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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 34892

Chapter 34892 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yoon, B.H.un; Romero, R.; Shim, S.S.p; Lim, J.H.e; Park, M.Y.ung; Jung, N.Y.ung; Jun, J.K.an, 2002:
Evidence that the preterm fetus mounts a more intense systemic inflammatory response than the term fetus in intra-amniotic infection

Zhou, Y.; Shi, T.; Friedman, D.I., 2003:
Evidence that the promoter can influence transcription antitermination by the N protein of lambda

Sapunaric, F.; Duez, C.; Amoroso, A.; Coyette, J., 2000:
Evidence that the psr gene does not directly contribute to penicillin resistance in Enterococcus ssp

Shipman, S.A.; Forrest, C.B.; Glade, G.B.; Baker, A.E., 2000:
Evidence that the quality of specialty care differs between Medicaid and commercially insured patients

Baskin, D.G.; Schwartz, M.W.; Levin, B.E.; Dunn Meynell, A.A., 1999:
Evidence that the rat arcuate nucleus has two subsets of NPY neurons that are activated by fasting and regulated by insulin and leptin

Johnson, J.D.; Van Goor, F.; Goldberg, J.I.; Chang, J.P., 1999:
Evidence that the rate of rise and spatial features of calcium signals control gonadotropin secretion

Boyett, M.R.; Claydon, T.W.; Makary, S.Y.; Dibb, K.M., 2004:
Evidence that the selectivity filter, not the bundle crossing, is the site of polyamine- and agonist-gating in a Kir channel

Funasaka, Y.; Chakraborty, A.; Araki, K.; Horikawa, T.; Ichihashi, M.; Nishigori, C., 2004:
Evidence that the small GTPase RAB8 involves in melanosome traffic and dendrite extension in B16 melanoma cells

Eyles, J.E.; Bramwell, V.W.; Williamson, E.D.; Alpar, H.O., 2000:
Evidence that the spleen can act as an inductive site following appropriate mucosal application of microparticle encapsulated Y pestis V antigen

Zhang, P.; Mcglynn, A.C.; Kelley, K.; Erdos, G.W.; West, C.M., 2000:
Evidence that the spore coat protein SP85/PsB mediates a checkpoint for cellulose biosynthesis, regulates cellulose packing, and anchors outer-layer proteins of the spore coat in dictyostelium

Millington, W.R., 2001:
Evidence that the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray region mediates the hypotension evoked by severe hemorrhage and visceral nociception

Rick, P.D.; Barr, K.; Sankaran, K.; Kajimura, J.; Rush, J.S.; Waechter, C.J., 2003:
Evidence that the wzxE gene encodes a flippase mediating the transbilayer movement of a trisaccharide-lipid intermediate in the assembly of ECA in E coli

Scott, D.; Poli, A.; Bertin, K.; Levick, J.R.; Miserocchi, G., 2000:
Evidence that thin interstitial layer around joints acts as a high resistance skin to retain joint fluid

Kirshenbaum, A.S.; Metcalfe, D.D., 2004:
Evidence that thrombopoietin is capable of supporting human mast cells

Hardy, S.L.; Anderson, G.M.; Valent, M.; Billngs, H.J.; Connors, J.M.; Goodman, R.L., 2001:
Evidence that thyroid hormones act in the premammillary region to allow seasonal anestrus in the ewe

Pang, W.; Taepavarapruk, N.; Mcerlane, S.; Soja, P.J., 2000:
Evidence that tonic inhibition of lumbar sensory neurons is mediated by inhibitory amino acids

Ito, S.; Sved, A.F., 2000 :
Evidence that tonically active excitatory amino acid input to rostral ventrolateral medulla support blood pressure via a Sarthran sensitive receptor

Butler, H.K.; Holland, M.A., 2000:
Evidence that trans-zeatin riboside produced by a microbial symbiont is physiologically meaningful to its host plant

