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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35234

Chapter 35234 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Liao, J., 2000:
Locomotion in needlefish Anguilliform swimming with fins

Sulica, D.; Laczko, J.; Walton, K.D., 1999:
Locomotion in neonatal rats during and after space flight

Nauen, J.C.; Lauder, G.V., 1999:
Locomotion in scombrid fishes Function of the finlets in the Chub mackerel Scomber japonicus

Reilly, S.M., 1999:
Locomotion in the Japanese quail The kinematics of walking and increasing speed

Skup, M.; Czarkowska-Bauch, J.; Dwornik, A.; Macias, M.; Sulejczak, D.; Wiater, M., 2000:
Locomotion induces changes in Trk B receptors in small diameter cells of the spinal cord

Bennett, Michael, B., 2004:
Locomotion of extinct giant kangaroos Inferences from their modern relatives

Famini, D.J.; Hutchinson, J.R.; Kram, R., 1999:
Locomotion of kinematics of African elephants

Higham, T.E.; Jayne, B.C., 2003:
Locomotion of lizards on inclines and perches Comparative three-dimensional hindlimb kinematics of an arboreal specialist and a terrestrial generalist

Kramarenko, S.S., 1999 :
Locomotion of snails Brephulopsis bidens

Ruff, C.B., 2001:
Locomotion, long bone structure and body mass estimation in Old World anthropoids

Macchiarelli, R.; Bondioli, L.; Rook, L., 1999:
Locomotion-related iliac trabecular patterns in fossil and extant primates

Kaptsov, V.A.; Pankova, V.B.; Kameneva, Y.A., 2003:
Locomotive depot as a risk factor for population heath

Kiianmaa, K.; Koistinen, M.; Ojanen, S.; Backstrom, P.; Kankaanpaa, A.; Tuomainen, P.; Hyytia, P., 2001:
Locomotor activity and dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens of the alcohol-preferring AA and alcohol-avoiding ANA rats treated repeatedly with morphine

Piazza, P.V.; Deroche, V., 2003:
Locomotor activity as a predictor of individual differences in drug-self-administration behaviour in rats

Nagy, K.A.; Shemanski, D.R., 2003:
Locomotor activity costs in free-living animals

Shiraishi, A., 2001:
Locomotor activity in the blowfly raised on different concentrations of sucrose

Jaramillo, E.; Avellanal, M.H.; Gonzalez, M.; Kennedy, F., 2000:
Locomotor activity of Phalerisida maculata Kulzer on Chilean sandy beaches

Dolmen, D.; Solem, J.O., 2002:
Locomotor activity patterns in Ilybius fenestratus in a Central Norwegian lake, with evidence for breeding-induced arrhythmicity

Swallow, J.G.; Garland, T.Jr.; Koteja, P.; Carter, P.A., 1999:
Locomotor activity, food consumption, and body composition in house mice selected for high wheel-running activity

Chatterjee, H.J.; Parr, W., 2004:
Locomotor adaptations in primates and other mammals

Mcfarland, R.K.; Zihlman, A.L., 2003:
Locomotor adaptations reflected in contrasting muscle proportions in gorillas and orangutans

D.L.on, R.D.; Timoszyk, W.; London, N.; Joynes, R.L.; Roy, R.R.; Reinkensmeyer, D.J.; Edgerton, V.R., 2000:
Locomotor adaptations to robot-applied force fields in spinally transected rats

Ramirez Herrera, M.A.; Mendoza Magana, M.L.; Duenas Jimenez, J.M.; Duenas Jimenez, S.H., 1999:
Locomotor and peripheral nerve alterations produced by the pig paramyxovirus of the blue eye disease in suckling pigs

Del Bel, E.A.; Souza, A.S., 2000:
Locomotor behavior and NADPHD/nitric oxide synthase after sciatic nerve lesion

Jackson, A.W.; Mcclellan, A.D., 2001:
Locomotor behavior initiated by chemical microstimulation in higher locomotor centers and reticular nuclei in semi-intact preparations of larval lamprey

Tourniaire, R.; Ferran, A.; Gambier, J.; Giuge, L.; Bouffault, F., 1999:
Locomotor behavior of flightless Harmonia axyridis Pallas

Muir, G.D.; Webb, A.A.; Edwards, T., 2000:
Locomotor behaviour after rubrospinal tract lesions in rats

