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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 34641

Chapter 34641 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rumsey, F.J.; Vogel, J.C.; Jermy, A.C.; Paul, A.M.; Russell, S.J.; Simpson, K.A.; Barrett, J.A.; Lockton, A.; Gibby, M., 2002:
Conserving the fen buckler fern in the British Isles

Littler, B., 2002:
Conserving the inferior alveolar nerve during resection of the mandible

Jacquet,J.; Hocevar,J.; Lai,S.; Majluf,P.; Pelletier,N.; Pitcher,T.; Sala,E.; Sumaila,R.; Pauly,D., 2010:
Conserving wild fish in a sea of market-based efforts

Cary, Richard, 2001:
Consice International Chemical Assessment Document 36 Methyl cyanoarcylate and ethyl cyanoacrylate

Krieger, J.N., 2000:
Consider diagnosis and treatment of trichomoniasis in men

Kertesz, S., 1999:
Consider nutritional deficiency in the homeless patient

Schlegel, Julie, A., 2004:
Consider the big picture when buying water analysis instrumentation

Saito, A.; Sakai, J.; Kurihara, M.; Kami, M.; Kanda, Y.; Mori, S.I.hiro; Takaue, Y.; Ohashi, Y., 2003:
Consideration for clinical safety data management suitable for investigator-initiated trials based on an experience in multicenter reduced-intensity transplantation studies

Raghunath, Bala, 2002:
Consideration in the selection of a clarification filtration process for mammalian cell culture fluid

Marsh, D.C.; Fischer, B.; Brissette, S.; Lauzon, P.; O'shaughnessy, M.; Schechter, M.T., 2002:
Consideration of a Canadian heroin trial

Gabriel, M.; Burhans, L.; Kashef, A., 2003:
Consideration of a unified model of amygdalar associative functions

Sheets, Larry, P., 1999:
Consideration of age-dependent differences in susceptibility to organophosphorus and pyrethroid insecticides

Moses, M.L.; Johnson, P.R., 1999:
Consideration of alginate as a material for the filtration of colloids from water

Rantinella, R.P.; Zineh, I.; Potvin, M.L.; Yarandi, H.N.; Sloan, A.J.; Pauly, D.F.; Johnson, J.A., 2004:
Consideration of beta-1 adrenergic receptor polymorphisms along with traditional risk factors as predictors of prognosis in patients with heart failure

King, C.A.; Bruce, D.R., 2004:
Consideration of changes in cell shape during cell motility events by Eimeria tenella sporozoites

Xing, Z.; Wang, J., 2000:
Consideration of cytokines as therapeutics agents or targets

Stubblefield, P., 2002:
Consideration of fatness in body mass estimation from skeletal indicators

Volgger, H.; Horninger, W.; Steiner, H.; Rogatsch, H.; Gschwendtner, A.; Bartsch, G., 2002:
Consideration of low PSA levels to optimise the detection of curable prostate cancers Results of the tyrol PSA screening project

Guldberg, R.E., 2002:
Consideration of mechanical factors

Pan, Y.; Mackerell, A.D.Jr, 2002:
Consideration of molecular weight during compound selection in virtual database screening

Sheets, L.P., 2001:
Consideration of proposed changes in experimental design for the developmental neurotoxicity study

Boyan, B.D.; Schwartz, Z., 2003:
Consideration of systemic hormone status when treating patients with osteopenia

Chevalier, R.; Webster, J.M., 2000:
Consideration of the influence of nematophagous organisms and recycling through insect hosts on the survival of entomopathogenic nematodes in the field

Tamaki, M.; Ueda, T.; Saito, R.; Ogawa, O.; Yoshimura, N., 2004:
Consideration of the natural history of interstitial cystitis based on the cross-sectional analysis of angiogenic growth factor in 85 cases

Bieber, J.; Kavanaugh, A., 2004:
Consideration of the risk and treatment of tuberculosis in patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and receive biologic treatments

Kosako, T.; Sugiura, N.; Yamamoto, H.; Kaneko, M.; Horikawa, Y.; Iwai, S.; Yamauchi, T.; Hamada, T., 1999:
Consideration on the collective dose, with respect to radioactive waste management

