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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35393

Chapter 35393 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jozan, Peter, 2003:
New trend in mortality and life expectancy; the beginning of the fourth stage of epidemiologic transition in Hungary?

Diehl, V., 1999:
New trends in Hodgkins disease

Hiramatsu, K.; Okuma, K.; Ma, X.Xue.; Yamamoto, M.; Hori, S.; Kapi, M., 2002:
New trends in Staphylococcus aureus infections: glycopeptide resistance in hospital and methicillin resistance in the community

Tannock, I.F., 2002:
New trends in cancer treatment Cure vs palliation

Wozniewicz, B.M.; Migaj, M.; Tolloczko, T.; Szmit, J.; Kawiak, J., 2001:
New trends in cultured human parathyroid cells xeno-allo-transplantation

Krieger, O.; Lutz, D., 1999:
New trends in diagnosis and therapy of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia

Kudo, S-ei.; Hara, E., 2002:
New trends in diagnosis and treatment of depressed and flat type neoplasms in colon and rectum

Leval, X.de.; Julemont, F.; Delarge, J.; Pirotte, B.; Dogne, J-Michel., 2002:
New trends in dual 5-LOX/COX inhibition

Samgin, M.A.; Monakhov, S.A., 2003 :
New trends in pathogenesis and local therapy of acne vulgaris

Francotte, P.; Graindorge, E.; Boverie, S.; de Tullio, P.; Pirotte, B., 2004:
New trends in the design of drugs against Alzheimer's disease

Liang, You Xin, 2003:
New trends in the development of occupational health services in China

Gentilucci, L., 2004:
New trends in the development of opioid peptide analogues as advanced remedies for pain relief

Kecskemeti, V.; Bagi, Z.; Pacher, P.; Posa, I.; Kocsis, E.; Koltai, M.Zs., 2002:
New trends in the development of oral antidiabetic drugs

Graindorge, E.; Francotte, P.; Boverie, S.; D.T.llio, P.; Pirotte, B., 2004:
New trends in the development of positive allosteric modulators of AMPA receptors

Dromer, F.; Lortholary, O.; Ronin, O.; Dupont, B.; French Cryptococcosis Study Group, 2002:
New trends in the epidemiology of cryptococcosis in France Analysis of 2120 cases from the national epidemiological Registry

Serban, M.; Arghirescu, S.; Ritli, L.; Costa, R.; Miculschi, G.; Gafencu, M.; Jinca, C., 2001:
New trends in the epidemiology of paediatric cancer in Romania

Rund, D.; Rachmilewitz, E., 2000:
New trends in the treatment of beta-thalassemia

Khoroshko, N.D.; Tsvetayeva, N.V.; Turkina, A.G.; Zhuravlev, V.S.; Sokolova, M.A.; Arkhipova, N.V.; Kolodei, S.V.; Semenova, E.A., 2001:
New trends in the treatment of chronic myeloproliferative diseases running with emergency thrombocytosis

Dogné, J.M.; de Leval, X.; Delarge, J.; David, J.L.; Masereel, B., 2000:
New trends in thromboxane and prostacyclin modulators

Stoltz, J.F.; Blondel, W.; Bensoussan, D.; Lehalle, B.; Wang, X.; Labrador, V., 2001:
New trends in vascular engineering

Adhvaryu, A.; Liu, Z.; Erhan, S.Z., 2003:
New triacylglycerol oil with superior low-temperature and thermal stability

Brink, J.S.; Rossouw, L., 2000:
New trial excavations at the Cornelia-Uitzoek type locality

Novokshonov, V.G., 2001:
New triassic scorpionflies from Kyrgyzstan

Urbina, Julio, A., 2000:
New triazole derivatives for the treatment of Chagas disease

Stormo, G.D., 2003:
New tricks for an old dogma: riboswitches as cis-only regulatory systems

Darden, T.; Perera, L.; Li, L.; Pedersen, L., 1999:
New tricks for modelers from the crystallography toolkit: the particle mesh Ewald algorithm and its use in nucleic acid simulations

Poulter, C.Dale, 2002:
New tricks for old enzymes

Wilkinson, C.R.M., 2002:
New tricks for ubiquitin and friends

Gillespie, S.H., 2004:
New tricks from an old dog: streptococcal necrotising soft-tissue infections

Jackson, W.Roy, 2000:
New trifluralin formulations

Lin, J.L.; Porter, K.W.; Shaw, B.R., 2000:
New triphosphate analog Nucleoside alpha-P-borano, alpha-P-thiotriphosphate

Myllyla, V.; Kaakkola, S.; Miettinen, T.E.; Heikkinen, H.; Reinikainen, K., 2003:
New triple combination of levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone is a preferred treatment in patients with Parkinsons disease

Cugia, L.; Atzei, A.; Carta, M.; Idda, M.; Bilotta, M.; Dore, M.P.; Bindi, B.; Bianco, P.; Meloni, M.; Sanna, A.; Realdi, G., 1999:
New triple therapy for H pylori infection that is effective in a region with a high rate of antibiotic resistance