Dietz, V.; Wirz, M.; Erni, T., 1999 :
Locomotor capacity and reflexes in isolated spinal cord

Dietz, V., 2003:
Locomotor capacity of the injured human spinal cord

Jones, A.L., 2003:
Locomotor character evolution in fossil and extant ateline primates

Delpire, E.; Mount, D.B.; Lu, J.; England, R.; Kirby, M.; Mcdonald, M.P., 2001:
Locomotor defects associated with disruption of the K-Cl cotransporter KCC3 gene

Chojnicka, B.; Gorska, T.; Zmyslowski, W.; Majczynski, H., 2000:
Locomotor deficits after partial spinal lesion in rats

Shapiro, L.J.; Raichlen, D.A., 2003:
Locomotor development and the uniqueness of primate quadrupedalism

Mccrossin, M.L., 2004:
Locomotor diversity among Miocene catarrhines Another look at retroflection of the medial epicondyle of the humerus

Leonard, W.R.; Robertson, M.L., 2001:
Locomotor economy and the origin of bipedality: reply to Steudel-Numbers

Dawson, L.; Chadha, A.; Duty, S., 1999:
Locomotor effects following injection of the group II mGluR agonist, DCG-IV, into the substantia nigra pars reticulata of the reserpine-treated rat model of Parkinsons disease

Meyer, P.J.; Phillips, T.J., 2002:
Locomotor effects of MK-801 and ketamine in ethanol-sensitized mice

Guptaa, T.; Malmanger, B.; Coulombe, S.; Cooper, S.; Reed, C.; Dhaher, R.; Hitzemann, B.; Hitzemann, R., 2002:
Locomotor effects of ethanol and chlordiazepoxide in DBA/2J and C57BL/6J mice

Webb, A.A.; Muir, G.D., 2000:
Locomotor function in rats with incomplete spinal cord injuries

Drucker, E.G.; Lauder, G.V., 2003:
Locomotor function of the dorsal fin in teleost fishes Propulsor design and wake dynamics

Pabst, D.A.; Mclellan, W.A.; Williams, T.M., 1999:
Locomotor functions of dolphin blubber

Wilga, C.D.; Lauder, G.V., 2003:
Locomotor hydrodynamics in dogfish Function of the heterocercal tail and pectoral fins

Srygler, R.B., 2000:
Locomotor mimicry among passionvine butterflies Heliconius

Schmitt, D.; Lemelin, P.; Hanna, J.B., 2003:
Locomotor modes of primates at moderate speeds I The implications of the amble and the canter for primate locomotor evolution

Cartmill, M., 2003:
Locomotor modes of primates at moderate speeds II Analysis of support patterns

Pinter, M.M.; Minassian, K.; Jilge, B.; Rattay, F.; Binder, H.; Gerstenbrand, F.; Dimitrijevic, M.R., 2003:
Locomotor movements in complete paraplegic subjects evoked by spinal cord stimulation

Gabriel, J.P.; Scharstein, H.; Schoenemann, H.D.; Schmidt, J.; Bueschges, A., 2002:
Locomotor movements of the stick insect single leg preparation on an active treadmill

Potts, J.T.; Paton, J.F.R., 2001:
Locomotor pacing of respiratory network activity involves early excitation of augmenting expiratory neurons

Potts, J.T.; Paton, J.F.R., 2002:
Locomotor pacing of respiratory network involves early excitation of augmenting expiratory neurons

Perry, G.; Levering, K.R.; Girard, I.; Garland, T., 2001:
Locomotor performance and social dominance in male Anolis cristatellus

Llewelyn, J.; Phillips, B.L.; Alford, R.A.; Schwarzkopf, L.; Shine, R., 2010:
Locomotor performance in an invasive species: cane toads from the invasion front have greater endurance, but not speed, compared to conspecifics from a long-colonised area

Bouyer, L.J.G.; Rossignol, S., 1999:
Locomotor plasticity in the spinal cat after a progressive cutaneous denervation

Paggett, K.; Jackson, A.W.; Mcclellan, A.D., 2000:
Locomotor projections to reticular nuclei in larval lamprey

Durgin, F.H.; Banton, T.; Walley, K.; Proffitt, D.R.; Steve, J.; Lewis, J., 2000:
Locomotor recalibration in a virtual world

