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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35308

Chapter 35308 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lauber, C.L.; Hoostal, M.J.; Findlay, S.; Sinsabaugh, R.L., 2002:
Microbial community structure, function and metabolism in relation to DOM dynamics in hyporheic sediments

Jiang, X.; Tay, J.Hwa., 2010:
Microbial community structures in a horizontal biotrickling filter degrading H2S and NH3

Rodriguez Martinez, R.A.; Hazen, T.C.; Torok, T.; Clark, M.B., 2000:
Microbial community studies of differently treated explosive contaminated soils

Drenovsky, R.E.; Scow, K.M., 2003:
Microbial community succession in desert basin soils

Morales, S.E.; Lewis, T.A., 2003:
Microbial community survey of 24 New England bogs

Gomez Alvarez, V.; King, G.M.; Nusslein, K., 2003:
Microbial composition and the role of atmospheric trace gases on recent lava flows

Vasconcelos, E.C.; Zapata, J.F.F.; Figueiredo, E.A.T.; Castelo Branco, M.A.A., 2001:
Microbial condition of aged lamb meat treated with 1% acetic acid

Lennon, J.T.; Pfaff, L.E., 2003:
Microbial constraints on the flow of terrestrial subsidies in lake ecosystems

Alvarez, M.E.; Botsford, J.; Hernandez, J.; Mendoza, J.; Montoya, A.; Valles, A.; Vazquez, A.; Saenz, R., 2003:
Microbial contamination and chemical toxicity of the Rio Grande River

Alvarez, M.E.; Botsford, J.; Gonzalez, N.; Gray, C.; Hernandez, J.; Mendoza, J.; Nunez, J.; Saenz, R.; Valles, A.; Vazquez, A., 2001:
Microbial contamination and chemical toxicity of the Rio Grande basin

Pontoriero, G.; Andrulli, S.; Conte, F.; Cantu, P.; Vigano, E.; Zoni, U.; Tagliaferri, M.; D.F.lippo, G.; Orazi, E.; Melandri, M.; Beccari, M.; Turri, C.; Edefonti, A.; Ferrario, G.; Locatelli, F., 2002:
Microbial contamination in water and dialysate A prospective multicenter study

Padley, D.J.; Bundy, K.L.; Lacy, M.Q.; Burch, P.A.; Gastineau, D.A., 1999:
Microbial contamination of cultured dendritic cell products for immunotherapy Influence of patient bacteremia

Auer, J.G.; Holt, J.E.; Sanford, R.A., 2003:
Microbial contamination of metal working fluid The use of T-RFLP to complement traditional microscopy and culturing methods

Auer, J.G.; Holt, J.F.; Riego, K.M.; Sanford, R.A., 2002:
Microbial contamination of metal working fluids Use of t-RFLP analysis to predict endotoxin levels in isolates

Pant, S.; Kamble, R.; Selby, G.B.; Lind, S.; Dabaja, K.; Kratochvil, K.; Ozer, H., 2003:
Microbial contamination of stem cells Incidence, clinical importance and cost effectiveness of microbial surveillance in 735 stem cell collections

Ledbetter, E.C.; Millichamp, N.J.; Dziezyc, J., 2004:
Microbial contamination of the anterior chamber during cataract phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation in dogs

Armbrust, C.; Werlein, H.D., 2003:
Microbial contamination of trout and pond environments

Guzel Seydim, Z.B.; Seydim, A.C.; Wyffels, J.T.; Greene, A.K., 2001:
Microbial content and distribution in Turkish kefir grains

Ely, C.; Smets, B.F., 2004:
Microbial contribution to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation in the rhizosphere

Park Yeon Jin; Kim, I.C.eol; Chang, H.C.oon, 2003:
Microbial conversion of -limonene by an Enterobacter agglomerans isolate

Burns, M.P.; Cawley, J.J.; Wong, J.W., 2002:
Microbial conversion of 2-methylquinoxaline

Shuvalova, S.D.; Gabinskaya, K.N., 2002:
Microbial conversion of cortexolon to hydrocortisone

Lamothe, M.J.; Macdonald, J.C.; Klopfenstein, T.J.; Adams, D.C.; Erickson, G.E.; Musgrave, J.A., 2003:
Microbial crude protein efficiency in nursing calves and gestating cows