Brown, J.K., 2003:
Considerations and constraints in Begomovirus -plant host-whitefly vector co-evolution

Marconato, L.D.P.lma; Bertini, R.J., 2002:
Considerations and problems in evolution and phylogenetic analysis of mesosaurs

Correa, A.J.; Sykes, J.M.; Ries, W.R., 1999:
Considerations before rhinoplasty

Tully, G.; Bar, W.; Brinkmann, B.; Carracedo, A.; Gill, P.; Morling, N.; Parson, W.; Schneider, P., 2001:
Considerations by the European DNA profiling group on the working practices, nomenclature and interpretation of mitochondrial DNA profiles

Deac, L.M.; Au, W., 2003:
Considerations concerning cervical cancer in Romania

Beyerbach, M.; Ortmann, G.; Gerlach, G.F.; Homuth, M.; Strutzberg, K.; Kreienbrock, L., 2004:
Considerations concerning diagnostic probabilities and cut-off values for a Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis bulk milk ELISA

Kahan, B.D., 1999:
Considerations concerning generic formulations of immunosuppressive drugs

Mathur, P.; Arora, N.K., 2001:
Considerations for HAV vaccine in India

Robin, N.H.; Biesecker, L.G., 2001:
Considerations for a multiaxis nomenclature system for medical genetics

Miller, M.A., 1999:
Considerations for adding pneumonia and influenza vaccines to public health programmes

Vezina, M.; Copeman, C.; Shaver Walker, P., 2003:
Considerations for anesthetized cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies Effect of isoflurane anesthesia on heart rate and QT interval in the cynomolgus monkey

Wilkins-Haug, L., 1999:
Considerations for delivery of infants with congenital abnormalities

Farquhar, J.; Airieau, S.; Thiemens, M.H.; Canfield, D.; Habicht, K., 2001:
Considerations for evaluation of isotopic evidence for biological activity

Rodriguez, N.; Faigenbaum, A.; Cooper, D., 2001:
Considerations for exercise training, nutrient utilization, and growth in young children

Faulkner, D.B., 2003:
Considerations for program feeding and use of co-product feeds in cow diets

Martin, W.; Pass, J.A.; Stimart, D., 2003:
Considerations for quality trait selection in Antirrhinum majus L

Laliberte Murphy, K.; Palsson, R.; Niles, J.L., 2001:
Considerations for replacement solutions and anticoagulation in CVVH Efficacy and complications

Apodaca, T.R.; Schermer, C.R.; Squires, D.D., 2002:
Considerations for screening instruments in a hospital trauma setting

Cogliano, V.James, 2001:
Considerations for setting reference values for environmental PCBs

Menkhaus, T.J.; Glatz, C.E., 2002:
Considerations for the application of expanded bed adsorption in the recovery of a recombinant protein from maize

Alemayehu, D.; Andrews, E.N.; Glue, P.; Knirsch, C.A., 2010:
Considerations for the design and conduct of a pharmacovigilance study involving mass drug administration in a resource-constrained setting

Chaney, J.D.; Nielsen, V.G., 2001:
Considerations for the hemophiliac patient with inhibitors to factor VIII

Zhang, P.; Wu, J.; Wang, Z.; Sibata, C., 2002:
Considerations for the implementation of target volume protocols in radiation therapy: in regard to Craig et al., IJROBP 2001;49:241-250

Craig, T.; Moiseenko, V.; Battista, J.; Van Dyk, J., 2002:
Considerations for the implementation of target volume protocols in radiation therapy In regard to Craig et al, IJROBP 2001;49241-250 In response to Drs Zhang, Wu, Wang, and Sibata

Zemke,P.E.; Wood,B.D.; Dye,D.J., 2010:
Considerations for the maximum production rates of triacylglycerol from microalgae

Harvey, M.P.; Brand, M.H., 2000:
Considerations for the nursery production of the ornamental grass Hakonechloa macra Aureola

Booth, B.P.; Gobburu, J.V., 2002:
Considerations in analyzing single-trough samples using mixed-effect modeling