Apers, S.; Foriers, A.; Sindambiwe, J.B.; Paper, D.H.; Van Marck, E.; Vanden Berghe, D.; Vlietinck, A.; Pieters, L., 2000:
New triterpenoid saponins from Maesa lanceolata Isolation, structure elucidation and biological activities

Nie, W.; Luo, J-Guang.; Kong, L-Yi., 2010:
New triterpenoid saponins from the roots of Gypsophila pacifica Kom

YaoShun; MaLi; LuoJianGuang; WangJunSong; KongLingYi, 2010:
New triterpenoid saponins from the roots of Gypsophila paniculata L

Trezzi, Giuliano, 2003:
New troglobitic Trechini from Guatemala

Lee, T.C.; Hayashi, N.I.; Dunkel, I.J.; Novestski, D.; Abramson, D.H., 2001:
New tumor formation in children with retinoblastoma treated with single agent systemic carboplatin

Hartmann, T.; Thiel, D.; Usener, D.; Dummer, R.; Schadendorf, D.; Eichmueller, S., 2001:
New tumor-antigens identified by serological screening of a cutaneous lymphoma phage library

Santos-Sacchi, J., 2003:
New tunes from Corti's organ: the outer hair cell boogie rules

Evans, J.; Yue, D.T., 2003:
New turf for CFP/YFP FRET imaging of membrane signaling molecules

Tschudi, C., 2000:
New turns in trypanosome RNA metabolism

Mcgough, Amy, 2000:
New twists in actin structure and regulation revealed by electron cryomicroscopy and X-ray crystallography

Georgiadis, R.M.; Peterson, A.W.; Wolf, L.K., 2002:
New twists in the kinetics and thermodynamics of DNA monolayer films

Steiger, M.A.; Decker, C.J., 2001:
New twists in understanding the fate of antisense oligodeoxynucleotide mRNA targets

Demaria, C.D.; Yue, D.T., 1999:
New twists on anomalous mole fraction effects of Ca channels

Edwards, M.R.; Devitt, D.; Hughson, R.L., 2003:
New two-breath method for evaluation of impaired dynamic cerebrovascular CO2 and autoregulatory responses

Zhao, D.; Lu, X.; Liu, H., 2003:
New type biological activated carbon adsorbent

Ostroumov, S.A., 2002:
New type of action of potentially hazardous chemicals Uncouplers of pelagial-benthal coupling

Boettcher, C.; Haas, A.; Burger, K., 2003:
New types of glycosylated amino acids, interesting candidates for drug design

Sudakova, N.V.; Ponomariov, S.V., 1999:
New types of mixed feed for sturgeons

Fan Langdi; Wang Zhanhong, 2003:
New types of trophoblastic tumer-epithelioid trophoplastic tumor

Kim, Y-Jin.; Chung, J.Eun.; Kurisawa, M.; Uyama, H.; Kobayashi, S., 2004:
New tyrosinase inhibitors, (+)-catechin-aldehyde polycondensates

Kretzschmar, H.A.; Giese, A.; Schulz Schaeffer, W.; Bieschke, J.; Eigen, M., 2000:
New ultrasensitive techniques for the detection of prion proteins in tissues and fluids

Hamada, H.; Takano, K.; Shiina, H.; Sakai, T.; Sohda, S.; Kubo, T., 1999:
New ultrasonographic criterion for the prenatal diagnosis of cloacal exstrophy: elephant trunk-like image

Corti, R.; Fuster, V.; Badimon, J.J.; Hutter, R.; Fayad, Z.A., 2001:
New understanding of atherosclerosis with evolving MRI technology in vivo

Blair, A., 2002:
New understanding of cancer biology through occupational cancer research

Rosche, B.; Kieseier, B.; Hartung, H-P.; Hemmer, B., 2003:
New understanding of the immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis

Yano, J.K.; Poulos, T.L., 2003:
New understandings of thermostable and peizostable enzymes

Somberg, R.; Pferdehirt, B.; Ricketts, W.; Smith, D.; Bulleit, B., 2003:
New universal luminescent kinase assay for HTS

Sang, S.; Liu, G.; He, K.; Zhu, N.; Dong, Z.; Zheng, Q.; Rosen, R.T.; Ho, C.T.ng, 2003:
New unusual iridoids from the leaves of noni show inhibitory effect on ultraviolet B-induced transcriptional Activator Protein-1 activity

Collod Beroud, G.; L.B.urdeles, S.; Dehaupas, I.; Grey, S.; Junien, C.; Beroud, C.; Boileau, C., 2001:
New update of the FBN1 mutation database

Pescovitz, M.D., 1999:
New usage paradigms in antibody therapy: safety of the new agents

Fader, M.; Barton, R.; Malone Lee, J.; Glickman, S.; Gluck, T.; Fowler, C.; Deaney, C., 2002:
New use for an old drug Results of a dose titration study of intravesical atropine

Tamblyn, R.M.; Abrahamowicz, M.; D.B.rger, R., 2001:
New users of benzodiazepines Does the risk of injury vary by drug?