Kaemmerer, W.F.; Mcivor, R.S.; Low, W.C., 2001:
Evidence that transduction of cerebellar Purkinje cells by adeno-associated virus type 2 is mediated by bFGF receptor type 1

Carr, Brian, I., 2000:
Evidence that two markers for hepatocellular carcinoma , alfa-fetoprotein and pivka-2 or des-gamma-carboxy-prothrombin , are independently controlled

Wong, M.P.M.; Young, J.M., 1999:
Evidence that two pathways of Ca2+ entry are involved in the inhibitory action of thapsigargin on drug-induced cyclic AMP accumulation in human U373 MG astrocytoma cells

Li, L.; Skorpen, F.; Egeberg, K.; Grill, V., 2001:
Evidence that uncoupling protein-2 participates in cellular defense against oxidative stress in beta-cells

Chan, S.L.; Lee, J.; Kruman, Y.; Mattson, M.P., 2000:
Evidence that upregulation of presenilins in primary neurons during metabolic stress is neuroprotective

Mattes, T.E.; Coleman, N.V.; Spain, J.C.; Gossett, J.M., 2003:
Evidence that vinyl chloride monooxygenase genes are encoded by a megaplasmid in Nocardioides strain JS614

Macleod, M.; Smith, I.C.H., 1999:
Evidence that when successive action potentials occur in C-fibres in the vagus nerve of the rat, K+ ions are driven into the Schwann cells by the depolarization of the axon during each action potential

Kabrane, Y.; Meng, X.J.; Emerson, S.U.; Purcell, R.H., 1999:
Evidence that wild rats in the US are infected with hepatitis E virus

Tuaillon, N.; Capra, J.D.nald, 1999:
Evidence that xenotypic exclusion in minilocus transgenic mice is regulated at the transcription level

Mosca, L.; Tarshis, T.; Rhodes, K.; Rubenfire, M.; Omenn, G.S., 1999:
Evidence the vitamin E in food, not supplements, protects low-density lipoprotein from oxidation in postmenopausal women

Blethyn, K.; Dickinson, K.; Jones, R.B.; Heal, D.J., 2000:
Evidence to demonstrate that lactate production can be used as a metabolic rate marker in immortalised C2C12 skeletal muscle myocytes in vitro

Riggs, P.J.; Mortiz, R.; Dong, Y.; Chelius, M.; Triplett, E.W., 2002:
Evidence to illustrate the beneficial yield response of spring wheat and rice to inoculation with nitrogen-fixing bacterial endophytes

Jeggo, R.D.; Wang, Y.; Jordan, D.; Ramage, A.G., 2001:
Evidence to suggest that presynaptic 5-HT3 receptors are involved in the excitation of NTS neurones in anaesthetized rats

Fawley, W.N.; Freeman, J.; Wilcox, M.H., 2003:
Evidence to support the existence of subgroups within the UK epidemic Clostridium difficile strain

Guderyahn, L.; Scott, L.; Hager, S.B., 2003:
Evidence to support the presence of Hyla chrysoscelis and the absence of Hyla versicolor at Green Wing Environmental Laboratory

Potterat, J.J.; Muth, S.Q.; Brody, S., 2000:
Evidence undermining the adequacy of the HIV reproduction number formula

Ernst, E., 2001:
Evidence versus experience?

Barosi, G.; Marchetti, M.; Alessandrino, P.E.; Visani, G.; Rebulla, P.; Grossi, A.; Liberato, L.N.; Amadori, S.; Morra, E.; Cazzola, M.; Locatelli, F.; Tura, S., 2002:
Evidence- and Consensus-Based Guidelines for the Therapy of Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Lundell, J.C., 2002:
Evidence-based EACA dosing?

