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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35390

Chapter 35390 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Berns, Anton, 2000:
New mouse models for human cancer

de Winther, M.P.J.; Hofker, M.H., 2002:
New mouse models for lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis

Goldsworthy, M.E.; Bentley, E.; Toye, A.; Eley, L.; Moir, L.; Hough, T.; Nolan, P.M.; Peters, J.; Roby, P.; Smythe, S.; Tymowska Lalanne, Z.; Spurr, N.; Hunter, A.J.; Brown, S.D.M.; Cox, R.D., 2001:
New mouse models of Type II diabetes generated by random N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenesis

Merriwether, D.A.; Friedlaender, J., 2002:
New mtDNA haplogroups in Melanesia

Imachi, K.; Mitamura, Y.; Yambe, T.; Matsuda, T.; Okamto, E.; Umezu, M.; Suzuki, A.; Nemoto, I.; Mimaki, A., 2003:
New multi-institutional cooperative project to develop an implantable ventricular assist system in Japan

Bartkowiak, A.; Canaple, L.; Ceausoglu, I.; Nurdin, N.; Renken, A.; Rindisbacher, L.; Wandrey, C.; Desvergne, B.; Hunkeler, D., 1999:
New multicomponent capsules for immunoisolation

Farrell, J.R.; Stiles, D.T.; Lippard, S.J., 2001:
New multidentate cyclic carboxylate ligands

Kawase, M.; Motohashi, N., 2003:
New multidrug resistance reversal agents

Kodama, Mitsuru, 2001:
New multimedia services in the education, medical and welfare

Khanna, A.; Jimenez Ayala, B.; Gu, J.; Caraway, N.P.; Katz, R.L., 2000:
New multiprobe FISH test on urologic specimens is highly sensitive in the diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma

Komarova, E.; Reber, K.; Aldissi, M.; Bogomolova, A., 2010:
New multispecific array as a tool for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy-based biosensing

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 2002:
New multituberculate teeth from the Barremian of Galve

Bradbury, J., 1999:
New multivalent malaria vaccine looks promising

Chevrier, M.C.; Chateauneuf, I.; Lemieux, R., 2002:
New murine anti-human IgG monoclonal antibodies for use in routine anti-human IgG indirect RBC agglutination assays

Vasas, G., 1999:
New mushroom taxa from Hungary

Hermida, M.; Monserrat, L.; Barral, S.; Laredo, R.; Bouzas, B.; Crespo, M.; Castro Beiras, A., 2002:
New mutation in lamin A/C gene associated with severe dilated cardiomyopathy

Caldés, T.; Godino, J.; Perez-Segura, P.; de la Hoya, M.; Diaz-Rubio, E.; Benito, M., 2000:
New mutation in the hMSH2 gene in a Spanish Muir-Torre syndrome

Allende, L.M.; Garcia Perez, M.A.; Corell, A.; Varela, P.; Lopez Goyanes, A.; Ferre, S.; Moreno, A.; D.P.blos, P.; Sotoca, A.; Paz Artal, E.; Arnaiz Villena, A., 2001:
New mutations and defective phorbol myristate acetate activation of T-lymphocytes in ataxia telangiectasia patients

Platokouki, H.; Kapsimalis, Z.; Pergantou, H.; Komitopoulou, A.; Aronis, S., 2003:
New mutations and hemostatic polymorphisms in a variety of gene in neonates with thrombosis at various sites

Zaletayev, D.; Chesnokova, G.G.; Nemtsova, M.V.; Novikov, P.V.; Kozlov, A.S.; Moiseev, S.N.; Kuleshov, N.P., 2000:
New mutations and polymorphisms in EXT genes on patients with multiple exostoses

Rodriguez Pombo, P.; Perez, B.; Muro, S.; Perez Cerda, C.; Desviat, L.R.; Gibson, K.M.; Ugarte, M., 2000:
New mutations detected in USA propionic acidemia families

Dyachenko, S.; Erdmann, J.; Haberl, C.; Schmidt, G.; Kallisch, H.; Fleck, E.; Regitz Zagrosek, V., 1999:
New mutations in MyBP-C gene associated with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

Zito, I.; Thiselton, D.L.; Gorin, M.; Bird, A.C.; Bhattacharya, S.S.; Hardcastle, A.J., 1999:
New mutations in RPGR and RP2 and a new locus for X-linked retinitis pigmentosa

Lomonosova, E.Z.; Boukina, A.M.; Shehter, O.V.; Lagkueva, F.K.; Rudenskaya, G.E.; Dadaly, E.L., 2002:
New mutations in Russian patients with X-linked adrenoleukodistrophy

Scacheri, P.C.; Gillanders, E.M.; Subramony, S.; Vedanarayayanan, V.; Crowe, C.A.; Bingler, M.; Hoffman, E.P., 1999:
New mutations in collagen VIalpha1, alpha2 genes cause autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy

Mena, A.; Camara, J.; Vieira, H.; Vitorino, M.; Caria, H.; Simao, M.; Galhardo, I.; Netta, T.; Dias, O.; Andrea, M.; Correia, C.; Fialho, G., 2000:
New mutations in myosin VIIa gene in the Portuguese population

Blanch, A.; Roche, O.; Fontan, G.; Lopez Trascasa, M., 2002:
New mutations in the C1 inhibitor gene in patients with hereditary angioedema

Bradbury, R.; Fagan, E.; Goodson, S.; Steer, K.; Payne, S.J., 1999:
New mutations in the HFE gene for haemochromatosis

Malvagia, S.; Morrone, A.; Caciotti, A.; Bardelli, T.; D'azzo, A.; Ancora, G.; Donati, M.A.; Zammarchi, E., 2003:
New mutations in the PPCA gene lead to the alteration of the lysosomal complex and the EBP-receptor

Eunson, L.H.; Jouvenceau, A.; Ramesh, V.; Zuberi, S.M.; Nairne, A.; Hyman, N.; Wood, N.W.; Spauschus, A.; Kullmann, D.M.; Hanna, M.G., 1999:
New mutations in the voltage-gated calcium channel gene CACNA1A in British families with episodic ataxia type 2

Annesi, G.; Pasqua, A.A.; Carrideo, S.; Civitelli, D.; Spadafora, P.; Annesi, F.; Incorpora, G.; Polizzi, A.; Candiano, I.C.C.ro; Tarantino, P.; Gambardella, A., 2002:
New mutations of NaV11 gene encoding a neuronal sodium channel in families with GEFS+

Wolf, M.T.F.; Mucha, B.E.; Attanasio, M.; Zalewski, I.; Karle, S.M.; Rahman, N.; Otto, E.; Witzgall, R.; Fuchshuber, A.; Hildebrandt, F., 2003:
New mutations of the Uromodulin gene in MCKD type 2 patients

Glenn, G.; Stolle, C.; Sgambati, M.; Choyke, P.; Hurley, K.; Peterson, J.; Manolatos, C.; Berman, A.; Zbar, B.; Linehan, W.M.; Walther, M., 1999:
New mutations versus silent-carrier parent as source of first generation diagnoses in a hereditary neoplastic disorder Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

Labeit, D., 1999:
New myofibril filaments in the ultrastructure of vascular tissue

Bejsak Colloredo Mansfeld, Vratislav Richard, E.M.J.B., 2003:
New name for species from the genus Ceropria Laporte Brulle, 1831

Liogier, Henri Alain, 2003:
New names and new combinations in the flora of Hispaniola

Marshall, Bruce, A., 2004:
New names for four common Marginellidae from northern New Zealand

Ohba, Hideaki, 2003:
New names of Sedum uniflorum Hook Arn and its infraspecific taxa

Mulholland, G.K., 2002:
New naphthol route to useful benzovesamicol tracers and precursors