Wallington, T., 2004:
New uses for IVIgG immunoglobulin therapies

Tesfaye, M.; Samac, D.A.; Vance, C.P.; Denton, M.D., 2002:
New uses for alfalfa The potential for transgenic alfalfa to direct recombinant proteins into the rhizosphere

Bruce, N.C., 2000:
New uses for an old enzyme Engineering enzymes to degrade explosives

Hooper, D.C., 2000:
New uses for new and old quinolones and the challenge of resistance

Jobling, M.A.; Tyler-Smith, C., 2000:
New uses for new haplotypes the human Y chromosome, disease and selection

Devogelaer, J-Pierre., 2002:
New uses of bisphosphonates: osteogenesis imperfecta

Grierson, J.R.; Gasper, S.R., 1999:
New uses of epifluorohydrin

Klein, N.C.; Cunha, B.A., 2001:
New uses of older antibiotics

Fletcher, R.D.; Dayhoff, R.E.; Graves, A.C.; Wu, C.M.; Crawford, K.; Mcmanus, C.; Jones, R.E., 2002:
New uses of the VAs multimedia electronic patient record in patient care, research, and education

Okada, M.; Tanaka, T.; Inoue, Y.; Yoshida, S.; Ohara, N.; Yamada, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Sakatani, M.; Mori, T., 2002:
New vaccination against tuberculosis and cytotoxic activity

Hethcote, Herbert, W., 2002:
New vaccination strategies for pertussis

Gomes Solecki, M.J.C.; Glass, J.D.; Dattwyler, R.J., 2002:
New vaccine candidates for the prevention of Lyme disease

Musharrafieh, U.M.; Nuwayhid, I.; Bizri, A.R.; Steitieh, S.; Hamadeh, G., 2001:
New vaccines A dilemma for third world countries

Vannier, P., 2003:
New vaccines and their impact on programmes for controlling pig diseases

Vannier, P., 2002:
New vaccines for a new world

Lee, John, 2002:
New value-added process for poultry skimming sludge from dissolved air floatation units

Gilburd, B.; Blank, M.; Shoenfeld, Y., 2002:
New varelisa anti-cardiolipin and anti-beta2- Glycoprotein 1 antibody assays in the screening of anti-phospholipid syndrome

Silverdale, M.; Leach, J.P.; Chadwick, D.W., 2000:
New variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease presenting as localization-related epilepsy

Bernardy, M.G.; French, C.J.; Milks, M.; Harlton, C.; Deyoung, R.; Jackson, C.; Jesperson, G., 2003:
New variant of Little cherry virus associated with little cherry disease of sweet cherry in British Columbia

Tipples, G.A.; Stephens, G.M.; Sherlock, C.; Bowler, M.; Hoy, B.; Cook, D.; Grose, C., 2002:
New variant of varicella-zoster virus

Harada, Y.; Ishii, K.; Shirota, T.; Hayashi, T., 2000:
New variant translocation in bone marrow cells extramedullary blast crisis in chronic myelogenous leukemia

Jaaskelainen, P.; Miettinen, R.; Karkkainen, P.; Laakso, M.; Kuusisto, J., 1999:
New variants of the cardiac myosin binding protein C gene in Finnish patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Zhinkina, N.A.; Kamelina, O.P., 1999:
New variations of endosperm development in Campanulaceae

L.Y.n Ling; Shi Zhi Xin; Xie Ping; Rong, K.W.n, 2003:
New varieties of Gomphonema and Cymbella from Qinghai Province

Kim, F.J.; Ing, T.; Gandhi, V.; Hatch, D.A., 1999:
New vascular access device for hemodialysis

Robson, Diana Bizecki, 2000:
New vascular plant finds at the Rendek Elm Forest

Nesom, G.L.; O'kennon, R.J., 2002:
New vascular plant records for Texas

Hernandez Serrano, Ruben, 2000:
New vasoactive IC drugs in treatment of sexual disorders

Kaneda, Y., 2003:
New vector innovation for drug delivery: development of fusigenic non-viral particles

Hayashi, T.; Chan, P.H., 2003:
New vessel formation and expression of angiogenesis-related genes in brain after ischemia

Thar, R.; Kuhl, M., 2003:
New vibrioid bacteria forming whitish-translucent veils on sulfidic marine sediment

Emmet, A.M., 2000:
New vice-county records of microlepidoptera

Bockaert, J., 2003:
New view on the ligand-receptor interaction

Matsuuchi, L.; Gold, M.R., 2001:
New views of BCR structure and organization

Jacobelli, J.; Andres, P.G.; Boisvert, J.; Krummel, M.F., 2004:
New views of the immunological synapse: variations in assembly and function

Schieber, Marc, H., 2000:
New views of the primary motor cortex

Claudepierre, T.; Pfrieger, F.W., 2003:
New views on cholesterol in the central nervous system

Kerkar, N.; Mahmoud, A.; Muratori, L.; Lenzi, M.; Bianchi, F.B.; Williams, R.; Mieli Vergani, G.; Vergani, D., 1999:
New viral triggers of autoreactivity to cytochrome P4502D6, the target of liver kidney microsomal autoantibody

Prere, M.F.; Licznar, P.A.; Cerdan, S.; Fayet, O., 2002:
New virulence genotypes of enterovirulent Escherichia coli associated with enteric diseases