Simonson, G.D.; Strock, E.; Anderson, S.; Weaver, T.; Bergenstal, R.; Idrogo, M.; Kendall, D.; Mazze, R., 2000:
Evidence-based algorithms Matching therapy with the natural history of type 2 diabetes

Moodumane, I.; Piecuch, S., 2002:
Evidence-based antibiotic treatment of very low birth weight infants

Porzsolt, F.; Sellenthin, C.; Schmoll, H.J.; Illiger, H.J., 1999:
Evidence-based approach to cancer of unknown primary

Moodumane, I.; Piecuch, S., 2002:
Evidence-based approach to empiric antibiotic therapy in very low birth weight infants

Lenz, T.L.; Syedroudbari, A.; Hilleman, D.E., 2000:
Evidence-based approach to formulary selection of angiotensin receptor blockers A meta-analysis

Fox, A.W., 2000:
Evidence-based assessment of pregnancy outcome after sumatriptan exposure

Fleming, K.A., 2002:
Evidence-based cellular pathology

Harter, R.A.; Wood, T.M.; Harmer, P.A., 2001:
Evidence-based clinical decision making in sports injury management

Heddle, N.M., 2002:
Evidence-based clinical reporting: a need for improvement

Porzsolt, F.; Kumpf, J.; Sellenthin, C.; Thim, A.; Coppin, C.; Coldman, A.; Poeppel, E., 2001:
Evidence-based clinical research Integrating the best research evidence with clinical expertise provides alternative interpretations of the effects of immunotherapy in renal cell cancer

Clark, M.J.; Noji, A.; Curran, C., 2000:
Evidence-based community health nursing practice

Mayer, F.; Mueller, S.; Hirschmueller, A.; Baur, H., 2004:
Evidence-based concepts of athletic shoe and insole design for running - Principles for medical advice

Danzon, M.; Charpak, Y., 2002:
Evidence-based decision-making in public health: fictive dialogue between a decision-maker and a scientific expert

Shepley, M.McCuskey., 2004:
Evidence-based design for infants and staff in the neonatal intensive care unit

Six, B.L.; Schap, T.E.; Zhu, F.M.; Mariappan, A.; Bosch, M.; Delp, E.J.; Ebert, D.S.; Kerr, D.A.; Boushey, C.J., 2010:
Evidence-based development of a mobile telephone food record

Arnold, R.A.; Shapiro, N.I., 2002:
Evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of influenza in the high-risk patient population of the emergency department

Jaeschke, R.; Guyatt, G.H.; Montori, V.M., 2002:
Evidence-based diagnosis in endocrinology

Gibson, P.R.; Shepherd, S.J., 2010:
Evidence-based dietary management of functional gastrointestinal symptoms: The FODMAP approach

Simpson, E.A.; Beck, C.A.; Richard, H.; Rodrigues, E.J.; Merrett, P.; Pilote, L.; Eisenberg, M.J., 2001:
Evidence-based drug prescriptions post-acute myocardial infarction; prescription combinations, compliance and persistence

Perry, L.; Mclaren, S., 2000:
Evidence-based dysphagia screening in acute stroke

Haynes, R.Brian.; Walker-Dilks, C.J., 2002:
Evidence-based endocrinology. Finding the current best research evidence for practice in endocrinology

Roberts, L.W., 2000:
Evidence-based ethics and informed consent in mental illness research

Tyson, J.E.; Stoll, B.J., 2003:
Evidence-based ethics and the care and outcome of extremely premature infants

Smith, T.J., 2003:
Evidence-based follow-up of lung cancer patients

Coombs, A.B.; Jones Mclean, E.; Bouchard, F.; White, K.; Berthelot, J.M.; L.P.tit, C.; Flanagan, W., 2001:
Evidence-based information for public health policy The colorectal cancer screening example

van Weel, C.; Knottnerus, J.A., 1999:
Evidence-based interventions and comprehensive treatment

Sandberg, S., 2001:
Evidence-based laboratory medicine From primary research to clinical guidelines