Kyme, A.Z.; Hutton, B.F.; Hatton, R.L.; Skerrett, D.W.; Barnden, L.R., 2003:
Considerations in applying data-driven motion correction in real SPECT data

Dantzig, A.H.; de Alwis, D.P.; Burgess, M., 2003:
Considerations in the design and development of transport inhibitors as adjuncts to drug therapy

Carballeira, A., 2003:
Considerations in the design of a monitoring program of the biological effects of the Prestige oil spill

Matkin, N.D.; Wilcox, A.M., 1999:
Considerations in the education of children with hearing loss

Laine, L.; Hanauer, S.B., 2003:
Considerations in the management of steroid-dependent Crohn's disease

Chambers, L.A.; Herman, J.H., 1999:
Considerations in the selection of a platelet component: apheresis versus whole blood-derived

Matsumura, J., 2001:
Considerations in the use of COX-2 inhibitors in spinal fusion surgery

de Lange, E.C.M.; Danhof, M., 2002:
Considerations in the use of cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics to predict brain target concentrations in the clinical setting: implications of the barriers between blood and brain

Aguilar, Z.P.; King, K.G.; Evans, S.R.; Clark, E.; Arumugam, P.; Fakunle, E.; Fritsch, I., 2002:
Considerations in using magnets to induce flow on a small scale

Hager, J.; Burger, F.; Klima, G.; Brandstaetter, F., 2002:
Considerations of the development of an intraventricular spindle pump

Agenes, F.; Rosado, M.M.; Freitas, A.A., 2000:
Considerations on B cell homeostasis

Bella, M.R.; Musulen, E.; Calvet, X.; Sanfeliu, I.; Campo, R.; Brullet, E.; Gil, M.; Dalmau, B.; Orellana, R.; Pons, L.; Balague, O.; Combalia, N.; Rey, M., 2001:
Considerations on Helicobacter pylori infection in a cirrhotic population

Brumariu, O.; Miron, I.; Rusu, C.; Munteanu, M., 2001 :
Considerations on comorbidity in neurofibromatosis

Kayser, K.; Beyer, M.; Blum, S.; Zink, S.; Gabius, H.J., 2000:
Considerations on morphological diagnosis with specific emphasis on immune/ligand histochemistry and DNA cytometry in pleural malignancies

Fabri, G.; Bettolo, P.M.rini; Brandi, G., 2002:
Considerations on prevention and medico-legal aspects in a case of severe dishematopoiesis probably related to benzene exposure

Cojocaru, I.M.; Radulescu, S., 2000:
Considerations on some neurologic complications in parasitic diseases

Horta, P.A.; Amancio, E.; Coimbra, C.S.; Oliveira, E.C., 2001:
Considerations on the distribution and origin of the marine macroalgal Brazilian flora

Cook, D.R., 2002:
Considerations on the field application of phytase

Miquelarena, A.M.; Lopez, H.L., 2004:
Considerations on the ichthyofauna of the Uruguay River basin Hemiancistrus fuliginosus Cardoso Malabarba, 1999

Rodriguez, C.; Moreno, A.G.; Cabrera, G., 2003:
Considerations on the identity of Onychochaeta elegans

Ohba, M.; Wasano, N.; Matsuda Ohba, K., 1999:
Considerations on the northern expansion of the summer migration range in the oleander hawk-moth Daphnis nerii

Lourenco, Wilson, R., 2002:
Considerations on the patterns of distribution and differentiation of the genus Buthus Leach, and description of a new species from the mountains of the Tassili des Ajjer, Algeria

Ambe, G.A.; Malaisse, F., 2001:
Considerations on the plant systematics and nomenclature used by the Malinke, Ivory Coast

Walter, H., 2000:
Considerations on the population genetics of some less investigated serum protein and red cell enzyme polymorphisms

Orosz, C.G., 2000:
Considerations regarding the contributions of B cells to chronic allograft rejection in experimental animal models

Goff, J., 2003:
Considerations to help avoid transition cow mineral disorders

Paul, C.; Popa, I.; Velea, I.; Mogoseanu, M.; Jenariu, S., 2000:
Considerations upon the Empty Sella Syndrome in the children with growth hormone deficiency