Nakamura, Keijiro, 2003:
Microbial culture liquors containing microorganisms differing in characteristics and living in symbiosis and metabolites thereof, carriers and adsorbents containing the active components of the culture liquors and utilization of the same

Bedard, Donna L., 2001:
Microbial dechlorination of PCBs in aquatic sediments

Shiang Fu, Q.; Barkovskii, A.L.; Adriaens, P., 2000:
Microbial dechlorination of chlorinated dioxins under estuarine/marine mimicking conditions

Fu, Q.S.; Barkovskii, A.L.; Adriaens, P., 1999 :
Microbial dechlorination of spiked chlorinated dioxins under estuarine conditions

Newman, Paul Bernard, 2000:
Microbial decontamination of food

Fine, F.; Gervais, P., 2003:
Microbial decontamination of food powders Bibliographic review and new prospects

Saxena, S.; Gautam, S.; Sharma, A., 2010:
Microbial decontamination of honey of Indian origin using gamma radiation and its biochemical and organoleptic properties

SanjeevKumar; SatyendraGautam; SudhakarPowar; ArunSharma, 2010:
Microbial decontamination of medicinally important herbals using gamma radiation and their biochemical characterisation

Radosevich, M.; Tuovinen, O.H., 2002:
Microbial degradation of atrazine in soils, sediments and surface water

Schäfer, H.; Myronova, N.; Boden, R., 2010:
Microbial degradation of dimethylsulphide and related C1-sulphur compounds: organisms and pathways controlling fluxes of sulphur in the biosphere

Wynne, A.; Sauter, C.; Gibson, G.R.; Ames, J.M., 2002:
Microbial degradation of heated gluten-glucose systems and the implications for human gut health

Nwankwoala, A.U.; Egiebor, N.O.; Gilbert, C.; Nyavor, K., 1999:
Microbial degradation of methyylhydrazine contaminated NASA wastewater

Pucci, O.H.; Velasquez, S.; Jodor, N.; Riis, V., 2002:
Microbial degradation of mineral oils under extreme conditions

Brueck, C.; Lehtinen, M.; Flanagan, M.; Bade, P.; Daniel, S.L., 2002:
Microbial degradation of oxalate, glyoxylate and glycolate in the human gut

Kafarski, P.; Lejczak, B.; Forlani, G., 1999:
Microbial degradation of pesticides containing carbon-to-phosphorus bond

Huang, C-Hsien.; Liou, R-May.; Chen, S-Hsiung.; Hung, M-Ya.; Lai, C-Lee.; Lai, J-Yih., 2010:
Microbial degradation of phenol in a modified three-stage airlift packing-bed reactor

Abe,M.; Kobayashi,K.; Honma,N.; Nakasaki,K., 2010:
Microbial degradation of poly by Fusarium solani in soil environments

Oh, Y.S.; Lee, Y.H.; Pak, K.R.; Choi, S.C.; Kim, S.J., 2003:
Microbial degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum-contaminated estuarine sediment under various reducing conditions

Chen, Y.C.; Banks, M.K.; Schwab, A.P., 2002:
Microbial degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in rhizosphere soil

Qiao, L.; Wang, J-Long., 2010:
Microbial degradation of pyridine by Paracoccus sp. isolated from contaminated soil

Martinez, C.O.; Silva, C.Maria.M.S.; Fay, E.F.; Abakerli, R.B.; Maia, A.H.N.; Durrant, L.R., 2010:
Microbial degradation of sulfentrazone in a Brazilian rhodic hapludox soil

Zanardini, E.; Arnoldi, A.; Boschin, G.; D'agostina, A.; Negri, M.; Sorlini, C., 2002:
Microbial degradation of sulfonylurea herbicides Chlorsulfuron and metsulfuron-methyl

Sundset, M.A.; Barboza, P.S.; Green, T.K.; Folkow, L.P.; Blix, A.Schytte.; Mathiesen, S.D., 2010:
Microbial degradation of usnic acid in the reindeer rumen

Delort, A.M.rie; Combourieu, B., 2000:
Microbial degradation of xenobiotics

Gibbs, P.R.; Riddle, R.R.; Benedik, M.J.; Wilson, R.C., 2000:
Microbial denitrogenation of fossil fuels

Kato, D.I.hiro; Mitsuda, S.; Ohta, H., 2003:
Microbial deracemization of alpha-substituted carboxylic acids Expansion of substrate specificity and mechanistic investigation

Donnenberg, M.S., 2001:
Microbial determinants of E coli uropathogenicity

Laine, R.; Zhu, B.C.R.; Lo, W.C.J.nnifer, 2003:
Microbial diagnostics using enzymes in catalytically inactive, binding competent assays

Mundt, C.C.; Wallace, L.; Cowger, C., 2002:
Microbial dispersal and epidemic velocity Does scale matter?