Vezina, P.; Suto, N.; Austin, J.D., 2000:
Locomotor response to novelty predicts rats propensity to self-administer nicotine

Bubar, M.J.; Shank, E.J.; Cunningham, K.A., 2002:
Locomotor sensitization and 5-HT2C receptor hyposensitivity following repeated administration of -3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine

Culm, K.E.; Hammer, R.P.Jr, 2002 :
Locomotor sensitization but not attenuation of prepulse inhibition deficits involves D1-like receptor adaptation after repeated quinpirole treatment

Grahame, N.; Keller, K.; Lumeng, L.; Li, T.K., 2003:
Locomotor sensitization to alcohol may be mediated by sedative tolerance in High-Alcohol Preferring mice A dose-response analysis

Ikemoto, M.; Inoue, K.; Takita, M., 1999:
Locomotor sensitization to morphine induced by microinjections of O1 protein in basolateral amygdala nucleus

Renous, S.; Bels, V.L.; Gasc, J.P.; Davenport, J., 2000:
Locomotor strategies to move on substratum by fishes

Freund, E.V.; Dewar, H.; Croll, D.A., 2000:
Locomotor tracking of the spine-tailed devil ray, Mobula japanica

Flynn, S.M.; Fritz, S.; Thigpen, M.T.; Behrman, A.L.; Thompson, F.J., 2000:
Locomotor training improves recovery of walking following contusion injury in the adult rat

Bonnot, A.; Whelan, P.J.; Mentis, G.Z.; O'donovan, M.J., 2002:
Locomotor-like activity generated by the neonatal mouse spinal cord

Takizawa, H.; Nishimaru, H.; Kudo, N., 2000:
Locomotor-like rhythm induced by 5-HT in a neonatal mouse spinal cord in vitro

Reissenweber, J.; David, E.; Gholamrezaei, F.; Pfotenhauer, M.; Wojtysiak, A., 2002:
Locomotory behavior and motility of peripheral human lymphocytes under the influence of 50 Hz magnetic flux densities of 10 mT

Hagen, K.; Gemballa, S.; Freiwald, A., 2001:
Locomotory design and locomotory habits of Chimaera monstrosa

Vogel, F.; Gemballa, S., 2001:
Locomotory design of cyclostome fishes Spatial arrangement and architecture of myosepta and lamellae

Reilly, S.M.; Willey, J.S.; Biknevicius, A.R., 2001:
Locomotory dymanics of a semi-erect posture Correlating kinematics with kinetics in walking alligators

Reilly, S.M.; Biknevicius, A.R.; Willey, J.S., 2001:
Locomotory dynamics of a semi-erect posture Correlates of kinematics and kinetics in walking alligators

D.Esteban Trivigno, Soledad, 2001:
Locomotory habits in Scelidoterium

Satterlie, R.A., 1999:
Locomotory speed changes induced by serotonergic neurons extrinsic to the pattern generator in the pteropod mollusk Clione limacina

Kozek-Langenecker, S.A., 2003:
Locoregional anesthesia and blood coagulation: impact of new antiplatelet drugs

Klapdor, R.; Mueller, C.; Seutter, R.; Broemel, W., 2002:
Locoregional chemotherapy of pancreatic cancer

Zarrelli, A.; Scarabelli, C., 1999:
Locoregional chemotherapy with hypoxic perfusion in ovarian cancer recurrence

Majdic, E.; Paulin Kosir, S., 2000:
Locoregional control in breast cancer patients treated with mastectomy Is postoperative radiotherapy necessary?

Fodor, J.; Polgar, C.; Major, T.; Nemeth, G., 2002:
Locoregional failure 15 years after mastectomy in women with one to three positive axillary nodes with or without irradiation The significance of tumor size

Cheng, C.; Tsou, M.; Chung, Y.; Chen, C.; Liu, M.; Yang, P.; Cheng, S.H.; Jian, J.J.; Huang, A.T., 2001:
Locoregional failure of post-mastectomy patients who had 1-3 positive axillary lymph nodes without adjuvant radiotherapy

Pomer, S.; Wedel, S.A., 1999:
Locoregional immunotherapy of liver metastases

Lygidakis, N.J., 1999:
Locoregional targeting immuno-chemotherapy for advanced metastatic liver disease