Chakraborty, S.; Perrott, R., 2001:
New virulent and aggressive strains of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Stylosanthes species

Easton, A., 1999:
New virus is identified in Malaysia epidemic

Forterre, P., 2001:
New viruses for the new millennium

Hicks, Brian, 2004:
New vision needed for agrochemicals and crop protection

Daugaard,S.B.; Adler-Nissen,J.; Carstensen,J.M., 2010:
New vision technology for multidimensional quality monitoring of continuous frying of meat

Skarlatos, S.I.; Velletri, P.; Morris, M., 2001:
New vistas in therapeutics From drug design to gene therapy

Delong, E.F., 2002:
New vistas on the geomicrobial world, from genomes to biomes

Lipton, Jonathan, 2000:
New vital signs Social Medicine and the Crossroads between Clinician and Community

Fogh, K.; Kragballe, K., 2004:
New vitamin D analogs in psoriasis

Jones, G.; Byford, V.; Makin, H.L.J.; Knutson, J.C.; Strugnell, S.; Bishop, C.W., 2000:
New vitamin D prodrug metabolized in liver and target cells to biologically active molecules

Kuhn, B.; Fromherz, P.; Denk, W., 2004:
New voltage-sensitive dye shows large fractional fluorescence changes with spectral-edge one- or 2-photon excitation

Shale, D.J., 1999:
New volumes for old?

Zhao, R.Y.; Chari, R.; Cavanagh, E.; Miller, M.; Whiteman, K.; Leece, B.; Goldmacher, V., 2002:
New water soluble CC-1065 analog prodrugs Design, synthesis and evaluation

Weinberg, Anne, 2002:
New watershed TMDL rule

Delgado-Escueta, A.V.; Wilson, W.A.; Olsen, R.W.; Porter, R.J., 1999:
New waves of research in the epilepsies: crossing into the third millennium

Gonchar, V.A.; Rugal, V.I.; Kravets, V.N.; Baranovsky, F.; Michailov, V., 2002:
New way of bone regeneration in experiment

Yelnikov, I.I.; Ashtab, I.V., 2000:
New ways for diagnosing the mineral nutrition of plants and forecasting the quality of vegetable crops

Sigitova, O.N.; Salikhov, I.G.; Maksudova, A.N.; Davletshina, R.Z.; Agisheva, K.N.; Mukhametzyanov, I.S., 1999:
New ways in estimation of activity of glomerulonephritis

Preszly, M., 2002:
New ways of communicating cancer information An integrated approach

Brust, M.; Kanaras, A.; Liu, Y.P.ng; Bates, A.; Cosstick, R.; Kiely, C.J., 2002:
New ways of controlling the formation of DNA based gold nanostructures

Brown, M., 2001:
New ways to exploit tumour hypoxia

Khosla, Chaitan, 2000:
New ways to make old and new natural products

Stewart, P.S., 2003:
New ways to stop biofilm infections

Janussen, D.; Steiner, M.; Maoyan, Z., 2002:
New well-preserved scleritomes of Chancelloridae from the early Cambrian Yuanshan formation and the Middle Cambrian wheeler shale and paleobiological implications

Anonymous, 2003:
New whale species

Ribas, A.; Casanova, J.C., 2004:
New whipworm, Trichuris feliui from Talpa europaea

Kitagawa, F.; Ishii, J.; Ishikawa, T.; Kuno, A.; Nomura, M.; Ezaki, K.; Hishida, H., 2001:
New whole-blood rapid assay for heart-type fatty acid-binding protein in early risk stratification of patients with suspected cardiac chest pain

Kim, J.H.ng; Yoo, B.M.o; Kim, D.H.eon; Jeong, J.Y.on; Lee, K.M.ung; Hahm, K.B.ik; Cho, S.W.n, 2003:
New wider mesh biliary stent for endoscopic bilateral stenting in a y configuration in malignant hilar obstruction initial clinical experience

Ashcroft, F.M.; Gribble, F.M., 2000:
New windows on the mechanism of action of K(ATP) channel openers

Fischer,J.L.; Quene,R.J.W., 2010:
New world slipper orchids

Hall, B.D.; Robl, J.M., 1999:
New x-linked MR/MCA syndrome associated with cleft lip/palate, upslanted/short palpebral fissures, high nasal bridge, prominent nasal tip, inguinal hernia and minor digital defects

Gutierrez, M.C.; Kittrell, F.; Sinha, R.; Allred, D.C.; Medina, D., 2002:
New xenograft model for prolonged maintenance and growth of normal and pre-malignant human breast tissue

Geller, Jay, 2004:
New year, new approvals

Symington, L.S.; Holloman, W.K., 2004:
New years resolution Resolving resolvases

Sacayon, P.A.; Yost, H.J.seph, 2003:
New zebrafish laterality mutants that have altered dorsal forerunner organization and altered localization of inversin to monocilia

Yong, J.M., 2001:
New zoonotic paramyxoviruses The nipah experience in Malaysia

Jonaitis, L.V.; Kiudelis, G.; Janciauskas, D.; Kupcinskas, L., 2002:
New, convenient to use C14-urea breath test Heliprobe is reliable in diagnosing Helicobacter pylori infection in high HP-prevalence area