Montorsi, F.; Salonia, A.; Maga, T.; Cestari, A.; Nava, L.; Guazzoni, G.; Colombo, R.; Rigatti, P.; Bettocchi, C.; Cormio, L., 2001:
Evidence-based lengthening of the fibrotic penis with multiple tunical incisions and placement of a three-piece inflatable penile implant

Gropper, M.A., 2004:
Evidence-based management of critically ill patients: analysis and implementation

Thorp, J.M.; Hartmann, K.E., 2002:
Evidence-based management of preterm labor The role of tocolytics and antibiotics

Jefferson, K.; Patel, B.; Persad, R.A., 2001:
Evidence-based management of prostate cancer Where is the evidence?

Patel, S.R.; Wiese, W.; Patel, S.C.; Ohl, C.; Byrd, J.C.; Estrada, C.A., 2000:
Evidence-based medicine A meta-analysis of diagnostic tests for vaginal trichomoniasis

Younossi, Z.; Guyatt, G., 1999:
Evidence-based medicine: a method for solving clinical problems in hepatology

Rees, P.John, 2002:
Evidence-based medicine Past, present and future

Kober, T.; Engert, A., 2000:
Evidence-based medicine The establishment of a Cochrane Haematological Malignancies Review Group

Sinclair, S., 2004:
Evidence-based medicine: a new ritual in medical teaching

Jespersen, J., 2000:
Evidence-based medicine and anticoagulant treatment

Franco, G., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based occupational health

L.Xiao Ju, 2000:
Evidence-based medicine and its relationships with clinical studies on antimicrobial agents

Boris, J.R.; Nunes, M.E., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine approach to answering questions in clinical genetics Marfan syndrome

Pronovost, P.J.; Berenholtz, S.M.; Dorman, T.; Merritt, W.T.; Martinez, E.A.; Guyatt, G.H., 2001:
Evidence-based medicine in anesthesiology

Feriani, M., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine in peritoneal dialysis: peritoneal dialysis solutions

Woolf, S.H.; George, J.N., 2000:
Evidence-based medicine. Interpreting studies and setting policy

Kopp, R.; Kuhlen, R.; Max, M.; Rossaint, R., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine of the acute respiratory distress syndrome

Thammasitboon, S.; Butiu, T.; Gillespie, R.; Hupert, J.; Schwartz, A.; Mrtek, R., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine performance In association with learning preferences and knowledge dissemination styles

Dinkevich, E.I.; Markinson, A.; Ahsan, S.; Lawrence, B., 2003:
Evidence-based medicine skills of pediatric residents improve with a brief intervation

Green, M.L., 1999:
Evidence-based medicine training in internal medicine training programs A national survey

Marson, A.G., 2003:
Evidence-based monotherapy for epilepsy

Harrold, J.; Schmidt, B., 2002:
Evidence-based neonatology: making a difference beyond discharge from the neonatal nursery

Ghosh, A.K., 2000:
Evidence-based nephrology: efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine in hemodialysis patients

Lauri, Sirkka, 2001:
Evidence-based nursing for patients psychosocial support

Djulbegovic, B.; Coleman, R.; Stahel, R.; Singh, D.; Lyman, G., 2003:
Evidence-based oncology in cancer treatment reviews

Djulbegovic, B.; Singh, D., 2003:
Evidence-based oncology section - aims and scope

Christenson, R.H., 2001:
Evidence-based overview of biochemical markers in heart failure

Browman, G.P., 1999:
Evidence-based paradigms and opinions in clinical management and cancer research

Wiedermann, B.L., 2000:
Evidence-based pediatric infectious diseases

Rabiee, Fatemeh, 1999:
Evidence-based practice Its relevance to nutritional intervention programmes

Craig Pinsker, M., 2004:
Evidence-based practice and neuromuscular monitoring

Eriksson, L.I., 2003:
Evidence-based practice and neuromuscular monitoring: it's time for routine quantitative assessment

Beyea, S.C., 2004:
Evidence-based practice in perioperative nursing

Pincus, T.; Callahan, L.F.; Keysor, J.J., 1999:
Evidence-based predictors of mortality over 10 years in rheumatoid arthritis Age, comorbidity, male sex, poor functional status, and rheumatoid factor

Padian, N.S., 2004:
Evidence-based prevention: increasing the efficiency of HIV intervention trials

Vineis, P., 2000:
Evidence-based primary prevention?