Briggs, K.M.rano; Ellis, D.J.; Jonas, R.B., 1999:
Microbial distribution and photosynthetic bacterial enrichment from a sulfidic, Karst environment Churchs Blue Hole, Andros Island, The Bahamas

Schleifer, K-Heinz., 2004:
Microbial diversity: facts, problems and prospects

Handelsman, J.; Wackett, L.P., 2002:
Microbial diversity Sustaining the Earth and industry

Farrell, M.; Griffith, G.W.; Hobbs, P.J.; Perkins, W.T.; Jones, D.L., 2010:
Microbial diversity and activity are increased by compost amendment of metal-contaminated soil

Adkins, A., 2001:
Microbial diversity and activity in a stressed Boreal Forest ecosystem

Lanoil, B.D.; Gaidos, E.; Thorsteinsson, T.; Popp, B.; Skidmore, M.; Han, S.; Graham, A.; Rust, T., 2003:
Microbial diversity and activity in a subglacial volcanic lake

Ryser, J.; Stoeckli, V.; Schmid, B., 2002:
Microbial diversity and activity in soils of the Swiss Alps Influence of ski-run preparation

Hope, M.; Hold, G.L.; Kain, R.;, E.M., 2004:
Microbial diversity and carbohydrate expression in healthy and neoplastic colonic tissue

Slabbert, E.; Kongor, R.Y.; Esler, K.J.; Jacobs, K., 2010:
Microbial diversity and community structure in Fynbos soil

Bernhard, A.E.; Field, K.G., 1999:
Microbial diversity and community structure in a Pacific Northwest Estuary

Yu, Z.; Mohn, W.W., 2000:
Microbial diversity and community structure in an aerated lagoon revealed by ribosomal intergenic spacer amplicon polymorphism and partial 16S rDNA sequencing

Weinbauer, M.G.; Wenderoth, D.F., 2002:
Microbial diversity and ecosystem functions The unmined riches

Zhao, J.; Simon, H.M.; Young, B.F.; Diaz, L.F.C.avarria; Janzen, D.H.; Goodman, R.M., 2003:
Microbial diversity and functions in tropical caterpillars Application of metagenomic approaches and methods in an international collaborative microbial observatory project

Finer, K.R., 2000:
Microbial diversity and photosynthetic pigments A laboratory exercise

Reed, D.W.; Fujita, Y.; Delwiche, M.E.; Blackwelder, D.B.; Uchida, T.; Colwell, F.S., 2002:
Microbial diversity from a deep-sediment methane hydrate zone

Archer, S.M.; Ressler, D.E.; Miller, K.R., 2003:
Microbial diversity in Centralia Pennsylvania

Ikner, L.A.; Neilson, J.W.; Maier, R.M., 2003:
Microbial diversity in Kartchner Caverns

Rodriguez, R.A.; Santamaria, J.; Rivera, G.; Perez, L.; Calderon, F.; Toranzos, G.A., 2003:
Microbial diversity in active versus abandoned sugar cane fields

Singleton, D.; Story, S.; Tien, A.J.; Altman, D.J.; Whitman, W.B.; Brigmon, R.L., 2001:
Microbial diversity in an acidic refinery sludge

Bausenwein, U.; Gattinger, A.; Embacher, A.; Schloter, M., 2003:
Microbial diversity in arable soils as revealed by phenotypic and genotypic fingerprinting techniques

Yu, J.; Kim, D.; Lee, T., 2010:
Microbial diversity in biofilms on water distribution pipes of different materials

Ward, B.B.; Jackson, G.A., 2003:
Microbial diversity in functional guilds Does diversity matter in ecosystem function?