Cang, S.; Ohta, S.; Chiba, H.; Johdo, O.; Nomura, H.; Nagamatsu, Y.; Yoshimoto, A., 2001:
New naphthyridinomycin-type antibiotics, aclidinomycins A and B, from Streptomyces halstedi

Sazykin, Y.O.; Bykov, V.A., 2000:
New natural immunosuppressors Comparison with cyclosporine A by the mechanism of action

Brady, S.F.; Chao, C.J.; Clardy, J., 2002:
New natural product families from an environmental DNA gene cluster

Shadow, Wes, 1999:
New near-infrared analyzers From raw ingredients to finished products

Bussau, C.; Vopel, K., 1999:
New nematode species and genera from the deep sea of the eastern tropical South Pacific

Ember, J.A.; Windman, S.; Luan, F.J.n; Sasaki, S.; Shi, L.; Stall, A.; Shih, C.C.Y.; Kolb, W.P.; Morgan, E., 2000:
New neo-epitope specific ELISA kits to determine anaphylatoxin C3adesArg and C5adesArg levels in biological fluids

Engel, Michael, S., 2001:
New neotropical records for three Zorotypus species

Cortellini, P.; Incarbone, G.P.; Salsi, P.; Barbieri, A., 2001:
New nephrostomic catheter

Den Boer, J.A.; Boshuisen, M.L.; Ter Horst, G.J., 2004:
New neuroimaging findings in panic disorder

Lemasson, M.; Lledo, P.M.rie, 2003:
New neurons can be created in the adult brain

McKhann, G.M., 2002:
New neurons for aging brains

Schmidt, M.; Hansen, A., 1999:
New neurons in adult brains Neuronal fate and afferent control of proliferating cells in the central olfactory pathway of decapod crustaceans

Westhofen, M., 2000:
New neurootological tools for the differentiation of otolith diseases

Chabrier, P.E.; Roubert, V.; Harnett, J.; Cornet, S.; Delaflotte, S.; Charnet Roussillot, C.; Spinnewyn, B.; Auguet, M., 2001:
New neuroprotective agents are potent inhibitors of mitochondrial toxins In vivo and in vitro studies

Gupta, V.K.; Prasad, R.; Kumar, P.; Mangla, R., 2000:
New nickel selective potentiometric sensor based on 5,7,12,14-tetramethyldibenzotetraazaannulene in a poly matrix

Bonazzi, A.; Guzzetta, M.; Ferrario, M.; Ongini, E.; Monopoli, A.; Del Soldato, P., 2003:
New nitric oxide -releasing statin derivatives with enhanced anti-inflammatory properties

Tandon, V.K.; Chhor, R.B.; Garg, V., 2003:
New no donors derived from novel heterocycles cyclazines

Andresen, N.A.; Stoermer, E.F.; Kreis, R.G.Jr, 2000:
New nomenclatural combinations referring to Diatom taxa which occur in The Laurentian Great Lakes of North America

Berthoin, K.; Clippe, A.; Dumont, X.; Bernard, A., 2003:
New non invasive tests to detect early effects of air pollutants on the respiratory epithelium Development and application to schoolchildren living in Brussels Preliminary results

D.L.orden, C.L.pez; Merz, M.; Comba, P., 2003:
New non-heme iron model compounds as catalysts in the oxidation of olefins

Dikalov, S.; Dikalova, A.; Mason, R.P., 2000:
New non-invasive diagnostic tool for inflammation induced oxidative stress

Petit, A.; Bihel, F.; D.C.sta, C.A.ves; Pourquie, O.; Suh, Y.H.; Kraus, J.L.; Checler, F., 2002:
New non-peptidic inhibitors of gamma-secretase abolish Abeta production without modifying Notch cleavage

Nativelle, C.; Sourdaine, P.; Moslemi, S.; Seralini, G.E.; Park, C.H.; Yous, S.; Depreux, P.; Lesieur, D., 2001:
New non-steroidal human aromatase inhibitors

Kochi, K.; Sueda, T.; Orihashi, K.; Matsuura, Y., 1999:
New noninvasive test alternative to Allen's test: snuff-box technique

Banon, R.; Rodriguez Marin, E.; Covelo, M., 1999:
New northern limit for the distribution of Brotulotaenia brevicauda and Pseudoscopelus scriptus in the Atlantic

D.J.ng, G.D.; Chadwick, J.W., 1999:
New northern records for Necrodes surinamensis and Nitidula nigra from the Northwest Territories, Canada

Chubb, Alison, L., 2004:
New nuclear evidence for the oldest divergence among neognath birds The phylogenetic utility of ZENK

Giampuzzi, M.; Oleggini, R.; D.D.nato, A., 2002:
New nuclear targets for lysyl oxidase In vitro physical interaction between lysyl oxidase and lysine-rich histones

Saiapina, L.V.; Anisimova, T.I.; Sergeeva, G.M.; Adamova, G.V.; Kasina, I.V.; Malakhaeva, A.N., 2002:
New nutrient media and immunobiological preparations for the diagnosis of the causative agents of infections subject to regulations

Moller, D.E.; Van Der Ploeg, L.H.T., 2000:
New obesity targets Molecular-genetic and transgenic approaches

Xie, T.; Heredia, R.; Ahmad, M., 2000:
New observations in comparison of Real-time 3-D dobutamine stress echocardiography with conventional 2-D dobutamine stress echocardiography

Xie, T.; Mcculloch, M.; Heredia, R.E.; Ahmad, M., 2001:
New observations in contrast enhanced real-time 3D dobutamine stress echocardiography in assessment of ischemia

Brusseaux, G.; Cama, A., 2000:
New observations of Pempelia albariella, a reestablished species, in continental France

Jenkins, E.C.Jr; Wen, G.Y.; Genovese, M.; Jenkins, E.C.; Brown, W.T., 2001:
New observations of human chromosome scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Kery, Marc, 2002:
New observations of the Peregrine Falcon in Peru

Barattolo, F.; Parente, M., 2000:
New observations on Uragiella liasica from the type-locality

Macia, S.; Robinson, M.P.; Craze, P.; Dalton, R.; Thomas, J.D., 2004:
New observations on airborne jet propulsion in squid, with a review of previous reports

Lemonnier Darcemont, Michele, 2003:
New observations on some remarkables grasshoppers in the Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur French region

Fain, A.; Bannert, B., 2002:
New observations on species of the genus Ophionyssus Megnin parasitic on lizards of the genus Gallotia Boulenger from the Canary Islands, Spain with description of a new species

Vagelli, A.A., 2000:
New observations on the asexual reproduction of Aurelia aurita with comments on its adaptative significance

Fenner, Douglas, 1999:
New observations on the stony coral species of Belize and Cozumel

Isfer, O.; Kajiwara, D., 2001:
New occurrence of the Southern Giant Petrel in Parana state, Brazil

Hoare, Richard, D., 1999:
New occurrences and a new species of Pennsylvanian polyplacophorans in Ohio

Leighton, James, L., 1999:
New olefin carbonylation reactions for organic synthesis

Zaidi, A.U.; Bessert, D.A.; Ong, J.E.; Xu, H.; Barks, J.D.E.; Silverstein, F.S.; Skoff, R.P., 2004:
New oligodendrocytes are generated after neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in rodents

Moriguchi, H.; Kaneko, T.; Yasuda, K., 2004:
New on-chip agarose-gel microfabrication techniques using agarose-gel microstructures and photo-thermal etching method for topographical control and interaction control of cultured cells during cultivation

Mukherjee, S.; Child, D.F., 2003:
New onset Type 2 diabetes presenting with ketoacidosis

