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Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35042

Chapter 35042 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Histologic findings in core biopsy and resection specimens of central and peripheral papillomas of the breast
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 47A (2003)

Histologic findings in donor kidneys predict post-transplant graft function
, Modern Pathology 12(1): 157A (1999)

Histologic findings in human livers with no known liver disease Implications for transplantation
, Modern Pathology 12(1): 8A (1999)

Histologic findings in nevi submitted with a clinical diagnosis of irritated nevus
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 26(9): 469 (1999)

Histologic findings in patients with clinical and instrumental diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 39(5 Suppl A): 135A (2002)

Histologic findings in potential living liver donor biopsies
, Hepatology 38(4 Suppl 1): 650A (2003)

Histologic findings in the conduction system after cardiac transplantation and correlation with electrocardiographic findings
, American Journal of Cardiology 84(6): 756-9 A9 (1999)

Histologic findings in the initial negative prostate biopsy and risk of subsequent prostate cancer detection; the current predictive value of high grade PIN
, Journal of Urology 169(4 Suppl): 424-425 (2003)

Histologic follow-up of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance -1996-1999
, Acta Cytologica 44(5): 868 (2000)

Histologic grade and ER/PgR status in breast carcinoma
, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 64(1): 99 (2000)

Histologic grading of acute renal allograft rejection
, Transplantation Proceedings 31(3): 1696-1700 (1999)

Histologic grading of follicular lymphoma using the new WHO classification
, Laboratory Investigation 82(1): 237A (2002)

Histologic improvement following treatment with once weekly pegylated interferon alfa-2a and thrice weekly interferon alfa-2a in patients with chronic hepatitis C and compensated cirrhosis
, Gastroenterology 118(4 Suppl 2 Pt 1): AASLD A961 (2000)

Histologic improvement following treatment with once weekly pegylated interferon alfa-2a and thrice weekly interferon alfa-2a in patients with chronic hepatitis C without cirrhosis
, Gastroenterology 118(4 Suppl 2 Pt 1): AASLD A945 (2000)

Histologic inflammation occurs in the maternal but not the fetal compartment early in intra-amniotic infection in a rabbit model
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 182(1 Part 2): S102 (2000)

Histologic inflammation of fetal membranes and neonatal outcome
, Biology of the Neonate 78(2): 154-155 (2000)

Histologic localization of serum constituents, (45)Ca(2+), (36)Cl(-), [(14)C]urea, and [(35)S]cysteine in forming hair after systemic administration
, Drug Metabolism and Disposition: the Biological Fate of Chemicals 28(2): 113-117 (2000)

Histologic outcome of acute cellular rejection in kidney transplantation after treatment with methylprednisolone
, Transplantation Proceedings 32(4): 784-785 (2000)

Histologic outcome of hepatitis C virus infection in renal transplant recipients and the effect of pretransplantation interferon treatment
, Transplantation Proceedings 32(3): 558-560 (2000)

Histologic outcomes in ABO blood group incompatible living donor kidney transplantation
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 13(Program and Abstracts Issue): 181A (2002)

Histologic placental lesions in women with recurrent preterm delivery
, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 84(6): 547-550 (2005)

Histologic predictors of subsequent correlation in noncorrelating dysplastic Pap smears and cervical biopsies
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 77A (2003)

Histologic presence of esophagitis in patients with negative-endoscopic gastro-esophageal reflux disease
, Helicobacter 8(4): 439 (2003)

Histologic prognostic factors in primary malignant melanomas of the oral mucosa
, Laboratory Investigation 81(1): 153A (2001)

Histologic rectal sparing at initial presentation of ulcerative colitis
, Laboratory Investigation 80(3): 87A (2000)

Histologic spectrum of glandular neoplasms of the urachus, with special emphasis on low-grade tumors
, Laboratory Investigation 81(1): 124A (2001)

Histologic study of parenchymal-stromal interactions in melanocytic neoplasia
, Pathology International 50(Suppl): A59 (2000)

