Section 35
Chapter 34,937

First report of Candidatus Liberibacter psyllaurous or Ca Liberibacter solanacearum associated with severe foliar chlorosis, curling, and necrosis and tuber discoloration of potato plants in Honduras

Rehman,M.; Melgar,J.C.; RiveraC.,J.M.; Idris,A.M.; Brown,J.K.

Plant Disease: 3, 376-377


ISSN/ISBN: 1943-7692
Accession: 034936620

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From 2006 to 2009, all commercial potato fields in Azacualpa F.M. Honduras were heavily infested with the potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli. Plants exhibited interveinal chlorosis, vein-greening, downward curling, stunting, above ground tuber formation, and brownish flecks in some tubers. Disease incidence ranged from 50 to 95%. Leaf samples and psyllids were collected from 7 fields in two potato- growing regions of Honduras.

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