Beretta, G.D.; Traverso, G.; Bettini, A.C.; D.G.nnaro, S.; Gariboldi, M.; Meregaglia, D.; Morosi, C.; Strada, M., 2000:
Locoregional treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma Our experience

Clemons, M.; Danson, S.; Hamilton, T.; Goss, P., 2001:
Locoregionally recurrent breast cancer: incidence, risk factors and survival

Doherty, D.R.; Vaad, J.; Greathouse, G.; Knight, A.P.; Geary, T.W.; Ralphs, M.H., 1999:
Locoweed bite count correlation with serum swainsonine levels in cattle

Sontag, M.K.; Hokanson, J.E.; Marshall, J.A.; Corey, M.; Zerbe, G.O.; Tsui, L.C.; Zielenski, J.; Accurso, F.J., 2003:
Locus CFM1 A potential modifier of pancreatic disease in children with cystic fibrosis

Canham, N.; Mitchell, S.J.; Forshew, T.; Johnson, C.A.; Maher, E.R., 2003:
Locus Heterogeneity for autosomal recessive Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia and Cerebral Palsy in Consanguineous Kindreds

Satake, S.; Song, S.Y.; Kato, C.; Konishi, S., 2003:
Locus and activation mechanism of AMPA receptors mediating presynaptic inhibition of cerebellar GABA synapses

Satake, S.'ichiro; Song, S.Y.ung; Kato, C.; Konishi, S., 2002:
Locus and activation mechanism of AMPA receptors underlying presynaptic inhibition of GABAergic synapses in the rat cerebellar cortex

Lamb, N.; Paxton, W.; Rizk, D.; Du, J.; Ladson, J.; Langley, S.; Amin, A.; Boerwinkle, E.; Chapman, A., 2003:
Locus and allelic influences on clinical severity of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

Ly, A.; Wood, J.M., 2003:
Locus betU of Escherichia coli pyelonephritis isolate, HU734 encodes an osmoregulatory betaine transporter

Ramanathan, M.; Dumitrescu Ozimek, L.; Sastre, M.; Klockgether, T.; Heneka, M.T., 2003:
Locus ceruleus cell death and noradrenaline depletion augments learning and memory deficit in APP2576 transgenic mice

Curtis, A.; Valentino, R., 1999:
Locus ceruleus neurons, corticotropin-releasing factor and prior stress

Kiyashchenko, L.I.; Mileykovskiy, B.Y.; Gulyani, S.A.; Siegel, J.M., 1999:
Locus coeruleus and dorsolateral pontine area unit activity during muscle atonia induced by stimulation of the medial medulla in decerebrated rats

Ellman, L.M.; Tempel, A.; Ellman, S.J.; Ackermann, R.F., 2000:
Locus coeruleus lesions differentially affect morphines influence on rat hypothalamic self-stimulation sites

Sawamura, S.; Davies, M.F.ances; Kingery, W.S.; Maze, M., 1999:
Locus coeruleus mediates descending antinociceptive action of nitrous oxide and pronociceptive action of isoflurane in rats

Ballantyne, D.; Andrzejewski, M.; Oyamada, Y.; Mueckenhoff, K.; Scheid, P., 2000:
Locus coeruleus neurones in vitro Synchronizing mechanisms and the response to CO2

Bouret, S.; Briois, L.; Lestienne, R.; Sara, S.J., 2000:
Locus coeruleus stimulation modulates responses to olfactory stimuli in piriform cortex

Li, Q.; Harju, S.; Peterson, K.R., 1999:
Locus control regions: coming of age at a decade plus

Festenstein, R.; Kioussis, D., 2000:
Locus control regions and epigenetic chromatin modifiers

Grosveld, F.G.rardus; Ellis, J.; Kioussis, D., 2000:
Locus control subregions conferring integration-site independent transgene expression abstract of the disclosure

Field, L.L.; Bonnevie Nielsen, V., 1999:
Locus for antiviral enzyme 2,5oligoadenylate synthetase on chromosome 12q24 influences predisposition to Type 1 diabetes

Scheffer, I.E.; Wallace, R.H.; Mulley, J.C.; Berkovic, S.F., 2000:
Locus for febrile seizures

Guerrini, R.; Parmeggiani, L.; Bonanni, P.; Carrozzo, R.; Casari, G., 2000:
Locus for paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia maps to human chromosome 16

Paterson, A.D., 2000:
Locus heterogeneity based upon age of diagnosis in type 1 diabetes