Histologic study of photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid of actinic keratosis
, Journal of Dermatological Science 23(3): 224 (2000)

Histologic study of the fetal development of the rhabdosphincter in male and female fetuses
, European Urology Suppls 1(1): 25 (2002)

Histologic study of the foetal development of the rhabdosphincter
, European Urology 37(Suppl 2): 73 (2000)

Histologic study of the liver of gnotobiotic mice chronically infected with Helicobacter trogontum
, Gut 49(Suppl 11): A48 (2001)

Histologic treatment effect may predict clinical and pathologic response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in advanced breast carcinoma
, Modern Pathology 12(1): 29A (1999)

Histologic type of local recurrence and prognostic significance in breast conservation vs mastectomy in invasive breast cancer A 20-year update of a randomized trial
, EJC Suppls 1(5): S10 (2003)

Histologic type predicts survival in adults with diffuse aggressive B-cell lymphoma
, Laboratory Investigation 80(3): 165A (2000)

Histologic types of post radiation sarcomas
, European Journal of Cancer 35(Suppl 4): S273 (1999)

Histologic validation of myocardial microstructure obtained from diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging
, Biophysical Journal 76(1 Part 2): A368 (1999)

Histologic variability in the iliac crest biopsy of postmenopausal and osteoporotic women
, Calcified Tissue International 70(4): 276-277 (2002)

Histologic variants occupying a single prostatic tumor
, Urology 61(1): 220-221 (2003)

Histologic visualization of cyanoacrylate embolization
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1279(1) (2004)

Histologic, immunophenotypic, and molecular characterization of primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Evidence for a unified approach to diagnosis
, Modern Pathology 12(1): 149A (1999)

Histologic-genetic mapping of the urinary bladder using LOH analyses and allele specific PCR for highly sensitive detection of p53 mutations
, Pathology Research and Practice 198(3): 197-198 (2002)

Histologic-hemodynamic correlations in hepatitis C and other chronic liver diseases Is there a histologically mild and severe cirrhosis?
, Hepatology 38(4 Suppl 1): 426A-427A (2003)

Histological activity in the noncancerous liver in patients with hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma Clinicopathological correlation and survival analysis
, Hepatology 34(4 Pt 2): 180A (2001)

Histological activity is the main factor associated with liver fibrosis progression in untreated patients with chronic hepatitis C
, Hepatology 30(4 Part 2): 357A (1999)

Histological alterations in Caricaceae roots caused by a mixed population of Meloidogyne incognita Race 1 and Rotylenchulus reniformis
, Nematology 4(2): 274-275 (2002)

Histological analyses of Great Lakes zooplankton tumors
, IAGLR Conference Program and Abstracts 43: A - 119 (2000)

Histological analyses of SF-1/AdBP in frog gonads
, Zoological Science 16(Suppl ): 63 (1999)

Histological analysis in autopsy cases of inoperable malignant biliary duct strictures treated by expandable metallic stents
, Gastroenterology 116(4 Part 2): A11 (1999)

Histological analysis of abnormal vasculatures of focal nodular hyperplasia
, Pathology International 50(Suppl): A154 (2000)

Histological analysis of dental development in Gorilla
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology Suppl (32): 134 (2001)

Histological analysis of gonads of artificially reared beluga
, Journal of Applied Ichthyology 15(4-5): 319-320 (1999)

Histological analysis of indirect somatic embryogenesis in the Marsh clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata Holub
, Plant Science (Shannon) 156(2): 159-167, July 28th (2000)

Histological analysis of renal tissue following acute cryoablation of renal tumors in patients
, Journal of Urology 161(4 Suppl): 2 (1999)

Histological analysis of ribs from a 20th century Black South African population Differentiating a microstructural pattern for pellagra and general malnutrition
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology Suppl (38): 156 (2004)

Histological and Clinical Prognostic Factors in Follicular Lymphoma Proposal for a Prognostic Model
, Blood 100(11): Abstract No. 131 (2002)

Histological and behavioral outcomes of reversible global cerebral ischemia in rats Protective effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate
, Virchows Archiv 435(3): 300 (1999)

