Effect of pre-slaughter transport plant on blood constituents and meat quality in halothane genotype of NN Large White x Landrace pigs

Chai,J.; Xiong,Q.; Zhang,C.X.; Miao,W.; Li,F.E.; Zheng,R.; Peng,J.; Jiang,S.W.

Livestock Science 7(1): 211-217


ISSN/ISBN: 1871-1413
DOI: 10.1016/j.livsci.2009.09.014
Accession: 034802998

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A 3x3 factorial experiment has been conducted to study the effects of different transport time (Short: 40 min vs. Medium: 3 h vs. Long: 5 h) and stocking densities (Low: 5 pigs per pen or 230 kg/m2, Medium: 6 pigs per pen or 275 kg/m2 and High: 7 pigs per pen or 325 kg/m2) on some blood constituents and meat quality of four hundred and thirty two pigs including seventy two pigs that had been DNA tested (genotype: NN).