 2000:
Affected sib-pair analysis in migraine Involvement of the familial hemiplegic migraine gene on 19p13 in migraine with and without aura

Dina, C.; Dubois, S.; Vaillant, E.; Froguel, P., 2000:
Affected sib-pairs analysis of morbid obesity confirmed a major obesity locus on chromosome 10p

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