Histological and biochemical differences between African-American and white US veterans with chronic hepatitis-C A comparative analysis
, Gastroenterology 123(1 Suppl): 48-49 (2002)

Histological and biological properties of epithelium underneath re-epithelialized squamous islands in Barretts esophagus
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 122A (2003)

Histological and clinical features of rectal neuroendocrine tumors About 12 cases
, Virchows Archiv 435(3): 351 (1999)

Histological and clinical picture of alimentary tract candidosis
, Mycoses 42(3): 184-185 (1999)

Histological and clinical predictors of renal outcome in ANCA-associated vasculitis
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 14(Abstracts Issue): 758A (2003)

Histological and clinical prognostic factors in follicular lymphoma
, Journal of Pathology 201(Suppl): 3A (2003)

Histological and clinicopathological significance of tumor related lumpy elastosis in thyroid
, Laboratory Investigation 82(1): 116A-117A (2002)

Histological and electron microscopic identification and analysis of uncommon particles in tissue after use of orthopaedic implants
, Virchows Archiv 443(3): 326 (2003)

Histological and functional studies of the thyroid gland in female rats chronically exposed to cadmium
, Calcified Tissue International 70(4): 272 (2002)

Histological and hepatitis C virological features in politransfused thalassaemia patients
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 29(Suppl 1): 67 (1999)

Histological and histochemical changes of Toxocara canis tissues under the action of albendazole
, Acta Parasitologica 45(3): 171 (2000)

Histological and histochemical studies in mice infected with Acanthamoeba castellanii
, Acta Parasitologica 45(3): 252 (2000)

Histological and histochemical studies on the cavum hypophysis of Gaddi sheep
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 72(9): 775-776 (2002)

Histological and histochemical studies on the intestitial cells of Gaddi sheep and Gaddi goat
, Indian Veterinary Journal 76(8): 752-754 (1999)

Histological and histochemical study of androgenic gland of Macrobrachium rosenbergii
, Journal of Aquaculture in the Tropics 14(2): 101-112 (1999)

Histological and histochemical variations in young and old nodules of soybean
, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 70(7): 487-490 (2000)

Histological and histomorphometrical follow-up study on the osseous integration of corundum-blasted BMP-3-coated titanium test implants in the orthotopic implant bed in giant rabbits
, Biomedizinische Technik 48(7-8): 217-224 (2003)

Histological and immunohistochemical analysis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
, Virchows Archiv 443(3): 395-396 (2003)

Histological and immunohistochemical myocardial abnormalities in early familial dilated cardiomyopathy
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 35(2 Suppl A): 202A (2000)

Histological and immunohistochemical profile of invasive pleomorphic lobular carcinoma
, Virchows Archiv 443(3): 309 (2003)

Histological and immunohistochemical prognostic markers in head and neck mucosal melanomas
, Virchows Archiv 439(3): 302 (2001)

Histological and immunohistochemical spectrum of cytogenetically t positive pediatric B cell lymphomas
, Pathology Research and Practice 199(4): 269 (2003)

Histological and immunohistochemical study of a jejunal segment undergoing neovascularization by omentopexy
, Transplantation Proceedings 34(3): 990-992 (2002)

Histological and immunohistochemical study of the rhabdosphincter in human beings
, Neurourology and Urodynamics 18(4): 319 (1999)

Histological and intravascular sonomorphological characterization of neointimal hypertrophy in patients treated by transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts Preliminary results of a prospective study
, Gastroenterology 122(4 Suppl 1): A 656 (2002)

Histological and morphometric analysis of aortic wall in patients with bicuspid aortic valves
, Pathology Research and Practice 196(6): 367 (2000)

Histological and pharmacological stydy of the Thymus pipirella L extracts
, Methods and Findings in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology 24(Suppl A): 137 (2002)

Histological and physiological biomarkers to assess fish health in Londrina streams, state of Parana
, Acta Scientiarum Universidade Estadual de Maringa 23(2): 507-514 (2001)