Jensen, K.J.; Petersen, L.; Laursen, J.B., 2001:
New, efficient glycosylation method for oligosaccharide synthesis under neutral conditions

Wang, T.; Lin, S.; Wu, X.; Geng, X.; Ojima, I., 1999:
New, efficient routes to aminosugars and azasugars, and their derivatives

Csutoras, C.; Neumeyer, J.L., 2003:
New, efficient synthesis of R -11-hydroxyaporphines

Armor, John, N., 2003:
New, emerging trends in environmental catalysis

Bachovchin, W.; Lai, J.; Sanford, D.; Poplawski, S.; Zhou, J.; Hliang, M.; Sudmeier, J.; Wu, W.; Kuchroo, V., 2003:
New, highly potent, long acting, orally active inhibitors of DPP IV and their effect in murine models of type I and type II diabetes

Zhang, X.; Lee, Y.K.; Neamati, N.; Pommier, Y.; Burke, T.R.Jr, 2000:
New, indirect approach to arylisothiocyanates and its application to the synthesis of potential irreversible HIV integrase inhibitors

Sessler, D.I., 2001:
New, non-pharmacologic strategies

Berezutsky, M.A.; Mavrodiev, E.V.; Sukhorukov, A.P., 2000:
New, rare and critical taxa of the flora of SE Europe

Bonifati, V.; Meco, G., 1999:
New, selective catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors as therapeutic agents in Parkinson's disease

Williams, S.J.; Notenboom, V.; Wicki, J.; Rose, D.R.; Withers, S.G., 2000:
New, simple inhibitor of a retaining xylanase Use in probing the roles of active site residues

Scott, L.T.; Preda, D.V., 1999:
New, two-step method for indenoannulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Jurk, K.; Clemetson, K.J.; Van Aken, H.; Glauner, M.; Steiner, M.; Varon, D.; Savion, N.; Kehrel, B.E., 2001:
New, von Willebrand factor independent, mechanism for platelet adhesion under high shear - thrombospondin-1/GPIb axis

Ojima, Iwao, 2000:
New-generation taxoids and hybrids of microtubule-stabilizing anticancer agents

Wakeling, R., 2004:
New-generation wood preservatives perform well after 65 years in ground contact at 13 test sites in New Zealand and Australia

Xydas, S.; Salazar, J.D.; Doty, J.R.; Walinsky, P.L.; Stuart, R.S.ott; Baumgartner, W.A., 1999:
New-onset atrial fibrillation after minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass and conventional bypass surgery

Davidson, J.; Wilkinson, A.; Dantal, J.; Dotta, F.; Haller, H.; Hernandez, D.; Kasiske, B.L.; Kiberd, B.; Krentz, A.; Legendre, C.; Marchetti, P.; Markell, M.; Van Der Woude, F.J.; Wheeler, D.C., 2003:
New-onset diabetes after transplantation 2003 International Consensus Guidelines

Lindholm, L.H.; Ibsen, H.; Borch Johnsen, K.; Olsen, M.H.cht; Wachtell, K.; Dahlof, B.; Devereux, R.B.; Beevers, G.; D.F.ire, U.; Fyhrquist, F.; Julius, S.; Kjeldsen, S.E.; Kristianson, K.; Lederballe Pedersen, O.; Nieminen, M.S.; Omvik, P.; Oparil, S.; Wedel, H., 2002:
New-onset diabetes in the Losartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypertension study

Prochnau, J.J.; Urban, A.W.; Bush, R.K., 2003:
New-onset egg allergy as a result of immune reconstitution in an HIV-positive patient

Hong Ki, S.; I.S.ok, K.; Byung Chul, L., 1999:
New-onset seizures in the elderly hospitalized patients

Rosser, T.; Chang, T.; Vandever, A.; Kennedy, C.; Gaillard, W.D., 2003:
New-onset seizures presenting as status epilepticus in a population of children

Waterhouse, E.J.; Garnett, L.K.; Morton, L.D.; Campbell, E.; Delorenzo, R.J.; Towne, A.R., 2002:
New-onset status epilepticus in hospitalized patients A distinct subset of status patients

Garg, R.K.; Kar, A.M.; Singh, M.K., 2003:
New-onset, prednisolone responsive headache in Indian patients with single enhancing computed tomographic lesions and seizures

Sugiyono, G.; Horton, P., 1999:
New-plant-type rice calli growth curve measurement and the effect of media and cytokinins on their subsequent regeneration

Gupta, S.; Yu, F.; Klaustermeyer, W.B., 2004:
New-variant hereditary angioedema in three brothers with normal C1 esterase inhibitor level and function

Buist, Neil, R.M., 1999:
Newborn Screening Everyone screens for something Pitfalls for the unwary

Robitaille, N.; Delvin, E.; Hume, H.A.n, 2002:
Newborn Screening for Sickle Cell Disease 1988-2000 Quebec Experience

Church, M.W.; Robinson, D.O.; Wyllie Fadell, L., 2001:
Newborn auditory brainstem response and maternal drug abuse Effects of cocaine