Tonigan, J.S.; Connors, G.J., 2003:
Considerations when assessing the nature and benefits of long-term AA participation

Abdolell, M.; Stephens, D., 2001:
Considerations when implementing a web-based RCT management system Challenges and rewards

Ghahramani, P.; Lennon, S.M., 2003:
Considerations when investigating association between drug exposure and hepatic function

Anisman, H., 2004:
Considering cytokine panels

Singer, P.; Pichard, C.; Heidegger, C.P.; Wernerman, J., 2010:
Considering energy deficit in the intensive care unit

Ruhren, S.; Handel, S.N., 2000:
Considering herbivory, reproduction, and gender when monitoring plants A case study of Jack-in-the-pulpit Schott

Devries, S.; Ayala, M.; Broadhurst, J.; Chantaparanont, M.; Conroy, M.; Esguerra, J.; Jefferson, B.; Mcgarrigle, M.; Pineda, O.; Riley Jensen, M.; Spinella, P., 2002:
Considering lipids as a vital sign A new model for the rapid and effective delivery of coronary prevention management using point of care testing

Latty, E.F.; Mladenoff, D.J., 2003:
Considering multiple temporal and spatial scales in determining reference conditions for Great Lakes forest restoration

Munier Jolain, N.; Carrouee, B., 2003:
Considering pea in sustainable agriculture Agricultural and environmental arguments

Lapane, Kate, L., 2000:
Considering the clustered structure of data in pharmacoepidemiologic research

Coleman, C.A.; Bleidt, B., 2002:
Considering the whole patient with hypertension: the ethos of pharmaceutical care

Rogers, B.T., 2000:
Considering treatment options for infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Anonymous, 2010:
Consilium Mycologicum, proceedings from the 7th workshop titled Targeted Diagnostics - Best Therapeutic Results Management of Invasive Fungal Infections - a Constant Challenge, Berlin, Germany, 13-14 March 2009

Nichols, K.; Laraia, C.; Sciacca, R.R.; Bergmann, S.R., 2000:
Consistency among implementations of QGS

Rohlf, F., 2002:
Consistency and bias in morphometric methods

Blujdea,V.; Bird,D.N.; Robledo,C., 2010:
Consistency and comparability of estimation and accounting of removal by sinks in afforestation/reforestation activities

Zhao, D.; Cornett, L.; Zhou, Z.J.mmy, 1999:
Consistency and modulation of spontaneous waves of excitation in the developing rabbit retina

Buchan, B.J.; Tims, F.; Dennis, M.L., 2000:
Consistency and validity of marijuana use measured by self-report, collateral reports, on-site testing and laboratory testing

Lipka, L.; Melani, L.; Lebeaut, A.; Sun, S.; Suresh, R.; Veltri, E., 2002:
Consistency of LDL-C lowering effect across subgroups of ezetimibe co-administered with statins

Olson, R.; Ector, K.; Jaraczewski, J., 2000:
Consistency of PSA measurements

Carmack, A.; Quinn, F.; Nowlan, C., 2003:
Consistency of TSH measurement on the Abbott ARCHITECT i2000 over an extended period of time

Dyer, S.; Greenwood, C., 2001:
Consistency of breakfast consumption in institutionalized seniors with cognitive impairment: its value and use in feeding programs

Rubinson, L.; Krishnan, J.A.; Song, X.; Diette, G.B.; Brower, R.G., 2002:
Consistency of caloric intake with guidelines and risk of nosocomial bloodstream infections in medical intensive care patients

Gatzka, C.D.; Dart, A.M., 2000:
Consistency of circadian patterns in recurrent acute coronary syndromes

Jung, G.; Ariyarathne, H.; Coyne, D.P.; Nienhuis, J.; Hirano, S.; Upper, C., 1999:
Consistency of detected QTL for bacterial brown spot resistance using RAPD markers over environments in common bean

Thompson, D.; Musliner, T.; Vandormael, K.; Santora, A., 1999:
Consistency of effect of alendronate on reduction in risk of non-vertebral fractures