Histological and preliminary phytochemical standardization of a siddha drug-pula
, Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sciences 22-23(4A-1A): 647-651, October-March, 2000- (2001)

Histological and ultraestructural studies of intrauretral administration of L fermentum and E coli in mice
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 100: 476 (2000)

Histological and ultrastructural features of congenital bone malformations
, Pathology Research and Practice 196(6): 377 (2000)

Histological and ultrastructural investigation of muscle is needed to confirm the clinical diagnosis
, European Journal of Neurology 10(Suppl 1): 212 (2003)

Histological and ultrastructural studies on intractable epileptic focuses excised from human patients
, Epilepsia 45(Suppl 3): 186 (2004)

Histological and ultrastructural study of the anterior digestive system of Triops longicaudatus
, Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 77(March): 134-135 (2004)

Histological and ultrastructural study of the effect of hyperthermia and 5-Fluorouracil on normal liver of Wistar rats
, International Journal of Cancer Suppl (13): 96 (2002)

Histological and virological evolution of long term response after ribavirin and interferon-alpha combination
, Journal of Hepatology 32(Suppl 2): 103 (2000)

Histological and virological features of HCV patients with and without history of jaundice
, Gastroenterology 118(4 Suppl 2 Pt 2): AASLD A143 (2000)

Histological appearance of left ventricular hypertrabeculation/noncompaction
, Cardiology 98(3): 162-164 (2002)

Histological aspects of conodont element regeneration
, Journal of Morphology 248(3): 304-305 (2001)

Histological aspects of gonad developmental stages in Acipenser stellatus
, Journal of Applied Ichthyology 15(4-5): 288 (1999)

Histological assesment of angiogenesis in the mouse lung
, FASEB Journal 16(4): A86 (2002)

Histological assessment of renal damage in high or low cardiovascular risk profile potential organ donors
, American Journal of Hypertension 15(4 Part 2): 176A (2002)

Histological assessment of striatal cell transplants in a Huntingtons disease patient
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 25(1-2): 212 (1999)

Histological assessment of vertebral bone in a Down's syndrome adult with osteoporosis
, Histopathology 36(3): 279-280 (2000)

Histological atypia in melanocytic naevi Is anatomic subsite important?
, Journal of Pathology 192(Suppl): 31A (2000)

Histological caracterization in leaves of Mentha pulegium Xspicata
, Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais 5(2): 33-39 (2003)

Histological changes during in vitro organogenesis of zygotic embryos of walnut
, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 38: s31 (2000)

Histological changes during various augmentation cystoplasty procedures in canines
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 70(10): 1054-1056 (2000)

Histological changes following HCG administration in human cryopreserved ovarian tissue transplanted in immunodeficient mice
, Human Reproduction 16(Abstract Book 1): 21 (2001)

Histological changes following primary thoracic blast exposure
, Journal of Pathology 192(Suppl): 27A (2000)

Histological changes in NSAID-induced gastric injury Impact of selective COX-2 inhibitor and H pylori infection
, Gastroenterology 116(4 Part 2): A307 (1999)

Histological changes in bladder detrusor in benign prostatic hyperplasia Significant correlation with bladder hypertrophy and compliance
, Journal of Urology 161(4 Suppl): 234 (1999)

Histological changes in naevi with superimposed psoriasis
, British Journal of Dermatology 143(3): 688-690 (2000)

Histological changes in peritumoral tissue of renal cell carcinoma after the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine
, Virchows Archiv 435(3): 279 (1999)

Histological changes in the heart with implanted artificial heart valves
, Virchows Archiv 435(3): 341 (1999)

Histological changes in the livers of Thorotrast patients in relation to microdistribution of Thorotrast deposits
, Radiation Research 152(6 Suppl): S165 (1999)

Histological changes of the olecranon fossa in elbow osteoarthritis
, Journal of Pathology 190(Suppl ): 24A (2000)

Histological changes of the prostate gland after transurethral ethanol ablation
, European Urology Suppls 1(1): 130 (2002)