Church, M.W.; Robinson, D.O.; Wyllie Fadell, L., 2001:
Newborn auditory brainstem responses and maternal drug abuse Effects of heroin and methadone

Bounds, Edward, G.Jr, 2001:
Newborn avian delivery method and apparatus

Schoen, Edgar, J., 2001:
Newborn circumcision and urinary tract infections In reply

Levy, O.; Zarember, K.; Jean Jacques, R.; Cywes, C.; Sigounas, D.; Godowski, P.; Wessels, M.R., 2003:
Newborn cord blood demonstrates impaired TNF responses to multiple pathogen-associated molecular pattern molecules despite normal expression of monocyte Toll-like receptors 1-4, MD-2, MyD88 and TIRAP

Parad, R.B.; Comeau, A.; Harrison, E.; Gerstle Thompson, J.; Eaton, R., 2000:
Newborn cystic fibrosis carriers are at increased risk for hypertrypsinemia Does this suggest subclinical pancreatic disease in CF carriers?

Grill, F.; Manner, H.; Muller, D.M.rtin, 1999:
Newborn dysplasia of the hip Value of ultrasound screening

Galbraith, A.A.; Egerter, S.A.; Marchi, K.S.; Braveman, P.A., 2001 :
Newborn early discharge and follow-up in California

Faas, A.E.; Moya, P.R.; Molina, J.C., 1999:
Newborn expression of an ethanol-related memory as a function of maternal alcohol ingestion

Ponzone, A.; Spada, M.; Ferrero, G.B.; Ponzone, R.; Ferraris, S., 1999:
Newborn feeding and screening for phenylketonuria

Berra, S.; Galvan, N.K.; Sabulsky, J.; Dal Lago, Bárbara.; Gorgerino, Mía.C.; Rajmil, L.; Passamonte, R.; Piran Arce, Mía.F.; de Unia, L.R.Pascual., 2002:
Newborn feeding in the immediate pospartum period

Carmichael, S.L.K.; Johnson, S.B.nnett; Fuller, K.G.; Taylor, K.R.; She, J.X.ong; Schatz, D.A., 1999:
Newborn genetic screening for Type 1 diabetes Psychological impact and factors predicting continued study participation

Carmichael, S.L.K.; Johnson, S.B.nnett; Fuller, K.A.; Taylor, K.R.; She, J.X.ong; Schatz, D.A., 1999:
Newborn genetic screening for Type I diabetes Maternal understanding of infant risk

Van Den Anker, J.N.; Van Zanten, B.A.; Hop, W.C.; D.H.og, M., 2002:
Newborn hearing screening Tobramycin and vancomycin as risk factors for hearing loss

Murray, D.; Stoltman, G.; Fasano, N.; Scott, L.; Roberts, C., 2002:
Newborn hepatitis B vaccine information statement project

Baker, A.; Spino, C.; Slora, E.; Britton, J.; Bernstein, H., 2001:
Newborn hospital discharge practices of pediatricians Results from a national survey

Ross, M.G.; Guerra, C.; Desai, M.; Day, L.; Gayle, D.; Wang, S., 2002:
Newborn imprinting following maternal fluid restriction Response to hypotonic saline infusion

Jacobs, S.; Sokol, J.; Ohlsson, A., 2000:
Newborn individualized care and assessment program A systematic review and meta-analyses

Chang, P.F.ng; Huang, C.S.an; Kua, E.K.; Hung, K.L.ng, 2000:
Newborn infants with bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase gene in neonatal jaundice

Reber, K.M.; Nankervis, C.A.; Nowicki, P.T., 2002:
Newborn intestinal circulation. Physiology and pathophysiology

Devaskar, U.P.; Azzouz, R.; Reiner, J.; Hussain, N.; Nguyen, T.T.; Pinto, A.; Demello, D.E., 2000:
Newborn lung alveolarization Role of thyroid hormones, retinoic acid and apoptosis

Dejesus, M.; Johnson, M.; Wilson, R.D.uglas; Finkel, R.; Flake, A.W.; Crombleholme, T.M.; Hedrick, H.L.; Howell, L.J.; Adzick, N.S.ott, 2002:
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Newborn screening as a model for population screening

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Newborn screening for treatable disorders in the Old Order Amish of Southwestern Ontario

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Newcastle disease outbreaks in the Sudan from 2003 to 2006 were caused by viruses of genotype 5d

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Newer Anti-Fungal Agents for Transplant and Cancer Patients

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Newer DXA system resolves systematic error in the measurement of whole body but not lumbar BMD in response to changes in fat mass within the region of interest

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Newer analgesics. Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, and combinations

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Newer anticonvulsants: comparative review of drug interactions and adverse effects

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Newer antidotal therapies

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Newer Biophysical Methods for membrane Analysis in Intact Red Cells

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Newer cephalosporins are only marginal advancements over existing compounds

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Newer components of enteral formulas

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Newer diagnostic and surgical techniques and their impact on anesthesia

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Newer diagnostic techniques and problems in Cushing's disease

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Newer diagnostic testing for selected tick-borne infections

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Newer drugs and treatment strategies for rheumatoid arthritis

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Newer drugs for the treatment of lupus nephritis

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Newer drugs in the treatment of parkinsonism

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Newer formulations of the triptans: advances in migraine management

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Newer glycopeptides and derivatives for MRSA

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Newer immunosuppressive agents used in renal transplantation

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Newer immunosuppressive drugs: their potential role in rheumatoid arthritis therapy

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Newer indications for permanent pacemakers

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Newer inhalation anaesthetics and neuro-anaesthesia: what is the place for sevoflurane or desflurane?