Stein, A.D.; Rivera, J.M.; Pivarnik, J.M., 2000:
Consistency of energy expenditure estimates in pregnant women

Matthews, W.J.; Marsh Matthews, E., 2003:
Consistency of fish species associations in stream pools Implications for local coevolution

Hawkins, D.W.; Bauer, K.A.; Eriksson, B.I.; Lassen, M.R.; Turpie, A.G.G., 2002:
Consistency of fondaparinux superiority for venous thromboembolism prevention in orthopedic surgery according to different composite efficacy end points

Mclaren, K.; Burnett, R.A.; Goodlad, J.R.; Howatson, S.R.; Lang, S.; Lee, F.D.; Lessells, A.M.; Ogston, S.; Robertson, A.J.; Simpson, J.G.; Smith, G.D.; Tavadia, H.B.; Walker, F., 1999:
Consistency of histopathological reporting of laryngeal dysplasia

Schiff, M.; Sharp, J.; Smolen, J.; Emery, P.; Strand, V., 1999:
Consistency of leflunomide effect for slowing the radiographic disease progression of active rheumatoid arthritis Results from three controlled trials

Mceachin, R.C.; Duren, W.L.; Watanabe, R.M.; Boehnke, M., 1999:
Consistency of nominal and empirical p-values in QTL linkage analysis

Dahlof, C.G.H.; Ferrari, M.D.; Lipton, R.B.; Mccarroll, K.A.; Allen, C.; Lines, C.R., 2000:
Consistency of pain relief over multiple migraine attacks following treatment with rizatriptan

Yemenicioglu, A.; Cemeroglu, B., 2003:
Consistency of polyphenol oxidase thermostability in ripening apricots Evidence for the presence of thermostable PPO forming and destabilizing mechanisms in apricots

Moldenhauer, J.; Blackwell, R.; Johnson, A.; Treadwell, M., 2002:
Consistency of prenatal diagnosis of posterior fossa abnormalities

Svikis, D.; Jones, H.; Lantz, M., 1999:
Consistency of self-reported alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy

Ghali, J.K.; Dunselman, P.; Waagstein, F.; Wikstrand, J.C., 2002:
Consistency of the beneficial effect of metoprolol extended release across a wide range dose of ACE-inhibitors

Jansen, F.E.; Bourez Swart, M.; Van Huffelen, A.C.; Van Nieuwenhuizen, O., 2004:
Consistency of the irritative zone in patients with tuberous sclerosis a retrospective EEG study and its clinical context

Vasiliauskas, E.; Targan, S.; Sands, B.; Hanauer, S.; Mayer, L.; Present, D.; Braakman, T.; Dewoody, K.; Schaible, T.; Rutgeerts, P., 1999:
Consistency of treatment benefit with infliximab in patients with moderate-to-severe active Crohns disease

Mustt Investigators, 1999:
Consistency of treatment effects in the Multicenter UnSustained Tachycardia Trial

Belman, S.; Kempe, A.; Murphy, J.R., 2001:
Consistency of triage decisions and adherence to protocol by call center nurses

Gill, J.L.; Matika, O.; Williams, J.L.; Worton, H.; Wiener, P.; Bishop, S.C., 2010:
Consistency statistics and genetic parameters for taste panel assessed meat quality traits and their relationship with carcass quality traits in a commercial population of Angus-sired beef cattle

Browne, W.J.; Caplen, G.; Edgar, J.; Wilson, L.R.; Nicol, C.J., 2010:
Consistency, transitivity and inter-relationships between measures of choice in environmental preference tests with chickens

Franklin, W.A.; Haney, J.; Merrick, D.T.; Keith, R.L., 1999:
Consistent VEGF expression levels in immortalized bronchial epithelial lines but variable expression levels in lung cancer lines

Roe, M.T.; Gum, P.A.; Booth, J.E.; Jia, G.; Damaraju, L.; Fitzpatrick, S.E.; Kereiakes, D.J.; Tcheng, J.E., 1999:
Consistent and durable reduction in death and myocardial infarction with abciximab during coronary intervention in acute coronary syndromes and stable angina A pooled analysis from EPIC, EPILOG, and EPISTENT

