Cloning of L-galactose dehydrogenase cDNA from fruits of Malus domestica Borkch and construction of its RNAi plant expression vector

GaoJing; ShangZengZhen; WangXiaoHua; MaFengWang; LiangDong

Journal Of Northwest A and F University: 1, 181-187. Ef


Accession: 034595827

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Objective: L-galactose dehydrogenase (GalDH) cDNA was isolated from young fruit of Malus domestica Royal Gala. According to its bioinformatics analysis, RNAi plant expression vector was constructed, which will establish the basis for further functional identification. Method: GalDH gene was amplified by homology-based candidate gene technique. Its expression vector pMDR-GalDH was constructed through phage homologous recombination, and introduced into Agrobacterium strain EHA105.