Sabree, Z.L.; Stapleton, R.; Devol, A.; Zhou, J.Z.; Palumbo, A.V., 1999:
Microbial diversity in marine sediment

Tiago, I.; Chung, A.P.; Verissimo, A., 2003:
Microbial diversity in rare alkaline environment Heterotrophic aerobic populations

Van Cuyk, S.; Spear, J.; Siegrist, R.; Pace, N., 2002:
Microbial diversity in soil treatment systems for wastewater

Friedrich, A.B.; Merkert, H.; Fendert, T.; Hacker, J.; Proksch, P.; Hentschel, U., 1999:
Microbial diversity in the marine sponge Aplysina cavernicola analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Aguiar, P.; Reysenbach, A.L., 2000:
Microbial diversity in thermal springs of S Miguel, Azores

Rastogi, G.; Osman, S.; Vaishampayan, P.A.; Andersen, G.L.; Stetler, L.D.; Sani, R.K., 2010:
Microbial diversity in uranium mining-impacted soils as revealed by high-density 16S microarray and clone library

Gadanho, M.; Chaves, S.; Tenreiro, T.; Sampaio, J.P.; Tenreiro, R., 2003:
Microbial diversity of Mid-Atlantic ridge hydrothermal vents From culture to community molecular fingerprints

Wilson, W.J.; Desantis, T.Z.; Radosevich, J.L.; Erler, A.M.; Andersen, G.L., 2002:
Microbial diversity of aerosol samples A molecular analysis of seasonal variation

Dennis, P.C.; Sleep, B.E.; Liss, S.N., 1999:
Microbial diversity of an anaerobic PCE-degrading consortium

van der Kraan, G.M.; Bruining, J.; Lomans, B.P.; van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.; Muyzer, G., 2010:
Microbial diversity of an oil-water processing site and its associated oil field: the possible role of microorganisms as information carriers from oil-associated environments

Hoek, J.; Hubler, F.; Banta, A.B.; Reysenbach, A., 2002:
Microbial diversity of deep-sea hydrothermal sulfide deposits along the Central Indian Ridge

Song, B.; Palleroni, N.J.; Haggblom, M.M., 1999:
Microbial diversity of halobenzoate degradation under denitrifying conditions

Lanoil, B.D.; Sassen, R.; Bartlett, D.; Kastner, M.; L.D.c, M.T.; Sweet, S.; Nealson, K., 2000:
Microbial diversity of methane clathrates and other anaerobic methane oxidation environments Is there a common link?

Fisher, J.M.; Bradley, T.M.; White, B.A., 2003:
Microbial diversity of the Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, and Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, under different environmental or nutritional conditions

Mosso, M.A.; Sanchez, M.C.;, M.C., 2002:
Microbial diversity of the mineral water springs of Alhama de Granada Spa town

Gomez Alvarez, V.; Nusslein, K., 2002:
Microbial diversity on volcanoes The role of atmospheric trace gases in microbial colonization and succession on recent lava flow

Bird, D.F.; Karl, D.M.; Delong, E.F., 1999:
Microbial dynamics and carbon flus in south ocean habitats

Doblin, M.A.; Kampschmidt, L.G.; Heinemann, S.; Jenkins, P.T.; Dobbs, F.C., 2003:
Microbial dynamics in ships ballast tanks during vessel transit in the Great Lakes

Josephson, K.L.; Pepper, I.L., 2000:
Microbial dynamics in soil contaminated with cadmium and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Brockman, F.; Rockhold, M.; Yarwood, R.; Niemet, M.; Spadoni, T.; Bradley, S.; Selker, J., 2001:
Microbial dynamics in unsaturated porous media under static and flow conditions

Coolon, J.D.; Jones, K.L.; Narayanan, S.; Wisely, S.M., 2010:
Microbial ecological response of the intestinal flora of Peromyscus maniculatus and P. leucopus to heavy metal contamination

Harada, Kazuki, 2000:
Microbial ecology and radiation biology in space environment using space shuttle and space station Mir

Santos, H.I.; Marques, J.J.F.gueiredo; Raposo, L.; Tenreiro, R.; Crespo, M.T.B.rreto, 2003:
Microbial ecology of Portuguese ewes cheese

Eyers, L.; Stenuit, B.; E.F.ntroussi, S.; Agathos, S.N., 2003:
Microbial ecology of TNT-contaminated soils and anaerobic TNT biodegradation processes

Jordan, F.L.; Stein, L.Y., 2003:
Microbial ecology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria along a forested dry nitrogen deposition/pH gradient

Liu, W.; Kong, Y.; Hu, J.; Song, L.; Ong, S.; Ng, W., 2002:
Microbial ecology of an acetate-fed sequential batch membrane bioreactor