Menzel, O.; Aftimos, S.; Gehrig, C.; Antonarakis, S.E.; Scott, H.S.; Guipponi, M., 2000:
Locus heterogeneity in Knobloch syndrome

Jackson, A.; Roberts, E.; Moynihan, L.; Carradice, A.; Karbani, G.; Lench, N.J.; Markham, A.F.; Mueller, R.F.; Woods, C.G., 1999 :
Locus heterogeneity in autosomal recessive true microcephaly 3 Loci mapped- and yet further loci to identify

Janecke, A.R.; Mueller, T.; Knisely, A.S.; Aagenaes, O.; Bull, L.; Fruehwirth, M.; Ellemunter, H.; Utermann, G., 2002:
Locus heterogeneity in lymphedema-cholestasis syndrome

Wang, K.; Peng, Y., 2003:
Locus heterogeneity models for quantitative traits and related test statistics

Cohn, D.H.; King, L.M.; Unger, S.L., 2000:
Locus homogeneity in pseudoachondroplasia

Schoonover, C.E.ward; Bauer, C., 2003:
Locus of PIP2 interraction in P/Q-type calcium channel

Yakovenko, S.; Mushahwar, V.; Vanderhorst, V.; Holstege, G.; Prochazka, A., 2000:
Locus of activation of spinal motoneuron pools in the cat step cycle

Adolfsson, B.; Andersson, I.; Carison, A.; Hagman, A.; Rossner, S., 2001:
Locus of control and social desirability in relation to weight reduction

Cousson Gelie, F.; Dilhuydy, J.M.; Irachabal, S.; Lakdja, F.; Bruchon Schweitzer, M., 2004:
Locus of control, psychological adjustment and disease outcome in breast cancer patients

Somer, T.; Vodopivec, S.; Sakac, V.; Sibalic, M.S.min; Curic, S., 2002:
Locus of control, stress and coping in patients on hemodialysis

Prasek, M.; Pavlic, J.; Pibernik, M.; Metelko, Z., 2000:
Locus of health control beliefs in diabetic and healthy children

Kaplan, F.; Zeng, Z.C.; Nowacki, P., 1999:
Locus-specific databases for disease-producing allelic variation A database for disease producing and other allelic variants at the human HEXA gene locus

Ueda, Hiroshi, 2004:
Locus-specific rescue of GluRepsilon1 recovers morphine tolerance and dependence

Peveling, R.; Nagel, P., 1999:
Locust and tsetse fly control in Africa Does wildlife pay the bill for food security and animal health?

Moisoi, N.; Despa, S.; Brone, B.; Tytgat, J.; Verdonck, F.; Van Der Walt, J.J.; Ameloot, M.; Steels, P.; Van Kerkhove, E., 2000:
Locusta migratoria neurosecretory cells from the pars intercerebralis in primary culture Effects of scorpion venom on cell viability and intracellular free Ca++

D.L.of, A.; Hoste, B.; Claeys, I.; Breuer, M., 2003:
Locusts Corazonin and adaptation to crowded conditions

Rind, F.C.aire; Santer, R.D.; Blanchard, J.M.rk; Verschure, P.F.M.J., 2003:
Locusts looming detectors for robot sensors

Spielman, R.S.; Cheung, V.G.; Ewens, W.J., 1999:
Lod score approach to direct identical-by-descent mapping based on genomic mismatch scanning

Stringham, H.M.; Boehnke, M., 1999:
Lod scores for disease mapping in the presence of marker map uncertainty

Kashiwagi,T.; Hirotsu,N.; Ujiie,K.; Ishimaru,K., 2010:
Lodging resistance locus prl5 improves physical strength of the lower plant part under different conditions of fertilization in rice

Herman, B.H.; Yu, E.; Miotto, K.; Chiang, N.; Montgomery, A.; Martz, K.; Walsh, R.; Poole, S.; Fudala, P.J.; Cornish, J.W.; Davies, K.; Ling, W.; Vocci, F.; O'brien, C.P., 1999:
Lofexidine An alpha-2 adrenergic agonist for the alleviation of opiate withdrawal with minimal effects on blood pressure at efficacious doses