Gorske, A.C.; Holtzmuller, K.C., 2000:
New onset ascites caused by mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix in a patient with hepatitis C

Connolly, S.J.; Kerr, C.R.; Talajic, M.; Klein, G.; Green, M.S.; Boone, J.; Sheldon, R.S.; Humphries, K.H.; Spinelli, J.J., 1999:
New onset atrial fibrillation Anticoagulant use in the Canadian Registry of Atrial Fibrillation

Humphries, K.H.; Kerr, C.R.; Connolly, S.J.; Klein, G.; Boone, J.; Green, M.; Sheldon, R.; Talajic, M.; Dorian, P.; Spinelli, J.J., 2000:
New onset atrial fibrillation Gender differences in presentation, outcome, and treatment

Talajic, M.; Kerr, C.R.; Humphries, K.H.; Klein, G.; Spinelli, J.J.; Boone, J.; Green, M.S., 1999:
New onset atrial fibrillation following open heart surgery Burden of AF following discharge

Mosek, A.; Hering Hanit, R.; Kuritzky, A., 2000:
New onset cluster headache in middle-aged and elderly women

D.G.uli, F.; Khaw, K.T.e; Poole Wilson, P.A., 2003:
New onset heart failure in the community One- and three-year mortality and risk factors for 90-day mortality

Tutar, A.; Alexander, M.; Ansari, M.; Bello, D.; Massie, B., 2000:
New onset heart failure in the outpatient setting Characteristics and outcomes of patients with low and preserved EF

Evans, R.W.; Bruining, K., 2002:
New onset migraine in the elderly

Wurzel, John, 2001:
New onset of type 1 diabetes mellitus in a man with cocaine-related rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure

Goldhaber, S.Z.; Dunn, K.L.; Macdougall, R.C., 2000:
New onset of venous thromboembolism among hospitalized patients at Brigham and Womens Hospital is caused more often by failure of prophylaxis rather than by withholding prophylaxis

Gerlach, S.; Abril, A., 2002:
New onset right elbow edema in a patient with chronic arthritis

O'riordan, J.; Tucker, O.; Ravi, N.; Mcdonald, G.; Reynolds, J.V., 2002:
New onset specialised intestinal metaplasia above the anastomosis in the post esophagectomy patient

Pinggera, G.M.chael; Peschel, R.; Strasser, H.; Janetschek, G.; Frauscher, F.; Bartsch, G., 2002:
New onset ureteropelvic junction obstruction secondary to crossing vessels

Gupta, P.; Rutzen, A.R.; Spinak, D.; Hemady, R.K., 1999:
New onset uveitis in the elderly

Xia, C.; Liu, J., 2003:
New open reading frame of white spot syndrome virus from penaeid shrimps and related detection of the virus by multiplex polymerase chain reaction

Yates, R.; Bull, C.; Sarkar, D.; Clayton, R.; Tunstill, A.; Deanfield, J., 1999 :
New operations Lessons from the introduction of the arterial switch

Kato, M.; Kaneko, M.; Kuratani, T.; Horiguchi, K.; Ikushima, H.; Ohnishi, K., 1999:
New operative method for distal aortic arch aneurysm: combined cervical branch bypass and endovascular stent-graft implantation

Baxter Lowe, L.A.; Kong, D.; Reed, W.; Cowan, M.; Lee, T.H., 2002:
New opportunities for HLA typing using kinetic PCR

Clark, Douglas, S., 2002:
New opportunities for enzyme engineering An evolution in the making

Blade, S.F.; Bjorklund, R., 2001:
New opportunities for grain and silage fababeans in NC Alberta

Chance, Britton, 1999:
New optical methods in cell physiology

Garcia Rosasco, M.M.E.; Pla, L.V.; Rasia, R.J.; Valverde, J.R.; Stoltz, J.F., 1999:
New opticals methods to analyze the effects of vegetable lectins on the rheological properties of erythrocyte membranes

Owens, J., 2001:
New option for reversible suppression of menstruation

Senior, K., 1999:
New options developed for needle-free drug delivery

Tetta, C.; Ghezzi, P.M.; De Nitti, C.; Fiorenzi, A.; Cianciavicchia, D.; Gervasio, R., 2002:
New options for on-line hemodiafiltration

Rubin, Z.A.; Somani, J., 2004:
New options for the treatment of invasive fungal infections

Unger, T., 2002:
New options in the drug treatment of hypertension: claim and reality

Withers, Philip, 2004:
New or little known Diptera from France

Kalb, Klaus, 2001:
New or otherwise interesting lichens I

Nel, Jacques, 2003:
New or poorly known microlepidoptera species from France

Agatha, S., 2003:
New or poorly-known oligotrich and aloricate choreotrich ciliates from marine waters

Joshi, V.; Hudgins, E., 2002:
New or uncommon diseases diagnosed in British Columbia in 2000-2001

Whittaker, P.R.; Colazo, M.G.; Martinez, M.F.; Kastelic, J.P.; Mapletoft, R.J., 2002:
New or used CIRD-B devices and estradiol benzoate, with or without progesterone, for fixed-time AI in beef cattle

Stack, W.A.; Hawkey, G.M.; Atherton, J.C.; Logan, R.A.; Hawkey, C.J., 1999:
New or worsening dyspepsia as a predictor of ulcer bleeding with reference to H pylori status and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use

Crivellari, D.; Lombardi, D.; Spazzapan, S.; Veronesi, A.; Toffoli, G., 2004:
New oral drugs in older patients: a review of idarubicin in elderly patients

Oborotova, N.A.; Polozkova, A.P.; Orlova, O.L.; Shprakh, Z.S.; Smirnova, Z.S.; Bud'ko, A.P.; Zimakova, N.I.; Kolesnikova, E.Y.; Syrkin, A.B., 1999 :
New oral form of melphalan

Kidron, M.; Mizrachi, Y.; Baron, H.; Variano, B., 2001:
New oral formulation of human insulin

Uchimura, I.; Nawa, T.; Hirata, Y., 2003:
New oral hypoglycemic agents AS-6 have potent inhibitory effect on glycation and oxidation

Mudaliar, S.; Henry, R.R., 2001:
New oral therapies for type 2 diabetes mellitus: The glitazones or insulin sensitizers

Zanninelli, G.; Lorzal, O.; Liu, Z.D.ng; Arnaud, J.; Hider, R.C.; Brissot, P., 1999:
New orally active iron chelators promote the biliary excretion of plasma non-transferrin bound iron in the rat

Casey, William Nichols, 2000:
New order of things in pesticide submissions

Wang, G.; Hollingsworth, R.I., 1999:
New ordered 2-D side-chain polymer architecture with polydiacetylene functionality through diacetylene alignment on a hydroxylated polyamide backbone

Lefebvre, B.; Vizcaino, D., 1999:
New ordovician cornutes from Montagne Noire and Brittany and a revision of the order Cornuta Jaekel 1901 To the memory of Jean Chauvel

Macfadden, B.J.; Morgan, G.S., 2003:
New oreodont from the late Oligocene of Florida

Dotrong, M.H.; Schricker, S.R.; Culbertson, B.M., 2002:
New organic polyacid-inorganic composites for improved dental materials

Criado, J.J.; Manzano, J.L.; Rodriguez Fernandez, E., 2003:
New organotropic compounds Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of Pt and Au complexes with bile acids DNA interactions and in vitro anticancer activity

Bayartogtokh, B., 2000:
New oribatid mites of the genera Protoribates and Proteremaeus from Mongolia

Papp, L., 2003:
New oriental species and records of Sphaerocerinae and Copromyzinae