Eaton, K.A.; Ringler, S.S., 1999:
Consistent and severe gastritis and gastric epithelial erosion and metaplasia in mice infected with Helicobacter pylori The role of the host response

Zhu, X.; Chang, C.; Yan, D.; Weder, A.; Cooper, R.; Luke, A.; Kan, D.; Chakravarati, A., 2002:
Consistent and significant associations between hypertension and renin-angiotensin system genes in two populations

Rueda-Cantuche,J.M.; Amores,A.F., 2010:
Consistent and unbiased carbon dioxide emission multipliers performance of Danish emission reductions via external trade

Punnett, H.H.; de Chadarevian, J.P.; Tomczak, E.Z., 1999:
Consistent aneuploidies in choroid plexus papillomas

Calhoun, D.A.; Christensen, R.D.; Edstrom, C.S.; Juul, S.E.; Ohls, R.K.; Schibler, K.R.; Sola, M.C.; Sullivan, S.E., 2000:
Consistent approaches to procedures and practices in neonatal hematology

Lewis, B.S.; Mehta, S.; Peters, R.J.; Budaj, A.; Bertrand, M.E.; Fox, K.A.A.; Halon, D.A.; Yusuf, S., 2003:
Consistent benefit of clopidogrel in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndromes undergoing very early, early or later percutaneous coronary intervention in the CURE study

Halbwedl, I.; Ullmann, R.; Petzmann, S.; Bongiovanni, M.; Papotti, M.; Fraire, A.E.; Cagle, P.T.; Mori, M.; Popper, H.H., 2002:
Consistent chromosomal aberration between high grade atypical adenomatous hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma of the lung

Roberts, I.; Gordon, T.; Shipley, J.; Coleman, N., 2000:
Consistent chromosomal translocations in embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma

Fogarty, J.N.; Vogel Sprott, M., 2001:
Consistent differences in cognitive and motor skill impairment during an acute dose of alcohol

Nishizawa, T.; Iwase, M.; Kanazawa, H.; Nagasaka, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Ishiki, R.; Somura, F.; Izawa, H.; Ishikawa, Y.; Yokota, M., 2001:
Consistent effects of growth hormone on LV function in early and advanced stage of heart failure in cardiomyopathic hamsters

L.C.sne, A.; Misset, J.L.; Demetri, G.; Lopez Martin, J.A.; Blay, J.Y.; Van Oosterom, A.; Judson, I.; Brain, E.; Yovine, A.; Maki, R.; Gomez, J.; Guzman, C., 2001:
Consistent evidence of activity of ecteinascidin in pretreated, advanced soft tissue sarcoma Results from a pooled analysis of three pivotal phase II clinical trials and safety profile of a 24 h infusion schedule

Gatalica, Z.; Diaz, D.L.on, E.; Mccue, P.A.; Burchette, J.L.; Kovatich, A.; To, G.; Sanchez, R.L.; Krigman, H.R., 1999:
Consistent expression of androgen receptor associated with the lack of expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors in extramammary Pagets disease

Chik, L.; Zador, I.E.; Chik, K.; Dombrowski, M.P.; Sokol, R.J., 1999:
Consistent fetal biometry improves sonographic estimates of fetal weight

Burton, J.R.; Tymchak, W.; Dzavik, V.; Taylor, D.; Catellier, D.; Buller, C.E.; Plante, S.; Montague, T.J.; Teo, K.K., 2000:
Consistent gains by subgroups in retarding progression of coronary atherosclerosis due to long-term lipid lowering therapy in normocholesterolemic patients

Sanoudou, D.; Tingby, O.; Collins, P.V.; Coleman, N.; Ferguson Smith, M.A., 1999:
Consistent genetic abnormalities in myxopapillary ependymomas

NieJunSheng; SongYouGui; King,J.W.; Egli,R., 2010:
Consistent grain size distribution of pedogenic maghemite of surface soils and Miocene loessic soils on the Chinese Loess Plateau