Silberstein, J.L.; Parsons, J.Kellogg., 2010:
Evidence-based principles of bladder cancer and diet

Casey, Patricia, 2000:
Evidence-based psychiatry Beguiled by certainty

Watson, P., 2004:
Evidence-based reassurance

Ratko, T.A.; Cummings, J.P.; Oberman, H.A.; Crookston, K.P.; DeChristopher, P.J.; Eastlund, D.T.; Godwin, J.E.; Sacher, R.A.; Yawn, D.H.; Matuszewski, K.A., 2001:
Evidence-based recommendations for the use of WBC-reduced cellular blood components

Ghosh, A.K., 2000:
Evidence-based reduction of heart failure events with the involvement of pharmacists

Dolan, L.C.; Potter, S.M.; Burdock, G.A., 2010:
Evidence-based review on the effect of normal dietary consumption of fructose on development of hyperlipidemia and obesity in healthy, normal weight individuals

Pena, B.M.G.; Cook, E.F.ancis; Taylor, G.A.; Fishman, S.J.; Mandl, K.D., 2001:
Evidence-based selective imaging guidelines for the diagnosis of appendicitis in children

Sandercock, P., 2000:
Evidence-based stroke care and the Cochrane Library

Sandercock, P., 2000:
Evidence-based stroke prevention The role of the Cochrane Collaboration

Fischler, B.; Vandenberghe, J.; Persoons, P.; D.G.cht, V.; Broekaert, D.; Luyckx, K.; Tack, J., 2001:
Evidence-based subtypes in functional dyspepsia with confirmatory factor analysis Psychosocial and physiopathological correlates

Palmberg, P., 2004:
Evidence-based target pressures: how to choose and achieve them

Dixit, S.; Beauford, S.; Lins, S.; Draus, C.; Riba, A.L., 2000:
Evidence-based therapy post-coronary artery bypass graft surgery and potential impact on readmission

Hamilton, J.D., 2003:
Evidence-based thinking and the alliance with parents

Mohri, H.; Higashihara, M., 2003:
Evidence-based treatment of acquired von Willebrand syndrome Comparison of three different therapeutic approaches with or without inhibitors

Rosenblum, J.; Forman, S., 2002 :
Evidence-based treatment of eating disorders

Wisløff, F.; Crowther, M., 2004:
Evidence-based treatment of the antiphospholipid syndrome: I. Pregnancy failure

Higashihara, E.; Nutahara, K.; Arakawa, T.; Kubo, S.; Igarashi, T., 1999:
Evidence-based treatment strategy of the ureteral stone

Black, D., 2002:
Evidence-free medicine

Fong, D.S.; Ferris, F.L., 2001:
Evidence-guided ophthalmology

Putnam, G.; Powers, C.; O'quinn, S.; Mansbach, H.; Salonen, R., 2001:
Evidenced-based migraine therapy Reply

Asai, H.; Okamoto, H.; Moriyama, Y., 2000:
Evidences for Ca2+-activated rubber-like contractility of Vorticellid spasmoneme

Audinot, V.; Suply, T.; Nicolas, J.P.; Lahaye, C.; Cardinaud, B.; Beauverger, P.; Ferry, G.; Rodriguez, M.; Galizzi, J.P.; Nahon, J.L.; Boutin, J.A., 2001:
Evidences for a MCH binding site different from the SLC-1 receptor