D.V.sconcelos, M.F.rreira; Vasconcelos, P.N.ves; Mauricio, G.N.; Matrangolo, C.A.gusto Rodrigues; Dell'amore, C.M.; Nemesio, A.; Ferreira, J.C.audio; Endrigo, E., 2003:
New ornithological records for the Serra do Caraca, with comments on the geographic distribution of some species

Dell'aqua, J.A.; Papa, F.O.; Zahn, F.S.; Alvarenga, M.A.; Leonardo, H., 2002:
New osmotic test to evaluated sperm plasma membrane integrity of stallion frozen semen

Bertels Psotka, A.; Cusminsky, G.C., 1999:
New ostracod species of the Nirihuau Formation from its type area Rio Negro Province, Argentina

Bauhofer, A.; Stinner, B.; Plaul, U.; Celik, I.; Middeke, M.; Torossian, A.; Lorenz, W., 2001:
New outcome concepts for sepsis trials tested in a pilot trial with G-CSF prophylaxis in patients with colorectal cancer

Hubschwerlen, C.N.; Specklin, J.; Baeschlin, D.K.; Sigwalt, C.; Haefeli, S.; Borer, Y.; Schroeder, S.; Locher, H.H., 2003:
New oxazolidinone-quinolone hybrids Synthesis and SAR

D.Bois, Justin, 2002:
New oxidation reactions for target directed synthesis

Bartsch, H.; Nair, J., 1999:
New oxidative stress markers in cancer etiology and prevention studies

Moore, D.E.; Peng, G.; Prashar, J.K., 1999:
New oxobenziporphyrins Photosensitization and spectroscopic properties

Moll, Ute, M., 2000:
New p53-based strategies for cancer therapy

Tkalcu, Borek, 2000:
New palaearctic species of the genera Anthocopa and Hoplitis

Chung, D.; Kasper, D.; Tzianabos, A., 2001:
New paradigm for bacterial polysaccharide interactions with T cells Role in prevention of surgical infections

Agnes, R.S.; Lee, Y.S.; Ma, S.W.; Davis, P.; Vanderah, T.; Ying, J.; Kover, K.; Lai, J.; Porreca, F.; Hruby, V.J., 2003:
New paradigm for drug design Overlapping pharmacophores of opioid and cholecystokinin ligands in the design of new compounds for the treatment of neuropathic pain

Apblett, A.W.; Kiran, B.P.; Chehbouni, M., 2002:
New paradigm for removal of heavy metals and radionuclides from water

Rothe, Carl, F., 2000:
New paradigm for teaching Physiology

Imai, E.; Isaka, Y., 1999:
New paradigm of gene therapy: skeletal-muscle-targeting gene therapy for kidney disease

Miller, R.A., 2001:
New paradigms for research on aging and late-life illness

Maschmeyer, Georg, 2002:
New paradigms for the treatment of aspergillosis Echinocandins

Viscoli, Claudio, 2002:
New paradigms for the treatment of aspergillosis Polyenes

Neamati, N.; Barchi, J.J., 2002:
New paradigms in drug design and discovery

Tempero, M.A., 2003:
New paradigms in pancreas cancer management

Sheftell, F.D.; Tepper, S.J., 2002:
New paradigms in the recognition and acute treatment of migraine

Ilan, N.; Madri, J.A., 1999:
New paradigms of signaling in the vasculature: ephrins and metalloproteases

Ahlquist, P.; Schwartz, M.; Chen, J.; Janda, M.; Den Boon, J.; Sullivan, M.; Miller, D., 2003:
New parallels in positive strand RNA virus, retrovirus and dsRNA virus replication

Vuichard,N.; Ciais,P.; Belelli-Marchesini,L.; Valentini,R., 2010:
New parameterization of a global vegetation model for steppe ecosystem from Southern Siberian in situ measurements

Ozdemir, K.; Altunkeser, B.B.; Aydyn, M.; Ozeren, A.; Sokmen, G.; Gok, H., 2001:
New parameters in interpretation of exercise test in women QTc dispersion and QT dispersion ratio difference

Amann, K., 2000:
New parameters in kidney biopsy diagnostic-morphometry

Smith, T.K.; Crossman, A.; Borissow, C.N.; Paterson, M.J.; Dix, A.; Brimacombe, J.S.; Ferguson, M.A.J., 2001:
New parasite-specific inhibitors of GPI anchor biosynthesis

Sunagawa, M.; Kubota, K.; Itoh, M.; Sasaki, A.; Ueda, Y.; Angehrn, P.; Bourson, A.; Goetschi, E.; Hebeisen, P.; Then, R., 2001:
New parenteral 2- -1 beta-methylcarbapenems; synthesis and structure-activity relationships

Ueda, Y.; Sunagawa, M., 2001:
New parenteral 2- -1beta-methylcarbapenems; antimicrobial spectrum including drug-resistant gram-positive bacteria

Thacker, P.D., 2004:
New particles found in smoke plumes

Pagel, P.; Kimura, T.; Caplan, M.J., 2001:
New partners for an old protein Results from a yeast two-hybrid screen with the Na/K-ATPase alpha-subunit

Zaher, A.; Warner, K.A.; Crawford, E.L.; Weaver, D.A.; Sharief, I.; Amauro, G.; Coombs, R.; Roshong Denk, S.L.; Sheridan, T.; Zahorchak, R.J.; Georgeson, M.; Willey, J.C., 2002:
New path technology A novel method for molecular analysis of fine needle aspiration in lung tissue

Agostini, C.; Adami, F.; Semenzato, G., 2000:
New pathogenetic insights into the sarcoid granuloma

Drueke, T.B., 1999:
New pathogenic aspects of the secondary hyperparathyroidism of chronic renal failure

Morariu, A.M.; Gu, Y.J.; Huet, R.C.G.G.llandat; Rakhorst, G.; Von Oeveren, W., 2003:
New pathogenic factor related to cardiopulmonary bypass

Tinsley, C.R.; Perrin, A.; Nassif, X., 2001:
New pathogenicity factors from genomic comparison

Romanov, A.A.; Zhuravleva, G.F., 1999:
New pathological manifestations of gonad/gametogenesis in Caspian sturgeons

Di Virgilio, F., 2004:
New pathways for reactive oxygen species generation in inflammation and potential novel pharmacological targets

Michel, T.; Igarashi, J., 2001:
New pathways in endothelial nitric oxide synthase signal transduction

Sen, G.C.; Guo, J.; Peters, G.A., 1999:
New pathways of cellular regulation by interferons and dsRNA

Sun, M.; Salomon, R.G., 2003:
New pathways that generate oxidatively truncated lipids

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New pathways to neurodegeneration in neuronal cultures

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New patterns for old questions Distributional patterns for Antillean bats and orchids

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New patterns of anti-HBE seroconversion during antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis B

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New pectate lyase from bacillus pumilus for bioscouring

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New pediatric guideline for the treatment and management of bronchial asthma in Japan

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New pentanorlanostane derivatives, cladosporide BapprxD, as characteristic antifungal agents against Aspergillus fumigatus, isolated from Cladosporium sp

Stommel, J.R.; Griesbach, R.J., 2000:
New pepper germplasm for ornamental and ornamental/culinary applications

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New peptide-based biopreparations for plant protection

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New percutaneous biliary stenting with T-tube for bilateral internal drainage in malignant hilar obstruction

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New periodontal therapy 6 Microbiological and immunological approaches in periodontal diseases Current treatment modalities and future prospects

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New peroxide molecules for the treatment of P knowlesi infection

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New persistent and rate-related left bundle branch block in 116 apparently healthy males Correlation with coronary angiography and cardiac risk factors

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New perspective in fetal diagnosis of ureterocele - classic vs variant pattern

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New perspective in manufacturing of platelets from whole blood and apheresis