Herman, B.H.; Yu, E.; Miotto, K.; Li, S.H.; Martz, K.; Walsh, R.; Montgomery, A.; Chiang, N.; Poole, S.; Fudala, P.J.; Cornish, J.W.; Whittington, J.; Davies, K.; Ling, W.; Vocci, F.; O'brien, C.P., 2000:
Lofexidine an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist for the alleviation of opiate withdrawal

Hansen, E.M.; Sutton, W., 2002:
Log inoculations to assess tree susceptibility to sudden oak death

Harris, P.D.vid; Andrews, M.K.nneth, 2004:
Log testing apparatus

Hooper, J.; Marshall, W.J.; Miller, A.L., 1999:
Log-jam in acid-base investigation and education

Kaczanowski, S.; Zielenkiewicz, P., 2000:
Log-odds scoring matrices calculated from designed protein sequences

Hilker, R.; Schweitzer, K.; Mehran, G.; Weisenbach, S.; Herholz, K.; Heiss, W.D., 2003:
Logarithmic estimation of disease progression and preclinical period duration with 18F-dopa positron emission tomography in Parkinsons disease

Wood, J.C.S., 2001:
Logarithmically transformed data Misinterpretations and difficulties in data analysis

Silveri, A.; Dunwiddie, P.W.; Michaels, H.J., 2002:
Logging and edaphic factors in the invasion of an Asian woody vine in a mesic North American forest

D.M.dron, L.D.rrieu; Fontez, B.; Dipapoundji, B., 2000:
Logging and hauling damage in relation to logging intensity in the tropical rain forest of central Africa

Okuda, T.; Suzuki, M.; Adachi, N.; Yoshida, K.; Niiyama, K.; Noor, N.S.pardi Md.; Hussein, N.A.man; Manokaran, N.; Hashim, M., 2003:
Logging history and its impact on forest structure and species composition in the pasoh forest reserve Implications for the sustainable management of natural resources and landscapes

Luiro, J.; Kukkola, M.; Saarsalmi, A.; Tamminen, P.; Helmisaari, Hä-Sisko., 2010:
Logging residue removal after thinning in boreal forests: long-term impact on the nutrient status of Norway spruce and Scots pine needles

Clarke, F.M.; Racey, P.A., 2002:
Logging systems and bat diversity in Trinidads evergreen seasonal forests

Danguy Des Deserts, D.; Bigot, M.; Cacot, E.; Stoquert, G.; Collet, F.; Esteve, L., 2002:
Logging windthrows Caution danger

Mcbride, D.G.; Benfer, R.A.Jr; Furbee, N.L., 2002:
Logic processing of expert knowledge A formal alternative to quantitative approaches to sex and age estimation

Parks, D.; Roederer, M.; Moore, W.A., 2004:
Logicle functions provide improved displays of FACS data and avoid the deceptive effects of log scaling for low signals

Pintor, P.P.nna; Colangelo, S.; Veglia, F.; Bobbio, M., 2003:
Logistic EuroSCORE and preoperative prediction of costs and intensive care length of stay in cardiac surgery

Koerber, C.; Schneider, P.; Koerber Hafner, N.; Reiners, C., 2001:
Logistic analysis model of radioiodine therapy for the outcome of patients with Graves disease

Palmo, P.A.; Bianco, L.; Protta, F.; Gavassa, L.; Mussio, R., 2000:
Logistic analysis on the factors influencing the difference between fat free mass determined by dual X-ray absorptiometry and by bioelectrical impedance

Witkowski, S.; Zhang, R.; Ogawa, M.; Levine, B.D., 2003:
Logistic modeling during normoxic rebreathing A novel approach to evaluate cerebral vasomotor reactivity

Salehi, F.; Berard, A., 2000:
Logistic regression analysis and Artificial Neural Network How do they compare?

Macciardi, F.; Morabito, A.; Mundo, E.; Lerer, B., 2001:
Logistic regression analysis for case/control genetic association studies Combining genetics and epidemiology

Rodriguez, J.; Poza Guedes, P.; Crespo, J.F.; Daroca, P.; Gomez Camara, A.; Somoza, M.L.; Vives, R., 2003:
Logistic regression analysis of values of skin testing and IgE antibodies to predict actual clinical allergy to shrimp in adult subjects

Williams, K.; Davey, J.E.ic; Haffner, S.H.; Stern, M.P., 2001:
Logistic regression model predicting the incidence of either diabetes or cardiovascular disease in the San Antonio heart study A score sheet for risk assessment