Arias, B.; Catalan, R.; Gasto, C.; Gutierrez, B.; Fananas, L., 2003:
Evidences for a combined genetic effect of the serotonin transporter and 5-HT1A receptor genes in the clinical outcome and remission status of major depressive patients treated with citalopram

Gaur, R.L.chan; Khan, M.A.; Dixit, S.; Murthy, P.K., 2003:
Evidences for a direct action of diethylcarbamazine on the Brugia malayi adult worm Immunoreactivity pattern of adult worms exposed to DEC in vitro and in vivo

Sansoe', G.; Silvano, S.; Touscoz, A.; Smedile, A.; Baronio, M.; Bonardi, L.; Rizzetto, M., 2001:
Evidences for a dynamic aldosterone-independent distal tubular control of renal sodium excretion in compensated liver cirrhosis

Conti, A.; Maestroni, G.J.M.; Cosentino, M.; Marino, F.; Brivio, F.; Roselli, M.G.; Lissoni, P., 2000:
Evidences for a neuroimmunomodulatory and hematopoietic role of the Luschkas coccygeal body

Morales, M.; Colicos, M.A.; Goda, Y., 2001:
Evidences for a new role of actin cytoskeleton regulating synaptic transmission

Zanini, G.M.; Guimaraes, S.; Levi, R.; Carvalho, L.J.M.; Ferreira, D.C.uz, M.F.; Banic, D.M.; Daniel Ribeiro, C.T., 2001:
Evidences for a role of autoantibodies in the immune protection against malaria

Suzuki, A.; Caverzasio, J.; Kakita, A.; Kotake, M.; Miura, Y.; Oiso, Y.; Itoh, M., 2002:
Evidences for a role of p38 MAP kinase in prostaglandin E1 induced ALP activity in osteoblast-like cells

Suzuki, A.; Palmer, G.; Guicheux, J.; Oiso, Y.; Bonjour, J.P.; Caverzasio, J., 1999:
Evidences for a role of the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in the differentiation of osteoblastic cells

Park, S.W.ok; Park, S.K.ang; Park, H.S.on, 2000:
Evidences for an endogenous extracellular phospholipase C from renal proximal tubules

Longobardo, M.; Navarro Polanco, R.; Caballero, R.; Delpon, E.; Tamargo, J.; Snyders, D.J.; Tamkun, M.M.; Valenzuela, C., 1999:
Evidences for an external bupivacaine receptor in hKv15 channels

Bahn, A.; Quondamatteo, F.; Knabe, M.; Godehardt, S.; Hillemann, A.; Herken, R.; Burckhardt, G., 2001:
Evidences for an important role of the organic anion transporter 1 in handling of neurotransmitter metabolites in the eye

Tofani, S.; Cintorino, M.; Barone, D.; Berardelli, M.; D.S.nti, M.M.; Ferrara, A.; Ossola, P.; Rolfo, K.; Ronchetto, F.; Tripodi, S.A.; Tosi, P., 2001:
Evidences for anticancer activity on primary or metastatic cancer by nonthermal magnetic fields

Avanzini, G., 1999:
Evidences for epilepsy-related plasticity in human epilepsies

Panaro, M.A.; Brandonisio, O.; Acquafredda, A.; Sisto, M.; Mitolo, V., 2003:
Evidences for iNOS expression and nitric oxide production in the human macrophages

Zanini, G.M.; Brahimi, K.; Guimaraes, S.J.; Machado, E.S.; Banic, D.; Leite, N.; Druilhe, P.; Daniel Ribeiro, C.T., 1999:
Evidences for reactivity of immunoglobulins from autoimmune disease patients with plasmodial antigens

Arano, Y.; Fujioka, Y.; Satake, S.; Uehara, T.; Saji, H., 2003:
Evidences for renal brush border enzymes-mediated release of iodohippuric acid from 3-iodohippuryl-Ne-maleoyl-L-lysine conjugated antibody fragments