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New perspective on Dryopithecus, Ouranopithecus, and Oreopithecus A critical reassessment of the Out of Africa and Back Again model of ape and human origins

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New perspective on an uncultured bacterial phylogenetic division

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New perspective on the exergy of solar radiation vis-a-vis ecosystems

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New perspectives about Hemotrophic mycoplasma infections in dogs and cats

L.Porta, Caterina, A.M., 2002:
New perspectives for melanoma Signal transduction therapy

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New perspectives for the pharmacological and biological therapy of small cell lung cancer

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New perspectives for the third millennium A report on the VII International Congress of Ecology

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New perspectives for therapeutic management of male factor infertility Treatment with HU-FSH of dyspermic patients undergoing ICSI

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New perspectives in breath-by-breath determination of alveolar transmembrane gas exchange in humans

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New perspectives in diabetes research and treatment

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New perspectives in ecotoxicity Database Mining

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New perspectives in electrophysiology from the cardiac bidomain

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New perspectives in gastric acid suppression: genetic polymorphisms predict the efficacy of proton pump inhibitors

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New perspectives in interpreting the high circulating levels of PTH present in chronic renal failure

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New perspectives in lipid emulsions for preterm infants A mixture of medium chain , soybean oil and fish oil MLF

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New perspectives in onco-hematology Transduction of MHC-class I negative allogeneic cell line to improve the efficacy of anti-tumor vaccination

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New perspectives in the diagnosis of hepatitis C

Manegold, C., 2004:
New perspectives in the management of non-small cell lung cancer Gefitinib

Haller, D.G., 2003:
New perspectives in the management of pancreas cancer

Van Soolingen, D.; Kremer, K.; Vynycky, E., 2003:
New perspectives in the molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis

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New perspectives in the prevention and treatment of chronic heart failure with reduced systolic function

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New perspectives in understanding female sexual function Dynamic study using magnetic resonance imaging in two positions in two couples; anatomical comparison

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New perspectives of the origin of the chordates

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New perspectives on Na/H exchange regulation NHE monitored with self-referenced extracellular pH microelectrodes during whole-cell voltage clamp

Singer, A., 2002:
New perspectives on a developmental dilemma: the kinetic signaling model and the importance of signal duration for the CD4/CD8 lineage decision

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New perspectives on an old bromide Ethidium binding to yeast tRNAPhe

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New perspectives on ancient proteins through matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry

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New perspectives on arthropod characters Bridging gaps between the living and the dead

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New perspectives on cognitive and behavioral outcome after childhood closed head injury

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New perspectives on connecting messenger RNA 3' end formation to transcription

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New perspectives on fatigue

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New perspectives on fluoroquinolone microbiology

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New perspectives on glaucoma

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New perspectives on nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in tropical and subtropical oceans

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New perspectives on spinal motor systems

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New perspectives on the early life history of tropical eels Implications for resource management

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New perspectives on the function of Brocas area from sign language

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New perspectives on the growth and longevity of the European lobster

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New perspectives on the hominin elbow joint

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New perspectives on the influence of mid-season environment on apple fruit characteristics

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New perspectives on the molecular basis of hereditary bone tumours

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New perspectives on the neurobiology of schizophrenia and the role of atypical antipsychotics: introduction

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New perspectives on the origin of marine turtles

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New perspectives on the pharmacology of pain in animals

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New perspectives on the role of amine oxidases in physiopathology

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New perspectives on the structure and function of the Na+ channel multigene family

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New perspectives on vitamin E Gamma tocopherol and CEHC metabolites

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New perspectives on zoology Hierarchies and their integration

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New pets New allergenic sources

Martirosyan, A.; Zhou, Q.; Bata, R.R.; Mccracken, M.A.; Freeman, A.B.; Morato Lara, C.; Strobl, J.S., 2001:
New pharmacologic agents promote cell differentiation in human breast tumor cells

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New pharmacological parameters enabled quantitative evaluation in the indirect gastric emptying study of the solid meal assessed by 13C labeled octanoic acid breath test

Nakada, K.; Hanyu, N.; Yamamoto, T.; Yanai, S.; Miyakawa, A.; Mukai, H.; Nishikawa, K.; Kawasaki, N.; Furukawa, Y.; Aoki, T., 1999:
New pharmacological parameters, introducing a concept of bioavailability, enabled to assess gastric emptying of the liquid meal quantitatively by using paracetamol method

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New pharmacological strategies for the treatment of cancer

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New pharmacological targets for G protein-coupled receptors based on regulatory mechanism

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New pharmacological tools to study 5-HT2A receptor conformations behaviours

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New pharmacological treatment concepts for overactive bladder

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New phase-specific genes of Candida albicans may be regulated through a universal MADS-box protein binding site

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New phenol ligand for the synthesis of biomimetic phenoxyl radical compounds

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New phenolic compounds obtained by evolution of -catechin and glyoxylic acid in hydroalcoholic medium

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New phenotypes and diagnostic criteria for Alstrom Syndrome based on evaluation of 134 cases

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New phenotypic expression of Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colonic Cancer

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New phenotypic methods for the clinical microbiology laboratory

Jin, J.; Kumar, M.S.; Foulger, S.H.; Smith, D.W.; Liu, H.; Mojazza, B.; Go, P.; Shep, A., 2002:
New phenylphosphine oxide containing perfluorocyclobutyl polymers for potential space applications

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New photoactivated cross linking agents for proteins Applications to tissue welding of type I collagen

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New photointermediates in the photoreaction of S373; The UV-blue phototaxis receptor in H salinarum

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New photolabile protecting groups of the 2- ethoxycarbonyl- and the 2- ethylsulfonyl-type for the oligonucleotide synthesis

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New photosynthetic pathways Molecular electronics, CO2 reduction, and H2 production

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New physiological and pathophysiological aspects on the thromboxane A(2)-prostacyclin regulatory system

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New physiological roles of histamine in the stomach unveiled by histidine decarboxylase- and histamine H2 receptor-deficient mice

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New phytodietini species from Bulgaria

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New pi-triggers for Trojan horse inactivation of PLP enzymes

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New pieces to the hepatitis C treatment puzzle

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New placental factors in early pregnancy

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New plant records for Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire

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New plant records for Maui and Molokai

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New plant records from East Maui for 1998

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New plant records from Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii Islands

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New plant records from Midway Atoll for 1999

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New plant species in the Sierra de la Demanda

Garcia Baquero Moneo, G.; Valle Gutierrez, C.J., 2001:
New plant species presents in the Sierra de la Demanda II

Reshetnikova, N.M.; Fadeeva, I.A., 2003:
New plant species to Smolensk province found in collections of Smolensk Pedagogical University Herbarium

Zhu Hua, 2000:
New plants of the genus Lasianthus from Vietnam

Dengler, T.; Agildere, A.; Richter, E., 2002:
New platelet storage media in paediatric transfusion

Turanek, J.; Kasna, A.; Zaluska, D.; Neca, J.; Kvardovda, V.; Knoetigova, P.; Horvath, V.; Sindlerova, L.; Kozubik, A.; Sova, P.; Kroutil, A.; Zak, F.; Mistr, A., 2004:
New platinum complex with adamantylamine ligand as a promising anti-cancer drug comparison of in vitro cytotoxic potential towards A2780/cisR cisplatin-resistant cell line within homologous series of platinum complexes

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New platinum drugs The pathway to oral therapy

Dixit, Vishva, M., 2001:
New players in an old field Novel TNF family members

Nasmyth, K.; Uhlmann, F.; Lottspeich, F., 1999:
New players in separating sister chromatids during mitosis Potential new drug targets?

