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Duration of full breastfeeding , maternal prepregnant body mass index , and smoking are associated with weight gain at 1 y among Danish infants

Baker, J.L.; Michaelsen, K.F.; Rasmussen, K.M.; Sorensen, T.I.A.

FASEB Journal 16(4): A607


ISSN/ISBN: 0892-6638
Accession: 034772227

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Recently we reported that, among 545 white women living in rural New York, PPBMI and smoking were positively associated, and FBF negatively associated, with infant weight gain at 1 y. In this population the women had a mean PPBMI of 24.9 kg/m2, 19% smoked and FBF lasted for 5.3 wk. To investigate whether these associations also exist among thinner women with longer FBF duration, we studied 3685 mother-infant dyads from the Danish National Birth Cohort. In this population, PPBMI was 23.4 kg/m2, 17% smoked and FBF lasted 17.2 wk. Using comparable multiple regression analyses adjusted for potentially confounding factors, we confirmed that PPBMI and smoking were positively associated and duration of FBF was negatively associated with infant weight gain at 1 y (p<0.01; adj. R2=0.30) among the Danish women. The effects of PPBMI and FBF on infant weight gain were similar and the effects of smoking were less than those we found in New York. These findings confirm the opposing effects of PPBMI and duration of FBF on infant weight gain, but their relative contribution to infant weight gain differed considerably between the two populations.

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