Tian, H.; Yu, L.; Yu, C.A., 1999:
Evidences for the domain movement of the iron-sulfur protein during the catalytic cycles of cytochrome bc1 complex

Bonini, M.G.; Miyamoto, S.; D.M.scio, P.; Augusto, O., 2003:
Evidences for the production of carbonate radical anion during xanthine oxidase turnover

Ishikawa, Y.; Kusaka, E.; Ikeuchi, T.; Hatanaka, H., 2001:
Evidences of Bcl-2 phosphorylation and Bax translocation during no-induced apoptosis

Appierto, V.; Lotan, R.; Cavadini, E.; Villani, M.G.azia; Formelli, F., 2001:
Evidences of C-fos involvement in sensitivity to fenretinide in human ovarian carcinoma cells

Sansoe, G.; Silvano, S.; Smedile, A.; Touscoz, A.; Rosina, F.; Bonardi, L.; Rizzetto, M., 2002:
Evidences of a dynamic aldosterone-independent distal tubular control of renal sodium excretion in compensated liver cirrhosis

Bernard, K.; Bogliolo, S.; Ehrenfeld, J., 2003:
Evidences of a neuropeptidic control of Cl- secretion in airway epithelia

Steindel, M.; Dambros, B.P.; Eger Mangrich, I.; Campbell, D.A.; Romanha, A.J.; Grisard, E.C., 2000:
Evidences of a new Trypanosoma species of the subgenus Schizotrypanum isolated from bats Eptesicus furinalis

Meirelles, R.M.S.; Henriques Pons, A.; Steindel, M.; Soares, M.J., 2000:
Evidences of a perforin-like molecule In Trypanosoma rangeli

Hajj, G.N.M.; Mercadante, A.F.; Veiga, S.S.; Brentani, R.R.; Martins, V.R., 2001:
Evidences of a specific interaction between the cellular prion protein and vitronectin

Kim, C.A.; Albano, L.M.J.; Palhares, R.B.; Mesquita, S.; Pereira, A.C.; Krieger, J.E., 2002:
Evidences of autosomal recessive inheritance in unifocal subtype of fibromuscular dysplasia of the renal arteries

Bezard, E.; Crossman, A.R.; Brotchie, J.M.; Gross, C.E., 2001:
Evidences of dissociation between dopaminergic homeostasis breakdown within the striatum and parkinsonian symptom appearance Death of a dogma

Bentivegna, A.; Venturin, M.; Gervasini, C.; Corrado, L.; Larizza, L.; Riva, P., 2001:
Evidences of duplicated genes in 17q112 by high resolution FISH on stretched chromosomes and DNA fiber

Chen, S.; Kmet, M.; Drumright, C.; Nguyen, A.; Corral, L.; Macina, R.A., 2002:
Evidences of human stanniocalcin 1 and amino acid transporter ATB0+ as potential diagnostic marker for non-small cell lung cancer

Cho, D.T.; Lee, J.C.; Yu, H.S., 2000:
Evidences of new clonal spread of Shigella sonnei for recent outbreaks in Republic of Korea

Brumovsky, P.R.; Kopp, J.; Aguirre, J.A.; Villar, M.J.; Hokfelt, T., 2001:
Evidences of peripheral and central transport of the neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor in dorsal root ganglion neurons of rat

Bucci, E.; Kwansa, H.E.; Arosio, D., 2000:
Evidences of polymeric intermediates during the subsequent steps of oxygenation of hemoglobin

Donati, A.; Ristori, S.; Bonechi, C.; Panza, L.; Martini, G.; Rossi, C., 2002:
Evidences of strong C-HcntdotcntdotcntdotcntdotO bond in an o-carboranyl beta-lactoside in solution

Gladyshev, M.I.; Syshchik, N.N.; Skoptsova, G.N.; Parfentsova, L.S.; Kalacheva, G.S., 1999:
Evidences on selective feeding of omnivorouys species of zoobenthos in a fish pond on the basis of biochemical markers