Histological changes precedes clinical and biological criteria of recurrence in patients transplanted for more than 10 years for autoimmune hepatitis
, Hepatology 34(4 Pt 2): 285A (2001)

Histological characterisation of resistance to Phytophthora infestans in Solanum tuberosum X phureja hybrids
, Journal of Experimental Botany 50(Suppl ): 37 (1999)

Histological characteristics of intraductal components in young breast cancer patients
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 42: 54 (2001)

Histological characteristics of the female genital tract after high dose androgen therapy An in vivo model
, Fertility and Sterility 80(Suppl 3): S255-S256 (2003)

Histological characteristics of the reproductive cycle of Euvola ziczac from south-southern Brazil
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 20(4): 763-772 (2003)

Histological characteristics of the retinal degeneration 6 mouse
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 41(4): S887 (2000)

Histological characterization of Bidders organ in male Bufo ictericus
, Journal of Morphology 248(3): 228 (2001)

Histological characterization of apoptotic neurodegeneration induced in the developing rodent brain by barbiturates and benzodiazepines
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 25(1-2): 1777 (1999)

Histological characterization of chorioretinal venous anastomoses created by erbium-YAG laser in the miniature pig
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 41(4): S645 (2000)

Histological characterization of papillary thyroid carcinoma in children and adolescents from Russia after the Chernobyl accident
, Endocrine Journal 47(Suppl August): 124 (2000)

Histological characterization of the distribution of mast cell subtypes within the airways of sensitized guinea-pigs
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 51(Suppl ): 143 (1999)

Histological chorioamnionitis and pulmonary outcome in very low birth weight infants treated with prenatal steroids
, Pediatric Research 49(4 Part 2): 403A (2001)

Histological classification of endocrine tumors of the pancreas
, Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 27(3 Suppl): S15-S19 (2003)

Histological classification of interstitial lung diseases
, Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie 62(1): 16-20 (2003)

Histological comparison of the hypoxia selective Cu-ATSM and pimonidazole
, Journal of Nuclear Medicine 44(5 Suppl): 366P (2003)

Histological comparison of the renal parenchyma in animals with surgical unilateral ureteral obstruction and congenital hydronephrosis
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 10(Program and Abstr. Issue): 557A (1999)

Histological comparisons of testicular germ cell tumors by CGH analysis
, American Journal of Human Genetics 69(4 Suppl): 238 (2001)

Histological contribution of collagen architecture to beef toughness
, Journal of Food Science 75(1): E73-E77 (2010)

Histological core needle biopsy of palpable breast lesions image guided or palpation guided
, EJC Suppls 2(3): 91 (2004)

Histological correlations of eutopic and ectopic endometrium in adenomyosis, their relation to infertility
, Human Reproduction 16(Abstract Book 1): 173 (2001)

Histological course of recurrent hepatitis C after liver transplantation
, Journal of Hepatology 38(Suppl 2): 46 (2003)

Histological criteria can identify patients with allergy associated eosinophilic esophagitis
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 7P (2003)

Histological criteria of differential diagnosis in a series of soft tissue tumors involving the skin
, Pathology International 50(Suppl): A24 (2000)

Histological damage in liver biopsy specimens from 492 HIV-HCV co-infected patients A European collaborative Study
, Journal of Hepatology 38(Suppl 2): 166 (2003)

Histological damage of colonic mucosa is significantly related to oxidative stress in rats with experimental and in men with ulcerative colitis
, Gastroenterology 116(4 Part 2): A902 (1999)

Histological dedifferentiation associated with functional dedifferentiation identified with dobutamine stress in a pig model of chronic ischemia
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 39(5 Suppl A): 378A-379A (2002)

Histological description of the gonad, reproductive cycle, and fertilization of Pisidium amnicum
, Veliger 42(2): 124-131 (1999)

Histological differentiation along the male reproductive tract of mammals had evolved during the reptilian stage of evolution
, Journal of Morphology 248(3): 201 (2001)