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Newer methods of labeling diagnostic agents with Tc-99m

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Newer modes of mechanical ventilation for the neonate

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Newer neuromuscular blockers. Is the practitioner ready for muscle relaxants?

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Newer neuromuscular blocking agents: how do they compare with established agents?

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Newer nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug nimesulfide as potential anti-cataract agent

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Newer opportunities in the control of mycoplasma-pneumonia in pigs

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Newer pharmacologic agents for procedural sedation of children in the emergency department-etomidate and propofol

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Newer products from old proteins The case of streptokinase

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Newer techniques in magnetic resonance imaging and their potential for neuropsychiatric research

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Newer techniques to study neonatal hypoglycemia

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Newer therapeutic approaches in the treatment of intraocular inflammatory disease

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Newer treatment options for skin and soft tissue infections

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Newer treatments for HIV in children

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Newer versus older antipsychotics Comparison of efficacy and tolerability profile

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Newfound Tsp polymorphism of iNOS gene in Chinese and its correlation with the susceptibility of stomach and cardiac cancer

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Newfoundland rod-cone dystrophy

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Newly Developed Oxidized Galectin-1 Reduced Neuropathic Pain of Animal Model

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Newly characterized oxalate and uses therefor

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Newly created inshore structures in an impounded area and artificial ponds on the Danube Island in Vienna Investigations on their effectiveness as corridor and stepping stone biotopes for amphibians

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Newly described anogenital findings and their relationship to puberty and trauma

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Newly described, difficult-to-identify, catalase-negative, gram-positive cocci

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Newly designed self-retaining prism contact lens for vitreous surgery

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Newly detected gene variation of the cholesteryl ester transfer protein strongly predicts prognosis and response to statin therapy

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Newly developed M-mode tissue Doppler imaging-based tracking system for measurement of ventricular mid-wall dynamics Value in detecting systolic dysfunction in hypertrophied hearts

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Newly developed autofluorescence imaging videoscope system for the detection of colonic neoplasms

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Newly developed cathether set for in situ protection of hearts

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Newly developed cytokeratin antibody and its correlation to clinical parameters in non-small cell lung cancer patients

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Newly developed harmonic tissue strain imaging can visualize left ventricular transmural myocardial strain gradient

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Newly developed high frequency QRS electrocardiograph in the detection of coronary disease

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Newly developed zymosan-induced pleurisy in mice as an inflammatory model

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Newly diagnosed HIV infection in an octogenarian: the elderly are not 'immune'

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Newly diagnosed Hodgkins disease patients treated with the Stanford V regimen Impact of age on outcome

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Newly diagnosed X-linked agammaglobulinemia , Brutons tyrosine kinase mutation, in a 39 year-old male

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Newly diagnosed full-blown AIDS associated with multiple opportunistic diseases An emerging feature notwithstanding the availability of potent antiretroviral

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Newly diagnosed latent autoimmune diabetes in adults is associated with low level glutamate decarboxylase and IA-2 autoantibodies

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Newly diagnosed symptomatic type 2 diabetic subjects differ from incidentally diagnosed subjects among urban Indians

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Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in patients referred to an obesity clinic

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Newly differentiated neurons in the adult rat brain after injury to the visual cortex

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Newly discovered Neandertal remains from the Les Pradelles site

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Newly emerging multiple drug resistant Corynebacterium auriscanis from human infection

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Newly emerging syphilis in North Carolina Is the syphilis elimination campaign too narrowly focused?

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Newly established type-1 diabetic rats for the study of diabetic hypertension and nephropathy

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Newly found candidate genes for keratoconus

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Newly found cells that adhere closely to the surface of the blood vessels of ascidians

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Newly found mutations of C1 esterase inhibitor gene in three hereditary angioedema families

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Newly generated T cells after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation undergo apoptosis which is correlated low Bcl-2 levels

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Newly identified Dan-related gene, Danae is expressed in various organs of developing chick embryo

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Newly identified antibacterial compounds are topoisomerase poisons in African trypanosomes

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Newly identified co-factors for life-threatening episodes in children with food allergy

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Newly identified crosstalk between the thrombin-PAR-1 and SDF-1-CXCR4 axes regulates trafficking of megakaryocytic cells and pro-platelet formation

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Newly identified function for the complement system in regulating hematopoiesis and bone marrow reconstitution after radiation injury

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Newly identified gene linked to dementia

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Newly identified inhibitory synaptic connection from P-cell to RAR-cell in rat NTS

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Newly identified medium-field glycinergic amacrine cells showing aquaporin 1-like immunoreactivity in the rat retina

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Newly identified modifications of the troponin complex occur in stunning

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Newly identified myoactive peptides in crustaceans Comparison with insects and vertebrates

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Newly identified peroxisomal disorders