Tournier-Lasserve, E., 2002:
New players in the genetics of stroke

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New pleistocene vertebrate assemblages in the Breitscheid-Erdbach Cave system

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New poly hydrogels high water content-low protein binding materials for biomedical applications

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New polyamide cryptand for anion binding

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New polylactide microspheres as an intraocular drug delivery system

Kim, D.W.; Choe, Y.S.; Chi, D.Y., 2003:
New polymer-supported ionic liquid; ionic resin as a catalyst for nucleophilic fluorination and fluorination

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New polymeric carriers for the synthesis of macromolecular mitomycin C derivatives

Zhao, Jonathon, 2003:
New polymeric coating for device-drug combination products

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New polymers for capillary electrophoresis based on novel monomer chemistries

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New polymorphic Y-chromosomal microsatellite markers for the chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan and mandrill as identified by cross-species amplification

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New polymorphic short tandem repeat for diagnosis of the CMT1A duplication and NHPP deletion

Demille, M.M.C.; Palmatier, M.A.; Kidd, J.R.; Ruggeri, V.; Pakstis, A.J.; Kidd, K.K., 2000:
New polymorphisms for COMT haplotypes can improve association tests for neuropsychiatric disorders

Furlong, C.E.; Rieder, M.J.; Carlson, C.S.; Nickerson, D.A.; Jampsa, R.L.; Costa, L.G.; Jarvik, G.P., 2003:
New polymorphisms in the human paraoxonase gene

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New polymorphisms of the PSA promoter in patients with prostate carcinoma

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New polypeptides materials using transition metal catalysis

Meffert, G.; Huber, A.; Bock, A., 2002:
New polysulfone filter design increases urea and beta2 microglobulin clearance A prospective randomized crossover study

E.T.mer, M.; Saouaf, R.; Wang, T.S.; Van Heertum, R.L., 2002:
New porphyrin-based agent for detection of sentinal lymph node

Afonin, A.A.; Bebeshko, V.V.; Selyutina, S.N.; Kozhin, A.A., 2000:
New possibilities for evaluation of the effect of environmental pollutants on the childrens health status

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New possibilities for simultaneous space- and time-dependent optical investigations of suspensions in centrifugational fields

Koehrmann, K.U.e; Michel, M.S.ephan; Alken, P., 1999:
New possibilities for therapeutic application of extracorporal acustic energy

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New possibilities in the pathogenesis of secondary lymphedema

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New possibilities of antibacterial therapy of infections in surgical practice

Dobrowolski, Z.F.; Urbanik, A.; Drewniak, T.; Chrzan, R.; Popiela, T., J., 2000:
New possibilities of radiological evaluation of the urinary tract-CT with 3D reconstruction and virtual endoscopy

Matos Lajos, 2003:
New possibilities of use of angiotensin-receptor blockers in clinical practice

Lundberg, I.E., 2002:
New possibilities to achieve increased understanding of disease mechanisms in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

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New possible taget genes in pancreatic ischemia/reperfusion-injury identified by microarray analysis

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New postcranial remains of Ugandapithecus major

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New potent GH-RH analogues containing homoarginine residues

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New potent and selective human adenosine A(3) receptor antagonists

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New potent and selective mGluR1 competitive antagonists Pharmacological characterization and their exploitation in molecular modeling of receptor blocking

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New potent aromatic inhibitors of influenza virus sialidase

Ambrus, J.L.Sr; Ambrus, C.M.; Sykes, D.; Dembinski, W.; Bardos, T.; Aradi, J.; Chadha, K.C., 1999:
New potent interferon inducing agents Thiolated poly rI-MPC

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New potent muscarinic 1,2,5-thiadiazole-azacycles and dimers hereof

Lee, B.C.; Choe, Y.S.; Lee, K.H.; Kim, B.T.; Chi, D.Y., 2001:
New potential and practical MIBG analogs for PET meta- fluoroalkylbenzylguanidines

Hegde, V.R.; Borges, S.; Patel, M.; Das, P.R.; Wu, B.; Gullo, V.P.; Chan, T-Ming., 2010:
New potential antitumor compounds from the plant Aristolochia manshuriensis as inhibitors of the CDK2 enzyme

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New potential interface of bionic system for revitalization of baroreflex function Epidural catheter approach in humans

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New potential targets in the treatment of bipolar disorder Animal models and neuropeptides

Taylor, Dennis, R., 1999:
New poultry litter treatment product

Murgio, A.; Karagenzian, O.; Tiscornia, M.; Cormillot, A.; Pietrobelli, A., 2002 :
New practical fat distribution index as a predictor of cardiovascular risk factors

Taylor, H.R.; Dax, E.M., 2003:
New precision in measuring trachoma infection

E.B.uhali, B.; Nasri, I.; Lemoine, Y.; Mouradi, A., 2000:
New precolumn derivatization by the benzaldehyde for HPLC analysis of histamine in Moroccan sardine

Gauchi,J.P.; Vila,J.P.; Coroller,L., 2010:
New prediction interval and band in the nonlinear regression model application to predictive modeling in foods

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New predictors of in-patient mortality following emergency heart failure hospitalization

El-Bassuony,A.; AbouZid,S., 2010:
New prenylated flavanoid with antibacterial activity from propolis collected in Egypt

Renard, E.M.; Souche, C.; Bringer, J., 1999:
New preparation of infused insulin dramatically improves reliability of delivery by implanted pumps

Morale, S.E.; Jeffrey, B.G.; Fawcett, S.L.; Stager, D.R.; Birch, E.E., 2001:
New preschool Worth 4-Shape test Testability and validity

Zdrojewski, T.; Krupa Wojciechowska, B.; Wyrzykowski, B.; Semetkowska Jurkiewicz, E.; Januszko, W., 2000:
New preventive programs of the Polish Hypertension and Diabetology Society in Gdansk

Picard, C.; Casanova, J.L., 2003:
New primary immunodeficiency with infectious disease genetic predisposition

Covert, H.H.; Dzanh, T., 2003:
New primate fossils from northern Vietnam

Melcher, U.; Mitchell, F.; Pair, S.; Fletcher, J.; Bruton, B., 1999:
New primer sets distinguish the cucurbit yellow vine bacterium from an insect endosymbiont

Jorgensen, K.H.; Hansen, A.K.rnerup; Buschard, K., 1999:
New principle for prolonging the absorption of human insulin suspension preparations

Vorob'ev, A.A.; Medunitsyn, N.V., 1999:
New principles and methods of designing immunobiological agents

Levinsson, A.F.; Holmberg, H.; Zhang, M.; Broman, J.; Schouenborg, J., 2000:
New principles for the topographical organisation of sensory input to the spinal cord

Nisen, P., 2003:
New principles in the treatment of hormonal refractory prostate cancer

Alekperov, Urkhan, K., 2003:
New principles of the inhibition of genotoxic effects of xenobiotics by natural compounds and their compositions

Lysenko, V.; Zimmermann, K., 2002:
New procedure for designing optimised technical systems with use of biological objects

Mitkova, A.V.; Bakalova, A.T.; Stoynov, S.S.; Dolapchiev, L.B., 2000:
New procedure for purification of the exonuclease from beef spleen

Parkinson, Andrew, 2003:
New procedures and strategies to assess enzyme induction in vitro

Andersen, K.; Bergin, J.; Ranta, B.; Viljava, T., 1999:
New process for continuous fermentation of beer

Smith, S.V.; D.B.rtolo, N.; Hocking, R.; Andersen, G.; Waters, D., 2003:
New process for the separation of 111In from 112Cd and simultaneous purification of the 112Cd target