Histological efficacy of monotherapy with ribavirin in treatment of chronic hepatitis C in kidney recipients
, Hepatology 36(4 Part 2): 569A (2002)

Histological evaluation following chronic laparoscopic adrenal cryoablation
, Journal of Urology 161(4 Suppl): 22 (1999)

Histological evaluation in orthotopic liver transplantation for alcoholic liver disease
, Journal of Hepatology 30(Suppl 1): 176 (1999)

Histological evaluation of Santa Ines sheep testicles born in different seasons
, Ciencia Rural: 2, 366-372 (2010)

Histological evaluation of adenoviral vector-mediated gene transfer in retinal explants from normal and retinal degenerative mice
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 41(4): S394 (2000)

Histological evaluation of alpha 2a interferon monotherapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C and repeatedly normal aminotransferase levels A randomized Study
, Journal of Hepatology 34(Suppl 1): 4 (2001)

Histological evaluation of corneal stroma in rabbits after intrastromal corneal ring implantation
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 41(4): S917 (2000)

Histological evaluation of early pearl-sac development in the tampico pearly mussel
, Journal of Shellfish Research 22(1): 358 (2003)

Histological evaluation of endocrine disruption in fish
, Toxicologic Pathology 31(Suppl): 146 (2003)

Histological evaluation of epikeratophakia 52 years after surgery
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 41(4): S920 (2000)

Histological evaluation of hepatic and biliary tract tumors
, Journal of Hepatology 30(Suppl 1): 220 (1999)

Histological evaluation of intraosseous implantation of silated hydroxyethylcellulose mixed with hydroxyapatite or beta-tricalcium phosphate
, Virchows Archiv 439(3): 322 (2001)

Histological evaluation of liver disease in patients with transfusion-dependent beta-Thalassemia A multicenter Study
, Blood 102(11): 34b (2003)

Histological evaluation of local polypoid fibroproliferation on anterior cruciate ligament as a cause of cyclops syndrom of knee
, Virchows Archiv 439(3): 382 (2001)

Histological evaluation of serial renal biopsies before and after steroid therapy in progressive IgA nephropathy Comparison between 2-year and 5-year steroid groups
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 11(Program and Abstract Issue): 546A (2000)

Histological evaluation of serial renal biopsies in progressive IgA nephropathy Comparison between steroid and non-steroid groups
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 12(Program and Abstract Issue): 76A (2001)

Histological evidence of nuclear factor kappa B p65 activation in skin infectious diseases
, Journal of Investigative Dermatology 121(1): 1026 (2003)

Histological examination of Mytilus edulis reproductive state in conjunction with the neutral red lysosomal assay
, Marine Environmental Research 54(3-5): 831 (2002)

Histological examination of NeurogelTM in vivo and in vitro
, Journal of Neurotrauma 17(10): 990 (2000)

Histological examination of gametogenesis in genetic triploid Crassostrea ariakensis in Chesapeake Bay
, Journal of Shellfish Research 22(1): 328 (2003)

Histological examination of the third generation fetus of mice continuously exposed to 60 Hz electromagnetic field
, Teratology 62(3): 17A-18A (2000)

Histological expression of Chromogranin A in hepatocellular carcinoma
, Hepatology 34(4 Pt 2): 672A (2001)

Histological features and HLA class II alleles in HCV chronically infected patients with persistently normal alanine aminotransferase levels
, Hepatology 34(4 Pt 2): 482A (2001)

Histological features and clinical outcome of pregnant women with IgA nephropathy
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 11(Program and Abstract Issue): 168A (2000)

Histological features are associated with microsatellite unstable colorectal carcinomas but not mutation status or MLH1 promoter methylation
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 138A (2003)

Histological features associated with relapse of type 1 autoimmune hepatitis Predictive value of portal plasma cells
, Gastroenterology 123(1 Suppl): 67 (2002)

Histological features do not predict cortison treatment efficacy in patients affected by IgA Nephropathy
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 14(Abstracts Issue): 797A (2003)

Histological features during graft dysfunction in paediatric liver transplantation
, Hepatology 32(4 Pt 2): 602A (2000)

