Section 36
Chapter 35,007

Growth, filtration and ingestion rate of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis fed with large and small celled algal species

Hotos, G.N.

Aquaculture Research 34(10): 793-802, 20 August


ISSN/ISBN: 1355-557X
Accession: 035006824

The rotifer Brachionus plicatilis was fed in experimental conditions with a small celled (2-5 mum) Chlorella sp. and a large celled (16-22 mum) Asteromonas gracilis algae. The specific growth rate (SGR) of rotifers fed Asteromonas (maximum 0.79) was statistically higher than that for rotifers fed Chlorella (maximium 0.61). The filtration and ingestion rates using different rotifer and algal densities exhibited certain maxima depending on the species, the cell density and the condition of the rotifers. The filtration rate was higher with Asteromonas and, although ingestion rate was lower than with Chlorella, the ingestion in terms of cell volume was 10-fold higher. It seems that B. plicatilis ingests the larger cell diameter algal species more efficiently than the smaller species that is usually used for its mass culture.

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