Koehler, A.; Meyer, T.; Schmook, T.; Ulrich, C.; Stockfleth, E.; Nindl, I., 2004:
Consistent human papillomavirus infections in different non-melanoma skin cancer and their recurrences

Regitnig, P.; Heckermann, H.; Tsybrovskyy, O.; Lax, S.F., 2000:
Consistent immunophenotype between primary and recurrent breast carcinoma but significant changes of the genotype

Heiss, S.; Morse, K.G.; Gupta, K.; Herbert, R.; Kaplan, A.; Platts Mills, T.A.E., 1999:
Consistent increases in asthma admissions over forty years Medical University of South Carolina

Kodavanti, U.P.; Schladweiler, M.C.; Ledbetter, A.D.; Walsh, L.C.; Gilmour, P.S.; Gilmour, M.I.; Watkinson, W.P.; Nolan, J.P.; Richards, J.H.; Andrews, D.; Costa, D.L., 2003:
Consistent inflammatory response following exposure to concentrated ambient particles during fall season in Wistar-Kyoto rats

Wang, P.P.; Badley, E.M., 2001:
Consistent low prevalence of arthritis in Quebec Findings from several Canadian population health surveys

Stevens, B.; Petryshen, P.; Stinson, J.; Jack, A.; Narciso, J., 2002:
Consistent management of pain in hospitalized preterm neonates

Ansari Lari, M.A.; D.M.rzo, A.M.; Nelson, W.G.; Hicks, J.L.; Sukumar, S.; Davidson, N.E.; Argani, P., 2002:
Consistent overexpression of DNA methyltransferase in human breast carcinoma

Argani, P.; Kuhajda, F.P.; Wilentz, R.E.; Su, G.H.; Sohn, T.A.; Yeo, C.J.; Cameron, J.L.; Hruban, R.H., 2001:
Consistent overexpression of fatty acid synthase in biliary tract carcinomas A novel target for anti-biliary tract cancer drug development?

Gail, A.; Brinksmeyer, H.J.; Eckhorn, R., 2001:
Consistent perception-related modulations in monkey striate cortex during rivalrous and congruent dichoptic stimulation

Wollbratt, M.; Eriksson, U.G.; Wolzt, M.; Svensson, M.; Wahlander, K.; Grind, M., 2002:
Consistent pharmacokinetics of ximelagatran, an oral direct thrombin inhibitor, in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and age- and gender-matched controls

Pizzi, S.; D'adda, T.; Azzoni, C.; Pasquali, C.; Bordi, C., 2001:
Consistent telomeric extension of LOH in the MEN-1 region in pancreatic but not in midgut endocrine tumors

Onken, J.E.; Sands, B.; Hogezand, R.; Haens, G.; Braakman, T.; Dewoody, K.; Schaible, T.; Targon, S.; Hanauer, S.; Van Deventer, S.; Rutgeerts, P.; Present, D., 1999:
Consistent treatment benefit with infliximab in patients with fistulizing Crohns disease

Lutzko, C.; Halene, S.; Senadheera, D.; Kohn, D.B., 2002:
Consistent, regulated transgene expression from retroviral and lentiviral vectors carrying S/MARS

Mikkola, D.; Horvath, N.; Gilliani, A.; Stevens, S.; Spiro, T.; Cooper, K.D.; Wood, G., 1999:
Consistently high sensitivity of PCR/DGGE analysis for the detection of dominant clonality in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas

Ikeda, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Arase, Y.; Someya, T.; Saitoh, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Suzuki, F.; Tsubota, A.; Akuta, N.; Kumada, H., 2002:
Consistently low hepatitis B virus-DNA saves patients from hepatocellular carcinogenesis in HBV-related cirrhosis

Fu, Z.; Holtzapple, M.T., 2010:
Consolidated bioprocessing of sugarcane bagasse and chicken manure to ammonium carboxylates by a mixed culture of marine microorganisms

Benja Athon, Anuthep, 2000:
Consolidated electrical-lead acupuncture needle

Nader, K.; Schafe, G.E.; Ledoux, J.E., 2000:
Consolidated fear memories become labile during retrieval and require protein synthesis in the amygdala for reconsolidation,