Boothe, D.H.; Arnold, J.W., 1999:
Microbial ecology of biofilm communities associated with stored chicken meat samples assessed via substrate utilization patterns

Ogier, J.C.; Lafarge, V.; Rault, A.; Maladen, V.; Son, O.; Bach, C.; Leveau, J.Y.; Delacroix Buchet, A., 2003:
Microbial ecology of dairy products by Temporal Temperature Gel Electrophoresis and Denaturing Gradient Gel electrophoresis

Milbrandt, E.C., 2001:
Microbial ecology of restoration in the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

Van Der Waaij, Dirk, 1999:
Microbial ecology of the intestinal microflora Influence of interactions with the host organism

Knotek Smith, H.M.; Crawford, D.L.; Moller, G., 2002:
Microbial effects in infiltration column studies of a selenium containing middle waste shale

Karube, I.; Yano, K.; Yoshida, N.; Morita, T., 2000:
Microbial electrode and microbial sensor

Mathur, E.J.; Stein, J.L.; Keller, M.; Rusterholz, K., 2003:
Microbial enrichment using a container having a plurality of solid support particles

Molina-Muñoz, M.; Poyatos, J.M.; Rodelas, B.; Pozo, C.; Manzanera, M.; Hontoria, E.; Gonzalez-Lopez, J., 2009:
Microbial enzymatic activities in a pilot-scale MBR experimental plant under different working conditions

Svagr, A.; Rakovicky, T., 2004:
Microbial enzymatic activity - profitable terrestrial test

Wu, W.; Ye, Q.; Min, H.; Thies, J.E., 2003:
Microbial enzyme activities and bacterial community composition in the rhizosphere of Bt-transgenic rice as compared to its non-transgenic cultivar

Hince, Eric Christian, 2004:
Microbial enzyme-enhanced organic-inorganic solid-chemical composition and methods for anaerobic bioremediation

Steinreiber, A.; Faber, K., 2001:
Microbial epoxide hydrolases for preparative biotransformations

Weissenburger, K.S.; Michael, G.E.ic, 2003 :
Microbial ethane and propane production in deepwater Gulf of Mexico reservoirs

Izumi, H.; Suzuki, A., 2000:
Microbial evaluation of electrolyzed water treated fresh-cut carrots in CA/MA storage

Doolittle, W.Ford, 2000:
Microbial evolution and phylogeny Is there a new synthesis?

Klyasova, G.A.; Tolkacheva, T.V.; Petrova, N.A., 2001:
Microbial evolution in myelotoxic agranulocytosis

Ward, D.M., 1999:
Microbial evolutionary ecology Lessons from hot spring communities

Kato, T.; Oto, K.; Endo, T.; Furusho, J.; Iwasaki, A.; Sasaki, Y.; Iikura, Y., 1999:
Microbial extracranial aneurysm of the internal carotid artery: complication of cervical lymphadenitis

Leirisalo-Repo, M.; Hannu, T.; Mattila, L., 2003:
Microbial factors in spondyloarthropathies: insights from population studies

Schröder, I.; Johnson, E.; de Vries, S., 2003:
Microbial ferric iron reductases

Tønjum, T.; Seeberg, E., 2001:
Microbial fitness and genome dynamics

Andres, S.C.; Giannuzzi, L.; Zaritzky, N.E., 1999:
Microbial flora during storage of packaged fresh orange juice

Chu, N.S.; Chan Myers, H., 1999:
Microbial flora recovered from medical devices after routine surgical procedures

Roh, Yul; Phelps, Tommy J., 2003:
Microbial formation of Fe minerals and metal-substituted magnetite nanoparticles by iron reducing bacteria

Figueroa, L.A.; Ahmann, D., 2002:
Microbial framework for the design of bioreactors for mine drainage treatment

Zhang,F.; Saito,T.; Cheng,S.A.; Hickner,M.A.; Logan,B.E., 2010:
Microbial fuel cell cathodes with poly diffusion layers constructed around stainless steel mesh current collectors

Freguia, S.; Teh, E.Hoi.; Boon, N.; Leung, K.Man.; Keller, J.; Rabaey, K., 2010:
Microbial fuel cells operating on mixed fatty acids

Li, F.; Sharma, Y.; Lei, Y.; Li, B.; Zhou, Q., 2010:
Microbial fuel cells: the effects of configurations, electrolyte solutions, and electrode materials on power generation