Anonymous, 2004:
New products aimed at more effective fumigation

Stevenson, Robert, 2001:
New products and applications at HPLC 01

Hoffmann, J.; Lichtner, R.B.; Fuhrmann, U.; Siemeister, G.; Cleve, A.; Neef, G.; Parczyk, K.; Schneider, M.R.; Bosslet, K., 2001:
New progesterone receptor antagonist ZK 230211 inhibits growth of human breast cancer xenografts and prevents carcinogen induced breast cancer in rats by modes of action different to other hormonal agents

Hoffmann, J.; Lichtner, R.B.; Fuhrmann, U.; Hess Stumpp, H.; Siemeister, G.; Cleve, A.; Neef, G.; Parczyk, K.; Schneider, M.R., 2002:
New progesterone receptor antagonists inhibit growth of human breast cancer xenografts and prevent carcinogen induced breast cancer in rats by modes of action different from other hormonal agents

Lindmark, G., 1999:
New prognostic and predictive factors in colorectal cancer

Dittrich, C., 1999:
New prognostic and predictive factors in ovarian cancer

Greenberg, P.L., 1999:
New prognostic evaluation and treatment stratifications for myelodysplastic syndromes

Isaacs, C.; Stearns, V.; Hayes, D.F., 2001 :
New prognostic factors for breast cancer recurrence

Delattre, O., 1999:
New prognostic factors in childhood cancers

Queipo, J.; Vera Donoso, C.; Vera Sempere, F.; Rubio Moreno, L.; Budia, A.; Jimenez Cruz, F., 2002:
New prognostic factors in pT1G3 bladder tumors

Li, N.; Mangini, J.; Bhawan, J., 2002:
New prognostic factors of cutaneous melanoma: a review of the literature

Boessner, P.; Leyh, H.; Hartung, R.; Paul, R., 2004:
New prognostic markers in the cell cyclus of renal cell carcinoma A follow up of 497 patients

Berns, E.M.; Vanderburg, M.E.; Teodorovic, I.; Vandiest, P.; Henzen Logmans, S.H.; Verheijen, R.; Vandam, P.; Green, J.; Vandevijver, M.; Wagenaar, H.; Anastasopoulou, A.; Vergote, I., 2000:
New prognosticators for advanced ovarian cancer An eortc-gynecological cancer cooperative group study

Hiekkalinna, T.; Peltonen, L., 1999:
New program AUTOSCAN 10 automated use of linkage analysis programs

Gruber, J.V.; Lods, L.; Jindal, S.; Johnson, C., 2003:
New progress in fermentation technology Development of an elastin-stimulating yeast lysate

Zhang Yu, 1999:
New progress in the application of fosfomycin

Rodríguez, J.B.; Comin, Mía.J., 2003:
New progresses in the enantioselective synthesis and biological properties of carbocyclic nucleosides

Kristjansson, J.K.; Marteinsson, V.T.; Skirnisdottir, S.; Hjorleifsdottir, S.; Hreggvidsson, G.O., 2003:
New prokaryote diversity in geothermal fields

Whiting, S.J.; Ward, J.M.; Bruce, K.D.; Cowan, D.C., 2003:
New prokaryotic gene diversity in antarctic dry valleys

Gerhaeuser, C.; Frank, N., 2003:
New promising chemopreventive agents and mechanisms

Krebs, B.; Bier, D.; Sihver, W.; Holschbach, M.; Coenen, H.H., 2003:
New promising radiofluorinated dopamine transporter ligands Synthesis, NCA radiofluorination and preliminary evaluation

Cregg, J.M.; Cereghino, G.P.L.n; Sunga, A.J.; Cereghino, J.L.n, 1999:
New promoters for expression of foreign genes in pichia pastoris

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New properties of the gypsy insulator

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New proposal for the serum ascites albumin gradient cut off value

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New proposed classification to measure VNS outcome

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New prospect for pretreatment of organophosphate intoxication Huperzine A Experimental data

Kong Fanhua; Sun Yuying; X.Y.ngzhi; Ren Suping; Jin Li; Chen Xingguo; Liu Nan; T.M.n; Guo Siqi, 2002:
New prospect opened for GVHD-initiating etiology Study on three-dimensional structure of HLA molecules

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New prospective in the treatment of severe pneumonia in very elderly patients

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New prospectives in the delivery of galantamine for elderly patients using the IntelliDrug intraoral device: in vivo animal studies

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New prospectives of prostate cancer gene therapy: molecular targets and animal models

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New prospects for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases

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New prostatic stent for the relief of severe lower urinary tract symptoms

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New protein synthesis is required for maximal 25-hydroxyvitamin D3-24-hydroxylase mRNA induction by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3

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New proteins from old diseases provide novel insights in cell biology

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New proteins that play a role in the G1 phase of the cell cycle

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New proteomic approaches for multi-analyte characterisation

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New protocol in the treatment of chronic recurrent Candida vulvovaginitis

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New protocols for MS trials

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New prototype of mechanical quality assurance sheet for clinical linear accelerator

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New psoriasis candidate gene within S and HLA-C susceptibility region

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New psychotropic medications What is in the pipeline?

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New pulsatile bioreactor for the in vitro formation of tissue-engineered heart valves

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New pulse oximeter technology advances the diagnosis of apnea

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New putative ammonium exporters Ato1p, Ato2p and Ato3p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae colonies

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New pycnodont fish genus from the cenomanian of mount Lebanon

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New pyridinium cationic lipids as gene transfer agents

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New pyrophosphate analogues as substrates and inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase

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New quantitative approaches for classifying and predicting local-scale habitats in estuaries

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New quantitative assay for IL test D-dimer on ACL Futura

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New quantitative assessment of orthostatic hypotension A white-noise approach with random head-up tilting

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New quantitative criteria of time-domain signal-averaged electrocardiogram in patients with bundle branch block Evaluation in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

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New quantitative method of in-line description of virus-cell interaction at every stage

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New quantitative structure-activity ratio descriptors calculated from the spectra of interatomic interactions

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New quantitative trait loci for EEG/ERP in COGA families

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New quantum indices for macromolecular characterization

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New quaternary ammonium ion reagents from urea for fabric treatment

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New quinoline-3-carboxamide derivatives inhibit VEGF-induced angiogenesis and human prostate carcinoma growth in vivo

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New radical reactions of S-alkoxycarbonyl xanthates Total synthesis of -cinnamolide and -methylenolactocin

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New radiolarians of the orders Aculearia and Sphaerellaria from the Upper Devonian of the Timan-Pechora province

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New radiotherapy techniques should be used after conservative breast cancer surgery

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New radiotherapy technologies for meningiomas: 3D conformal radiotherapy? Radiosurgery? Stereotactic radiotherapy? Intensity-modulated radiotherapy? Proton beam radiotherapy? Spot scanning proton radiation therapy... or nothing at all?

