Gene cloning, sequence analysis and prokaryotic expression vector construction of duck MHC-I alpha chain mature peptide of the extracellular domain

SunKai; LiXinSheng; CuiBaoAn; ChenHongYing; WeiZhanYong; ZhangLei; SongYaPeng; RuanWuYing

Journal Of Northwest A and F University: 2, 57-62


Accession: 034974343

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Objective: The study was done to clone duck MHC-I alpha chain mature peptide gene cDNA sequence of the extracellular domain and construct a prokaryotic expression plasmid. Method: The cDNA of duck MHC-I alpha chain extracellular domain of mature peptide gene amplified with RT-PCR from healthy duck spleen tissue was cloned into pGEM-T Easy vector by T/A Ligation.