Midtvedt, Tore, 1999:
Microbial functional activities

Pinchasi Adiv, Y.; Steinberger, Y., 2002:
Microbial functional diversity Effect of litter quality on a desert system

Sweet, D., 1999:
Microbial fusion

Groudeva, V.I.; Groudev, S.N.; Doycheva, A.S., 2003:
Microbial generation of acid drainage in a rich-in-pyrite ore dump

Mira, A.; Klasson, L.; Andersson, S.G.E., 2002:
Microbial genome evolution: sources of variability

Bourke, B., 1999:
Microbial genome sequencing: a new era for research on enteric pathogens

Fraser, C.M.; Microbial Genome Sequencing And Annotation Groups, 2002:
Microbial genome sequencing Insights into physiology and evolution

Boucher, Y.; Nesbø, C.L.; Doolittle, W.F., 2001:
Microbial genomes: dealing with diversity

Schwartz, I., 2000:
Microbial genomics: from sequence to function

Williams, Kerstin, 1999:
Microbial genomics Present and future The third annual conference on microbial genome sequencing, functional characterization and comparative genomics, Chantilly, Virginia, USA; January 29-February 1, 1999

Dougherty, T.J.; Barrett, J.F.; Pucci, M.J., 2002:
Microbial genomics and novel antibiotic discovery: new technology to search for new drugs

Kowal, P.; Chen, X.; Wang, P.G.orge, 2001:
Microbial glycosyltransferases

Kuo, C.; Chi, W.; Liu, S.; Hsu, S.L., 2001:
Microbial growth dynamics during biotransformation of p-toluic acid in anoxic estuarine sediments under a CO2 or N2/H2 atmosphere

Rosales, Blanca M., 2002:
Microbial growth influencing metallic corrosion of big structures

Ajani, S.A.; Amund, O.O.; Adebusoye, S.A.; Olaleye, N.O., 2003:
Microbial growth on diesel oil in a polluted tropical soil

Crawley, B.A.; Plant, J., 1999:
Microbial growth, antibiotic sensitivity patterns and the electronic nose

Roy, S.R.; Leung, D.Y.M.; Schiltz, A.M.; Liu, A.H., 2002:
Microbial heat shock proteins are found in farm dust but not metro homes, and potentiate IL-12 production

Shallom, D.; Shoham, Y., 2003:
Microbial hemicellulases

Musslewhite, C.; Mcinerney, M.; Dong, H.; Green, M.; Macnoughton, S.; Murray, C.; Onstott, T.C.; Swift, D.; White, D.C., 2000:
Microbial heterogeneity in the subsurface near Oyster, VA

Lopez, M.G.; Steinberg, I.; Vitale, A.; Segovia D.H.ergo, M.; Viale, A.A., 2002:
Microbial hydrocarbon biodegradation Isolation of bacterial strains for bioremediation purposes

Matsumoto, K.; Sato, Y.; Shimojo, M.; Hatanaka, M., 2001:
Microbial hydrolysis of C2-symmetrical cyclic carbonates

Okazaki, R.; Oritani, T.; Hara, Y.; Yamamoto, H., 2001:
Microbial hydroxylation of - and - -5- -3-methyl-2,4-pentadienoic acid into - and -xanthoxin acid by Cunninghamella echinulata

Hemenway, M.S.; Olivo, H.F., 1999:
Microbial hydroxylation of N-substituted 7-azabicyclo heptanes and its application to a total synthesis of epibatidine

Tanaka, M.; Moriguchi, T.; Kizuka, M.; Ono, Y.; Miyakoshi, S-ichi.; Ogita, T., 2002:
Microbial hydroxylation of zofimarin, a sordarin-related antibiotic

Souza, V.; Escalante, A.; Valera, A.; Espinoza, L.; Eguiarte, L.E., 2002 :
Microbial hyperdiversity in Cuatro Cienegas Coahuila

Kourentzi, K.D.; Larios Sanz, M.; Fox, G.E.; Willson, R.C., 2002:
Microbial identification targeting ribosomal RNA and artificial RNA labels

Hudson, M.J.; Swackhamer, D.L.; Cotner, J.B.; Stets, E.G., 2003:
Microbial impacts on contaminant transfer in the Lake Superior foodweb