Ledoux, J.E.; Dudai, Y.; Mcgaugh, J.L.; Sara, S.; Nader, K.; Silva, A., 2001:
Consolidation and reconsolidation of memory

Lambert, J.F.; Colvin, G.; Rathore, R.; Lum, L.; Falvey, M.; Elfenbein, G., 2002:
Consolidation following autologous stem cell transplant of non-Hodgkins and Hodgkins lymphomas

Singer, C.R.J.; Cavenagh, J.; Mills, M.; Rhodes, E.; Kruger, A.; Smith, S.; Gutteridge, C.; Rule, S.; Brownell, A.; Hughes, A.; Grant, I.; Evely, R.; Hamon, M.; Mcbride, N.; Ridge, M., 2001:
Consolidation high dose vs intermediate dose melphalan for myeloma Preliminary Report of a Multicentre Randomised Trial

Catlin,J.; Jones,T.; Norman,B.; Wood,D., 2010:
Consolidation in a wildlife tourism industry the changing impact of whale shark tourist expenditure in the Ningaloo Coast region

Hodgson, R.A.; Trepel, C.; Racine, R.J., 1999:
Consolidation kinetics for both hippocampal and neocortical long-term potentiation in vivo are consistent with their putative roles in memory

Kottaridis, P.D.; Gale, R.E.; Holt, M.; Wheatley, K.; Goldstone, A.H.; Burnett, A.K.; Linch, D.C., 2002:
Consolidation of AML Therapy with Autograft and Allograft Procedures Does Not Negate the Poor Prognostic Impact of FLT3 Internal Tandem Duplications Results from the UK MRC AML 10 and 12 Trials

Jackola, D.R.; Liebeler, C.L.; Lin, C.; Chai, Y.; Blumenthal, M.N., 2004:
Consolidation of Der p 1-specific antibody responses in atopic and non-atopic infants

Goedert, K.M.; Willingham, D.B., 2000:
Consolidation of a motor sequencing skill

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Conspectus of the families of Capparales

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Constitutive activation of beta-catenin-tcf in high metastatic colorectal carcinoma cells

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Constitutive activation of histamine H1 receptors

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Constitutive activation of mek erk signalling pathway in human intestinal crypt cells provokes cell cycle arrest associated with accumulation of p21cip

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Constitutive activation of the ERK1/2 pathway in human melanoma cells, M21 and M24, contributes to their enhanced motility and invasiveness in vitro

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Constitutive activation of the MAPkinase p38 is dependent on PKC-delta activity Role of p38 for stromal-cell mediated survival of B-CLL cells

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Constitutive activation of the Notch pathway in the hair follicle inner root sheath results in abnormal differentiation of the adjacent outer root sheath

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Constitutive activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway impairs myelomonocytic differentiation of normal progenitors and is found in acute myeloid leukaemia

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Constitutive androstane receptor

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Constitutive antigen presentation of MBP in the immune periphery leads to tolerance induction

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Constitutive beta-globin gene expression by the murine erythroleukaemia cell line F4N-S

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Constitutive expression of ABCG2 , the molecular determinant of the side population phenotype, enhances the number of primitive clonogenic human hematopoietic progenitor cells without disturbance of the normal differentiation program in vitro

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Constitutive expression of IGF-I in epidermis of transgenic mice leads to altered expression of Mad gene family members

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Constitutive expression of a prosystemin transgene in potato plants increases storage protein levels of tubers

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Constitutive expression of growth regulated oncogene in human colon carcinoma cells modulates their metastatic potential

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Constitutive expression of the Trichoderma reesei beta-1,4-xylanase gene and the beta-1,4-endoglucanase gene in Aspergillus niger in molasses and defined glucose media

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Constitutive gene activation by non-phosphorylated STAT2 is prevented by efficient CRM1-mediated nuclear export

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Constitutive heat shock protein 70 facilitates the degradation of damaged protein via proteasome pathway during ischemia/reperfusion injury

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Constitutive over-expression of the insulin receptor substrate-1 causes functional up-regulation of Fas

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Constitutive repression of E2F1 transcriptional activity through HDAC proteins is essential for neuronal survival

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