Dumont, L.; Beaucage, P.; Massicotte, J.; Boileau, J.F.; Jasmin, G., 2000:
Evidences that calcium channel blockers affect differently myocardial relaxation in the failing hamster heart

Taga, S.; Labbe, P.; Girard, D., 1999:
Evidences that human neutrophils are not an important cellular source for the production of interleukin-15

Moura, I.C.; Arcos Fajardo, M.; Leroy, V.; Sadaka, C.; Haddad, E.; Chintalacharuvu, K.R.; Monteiro, R.C., 2003:
Evidences that polymeric state and altered glycosylation of IgA1 are involved in binding to mesangial transferrin receptor in IgA nephropathy

D.L.s Santos, C.A.aete; Antonello, I.C.rlos Ferreira; Poli, D.F.gueiredo, C.E.uardo, 2002:
Evidences that ultrapure water in haemodialysis decreases inflammation

Aquino, C.D.G.; Santos, M.C.R.; Medeira, A.; Cordeiro, I., 2001:
Evident separation of centromeres in a case of Roberts syndrome

Jachau, K.; Roemhild, J.; Bartels, H.; Krause, D.; Wittig, H., 2003:
Evidential value of second blood alcohol samples in cases of so called double blood sampling to asess post offence drinking claims

Holman, C.D.J.; Arnold Reed, D.E.; Donovan, R.J.; D.K.erk, N.; English, D.R., 2001:
Evidential weights used by epidemiologists to attribute causality Overview and effects of respondent characteristics

Matsumoto, S.; Hanai, T.; Matsui, T.; Oka, M.; Tanaka, M.; Uemura, H., 2010:
Eviprostat suppresses urinary oxidative stress in a rabbit model of partial bladder outlet obstruction and in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Van Den Nieuwelaar, A.J.sephes; Van Harskamp, C.D.rk; Drabbels, B.W.lhelmina Johannes Elizeus Josephus; Hetterscheid, H.A.tonius Theresia Petrus, 2004:
Eviscerating member, device and method for processing a cluster of viscera of a slaughtered animal

Martin, E.G.; Curtis, M.J.; Cook, S.A.; Horst, S.L.; Lease, M.E.; Mccarty, T.M.; Newswanger, D.E., 2001:
Eviscerating tool

Mueller, E.M.; Echtle, D.R.; Kontaxis, D.; Frohneberg, D.H., 2002:
Evisceration following recurrent gynecological malignancies in the pelvic region

Giancola, R.; Olioso, P.; D.R.ti, M.; Accorsi, P.; Iacone, A., 2003:
Evluation of CIK cells proliferation in large-scale expansion for preclinical study

Amundson, R., 2000:
Evo versus devo Methodological conflicts in the treatment of variation

Candelaria, A.; Chevere, I.; Colon, M.; Geral, E.; Gonzalez, J.L.; Mojica, J.M.; Puig, A.; Ramos, X.; Rivera, N.L.; Salas, K.; Soto, I.; Tobler, A.; Rosa Molinar, E., 2001:
Evo-Devo 2001 A teaching and research odyssey

Chuong, C.M.ng; Chodankar, R.; Widelitz, R.B.; Jiang, T.X.n, 2000:
Evo-Devo of feathers and scales Building complex epithelial appendages Commentary

Babbitt, C.; Giorgianni, M.; Price, A., 2002:
Evo-devo comes into focus

Tautz, D., 2002:
Evo-devo graduates to new levels

Raff, R.A., 1999:
Evo/Devo New experimental directions and a return to old intellectual roots

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Evolution of cancer guidelines and the potential implications on pesticide registerability

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Evolution of chemical composition, nutritive value and fatty acid content of sunflower during the growth cycle

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Evolution of eyes

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Evolution of fibrin glue applicators

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