Toledo, R.T.; Moorman, J.E.gar, 2000:
Microbial inactivation by high-pressure throttling

Drucker, V.V., 2003:
Microbial indication of basins of Baikal-Angara-Yenysei hydrosystems

Davis, J.; Farrah, S.; Wilkie, A.C., 2001:
Microbial indicator and pathogen reduction from dairy waste using a fixed-film anaerobic digester

Karim, M.R.; Abbaszadegan, M.; Lechevallier, M.W.; Spinner, M.; Alum, A.; Weihe, J.; Kozik, R., 2002:
Microbial indicators for assessing the vulnerability of groundwater at risk of fecal contamination

Maeda, H.; Akaike, T., 2000:
Microbial infection and consequence of host response in view of NO production and accelerated mutagenic potentials

Whittum Hudson, J.A.; Swanborg, R.H.; Hudson, A.P., 2003:
Microbial infection and the genesis of chronic disease

Van Noort, Johannes M., 2003:
Microbial infection generates pro-inflammatory autoimmunity against the small heat shock protein alpha B-crystallin and provides the fuel for the development of multiple sclerosis

Miettinen, M.; Sareneva, T.; Julkunen, I.; Matikainen, S., 2000:
Microbial infection induces TLR gene expression

Zhang, L.; Gough, J.; Christmas, D.; Mattey, D.L.; Richards, S.C.M.; Main, J.; Enlander, D.; Honeybourne, D.; Ayres, J.G.; Nutt, D.J.; Kerr, J.R., 2010:
Microbial infections in eight genomic subtypes of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis

Moriuchi, M.; Moriuchi, H., 2002:
Microbial infections regulate expression of HIV-1 co-receptors

Schumann Kindel, G.; Bergbauer, M.; Manz, W.; Szewzyk, U.; Reitner, J., 1999:
Microbial influenced pyritisation of marine sponges

Kelly, Donovan P., 2003:
Microbial inorganic sulfur oxidation The APS pathway

Bovonsombut, S.; Kongsoonthorn, K.; Buabarn, S., 2003:
Microbial inspection of ice-cream plant for minimizing the risk of contaminations

Overmann, J.; van Gemerden, H., 2000:
Microbial interactions involving sulfur bacteria: implications for the ecology and evolution of bacterial communities

Ouwehand, A.C.; Tuomola, E.M.; Lee, Y.K.; Salminen, S., 2001:
Microbial interactions to intestinal mucosal models

Hoelter, J.W.; Bonnah, R., 2001:
Microbial interference with host transferrin-iron homeostasis

Andrews, W.W.; Carlo, W.; Hauth, J.C.; Cliver, S.; Goldenberg, R.L.; Faye Petersen, O., 2000:
Microbial invasion of the chorioamnion and histologic chorioamnionitis are associated with systemic inflammatory response syndrome in preterm neonates

Butler, Alison, 2003:
Microbial iron mining in the deep blue sea

Neubauer, S.C.; Megonigal, P.; Emerson, D., 2003:
Microbial iron oxidation in the wetland plant rhizosphere

Mootha, V.Vinod.; Dawson, D.; Kumar, A.; Gleiser, J.; Albert, D.M., 2004:
Microbial keratitis identified during eye bank screen of corneoscleral tissue harvested from patients with laser in situ keratomileusis history

Khanal, B.; Kaini, K.R.; Deb, M.; Badhu, B.; Thakur, S.K., 2001:
Microbial keratitis in eastern Nepal

Harrison, R.E.; Touret, N.; Grinstein, S., 2002:
Microbial killing: oxidants, proteases and ions

Prakash,N.B.; Ganesh,N.S., 2010:
Microbial kinetics and growth study in biological digestion of composite tan liquor

Chijavadze, E.M.; Vadachkoria, Z.; Gordeladze, M.; Darsavelidze, M.; Bikashvili, N.; Amirkhanashvili, K., 2003:
Microbial landscape of mouth cavity of children suffering from diabetes mellitus

DuShanZhou; BiYinLi; LiuBoHui; LiQiAng; WangZeHui, 2010:
Microbial leaching desulphurization of coal wastes in natural conditions

Mohseni, M., 2003:
Microbial leaching of gold mine pyrite by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Suzuki, Isamu, 2001 :
Microbial leaching of metals from sulfide minerals

Garzon, Leon, 2002:
Microbial life and temperature A semi empirical approach

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