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Description of the first instar larvae of three species of Meloe with a key to the triungulins of Central European species of this genus

Luckmann, J.; Scharf, S.

European Journal of Entomology 101(2): 313-322


ISSN/ISBN: 1210-5759
Accession: 034699248

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The first instar larvae (triungulins) of Meloe (Meloegonius Reitter) rufiventris Germar, 1817, M. (Micromeloe Reitter) uralensis Pallas, 1777 and M. (Eurymeloe Reitter) scabriusculus Brandt & Erichson, 1832 are described, which were before unknown. The systematic relationship to closely related species is discussed. A key is included which allows to identify all triungulins of the genus Meloe from Central Europe.

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