Histological features of a series of 94 patients with non alcoholic steatohepatitis
, Virchows Archiv 435(3): 282 (1999)

Histological features of donor grafts for orthotopic liver transplantation
, Transplantation Proceedings 33(1-2): 1177-1178 (2001)

Histological features of echinococcal cysts
, Pathology International 50(Suppl): A9 (2000)

Histological features of hepatocellular carcinoma correlate with local recurrence after percutaneous ethanol injection therapy
, Gastroenterology 118(4 Suppl 2 Pt 1): AASLD A101 (2000)

Histological features of recurrent disease following treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast
, Journal of Pathology 190(Suppl ): 5A (2000)

Histological features of the liver in anti-HCV/HCV-RNA positive patients with persistently normal ALT levels
, Journal of Hepatology 30(Suppl 1): 249 (1999)

Histological findings after routine biopsy at the GE-junction
, Modern Pathology 12(1): 81A (1999)

Histological findings and p53 oncoprotein expression in myelodysplastic syndromes in a Brazilian population
, Leukemia Research 23(Suppl 1): S17 (1999)

Histological findings in the liver biopsy of morbidly obese patients with normal liver enzymes
, Journal of Hepatology 36(Suppl 1): 21-22 (2002)

Histological findings of the alopecia in hereditary mucoepithelial dysplasia Defects in differentiation and the hair cycle
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 28(10): 561 (2001)

Histological findings on cone specimens related to the residual neoplasia on hysterectomy
, Virchows Archiv 439(3): 336 (2001)

Histological follow-up of liver transplant recipients with normal liver enzyme tests
, Journal of Hepatology 30(Suppl 1): 170 (1999)

Histological follow-up of long-term liver transplant survivors
, Journal of Hepatology 34(Suppl 1): 41-42 (2001)

Histological grade, its three components, and flow cytometric S-phase as prognostic markers in premenopausal women with node-negative breast cancer
, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 69(3): 263 (2001)

Histological grading and staging of chronic hepatitis Assessing the use of thin needle biopsies
, Pathology Research and Practice 197(5): 304 (2001)

Histological grading of disease activity in chronic IBD Inter- and intra-observer variation among pathologists with different levels of experience
, Modern Pathology 16(1): 118A (2003)

Histological grading of idiopathic membranous nephropathy in adults
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 12(Program and Abstract Issue): 738A (2001)

Histological grading of rabbit eyes in endophthalmitis after intravenous treatment with Imipenem compared to a combination of Ceftazidim and Amikacin
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 40(4): S117 (1999)

Histological identification of the effects of adenosine and antigen on degranulation of mast cell subtypes in sensitized guinea-pig airways
, British Journal of Pharmacology 131(Proceedings Suppl): 114P (2000)

Histological improvement in HBeAg positive chronic hepatitis B patients treated with adefovir dipivoxil
, Journal of Hepatology 36(Suppl 1): 8 (2002)

Histological improvement in NASH following reduction in insulin resistance with 48-week treatment with the PPARgamma agonist rosiglitazone
, Hepatology 36(4 Part 2): 379A (2002)

Histological improvement in chronic hepatitis B patients treated with lamivudine
, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 14(Suppl A): A359 (1999)

Histological improvement of fibrosis in hepatitis C patients with sustained response to interferon therapy - Long-term follow-up study using paired biopsy samples
, Gastroenterology 116(4 Part 2): A1278 (1999)

Histological indications that distal tubules of streptozotocin diabetic rat kidneys are hypoxic
, Diabetes 48(Suppl 1): A138 (1999)

Histological indicators are useful in monitoring conifer root system health
, Phytopathology 90(6 Suppl): S81 (2000)

Histological injury and renal transplant outcome: the cumulative damage hypothesis
, Transplantation Proceedings 33(1-2): 1149-1150 (2001)

Histological investigation of gallus domesticus liver tissue after administration of perfluorinated compounds
, AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition 168: A94, 14-19 February (2002)

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