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Newly identified retrotransposons of the Ty3/gypsy class in fungi, plants, and vertebrates

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Newly identified tPA -7351 C/T polymorphism is associated with first-ever myocardial infarction

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Newly isolated Vibrio cholerae non-O1, non-O139 phages

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Newly mutated putative-aminotransferase in nonpungent pepper results in biosynthesis of capsinoids, capsaicinoid analogues

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Newly observed surface reflex of polyacrylic intraocular lens AcrySof

Seewald,M., 2010:
Newly patented procedure based on folic acid for raw sausage production with accelerated ripening

Fowler, C.D.; Liu, Y.; Wang, Z., 2002:
Newly proliferated cells in the adult amygdala are affected by gonadal steroid hormones in male meadow voles

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Newly proposed etiologies in oculocutaneous albinism types 1, 2 and 3

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Newly purified compounds of two quinolone alkaloids from Gosyu-yu have a specific antibacterial activity against Helicobacter pylori

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Newly recognized components of the renin-angiotensin system: potential roles in cardiovascular and renal regulation

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Newly recognized fungus-like organism Colonizing agent or human pathogen?

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Newly recorded larval foodplants for Rhagades pruni , 1775 and Jordanita

Park, S.W.ok; Lee, J.H., 1999:
Newly recorded two longicorn beetles from Korea

Trivedi, M.; Hussain, T.; Lokhandwala, M., 2003:
Newly recruited D1A receptors by dopamine are functional and involved in the inhibition of Na, K-ATPase in renal proximal tubules

Trivedi, M.; Hussain, T.; Lokhandwala, M., 2002:
Newly recruited D1A receptors by dopamine are involved in the inhibition of Na,K-ATPase in renal proximal tubules

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Newly registered pesticides and cancelled pesticides in calendar year of 2001, Part 1

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Newly synthesized glutamate-trapping compounds selectively inhibit N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor channels

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Newly synthesized wheat allohexaploids display progenitor-dependent meiotic stability and aneuploidy but structural genomic additivity

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Newly-diagnosed hepatitis C and alcohol use Findings of population-based sentinel surveillance in the United States

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Newly-recorded species of genus Aleiodes Wesmael in China

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Newman-kwart thermal rearrangement of 4-methoxysalicylaldehyde as applied to the synthesis of raloxifene hydrochloride

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News 2002 in saenilis diabetes treatment

Heinrich,J., 2010:
News about cats and dogs a promising approach to prevent allergies?

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News about the principles of protein synthesis How the ribosome works

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News and views on thioredoxin reductases

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News data of geographic distribution in Iberian Peninsula of Cerocomini

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News from a model fungus Inducer and the GATA factor AreA are necessary for in vivo binding of a pathway-specific transcription factor in Aspergillus

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News from the European Academy of Andrology Italian pilot study for an external quality control scheme in semen analysis and antisperm antibodies detection

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News in antimicrobial resistance: documenting the progress of pathogens

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News in the distribution of Melltaea punica telona Fruhstorfer, 1908 in Bulgaria

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News in the medical treatment of breast cancer

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News in urosonography

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News insights in the atherosclerosis in hemodialysis patients

Vorst, Oscar, 2002:
News on Dutch rove beetles 1 Proteininae, micropeplinae, omaliinae

Vorst, Oscar, 2003:
News on Dutch rove beetles 2 Omaliinae, Oxytelinae

Vorst, Oscar, 2004:
News on Dutch rove beetles 3 - Steninae, Paederinae

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News on the Maillard reaction of oligomeric carbohydrates

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News on the epidemiology of headaches

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News trends in antimicrobial therapy of severe pyoinflammatory diseases in children and the role of carbapenem antibiotics

Suchard, J., 2002:
Newspaper coverage of clinical toxicology

Mycyk, M.B.; Dimaano, J.Q.; Feier, C.; Leikin, J.B., 2003:
Newspaper impact on poison center exposure call volume

Carnevale, Giorgio, 2004:
Newspecies of sand lance from the Miocene of Algeria

Marullo, R.; Mound, L.A., 2000:
Nexothrips A new genus of thripine Thysanoptera from the neotropics, and its Paleotropical faunal affinities

Taybert, J.; Kepka, A.; Sawnor Korszynska, D.; Jin, B.Y.; Kikawa, Y.; Mayumi, M.; Pronicka, E., 2000:
Next European case of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase deficiency confirmed by molecular findings

Denisov, G.; Heiner, C.; Chen, S.M.n; Ruhfel, B.; Gehman, C.; Candlin, J.; Holloway, D.; Hunkapiller, T., 2000:
Next generation base calling

Athey, B.; Meixner, W.; Ade, A.; Wetzel, A., 2004:
Next generation internet implementation to serve visible human datasets phase II Development of test-beds

Janisiewicz, W.J., 2001:
Next generation of biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits

van Vliet, A.H.M., 2010:
Next generation sequencing of microbial transcriptomes: challenges and opportunities

Marmulla, R.; Hassfeld, S.; Lueth, T.; Muehling, J., 2003:
Next generations navigation systems

Potts, Davin, M., 2002:
Next steps for virtual screening and massively distributed computing

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