Vermeire, S.; Louis, E.; Carbonez, A.; Van Assche, G.; Noman, M.; Belaiche, J.; D.V.s, M.; Van Gossum, A.; Pescatore, P.; Fiasse, R.; Pelckmans, P.; Reynaert, H.; D'haens, G.; Rutgeerts, P., 2001:
Logistic regression of clinical parameters influencing response to infliximab

Fransen, E.; Cryns, K.; Wuyts, F.L.; Van Camp, G., 2003:
Logistic regression reveals a tetragenic interaction underlying the mouse epistatic circler phenotype

Szudek, J.; Joe, H.; Friedman, J.M., 1999:
Logistic regressive models of associations among neurofibromatosis 1 features

Kochel, Bonawentura, 2002 :
Logistic-exponential model for a time course of chemiluminescence Theory and applications

Hook, E.W.IIi, 2001:
Logistical considerations in implementation of rapid testing strategies for STD control

Lambert,D.K.; Middleton,J., 2010:
Logistical design of a regional herbaceous crop residue-based ethanol production complex

Beblawi, I.E.; Geenen, J.E.; Catalano, M.F., 1999:
Logn-term outcome of a randomized study of endoscopic therapy in patients with pancreas divisim and acute recurrent pancreatitis

Herrera, C.M.; Jovani, R., 2010:
Lognormal distribution of individual lifetime fecundity: insights from a 23-year study

Thie, J.A.; Smith, G.T., 1999:
Lognormal distribution of standardized uptake values with implications in diagnoses

Klion, A.D.; Oei, T.; Laws, A.M.; Nutman, T.B., 1999:
Loiasis Identification of two potential diagnostic antigens

Andre, S.E.; Chappel, D.L.; Boody, L.D., 2000:
Loin knife assembly for automatic loin puller apparatus

Hebert, L.A.; Agarwal, G.; Cosio, F.G.; Nuovo, M.; Sedmak, D.D., 2001:
Loin pain-hematuria syndrome associated with abnormally thick glomerular basement membrane and hemorrhage into renal tubules

Hebert, L.A.; Agarwal, G.; Cosio, F.G.; Nalluri, G.; Lingam, R.; Severyn, S.; Sedmak, D.; Nagaraga, H., 2000:
Loin pain-hematuria syndrome is a disorder of the glomerular basement membrane

Boody, L.D.; Chappell, D.L.; Kirkpatrick, J.K., 1999:
Loin puller

Dufour, Y.; Roy, J.G.y; Fauret, P., 2002:
Loin puller for trimming off the fat from the loin of a carcass-half

Yurdakok, Murat, 2003:
Lokman Hekim and pediatrics in his anecdotes

Gariepy, J.; Singh, D.; Kawamura, K.; Bisland, S., 2000:
Loligomers Multi-tasking intracellular peptide shuttles

Chan, Pak Nin, 2001:
Lollipop with edible stick

Chan, Pak Nin, 2004:
Lollipop with fluid reservoir handle

Chan, Pak Nin, 2000:
Lollipop with pivot holder

Stebnicka, Zdzislawa, 1999:
Lomanoxia Martinez, 1951, and a new tribe Lomanoxiini with notes on comparative morphology

Riboldi, L.; Bertazzi, P.A.berto; Alessio, L., 1999:
Lombardy association of occupational medicine physicians Its history and development

Padeiskaya, E.N., 2000:
Lomefloxacin , a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent Results of a 10-year experience with its use in hospitals of Russia

Taketo, I.; Hiroko, H.; Kiyoji, T.; Takeshi, H., 2003 :
Lomefloxacin enhances UVA-induced skin tumors in xeroderma pigmentosum group A gene-deficient mice

Kowalski, R.P.; Romanowski, E.G.; Yates, K.A.; Gordon, Y.J., 1999:
Lomefloxacin vs ciprofloxacin A comparison of in vivo susceptibility using rabbit keratitis models

Ham, J.H.; Coplin, D.L., 2003:
Lon protease is a negative regulator of the Hrp type III protein secretion system in Pantoea stewartii subsp stewartii

Shofner, J.C.; Hall, J.; Gonzalez, M., 2003:
Lon-mediated degradation of the Escherichia coli UmuC protein is dependent on a putative carboxy-terminal degradation signal

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