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New range of the Brazilian endemic Platythyrea exigua

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New rapid ecarin clotting time assay strongly correlates with bivalirudin concentration among percutaneous coronary intervention patients

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New rapid one step stool antigen test for diagnosing and monitoring Helicobacter pylori infection

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New rapid reticulocyte, acridine orange based, fluorescent dye system called IRMA

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New rating scales detect genetic differences in observer rated ethanol-induced ataxia in mice

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New ray of hope for cancer patients

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New reactions and strategies for total synthesis of polycyclic natural products

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New reactions in clavulanic acid biosynthesis

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New reactions of alkyl azides with ketones

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New reactions on non-cross-linked polystyrene support

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New reagent applications for total and direct bilirubin on the Abbott AEROSET System

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New reagent for oxidative phenol coupling The transformation of the monocyclic spermine base -dihydroxyverbacine to the bicyclic alkaloid -aphelandrine by cell free extract of barley seedlings

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New reagents and catalysts that mimic the carboxylate-bridged diiron center in soluble methane monooxygenase

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New real-time PCR methods for PRNP gene A434G and G704A SNP detection and a study of polymorphisms in the Slovenian population

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New real-time-PCR design to detect in a single tube all major mutations related to rifampin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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New reccurent lethal chondrodysplasia with microcephaly and associated anomalies in two distinct sibships

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New receptor antagonists disrupt receptor structure and function through interactions with transmembrane domains

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New recognition imaging AFM mode applied to chromatin

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New recombinant standard for FVIII concentrate gives same results as previous plasma derived standards on a range of FVIII products

Baltimore, R.S.; Jenson, H.B., 2003:
New recommendations for influenza vaccination for children and pregnant women

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New record for rare raceforse, Ocosia vespa Jordan and Starks, 1904, from the East China Sea

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New record of Ananteris balzani in Argentina and extension of the geographic range of Bothriurus cordubensis

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New record of Anthracotheriidae from the middle Eocene Yegua Formation , Houston County, Texas

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New record of Astenocypris papyracea , from West Bengal, India

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New record of Barbastella leucomelas from Taiwan

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New record of Bicolor white-toothed shrew in the district of Usti nad Labem

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New record of Cataetyx laticeps in Northwestern Atlantic

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New record of Chlorencoelia versiformis dixon in Korea

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New record of Conchostraca from Pune, Maharashtra

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New record of Cordulegaster bidentatus in Ukraine

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New record of Cryptotermes brevis in Northern Italy

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New record of Ctenodus from the Carboniferous of Montana

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New record of Cyprinid fish Labeo bata from Chindwin drainage

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New record of Freziera candicans in Guerrero, Mexico

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New record of Grauers blind snake Rhinotyphlops graueri in Western Uganda

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New record of Heteropneustes microps from Western Ghats rivers, India

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New record of Holcotetrastichus rhosaces , a hymenopterous parasitoid of Cassida nebulosa L and C piperata Hope , from Japan

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New record of Lasiurus cinereus in the province of Rio Negro

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New record of Micronycteris hirsuta in Atlantic forest, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

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New record of Nervilia aragoana in Rajasthan

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New record of Salmostoma sardinella from Mondai stream, Maharashtra

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New record of Sesamum radiatum Schumach and Thonn from Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala

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New record of Sphenotherus from the upper Tertiary of El Cajon valley Systematic revision of the genus

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New record of Stigmatogobius oligactis from India

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New record of Tamarixia triozae , parasitoid of the tomatoe psilid Paratrioza cockerelli in Mexico

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New record of a Patellid gastropod Amathina tricarinata from the coastal waters of Digha, West Bengal

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New record of a native predator, Nephus sp on Maconellicoccus hirsutus

Dharpure, S.R., 2003:
New record of a painted bug, Bagrada cruciferarum Kirkaldy on potato in Satpura plateau of Madhya Pradesh

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New record of a parasitoid of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis

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New record of an arctic species Holopedium gibberum Zaddach from Chhangu lake, Sikkim

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New record of freshwater red algae in Thailand Batrachospermum cayennense Montague Ex Kutzing

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New record of moss and thermophilic bacteria species and physico-chemical properties of geothermal soils on the northwest slope of Mt Melbourne

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New record of plants from Bundelkhand

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New record of plants from Orissa - II

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New record of snakes from the Cretaceous of Patagonia

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New record of the White-faced Heron Egretta novaehollandiae in Xiamen , China

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New record of the genus in Tanypodinae from Japan, Hayesomyia tripunctata

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New record of the mollusc Corbula gibba in the muddy sands of Dunkirk harbour

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New record of the sympatric distribution of two Asian species of the horseshoe crab

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New record of three species of Uropodoidea from Iran

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New record of two species of myotis from Distrito Federal, Mexico

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New record species for the Italian fauna Cirrospilus talitzkii , a new parasitoid of Cameraria ohridella

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New records about macroheteroceran fauna of the Caceres province IV

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New records and a new species of Oreogria Merkl from Irian Jaya

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New records and biological notes on species of Cleridae from the Adirondack Park, New York

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New records and host plants of Phenacoccus from Argentina

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New records and notes on Hawaiian marine benthic chlorophyta, including Pseudochlorodesmis abbreviata , n comb and Cladophora luxurians , n comb

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New records and observations for parasitic chironomid midges and their mayfly hosts

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New records and range extensions of native Odonata and introduced aquatic species in the Hawaiian Islands

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New records and redescriptions of some Schott and Womersley paronellid species from Australia including a key to genera

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New records and species list of Oligoquaeta collected in the Quintana Roo State, Mexico

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New records for Chenopodium foggii in New England

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New records for Platycerium andinum Baker in Peru

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New records for cidaroid echinoids of the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico

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New records for fleas from New Mexico with notes on plague-carrying species

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New records for leafhoppers from Brazil

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New records for stomatopods from the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico

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New records for the Chafarinas islands

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New records for the Pteridoflora of the State of Chiapas, Mexico

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New records for the genus Malva L in Asturias

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New records for the marine flora of the Archipelago of Chafarinas Islands

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New records for the pteridoflora of Chiapas, Mexico

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New records for the sponge fauna of the Pacific coast of Mexico

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New records for threatened tiger beetles of West Virginia and a new state record for Mason County

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New records from the Oreto River

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New records in Asteraceae for Alabama and Arkansas

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New records in the flora of NW Transcaucasia

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New records of Agouti paca from the Mexican State of Puebla

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New records of Arenicolides ecaudata from Norwegian waters

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New records of Ascidiacea in the marine invertebrate fouling community of Oahu, Hawaii

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New records of Assiminea grayana FLEMING, 1828, Myosotella myosotis and Pisidium subtruncatum MALM, 1855 in the Scheldt estuary

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New records of Aulacigastridae and Drosophilidae from Switzerland, Italy, and Greece

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New records of Buprestidae for the Iberian Peninsula and Baleares Islands

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New records of Chalcidoidea from the Canary Islands

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New records of Chroococcus from the Iberian Peninsula

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New records of Cladonia from Khangai

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New records of Curculionidae and Apionidae for Mexico

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New records of Dromiciops gliroides and Geoxus valdivianus in central Chile Their implications for biogeography and conservation

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New records of Euphorbiaceae for the Province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina

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New records of Eurycercus glacialis in turloughs in south-east Galway

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New records of Fellhanera subtilis in southern Poland

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New records of Grania in the Northeast Atlantic , with descriptions of seven new species

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New records of Grylloidea from Africa and the Indian subcontinent

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New records of Hawaiian prostigmatid mites

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New records of Heteroptera from the provinces of Bozen-South Tyrol and Trento in Northern Italy

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New records of Hieracium L S Str in Byelorussia

Sennikov, A.N., 2002:
New records of Hieracium in the Urals and West Siberia

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New records of Hildebrandia rivularis J AG in Bulgaria

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New records of Holothurians from Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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New records of Hymenoptera Symphyta from South Tyrol and Italy

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New records of Hypogeococcus pungens in the Palaearctic region

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New records of Indo-Pacific epitoniidae with the description of nineteen new species

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New records of Late Cretaceous mosasaurs from the Maastrichtian type area

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New records of Limoniidae of the subfamilies Chioneinae and Limnophilinae from Russia, Caucasus and North Caucasus

Lantsov, V.I., 2003:
New records of Limoniids from Russia, Caucasus and North Caucasus

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New records of Lymnaea species in the West Ukraine

Mostovski, M.B., 2001:
New records of Megaselia parasitized by Alysiinae

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New records of Mitriform gastropods from Japan with description of Vexillum charlesi n sp

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New records of Molossus and Promops from Brazil

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New records of Monodelphis adusta and Monodelphis kunsi for Bolivia